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Former Pastors 1902 - 1906 Rev C.M. Ball Fields 1906 - 1909 Rev. E.C. Layne 1910 - 1924 Rev. R. B. H. Green 1926 - 1929 Rev. J.R.L. Coel 1932 - 1934 Rev. W.D.D. White 1938 - 1971 Rev. Dennis Barrow 1972 - 1977 Rev. Charles M. Franklin 1979 - 2005 Rev. Herman A. Ford

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Fountain Baptist Church was founded and organized by a group of Sisters and Brothers who assembled at the home of Sister Eliza Carey. Sister Carey lived in the 1500 block of N. Dallas Street in East Baltimore. There they sang, prayed, and talked about the goodness of God and His mighty works. This group consisted of Sister Eliza Carey, Rosa Hunter, Mildred E. McCormick, Lizzie Smith, Minnie Roy, Josephine Shaw, Roseline Redd, Rev. Jacob Darning, Deacons James Watkins, Eddie Watkins, Morgan Hunter, Sanders, Dan Taylor and Brother William Redd. In May 1902, The Rev. Jonnie Jones, Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, learned of this group of Christians through two of his Deacons, John Robinson and Doc Robinson. Rev. Jones met with Sister Rebecca Smothers and Sister Roseline Redd to arrange to have Rev. C.M. Ball Fields, of Philadelphia, PA to come to Baltimore and conduct a meeting. After the meeting, Rev. Jones and Rev. Fields assisted the group in organizing a church. The church was named “Fountain Baptist Church”; the name Fountain was derived from the hymn that was sung so often by Brother William Reed entitled, “There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood.”

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January 2013  

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