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Have You Committed Sexual Harassment?

Exec Elections Child Models Matt Pinnock Tribute


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NEWS Healthy Living Week New Fitness Regime Spotted: Loughborough


Exec Elections: it’s All About to Change


Initiations Gone too Far? Sexual Harassment Lufbra Overheard


Child Models Winter Warmers


Films 2013 Royal Opera House Get that First!


Illegally Downloading Debate Label Meets: The Chonographs


New Years Resolution Dangers Matt Pinnock Tribute Hockey Head to Oz Peter Keen: New Director of Sport Cover image by Ana Curbelo

Disclaimer: Label is the publication of Loughborough Students’ Union. The opinions contained are those of individual contributors, not of Loughborough Students’ Union, the editorial team, or any other officer of the union unless otherwise stated.

From the Editor It’s that time of year when it’s a little bit colder, a little bit darker, and exams and coursework feel like they’ll never end. But fear not as Label is back for another term with enough content to keep any procrastinating student entertained for hours, (particularly enjoy the new fortnightly puzzle located on this page, it’s harder than it looks).

Label Magazine, your fortnightly fix of all things Loughborough.

Puzzle of Fortnight Rearrange the words below to spell out body parts a. Inch b. Impart c.Fringe a. chin, b. armpit, c. finger

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This term has a host of things to get excited about, from finishing exams, to events during refreshers week and of course, the annual Executive Elections. This year elections have been given a complete makeover, something you can read about further on page 10. As someone who will be spending a lot of time covering everything the candidates do, the hope for everyone involved is that students all over campus will be critiquing manifestos and the experience of those running, and hopefully, the best person for each job will get elected. For every student on campus, there are LOADS of opportunities to get involved in the elections coverage, from making bulletins on LCR, filming on LSUTV, or writing articles for this very publication! No experience is required as enthusiasm gets you further than anything in media so feel free to email myself at or Natasha Cox at During my first year at Loughborough I was the lowly runner on a live LSUTV production, who’s only job was carrying a wire around for the entire night. This year as editor I’ll have the chance to really have an impact in making sure every student in Loughborough gets all the right information they need to vote in the best possible Exec for next year. Any student who chooses to get involved in media could someday have a similar level of responsibility and know that you are doing something that will help, and effect, the entire student population. Until next time, Grace Meritt



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As campus remains quiet, it is clear that exams have hit Loughborough. It’s a time that can become very stressful for some students as deadlines and prospective grades may mean the difference between a first class degree and a fail. On behalf of the executive, I would like to wish you all GOOD LUCK throughout the exam period; however, if you do find yourself struggling with exam pressure then we are here to help. There are numerous student services available for you on campus, such as ‘Heads Up’. If you want to know more or you would like advice or help then contact Lazar Zindovic, your Vice President of Education at and he will point you in the correct direction. It is interesting to note that this time of year sparks up the age old debate of whether a degree is good enough to get a job after university or whether demonstrating skills and attributes gained external to a degree has become more important. As the typical student expects and indeed acquires a 2:1, we have to ask, what will make me stand out from the crowd to future employers? The answer; volunteering, extra-curricular activities and work experience! Whilst you remain here at Loughborough University, make the most of all the fantastic opportunities available to you and make sure you stand out from the crowd! Natasha Cox Head of Media

In response to Label Online’s ‘Breaking The Supermodel Stereotype’ I wouldn’t have considered Andrej Pejic to be an example of breaking the stereotype of stick thin supermodels? Surely his popularity as a model for womanswear serves as a perfect example of the trend toward creating outfits that simply cannot be worn by a ‘typical’ female figure, forcing girls and young women to strive toward a perfection that is biologically impossible? Drew A really good point Drew. But I still believe that Pejic does show the industry is making some sort of a progress in the sense that it is breaking gender stereotypes. Even today many feel uneasy about accepting transsexuals. Sadly, as you mention, being thin is still highly valued by the fashion world and it is influencing how women (and men?) perceive themselves. Miranda The demand for male models on the womenswear catwalk demonstrates that the idealised body has gone even beyond the realm of biology. For years, women have dieted themselves to death in order to get the same flat chest, curve-free twig-like figure that only man can naturally achieve. Now, the fashion industry has just put men in the place of women. Grace

Tweets @LabelOnline James Plowright @jamesplowright @lsumedia @labelonline Got a lot of time for the new issue of Label’s front cover! Louise @louemmab MY FIRST ARTICLE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED IN @labelonline. SO EXCITED. Rob Hastings @robhastings1000 A day in the life of, erm, me - and what it’s like being a journalist - in @lborouniversity’s student mag @labelonline: Broderick Sutherland @BrodSutherland #FollowFriday @labelonline ofc.

04 - 05


Revolutionary Fitness Regime To Inspire All

ugh Loughboro ief News in Br Grad Ball Date Announced The date of the Loughborough Students Union Grad Ball has been confirmed for July 19. The theme of the evening has yet to be voted on, but there has been some speculation on Twitter that one choice may be James Bond. Uni contributes £823m to economy A report came out last month revealing that the University’s generated expenditure comes to £823 million, sustaining around 12,000 jobs. The figures also revealed that as a whole, Loughborough students contributed just under £230 million to the economy. Snow troubles causing power cuts January 14 saw some students in Loughborough without power because of snowy conditions. The Students Union, William Morris Hall and houses around Epinal Way/Ashby Road junction all lost power due to the weather. Rugby Update The National 1s Men’s Rugby Union team made an impressive turn around against Cinderford to win 2825 after being down 0-17 at half time. The squad also won the following game against Cambridge 34-21 and entered the New Year sitting tenth in the table, a far cry from results at the beginning of the season.

Health and Wellbeing Week January 28 will see the launch of Health and Wellbeing week at Loughborough University, with events, challenges and competitions taking place across campus.

SUPER Saturday- Physical Activity, Disability Sport and SuperStars Sunday - Recreational Sport (Experience the World 5-a-side football tournament)

The aim of the week is to address all health and wellbeing-related issues that students face while at university, ranging from sexual health to money worries. Each day of the week will be themed, with events focused upon a different area of health and wellbeing:

Wednesday’s Well-Fayre will begin at 11am in the Students Union, with lots interactive stalls from organisations such as NHS Stop-Smoking, DrinkAware, Chlamydia Screening, CoppaFeel, Mylifestyle and more. Forty different stalls are planned and there will be lots of freebies to take home.

Monday - Mental Health (Free yoga classes)

Imago will be offering a healthy option every day at dinner, with students encouraged to tweet what they come up with (#DishOfTheDay).

Tuesday - Sexual Health (Chlamydia Screening all around campus and at Stupid Tuesday) Wednesday - WELL-FAYRE Thursday - Housing Issues and Money Matters Friday - Eat Well and Alcohol Awareness (‘Better Decisions’ FND with homemade fruit cocktails from cocktail society + food and nutrition classes)

Kiera Sweeney News Editor

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Professor Jamie Timmons, Chair of Systems Biology from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences has revealed how Loughborough research will revolutionise people’s fitness strategies which will result in a healthier nation. It has been suggested that three twenty second bursts of high intensity exercise a week will help people lose pounds of unwanted fat and will be more beneficial to them than doing sessions in the gym or running for hours on end. The only thing that employers have to do to aid their employee’s fitness regime is to install special bikes for them to carry out their one minute workout during the day. Statistics show that in Britain 60% of men and 70% of women admit that they do not follow the recommended 150 minutes of brisk exercise a week because of a lack of time. This new regime is therefore ideal in helping those get fitter. Professor Timmons has stated that: “You can do 3x20 seconds on a special bike in your suit at

work. So the key is getting your employer to put in the bikes. No showers or gyms are needed, but training guidance is. Losing fat, but not weight, as you gain muscle is possible with this regime.” He goes on to state that “the precise mechanisms are not transparent but the findings are very clear, so we can now state that to improve aerobic fitness you do not need to do 150 minutes of jogging a week. Three minutes of HIT (High Intensity Training) can also do it.” It has been suggested before that students should do around 60 minutes of exercise most days of the week to increase fitness and overall health; a statistic which seems daunting to some. This new theory in exercise should therefore come as a pleasant surprise to those who are not the biggest fans of exercise. With exams in full flow, it is important to remember that exercise can help with stress and increase happiness. Meghan McCabe News Editor

Outside rough Loughbo ief News in Br 2012 – England’s Rainiest Year on Record! Over 1300 mm of rain fell on the UK during 2012. Many parts of England suffered heavy flooding over the year, which affected crop growth and consequently, food prices. Experts say the amount of heavy rain we get may be increasing. On the Other Side of the World... Severe Heatwaves Australians are experiencing one of the worst heatwaves in years, with temperatures well above 40C in some places. Parts of the country have been put on alert for bushfires this weekend, with emergency services urging people to drink plenty of water and stay out of the heat. The UK’s First Hand Transplant A man from West Yorkshire has become the first person in the UK to have a successful hand transplant. Mark Cahill had been unable to use his hand after being affected by severe arthritis. The complex operation took eight hours.

06 - 07 NEWS

Spotted: Ban From Campus Loughborough Faces

The trend began on January 4 when the Spotted: Loughborough Library group was first created, which at present has over five thousand likes. Since then numerous other pages such as, Spotted: Loughborough Gym, Spotted: Robert Bakewell Hall and Spotted: Loughborough Students Union have been created, making it hard for any student to escape these comments on Facebook or in reality when on campus. The pages have been questioned by some as to whether they have been taken too far, in particular when posting pictures of people, or making comments that are specific enough to easily identify the person being discussed. Many posts also mention a student’s race within their comments, which has

been another concern of many people, as to the degree in which these comments border on something more than just light hearted jokes. The page itself details in its description that it ‘will not be held responsible for any offence taken to material posted on the page.’ however the university’s chief operating officer has issued a warning stating, ‘We would like to make it absolutely clear that any student who posts inappropriate comments or material to these sites is contravening the University’s acceptable use of IT policy and, as such, the University will take disciplinary action against them.’ It has now been reported that the university is looking to ban all pages of this type and has reported them to Facebook. Grace Meritt Editor

on inion ou op ebate y ’s t Wha The d .net/ sue? ra this is es on lufb line n u contin nd @labelo a l e b la

Student Opinions via @labelonline Steph Goller @StephGoller4 If you wouldn’t say it to their face then don’t say it is my take on it. Some of it is funny though.

Amber Hawkins @amberlhawkins I thought they were a great idea to begin with.. but now there’s too many, and some of the comments are getting quite mean!

Matt Peat @mattpeat Great idea but have gone too far being copied

Photography by Carolyn Brown

The past week has seen a surge of Spotted: Loughborough groups take over Facebook, with students messaging in anonymously, discussing people they see in different public areas.

Executive Elections:

It’s All About To Change If you’re a fresher in Loughborough, the Executive Elections may be something you have yet to hear about. If you’re a returner or finalist, you may be filled with memories of being handed numerous sweets in union queues, seeing brightly coloured posters put up all over campus and having students dressed in amusing costumes knock on your door explaining why you should vote for them.

The last main change to these elections is the budget candidates have been set. In the past, the budget has been limitless and with posters printed for every hall and lecture theatre, campaign t-shirts, and thousands of sweets among other material being bought, some candidates admit to spending in excess of £900 on their campaign. If you win, you may see this as an investment, but to lose an election after spending this much time and money on it is undoubtedly devastating. Michael Munday, who lost out to Peter Childs for the VP: Democracy role back in 2011, commented saying “Running in the Exec Elections has always been something that is seen as expensive with everything that needs to be bought, the only reason I could afford to run was because I had a part time job. This makes it into either a gamble or an investment, if you are elected you get the money back in terms of wages but if you are unfortunate then that is the money gone.”

Every year, in excess of six thousand Loughborough students vote in the Executive Elections, more so than at any other university in the country. It has however been greatly questioned whether the majority are voting for the person with the best skills and manifesto points relative to the job they are applying for, or if it’s more to do with the popularity of the candidate across campus and the amount of money they can put into their campaign. This year, that’s all about to change.

For many years, there have been two hustings in which all sixteen thousand students of Loughborough have been allowed to attend, in order to grill Exec candidates on any questions they may have on their manifesto points, experience, or plans for

the future. Last year, less than 200 students attended the main union hustings, some candidates not being asked a single question by the audience. Current Action Chair Billy Marsh, who was faced with that scenario tells Label, “It was a bit crap to be fair. I spent a great deal of time thinking of all kinds of questions and scenarios, on top of planning my speech and it was quite an anticlimax to just sit there and stare blankly into a semi-full room. I hope this year that people get more engaged, because without proper scrutiny, voters are less informed and might not elect the ‘better’ candidates.” This year, Hustings will take place over two nights, one focussing on the VP positions and the other on the section heads and will be streamed live over LSUTV so any student can watch and tweet in to the show from the comfort of their own rooms. “We aim to remove the issue of poor attendance and weak debate and have candidates digging deep into their manifesto points, delivering high quality responses”, says Cole.

Above it all, Ali Cole hopes these changes will bring “an election which is truly free and fair to all students at Loughborough”. Nominations for this years Union Executive are now open and will be until February 8. If you have any questions about the elections process or are thinking of running, feel free to contact Ali at Photography by Carolyn Brown

Vice President of Democracy and Communications Ali Cole, who is responsible for overseeing the elections and its rules, has made a number of major changes to the campaign period which he says will hopefully “create the most accessible election ever”. In the past, Executive Elections have run for seventeen days, in which time each candidate must put their all into campaigning. For any student, finalists in particular, this is a huge time period taken out of their studies, and some candidates in the past have said this was a factor in them finishing Loughborough with a 2:2 grade. The campaign period has now been shortened to ten days and finishes significantly earlier in the term than before.

Grace Meritt Editor

Sabbatical Roles available Union President VP: Education VP: Democracy & Communications VP: Finance & Commercial Services VP: Welfare & Diversity Athletic Union President Head of Media Societies Federation President Rag Chair Action Chair

k is from ning wee . Campaig February - 27th of will be the 18th R C L d n UTV a Label, LS extensive you with g in id v ro p ecutive E e of th x coverage roughout the th Elections o make period, s g in n ig a date camp to p keep u sure you t. n ri p in d online an


Have Initiations Gone too Far?

“Mate, were you really covered in your own sick last night?”

The nervous energy surrounding those anxiously awaiting their initiations to join various sports teams leads us to the question of whether initiations have gone too far.

Although many people view initiations as fun and games there are times when they have pushed the boundaries of what is considered acceptable. The National Union of Students has stated that they are “totally opposed to student initiations. They put students at serious risk and exclude students who don’t want to take part in the binge-drinking culture.” The NUS have a fair point here. In the past there have been serious issues surrounding initiations, with one fresher from Exeter University dying as a result of alcohol poisoning during his ‘pub-golf’ initiation. The student who died may have been saved and taken to a hospital in time, if the rest of the group he was with had not been too inebriated to help him. With heavy focus on excessive drinking, resulting in situations like this happening, it suggests that some actions should be put in place in order to make sure that students safety is of paramount importance. Although initiations are seen as somewhat of a University tradition, it could be suggested that their over-the-top nature is actually putting team spirit in a bad light.

Reputation lasts for ever Photography by Chris Hughes

“Yeah, and someone else’s. It was the best night ever.”

We’ve all heard similar conversations floating around campus, where the sporty ones among us are loudly and proudly declaring their initiation successes. We’ve watched friends head apprehensively to their initiations, usually dressed in some humiliating outfit, unsure of what battle scars they will be returning with (just look around campus for the boys with missing eyebrows), curious to know what drunken challenges they will have to partake in.

Drinking with Consequences

The fear surrounding initiations can be seen as a huge hindrance when it comes to getting people involved in sports. The pressure and worry that comes with the prospect of initiations has deterred some from joining teams. This could be because

the horror stories that surround initiations seem to oppose everything that ‘team-spirit’ encourages. What kind of team spirit promotes public humiliation and degrading tasks? Although most teams state that their initiations are ‘optional’ it is suggested that you will suffer either way. There is a certain pressure that people may struggle with when it comes to partaking in initiations, along with the fear that if you don’t join in you’re likely to suffer further because of it. Surely there are better ways to welcome people to a team? After another student death caused by initiations back in 2003, Staffordshire University banned all kind of initiations from taking place in their University. This ban was supported by the National Union of Students who “strongly encourages all Students’ Unions to ban these dangerous and reckless ceremonies.” AU President Lewis Timms told Label, “Initiations can have some positive elements to them but over the years, these positives have been overshadowed by negative and intimidating behaviour causing the initiation concept to change dramatically. This year the AU launched a campaign video called ‘Reputation Lasts Forever’ which was presented to all AU Club Chairs, highlighting the correct social behaviour at socials and fixtures, with the ambition of the influential members to pass on the message to the rest of the club. In some instances the campaign has worked effectively but the AU understands that it hasn’t fully resolved the problem and is now working with a handful of clubs to bring back the inspiring elements of initiations, hoping to spread this across to all AU clubs if successful.”

Team Spirit Despite all the negatives, it seems however, that experiencing embarrassing and pressurising events within your initiations, ultimately brings you closer together as a team. One hockey fresher I spoke to now feels much closer to her teammates despite feeling a pressure to attend her initiation, and she wasn’t alone. I was actually surprised to find that the majority of people that I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed their initiations (even the ones who had to drink unthinkable substances). University is all about new experiences and making the best of things, right? These are meant to be the best years of our lives, so why not enjoy them? Even if that means spending the entire night throwing up, dressed as a zoo animal... But what most are looking forward to is next year, when they’re the ones that are controlling the initiations. Suggesting one reason that initiations won’t end is due to the mentality of ‘I had to do it, so you will to’, leaving them in an endless and fairly gruesome cycle. Louise Burt

port w of s ur vie he gone o y is What ns, have t eledib io initiat Contact la e your iv r? too fa to g b f s lu n @ tor opinio

12 - 13 FEATURES


you’re on a night out with your friends, and now that you’re drunk you all feel you look like Beyoncé. You’re shaking those bootys, to quote Outkast, like a Polaroid picture; when suddenly an unwelcome hand reaches out and gives you an almighty squeeze. Know this feeling?

Section Design by Lewis Allum

Have You Committed Sexual Harassment?

Photography by Ana Curbelo

As 21st Century students, our lives have gained a structure of work by day and party by night. It has become common knowledge, through the eyes of the world, that students are known to party hard. Newspapers are filled with headlines showing fresher and house parties ‘gone wrong’. We have grown up in a society which loves to party, but have we also lost respect for those around us? It’s all very well going out and having a drink, a dance, and a flirt, however that ‘cheeky arse grab’ can be a step too far. We don’t think that touching someone as a laugh or a dare, or simply because we like what we see is classed as sexual harassment, because you mean no harm right? Wrong! Society has taught us to accept these unwelcome gropes on a night out, if we’re wearing hot pants which are basically denim knickers then apparently ‘we’re asking for it’. We shrug off these gropes as every girl has experienced them, they have become the social norm; this is why many cases aren’t reported, due to the lack of information on the topic or fear of not being taken seriously. However here at Loughborough we are making the move to no longer

accept this behaviour, especially within The Student’s Union. Matt Nunn, the venue manager spoke to Label on the topic of copping a feel on a night out, “People don’t think of it as a form of sexual harassment but it is. It’s ok if they just brush past you but it’s when they get a proper handful it becomes a problem.” Most students don’t know this, but if someone reports you after that ‘cheeky grab’ to one of the members of security on a night out then you will be removed from the Union and refused entry for the rest of the night. This isn’t how any of us imagine nights to end, but sexual harassment is a serious matter, which is finally being addressed. You may not imagine having a bit of a laugh with wondering hands can lead to such consequences, but as you’re stranded outside in the cold looking longingly at the union doors I bet that grope won’t feel quite so insignificant. Recent studies carried out by, a company whose aim is to draw attention to, and irradiate everyday harassment, show ‘between 80-99% of women experience street harassment at some point during their lives’. Hol-

laback tells us ‘street harassment is rarely reported, and [is] culturally accepted as ‘the price you pay’ for being a woman.’ It is this mentality which needs to be wiped out. This term there is a campaign being developed by the Exec team on the topic of ‘Sexual Harassment’, helping to educate everyone on the different levels and severity of this important matter. The campaign aims to tackle sexual harassment within the union and on nights out in town. It is, however, not a simple discipline to address. Natasha Cox, Head of Media, explains ‘the union has to look at the reasons why it occurs, but also the mind set of those that partake in the harassment’. Although this may seem daunting and the thought that all the fun and games of nights out are going to come to a halt, don’t worry, they won’t. But as you reach out that hand to the peachy bum in front, tormenting you and wiggling to ‘Single Ladies’ just stop and think. Are you being a bit too cheeky? Roisin Potter

What is the boys perspective: ions r opin e you Email r a t a Wh topic? et on this r@lufbra.n o it d le e et lab or twe ne lonli e b la @ r say e you to hav

‘As students on a night out, you think that everyone who is out has the same intentions, so if someone decides to go in for a grab it should be taken lightheartedly and as a compliment’.

‘If this is going to become a campaign, then it has to support men as well as women, the girls on a night out can be just as bad as the blokes’.

‘Arse grabbing and laddish behaviour needs to become a thing of the past as not all guys are that sleezy, some of us are nice!’

‘I agree with the rules, the actions you decide to perform become your own mistakes and you should take full responsibility for them’.

14 - 15 FEATURES

Moving to a new student house?

Postgrad: Don’t you find it just smells better when the Undergrads aren’t here?

Guy: 40% off £40? That makes it free doesn’t it?

Girl: I kinda knew you were gay Guy: wait, how’d you know that? Girl: well when we met you didn’t hit on me. Normally people do...

January Sales: Was it just me or did they get a lot more savage this year?

Guy 1: I’m fuelled by caffeine today. Guy 2: Really? I’m still fuelled by tequila

Girl (discussing hoummus): I’d never really tried it before because I thought it was, like, a middle class thing

Boy: I’m not asking for a lot for my birthday ... If I just get a new car, I’ll be happy.

Taylor Swift: Stealing our precious Harry Styles. Cue her next soppy song about their Times Squares NY kiss.


Fresher: I’m definitely not going to have a baby until I’m at least 20

Kanyashian Baby: With a booty like Kim’s and an attitude like Kanye’s that is going to be one bad ass baby. (See what I did there?)


Lufbra overheard French Kissing: One minute burns approximately 26 calories. Pucker up. Return Policies: A beacon of hope amongst piles of bad presents from your great aunt Sheila.

Desktops: While a toilet has 49 germs per square inch, a desktop has 20, 961! Another reason to procrastinate.


Get ready for a mix of PeoPle! Think about the different personality types and how you’ll live together.

which housemate are you?

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The Boss

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The Party Animal

The Dodger

Protect your stuff! Think about how much you’ll be taking with you to uni this year and remember you and your housemates all have laptops and mobile phones. With such a lot of gadgets under one roof, you should consider the insurance you need. For more housing advice, visit

Unbeatable laptop and mobile phone replacement in

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el Captio n comp “Did yo etition: u just fla m bé me? cause I’m Be one hot puddin g.”

- Bob L

The w issue´s c inner of this apti has won on competitio n a tickets w pair of comed y orth £50 .P the med ia centr op into e to claim your pri ze and lo ok out the nex t one on for label


In aid of LSU’s charitable activities


Leather Jackets

Matte or quilted look great this season or add studs to nod towards the vampy trend.

WINTER Warmers

Primark Studded Biker Jacket - £25

Here are our picks of the best jackets on the high street this new year. Go to to see our style spotter pictures of the best jackets around campus.

This trend is still going strong this year, look for camouflage or fur lined jackets.

Bomber Jackets This trend is everywhere this season, and there are plenty of styles to choose from, so experiment with checks, leather and tweeds.

Go for an over sized shape and Borg collar that works for girls and guys too.

Section Design by Sally Wood




Anna Birtwistle Style Editor

Very Quilted Jacket - £39


Primark Satin Bomber Jacket - £22

River Island Light wash oversized Denim Jacket - £50

Primark Twill sleeve PU Jacket - £25

ASOS mens reversible animal bomber - £40


River Island Khaki Jacquard Panel Army Jacket -£55

Always an essential winter look. Primark Parka Jacket - £32

River Island Light Acid wash Army Jacket £50

Primark Hooded Denim Jacket - £19

22 - 23 STYLE

Child Models: How Young Is Too Young? Over the Christmas break it was announced that Romeo Beckham was to star in his first modelling campaign for Burberry, aged just ten. But how long will it be before the industry exhausts the limits and pushes for more controversial child modelling campaigns for high fashion brands?

With the looks of his father and flair for fashion from his mother, Romeo is every inch the ideal model for the British brand; a Beckham off-spring was bound to follow in their parents’ footsteps and front a high profile campaign. Romeo steals the Spring/Summer shoot right from underneath model of the moment, Cara Delevigne’s nose.

(Mick’s daughter), became the face of Hudson jeans aged 17. Though she was over the age for legal consent she was still under the age of adulthood. Many women were bothered by the need for her to be topless for the campaign. It brings attention to the jeans, but does it sell them? Or does it sell that to have sex appeal you need to be young and thin?

The Beckhams are fashion royalty, and their son seemed right at home in front of Vogue photographer Mario Testino’s camera. He was hand-picked for the campaign by Creative Director of the fashion house and family friend, Christopher Bailey. Romeo’s cheeky gap-toothed smile brings fun to the collection, and after watching the behind-the-scenes video he clearly has a natural talent, and was declared “a joy to work with.”

To see a fourteen year old wearing Topshop or Topman is frustrating. I often think, how did they know that was on-trend? Brands are now turning to teen actors to front their adult line collections. Not many adults can afford new season designer let alone teenagers, so why choose an inappropriate endorser?

Although there is little wrong with the concept of child modelling (someone has to advertise those Gap hoodies) it’s when the industry starts to use child models for adult lines that it becomes unattainable. One of the most outrageous examples of child modelling was seen in Vogue Paris back in 2010, which was overseen by Tom Ford and featured ten year old Thylane Blondeua. The youngster had a full face of make-up, wore clothes that were beyond her years and was poised suggestively with sultry stares. At first glance you think, that’s cute she’s playing dress up, but then the underlying creepiness starts to emerge and verges on paedophilia. Since then, Vogue stated that “no one will be allowed on the cover until they are 16”, meeting their health initiative criteria, founded in May 2012. However, there was no mention of banning campaigns that used child models. British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman explains the campaigns are not the editor’s responsibility; “I don’t think our role can be as fashion’s nanny”. Agencies are now scouting models aged just 14, fearing that another agency will swoop in before they’re 16. The industry has glorified that youth and skinniness is what makes a girl desirable, but by using models that have just entered their teens to reinforce that thin equals beautiful, the industry must take responsibility for low self esteem issues and rises in eating disorders in a bid to match a model’s size 6 frame. Using child celebrities or children of celebrities seems to be a soaring trend. In 2008, Georgia May Jagger

In 2011 Hailee Steinfeld was chosen to be the face of Miu Miu age 14. One of the ads was banned in Britain because it was deemed irresponsible. Not because she was provocatively dressed nor because she was too young, it was because she was seen crying on a railway line, possibly suggesting youth suicide. Miu Miu isn’t the only one to have been banned. Marc Jacobs’ Oh! Lola perfume ad which featured Dakota Fanning was also condemned, but for the sexualisation of a child. The 17 year old actress’ legs were spread; a bottle of flowery perfume placed between them. Critics likened it to Nabokov’s Lolita. Although a little extreme when compared to the Vogue Paris shoot, both demonstrate that the limits into exploitation are being pushed. People’s Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone says that “Clothes look better on thin people. The fabric hangs better.” Sample sizes are becoming smaller, if the model is size 8 plus then there’s no point attending the casting. Cutrone’s response demonstrates the truth behind more adolescent models being booked as they fit the sample size. Teenagers are seeing an unrealistic representation of real people. Whilst some child modelling campaigns are appropriate to their target market, seeing under 18s in clothes that are designed for adults reinforces insecurities. When we’re young we can’t wait to grow up, but as soon as we hit the big 2-5, the fashion industry reminds us that it’s not a race for who can be the most grown up, but who can remain most youthful. Chloé Fallon Style Editor

24 - 25 STYLE

Another gem that the year has to offer is Hitchcock, an in-depth look into the personal life of the masterful director and a detailed insight into the making of his influential thriller, Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock will be played by none other than Anthony Hopkins, along with Helen Mirren who plays his wife, while Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel play the ‘Psycho’ actresses, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles. From the writer of Black Swan, Hitchcock is set to arrive in cinemas this February.

Opera House:

A Students View

Monday January 7 marked a day unparalleled in the Arts community: The Royal Opera House streamed a live, behind the scenes look from their premises in Covent Garden. Invited along for the day, Student Ambassador and Culture Editor Beth Baker-Wyse shares her experiences and reveals why the world of the Arts has never been so accessible to students.

Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables has received very positive reviews and has been nominated for a number of awards before its release. The story follows the struggles of ex-convict, Jean Valijean (Hugh Jackman) as he reinvents himself into a model citizen. The long awaited musical is set apart from others, as the vocals are recorded live on set to give it more of an authentic feel. Les Miserables also stars Anne Hathaway and Russell Crowe, and has now been released in the UK.

Deepesh Patel

Section Design by Greg Carter

bel .net/la ufbra article .l w w Visit w follow-up ore of e for th ing even m ome c cas w o ma to h . s t cine 2 months s e b 1 t the x e the n over

Royal Opera Live saw hundreds of thousands from all across the world tune in on a wet Monday in London, witnessing an intimate exposure to the lives of world class artists, producers, choreographers and composers as they prepare performances in a theatre that never sleeps.

Illustration by Deepesh Patel

2013 will also see exciting animations for children and adults of all ages. Pixar return to the world of Monstropolis, with Monster’s University, the prequel to their 2001 success Monster’s Inc. Set 10 years before the original, we follow James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski during their college days, as we learn that they were not always the best of friends. Another great animation to expect is Despicable Me 2. Although there hasn’t been much of a giveaway on the plot, the returning characters of Gru, the three sisters and of course his Minions, are enough to make for a hilarious sequel. The voice of Al Pacino as the villain is simply the cherry on the cake of this heart-warming, side-splitting tale set for a summer release.

‘I guess I’m one of those stereotypes that doesn’t like opera. But now hooked on #ROLive - wish I could watch the backstage show tonight!’ (Curious Sloth, Twitter).

Illustration by Greg Carter

2013 2013

Royal The

Section Design by Isablle Locke

The best films to look out for in

In the sad wake of the incredible Dark Knight finale, fans will not be disappointed this year as the same team are behind the highly anticipated, Man of Steel - Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise. Following their successful reinterpretation of Batman, it will be interesting to see the fresh approach this team has in reinventing the story of KalEl. With a soundtrack by the legendary Hans Zimmer, this movie already seems too good to miss.

What does this streaming mean for students however? The day allowed the perfect opportunity for the experienced viewer or newcomer to access exclusive insights from the comfort of their own room. Joining or leaving as they pleased, the audience behind the laptop really did hold the power of this exhilarating world in their own hands. Hosted by Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, we were treated first to a Model Showing for an upcoming Opera in the spring. A contemporary take on the commercialisation of a wild Highland landscape, the showing allowed us to see in miniature, plans of the set for the very first time. Ambassadors were then sneaked into the auditorium for a stage rehearsal of Harrison Birtwistle’s The Minotaur. The score was coupled with savage screams from the leads and chorus who were haunting in their interpretation of Greek Mythology.

Later involving those at home via interactive video, the streaming allowed for everyone to get involved in making their very own chorus. A live one to one coaching session was also broadcast featuring a young artist training with the company. Meeting the new stars of opera, it became clear that not only was the day unique for regular theatre goers, but an example of how fresh talent takes precedence at the Opera House. Encouraging those 25 and under everywhere to attend performances for£10, maybe it’s time for students to do something different with their weekends. ‘Royal Opera Live’ was streamed live from www. on January 7 2013. Highlights from the day have been archived and are available to watch via For more information on the Student Standby scheme, please visit http://www.roh. or follow Loughborough’s Ambassador on Twitter @ROHLoughborough.

26 - 27 CULTURE

Aid Your Grade

Unive rs find t ity readin he tim g lists e that s c omet to read ar an be den h ound se, b keep ing th ut a you s a ane in t will reall bit, you m if you can y help ay pic the p roces k your grade up on s. s, an d

Specifically For: Politics, History and IR and The Business School – The Prince (1532) Niccolo Machiavelli This slender text by Niccolo Machiavelli ticks all the boxes for the PHIR and Business departments. The work of political philosophy is a study of Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503), and remains an important method of understanding leadership in Renaissance Europe. Used in works of Shakespeare, the text is culturally as well as politically

Specifically For: Art and Design – The Architecture of Happiness (2006) Alain De Botton

Specifically For: Sciences (Mathematical Sciences, Information Science, Chemistry, Physics and Geography) – A Brief History of Time (1988) Stephen Hawking This landmark book written by Stephen Hawking, featuring an introduction by Carl Sagan is one of the most important scientific works in history. Hawking’s writing on black holes not only shapes our understanding of the universe, but spurs the imagination toward greater endeavour and implores us not to settle with pre-existing ideas. Only the 1988 edition features Carl Sagan’s introduction, so I suggest that you buy this edition, as his foreword marks the combination of two of our generation’s great scientific minds. Spending more than 100 weeks in the New York Times bestseller list, its importance has been marked far beyond the field of science. Loughborough University students are known to be enterprising and communicative and in a similar manner, Hawking proved that scientific understanding is desired, and can expand into the world of culture and consumerism. He is able to practice this whilst remaining scientifically innovative and interesting.

Section Design by Caz Smith

Achingly funny yet desperately sad, Miguel de Cervantes’ epic novel is the perfect book for those who study literature for one reason: it is about one man’s love for books. This of course means that as ‘literary types’, you EnD students will directly relate to Mr Quioxte’s sentiment. Don Quioxte goes from his library reading stories of chivalry into the outside world, picking up the dense Sancho Panza to accompany him on an adventure. This book is perfect for Loughborough EnD students because not only is it a literary classic, decorated with the mantle of The Guardian’s ‘greatest book of all time’, but it is one of the only books that is able to tear at the senses, driving you from academic awe, through hysterical laughter and into desperate sadness. Strangely therapeutic, Don Quioxte is a genuinely great read.

rich, for both authors and historians alike. Featuring the text’s model Cesare Borgia, The Prince has inspired growing interest in the history of the Catholic Church as well as the emergence of television shows like The Borgias and video games such as Assassins Creed. Another great read as well as an academically significant text.

Photography by Carolyne Brown

Specifically For: English and Drama – Don Quixote (1605) Miguel de Cervantes

For those concerned with all things aesthetically pleasing, De Botton’s book is where you need to be looking; the author explores the realms of the beautiful, and how a building can affect one’s happiness. Although based largely on the work of John Ruskin, the book is catered to the modern audience of the 21st century, and has been embraced by the student population. Rising to cultural significance through the 2009 film (500) Days of Summer, its appeal extended then into the wider US popular culture. The book is beautifully written, and will appeal to all those that study Design and its cultural significance. Specifically For: Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences – It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life (2002) Lance Armstrong I know that you are probably screaming at the page at this inclusion, however, I don’t think that Armstrong’s infamy should ruin the majesty of this book. A gritty fight back from near-fatal cancer was followed by success in the greatest Cycle Race in sport, the Tour de France. My Journey Back to Life is an excellent study of motivation, and pushing the boundaries of the psychological and physical state. However tainted his reputation may be, Armstrong teaches us the importance of achieving our potential, and pushing the body to its extremes. In the end, surely this is a more important legacy than the one he is now more

famed for. All Loughborough students, regardless of subject, can learn lessons from the book. Its message is transferable into any of the academic disciplines we study. Specifically For: Engineering (Architectural, Civil, Mechanical etc.) - The Pillars of the Earth (1989) Ken Follett A historical novel concerning the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, the book is set in 12th Century England, and charts the development of Gothic style out of the prior established Romanesque Architecture. Able to weave fictional content into the fabricated and familiar world of engineering and architecture; the book is also a little more palatable for those not as familiar with the subject matter. For all you Engineer types at Loughborough, this will provide a little light relief from all the calculations.

James Safford

28 - 29 CULTURE


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52505 D&P Jan 13


University halls of residence


At the turn of the century, the music industry embraced the digital age, with Apple opening the iTunes Store in 2003 and other companies following suit. These companies may have been the first to start cashing in from downloading music; but they were making a business out of something that already existed. Downloading music had been around many years before any corporate business had got their teeth into it. Websites like Napster, Kazaa and LimeWire which allowed users to share their files had been around since the 90s. Nowadays, the majority of music is downloaded; The Independent reported that 56% of sales made in the first quarter of last year were from downloads. However this does not include the amount of music illegally downloaded. In the first half of last year more than 33 million albums and 10 million singles were illegally downloaded. A recent poll on The Guardian’s website revealed that 62% of people illegally downloaded music. The music industry is fighting a losing battle. Downloading is fast becoming a socially acceptable way of obtaining music and it’s not just the public who can see this.

With free songs at the click of a button, illegally downloading music has become increasingly popular. BitTorrent or Dilandau are just a few sites which allow people to download unlimited music through file sharing. Digital Music Index collected data which shows that there were 43,314,568 files shared in the UK and that’s only for the first SIX months of this year. However, is it really fair that we illegally download music rather than paying for it?


By not paying for the music which you download, you are essentially committing an illegal act. In other words, you are stealing. Although it may be hard for you to get caught, criminal penalties are becoming more prominent, with some fines of around £5000 for repeated offenders. In the moral spectrum, the songs that are illegally downloaded are another person’s creation. Many artists (especially those up and coming) rely on these royalties as part of their income. Artists need to be paid for the work they create in order to produce more songs - if they fail to earn what they deserve, this could lead to the decline of musical variety in the future.

In 2007, Radiohead released their album, In Rainbows, on a donation basis with most fans choosing to download it for free. Radiohead isn’t the only artist to be moving with the times. Ed Sheeran’s album, +, is the most illegally downloaded album in the UK with 8 million downloads to 1.2 million being bought, but he was not angered by this, instead he said: “I’m still selling albums, but I’m selling tickets at the same time. My gig tickets are like £18, and my albums £8, so ... it’s all relative.”

Are illegal downloads actually worth it? The tracks downloaded from these shared file sites are merely uploaded by numerous users who have probably recorded a track off their phone or ripped them from a CD. There is a strong probability the quality of sound you’ll be hearing won’t be the best, not to mention that sometimes you may not even be downloading the track you wanted! You have to trust that these other file-sharers will actually provide you with the content that they say they provide. So, is it worth the hassle?

Being able to listen to an artist’s music for free acts as a promotion for them. Personally, I wouldn’t have listened to many of the artists that I do if I’d had to go out and buy the album. Much of the music I download is often followed by me buying it or going to see them live. The fact it is, often downloading music for free cuts out the middleman, the companies that are sponging off the musician’s talents. I would rather support my favourite bands and artists by paying to see them live or buying their merchandise direct from them so they make the money and not the greedy major record label. Downloading does not hurt artists, it hurts the corporations scrounging off them and I don’t see that as a bad thing.

Well, it doesn’t stop there. On many occasions what is advertised to be a track you’ve eagerly anticipated downloading, suddenly becomes something of a nightmare – a computer virus or spyware. Yes, this results in deleting files from your computer or laptop, files which may possibly be one of your university assignments. A risk not worth taking... right? Steven Carvalho

sic Label Mu the f Playlist o ht Fortnig

72% 28%


Illustration by Karolina Haluszczak

Were Loughborough students for or against downloading music?

Section Design by Jan Baykara

Freddie Pole

lur House – B Country awes D – l u o S t My God Res t Life ie u Q untry – mero Cave Co Nicky Ro s v ii ic v A – e n O e h eT anna I Could B Stay – Rih ad – Radiohe s rd Ca House of

32 - 33 MUSIC

New Years, New Fit You.

Is It


Label Music Meets:

My favourite band had to be Protest the Hero. They’re Canadian and their album Fortress is just perfect. I also love Circa Survive - that’s probably where my love for massive choruses comes from. To name a couple more: The Dillinger Escape Plan, and SikTh.


What has been your favourite gig of your career so far and why? Ghostfest is a massive indoor festival at Leeds Uni. We were invited to play their pre-party, and that was a massive show. It also bagged us a record deal, so it was pretty killer all round! That said, tomorrow night we’re playing our EP release show in Worcester - I reckon this is going to top the lot.

3. How did you get into your style of music?

I was in and out of local bands for years. Our vocalist Jon, who I grew up with, asked me if I wanted to play guitar in his new project back in 2007. It was pretty heavy and not really my thing, but it was a laugh. Now I’m 21 and still doing it!

Starvation and binging is a common issue with fad diets, consuming far too little calories to maintain optimal body functions. Think of the celebrity endorsed diets that promote the removal of specific food groups such as carbohydrates and diary. Of course they achieve quick and encouraging results as they shock the body into breaking down fat cells. The body cannot maintain such a state of starvation for long so prepare to feel tired, moody and unable to concentrate, not forgetting it will be harder to shift weight in future. Whether it is calorie counting or consuming different food groups, all should be done in balance and moderation; no one should believe they’re going to wipe out a whole Christmas of overeating by skipping a couple of meals.

starting up a student band?

The hardest part about starting any band is gaining legitimacy. There’s an abundance of independent music online, so to get peoples’ attention you need to be doing something special. I’ve always maintained though that it’s not that hard. Spend time on your music and your craft, and maintain a professional online presence. The opportunities will come. Get your music well produced. Bedroom demos just don’t cut it these days.

5. What are the facilities like in Loughborough to start and maintain a band?

The rehearsal space and recording studio in the Students’ Union are excellent. I actually volunteer there myself, recording and mixing bands. The prices are insanely low for the quality of the facilities, so I’d highly recommend it. The Music society have been doing great things this year too - I’ve met a lot of cool people, and I’m hoping to have some new music ready in time for Freefest!

6. Any advice for other student bands starting


These days, everybody’s a DJ; everybody has a home studio. Do something bold to stand out from the crowd. Divide opinion! That’s the way forward.

Illustrations by Greg Carter, Natasha Cox

1. Who have been your biggest influences?

4. What has been the hardest part about

Section design by: Tamsin Gordon

Signed to a record label just two years after formation, it seems Chronographs, a student metal band based in Worcestershire, are heading for stardom. Their debut EP ‘Nausea’ is out now digitally and they have just booked a two week UK tour (via Leicester!) for March/ April. Music Editor Ella Stanbrook caught up with Loughborough University student and Chronographs guitarist Tom Ridley:

The month of January is laden with promises to lose a couple of those unwanted pounds for the summer, fad diets that promise instant results and slimming aids which appear to be the perfect quick fix. You may think that shifting the fat and committing to the gym sounds like a healthy option and something to be encouraged - yet the yoyo dieters and fad exercisers are putting themselves at serious health risk.

The January gym goers are a whole species in themselves. You cannot knock the dedication it has taken to walk through the gym doors but actually sticking to attending three times a week and building up your level of fitness is another story. You’ll find hoards of men trying to outdo each other, bicep curling too much which will lead to injury, or the women who tend to run before they can walk, putting themselves through spin sessions which are likely to make the fittest fall. Of course there are always those who brag about the number of training sessions they’ve had in a week; they are yet to find out that they’ll be putting their body under strain which is likely to encourage illness and increase tiredness. Weight loss is not a sprint, it requires balance and planning, which may see you through the whole of 2013. Rebecca Oldham Sports Editor

New Years Workout... Get Toned in 2013

Deadlift Grab some dumbbells or some of your textbooks. Stand tall with good posture, keeping your back straight and your knees slightly bent, bend down to just past your knees. Moving slowly to feel the burn and rising slowly, feeling it in your glutes. Repeat 12 times for 3 sets.

Bulgarian Split Squats. You can do this exercise with or without hand weights. Place a foot behind you on a chair and lunge down ensuring your toes do not go over your knee, keeping your back straight and abs engaged. Go as low as you can feeling the burn in the front of your legs. Repeat 10 times on each leg for 3 sets.

34 - 35 SPORT

Matt Pinnock Tribute

When the team found out about his condition we were preparing to visit him in hospital but he told us not to, he said we should be in Pilkington revising as we all have exams. I think that says it all really. Matt was not one to feel sorry for himself; he was selfless and he always put others before him no matter what. He showed this on the football pitch as well where he played for the 4th team last year until his illness prevented him. He gave everything for the team; he didn’t care about his own playing time and he did everything for the team, even if he

did pick up a few yellow cards on the way. This is how I know Matt; I was the manager of the 4th team last year. I first met Matt at pre-season, instantly he amused me with his enthusiasm, joyous attitude and by his own self admission a lack of match fitness. You couldn’t help but smile when he was around; it was infectious and always lifted the players after a down day. After pre-season it was obvious that Matt was an outstanding candidate for the Vice Captaincy and carried his role out with due diligence. Matt was one of the most positive people I ever met; he always made everyone around him laugh and was a massive part of the team. He was instrumental in us ending the season with a best ever finish of third. After the season we held a charity football match where his old teammates from previous years at Loughborough came back to play. We raised a lot of money that day for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice who had been great to Matt. The fact that all his teammates turned up, while being scattered all around the country is a testament to the impact he made on people’s lives. I only wish he could

have been out there with us. Matt’s parents were in attendance that day and thanked us all for what we had done, but there was no need to thank anyone. We were all there for Matt.

Section design by: Tamsin Gordon

Matt Pinnock or #Butters as some of you may know him was a 22 year old student who was diagnosed with a brain tumour almost exactly a year ago. Unfortunately on December 15 Matt passed away. This came as a shock to me and many around him. Doctors only gave Matt days to live last spring, but he wasn’t one to back down and managed to battle against the tumour for over half a year. I have been racking my brains for weeks on what I should write here. How do I sum up what kind of guy Matt was in a few hundred words, especially when there is so much to say?

It’s hard not to take something positive from his story of determination and resilience, to battle for that long against all the odds made me, and all that knew him, supremely proud. I am proud to have known someone who should prove such an inspiration. I certainly see myself looking at life in a different light. I just hope I can be more like Matt; I want to enjoy every minute like he did and be as strong as him. I found myself thinking on the morning I found out about Matt how I should react; I was shocked, for some reason I felt like he was going to live for the next hundred years, he was just such a strong character who simply did not deserve to leave us this early. It is a testament to him that I had to stop writing this article more than once. However Matt wouldn’t want anyone to be upset, he is the type of guy who would want a minute’s applause instead of a minute of silence. He would want us to celebrate his life and remember the

good times we all had with him rather than mourn for him. So finally, what is the point of this article? The reason I wanted to write it was in hope others could take some solace from this story. Live life and enjoy it, as it is too short not to. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Matt. James Plowright

Matt pictured, centre, with friends.

36 - 37 SPORT

Keen appointed

Loughborough Hockey Stars

Director of Sport

Head to OZ

the highest levels. Both Ansley and Gibson play vital roles in the Hockey club committee and Josie has not only been competing at international standard in Hockey for many years but also national tennis.

As student athletes, all three know the pressures of time management, academic studies and competing at

Rebecca Oldham Sports Editor

His impressive credentials from a very successful thirty year career – most recently playing a pivotal role in Team GB’s most successful Olympic Games – send out a powerful message that Loughborough will continue to develop its already world-renowned sport department. Keen’s background is firmly rooted in academia; he lectured in physiology at University College Chichester and the University of Brighton. In his time at Chichester, he was appointed national cycling coach at the age of just 25.

Giselle explained that both sport and academics were aspects of her life she wanted to achieve in, “Loughborough have always been accommodating. Training takes up a lot of time so I’ve been able to split my years in order to make time for both”

Dave Brailsford, recently crowned Coach of the Year at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, is often credited with the immense success of Great Britain’s cycling team. However, the squad he runs so well was inherited from Keen.

The Australian Youth Olympic Festival takes place on the 16-20 January in Sydney and features other sports including Rowing and Swimming.

Keen presided over British Cycling during Team GB’s disastrous Atlanta 1996 campaign. In an Olympics where Britain achieved one gold medal, the cycling team’s return of two bronzes certainly wasn’t considered a failure. The following year, the introduction of National Lottery Funding provided Keen with an unprecedented sum of money, earmarked for investment in the future of cycling in the UK. Ever the visionary, he set up the Performance Cycling Program in Manchester. Keen moved Great Britain from 13th to 4th in the world rankings by clearing out athletes and coaches who weren’t driven to be the best, allowing for the likes of Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins to come through. He passed the reins over to Brailsford in 2003, in the same year as he was awarded an OBE for services to sport. Photography by Carolyn Brown

Photography by UK Sport

After the success of Hockey at London 2012, the profile of the sport sets to rise as the next generation of stars earn their caps for Great Britain against some of the greatest hockey nations in the world. Challenges from the likes of Australia and New Zealand lay ahead of a very confident Great Britain over the four day tournament in January.

It proves an opportunity to progress into the highly competitive senior ranks, after such a successful year. All three have been previously selected for home nation teams at U21 level and have recently returned from a high intensity training camps in Malaga. Harry, 19 said: “We’ve performed well in Spain but we are essentially going out to Australia blind. We are definitely looking for a place in the final though”. The experience against southern hemisphere teams has been limited for the trio who are all completing undergraduate degrees; but the motivating results from Team GB in London has set their sights on gold in Sydney.

Section Design by Sally Jones

Section Design by Lewis Allum

Loughborough are well known for supplying big names to the international sporting stage; from the likes of Sebastian Coe to Liam Tancock. Loughborough University and Hockey club are set to add to the list of international representatives as Giselle Ansley, Harry Gibson and Josie Inverdale head to the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

On December 14 it was announced that Peter Keen CBE will be taking the position of Director of Sport at Loughborough University from February this year.

Team GB’s success in Beijing was a testament to his influence. As the mastermind behind ‘Mission 2012’, he helped allow the members of Team GB to achieve their best gold haul in over a century. His exceptional career in performance sport was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in June – before we even witnessed his ‘Mission’ accomplished in the Olympic Park – with a CBE for services to sport. That Keen would be so hugely overqualified for a parallel role at most other universities is a fitting tribute to the esteem that sport in Loughborough is held in. Only time will tell how much further the department can progress, with a Commander of the British Empire at the helm. Bryn Proudlove-Wilkes

38 - 39 SPORT

Issue 7  
Issue 7  

Label issue seven. Articles by me on pages 8 and 10-11.