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2013 bedroom issue

1 Bedford Street, St Clair Dunedin, New Zealand

This issue of DECOR look book focuses on this particular bedroom; Looking and researching into different design options and colour schemes. The bedroom is out of date, with colours that clash, furniture that is faded and aged. DECOR looks into a range of options and design methods that are affordable to jazz up and revamp these four walls! With the help of to display this look book in a fantastic online, book style, links can be attached to products which allows the reader to buy them online and get access to more in-depth information about the product. This explains the visual view of this look book. Original and simplistic enjoy and get inspired!



Desk space


POSSIBLERE-DESIGNS One of the first steps in redesign is viewing and selecting your favorite bedroom placement of furniture. This particular bedroom doesn’t have a large selection, but still interesting to see what fits where.


The first redesign is the one the works best with the space, although the window is slightly covered by the dresser ,the window is elevated so it wouldn’t be covered much. This re-design also allows more room around the chair area. The bedroom is positioned to get morning sun. It comes in directly on the bed area which is a nice feature! Who doesn’t love a warm, sunny bed to relax on!

2 This second design allows more floor space in the middle of the bedroom space, however the only flaw would be the bed right against the wall so that it does not cover the low window. The only change that would work to make a second redesign would be switching the bed direction to allow the space. Nothing beats spacious living, as long as that space is kept clean, it will make the room look bigger and spacious!



BstyleL A C K


D e c o r CREATE Cottage Style 1.

COLOUR SCEME LOTS OF WHITE -Snow -Nory -Seashell -Champagne -Bone -Flax











DECOR inspiration station this month is looking purely at your desk space. What does yours look like right now? A mess? Clean it. The benefits of having a clean desk are huge, and can have an effect in your work ethic. Benefits of having a clean desk space is huge: No visual distractions A clean desk ensures that there is nothing lying around to distract you. No visible piles of paper with unfinished tasks. Just emptiness that helps

you focus on the tasks on hand. Usable desk space The desk is empty and provides a space to put all the relevant (paper)work in an orderly fashion on the desk. This helps to get the task at hand done with the most convenience. No piles of paper are consuming space and no piles with paper tumble over and fall on the ground. Easy on the eyes = easy on the mind A large part of interior design is focused on giving spaces a specific atmosphere. The a t m o s p h e r e influences people kind of like a mirror

A peaceful space creates a peaceful atmosphere where people feel at ease. A colorful and dynamic space creates a vivid atmosphere and sparks creativity in people. A clean and tidy space creates an atmosphere without distractions and stress and supports people being focused. Appearance of great organizational skills A clean desk and a tidy office bring up the appearance of a person that has things organized smoothly. If you’re able to maintain you office in this state, you must you must have your business in perfect order.

Even if this is only the appearance (I hope not) this already is a benefit when you have people coming in your office, your boss, your subordinates or whomever.


For the DESK


Inspiration Continued..

colour scheme

retro style


Like an image? Create a pallet from it!...

Choosing the colour pallet

History of the colour theory The first colour wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton. He split white sunlight into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and blue beams; then he joined the two ends of the colour spectrum together to show the neutral progression of colours. A centry after Newton, Johnann Wolfgang Goethe began studying the psychological effect of colours. He noticed that blue gives a feeling of coolness and tellow has a warming effect. Goethe created a colour wheel showing the psychological effect of each colour

Choose your colour pallet

for your bedroom is very important! With looking at the inspiration in previous pages of DECOR, you should have gravitated towards some design ideas by now! Weather its pretty pinks, harsh blacks contrasting with whites or go in the retro direction! It all comes down to the colour pallet election and sticking to it! If you are still lost, above shows alternate options that might work better for you when selecting the colou scheme!

Tints & Shades


Recycle 1

Chair Selection Hit up your local outlet furniture stores! This is where to find the framing and style of your chair! They could look a little similar to these chairs..


Retro Chairs

design, reuse, recover


Fabricate Select fabrics that work best with your colour scheme! From here get you chair covered. Ensure the fabric is durable enough to cover your chair, and you won’t get sick of it!


If you chair is still looking old school, look into replacing the chair legs! This will enhance the modern feel you are going for in your chair


DECORate Complete your chair with fun cushions!


Create your own gallery Format options...



DECOR Look Book  

NCEA Level 2 Technology Prototype. Angela Mirams being the key stakeholder to present this look book too for design ideas and concepts for a...

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