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SEXUAL DIVERSITY AND TOLERANCE Project 02 Project Brief Idea Development Executions Refinement Final Direction Sponsor Research Logo Development Logo Application Brochure Final Products

PROJECT BRIEF This project required me to research a specific category of sexual orientation from the LGBTQ community. As an individual that was rarely surrounded/exposed to the community, I was initially lost with finding a topic I found any interest in. Ultimately, I picked lesbian sex because I was curious about the subject and found it fascinating (and misunderstood) through my research.

IDEA DEVELOPMENT I researched lesbian sex and its common misconceptions. One of my main sources of information was Marilyn Frye’s essay titled Lesbian “Sex”. Essay Introduction: “Frye gives a candid account of her understanding of lesbian “sex” much of which applies to women’s sexuality more generally. Women’s sexual experience has been relatively neglected, so they have no vocabulary in which to talk about, or think through, their sexual experiences.”


Sketch Execution

Inspired by Malika Favre

Inspired by M/M Paris

Inspired by M/M Paris

I started to execute one of my sketch ideas while still developing more concepts as I looked at inspiration and design executions from different artists. This inspired me to experiment in both analog and digital forms. I also collected images that I thought accurately represented lesbian sex and used it as visual inspiration. I wanted to show that lesbian sex is fun and beautiful and is far from its representation in porn.

REFINEMENT I picked the two most successful executions and developed them even further. I started to be more conscious of my copy placement.

FINAL DIRECTION My final poster started to take form as I picked a final direction and made improvements. The addition of the popcicles was the perfect solution to continue the metaphor and matched the ice-cream theme. I finalized my copy and experimented further with placement and color.

Current Logo

SPONSOR RESEARCH To envision the poster in the real world, I researched a few organizations and found The Los Angeles Gender Center to be the perfect sponsor for this project. The Los Angeles Gender Center provides an environment of safety, support, and understanding for exploring gender and sexuality. I did some typeface explorations to redesigned their logo to better communicate their supportive environment and to put it on my poster. I will further explore LAGC’s identity rebranding in the near future.

Typeface Explorations

LOGO DEVELOPMENT The Los Angeles Gender Center provides an environment of safety, support, and understanding for exploring gender and sexuality. They assist adults, adolescents, children, and their families with facing the challenges and embracing the enrichment of exploring gender and sexuality. I picked Neutra as the universal typeface for the rebranding and created a logo out of a modified Whitney Index. I also explored possible color variations.

Final Logo

Logo Development and Color Explorations

LOGO APPLICATION I applied the improved logo to the poster and tested different placements.

BROCHURE I created a brochure version of the poster for LAGC to handout to their clients. This flyer can be one of a campaign series for the Center to create awareness for the community. The pink body is a die-cut and opens to reveal the educational text underneath. The back contains more information about Los Angeles Gender Center.




FINAL PRODUCTS I am very pleased with how this project turned out. The explorations and discoveries of this assignment were enlightening and I enjoyed the overall process. I hope to further expand this campaign to include all the different misunderstood sexualities of LGBT.

Lesbian Sex Awareness Poster Process Book