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Division 39 South Volume 1 Issue 3


Official Newsletter of Mansfield Summit Keyclub

in this issue: Relay For Life Recap Officer Induction Recap Alex’s Lemonade Stand Keyleader ELIMINATE Project Meet the Board Contact Page


June 2012 T-O District

for relay life Summit High Schools Key Club volunteered at Relay for Life on May 10th-11th.They ended the day raising about 300 dollars for Cancer relief funds. The night involved walking tons of laps, putting friends in jail and later regretting it, Doing nail polish, Selling baked items for fundraising and having a blast volunteering. Even though the event was rained out and everyone was headed inside, it was just as good! The event had so many thrills and the fact that all of our time, effort and money went to fundraising for the American Cancer Society made it all the better. The members who volunteered said that they would love to do it again next year ! -Usman Hyder



Relay for Life was such an inspiring event! I loved being able to high fives to the survivors as they walked around, and it made me feel so ecstatic to have the power to place a smile on their faces. The event made me realize that even though I may not know anyone close to me who has cancer; it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t help. Relay for Life also made me thankful that I live in America, the land of care and giving, because only here would we have amazing fundraisers like this. I enjoyed being part of the event for the first time, and I am definitely looking forward to next year’s eve nt -Elizabeth Hang.

The first keyclub district started in Florida

Relay for life was amazing, it was my first time and it far exceded my expectations. It was everything i envisioned. We got to have fun, hang out with friends (Whitney <3), and it was all for a good cause. The only negative thing i have to say about the event was that it was moved to Legacy. -Vy Dung



off icer induction CONGRATS

to our new

off icers

The Key Club Induction went very well. It was very nice for everyone to be recognized in their old and new positions for the new Key Club year. It was also fun to meet other officers from the other clubs in our division too! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so excited to be a newly-elected officer and canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait for the new Key Club year to kick off! -Elizabeth Hang

Officer inductions were held on May 3 at the City of Mansfield Council Chambers. The induction was very formal and Key Club was privileged to have Congressman Joe Barton as the guest speaker. As the old officers retired, the new officers were inducted. The new officers for Summit Key Club include Usman Hyder (president), Elizabeth Phan (vice president), Diem Tran (secretary), My Lam (cosecretary), Kristin Joseph (treasurer), Grace Liu (editor), Melanie Louv (co-editor), Ashley Niece (activities director), Junior Sanchez (Co-Secretary), Sarthak Gupta (historian), Whitney Nguyen (co-historian), Elizabeth Hang (spirit chair), Tyler Moore (Webmaster) and Anna Gutierrez (Homecoming Chair). Awards were also given to honor outstanding sponsors. Induction was a very momentous event for Summit Key Club and gave officers a chance to meet officers from other schools as well -Kristy Joseph


alexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lemonade stand HISTORY:

Alexandra Scott was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer, before her first birthday. After her fourth birthday, she decided she would hold a lemonade stand to raise money to cure the cancer after getting out of the hospital. Even with the trouble of struggling with cancer, she did it. Alexandra successfully sold lemonade in attempts to cure the cancer. Now Alexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lemonade Stand is a Childhood Cancer Foundation that supports children with cancer.

DATE: June 22-24 & July 6-8 TIME: 12pm-5pm Arlington Highlands Blvd, PLACE: Arlington Highlands 4001 Arlington, TX 76018-6033 JOB: Sell Lemonade & ask for Donations!


The first keyclub started in Sacramento, California



ad by Grace Liu




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MEET the board

President Usman Hyder

Vice President Elizabeth Phan

Co Secretary My Lam

Co Secretary Diem Tran

Co Secretary Junior Sanchez

Treasurer Kristy Joseph

Editor Grace Liu

Editor Delegate Melanie Louv

Co Historian Whitney Nguyen

Co Historian Sarthak Gupta

Webmaster Tyler Moore

Activities Director Ashley Neace

Spirit Chair Elizabeth Hang

Homecoming C. Anna Gutierrez


contact President:

Vice President:

Secretary: Treasurer:


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Activities Director:

Spirit Chair:

Homecoming Chair:

Club Sponsor:

Lieutenant Governor:

Historian: Webmaster:

Tyler Moore <


Keyclub June Newsletter  

Volume 1 Issue 3

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