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world news Angela Lose Editorial Assistant

Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt Bar Coming to Des Moines

That smooth creamy, frozen taste. The thousands of toppings to choose from. THIS, is coming to a shop close to you! Cherry Berry Yogurt Bar is opening up several locations around the Des Moines area. All 50 of those different delicious yogurt flavors will be soon be entering into Des Moines. Cherry Berry is a self serve yogurt bar that offers 50 different flavors of frozen ice-cream and over 50 different toppings for you to dig into! You simply pick your

yogurt, top-it to your satisfaction, and weigh it to redeem the price. Cherry Berry is family owned out of Oklahoma and there focus was to create a place for families. Fro-Yo, is the new hit around town, and Cherry Berry will be sure to bring in lots of customers. Be sure to check to see if a one is opening up near you!

Supreme Court Takes Campaign Donation Case

Charlie Cacciatore Reporter

On February 19th, the Supreme court decided to take a case challenging federal campaign contribution limits. What could be the biggest campaign finance case since 2010’s famous Citizens United, this case could end up wiping out federal campaign contribution limits. If this happened, individuals and/or corporations would have the right to donate as much money as they wanted to, which would put an incredible amount of power in the hands of our nation’s wealthiest citizens. The case was brought by Alabama native Shaun McCutcheon, along with the Republican National Committee. McCutcheon and the RNC object to the current two-year

limits, currently $46,200 for contributions to individual candidates and $70,800 for contributions to groups, arguing that these limits are too low and unjustifiable, using the First Amendment as his shield. Although this only affects aggregate limits-overall caps on contributions to several candidates or committees- and does not directly the more basic familiar limits on contributions to individual candidates or committees, this could be a major game changer in the sub-genre political world of getting elected.

dowling publications

It is the mission of the Dowling Publications to provide the student body of Dowling Catholic High School and its extended community a viable news source. The goal of the newspaper staff is to incorporate Christian values in every facet of the paper. The students, with the help of the moderator, will utilize multiple sources and report with the utmost honesty. We will, to the best of our ability, make sure no information of substantial value is falsified, exaggerated, or passed on through the paper. Dowling Publications will incorporate the core values of faith, truth, wisdom, and service as it applies to the news. Contact Information: Dowling Catholic High School 1400 Buffalo Road West Des Moines, IA 50265 Phone: 515-222-1066 Pat Rothamel is Moderator of Maroon Trbune, e-tribune, & yearbook.


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Jessica Campbell Editor In Chief

Social Media Wins Again- #DJBStone4Prom

Social media has proven its power in today’s society. The disappointing music at Winter Formal caused uproars throughout the upperclassmen. If Winter Formal was an allusion to what should be expected at Prom, the students at Dowling weren’t looking to attend the spring dance. A change needed to be made. With rumors of the same Winter Formal DJ booked for Prom, the students looked for a savior. “Hashtag DJ Bstone num-

Natalie Loney Reporter

ber four, prom. Let’s get it trending.” Mr. Battistone told his second period senior class. Was this the answer they had been waiting for? “I’ll just take a list of songs that everyone likes, buy the clean version on iTunes, and charge half as much.” Mr. Battistone proposed this offer to his class. By lunchtime, Mr. Battistone had received an email, making him aware just how quickly his joke had escalated. But this wasn’t a joke gone

badly. The hashtag was deleted from Twitter and the students didn’t give any thought to Prom. Two weeks later, Mr. Battistone received another email. Convinced that everything had been forgotten, Mr. Battistone was surprised by the proposal in the email. Instead of chaperoning the dance, Mr. Battistone will be attending Prom as the DJ. Paired with another football coach (insert name), the dynamic duo of Dowling coaches will rock Prom.

school news

“I’m really excited for Prom now,” senior Maggie Blanchard said. “Mr. Battistone is young enough to actually know what music we like.” “He always plays the best music at the end of his classes,” senior Megan Munro agrees. The seniors are thankful for this sudden switch in the music lineup because Prom is one of their last events before leaving Dowling. Attendance, and excitement, for Prom are at an all time high.

Art Department at Dowling Catholic

Currently in Dowling’s art department, many things are being stirred up that aren’t just paint colors! It’s that time of the year, where kids are busy with lots of stuff to do before the end of the year. Digital photo 2 students just finished up a hands on project, taking a printed off photo that was divided into squares and framed into multiple CD cases to create a large tiled put together picture! The project came out very neat, and required little money, just creativity and hard work. In other areas of the art department, students in ceramics have been working on their different projects, and scurrying around the class room glazing, firing, and working with clay. Seniors involved in art and thinking of furthering in their future careers are trying to make final decisions on schools. Jordan Richter Senior in the art department is finally relieved that she has made a decision. “ I am set in stone that I will be attending Milwaukee Art Institute with a $60,0000 scholar ship” she told us while brushing off some clay from her pants. “Art has always Madalyn Mauro been a Reporter huge part of my life, and helps me soar my wings like a large pterodactyl.” of kindness each day are some com- Jordan explained. This is just one of the many seniors at Dowling Catholic Giving something up as a form of suffering for lent is a tradition mon things students are doing here at scurrying around in the art department with large projects to finish, and large DCHS. No matter what you are doing decisions. that many people participate in. We this lent try to make it worthwhile and give things up because just as Jesus something that you really feel suffersuffered in the desert for forty days, ing from such as what Jesus did. we too suffer by giving up a habit Natalie Loney or favorite thing. The things given Reporter up range from favorite foods, pop or other unhealthy drinks, not fighting some snow days” Senior Michaela Mother Nature has been with siblings, to an annoying habit Kinter told us. So we will see where playing tricks this year! With one you’ve wanted to drop. One DCHS weather takes us in the next three weekend marked as 60 degrees, student is giving up warm showers months before summer, but in the and the next weekend being hit for lent while another is giving up TV mean time there is still some hope with a snow blizzard, weather has for the full forty days. What people for some more days off! confused all of Dowling and Iowa! give up should be unique to them With almost five snow days already and something that really makes you second semester, and a few late suffer in a way. Every time you feel dismissals and early outs, students like partaking in this activity think have had a little break. However about how much Jesus suffered for even though students may be dreadus and how if he could die for us we ing making up these days towards can give up one thing for Him. While the end of the year, seniors are some people give things up, others hoping for more, for the privilege do things as a Lenten almsgiving. that they do not have to make snow Going to mass every day, praying days up. “Although I love the sun, more often, and doing a random act Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus I don’t mind missing school for

What Are You Giving Up?

Snow Day Galore!

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features Hannah Raibikis Copy Editor

Enjoy Your Flight

Finally Spring break is upon us, a wonderful time in the second semester when students at Dowling Catholic get a week off from homework, classes, and tests. Lots of families, during this long break, decide to take a vacation, going to faraway places. While some families take long road trips in their cars, most Dowling student’s book plane tickets, and fl y to their fi nal destinations. Flying in a plane is such a fun, exciting experience, but also, for some, a frightful, hectic situation. In this article we will help everyone who is fl ying this spring break, make their fl ight as thrilling as possible. Planes can be very scary, what with terrorists, birds fl ying into propellers, the possibility of sitting by a snorer in the plane, or losing you precious luggage. Whatever your fears may be, just go with the slogan, keep calm and carry on. Both fi gurative and literately, this slogan can help you in all situations while traveling in the air. The fear of terrorists, birds fl ying into propellers, or just the plane falling apart is very common, and justifi ed fears. But, as many know, people cannot control any of these things. . If something seems very suspicious report it. This might help every passenger on the plane in the long run. The only thing travelers can do is keep calm, and stay alert. The fi nal problems can be fi xed with the second part of the saying, “keep calm and carry on”. Don’t forget when packing for you trip to remember the plane ride. You can make the plane ride much more comfortable with just adding a few essentials. A sleeping mask, your favorite music with headphones and a neck pillow can make fl ying much more enjoyable. Also to keep the stresses of fl ying to a minimum, keep some clothing in your carry on, just in case the airline happen to lose the luggage, right in your carryon will be all of the essentials for a fun trip. Just remember, no liquids in a carry on over 3.4 ounces. This spring break, have a fun and safe time wherever your travels may take you. If you are driving remember to take in all of the wonderful sights you get to see on your trip. While fl ying, also stay alert to any suspicious behavior, and have fun. Flying is such a great experience that many people do not get to enjoy.


maroon tribune

Tyler Cross and His Journey

Jordan Perlinger Reporter

Tyler Cross is a young 10 year old boy who has unfortunately been living with terrible skin disease his whole life. This skin disease runs in the family and sadly, his older brother died from the same disease when he was only two years old. Tyler has been battling this disease for years. Every day is a struggle for him. At the beginning of each day, the nurses at Blank Children’s Hospital come into Tyler’s room and remove the gauze that he constantly has over his body at all times. This process of taking the gauze off and replacing the gauze takes over four hours and it very painful for Tyler because as the gauze is removed, his skin comes off with it. The one thing that keeps Tyler going is his love to sing. Tyler sings because it helps him keep his mind off of what is happening when the nurses are removing the gauze. The nurses always sing along with Tyler. Many nurses stop in everyday to sing a song with Tyler and then they go back to work. Even police offi cers come in to visit and sing with Tyler. Tyler has truly inspired the people of Des Moines. He has a view on life that most children wouldn’t understand. Tyler Cross is a very special young man.

Rachel Giddings Reporter

Oscars 2013

Seth MacFarlane, who plays four different voices on Family Guy, hosted this year’s Oscars, which ranked the highest ratings in 3 years. We shouldn’t count on him returning to host another Oscar, though. When being asked if he was going to come back next year to host, he tweeted “No way. A lot of fun to have done it though.” Even before Sunday night’s show he announced in an interview that he wouldn’t do it again due to his commitment with “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show.” He also said he felt overworked and exhausted from it. He claimed to be thrilled to have the opportunity to host, but defi nitely only wanted it to be a one time thing. If he hadn’t decided before the night of the Oscars even began that he didn’t want to do it again, he may have been scared off by

critics afterwards. Not everybody was pleased with his performance and some of his jokes. People even referred to him as “crude” and “cruel.” He started the night off by making a joke about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s abusive history, and continued the night with risky jokes about Jews, Latinos, women, and Osama Bin Laden. Luckily for Seth, ideas for the 2014’s host of The Oscars have already been suggested and his name wasn’t one of them. Meryl Streep and Jamie Foxx have both been nominated for possible host candidates. Of course it is still up in the air who will be the lucky one chosen, considering it is a year away. Whoever it is, will have to live up to this year’s show though and try to raise the TV ratings past 4 million to beat this year!


Oscar Outfits Ruby Hotchkiss Reporter

On the evening of February 24, stars, directors, producers, and guests arrived at the 85th Annual Academy Awards (most commonly referred to as the Oscars). The televised event is one of the biggest in the movie industry, so the pressure to look perfect was on. The Twitter hashtag #BestDressed discussed which actors, but mainly actresses, looked best. The list included Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, and Octavia Spencer. Lawrence’s pale pink, drop-waist Dior gown was clean, simple, and gorgeous. The voluminous skirt contrasted well with the fi tted top and strapless neckline. Also clean and simple, but much less dramatic, Jessica Chastain’s dress was stunning. Its copper color complemented her red hair. One of the major trends was minimal jewelry. Many actresses wore no necklaces and/or small earrings. However, when there are “bests”, there are also “worsts.” The worstdressed list noted Kristen Stewart, Melissa McCarthy, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter to be the most disappointing of the night. Granted that Kristen Stewart was on crutches, and is rarely found smiling, the combination of messy hair and a messy tulle skirt made for a worst-dressed worthy outfi t. My favorite fl op was defi nitely Helena Bonham Carter’s dress. It just looked so sad that it made me think it may have been a joke.

Photos Courtesy of MCT Campus

Comparison Between Safe Haven Book and Movie

Claire Marshall Reporter

The award winning author, Nicholas Sparks, released his book, Safe Haven on September 14, 2010. The story based movie came out this year on February 14, 2012. The book, which I would recommend reading before seeing the movie was a love story with a suspenseful fear of the main character, Katie’s past. Her abusive husband, Kevin Tierney, is a detective for the Boston Police Department, making it almost impossible for Katie to escape her terrifying situation. The book goes into depth about Katie’s abuse and her trials of trying to fi nd a safe haven. The book highlights Katie’s fear as she plans her escape, but fi nds it diffi cult when her husband doesn’t allow her to have a driver’s license, a cell phone, job, or any friends. She is not allowed to go out without his permission and he makes sure of this by random drive bys or phone calls to the house throughout the day. Little does he know that Katie has been able to slip across the street for a couple hours to visit the elderly couple, the Feldmans. Katie Feldman was the youngest daughter of the Feldmans, who passed away and Katie stole the information from them when they weren’t around changing her name from Erin Tierney to Katie Feldman to hopefully stay hidden from Kevin when she ran away. After moving to South Port, North Carolina she quickly fi nds a small cottage to live in tucked away in the woods and a waitressing job at Ivans diner. She becomes close with a widowed, small town store owner, Alex and his two children, Josh and Kristin. As she becomes more and more comfortable with the new town and as times passes her fears of Kevin fi nding her slowly fade. Alex is aware of the abuse Katie experienced in her past life with Kevin but accepts the person she is and is willing to protect her and keep her safe from any danger Kevin will bring when he eventually fi nds his way to Southport. The movie plays more on the side of her new life with Alex and his children, Josh and Lexi. She becomes close with them immediately and they help her by giving her a bike to get around and simple supplies to renovate her home. Kevin posts fl yers that Erin is a suspect for murder and uses that as his tactic to fi nd where she is hiding. Alex discovers the fl yer and confronts Katie about it, now questioning his trust in her especially since she has grown so close to his children. She hurries to pack her things to skip town again before someone in Southport realizes she is on the fl yer and informs the police. With her only relationships in Southport now destroyed by her past, Katie believes that leaving is her only way to fi nd a safe haven. Alex stops her from leaving, realizing that he should fi nd out the whole story. Katie decides to stay and to not let her past keep her from a new life even if she is going to have to fi ght for it, when Kevin tracks her down. The movie and the book focus on different aspects of the life of Katie Feldman and her trials to fi nd a safe haven. I would recommend reading the book before seeing the movie because it gives you more insight on how the characters felt throughout all the things that were happening but the movie makes the book and the characters come to life. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

maroon tribune


sports Khoa Ly Reporter

2020 Wrestling Reinstated or Not?

The 2020 Olympics have that would benefi t the spectators, teletaken out Wrestling as one of their vision, and athletes. Istanbul, Turkey sports. Wrestling fans are outraged by wants to host the 2020 Olympics but this. The International Olympic Com- it will have two other competitors, mittee executive board has voted late there are two other competitors beFebruary to drop Wrestling. Wrestling sides instanbul who want to host the was the fi rst sport to be introduced Olympics as well. These two competito the Olympics. Wrestling has one tors are Tokyo, Japan and Madrid, out of seven chances to retake their Spain. spot in the 2020 Olympics. The sports Olympic Wrestling Chamthat it will compete with are Softball, pion, Sagid Murtazaliev has returned Baseball, Squash, Wakeboarding, his Gold medal in protest of the comroller sports, and the martial arts of mittee taking out Wrestling. Dagestan asked Sagrid “I have a big request,” Karate and Wushu. Wrestling leaders say that the Khizri Shikhsaidov said Thursday. sport needs more friendly-user rules “Do not return the medal. Don’t give

Connor Ruggieri Reporter

It’s been a fantastic season for the Maroons in basketball. It’s been that way for both the Boys and Girls. Recently, the Girls reached the Iowa Class 5A State Championship despite having a poor fi nish to the regular season. In a hard-fought battle, the Maroons fell by a score of 43-34 to Southeast Polk. At the beginning of the season, the Girls were ranked number one in the state by the Des Moines Register. They retained that spot in the standings for the majority of the season, until they lost 3 out of 4 games just before the playoffs. Usually when a team is demoralized and has not been able to pull out wins just before the postseason, they can’t succeed. However, the mental toughness of the Maroons really shined through as they were able to reach state and knock out the current number one team, Mason City, in the semis. Before that, in the quarterfi nal against East, Sophomore Audrey Faber hit a

Michael Greenfield

Girls Basketball Comes Close three at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime. This led to an unlikely overtime victory for the Maroons There were many bright spots on the Girls team this year, including some young players that will surely create a bright future for the next couple of years in Maroon basketball. The four seniors, Alicia Crivaro, Kaitlyn Mauk, Alyssa Beck, and Kathleen Meek will be moving on from their high school careers. However, two young Maroons were named to the all-tournament team. Audrey Faber and Freshman Becca Hittner received the award after the loss to Southeast Polk. Their performances signify a bright future for the Maroons. Also contributing a lot to the effort were Juniors Luci Sarcone and Hayden Butler. The Maroons

Track Preview


With swimming and wrestling, fi nishing up their seasons with state championships, sports fans turn attention to up


maroon tribune

it to anyone. That medal belongs to the people of Dagestan, including to me and to all those who passionately followed and supported you.” But the Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus follow the Olympic Wrestling Champion example declined and says that he thought of another Champion Wrestler from about his decision for a long time and Bulgaria who has also returned his came to the conclusion that he will medal.

coming spring sports. Last year the Girls and Boys track and fi eld teams fi nished 2nd and 3rd at their state championships respectively. Both teams are looking

fi nished with a fi nal record of 21-5. The bench is riddled with

might be able to reach the mountaintop and claim the 5A State Title.

underclassmen, which shows that the Maroons should be able to succeed for years to come. Next year’s team

We’ll just have to wait and see.

foreword towards strong seasons; the girls have 6 returning state qualifi ers, and the boys 7. The past several seasons have shown signifi cant growth in success for

the Dowling track teams, and they look foreword to seeing more this season.

n!” a c u if yo s u ch “Cat

Grace Rice Layout Editor

The Road to College

Believe it or not, college is a lot closer than a lot of us upperclassmen might think when we’re roaming the hallways of Dowling. In a few short years (or even months!), we’ll be trading lockers for dormitories and teachers for professors. Of course, the preparation is a very overwhelming process! I sat down with Dowling’s resident Career/College coordinator, Mr. Shively, to get an idea of where to start. Frustrating as it may be, standardized testing is a major component of your application. Mr. Shively said that the best way to prepare is to take lots of practice tests so you can familiarize yourself with the test and especially the time constraints. Most people choose to take the test sometime during their junior year, usually second semester, to allow themselves to relax about it senior year. If you fi nd a particular area to be extra diffi cult, you can fi nd strategies in many books from places like Barnes and Noble or even Mr. Shively’s offi ce. Of course, at the end of the day your test score is just a number, so in order to make your application stand out, be sure to put some time and effort into your essay, and really draw the reader in with a “hook” of some sort and let your personality Maddie Boesen Reporter


come across (while still answering the question!) and secure some good letters of recommendation. Underclassmen, it’s never too early to get on your teachers’ good sides! “Recommendations and essays help the college get to know the person,” Mr. Shively said. You can also go in for an interview (or do a local Alum

on or Skype), as those also let the college see you in a non-academic, personal light. Grades are important, but colleges want to know the real you. When it comes down to deciding where you want to spend those special four years, it’s crucial

Spring Break

to visit your top choices, fi ve is a good number to apply to, to get an idea of what’s right for you. “You can read so much online, but people make up the college and determine how your experience will be, so it’s important to meet the faculty and students and get a feel for a campus is really like,” Mr. Shively said, emphasizing the importance of a “feeling” many students have mentioned to him. Visiting as many schools as possible might seem like a hassle, but at the end of the day, it’s a lot easier than transferring if you end up somewhere you’re not happy. It’s also important to distinguish what schools offer programs you’re interested and the maximum amount of meritbased scholarships in addition to whatever you receive from the FAFSA. Above all, Mr. Shively emphasized starting early! It makes the process much less stressful and helps ensure you meet important deadlines! When I asked my friend Natasha, who is a senior at Valley deciding between Penn, St. Olaf’s, ASU, and SMU, how she planned to decide, she said, “It’s really a culmination of several factors: scholarships, location, and what I want to do with my life; essentially where I want to end up.”

Mamma Mia, Pinterest Food #2!

Taylor Dworek Reporter

Most people enjoy their family dinners together. But these days no one has time to cook up a good meal. It’s usually just the quick boil noodles and a jar of pasta sauce, and in 15 minutes or less you have an easy Italian dinner for the family. I found a recipe that revamps the classic Italian dish of pasta and noodles into something way more delicious, and it’s easy too! This recipe is called Grilled Chicken Caprese Pasta, and the name pretty much says it all. I’ve seen this recipe around Pinterest a couple of times, but never thought to make it. I fi nally decided to create this specialty dish. I am being completely honest when I say this dish blew my mind! I love Italian food and this dish is something different than usual Italian dishes. It consists of grilled chicken, a lot of cheese, rigatoni, pasta sauce, and tomatoes! If your mouth isn’t watering yet, just check out the picture. This dish didn’t have any problems at all. The dish makes a lot, so if you’re planning for a dinner for two then defi nitely cut the dish in half! If you would like to try this recipe I found it on Cooking Classy! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Top Spring Break Locations:

Spring break is always something to look forward to this time 1. Florida of year. One of the most common locations for spring break this year 2. Colorado is of course, Mexico where many of the seniors plan on spending their spring break. Also some of the other popular locations are Florida 3. Mexico where you will fi nd senior Nick Bernabe as well as senior Jessica 4. Carribean Campbell. Among other popular locations this year is the beautiful state of Colorado where senior Katie Christy will be spending her 5. Hawaii spring break. This year people seem to be going to some exotic places as well. Mary McDonald and her family will be in the Dominican Republic, and Jocelyn Chan and her family will be going to an exotic island as well. There are many others going to places like Hawaii and the Bahamas too! Although not all of us are lucky enough to escape Iowa during spring break, there are still many fun things that you can do here. You can plan a stay-cation! Many people don’t know what this is or don’t know how to go about planning a stay-cation. Well, its simple. There are many fun things that you can do while you stay in Iowa for spring break. One popular location that is only a four hour dive is the Mall of America. You can be there and back in one day or even spend the night for multiple days of shopping! Another popular location people should consider this time of year is Omaha. Omaha has a lot to offer including the Omaha zoo and many beautiful casinos and even a casino riverboat! So whether your planning and extravagant trip or a stay-cation I think spring break this year can be fun for everyone!

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final word

Book Review

Ally Goldsmith Reporter

With the RAC deadline on the fi rst of March, I have seen many students hustling to get their books read. I have seen many books being carried around by students and a book that I have seen a lot with the students is “Heaven is for Real,” by Todd Burpo. I just fi nished reading this book as well. I was very inspired. Immediately, I was drawn in and could not stop reading. The family had been going through so much, with the father having a cancer scare and his ankle snapping completely in half. The family couldn’t handle another thing going wrong in their


Until one day when their son, Colton, started having severe stomach pains. These pains were continuous and constantly were hurting Colton. He had the stomach pains for a week and fi nally his parents became very concerned for their little boys health. Finally Colton’s parents took him to the doctor and they discovered that his appendix had ruptured. The doctors told Colton and his parents that his body had been fi lling with harmful poisons for the past week. The book continues on and Colton has a won-

derful experience with God. Colton goes to Heaven and then returns to tell his story of whom and what God is. I think Colton’s story is indescribable and that everyone should read this book. I promise the reader will not be able to put the book down once he or she picks the book up and starts reading.

On the Cover:

March is the month of St. Joseph, Jesus’ foster father and the patron saint of workers. Featured on the cover is some of the original stain glass from St. Joseph’s Academy on the east side of the school!

Papal Knowledge Trivia

1. What is the significance of the ring of Saint Peter? A) B) C) D)

For fashionable reasons He liked it, so he put a ring on it. The ring is an official ceremonial item in which is given to the pope in his inauguration and worn until death. The rings significance is to show that the pope has power.

A) B) C) D)

Benedict was shopping one day, and the red shoes caught his eyes and he had to have them. The red shoes are a tradition from ancient Rome; it shows that he has power and dignity over the church. They were in style. He wears them in respect of the Martyrs.

2. What is the significance of Benedict’s red shoes?

3. What will they do the ring when the pope either dies or retires?

A) They will break the mold to the ring, and the ring will be eventually buried with them. B) They will display it in a museum. C) They will keep it for safe keeping in a jewelry box. D) They will give the ring to the next Pope. 4. What is the most popular Pope name? A) 33 Vladimirs. B) 21 Johns. C) 10 Liams. D) 123 Jesus’ 5. In ancient Rome, there was a ritual that was performed to verify the pope was really dead, by tapping them in the forehead with a small sliver hammer.


6. What do the White and black smoke when the cardinals are voting represent? A) Pollution B) The results of a failure or success of the election of a new pope C) Coming from the fireplace inside D) It represents what they are having for lunch

Chances are if you’re bored and have Netfl ix you have delved into literally every section and genre looking for a movie or TV show, only to be disappointed. Look no further for help! What show or movie you decide to watch on Netfl ix


maroon tribune


is usually based on your mood. If you are feeling happy, but also want to relax for a while then you should no doubt tune into either Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, That 70’s Show, or How I Met Your Mother. If you are feeling like watching an extremely well plotted, yet funny

TV show then be sure to tune into its Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Arrested Development. And if you are feeling like a supernatural teen TV show with everything in it from scary and very frightening to romantic and extremely sweet then look no further than The Vampire Diaries and Teen

Wolf. There is your monthly Netfl ix update, stay tuned to read about other quality TV shows to watch via Netflix in the next issue!

Papal Trivia Answers:

1. C 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. TRUE 6. B

Caroline Cataldo Reporter

Maroon Tribune March 2013  
Maroon Tribune March 2013  

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