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ISSUE 1 - September 25, 2012


‘Bearing’ Breakups Loughborough at the Olympics A-Z of Autumn Trends


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Natasha Cox Editor in Chief Grace Meritt Editor Broderick Suthlerland Deputy Editor George Crabb Online Content Editor Ana Curbelo Art Director Greg Carter Head of Illustration Carolyn Brown Head of Photography Kiera Sweeney Meghan McCabe News Editors Cathryn Antoniadis Laura Smith Feature Editors Dan Nicholson Ella Stanbrook Music Editors Beth Baker-Wyse Joanna Donnelly Culture Editors Anna Birtwistle Chloé Fallon Style Editors Chloe Hemmings Rebecca Oldham Sport Editors Peter Woolley Webmaster Maxine Cheyney Head of Events and Marketing

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Manchester United face Loughborough Kinch Bus Timetable Disability Funding Boost Loughborough SEAT project


‘Grin and Bear it’ Which Society are you? Lufbra Overheard


Survival Guide to Freshers A - Z of Autumn Trends


50 Shades of Grey reviewed Pubs and clubs of Loughborough


Music During Fresher’s 2012 A Summer of Forgotten Music


Silencing the Critics Medal Makers Loughborough at the Olympics Loughborough at the Paralympics BUC’S Review Cover illustration: Greg Carter Design: Ana Curbelo

Disclaimer: Label is the publication of Loughborough Students’ Union. The opinions contained are those of individual contributors, not of Loughborough Students’ Union, the editorial team, or any other officer of the union unless otherwise stated.

Dear Readers,

From the Editor Summer is now at an end, and what a summer it has been: with the Olympics, Paralympics, and a host of great sporting and theatrical achievements, there was something for everyone to celebrate. But the celebrating and fun doesn’t stop there. Because not only is it Freshers week in Loughborough, but Label is back, bolder, brighter, and more exciting than ever before.

Label Magazine, your fortnightly fix of all things Loughborough.

For any freshers out there welcome to Label, the university’s fortnightly publication run by students, for students. We cover topics from ride proofing your freshers ball hair, to training like a heptathlete, to how to break up with someone using a cuddly toy – and that’s just issue one! The whole Label committee are currently brimming with ideas, hoping to make each issue greater than the last so all that’s missing now are a mass of student volunteers and we’ll be ready for whatever story takes us on. Label as a publication is now in its 15th year, an achievement we will be celebrating throughout the next 14 issues and on Label online whenever we get the chance. I’m proud to be its newest editor: to oversee as it commemorates the good, the bad, and the great things that happen throughout our time at Loughborough University. If you’re a returner, welcome back. If you’re a fresher, get ready for an unforgettable few years. Until next time,

This Issue, Label Online asked you:

Grace Meritt


How much did Freshers harm your bank balance

Not a lot, Loughborough is a cheap night out I got most of my drinks bought for me... 4% I was too scared to really check 40% Don’t ask. 37% For all the latest stories, visit




Is th e we s re a sto houl r d kn y you th Conta ow abou ink t? ct us labe a With a leditor@lu t fbra.n ny info et rmat querieion, letters and s

It’s that time of year again, the summer has nearly ended but the fun is just about to begin as freshers week finally falls upon us. As you begin a new journey, experience a new found freedom that is brimming with potential and copious opportunities, you will find LSMedia following every step of the way. Campus continually thrives with activity and LABEL as our very own student magazine will be hunting down the latest stories to keep you up to date with happenings in the Loughborough ‘bubble’ and further afield! During the next 2 weeks, our TV station LSUTV will be on campus everyday and night to bring you the highlights of Freshers week, capturing the utter exhilaration and excitement of the coming events. When you first arrive you will notice Loughborough Campus Radio, LCR, booming out the latest hits as they complete their road show around the halls. LCR will make regular appearances throughout Freshers week so don’t be scared to pop over to them and get yourself on radio. But most importantly, enjoy your Freshers week and all the excitement that will follow. Relive your journey and stay updated by making regular trips to or have a chat with the team as they travel across campus to every Freshers week hotspot. If you have any feedback on coverage, or if you fancy getting involved with the media team, then drop me an email on Natasha Cox Head of Media 2012/2013

In response to Label Online’s ‘JLS headlines freshers week 2012!’ Terrible lineup, do they not understand that freshers are not 12 year olds? Get some DJ’s in that actually make people want to have a good time...stop looking through Radio 1/BGT/X factor lists for people to perform...everyone is sick of it. Back to the days where we actually get DJ’s that play house/trance music in. Rubbish lineup for freshers. Ryan Butler It does seem to be pretty underwhelming, especially as a JLS DJ set wouldn’t necessarily even mean they are performing? Freshers is so much more than the acts on offer though! Mark

I’m amazed at these negative comments on here... This is my 5th year at Loughborough and to be fair this is up there with one of the best offerings at Freshers. Also, big acts usually come after freshers... Nero, Subfocus, Chase and Status spring to mind [...] JLS will be on room 1 stage DJing and singing along then afterwards they’ll be in piazza. The exec are doing an amazing job... They had the hashtag trending above the Paralympics... Freshers were going crazy on the internet, they’ll be berserk by the time they’re here! The only people moaning are cranky returners with nothing better to do. I stopped going to Freshers ball after my 3rd one and that’s because I’m just a bit too old for the mad partying these days but you watch, this one will be as good as any other. Freddie D

Tweets @LabelOnline ZoeeAlice @ZoeeeAlice @labelonline First heat looks like the tensest one! It makes me wish I was a fresher so I could be there :D Grace Meritt @GraceMeritt Just a little jealous of all those finding out they are going to Loughborough today! Make sure you follow our official magazine @labelonline Lauren Robyn Beeslee @LaurenRobynB @labelonline owww I want to come backkkk :( Label Style Team @LabelStyleTeam We are loving the coverage of the Olympics by @labelonline @lsumedia day by day minute by minute! take a look.... Broderick Sutherland @BrodSutherland Just finished editing my first article for Issue 1 of @labelonline this year. I must say it’s pretty good and it’s a new writer!

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New and Improved Kinch Bus Timetable


ie News in Br Loughborough Trending

Loughborough University started of the new semester as it meant to go on with #LufbraFresh12 trending above the likes of the Paralympics on twitter after the 2012 Freshers line up was revealed. What other students can boast about their university trending before freshers has even begun? Loughborough Lands £100,000 Cash Injection During the summer, Loughborough town landed a £100,000 cash injection from retail guru Mary Portas. The money, which was then matched by surrounding councils as well as the university, is to be used to regenerate Loughborough town centre through a number of different initiatives including market start-ups. A full report is available on Label online. Mayor’s Parade Cancelled Loughborough Rag have decided not to go ahead with the annual mayors parade this year due to the large costs, and great hassle it causes for Rag reps. However, an event named ‘Hopperthon’ is set to replace the parade taking place on the athletics track on October 28.

Manchester United to face Loughborough Students

On September 7 it was announced that Loughborough Students Football 1s will play host to a youth academy XI from Manchester United Football Club. The match will take place at the recently built Loughborough University Stadium at Holywell Park on the evening of October 10. This follows on from the successful opening of the stadium back on May 4, where a huge crowd showed up to see Loughborough Students take on a Tottenham Hotspur Academy XI. The night ended with Tottenham winning on penalties following a 4-4 draw. The club’s Head Coach, Stuart McLaren, was understandably thrilled at the notion of Manchester United visiting Loughborough. He told “Part of Loughborough Sport’s mission is to provide our students with fantastic, unique experiences and a match against developing players from one of the world’s biggest football clubs will certainly provide that.” Also, eagerly anticipating the fixture is the new captain for the Loughborough Student’s first team, George Williams. He said: “It is such a surprise but allows us the opportunity to really show off the kind of football we play. We are all really excited to be playing some of the best youngsters in the Country, maybe even the World and we hope that people will

want to come and see some great football on the evening.” The club will also use the match as an occasion to unveil the new Mike “Doc” Holliday Boardroom at the Loughborough University Stadium. He was a coach for teams across Loughborough for 27 years and he had a long reign as Head Coach until the end of the 1998/99 season, in which he helped mentor many graduates including Paul McGuinness, who will be coaching the Manchester United Youth Academy XI on October 10. Stuart McLaren said that the team are “delighted that the University has supported us in having the Boardroom at Loughborough University Stadium named in his honour.” Mike Holliday, was also responsible for a victory over Manchester United, back in 1977. He led a team of Loughborough students under the name of “Loughborough Colleges” to a 1-0 victory over the Red Devils. Many at Loughborough will be hoping history can repeat itself on October 10. At the time of going to press, there has been no announcement on ticket prices. Loughborough Sport will announce details in regards to ticketing in the near future. The fixture will be an evening kick-off on October 10. Broderick Sutherland Deputy Editor

A new campus bus timetable will come into action from October 1. As usual the bus will run free around campus until 9pm. Then after 9pm, after the regular timetable has finished, the bus will continue running to and from town for the price of £1.50 with the last bus back being around 2am each night, excluding Sundays when the bus will not be running as late. These extended journeys will only be going to and from the town centre but it will not go to the train station. Although there have been negotiations for this new timetable to take place throughout the past year the plans have only really been moved forward in the last few weeks. The Commercial Director of Kinch bus has stated that: “‘Sprint’ is well- established as Loughborough University’s popular, handy and frequent link around the campus and into town through the day, so it made so much sense for us to run it late at night too. The expanded timetable means buses running after 2am, Monday to

Saturday, with a regular hald- hourly service right through the night. It’s the best way of getting to your favourite venues about town- and back home safely too.”

“It’s the best way of getting to your favourite venues about town- and back home safely too.”

A statement has also been made from VP Welfare and Diversity thanking Kinch bus: “on behalf of Loughborough Students Union and Loughborough Students’ and reinforcing their point that ‘it is definitely a step in the right direction for Welfare.” With the new semester now beginning the new Kinch bus timetable is set to make going out into town much easier for those students living on campus. Meghan McCabe News Editor

ief News in Br OUTSIDE A Royal Controversy Only weeks after Prince Harry was plastered over the tabloids partying naked in Las Vegas the royals have become outraged again after Kate was pictured topless in the French version of Closer magazine. It has been said that the lawyers for Kate and William are to make a criminal complaint to a French prosecutor over the photos. Return of Reality Television With Strictly Come Dancing gaining its biggest viewer ratings for the launch night of the show in three years it well and truly paves the way for the months of reality TV we have to come. X factor ratings are reportedly down on last year’s by more than two million even though it showed Paul Gascoigne’s daughter Bianca being rejected by the judges after her ‘mediocre’ performance. Reunited? After a summer of defending Robert Pattinson against Kristen Stewart after she was photographed cheating on him, it has now been reported that the couple are back together after a recent heart to heart, leaving hundreds of R Patz fans gutted.

06 - 07 NEWS

Loughborough’s Centre for

Disability Sport receives grant following London 2012 Last year, the Centre received The CocaCola Active Healthy Living Grant, part of a £300,000 project which began in January 2012 and will run until December 2014. The project is intended to increase physical activity rates amongst young adults with a disability, as well as develop sporting excellence towards the 2016 Paralympic Games. The grant, awarded to the Loughborough University Development Trust and accessed by researchers in the PHC, covers all tiers of the sporting spectrum from rehabilitation to elite performance, encouraging people to become ‘fit for life, fit for sport and fit for success’.

The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC) has received a huge £600,000 funding boost from the Peter Harrison Foundation who initially provided the grant in order to establish the centre in 2005. This grant will enable the centre to continue its revolutionary work in Health and Well-being, Sport Culture, and Policy and Sport Science. The funding will also ensure that the centre is ready to receive Paralympic athletes following London 2012, as well as those competing in Rio in 2016. Great Britain’s Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby teams have both received on-going sport science support from the PHC. Members of the PHC have also been undertaking research sanctioned by the International Paralympic Committee; research teams developed tailor-made questionnaires, made available to Paralympians in order to gain valuable insight into their experience of injury and their use of nutritional supplements.

Recent Sport England figures indicate just 6.1% of Britain’s 10 million people with a physical disability are regularly active in sport compared with 18.5% of the able bodied population’, explained director of the PHC, Dr. Vicky Tolfrey. ‘This funding will enable us to use the power of the London 2012 Paralympic Games to drive participation at every level and to explain the benefits of an active lifestyle to people living with a disability.’ Established in 2005, the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport has expanded to over 20 members of staff, with great depth and knowledge in both Paralympic sport and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Over the course of the next eight years, In 2004, the foundation has sponsored athletes with disabilities at Loughborough, including Daniel Greaves, a Sport and Exercise Science student who won silver in the discus at London 2012. The Centre’s mission is to improve knowledge about Paralympic sport and to promote the substantial health and quality of life benefits that can be gained through participation in disability sports. Visit their website at or follow them on twitter @PHC_Lboro for updates from the centre. Kiera Sweeney News Editor

Loughborough students do ‘Enjoyneering’ at SEAT HQ A team of Loughborough students helped Spanish car manufacturer SEAT reinvent their brand. Pitching ideas to a panel of SEAT executives and experts from leading media agencies, teams from universities around the country were called upon to creatively incorporate the brand’s ‘Enjoyneering’ slogan into an innovative marketing campaign, as part of SEAT’s Young Creative project. SEAT bosses were so impressed by the Loughborough team’s creative concept and the execution of their short film that they have entered into a three-year partnership with the University, extending the same opportunity to Loughborough students in the future. Label spoke to three members of the Loughborough team. Ben Kippax said, ‘We were taken for a spin in the new SEAT 265 PS Leon Cupra R, before we began brainstorming ideas for our pitch, full of excitement. Our thoughts ranged from a road trip to Barcelona to viral videos of the ageing population ‘skanking’ to dubstep music... in our final concept, we focused upon the notion of ‘seriously fun’: ‘serious’, the high quality engineering and ‘fun’, the exuberance and passionate flair of SEAT’s Spanish heritage.’ Loughborough’s final, inventive short film showed the manufacture of a ‘slinky’ toy. ‘Pitching our idea to an expert panel, including the mastermind behind the T-Mobile flash-mob videos and the marketing directors of SEAT at MediaCom, was an invaluable experience. We got a taste of life working with industry leaders and potentially now have our foot in the door at SEAT,’ Ben explained.

Chris Stevens, said, ‘Allowing a group of ‘unknown’ university students free rein to play with our brand identity – one of our most valuable assets – was a risky undertaking, but we were absolutely thrilled with the originality and energy of the work produce. In the case of the Loughborough team, we were delighted and very impressed with the content they produced and I’m sure we’ll look to incorporate it in our future marketing and promotional activities.’ Natalia de Hutiray, Loughborough team member, reflected, ‘I think what we really enjoyed was the amount of freedom we got working on our video - the brief was so broad.’ Sam Cook added: ‘It was a great project as we gained an insight into how design and marketing are put into effect on a commercial level. The skills we acquired are transferable to so many other areas.’ The students from the Loughborough team, all from the School of the Arts and Loughborough Design School, were Alex Ballantyne, Cat Bliss, Sam Cook, Jack Darby, Natalia de Hutiray, Ben Kippax, Atlas Lim, Boon Lim, Will Scott, Wayne Skantharajah, Steph Smith and Frazer Stuart. Watch their final video at: Kiera Sweeney News Editor

Commenting on the Young Creative project, Head of Marketing at SEAT UK,

08 - 09 NEWS

So they broke up with you for uni. The distance was too much, you wouldn’t have time to see each other, they want to focus on their studies ect ect. Whichever excuse they used we all know it was code for: want to spend some time ‘getting to know’ the abundance of new people I will meet at university. You now spend your time either avidly Facebook stalking them, and analysing every new picture they get tagged in, or looking up absolutely every member of the opposite sex who they add as a friend, because they must be sleeping with them - the sluts! To your friends you insist you are SO over them because amongst various complaints they never were really very good at kissing and they had that really annoying habit of wanting to talk just as you were falling asleep and that weird facial expression they used to pull made you want to throw the nearest sharp object at them.

However, as soon as you get drunk you end up wailing in the toilet cubicle over them (or, if you’re male, shedding the most manly of tears). Somehow you manage to press send on that text which seems like the perfect way to express your feelings right now, but won’t seem so ideal in the morning; although if you’re lucky most of your typos will have made it unreadable anyway.

I’m not saying I can cure this, and I don’t even have any real advice for you except delete their number, grab the nearest fine specimen on a night out and make sure your friends take lots of pictures of you two reenacting everyone’s favourite scene from The Notebook. What I can offer is the comfort of the ‘could have been worse’ scenario. I offer you the story of the Break Up Bear.

is apparently a ‘12 inch tall, super soft and ultra cuddly teddy bear’ who is the ‘perfect accomplice for getting the job of breaking up done’. The company has narrowed down break ups to sixteen choices including ‘You want more than I can give you right now’, ‘My Mother doesn’t like you so this isn’t going to work’ and the one that some of you would be looking at through blurred eyes ‘I’ve decided to go to a different college than you’. The company then sends your nolonger-loved-one a ‘masterfully created break up letter’ in a satchel on the bears back which explains in a delightfully impersonal way why you’re being broken up with. The college breakup letter includes lines such as ‘this is an adventure I must go at alone’ and ‘if I were there, you wouldn’t fully experience all that college has to offer’, as I said before: code.

Making breakup’s more spineless than ever before, the Break Up Bear

My main concern is for bear cruelty. It really isn’t the bear’s fault that they’ve

Worst Breakup Stories Maria Shriver moved out from her marital mansion after Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a household staffer after a long-term affair. Illustration by: Eva Haliassou

Grin and Bear it

Could have been worse...

had a letter which will result in their immediate destruction strapped to their backs. The Break Up Bear’s name suddenly gains a rather sick double meaning, and I’m starting to wonder what kind of soft toy sadists run this company. The company seems to be truly deluded on the safety of its bears, writing ‘the Break Up Bear makes breaking up bearable for both sides involved’because there’s clearly nothing better for getting over someone than snuggling up to the memories of your ex and wiping your snot and tears on a bear’s t-shirt helpfully labelled ‘www.’. In the letter for a cheater they write ‘Know that the only reason I spent another dime on your pathetic ass is so you can get this bear, look at it every day for the rest of your life, remember how awesome I am, and realise how bad you screwed up’, crying out for an immediate act of bear mutilation.

Personally I find the whole thing a little sickening, I’m thinking of starting a sanctuary for the poor discarded creatures. Maybe I’m focusing on the wrong breed of discarded creature though. If you’re still planning on going home tonight, wailing out the lyrics of ‘Someone like You’ while you stroke their pixelated face I probably haven’t helped. But maybe your fingers are twitching towards that send button again, because if there are people out there who actually use these bears, your ex isn’t looking so bad after all.

In 2007 an Australian man left his woman at the alter...for the best man! “My first love called me while I was watching Love Actually in the cinema and said, ‘she knows.’ Before the opening credits, I realized she was his other girlfriend, and he was trying to make it sound like I knew all about her. I realized my two-year relationship was a farce as she yelled from the background, ‘Tell her you love me! Tell her who you want to be with.’ He wasn’t even man enough to dump me—his girlfriend did!” Taylor Swift was dumped in a 27 second phone call by Joe Jonas

Laura Smith Features Editor

12 - 13 FEATURES

Cathryn Antoniadis, Features Editor

Do you prefer

SCOGUI Lufbra Students Scout and Guide Club. They love to have fun, go on adventures and challenge themselves to try almost anything.



Do you prefer

Do you prefer Being outside


HISTORY SOCIETY They offer opportunities for members interested in all things historical. You will meet like-minded people, opposite-minded people and everyone in between.

More physically active

Less physically active

Do you enjoy trying something different?

SWIMMING Loughborough University’s Swimming Club is the country’s no. 1 nationally and in student sport. Swimmers can access five squads and highly qualified experienced coaches.

Guy: (after seeing a group of Jews): Why are Jews always so well dressed? Girl: They must have just come back from Church or something

Guy: I’m turning into a girl. I’m becoming really picky concerning clothes

Introduction Lectures: Ultimate chillers.

AU Bazaar: Picking up millions of flyers for sports you will never join.


HIKING One of the biggest and most active of Loughborough’s societies. Trips have included the Peak District and the Scottish Highlands. Socials have included paintballing and go-karting.


SHAKESPEARE SOCIETY Performing 2 - 3 shows a year, they cater for all interests. It’s a great way to meet new people, even if you’re not really a Shakespeare fan.

BIG FOOD CLUB They deal in literal and metaphorical big food, making supersized snacks and holding events based around a mutual love of food.

Girl: No seriously, I’ve got way less middle class lately... (looks in oven) Oh no! I’ve burnt my chargrilled mediterranean vegetable bake!

Guy 1: This hot chocolate I just got is really cold Guy 2: That’s because it is a milkshake...

The Return of the X-Factor: Sick of tv talent shows?

The C-String: Disturbing swimwear worn this summer by the extreme tanner. Check it out and cringe online.

Girl: I thought Tigers were just female Lions...


Making things

Do you prefer Indoor

Guy 1: What is “romance” nowadays anyway? Guy 2: Romance is taking a girl on a nice date.. Guy 3: Nah, romance is buying a girl one Jägerbomb at Echoes, grinding on her for two hours and then trying to stick your tongue down her throat.

Girl: If you include Antarctica there are only six consonants. Oh, not consonants. I mean compliments.

Do you prefer



Lufbra overheard



Do you prefer

TIME FOR CHANGE They discuss and debate topics that really matter, not just on campus but also going on around the world.

FLIX CINEMA Membership to Loughborough’s Student cinema offers discounted ticket prices and free professional projectionist training.


Which society are you?

Glow in the Dark Condoms: Release your inner Jedi.

Lost Freshers: Great source of amusement when they walk into the wrong lecture room, us finalists have to get our kicks somehow.

Fresher Chat Up Lines: Hey I just met you, and this is cra - let me stop you right there.

Tanning Tales: Oh this? It’s natural. Pffft.

ing anyth nd hear u u o o r y a If zy w or cra s kno funny ough let u ard’ e r hbo verh Loug ‘Lufbra O email r r via ou ok page o o b fb e lu c fa es@ eatur labelf

14 - 15 FEATURES


‘Tiny new bouncer at Loughborough experiences a tough first night on the job.‘ – Dwayne

The winner of this issue’s caption competition wins a sheep pack including free entry to Hey Ewe and drink tokens. Look out for the next one on


As fun as the early starts and late nights are, dark circles under your eyes aren’t so great. A peach toned corrector will counter act the dark blue under the eye. Work it into the inner corner under the eye out and back towards the bridge of your nose. Next, take a light reflecting concealer and dot it in the arch of your brow and outer corner of your eyes, and blend with your ring finger.

Essentials to take out in your bag/wallet

‘Has anyone got any gum?’ Sound familiar? Besides your student ID and some money there are a few essentials you shouldn’t be without: a plaster, a couple of tissues, gum, a number for a taxi, a hall mate’s phone number and a condom. You don’t want to be known as the ‘has anyone got...’guy.

When to wear what type of shoe and more importantly WHY!

In Freshers’ most people wear hall t-shirts accompanied by flats such as ballet shoes, flipflops or Toms. Since the first few weeks usually start around 6pm, flats allow pain free partying! Wear old shoes you don’t mind ruining for foam parties and other messy events. However, Fresher’s ball is your opportunity to whip out your favourite footwear, girls put on your highest heels and guys shine your best shoes for the occasion.

Where to get hangover food

So it’s the day after the night before and you are experiencing your first ‘Loughborough hangover’. If you’re in the student village head to the trusty Purple Onion for a meal deal, which has been proven to solve the mother of all hangovers. If you need fresh air why not venture into town with your flatmates, and head to Varsity for inexpensive hangover food and the football.

Where to buy essential fancy dress items

If fancy dress isn’t your best friend already, Freshers’ is the time to embrace it! Loughborough town centre plays host to a market every Thursday and Saturday, which is full of cheap accessories, as well as materials in case you are feeling creative and want to make your own cave person/ toga outfit! Primark and the cheaper charity shops are the best places for items to cut up and customise and there are also specialists fancy dress shops in town.

Ride proofing your Freshers’ ball hair

Fresher’s Ball is a great night out where everyone gets dressed up to celebrate an amazing fortnight. You want to look good, but not miss out on the fairground rides. Girls, the best way to do this is an easy yet sophisticated up do, using a hair doughnut to create extra volume. Or if your hair is down bring a comb and travel hairspray to touch up your locks in the loos. If all else fails just remember to have your professional photos taken before you head to the rides!

Section Design by Dan Scott and Vanessa Ma

How to cover dark under eye circles

Getting face paint out of your clothes

There are two ways to try and get it out. One, you can let it soak for an hour or two, then rub the stain with a vegetable/ glycerine based soap and blast it under hot air to remove most of the residue, and wash as normal. Or try saturating the mark with hairspray to lift the stain, then dab the paint off with a thick kitchen paper. After it dries, wash as normal.

Illustration by Rose Hughes, Katharine Simmons and Emily Lambert

Freshers’ is guaranteed to be two of the best weeks of your university life, meeting new friends and partying all night long. However, you will come up against a few challenges Style wise, so we’re here to help with our ultimate Style survival guide.

Where to buy cosmetic essentials

In town there’s a large Boots and Superdrug to buy all your health and beauty needs. There’s also Blush (near Sainsbury’s) stocking a range of low and high end products that aren’t always available in the larger chain stores. Or on campus the Purple Onion and chemist both stock Rimmel products. Chloé Fallon and Anna Birtwistle Style Editors

20 - 21 STYLE


Fashion Trends of Autumn/Winter 2012 Hemisha Bhardwa and Megan Chamberlin

ndrogony Saville Row styling is still going strong. Channel your masculine vibe in brogues, shirts, boyfriend blazers and bowties. erry Claret, grape, and burgundy – the basis of this seasons must have colour palette. Think anything you would find in a wine cellar. orrespondent LTD for Topman Inspired by 20th century cultural icons, Leonard Woolf and Arthur Ransome, the collection features beautiful autumnal colours of navy, grey, and burgundy, perfect for updating your wardrobe in the transitional seasons. ip-dye Prada brought the dip-dye trend back to great acclaim and Jean Paul Gaultier went for various shades of the rainbow (with glitter if required). The possibilities are endless. astern Opulence Opulent fabrics, traditional Oriental motifs and kimono detailing epitomise the trend. ur Faux fur collars are seen everywhere this season. Add a touch of glamour to a simple outfit with an embellished neck accessory. othic Valentino showed romantic black lace and leather dresses and coats. If you don’t want to go too Goth add a cross necklace or stack up on the skull rings.



air accessories Hair accessories are in the spotlight for autumn/winter 2012-13. Think embellished hairbands, wrapped ponytails and the humble Kirby grip in an array of bright colours. nch loss Belts are key this season, bows in particular are a key feature. Skinny belts, cummerbunds, and obi belts create waspish waists and a streamlined silhouette.


ewels, jewels and more jewels Embellishment is everywhere and on everything! From pearls, to studs, to oversized gems, nothing is off limits this season.


atrantzou, Mary Famed for her colourful digital printed designs, the British Designer is a huge influence of the trends this season. Look out for mix and match prints in Topshop. eather Leather is this season’s luxe material of choice. Along with sharp lines, bright colours, the aim of the game is to use the fabric in an unexpected way. Consider dress, skirts and shirts.


ilitary Look for anything with brass buttons and lapels or khaki green to ensure your are marching straight into the trend. ecklines The catwalks were teeming with high necklines: roll neck jumpers becoming this season’s wardrobe staple. As the cold draws in, stay cosy in style. wls They adorn Burberry Prorsum’s AW12 sweaters and jumpers; recycle last season’s owl necklaces to keep on trend. rints From floral to geometrics, on everything from jackets to trousers. Go for a clash or stick with one statement piece.


rban utility Military style is fierce this season, with soft khaki’s mixing with harsh black leather. Strong, tailored jackets and parkas are this trends star pieces. elvet Soft velvet cocktail dresses in rich berry colours are AW12’s sophisticated evening wear of choice. ork it! Being confident and comfortable, in yourself and what you’re wearing, is the ultimate style advice this season and always.

uilted jackets Evolving from the SS12 trend, these jackets are getting bigger with more padding. For extra warmth, puffer jackets will also be making reappearance this season.

Exclusive Freshers’ Discount! Set up by Loughborough graduate, Rebecca Griffiths and sister Charlotte, was born out the ‘what are you wearing dilemmas’. Adored by women everywhere, the online fashion site is the perfect place to pick up gorgeous, on-trend pieces at affordable prices. We’ve teamed up with to get you 20% off online*! Enter the code ‘freshers12’ at the checkout between 28th September- 12th October 2012 to receive your exclusive Freshers’ discount. Make sure you follow Want Her Dress on Twitter @WantHerDress for behind the scenes tweets and other discounts and prizes.

oyal and regal Think luxurious fabrics, ornate prints and rich purples. Add some gold accessories and exude Kate Middleton. houlders Exaggerated and mannish is this season’s shoulder shape.

opshop/Topman Students rejoiced when a larger store opened in Loughborough town this April, now including a Topman. It’s the perfect place to pick up their new AW12 collection.

xx Kisses! Lips play a big part in this season’s beauty trends with burgundy being a firm favourite on the catwalks, keep the rest of your make-up simple so as not to overdo it.

*discount applies to all non-sale items


SL’s Touche Eclat Celebrating 20 years of cult status, YSL have launched a limited edition of their famed illuminating highlighter, for instant radiance. For a more student friendly price try Benefit, Maybelline and Rimmel London. igzags The bigger and brighter the better! As seen at House.

22 - 23 STYLE

Everyone is talking about



Two of our brave writer’s decided to take a look at the phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey. One loved it, the other hated it. Here are their views to help you decide whether you’re a fan or not.

Illustration by: Eva Haliassou

Section Design: Ana Curbelo

Summer 2012 will be known for many things: the brilliant London 2012 Olympics, the dreadful weather that lasted forever, but perhaps most notably, 50 Shades of Grey. The book labelled ‘mummy porn’ that has become the fastest selling adult book of all time has, quite frankly, taken over the world. Whether you like it or not, everywhere you go you see the famous silver tie from the front cover, or you hear people talking about Christian Grey; men moaning about how much they hate him and women yearning to find a man just like him. Sales of sex toys have risen dramatically since March, when the books first took off. As has the purchase of rope and other restraining devices in DIY stores, thanks to the bondage sex scenes in 50 shades that have obviously provided many women with food for thought. There is a misconception that 50 Shades is just full of sexual description with no storyline, however that is not true. The author has not earned a (continually growing) £6.5 million fortune for nothing. The story is told by newly graduated Anastasia Steele who meets the gorgeous, billionaire tycoon Christian Grey. He is a CEO of his own company and also CEO in the bedroom, where he wishes to introduce Anastasia into a life of ropes, gagging, floggers and naughty silver balls. The story follows the development of their relationship together.

There are many deep, dark mysterious secrets underlying the main, sexual theme of the book that make it an enticing and stimulating read. It has to be said there is a lot of sex in it, but it’s to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. As the trilogy develops, the storyline goes with it and as a reader you become attached to the couple that are practically doomed from the start. The best thing about James’ writing is that Christian Grey can be exactly who you want him

It is a perfect choice for sitting by the pool on holiday or in the garden enjoying the infrequent nice weather as it is so easy to read. to be. The description of him is limited to ‘copper hair’, ‘grey eyes’ and the fact that he is a beautiful and gorgeous creature. Whilst reading it you imagine him to be your perfect man which makes it even more interesting. It is a perfect choice for sitting by the pool on holiday or in the garden enjoying the infrequent nice weather as it is so easy to read. It grips you from start to finish, and I promise you when you reach the end you will immediately be buying the second in the trilogy for another piece of Mr Grey.

Everywhere you looked this summer, people were reading 50 Shades of Grey, so obviously I had to see what the fuss was about and unfortunately, was bitterly disappointed.

I don’t like to judge, but if that were my mum writing a book like this, I’d be horrified. To exist, Christian Grey must be a superhero. A 27 year old, who owns a company worth several billion dollars, gives most of that to starving children, flies aircrafts, speaks several languages, has the body of a god, and has every woman falling at his feet because of said well-endowed body. No wonder this book is a hit with women and not men. Possibly one of the worst details about the book is that it was written by a married woman with children. I don’t like to judge, but if that were my mum writing a book like this, I’d be horrified. As for Ana Steele, she is the most infuriating and insufferable character, bordering on pathetic. As soon as she meets Christian, she is willingly inferior and completely under his control to the extent that you’re groaning at her reaction to him: and not in the way an erotic novel is supposed to make you! For a woman who managed to reach 22 with no sexual experience, it doesn’t take long for her to indulge into his fantasies.

More importantly, the book is poorly written. The frequent sexual activity is repetitive and boring; E.L James uses the same phrases in every scene. It also seems pretty unrealistic. Christian Grey must be absolutely incredible in bed to produce such pleasure in such a short amount of time. In fact, if anyone has ever had a ‘nipple orgasm’ like he manages to give Ana, please, let me know. The book also doesn’t really seem to have a plot. After all of the build-up and frustration, we still know little about Christian’s character other than the fact he is a psychotic nymphomaniac and we are just more annoyed at Ana for being such a girl about it all. When a man hands you a contract with words like ‘hard limits’, mentioning fire and animals you can hardly expect him to be the boyfriend/marriage type. On a more serious note, the book raises issues with domestic violence and is in fact being burned by some women’s refuges. It suggests to women that they can change these violent, horrible men they are with, because Ana can. Though it is reasonable to suggest that grown adults can tell the difference between a book and reality, this book has been a massive hit with young teens who are, as we are constantly told, very easily influenced. It’s a shame such a poorly written book could have such an impact. Hayley Steed

on iews ny v email a e v u ha ease If yo tory, pl to s et s thi them lufbra.n @ e r u lcult labe

Vicki-Jane Edwards

26 - 27 CULTURE

From pub to club:

Freshers Week 2012

Rachel Clarke and Alicia Myers

The Union

If you thought you saw all the union had to offer in freshers week then think again, throughout the year its back bigger and better so there’s no chance of boredom. If cheesy music and cheap drinks is your thing then Stupid Tuesday is ideal. Aptly named for its stupid drinks offers it’s perfect for shaking off that beginning-of-the-week, bad mood. Wednesdays see the AU transform the union into its weekly night Hey Ewe. This is the place to don your best fancy dress and try and avoid being sharked by rugby boys, although this may prove difficult after one too many £1.50 drinks. FND is the only place to been seen at the end of the week, a chance for a more glamorous night out as FND also sometimes sees some of the biggest DJ’s If you have standards and acts on the stage to of any kind, drop them now. entertain you. Echos is far from Loughborough’s classiest venue but there’s a reason this place is many students’ favourite location. Open until the small hours of the morning and with 2 rooms playing an eclectic mix of music, it’s easy to see why. Add to this some silly drinks prices and potentially the best place for people spotting in the East Midlands, Echos is a must go. Just make sure you get ‘Echos drunk’ beforehand!




Forget those little bars you might have in your hometown; Loughborough’s Revolution (one of our largest venues after the union), is a fully fledged club with all the benefits of its student town setting. Offering Loughborough’s largest beer and shisha garden, you’ll even find most union drink prices are matched. Combine this with VIP service available most nights, Revs is the ideal venue for a classy night out on a student budget.

The Phantom

With The Phantom being a little on the outskirts of town, it sometimes misses the acclaim it deserves. Although the inside is a little dingy, this pub is definitely worth a visit. Food portions are sizeable and cheap, perfect if you just fancy a sociable meal. The bar also stocks a bounteous selection of draft beer and cider, which makes for a cheap and cheerful night, with pool tables! But girls, a word of warning: if you’re using The Phantom to pre-drink, be careful as the bumpy outside patio doesn’t bode well for heel-wearers...



With its big (and not-so-beautifully named) food such as ‘Dirty Dog’s Dinner’ and ‘The Original Fat Wrap’, Varsity is a regular for Loughborough lovers, especially if you’re feeling the effects from the night before! The pub’s massive yet modestly priced portions bring a challenge to even the experienced Loughborough lads. With it being cheap, and situated on the campus-side of town, Varsity saves the wallet as well as the legs. On the drinks side of things, a ‘V card’ is definitely worth a buy, because the sneaky sales pitch of only putting ‘V card’ Being at the heart prices can catch you out if you’ve had of the Student’s Union, a few. JC’s is a prime location for post(or pre-) lecture celebrations... yes, to celebrate the fact that you’ve made it up in time to attend, or to commiserate the fact that you haven’t. As drinks prices are moderate, you can easily have a cheap evening out. JC’s is open during ‘Hey Ewe’ and ‘FND’ as well, acting as a handy hub for those that want to chat, or cool down out back. What’s more, on some summer days they offer a ‘Pop-Up’ Bar outside, so you can enjoy a sparkling summer cider out on the lawn instead!


If you observe Sundays as a day of rest then you might be in the wrong place. EQ WILD Sundays have been providing end of the weekend debauchery for years and with £1 jagerbombs it would be rude not to attend!

the Orange tree

Making its debut to the Loughborough nightlife scene this club has promised big things and a change to the usual night out. With rumour of a rooftop garden and champagne bar, it will be interesting and exciting to see what they have to bring to the drinks table!

Whether you want a few cheeky cocktails to start off your night, or a non-alcoholic smoothie on a summers evening, The Orange Tree is ideal. With a lovely garden out the back, and a cosy yet stylish interior, it suits all weathers. You’ll enjoy the friendly staff and the fashionable food, but if you’re on a budget (like most of us students are) you might want to leave The Orange Tree for special treats only. Watch out if you’re bringing your little sister to town as well because there’s no under 18s allowed after 7pm...

28 - 29 CULTURE

FRESHERS music2012

Your Fresher 2012 Playlist



The 90s house music group that brought us ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ and ‘Dreamer’ will be hitting the union on the second night of Freshers 2012. With each of Livin Joy’s hits reaching the Top 10 in the UK charts, they will no doubt be making it a night to remember.








Remember the song ‘Lovesick’ that we all fell in love with during last year’s Britain’s Got Talent? Well the boys are back and confirmed to be performing at YOUR FRESHERS! Get ready to be singing along to that catchy tune on October the 6th.


Photography and Section Design by Ana Curbelo

This song is guaranteed to get all of you on your feet going mental. Packed full of energy, Calvin Harris has managed to remix Florence’s first number 1 single ‘Spectrum’ into the ultimate club tune. It was a massive hit this summer, and will be a massive hit when it is played in Room 1!

The name probably gives it away. In store is a couple of hours of pure comical genius from an act you’ve probably never thought you’d see! Tony Lee has made a few trips to Loughborough in the past, and we knew we had to get him back for this years freshers. Britain’s Got Talent finalist Michael Fish got the judges on their feet with his extraordinary skills. He sets stages alight (sometimes literally) with his performances and is definitely not something to miss.

EXPECT The next two weeks are going to be two of the best weeks of your time in Loughborough, so get ready! Label Music want to introduce some of the amazing acts performing at your Freshers, and give you an insight into what songs will be hitting the union for your incredible nights out to come.

Your Fresher 2012 Acts

Next comes renowned Radio 1 DJs Vernon Kay, Huw Stephens and Danny Howard. With over 10 years of radio experience between them, as well as years of experience in the entertainment and music industries, you are in for an incredible couple of DJ sets.


Yes you read that right, JLS are officially your Fresher’s Ball headliners! One of the biggest boy bands in Britain will be heading to the Loughborough Student’s Union to perform a DJ set for you at your Fresher’s Ball followed by a meet and greet. For all you girls out there it is finally your chance to get up close and personal with the boys! With number one singles such as ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ and ‘Beat Again’, Room 1 is guaranteed to be absolutely buzzing.

Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah provide us with the second song of your freshers playlist. A great song to scream along to, with an incredible beat, it is certain to get some heads banging and some legs moving. Its popularity soared at the end of term last year, and we hope it will come back this year with a bang. Yet another fantastic tune from Sean Paul, this song will help you relive your summer and will make your union nights even more memorable. This song doesn’t need much of an introduction. A night in room 1 wouldn’t be the same without Levels being played at least once. And I can guarantee without a doubt that this tune will be a regular throughout freshers.


The artist behind the number 1 hit ‘Fireflies’ has joined forces with Call Me Maybe singer Carly Rae Jepsen, to bring you the final song of your freshers playlist. With bags of energy and lyrics to match it is a perfect song that will sum up your time during Freshers 2012. Ella Stanbrook Music Editor

30 - 31 MUSIC

A Summer of Forgotten Music

The summer of 2012 will be remembered by the vast majority of the UK, but not for the various festivals sporting top quality line ups. This summer has been dominated by sporting events such as Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games. Music has taken a backseat, and this has been clear by worryingly low ticket sales to some of the summer’s hottest events, even causing one to cancel. It would be cruel to say that only sport has gotten in the way of the festival season, as many festivals experienced extreme weather, with Download, T in The Park and Creamfields experiencing the worst of the summer’s weather with wash-outs. Download kicked off the festival season with a wetbut-wonderful weekend filled with the crème de la crème of rock music. In its tenth anniversary, after taking over from the Monsters of Rock festival, Donnington Park played host to The Prodigy on the Friday night with Chase and Status controversially booked to support. Saturday saw a day full of crowd favourites with Tenacious D, Biffy Clyro and rock gods Metallica, playing their legendary Black album in its entirety. Sunday saw Ozzy Osbourne bringing Black Sabbath back to the legendary venue. However, ticket sales were low for the other rock and metal show Sonisphere, due to be headlined by Queen (with Adam Lambert), KISS and Faith No More, was sadly cancelled. This sparked fear of a chain of festivals being cancelled. Thankfully this was not the case and all other major festivals went ahead.

Photography by Eloise Adler

Another key factor in the decline of festival ticket sales was the absence of Glastonbury. Normally, you would assume that this would increase the demand for tickets for other festivals across the UK. However, due to the timing clashing with a certain sporting event, there was no extra demand. T in The Park also suffered due to rain. After a sunny but cool Friday night, with Snow Patrol belting out anthem after anthem on the main stage, 48 hours of continuous rain followed. The ground by Sunday was flooded and was around 1ft deep by the time the first band took to the stage. Festival favourites Kasabian closed the main stage, labelling the T in The Park faithful as “Empire” before launching into the crowd pleaser. The main talking point of the festival was Nicki Minaj though. She came on stage more than 45 minutes late and then she only played four songs before leaving the stage without an apology.

August saw the festival season gradually coming to an end. It started with V festival in the blistering heat. Snow Patrol, The Killers and The Stone Roses topped the bill filled with chart toppers and old favourites such as Madness and Tom Jones. Following V was possibly the wettest festival this year, in the shape of electro and dance fuelled Creamfields, which ended up being cancelled by the Sunday due to the weather. However, running on the same weekend, with completely different weather was Reading and Leeds. Arguably having the best line up of the summer, Reading and Leeds boasted the likes of Foo Fighters, Kasabian, The Black Keys, Kaiser Chiefs, Bullet for my Valentine, Paramore and the recently reformed, The Cure. Both the Foo Fighters and The Cure stormed through two and a half hour sets filled with crowd favourites whilst Kasabian were unfairly given an hour and 45 to wow the crowd. My personal highlight of the weekend was The Black Keys, who stormed through a set of crowd pleasers, starting with a loud rendition of Howling for You and finishing off with Lonely Boy, sparking a momentous sing along. However, the biggest sing along of the weekend goes to local boys Kaiser Chiefs with their anthems Ruby and I Predict a Riot, whilst the lead singer proceeded to climb the stage and run aimlessly around the front of it. Not all was bad in the summer of music though. The one-off gigs seemed to be the best of the bunch, with The Stone Roses making their second comeback, the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing their only two UK shows of the summer in Knebworth and Sunderland and Blur playing in Hyde Park, for what was rumoured to be a last show. The best of them all though, was Swedish House Mafia’s last ever UK performance in Milton Keynes. With a stellar support cast including Alesso, Calvin Harris, Madeon and Example, the trio of Swedes went out with a bang. Smashing through all their hits and including new, and final track Don’t You Worry Child. After nearly two hours, the Swedes made an extremely emotional exit. This summer will be remembered by the whole of the UK, but it seems to me that this summer of music will be long forgotten by Christmas. A great summer, outshone by greater happenings.

Daniel Nicholson Music Editor

32 - 33 MUSIC

Train Like... A Heptathlete

Silencing the Critics


Games A Diary of a Maker

he Sporting achievements of the likes of Michael Phelps and Mo Farah cannot alone secure London’s place as one of the greatest games of all time, but it is the effort of the 70, 000 volunteers who sang, advised and smiled their way through both the Olympics and Paralympics. Loughborough of course has not only provided Team GB with a preparation camp this summer, but also very enthusiastic volunteers, ready to help in the kitting out process, the technology team and also in social media. Here are some of the Loughborough students/alumni games maker experiences.

Jumping Squats Power off the starting blocks or run way by completing 20 jumping squats, making sure your knees don’t go over your toes to avoid injury. Squat low and jump high for a high intensity exercise.

Illustration by Josh Heathcote

Jumping Lunges This plyometric exercise can be performed on either a Bosu ball to improve your balance and core strength or on the floor to ensure you are lunging deeper. Perfect for the long jump.

Rebecca Oldham Sport Editor

As the much anticipated Olympic games came and went and the numrous athletes finished with their medal hoard of 29 Gold, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze, I am ecstatic that Our Greatest Team silenced the critics. For the past 7 years I had been hugely excited for the Games to come to London and submerge the country in to a sporting frenzy. Much to my annoyance but perhaps as expected, it seemed journalists were making mountains out of molehills to ensure the public knew unnecessarily, the nitty gritty details of any organisational mishaps. Surely nit-picking at the country’s chance to shine on the world wide stage was something even they could have foregone? From the social media rule breaking to the airport queues as thousands of athletes and officials descended on the capital, it seemed everything was getting blown out of proportion. Small reports made it easier for others to jump on the negativity bandwagon, and concentrate their energies in other areas rather than getting behind Team GB. Furthermore, the over-reporting on G4S’s lack of integrity for the security of the Games, put the government and consequently the countries troops under pressure. ‘Rallying the Troops’ as it were was rightfully played down

by the government, and perhaps gave the army their safest mission in several years. It seemed half of the country was waiting to say ‘I told you so’, whilst the other half were holding their breath with their fingers crossed waiting for the first British medal. As UK Sport, the organisation controlling funding to elite athletes expected Team GB to bring home a total of 48 medals, the pressure was really on for the athletes to shine in front of the home crowd. For instance, Tom Daley was made subject of vicious tweets after coming fourth with his synchronised diving partner Pete Waterfield, a brilliant achievement after losing his father in 2011.

John Sleath, Loughborough Graduate, Head of Maths De Lisle Catholic Science College Loughborough

“As a Gamesmaker I spent hours out on the park directing and assisting people of all nationalities as well as chaperoning the talented performers. To be on the best place on earth for the fortnight was a dream come true – yes it was tiring and hard work with long hours but definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me and the other 70,000 volunteers. I must have really enjoyed it because I signed up for a weekend volunteering at the Paralympics in the same role.”

“Even though it was unpaid the memories I have more than make up for it, as in the evenings I got to go to the Team GB house, which is where the GB medallists do their media interviews and then chill out with friends and family. It looks fantastic on my CV as the Twitter feed was critically acclaimed in the media and we topped the ‘Sociolympic’ table with the likes of the BBC also quoting our tweets. It was an amazing experience and I will always be able to say that I was part of, even in the smallest way, in my opinion, the greatest Olympics ever.”

Jasmine Scott, Graduate, Call Room Team and Field of Play Team Member

“I have been involved in LOCOG for a while as a Youth Advisor on the Youth Advisory Panel, so being involved in the games coming together was incredible but I also wanted to ‘get my hands dirty’ sort of speak and also volunteer at the games to be part of the side known for ‘ making the games happen’

Although once we got the ball rolling, it appeared that there would be no stopping us... So for the majority of the critics who will now be eating their words, until the next opportunity comes along for them to put pen to paper, look what the Olympics achieved! Perhaps the Games did cost a lot of money, but in the current state of the country I believe the British public needed something to unite over, to be patriotic about, to celebrate the talent which the country has and make the legacy of the Games something to be proud of. Chloe Hemmings Sport Editor

Kelly Somers, Graduate, Sports Social Media Commentator

Jack Heskett, Loughborough undergraduate, Paralympics Technology Service Desk Member

“I’m a technology service desk member as part of the voluntary games maker team. We deal with any technology issue from printers to phones. The whole experience has been pretty amazing, from being at the excel centre 18 months ago to the 30th floor of the Citi building in Canada Square 6 months before to St Paul’s Grange Hotel.”

As a fencer, I wanted to be involved in the fencing aspects of the games, in particular the paralympics as I am always inspired by the athletes. The Pace of a wheelchair fencing bout is incredible and the skill of the athletes make it great to watch.” Rebecca Oldham Sport Editor

34 - 35 SPORT


London 2012 provided the perfect platform for a Loughborough medal haul, as the largest group of our current and former trainees and students took to the Olympic stage. Former Loughborough College student and GB taekwondo fighter Sarah Stevenson was given the honour of taking the Olympic Oath on behalf of all athletes at London 2012. It was unfortunately not a promising start for our Loughborough athletes: Swimming was a major disappointment for GB and for Loughborough too, as only Fran Halsall, Liam Tancock and Daniel Fogg reached individual finals, despite a dozen swimming for Team GB. Luol Deng and Julie Paige didn’t make it to the knockout rounds of the basketball for team GB, as John Pearce, the men’s handball team and our five women’s GB volleyball representatives also fell way out of contention for a quarterfinal place.

Light at the end of the tunnel came on day three of the games, as Sam Oldham and the men’s gymnastics team snatched bronze for Loughborough’s first medal at London 2012,


Days fourteen and fifteen were extremely successful for Loughborough, collecting a further two bronze medals after GB women’s hockey defeated New Zealand in the bronze medal match, and the duo of Liam Neath and Jon Schofield snatched bronze in the men’s K2 canoe sprint. Barry Middleton and the men’s hockey team were distraught after missing out on a bronze medal, losing 3-1 to a fierce Australian side.

and was even silver for a brief moment, but Japan’s appeal was upheld. A fantastic start was lifted further by the successes of our ten GB hockey representatives, including men’s captain Barry Middleton, qualifying for the semi-final stages. The successes unfortunately wouldn’t last long for our Loughborough athletes: Seven former Loughborough women’s FC players were knocked out in the quarter finals of the women’s football by Canada, and both GB hockey teams knocked out and would have to contest the bronze medal. Lizzie Neave, strong medal hope, failed to even reach the final of the women’s C1 canoe slalom. The dark days were not to last for long, as former college student Robbie Grabarz claimed bronze in the men’s high jump on day eleven, although he was forced to share it with two other jumpers clearing 2.29m. Down at Hyde Park,

Photography by Jon Blathwayt Section Design by Ana Curbelo

Nineteen days of competition. Ninety-one Loughborough athletes and five Loughborough presenters. Athletes competing across a total of fourteen different events, representing altogether, five different nations.

LONDON 2 0 1 2

despite being out of the Brownlee spotlight, Stuart Hayes was to play an important role during the bike stage especially to help the Brownlee brothers on their way to gold and bronze in the men’s triathlon. Could we have claimed an assist perhaps?

Alongside fellow Loughborough thrower Alex Smith, Sophie Hitchon made it three GB representatives in an Olympic field final, as she broke the British record in the women’s hammer competition with an outstanding 71.98m! After controversially losing her semi-final in Beijing, there was no further luck for women’s Taekwondo fighter Sarah Stevenson, after losing in the first round and missing out on a repechage place; a chance to fight for a bronze medal. As London 2012 began its final few days, Loughborough’s athletes representing countries beside from Team GB had not won a medal, but only a disqualification. Seyi Smith,

representing Canada in the men’s 4x100m relay, was denied a bronze medal after finishing behind the USA and Jamaica after their third leg runner was found to have run outside the lane. The decision was not made until celebrations were underway on the track, to the absolute devastation of Smith and the Canadian quartet. Despite four fantastic bronze medals in the bag for Loughborough, and with London 2012 closing in style for Team GB with a silver medal in the women’s modern pentathlon claimed by Samantha Murray, it meant that for the first time at an Olympic Games, representatives from Bath University had taken victory over Loughborough in the final medal table. Loughborough’s total of four bronze medals would have seen us finish down in 75th place, if competing as a country in its own right, just ahead of the likes of Greece and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Bath’s tally of one gold and three silvers places them ahead of Ireland in 41st place! George Crabb Online Editor

m of Tea think u ’s o y h g u did hboro on What d d Loug GB an ance at Lon m perfor 2012? e-mail bel via t or via a L t c a .ne Cont lufbra line ditor@ labele er @labelon Twitt

36 - 37 SPORT


Loughborough’s Superhumans

Another year of BUCS is upon us once again and this year, as per usual, there is no shortage of expectation. With the vast majority of sports taking the opportunity to begin their pre-seasons throughout September, BUCS heads the shortlist of priorities. Here is a preview highlighting potential areas of (with hope) success! Callum Leslie Draper

Photography by Robert Sharp

Teams to watch:

Football - Mens - @lborofootball

An ethos of high standards throughout Loughborough Football Men’s have led to the conclusion that if they are not maintaining victory in all areas of competition then there is continuous room for improvement. Finishing as champions in the Premier North Division, but falling just short at the semi-final stage in the cup competition last season should see elite level players look no further for fuel to better last season’s results. Striker Daniel Nti looks in ominous form in the students non-league side in the early season, scoring seven in his last four games (correct at time

of writing).

Loughborough’s athletes secured an incredible one Gold, three Silvers and a Bron ze in the Olympic stadium, adding to the 120 med als won by the British athletes overall. Richard Whit ehead, based at Loughborough with UKA, won Loug hborough’s only Gold medal of the games in the T42 200m, beating the likes of Vance Shaquille in front of a full stadium at the Olympic park. The athletics dominance continue d on the track with former Loughborough college student, Libby Clegg storming to a Silver medal behind China’s Zhou Guohua in the T12 100m race . Stef Reid, based at Loughborough with UKA, also utilised her speed from her track events, trans ferring it into the F42/F44 Long jump, winning a Silver medal.

Claire Williams, MRes Psychology student, added to this with a Bronze medal in the F12 Discus event and Dan Greaves earned a silver in the F44 discuss throw. With three days to go, Team GB had smashed through the British Paralympics committe e’s expectation of 103 medals. Medal highlights inclu de the world record holder, Jonnie Peacock’s winning in the T44 100m over Paralympic superstar Oscar Pistorius, which proved Britain’s sprinting prowess. Ellie Simmonds retained her Beijing crow n in the pool by taking three medals in the aqua tic centre. David Weir also proved to the world what an all round champion he is by securing a rema rkable three Gold medals across the T54 800m, 1500 m , 5000m and the marathon.

Finally Sarah Storey won her 11th Para lympic medal on her bike in the Women’s C5 indiv idual time trial, to secure her place as one of Britain’s most decorated Paralympians alongside Loughbor ough graduate Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson and Davi d Robert. Rebecca Oldham Sports Editor


1s: Premier North - Mid-table finish, 3rd. 2s: Midlands 1A – 2nd 3s: Midlands 3A - 3rd

Basketball – Mens @lborobasketball

BUCS 1s: Premier North – Champions BUCS 2s: Midlands 1A – 3rd BUCS 3s: Midlands 2A – Champions BUCS 4s: Midlands 2A – 3rd

Following promotion from Midlands 1A with a 100% record the men’s side will compete in the Premier North this year for the first time. An exciting side matched together with a wealth of talent suggest Loughborough Students Riders are absolutely one to watch this year!

Hockey – Womens - @LSULHC


Predictions: Not to be overshadowed by the spec tacle of the Olympics, the Paralympic athletes have broken records, surpassed the expectati ons of the nation and inspired a generation. Pack ed out venues day after day and the excitable fans guaranteed a unique atmosphere unlike any othe r Paralympics before.

Football – Womens - @LSUWFC

A strong finish to last season will see the girls look to begin as they left off. The club will hope their BUCS trophy victory last year will emanate success throughout the squads. Key fixtures: vs Leeds Met Birmingham.

With ‘Loughborough 1st’ following both Durham and Birmingham’s names in the BUCS Premier league table last season, the stars of women’s hockey will be looking to avenge defeat in last years ‘The Big Match’ as well as the final BUCS standings. With representatives of the hockey club representing England in the European Championships over the summer, the club will hope that members will return with a wealth of experience that will see them push higher in the league table this year. Evidently key fixtures are likely to arise from home and away fixtures with Durham and Birmingham, the earliest of these being played on Wednesday 24th October and Wednesday 7th November respectively, both away from home.

1s: Premier North – 3rd 2s: Midlands 2A - Champions


1s: Premier North – 2nd 2s: Midlands 1A – 2nd 3s: Midlands 2B - 1st 4s: Midlands 2B – 4th

Good luck to all squads competing this year!!

38 - 39 SPORT

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