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You Were There for Me... Who is there for you? Hopefully you have someone who you can pour it all out to... We will all go through tough circumstances at some point in this life, and we will need someone to help us pull it all together. This is a time when many of us need that certain someone to be our sounding board, our place for reflecting and reaffirming. It is a special calling for the person who will be there for someone who is going through the toughest of times. The brokenness can be severe, down right terrible, yet this is what our lives our made of, brokenness, redemption, restoration, & recovery. The process is on a continuum, and at any given moment we may find ourselves in the midst of one of these cycles of life. We all wish it wasn't this way, but if we face the music, we live, we love, we loose, & we learn from our brokenness, the fragility of life. Coming to someone's rescue can be a daunting task, but many times it can be as easy as just being there for someone who is being broken from life's challenges. Just being there, can do wonders for the person going through that season of severe pain. Never underestimate the notion of the value, of just being there for those whom you love and care for, it can make all the difference. We are human, we are fragile, we are precious, and yes we get hurt & broken Oh my, how you are needed (to be there) in this season of great turnovers and dismissals, your place is one of high regard, and the price you will pay will be well worth it. Being that special someone, is so very crucial, for assisting in the personal recovery of someone you value and love. For that someone, who is going through the brokenness of life, you can be that someone who was there... Be there... Grace & Peace

You Were There For Me  

INspired writing after Listening to my My Son's Song... "You Were There For Me"

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