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Division 39 South Volume 1 Issue 2


May 2012 Official Newsletter of Mansfield Summit Keyclub

in this issue: Relay For Life Recycling D-CON Recap Summit Beautification Day Recap KeyClub Banquet Recap Meet the Board Contact Page

T-O District

for relay life Ready for Relay for Life? I know, me too. I can’t wait!! For those of you that don’t know what Relay for Life is, it’s an event to raise money for cancer. It’s a life-changing event that offers people across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors, to remember loved ones lost, and to fight back against the disease. You walk around for as long as you want to raise money. You can even stay overnight to keep walking on the trach and help fundraise money (but you don’t have to)!!

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Hey Members Don’t forget to help recycle after every keyclub meeting! You’ll get 1 hour for every recycling day you join in on! Remember, you’ll be benefitting the community~c:


The times of this event will be from 6 pm to 6 am in the next morning. I guarantee you, it’s so much fun. Even though it’ll be my first time going this year, i can sense all the laughter and excitement I’ll be getting, knowing that joining this marvelous event will help the lives of cancer patients in the world.

If you haven’t signed up for it yet but you want to participate, you can still go! Just registrate on and join the group called summit jags. Or if you don’t have time to do that, you can ask Usman Hyder to enter your information for you. He’s also the team captain for our relay group. So remember people, Relay for Life is May 11.2012 from 6pm to 6am!

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(Recap) D-CON =


D-CON was an amazing event! It was just spectacular! After going, our keyclub decided to work even harder than before and aim to be one of the top clubs next year! Even though we didn’t win much awards this year, everyone had a great time and made lots of memories with other keyclub folks in the T-O District! All the officers that went learned a lot from the forums and will use to their advantage to help make the world a better place. As the 2012-2013 editor for Summit Keyclub, I will make sure to comply with the graphic standards in making newsletters and to make them look fashionably attractive and also eye-catching as well. I’ve honestly learned a lot from D-CON, so much that my mind is absolutely filled up with new keyclub ideas! I can’t wait to present them next year in posters, flyers, bulletins, newsletters, and articles. As the past webmaster, I’ve already passed my legacy binder to the new one and he’s already reading through it. I’m glad to say he’ll be started in no time! Some people in our clubs have been so impressed with this year’s D-CON, that that they want to become lieutenant governor or even become one of the T-O District board officers in the future! D-CON has been so exciting! I definitely cannot wait for it next year! -Grace Liu D-Con was an event that I will never, ever forget! It showed me that the world out there is bigger than I had imagined. It showed me that I was a piece of a very large puzzle that could impact the environment around me. The experience made me realize how much of a difference we could really make, with just a simple act of kindness. D-Con wasn’t just about learning ways to make our club better; it had a sparkle of fun to it too! My favorite part of the whole convention was making new friends, in and out of the state! It had blown my mind of how easy it was to make new Key Club buddies! Most of us had made friends in the elevator...All you needed was a simple hand wave and a “Hey!” My experience at the convention will never be forgotten. I am proud to be part of the Summit Key Club and I couldn’t ask to be anywhere else. I’m very thankful to be in such an extraordinary group of amazing people. OHANA. -Elizabeth Hang



beautif ication R


Summit Beautification Day was ferntastic! It was amazing to be able to give back to our planet by planting trees and flowers around our school. We got to dig holes, get dirty, plant the trees and take a break by playing infected! Best of all, I got a chance to be outside with friends and have unbe-leave-able fun! -Junior Sanchez

Summit Beautification Day was a great, new event that our school held. I believe it was a great way to freshen up the outside of the school and make it look great! Summit needed some cleaning up and our Key Club definitely did a great job! We planted trees and flowers and made our school BEAUTIFUL! -Ashley Neace

The whole event was great and I had fun doing it, I would love to do this again. The event was perfect. -Vy Duong


V key club banquet Created by:Elizabeth Hang I enjoyed KeyClub banquet So Much! It was a night filled with many fun things! First we sat down and everyone was served the really really great food. After a bit of eating, trieu asked everyone to eat cake and quiet down. She than said that we would like a few peole to speak. State representative Bill Zedler spoke, and so did Mr. Neal the principal! Than Mrs. G spoke a few words, than it was time for awards! The awards were so much fun! Especially the silly ones! After the awards it was to to get our party on! it was time for the dance! This dance will definitely be remember and anticipated for next year as it was so much fun! i couldn’t have asked for a better banquet and a better way to end the KeyClub Year. .. -Usman Hyder

Key Club has been real good to me. As we end the new year, we immediately start the next. Summit High School Key Club has been working real hard so far. This year we just got a new sponsor and things were really different for us. But we never expected to grow and love our sponsor. She has taught us so much and we would like to thank her for all her hard work. But, the new year is starting and Summit Key Club has already thought of great summer volunteer activities. We’re moving on up and i feel that the upcoming year, 2012-2013 will be a great one. More members, more volunteer events, more service.


-Elizabeth Phan


MEET the board

President Usman Hyder

Vice President Elizabeth Phan

Co Secretary My Lam

Co Secretary Diem Tran

Co Secretary Junior Sanchez

Treasurer Kristy Joseph

Editor Grace Liu

Editor Delegate Melanie Louv

Co Historian Whitney Nguyen

Co Historian Sarthak Gupta

Webmaster Tyler Moore

Activities Director Ashley Neace

Spirit Chair Elizabeth Hang

Homecoming C. Anna Gutierrez


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