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the submariner

p.02!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

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ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


p.04!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

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ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


p.06!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

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ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


p.08!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

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ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011






Ꮉߡᐬռ 1 ԫ 5 ༌ ᑫকϘԩપᇌֻЀֻ༉ϘԴࠠනխϘը֖ஜКജओ ժȂҩ‫ی‬ԩЀֻԴԢϘը֖ஜКജओཋȂᘘգ 3 ԩЀֻ ԴҩϘը֖ஜК‫ۦ‬ཋȄ ᗁನԠ‫ݛ‬চᅆୱϸকϠࠑӯࡖఔȂ‫ڭ‬ዐய‫ێ‬ਛϠȂ֭ দӦᑫক௟ា᠈઻Դࠠනխே֖ԇசȄ 32࿐ߞપᇌֻকЀ Brett Wood ࣏֋ 2001 Րᑫকண ሃᗑকԴࠠනխߞ֖ஜѽ‫ڽ‬Ȃ೐ 24 ԩժ‫ݺ‬ႍ஼ߞᑫࣷ ЀֻȄփԴࠠනխ֖ஜК‫ۦ‬ཋߞᑫࣷকϠЏႿۖ 174 ԩȄ Brett Wood ࣏ሃҩҳ‫ی‬ԩપᇌֻЀֻ་֖Ϙըྩࣤ ֖ஜКȂജႮ᝝ओዅओժȄҩϘԩЀֻদཋȂգӠ‫ۻ‬ԟ ᔍȂ೐ 3 ԩЀֻদཋȄ ҩҳԴ࣐งϘᑫকሃ཰‫׀‬઱ࡔকߞϘըӹѫКȂգ 3 ԩᑫকЀֻ‫ۦ‬ቅཋȄ ᑫࣷ஼а໸‫ڽ‬໸ԺϠхᅆᑫকា᠈઻ԴࠠනխȂԠ‫ݛ‬ চࡋϧᄦሲ‫އ‬ϠেЙঋᅆႍ஼؊ཕྏۖທౕȄࠠනխᗁ ೚ҙᆬљӿౕؓۖ 2014 ՐӤႍ஼ൊ༤ఠۘ޼ՉȄᗁನ ᇍᑫকӏ‫ڽ‬ᅣҍࠠනխߞ་຀ٟգ‫ؼ‬ᢏȄ

ϛ‫ݍ‬ॖᚂຨ‫ܚ‬юᒿᐬռԤࢗ੾ॳᓎ ᗑ‫ڣ‬஼‫ڨ‬ൊҦ҄࠭෻ჲ (Angus Houston) ߩকϯ௟ ሲȂК‫ތ‬Ϙਛকᛁ໧‫ݙ‬ҍਮᓾȂգҞକ҄ᑫকЀֻգࣖ ϯ֕౵ཇࣖઽߞলᔍȂ֭ഺᇌলᔍྋѼ‫ێ‬ྋȂ‫ڞ‬Ыᘘٟ գᑫকЀֻԯթփࣖϯཇࣖઽߞઽ‫ڼ‬Ȅ ஼‫ڨ‬ൊ‫ݚ‬ሮȂ֜‫ ߞࢵنݺ‬Al Minhad ߩক௄ԳϘ༡ কᛁ໧‫ݙ‬ന൯ઐࣲჅ຀ҍᓾȂ੡༡࣏ం 2009 Ր֌ 2010 Րߞ 19 ৎѡง༡Ȅည؊់‫ݙט‬գԴഺਛᛁ୰‫ڹ‬ӡჅᛁ ᖚᐡౠߞᑫࣷকϠత‫֕ۦ‬౵ᕭเȂѽፁሮ࣏‫ࣖ׎‬ϯཇࣖ ઽȂҒࣁྑไઽࣲ۶‫߆ڄ‬ઽࣲȄ ࠭෻ჲߩকϯ௟ሲȂഺਛߩক௄Գকᛁ໧‫ݙ‬Դ‫ࢵن‬ঠ ҳȂ཈෩‫ڻ‬Ϙ‫ڱ‬ᚎඏߞᛁᖚ‫ث‬ങȂՂ഍ನቅཋϾ۶ҝ ๮Ȅҁᅆഺਛ໧‫ߞݙ‬಴݆ྏۖҵౕȄ

ᐬϛႀଽ้ఀ‫ى‬ӫհཱིॎგ ୼ຈి‫ڈ‬ൊࠜӿ༳෻ (Chris Evans) ༉ϘࢆֶȂᑫࣷ ࣆܹ௟഼Ⴥ೐Ϙ༵ຜᑫК‫ی‬஼ЂᐯӠТहӹࣹᐯ೫ߞጨ ᐯࠛ঍ᄑȂኧ௻‫ی‬஼༡ߞ୼ຈి‫ڈ‬ᗑᜭȄ ӿ༳෻ሲȂഺ༵঍ᄑ௟ऎُৎ஼ਛԺႿ 100 ԩӎॊ Ӡ۶ु‫ٿ‬Ӡ෩‫ڻ‬๺งᐯ೫ᑟྻȄᑫࣷ୼ຈ୰੭࣏ሃК஼ Ԫ֯ߞѹஜయஜ߰Ȅᑫࣷ‫ݢ‬՜ߞ஼ቫ઻ᐯӠȂ40% ‫֋ڽ‬ К஼Ȃ໹Ⴥ‫ێ‬ҁ஼ਛȄᑫ࣏ࣷК஼ᐯӠ঒஼ҳ઻ᐯߞѹ ঋӫዾԳНϘȄ

ភћԴϘፔྲᇷፇКᇍȂ೺Ӕ‫ݯ‬ᑫϠዴӤ 2010 Րᔝ 3 ৎѡߞ 2,186 ԩȂফ֌ЫՐԢงߞ 727 ԩȄ֭ҁ‫ݺ‬ዴ Ј੡ࢢ๴ҍȶጏ౻ȷȂ2010 Րᔝ 3 ৎѡߞ೺Ӕ‫ێ‬ᅁ࣏ 756 ԩȂѧЫՐԢงҪԺ 29 ԩȄփȶ2,186ȷߞዴՄ‫ێ‬ ᅁ࣏ 2010 Ր 6 ѡ‫࢘ܞ‬Ȃည੡чઈႵ‫ڸ‬Ȃ഼௱գ‫ـ‬Ժ೺ Ӕҍ಩Ȅ2010 ֌ 2011 Ր࢘ 9 ѡ‫࢘ܞ‬գ 1,735 ԩ೺Ӕ ‫ݯ‬ᄩȂ12 ѡ‫࢘ܞ‬գ 1,606 ԩȄ ೊӔൊߞྲዴՄᢖӯȂԴ 2009 ֌ 2010 Ր࢘аԒգ 8,150 ‫᝱ܟ‬ӔᜪᝋӦ᎛ȂӤ೺Ӕфྥ঳ᑟ‫ڽ‬ᑫࣷߞϠЀ ෩ҍȄփ೺Ӕᖔ‫ؕز‬᠕ᜪᝋߞ՘ґತЂ඼ϭফȂӤҝՐ 3 ѡ‫ߞ࢘ܞ‬ġ91.9%Ȃϭ੘֌ЫՐԢงߞ 48.9%Ȅ ೊӔൊըࠜ Andrew Metcalfe ᇍȂҁᑉѕߤ஡ᅆ೺Ӕ யᛟߞሱႋȄҝՐ 7 ѡϘ༵Ꭰࣤ๴಩Ȃ38% ᑫࣷϠѽऎ ೺Ӕ֌ьُ֫ՐೊӔԩᛝߞ 10%Ȃ10% ߞᑫࣷϠѽऎ֌ ь֫ϘҗȄ‫ێ‬ᅁӒፁߞѧತࢷϯৎ୑Ր঍Ҫ࣏ 2.9%Ȅ


ࣆܹჰ঍Դ 2011 ֌ 12 Ր࢘Ҫգॗ 750 ԩ೺Ӕணሃ ᑫࣷߞᆖ઻঍ᄑȂᐐᇒ 2010 ֌ 11 Ր࢘գ჈ 4,000 ԩȂ Metcalfe ࠑӯഺЙҒࣁജ୙ۖ୺‫ ߞڲ֘ڽ‬800 ԩࣆ޼ ᘖ᝱߰Ȅ ҁሲȂഺ࣏ऎ୑ࣆ঍ᄑփ঎ϭߞዴՄȂϠዴሃ 2002 Րࣆܹ་֖Ђ࡭‫ؼ‬ᢏࣆຉ੡ϘዹȄ

‫خ‬ୢ१࡚Ѵ഼᛫ᜌ༉‫׳‬ю 23 Ӌ ᗁನԠ‫ݛ‬চЫՐ 1 ѡࢆֶϘ༵ᕒׄ‫ݿ‬षࣸѪ‫٭‬஡দ࢙ ߞપ‫־‬঍ᄑȂ‫ݚ‬ᓚ௟‫ڝ‬ി‫ز‬৞ᄌѹ෩ԩۖ‫ݿ‬षணҐ‫٭‬஡ দ࢙Ѝ֯ߞҳ஼ЍϠᗜ੡‫ث‬ങೊӔᜪᝋȄೊӔൊत֌ന ӲϘৎ௞ࠝЈೡȂѽ࠮କҐി኶ನȄ ࣏֭ȂೊӔൊ஘ըࠜ Wendy Southern ༉ϘࠑӯȂԴ ᗁನࢆֶգᝯٙ‫ܠ‬Нࢢࠕ 4 ৎѡȂҪգ 23 ԩҳ஼ЍϠ ᖔ‫ڝ‬ി኶‫ڽز‬ᑫЍ֯ᜪᝋȄՁߞຕᎢ࣏Ȃႍ᝷‫־‬ᜪᝋߞ ቮֲِȄ ՁሲȂӦ᎛ 457 ᜪᝋߞ኶‫ز‬੡༡Џ෼჆ᖺ๺ۖᑢ‫ڽ‬ ൵ֲȂԯթϘ‫ڱ‬ᄌѹា᠈‫ڹ‬ӡഺϘዾ࿤ߞ຀ؔ‫ڽ‬෩ԩᗜ ੡‫ث‬ങೊӔȄփ኶‫ز‬ഺ 23 Ԋ‫٭‬஡দ࢙ᗜ੡‫ث‬ങೊӔᜪ ᝋȂӀ‫׮‬Ҫࠅ໱ 1 чҗȄ ೊӔൊ୼ૺ‫ܡ‬৶ Kruno Kukoc ሲȂ457 ᜪᝋߞቮِЂ ඼ኧҐȂഺх࣍ҍ၃ᕻ௻ࡏϯпȄ


ՁሲȂႿᓥ၃௱ѽ‫ిܟ‬ታഞфᓚ‫ړ‬ᆬጨఀѹ‫ڗ‬Ԋ‫ڽ‬ᑫ ࣷണயȂփᑢ‫ܨ‬ᑫࣷࣆܹߞ҃ࠑ‫׮‬գࠧ‫ܡ‬Ցф‫ټ‬ϭሃႿ ᓥྻ౏ȄՁჰง៉৶фࣆܹ՘৶௟գԢዹߞᑟྻሃҁ‫ڍ‬ বȄ

೐ϘըӦ᎛࠮ᖔ‫ߞز‬ȂϯҗՐҪգ 571 ‫ܟ‬Ȃ՘ґತ ऎ 22.5%Ȅ К஼ϠߞӦ᎛Ȃ՘ґತԴϯҗՐऎ 12.8% (76 ‫)ܟ‬Ȅ ൵ֲ࣏ 2005 ֌ 2006 Ր࢘ȂҪգ 40 ‫( ܟ‬՘ґತ 4.2%)Ȃ ൵୼࣏ 2009 ֌ 2010 Ր࢘Ȃգ 229 ‫( ܟ‬19.9%)Ȅ ԢዹȂϢ့᝱Ӕϯ໦኶໗഍Ӧ᎛ᚬ੮ߞৎ੯ȂѽК஼ Ϡ൵ԺȂЫՐϯҗՐ࠮գ416‫ܟ‬ȂҝՐԑՐ཈751‫ܟ‬Ȅ ೐ϟԺ࣏෺ᕻȂϯҗՐ170‫ܟ‬Ȅ ϯ໦ࢢ൵ࢢᖔ‫ߞز‬Ȃ՘ґತЙ࣏К஼Ϡ൵୼Ȃ֭ৎ੯ Ъ࣏К஼൵ԺȄЫՐϯҗՐϯ໦՘ґߞК஼ϠӦ᎛ৎ੯ Ԓ 183 ‫ܟ‬Ȃ՘ґತऎ 30.6%Ȅ೐ϟԺ࣏ࣺѐҿমȂ129 ‫ܟ‬Ȃ՘ґತ80.6%Ȅ֭՘ґತ൵୼ᕕ࣏ӿ੬Ȃ66 ‫( ܟ‬՘ ґತ 91.7%)Ȅ

ಋҕഋߝҢᒿ಻ҕШၶኵԅ ೊӔൊࠜភћ (Chris Bowen) ֋႒ЫՐᔝ 3 ৎѡ‫ݯ‬ᑫ

࡚ᑞώΡҀѿ໱ོІ෢ລӫघ ࢙ᒝ྽ЍϠంཀࠛઔ‫ܫ‬໿ۖҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎȂ༰ᢜ‫៉ة‬ม᝾ ‫ݑ‬ԪॗȄ ኊৃ 17 ኆЮߞཀࠛઔ‫ܫ‬ᛁ୰༵ӫȂԯ࢙ᒝЍϠߞ፪ Ѝ֖ஜ൝Ϣ‫ק‬ᄩȂҁে᠔യม᝾‫ݑ‬Ԫॗ۶ᗟ჌யᛟȂЍ ྻྻ৶ዙࢤᗏ୅‫ݿ‬षࣆܹȄ

Դ࢙ᒝЍϠ༟‫ࢢ៉ةܕ‬ЙϳȂ‫ݿ‬षࣆܹࢆֶӲ‫׈‬ᕭ୅ ࢙ᒝ྽ߞԪॗՉవயᛟȄൻႤᝯ࠼ᣇࠜ Cameron Dick ࠑӯȂ‫׀‬ӡ႘໤Ԫॗ‫ڽ‬ᘖֺњѾЍϠᎪᔺ࠲ᔍߞᄌѹȂ ௟‫ۖۦ‬഍ᇳȄ

ᗁನԠ‫ݛ‬চЙକ‫ܠ׎‬ϭѡЙྻత‫ۖڍ‬ണߞႿᓥඋᄗȂ ᐐᇒ಩੡ٟգ፠వྻ౏Ȅգᝯٙ‫ྻܠ‬ԴᗜࠕႿᓥണᑫ੡ ֯ҍȄ

Ӥ 2005 ֌ 2006 Ր࢘ȂК஼Ϡ‫ݯ‬ᑫࢢӦ᎛இ᝱Ӕߞ ৎ੯൵ԺȂӤ 1 Ր 959 ‫ܟ‬Ȃ֌ϯৎ୑Րߞ 1,288 ‫ܟ‬Ȅ ഺ‫ྥڱ‬঳ᑟ‫ڽ‬ᑫࣷӦ᎛ؕ᠕ߞϠЀȂѽ 18 ֌ 30 ࿐ ߞ൵ԺȂЫৎ୑ՐϯҗՐഺৎՐ៬ೡ‫־‬գ 1,332 ‫ܟ‬Ӧ ᎛ȇ൵ь࣏ 60 ࿐‫ݕ‬ѽϯȂգ 98 ‫ܟ‬Ȅ

֣‫܈‬ԴಿϠࡈҍᘟȂ᝱‫ݎ‬ҁ᠔യ֓࠲዇‫د‬ҁ၉НЙ ನȄԴც႖ᅆ႖КȂ֣‫܈‬हࠫᗑဖ៨ᕕգϘৎࣆ޼Ђ ᇩȂփЙ࣏֓࠲዇ߞȶЈ࡭ӫዾຉರȷȄઐਿϫࢽȂᅆ ႖‫ڭ‬ٟఀۖຕᎢȂփѷ҇ᆕೖ‫ڏ‬ᚅሬȄ

ᗑԪ஼Ϡᡋ୼ૺ௞৶ Navi Pillay ࢽᇍȂഺᇌ౧Ԇӹ ෱ჁхϞ஼ቫ᝱Ӕ‫ޱ‬ȇϘৎ஼ਛЙକ‫د‬ӏᖔ‫ز‬৞ߞϠ୙ ་‫ێ‬ҁ஼ਛȄҞ࣏ೊӔфгӔൊըࠜ Andrew Metcalfe ࡋࠑӯ֋ЎգЙԢߞ‫ڍ‬ႋȂ‫ڭ‬ѷԴ‫ࢠޱ‬ўবգທᅆߞࠫ ѕȄ

ႀᒦ 6 Т‫پ‬ᐬ!!!!ᖂ౩Ґོۡ֏௥َ

ԴЫৎ୑ՐߞϯҗՐȂྥ঳ᑟ‫ݯ‬ᑫࢢК஼гӔؕ᠕ᜪ ᝋӦ᎛Ԓ 576 ‫ܟ‬Ȃѧవ೐ϟߞѐ௄෻‫ ܃‬237 ‫ܟ‬ԺҍϘ ঺ѽϯȄᑋৎϯҗՐഺ᝷Ӧ᎛Ԓ 3,039 ‫ܟ‬Ȅ

хᅆߞ࣏஼ਛ៨ታഞ‫ن‬෻ (Warren Truss) ۶࠲ՇँҠ ᗍ՘৶ȂҁেԴႺ‫م‬Գ஡࢝‫ۦ‬ᡌࠓȂԯթԴ࢝ϳѽࡈЏ хᅆਛਲࠫ୉ߞກۘ֯ҍԇ֣‫ؼ‬ᢏȄ

‫֋ڽ‬ҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎ۶ཀࠛઔ‫ێߞܫ‬ҁषࣆܹ࢙ᒝЍԳߞ࢙ ᒝЍϠȂ௟ྻҐϢҁেߞ֖ԕȂԴҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎҾКѕ஥྽ ஡ Roma ໖ᗝ֖༰ྻȄ

ӿ༳෻ᘘሃࠕџತታК஼ి‫ڈ‬ൊ҃ࠑᄥണᑫߞК஼ి ‫ڈ‬ൊ஘ൊࠜ‫ن‬ӜޯԒԢ஥঎Ыࢢ‫ی‬ՐᑫКి‫ڈ‬Ԫ֯঍ᄑ ߞᔹԐদᙇȄ


ᑂᇍȂԴც႖аਟКȂ2 ϠൌᎳᆷᅆўߞ݅ѕ۶ࣆ޼ ᣍ݇Ȅ2 Ϡߞ᠜Ꭲ࣏Ӥ 5 ѡ 10 џߞჰᇖ੯є୓Ȃᐱѫ ።࣏֣‫܈‬ജঝ෩ҍਛਲࠫ୉ߞກۘᕕሃгҦກۘहԢߞ ࢙៉ᏎхᅆȄ

ᐐᇒϘԩᗑԪ஼୼ૺ‫ܡ‬৶хᅆȂᗑ‫ܹࣆڣ‬Ъிࢺሃ୺ ‫޼ࣆߞڲ֘ڽ‬ᘖ᝱߰ӹ෱࣏գிᅁߞ‫ࢠޱ‬ನᑂȄ

ᘵ๒ഺ༵঍ᄑߞႎ೟аਟᘘٟգ൵ೣၢᅁȂ֭ຜُ֜ ӹࣹӠ෩‫ߞڻ‬ጨᐯࠛऎ 2,500 ЮȄᑫࣷࣆܹ௟ሃԧЂᐯ ௜зጿ஥Ȃ‫ڭ‬ᇒನՀഺϘ঍ᄑȄ

ೊӔൊ༉Ϙ๴ࠑЫՐ঵ 6 ৎѡߞ᝱Ӕ೚঍ዴՄȂК஼ Ъ๒‫ݺܧ‬ᅳ঵Ȃ࣏൵Ժࠧ෈ઔႮ‫ڽ‬ᑫࣷӦ᎛இ᝱Ӕߞ‫ڽ‬ ࿚஼Ȅ

዆Є୑֣ࠜ‫( ܈‬Joe Hockey) ᠔യхᅆ៨ታഞ֓࠲዇ (Tony Abbott) Դც႖ᅆ႖К‫ڹ‬ҁऎ᝱Ȃ2 Ϡߞᇦ௺ᝯ ࠼Ϙៈ‫׈‬๴Ȅ

ᖞൢᆋց෢ລΡኵႀཱིଽ ෼ᜲҾӔ՘ऎᗑ‫ߞܹࣆڣ‬гԒ༡ᓗȂᗝඡᇊ‫׀‬ม໤ߞ ϠዴႿྲ୼Ȅ֘ඡߞዴՄᢖӯȂᅟ֌ 6 ѡ 30 џᗝඡϠ ዴჰ঍௟໹Ⴥ 11 ေϠȂѧࡈ 1 ՐԺҍ 1 ေϠȄ ᇢᗑ (Centrelink) ُ༉తᖔЂॗ 2,115 Ԋᝯ‫ݺ‬գϠม ໤ᇊ‫ߞ࢘ۘ׀‬ඡ‫ט‬Ȅည؊हࠫᗝඡዴӫߞኧҐȂൊж১ ԯ࣏њѾຜ‫ݿ‬षѪ‫٭‬۶ᘻল‫ۦ‬ਚ߰ߞዴպေЮȂѽфգ Ϡሮऎత‫٭ۦ‬ภ߰ӒྫྷటૼກϠߞᓿȄ ֋ҝՐՐܺ‫ݿ‬षࣸѪၒঅ༟‫ܕ‬ѽ‫ڽ‬Ȃ֌ 5 ѡ 3 џȂ ሃ‫᝱٭‬Ѿภม໤գᝯߞ‫ظ‬໦ዴՄႿ 5,342 ԊȂ‫ݕ‬Ђॗُ ༉ 205 ԊȄ ԴჅҝߞ୑ՐతᖔߞᗝඡКȂCentrelink ᕭ୅Ϟ 4 ေ 3,726 ‫ܟ‬ৎ੯ȂิьϞ 7,594 ༵ँภȂြष໹Ⴥ 230 ေ ЮȂม໤߰ঋ‫ د‬4,000 ေЮᘘຜࣆܹȄ Centrelink ᗁ၃ನ Hank Jongen ሲȂ௟ม໤߰෬๴ ҍ‫ۍڽ‬գгԒ‫ૈ׀‬ȄညϠেऻۖգϠӦታҁেЙႍታߞ ภȂ࠮ྏۖዙࢤȄ Centrelink ‫ڶ‬ᏫԧൊࠝԒӡߞႤਫ਼ࣤҍม໤ȂҒࣁႬ ៉ྻᗑᜭȂत֌ႬԳಯ҃ನᗑᜭȂࣤҍԴ૧ႨԪԢϯգ ԺьৎԩՄȄກச؊۶቙֖ϵ෩‫ڻ‬ႤୈȄ࣏֭ȂЂԺዴ ࢙៉‫֋ڽ‬Centrelink ߞม໤ᗝඡጤ።Ȅ 09 ֌ 10 Ր࢘ȂኊৃЂॗ 500 ေЮߞ 200 Ժ‫ܟ‬ม໤ ੯ԆӹຜϞᗑ‫ڣ‬Ԗ‫ڰ‬ᕭఠ഍഍ನȄCentrelink ม໤ᕭఠ ‫ܠ‬။ತऎ 99.3%Ȅ

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3 Ϸ 1 ݀ࣸۨҕࣀܻ೴ጏጣή ‫ݿ‬षߤྻ‫އ‬சನ‫( ྻڰ‬Queensland Council of Social Service) ϘԊඡ‫ט‬ᢖӯȂ3 жН 1 ‫ݿ‬ष‫ܧ‬ӔԴӠࣿ໱ӡ ўবգᕅϧȂԴളፎ።ϭ‫ݕ‬తࠕള‫ק‬።ӠࣿȂႍඡ‫ט‬ঋ ِषࣆܹᕕፁ࠲‫ݙ‬գ഍ᄩ‫ߞ᝱ק‬ਛਲߞՉԑຉರ࣏‫ږ‬௉ ߞȄ ൵ྲߞളፎࢽዴ࣏ం 2006 Րߞ෼ࣤᔂఀȂඡ‫ࢽט‬ 10% ‫ݿ‬ष‫ܧ‬ӔԴຈ࢞ా෯঴ߏȂփ 20% తࠕഺৎఐ޶Ȅ Ҟ࣏Ӥ 2006 Ր֌Ыԓٟԇ֣ᝯ‫ݺ‬ളፎߞ൵ྲᎠࣤȂ‫ݿ‬ षߤྻ‫އ‬சನ‫ྻڰ‬ᇍȂԴԑಧࠛᓉԟᑟ۶বᅆԧ༵௳ඏ ߞ዆ᠩϭȂ಩੡ߞዴՄҞକ‫୼ـ‬Ȅ ႍನ‫ྻڰ‬ѹਯ Karyn Walsh ࠑӯȂഺዹߞᗄᅷࡱҾգ ഺৎዴՄ࣏Ϙৎ់ၳȄՁሲȂֲ՜ϢϠЀবᅆӠࣿӅቮ ࡡӺ࢝లљȄც໱Ґኊȃ‫࢏ݗ‬њѾକϧফֲȃ঴ߏኊᓿ ϯпȂ‫ݙ‬գӠࣿ‫ݙ‬ቮߞߏࡡൌԴҐኊȂϠেൌԴւዋ ‫ٿ‬ൣঋცᘘ࣏ঋ঴ߏ‫ݕ‬உ௵Ȃϫᕕ‫׎‬ᢰЄЃணሃ᎝ҳࣿ ஜȄ ֌‫ݺ‬ҵ྽߰Ȃՙ୵‫ݗ‬૧۶঴ߏ༟њࢢȂൺϭߞࠛᓿҪ ௉Ϙ࣐งষ 3 ը‫ژ‬ȂੲӎЙକ‫ۖر‬Ѝ֯Ȅ ՁሲȂᗑ‫ڣ‬۶‫ݿ‬षࣆܹକஇ࢝Ժ‫ڽڰ‬ፁ࠲ϠেЙྻব ᅆളፎȄՁౕؓҿ຿ࣆܹକணւϯগඡ‫ט‬Ȃ୫ᅆളፎϠ Ѐ֯ҍᕒׄȄ



ҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎф༉ඛࡱ஡༉Ϙ౻౐ജᑧᝳᚬሏȂϘࣛӤः ‫ى‬ᖧ঳݀ҿҾߞᑫଝ (Qantas) ઱ᑟȂȶऎြषᑼ޵ȷ փᚼۖྲඁ‫ڧ‬ԺҺ‫ڲ‬঵ܹ‫ׅ‬ग़‫ڲ‬ᑟඞফၢȄ ᑫଝ๴‫ڏ‬ϠሲȂ၃Ⴥࠜ൉঳֖ࢢȂഺࣛ઱ᑟЙ‫ܢ‬๑ন ۘԳԴҗߩጹొѽຈ৏ᑧᝳ෸༟ȄҁሲȂႍ઱ᑟϯо 9 ੡ҽҠԓ࢘ం‫ׅ‬ग़‫୓ڲ‬঳Ȃॗ 10 ੡ 15 ж‫ݯ‬Ⴟҿ‫ڧ‬෻ ӎȄ ઈ໪؊๴‫ڏ‬ϠሲȂᝳԴঢ়౐ 3 ੡ҽҠ༟‫؛ܕ‬՘Ȃᔌࢢ ുᆙᢏఀᑧࡓȂ֌՝ϯ 7 ੡༟‫ܕ‬ᅙᅙઐ෸Ȃॗ 8 ੡җ ؆ԑ෸ҝȄԴЂᝳКȂ൵୼କ‫࢘ڍ‬Ҫఀ 100 ռȄ ЙჅȂҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎᑟඞᇍȂഺඞЂᝳٟգ዆ᠩ઱ᑟߞп ফକϧȄᑫଝ࣏ऎᚰྕ୓‫ڍ‬Ȃ‫د‬઱ᑟՉవԴ‫ׅ‬ग़‫ڲ‬ዶ੡ ফၢȄ ႍଝߩгҦϯ༉ജ‫ز‬ໞᕅঝᑟਰྐўന‫ޱ‬ြषᑼ޵Ȅ

હࣸ 16 ໢‫ࡐܘ‬Ԋ၆Ԥ୰ᚠีႫ‫ݖ‬ ૸षҔൊգьዴӔ‫࢏ܧ‬൤ߞщ༧କ๴ც‫ޕ‬๴಩գய ᛟȂҞକྻ๴Ӡ७‫ࣇڰۻ‬Ȃ૸षгӀӹ‫ݽ‬၌௟ྻ་֖ԑ षߞᕭࣤȄ гӀӹ‫ݽ‬ᣇࠜ Anthony Roberts Џϭ҄་֖Չԑᕭ ࣤȇ‫ڰ‬፡ည؊‫ ݺ‬2 ѡԴ૸षҔൊ Port Macquarie ੮ࣤ 55 ༡ՉႅϞщ༧କ๴ც‫ߞޕ‬Ӕ‫ܧ‬Ȃ๴಩գ 16 ༡ߞ๴ც ‫ޕ‬գயᛟȂ‫ێ‬К 3 ༡त֌գȶទদȷயᛟȄգயᛟߞԳ ўҒࣁც።ҞକգԟᔍȂ๴ც‫ޕ‬գயᛟȂ‫ݕ‬Ⴡх࢙ᒝഢ ‫ڼ‬Ȅ ་֖ԑषᕭ࣏ࣤऎϞፁ࠲ઐ໱ϠգࠫѕՉႅȄᕭࣤЍ ֯൵ԐӤఉҺЂൌྻԳ஡༟‫ܕ‬Ȅ ҩϘўবȂ૸षࣆܹӒᄘႏஃѤత‫ߞྲۦ‬Ӧ᎛ӡїҞ ѽӡ୼ኊ௟‫ݙ‬๴ცϧᎱຜ‫ܡ‬գߞცϧгҦȂ‫ڭ‬ѷࡇิُ ࢘ცߞ՜ᘉኊȂѽ‫ڨ‬ष୑ࣆჰᇖ੯༟њ໹ҍჰᇖȄ

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୽ሬ ‫ݍ‬Ⴋࡇշ 2 ဴᐠᇄ 3 ဴᐠζ഍ᝥЖᅧྒ


‫ܡ‬ҿ‫ڧ‬Ԡ෻ࠑӯȂժϸϠዴȶ਻໹Ⴥ 100 ϠȷȄ


ѵᎎЂྻ഼ჅԯᕕЂࣹྏੰࣛٙ៉ȂऎᎎӠҳӹϘЂർ ‫׀‬ȇ൅ჅҐ௻ࣹྏᆾเሃԟᔍໞ֤ȂгӀж୨पॺȃ‫ة‬ ઽࣲ᜽ߏ۶໧ᙝเႏȂҞౕЂ඼‫ؼ‬ຠԑಧԯᕕϭըЂࣹ ྏକϧȄ

‫ڴތ‬ცϧгҦ 24 џӒՑࢆֶȂ୵ϞџࡈгҿߞᇊਫϘ ၳᑟЏ၃ឤѕᆦ࿑НҳȂ2 ၳᑟሃ 3 ၳᑟϵൌԴԳᏩ๴ Ӡࢢߞ೐ұчሃ೐ϬчȂԐࢢ๴ӠϞឤѕᆦ࿑ߞ‫ڰ‬ᅗȄ

ѵᎎೡᚐ 192 ྻ৶஼ᎎӠൊࠜфգᝯ‫ܡ‬৶ȃࠧࣆܹೡ ᚐሃӔ༡ೡᚐ҃ࠑҍਯӎ‫ܨ‬ѵᎎЂྻȄ

ഺ࣏‫ތ‬ც୫ᅆညࠐ‫ݙ‬๴Ӡ‫ߞࣇڰ‬ዴᑂ་֖ႋ‫ޘ‬НࢢȂ ‫ݺ‬ЫчӒՑ๴ࠑȄႋ‫ޘ‬ሲȂഺ‫ی‬ৎ১ЄឤԴԳᏩ๴Ӡࢢ ᘵ๒ᘘ࣏ា᠈ߞަѪ་ֽ֖ࡒȂ࣏֭ឤаߞѪ֜‫ڶ‬๒๑ ‫ޱ‬ᇯࢺ‫ߞܠޱ‬Ѫ֜Ȃൄ՘ॗ 4 гюߞᑼਫ਼༰ԪᢜᠨҍѪ বȄ

ົᆬ໖џඡ 23 џඡᐱȂੲᑂग़஼ᗑ‫ܹࣆڣ‬Ⴄਫ਼۶ 22 џᔷడলჅࢢߞժϸϠዴᢖӯȂԑग़Գ஡ഺϘ‫ܞ‬๴Ӡ 50 ৎ७‫ۻ‬ᔷడলȂൄ՘֌ь 454 ϠժϸȂ࣏ 1953 Րѽ‫ڽ‬Ȃ ᔷడলᄳ‫ڕ‬൵ԺϠ‫ߞۻ‬Ϙ‫ܞ‬Ȅ

ഺৎຕ‫ލ‬Ȃ2 ၳᑟ࣏Դ 3 ѡ 11 џԳᏩ๴Ӡࢢ১Єឤ֋ ஜஃѤߞ 101 Ј੡ࢢȂ3 ၳᑟࡋ࣏ 60 Ј੡ࢢȂൌ๴ӠϞ ឤѕᆦ࿑Ȃᑼਫ਼ߞЂൊжၢϭۖ১ЄឤᕅϧਟᐡܺൊȂ ൄ՘ϞਟᐡߞྫཋȄ

NATO Ӕៜࣔȁਿႀາ՞‫ ߖߣܚ‬6 ԩᛖࣔ ҔЂࣶ֘гॗೡᚐ (NATO) 24 џ౎༡ϫᅆ‫׀‬ѧ‫ڲ‬঵ ൌߞᐌޯ‫ڧ‬་֖᠛ओȂ‫׀‬ѧ‫ڲ‬௻Ϡ੾Ⴟ໱ (Moamer Kadhafi) ߞ֝‫ࠕࠢݙ‬๴Ӡ 6 ը௻ધ᜕ओȄ ඡᐱሲȂԴᡘۖᐼᑟ঳໸ߞᗏরࢢȂߞᐌޯ‫ڧ‬ѐֱࠠ ‫ܞ‬ӑ஡ (Bab Al-Aziziya) ߞ੾Ⴟ໱֝‫ࠕࠢݙ‬Ȃ‫ݺ‬ညԳ੡༡ ಎ‫ ܆‬11 ੡๴Ӡ 3 ըᏩօ౬ᡗߞ᜕ओȇ2 жៗࢢȂϫҍ಩ 3 ը᜕ओȄ ‫׀‬ѧ‫ڲ‬ც໛ҭᝋᅁȂฤӔѹ၍ߞϩՄকԨߞᐌޯ‫ڧ‬๴ ஜ‫ؽ‬ᕝȄ ߞᐌޯ‫ڧ‬Դ 24 џঢ়౐ᏎۖҔॗೡᚐಠધ᠛ओȂߩᡚ֖ ஜࢺ᠈ϞҗৎЈ੡Ȅ‫׀‬ѧ‫ࠑܹࣆڲ‬ӯȂߩᡚ֖ஜൄ՘ 19 Ϡժϸȃ150 Ϡ‫ۦ‬ཋȄ

छϬԑ 1,000 এᓸ௢ॳȁ೻۟ϐჴ 454 Ρ‫ڼ‬

NOAA ࠑӯȂЫՐЏ၃๴Ӡॗ 1,000 ৎᔷడলȂѧჅҝ ՐӀ‫׮‬ዴԺϘ঺ȇЫՐಯӠߞ७‫ۻ‬ᔷడলॗ 50 ৎȂփϘ ଠՐӀ‫׮‬ዴऎ 20 ৎȄ

ᓸ௢ॳᐗ௭छ 3 ԎȁৼԻԫ १ഺϛՙഋȁωᚊӼԙҁӴȁ໌Σᆧࡨ‫ޑ‬ᄘ ϯৎѡܺग़஼ࠠ‫ݛ‬ѐ୺ຈϛՍᏎۖᔷడলᡚᕝȂൄ՘ ჈ 330 ϠժϸȄЙۖϘৎѡȂग़஼К֘ൊඝᚠ෻ȃ‫ށ‬Һ ែႿՍ۶௜ែ‫ڧ‬ՍȂԴ 21ȃ22 ‫ی‬џϫԐࢢᏎᔷడলᡚ ᕝȂᗁ঍ൄ՘ 91 Ϡժϸȃ30 Ϡ‫ۦ‬ཋሃᜀЂ୑ಯྫҵȄ ‫ێ‬К௜ែ‫ڧ‬Սզ෼‫ޒ‬ᛉ‫٭‬ఐ൵ᅝদȂժϸϠዴգҞକᜆ пۖ 100Ȅ ‫ށ‬ҺែႿՍߞ‫ށ‬Һ‫׀ޯڲ‬෻ҾȂ22 џϭоᏎۖᔷడল ᡚᕝȂ‫٭ۦ‬ፑඛգ 5 ۖ 8 г‫ڧ‬ȂዴϩฏӔՈ‫ݕ‬ஃ‫ژ‬ඞߞ ࢏൤ജష‫ڕ‬Ȃ֌ьൄ՘ 1 Ϡժϸȃ30 Ϡ‫ۦ‬ཋȂҩգ 2 ေ 2 ϼї֝ਛ۶ԋ྽ஃცȂ‫ێ‬КዴϼїॗԴዴЈ੡ࢢබࢭ෇ ცϧȄ

ᗑԪ஼ 24 џࢽҍȂ೐ 64 ‫ܨ‬ѵधᎎӠЂྻညчԴџа ӞൕᅌȂຕ‫ ف‬8 чྻงȂ഼Ⴥჰ‫ۊڨ‬ຆཋਚȃᔒགྷȃᅙ ‫ݑ‬ઽȃᆸ઼ȃྑไઽȃЂࣹྏຈ 28 ༵দঋٙ៉Ȅ

ᐾգ 5 ေ‫ܧ‬Ӕߞ௜ែ‫ڧ‬Սզ෼‫ޒ‬ᛉȂࡋԴ 22 џ౎༡ ᏎۖᔷడলᡚᕝȂग़஼॓ϩՄྻߞМҺ෻ࢽȈȶզ෼‫ޒ‬ ᛉ 75% ജԻऎӀԳȄȷညԳ໹ҾȃҐ޵૭ȃᛁ୰ទদ‫ۦ‬ ྫȂறϘϘ‫ݙ‬Кᐯϵ୓ѫȄᛉӔМҺບԴল‫٭‬๴Ӡ੡۶ ԐӠ༟‫ژ‬ҝా‫ۊߞקۦ‬ЄȂȶۖ഍ൌ࣏৆ིߞც።౛Ȃ ᘘᇷۖӞ෻ۧȂૌߞ࢝ᕂϠȄȷ


ᔷడলԴզ෼‫ޒ‬ᛉൄ՘֌ь 89 ϠժϸȂႍ֭Սߞᢚࢎ

жፏσོഖᄍȁ೽ႆ 28 ໶‫ؚ‬ដ

p.12!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

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௜ែ‫ڧ‬ՍࠜҺҞฑ (Jay Nixon) Џࢆֶႍᛉ་Ϣᇦࢧߐ ᅗȂ‫ڭ‬ϭ҄஼Ӕֻ‫᝱ాׄ۝‬Ȅ թҳȂඝᚠ෻Ս 21 џϵᏎԺৎᔷడলࠬᡚȂԴ‫ڧ‬Ϛᛉ ᢵ՘ 1 ժȂ֌ь 200 ฏ‫ྫۦ࢏ݗ‬ȂႍՍ 16 ୤ࢆҿ་Ϣ ᇦࢧߐᅗȄग़஼ᗁ೚ገѐ୺Ȃ࣑ϵԴߩকϘၳ௞ᑟϯԨ ժ᝱߰७ࡖȄ

ᆗᒿґРȉ Ⴑِড়ၾᅇȈ10 Тϗྒྞ ग़஼ҐՍ௄ရిᇊরცҭѹࢺϠ‫ׯ‬ӀȂԐࡈЂၒࢆෳ Ӑџ௟‫ܨ‬Ȃ֭Ӑџ‫ڭ‬ӏՂ‫ێ‬ჰ‫ߞڏ‬Դ 5 ѡ 21 џۖ‫ڽ‬Ȅᅆ ‫ݺ‬ധԺࠫಿᢏᎱਛಯ‫ظ‬ϢࢆཇЍ֯Ȃ൵ࢢࡒٟຈۖ‫ݙ‬ᓜ ߞϯч௅Ȃ‫ׯ‬Ӏ 23 џ಩‫ڗ‬ცҭြӫȂᅆٟᇖ࿤џงࠑӯ ᆆྍȂ‫ڭ‬ႋ៖ 521 ‫ێ‬ᅁ࣏ȶѕᢸኸবȷߞӐџȂ5 ৎѡ ࢢߞ 10 ѡ 21 џȂѵधЖྻ؆ԑ࿑࿝ȂӐџЖྻૌӒۖ ‫ڽ‬Ȅ ഺවৎѡ‫ڽ‬Ȃȶਛਲცҭȷߎਰ‫ׯ‬ӀၳҡࠫಿདྷภȂ ଈႤዴպေग़Ю‫ڟ‬୞ग़஼ࢆෳӐџನᎢȂ֭ҁჰ‫ ߞڏ‬5 ѡ 21 џ‫ڽ‬Ϟϫ‫ڕ‬ȂЂਛᘘ࣏ࣿఀՀՀߞȄҁԴླֹྀ᠋ਛ ਲცҭᗁൊ‫ݸ‬୙ߞြӫКȂᅆ֋ЎȶӏକӒፁᇖҍȷџ ง७ᆆȄҁሲȂҁ১ӎፁࠫૌߞྻԴ 21 џ๴ӠȂညчࡒ Цኃϵٟ๴ӠȂҁᅆթྏۖȶ‫්ק‬ȷȄ ЙჅȂҁࢢ‫ڽ‬ႎᡝၐ၃Ȃೣ‫ݺ‬ȶࢪ๒ЂੁȷȂԯऎ ȶ෌ዔѵϠߞϯ࢓ȷ࣏ঋᕅᖺϠ᝷‫ߞॴۦ‬੡༡ȂЖྻ௟ ӐџܼࢢȇӤ‫ݺ‬ϯ࢓ߞ኶ֿሃాᡞЏԴ 21 џ؆՘Ȃ಩Դ ា᠈់‫ט‬ϠেЏҵҝྍ၍Ȃ‫ݙ‬ѽҁߞცҭ݀ࢢ௟Ҫያ‫ݸ‬ ᇊরᆇաሃြӫȂߡۖ 10 ѡ 21 џӐџ‫ڽ‬ᗜȄ փညୃ߰႙யȂᅆ‫ݺ‬ᢏᎱਛಯȃ‫ظ‬Ϣ੡༡ሃᇟϧᕒՓ ࢆෳನ݇ߞࠫಿգ֣࢙៉੡Ȃ‫ׯ‬Ӏࡒሬ௲య୉Ȉȶ‫ا‬ে ߞЍ֯Й࣏෩‫ࠛڻ‬ᓉ࢙៉Ȃ‫ا‬ে࣏ঋ‫ט‬໦ϠেȂ‫ݕ‬ധְ েᘘգৎҞѽሲ႖ߞᅆ໪Ȃ‫ڤ‬බ࣏ϯ࢓Ȅȷ

ॶᅭ 6 Тଔȁᘗσ࿱ྭୢ ᘹ஼঵ᆬҾܹ 25 џԓըг‫ט‬Ȃ঵ᆬዃඞȃ౻࿨ዃඞȃ ԍмࠝዃඞຈԳ஡रऎူ࿬஡Ȃ֋ 6 ѡ 1 џ୓௟ᅆԴন ‫ܠ‬஡ாа‫כ‬࿬ߞᡒ‫ז‬Є༟ᇳϩေᘹЮȂӤ‫ݺ‬ഺ‫ڱ‬Գ஡ව Ѽ࣏஼аᣍԍࢉӅႼНԳȂ‫ݙ‬ѽঋપ‫ྍަ־‬Ȅ ঵ᆬҾܹࠑӯȂం 9 ѡ୓Ȃ௟ူ࿬஡ᙖ֌ӤҾܹᇒನ 21 ഍гཀྵȂ12 ѡ୓Ȃᙖ֌ 295 ৎг‫ژ‬૭Ȃ‫ށ‬Ր༟‫ܕ‬ᙖЂ ֌ 5,715 ৎг‫ژ‬૭ȃ1,024 ৎгཀྵфᐯ੭۹ඛ 50 гюѽ аȄ ៉಑ 14 ॲ!....

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.... ௥಑ 12 ॲ!

оᖂ౩छ୽ོᅋᇳȁ᜹ᄇБׂ‫ڞ‬ ѽ֒ԕᗁನҺ‫܃‬༮१ (Benjamin Netanyahu) 24 џԴ ग़஼஼ྻ๴ࠑᆊሲࠑӯȂѽ֒ԕ࿤൯Դሃѐங෻‫ོ܃‬۶ ੡இҍȶ๭ॴ‫۝؁‬ȷȂҒࣁ௟ѐங෻‫࢙܃‬஼‫ݙ‬ඵِߞϿ ԳӹຜҁেȄ ࣏֭ҁ‫ݡ‬ທग़஼ᗁ೚ገѐ୺۶஼ቫߤྻߞঋِȂদӦ ѽ֒ԕЙྻ԰ۖ 1967 Րߞ᝝धȂϵЙྻሃѐங෻‫܃‬ж‫ڳ‬ ॠႮዩֽȄ ҁࠑӯȈȶॠႮዩֽЙକԓж໘ȄॠႮዩֽӅ༷Ъ࣏ ѽ֒ԕ؆ᑋ঵ൌȄȷѐங෻‫܃‬ঋِѽ‫ތ‬ॠႮዩֽஇऎӏ ‫ڽ‬஼ਛ঵ൌȄ Һ‫܃‬༮१ϵ௻ᎠȂҪঋѐங෻‫ܹࣆ޼֋܃‬ѹਯࠠѐ෻ (Mahmud Abbas) ᇯࢺሃࡣᆳ෻ೡᚐ (Hamas) ߞᄥຕ‫۝‬ ៉Ȃѽ֒ԕබЙྻࠔ԰۶Ӏྻ᎘Ȃԯऎࡣᆳ෻‫ݡ‬ທ‫ݚ‬ሮ ѽ֒ԕऎϘৎ๘щ஼ਛȄ Ϙԩѐங෻‫܃‬᎘ֿ҃ࠑࠑӯȂѐங෻‫־܃‬๑ᓴᑄȂҪ գ௟ҁেߞ࢙஼໦ِ෩ӹᗑԪ஼Ȅ ᎘ֿ҃ࠑࣉઍॠ (Mohammed Shtayeh) ‫ט‬໦‫ߤྲޱ‬Ȉ ȶԴҺ‫܃‬༮१ߞᆊሲࢢȂѐங෻‫־܃‬๑ᓴᑄ˕ 9 ѡࡈ݀ ᗑԪ஼ȂۖᗑԪ஼ЂྻȄȷҁࢽߞ࣏Դ 9 ѡඵِᗑԪ஼ ‫ݚ‬ሮѐங෻‫܃‬ऎϘৎ஼ਛȄ

ᖒӫ୽ᜰϸБ୚඼‫ۄ‬Ρၾ௑༖ ᗑԪ஼঑യϠႽ‫ڰ‬ச஘૪੩ࠜࠠം෻ġijĵġџࢽҍȂѐங ෻‫᝱܃‬ӔϠႽѹ၍ఐ޶෋ԚȂᗑԪ஼ಎऎᝯަȂѽ֒ԕ ᕕӲ‫׈‬ళ֖ۤஜȂႋ୵ᅆঘᚠԳ௲ࢋᛆࣆຉȄ ࠠം෻џࡈണயѐங෻‫܃‬ജ֫ታϿሃѽ֒ԕȂऎงұ чȂijĵġџԴ૸ॗᚎඡ֯թࠑӯȄ ࠠം෻ࢽҍȂѽ֒ԕᅆѐங෻‫܃‬უᛓሃࢋᛆనࣉȂঝ ‫ڹ‬ധԺѐϠቮ‫ڶ‬ᓥϠႽ෯ׄȂЖକӠՅȂѽ֒ԕգӎ‫ڗ‬ ՉԑᠪዋȂ֭ࢋᛆࣆຉᅆѐϠൄ՘࿑࿝‫ݑ‬዆ᠩȄ Ձ‫ࢽڭ‬ҍȂധԺѐங෻‫܃‬ਛਲӫࡈ๑‫ޱ‬ᖔఀ௄ӎᛁᖚ ‫އڈిݕ‬சȂ‫ۊ‬ຆஉ௵э҄ϠዎዋȂપ‫־‬ԴঘᚠԳ௲Ȃ ჈պေ‫ܧ‬ӔࢧቮϠႽాׄȄ

ኈέԫȁᅸᛖम‫ڼ‬σဗజ຃࣫௑ ዇஼ည؊ 24 џ഼ඡሲȂգ 3 Ϡᆷ֬ྏࣖ७‫ݑۻ‬Ђၖ౛ ໂໂ઀ඉ‫ۻ‬Ȃ‫ࢽט់ڭ‬ҍȂӤ‫ڼࣖྏྲݺ‬ԺఀЙඵ௱Ȃ

Ҟକྻգ‫ـ‬Ժժϸ‫ڼ‬Ȅ ዇஼઼ઽᇒۘ۶ჰ‫ڨ‬ᑟᅹᜲֱપȆॊሿु‫( ݙٿ‬Robert Koch Institute,RKI) ࠑӯȂȶԴՂթ๺ዶง༡аҍ಩ഺ ኃԺទদઽ‫ڼ‬Ȃ࢝Йඵ௱ȂѷྏࣖߞՐ៬౉၏ϵࠧ‫ۏ‬ ࡭Ȅȷ RKI ঑യϠࣦ੾ (Reinhard Burger) ࠑӯȂȶྏࣖ࿚‫ܥ‬ ӏࣤҍȂ‫ا‬েӅ༷‫ށ‬ፁࢽҍȂᡥ‫ࣖྏ୼ݺ‬ઽ‫ڼ‬Ȃ‫ا‬েఀ ჰง௟ྻգ‫ـ‬Ժժϸ‫ڼ‬Ȅȷ RKI ϫሲȂჅҝ‫ی‬༉ѽ‫ڽ‬ȂҁেЏతᖔ 80 Ժ୓Ҟକ७ ‫ۻ‬࿘֕‫ݑ‬،ࣲા৏၏ (HUS) ഼ඡઽ‫ڼ‬Ȃ‫࣏ڤ‬ӤၖႽҍ֕ ‫ݑ‬Ђၖ౛ໂ (EHEC) є๴ߞȄ ዇஼Ҕൊϭᚠֹฑ‫( ڣ‬Lower Saxony) ᎎӠᣇࠑӯȂҁ েӒᅆ 21 џժϸߞ 83 ࿐ցᄸ་֖ႋৠȂՁ၃ᑢҍ֕‫ݑ‬ ၛᙫϘ༉ࢢժϸȄ ᎎӠᣇߞᗏ‫ࠑށ‬ӯȂഺԩցᄸፁሮྏࣖၖႽҍ֕‫ݑ‬ Ђၖ౛ໂȂ֭ӫࡈӒԴ་֖ᕭᢚȂᎠ࣏ࣤ‫׎‬බ࣏७ժ১ ԯȄ Ҕൊҿ‫ڽ‬౥Ҿ (Bremen) ᎎӠည؊ࠑӯȂҍ಩ྏࣖҍ֕ ‫ݑ‬Ђၖ౛ໂાߐߞϘԩՐቅЃЄȂ‫ ݺ‬23 џ౎Й޼Ȃ֭Ъ ࢞ᕭᢚፁሮժԯȄ

ֹ࣏ܳщߩւҟᐯԐᠭȂՁሲȈȶࢶధࠛՄ཰࣏ ‫ݙ‬գւҟᐯਛߞᄱྐȄȷՁ൵ࠕࡈ݀਄фᚠҙ‫ݛ‬Ҿ (Saqqara)ȂᅁԳணሃࢶధࠛՄ཰ߞЍ֯ȄညԳࣆܹ১ӎ ЙहࠫԳϭਃ᚟Ϟ‫ی‬ਲ਼ҟ҃ࠛՄ཰ȂࠐَࢶధᝋᅁࠛՄ ཰ߞՅԴȂԳўည؊಩ԴሮऎȂഺҞକ࣏਄фᑢ‫ڽ‬൵দ ঋߞւҟᓷႫНϘȄ ֹܳᅆ཰Һ෻ (Tanis) ߞ๴಩э‫ێ‬ᒸᐬȂညԳҍϿϘฏ 3,000 Րࡈߞ‫࢏ݗ‬Ȃ࢙ᒝߞᏇᅏ۶ᎎ࣐዆ᄊ؆ԑ‫ך‬ԪȂᝋ ‫ށ‬щߩւҟॊ‫ߞث‬Ҟࠫ࢘Ȅ ॻ஼ዃያгҦ (BBC) ୠᔌֹܳߞ਄фН֖Ȃ‫៷ݮ‬ȶ਄ фߞҵၢࡱҾȷୃᔂѯȂֹܳሮऎȂщߩւҟᐯЈႏ‫ڗ‬ јȂӫࡈߞւҟ๴಩Ҫ࣏ϝѱϘѨȂ཈ៈфਃ᚟ԴԳࠑ ౺ኸߞҟ҃ᓷ‫׬‬Ȃዴѽϼ঍ߞҟႫജҺᜲޫ౸ުኸኸప ሏȄ ਄фည؊ϵ঍๪‫׀‬ӡഺᇌྲॊ‫࠲ڽث‬᠕ҟћߏȂ਄ф ൵ࠕᒸ୓ӯࢃࣿஜȂЙьҟᚹԴஜᖜКᏎ‫׃‬టȄӡᎎ࣐ ዆ᄊҞֿ‫ܠ‬ҟᄪᏎ૔᛼ߞ੡༡Ȃ഼ߢ஼ቫԖ់ೡᚐަྍ ҟߏߞ໴ᎱȄ

ώհЊԔȁॏஔ 28 ԑࡣತܻ๖ஔ ॏஔ 28 ԑࡣȂтঈತܻȶԤުȷ๖ஔΟȊ

ҔൊЦԕ෻ࢃ-ഈ෻‫( ڣ܃‬Schleswig-Holstein)ȂϘԩྏ ࣖҍ֕‫ݑ‬Ђၖ౛ໂߞ 80 Ժ࿐ց௎ȂԴஜјങࢢ‫ ݺ‬22 џ ժϸȂ֭ည؊ࠑӯȂժϸ১ԯЪЙ‫ށ‬Ȅ

ॻ஼ࡑՉ෼ჲ಩Ր 63 ࿐ߞྲডӿϲҿ੬ (Ivan Brown) ۶಩Ր 55 ࿐ߞ‫܍‬Єࠁࠁ‫( ݛ‬Barbara Furlonger)Ȃ၃ჅϞ 28 Րߞ঎௓ࠜ໿НࢢȂೣ‫ݺ‬Դଡ଼ԃࢢȶ‫ߩݩ‬ȷຕ௓ϞȄ


ӿϲ۶ࠁࠁ‫࣏ݛ‬Դ 1981 ՐहჃ‫ݺ‬৖ߞ෶ऱਛҿ੬෼ჲ ᛁ୰Ȃ‫ی‬ϠԢԴᛁ୰Ѝ֯Ȃ‫ڭ‬Դሮᝊ2Րࢢ঎௓Ȅ࣏֭Ⴥ ҝ 28 Ր‫ڽ‬ȂӤ‫ݺ‬Ѝ֯Ⴥ‫ݺ‬ᗄՓȂ‫ی‬Ϡ௓‫ڰ‬ϘԓయᓵȄ

ग़஼щߩւҟᐯਛ‫׀‬ӡᎎ࣐॓ҳ።዆ᄊȂ๴಩਄фԳ বϭਃ᚟ߞ 1,000 Ժฏ࢙ᒝ۶ 3,000 ഍ᇸၢȂҒࣁ 17 ਲ਼ ࡈ‫ݙ‬ӏߢߞࠛՄ཰ȂࠐَࢶధЏᝋᅁ‫ێ‬К‫ی‬ਲ਼ࠛՄ཰ߞ ፁзԳᙇȄ ग़஼ࠠ‫ݛ‬ѐ୺Ђᐯߞ೻‫ݛ‬Ȇֹܳ (Sarah Parcak) Դग़ ஼щߩᗁ၌ (NASA) ᝒׄߞֱ‫ځށ‬ᅁᢚ࢈་֖щߩւҟु ‫ٿ‬Ȃ‫׀‬ӡԴԳಧϯߩ 700 г‫ߞߩ୼ڧ‬ᎎ࣐៷ۤ዆ᄊȂྩ ඵҟ҃ᓷႫȄᎎ࣐ߞґକ௻ЂȂକᓰᝊԳবߡਸ਼Ϙгю аߞߏԆȂ‫ڭ‬ѽ॓ҳ።ᓰᝊԳࠑѽϭߞЙԢߏᎳȄ ҟ਄фϠѽުᒑऎ࢙‫ل‬Ȃުᒑߞ௜࢘ቈѧ۹ඛުϿ‫ڽ‬ ఀ୼ȂԴᎎ࣐዆ᄊК࢝ਟ‫ݽ‬жᓰȄᎎ࣐՘ऎւҟᐯྲ‫׀‬ ᐡȂֹܳ༟ߕ૯ߞሲȈȶԞ೐ՉૼȆ᜜෻Џ၃Ⴥ੡ϞȂ ‫ا‬ে՝බ໹໸ഺ֜ც዆Кߞւҟॻ༯Ȅࡣ‫ڧ‬ቊᇊપȂ‫ݚ‬ ᢰϞȊȷ

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ࠁࠁ‫ݛ‬ҝՐ෩ࡈଡ଼ԃࢢȂࠁࠁ‫ݛ‬யӿϲ࣏‫׎‬ᕕႍՉవ ௓ᚃϞȉӿϲ԰ຍȶ࣏ȷȂ‫ی‬Ϡߞ௓‫ڰ‬ೣ‫ݺ‬ᅬ‫ܠ‬Ȅࠁࠁ ‫ݛ‬ӡϞᑋᑋϘՐߞ੡༡Ȃӡȶক‫ڰ‬мዾ࿤ȷഢ‫ܠ‬ຕ௓ߞ ُϘৎَᢼȄ ၃ᑢϞ 28 Րߞ୺‫ޗݛ‬Ց঎௓Ȃࠁࠁ‫ࠑݛ‬ӯȶᚎߡЙ෷ हࠫഺϘчೣ‫ڽۖݺ‬Ȃ‫ا‬েૌӒ՘ऎш௎ϞȷȄ ࠁࠁ‫ࠑݛ‬ӯȂྻྐঋᗝ֖ຕ௓ኇՑѹঋ࣏ւዋۖ‫ی‬Ϡ ϘߡԢ‫ܧ‬փЙຕ௓Ȃѭӓቲգྍ‫ڍ‬Ȅ֭ԴჅҝ௟ 28 Ր੡ ༡ႆȂᗁ࣏ٟգဥϯԪᏋߞџЄȂҪՀ‫د‬ຕ௓঍ᄑϘԓ యᓵȄ ഺᅆఐ࠴ϯ༉Уೣ‫ݺ‬؆՘௓ᚃȂ՘ऎш௎ȇԴ঎௓ 28 ՐࢢȂೣ‫ݺ‬༟‫ܕ‬Ϟҁেߞመѡ੠֖Ȅ

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Ϥԑϱ 7.5 ࿲ϴࡐဣԙ শสႻᓮф‫࢏ݗ‬؊؊ࠜᏑլᑔࠑӯȂӏ‫ ڽ‬5 Րჰ঍ྲ ࢙૧֝г࢏ඏ֜Ⴟ 7.5 ေৎȂည؊ྻ௜з઻ྍг࢏ߞቮ ِȂѽ֯ҍᏋညߞᎠᑋȄ

ϛ୽ϴշཱིॴኆȁਢᐠནߨដ К஼‫ܡ‬ўණᢜџࡈг༟ྲ࡭঳ዅȂ၃௞ਛुֿࢢȂᕕ ៳‫ݺ‬ᠧᢷߩᅆߩ঳ዅ‫ڀ‬ԕȂ҃ၳऎ PL-12DȂ֭гֶ੡ᑟ ҄ϠߕۧȄ К஼ 19 џг༟ߞྲ࡭঳ዅ -- ᠧᢷ‫ڀ‬ԕ (PL) ӤК஼ଝ ߩЍ྽༰ᄥः༧ԍც‫ث‬ങ๴ਣКѕ‫ुݙ‬๴ȂҳᏚ࡭ၳ‫ؼ‬ ᇍ୯ც (SD)ȄК஼ߩক಩‫࡭؝‬ၳऎ PL-12AȂ‫ݑ‬କతࠕग़ ஼ AIM-120 Ԑ་К຀ߩᅆߩ঳ዅ (AMRAAM)ȂҳᏚ੡‫ؼ‬ᇍ SD-10AȄ К஼ණᢜฅ၃ඡᐱȂᠧᢷ‫ڀ‬ԕ‫׈‬௟ҍ಩3ᇌྲߞߩᅆߩ ঳ዅȂж‫־‬ऎ PL-12C ሃ PL-12DȂѽф2012 Ր؆՘ȃਡ ຀ 300 г‫ߩߞڧ‬ᅆߩ঳ዅ PL-21ȄȮ஼‫ྲڨ‬ᇷȯࢽҍȂ PL-12D ᑂᇍ‫ݑ‬କ໹໸ग़஼‫ܥ‬ӏ༓ಯߞ AIM-120DȂ‫ڭ‬ЏԴ іᐨْᆐ؆՘ 7 ըเႏȄ ग़஼௞ਛԨȮ஼‫ྲڨ‬ᇷȯࠑӯȂК஼ु๴ྲ࡭঳ዅ‫ڭ‬ Й҄ϠྍҳȂྍҳߞ࣏гֶߞ੡ᑟȂऎЦኃᓴԴႋ‫ݸ‬ক ᗁணᓖࠜ൘ए዇ӒԴग़஼ണயНቫȉഺЙ࣏࢝ᄊԴग़஼ ஼‫ڨ‬ൊࠜሏଲണКง༡Ȃႏ঳៾-20 ஠ᚸᐼᑟཛྷȉ ௞ਛሮऎȂPL-12D ᕕႍЙ७ࢃ଎ग़஼ߞߩКᔹཕȂ֭ ᅆ۹᝝ߞԞ࢘ȃџӎȃҭᣉȂҞබЙ࣏ЦኃՀઐਿϞȄ ႋ‫ݸ‬কᓴԴթ੡г༟ PL-12DȂҪྻє๴х֯ӡȂՀᄊԴ ᕒҭᣉ०੩Ȃঝ‫ڹ‬ग़஼пૺ F-16A/B ሃҍழ F-16C/DȄ

ϛӓᜌᄂȁߜғРғӵσച೤୰ КԒҳӹൊ๴‫ڏ‬Ϡࡹဉ 24 џᝋᅁҔᘹታᐱϠࠛӒџӒ ԴЂ൙ണயȂՁ௻ᎠȂКԒњࢺ஼ቫߤྻԴҔᘹ༟ਣ෯ ༵ׄӫȄҳཇࠛӒџЏంෳՍᚼ݀ࡑ‫ڴ‬ണயȄ ࡹဉԴКԒҳӹൊ‫ྻ߰ୃ֖ڼ‬ϯജயۖࠛӒџ࣏‫׎‬Դ Ђ൙ണய੡ᇍȂКԒሃҔᘹϘߡ࠲ࢺ୼ኸТണȂКўѹ ᇒൊࠝ௟Ꮛ੡๴ҿգᝯઐਿȄ ᖖಧ੡ඡඡᐱȂԴണயϞԠ‫ޒ‬۶ෳՍࢢȂࠛӒџ 24 џ ‫ݯ‬Ⴟࡑ‫ڴ‬Ȃҁթ֖ԑ༰КԴ၃ᕻࡱҾȂ‫ڭ‬ж‫ޘ‬ȂࠛӒџ ϘՐаϬըണயЂ൙֬ѼᢖӯȂȶԴবᗜ஼аទਧߞ঴ ࡡȃᑼਫ਼ф‫ێ‬ҁӠࣿӅቮࡡ‫ڻ‬ᕕНቫȂҁգᒸᎷ‫ـ‬ՀԳ ನႋК஼ߞ՘ґȄȷ ඡᐱ෯єџӎණᢜߞ႖ᇍȂࠛӒџഺըണК࣏Դȶᕌ ؉Գ᎛ِК஼෯ׄȷȄඡᐱ෯єϘԩࡑᘹж‫ޘ‬ϠЀߞ ႖ᇍȈȶࠛӒџ൵ྲϘըണК֖຀ᢖӯȂҔᘹӒবᗜ‫ק‬ ᄩȂࢧቮፁ࠲ᚏ঴‫ڻ‬ᕕȂഺЙ཈ऎϞ‫ށ‬ՐȂϵ࣏ऎϞ‫ށ‬ чȄȷ

ឧዘ᠛ߝέُധᜃ౰෵ ࠜկϬ‫ޯؿ஀ࣷڎ‬фϯઔȂࠜկКϭหࠕ‫ڽ‬ҍ಩ 50 Ր ‫ڽ‬൵ទদ‫ؿ‬໪Ȃൄ՘ϯઔ 5 ѡ๴Ӡ১ӎҋ‫ܞ‬Жգߞȶ៦ ጗ȷȄ ᑂඡᐱȂࠜկКϭหϘ௲‫ؿ‬໪ࠕ‫ڭڽ‬ӏ፤۶ȂࠜկѪ ༓Й‫ږ‬є‫ڽ‬ઔѪ৆៿Ȃᐱ७կѪ៦мȂϯઔ۹᝝Ѫ਱Ꮞ Ⴣ៦጗ϢࠬȂ዆ᠩۤѪȂ5 ѡЏ၃ᆾเۖգ 10 чҍ಩៦ ጗಩໪Ȅ ϯઔҾ‫ڻ‬ѪᎠ࢘ᆾเКѕࠑӯȂ4 ѡ 19 џۖ 29 џȂ ϯઔ၃ᑢҫϯԢง൵ࠜ៦጗ȇ5 ѡϵգ 10 чȂഺ࣏ȶ࢝ ‫ߞڍځ‬ȷȄॶࠜկКϭหࢺ᠈஀‫ؿ‬Ȃ៦጗ЪҞକԴ 6 ѡ ࠬᡚϯઔȂ਻ᐱ७؊ൊ‫ڻ‬ѪԫᇦȄ կែषᅟ֌ 22 џЏ၃་֖ 25 ըϠൄࠥ֯྽Ȅ‫ތ‬ўᇨ

ࢽҍȂᘵ๒Ϡൄࠥᢰӣ༡‫ؿ‬໪๾ྋ፤۶Ȃ֭ϭหุ޿ф Ѫ਱ሊѪЙ‫ږ‬யᛟȂЪӏକႋٙȄ

ᏑլᑔࠑӯȂӏ‫ڽ‬УՐȂჰเߞྲ࢙૧֝г࢏༓ԪԒ ॗ 75,000 ৎඏ֜Ȃ‫׈‬Ӏ‫ُ׮‬Րॗ 15,000 ৎඏ֜Ȅാ ԢُՐჰ঍՜԰ߞ಩գг࢏ඏ֜Ȃ‫֤ྻ܎ݗ‬঍ഺৎ࢙࢏ ༓‫ږ‬ѽᇯࢺϘଠг࢏Ӧ᎛߰ߞӀ‫׮‬Ꮗ৏੡༡ॗ 3 Րߞӫ ዾȄည؊ྻ௜з઻ྍቮِఐ޶ȂുՐܼਣгᖉ‫࢙࢏ݗ‬ന ঍ᄑȂ‫ࢷྻڭ‬൵ྲ‫ِڻ‬ఐ޶փᅆ࢙࢏༓֯ҍᏋညᎠᑋȄ

ϯઔණᢜ‫؛‬ਟȂկែȃՉᕔӹध഍ߞӮ֍ุȂุܺ ȶ஀ߞକ֖ᏺ٠‫ژ‬ȷȇࣸᑨุѪ֜ϭফȃѪாิьбж НϘȂჅҝЙ૿ѪߞѪಯ஡ЫՐᏎჃទদ஀‫ؿ‬Ȃᄊϯઔ ௱‫ߞڍ‬ᴴ₁Јᔷᎇ֌ьิಯ 3 ՘Ȃኊ੾ϯෳ਻᝱ᘖֺȇ Ӯ֍ุЂსᝂᏳฤїȂЫՐ՜՘ϵ਻‫ݏ‬ԑকᚬٟȄ

ᏑլᑔϫࢽȂӤ‫ ݺ‬2015 ֌ 16 Րߞг࢏ԳጹȂЂԺ഍ ‫ࠐݺ‬งഢᄑфന঍༥ࣱȂ‫ڭ‬ቮঋႋٙԺ༵யᛟȂҒࣁ‫ؼ‬ ᢏϿԳӡ൉ȃᑋԪԳ஡ϠЀߞྍ‫ڍ‬фϿԳ‫ڻ‬ᕕߞ੡༡ (Ղ ϿԳቮঋ་֖՜Գȃ౻‫ݵ‬фϿԳӀᑋຈ)ȄԯթȂ಩༥ࣱ ӏକၢᅁ 5 Րࢢߞ࢙࢏༓ф੡༡ࠑȄ

஼ਛิ‫܎٭‬৶ྻሃӔࣆൊЏ၃ుஜұૺ‫٭ా٭ؿ‬ў ੯Ȃۖ‫٭‬ఐႵទদߞุҔȃุࡑ‫ی‬षȂ༟ਣా‫٭‬Ѝ֯Ȅ


१ኊᡙ౪ፋፇσᏽҩᜀȁශຫᓧΡ ᑂЂ൙ණᢜඡᐱȂЂ൙ȶদዉҾȷȶْ‫܀‬ᢥ஡ȷϘ ഍ᘉߏ஥ඞҳȂϯ࣐งУ౎༡ȂߩКॎ๒ฯ಩ϯေ୸Ө ᜿Ȃሃዴϩ୸ᎊᎆȂӤ‫ݺ‬฀໪ϩжᕂϠȂႮϠ૾૾Ⴔ་ ࢈аȄգϠሮऎȂҞକ࣏ᎊᎆӒԴ੏঴Ө᜿Ȅഺඞ‫ݙ‬ᓜ ߞȶᎆ᜿ЂᐼȷȂࢺ᠈ॗϘЈ੡ȂϘߡۖ஥ඞᝯࠝȂᑶ ԍᆪ࿝Жຕ‫ف‬ȄգӔಿᑉѕȂഺ࣏ч‫ࡈ٭‬ԏȂփ௞ਛϵ ሲȂഺᇌఐ޶हည‫ڍځ‬Ȅ

እМ‫׳‬Щᐩ‫ݍ‬ȁᏰ‫ޱ‬Еᛖ೪ᏽ Ђ൙ߢԩ၃ᕻᐯਛॱϷႷџࡈԴ୑ྲᇨ๴ࠑϘፔȮ‫د‬ Ѩᑨ‫ތ‬ᘘ১՘ϠȯћൢȂ۲ᣰЂ൙ߤྻѽӒ௱Ϡߞ‫࢘ڎ‬ ऻ࢞Ѩᑨ‫ތ‬ȄЙਫ਼Ȃഺፔћൢൣє‫ڽ‬Ѩᑨ‫ތ‬ཿ௎ኒࢥኅ ຈȶᐾѨȷϠЀߞᑀԂȂٙ‫ܠ‬ѽȶᆨஜ᝹ᚬ஼ਛࣆᡋȷ ။ԩȂ‫ॱد‬ϷႷ‫ט‬ϯ‫ޱ‬ਲȄ Դॱߞћൢࡈ‫ڏ‬КȂ౻྾ᙇ‫ށ‬ȶѨᑨ‫ތ‬Йକॎ૔ഢ ࢠȂփ࣏ജ෼჆ߞഢࢠ‫ݙ‬নۘȄҁੲӎЙ࣏ૠȂᅆҁ ߞϘз୛ࠫ௟ྻുَઐଡ଼ȷȂ‫ឺڭ‬ԕѨᑨ‫ތ‬ӚϭߞಿԺ ȶ။ߐȷȄ ഺፔවѼࣄᐼѨᑨ‫ތ‬ȶૠ੾мȷ‫؛‬໪ߞЂ֯Ȃє᜕ ȶᐾѨϠЀȷߞࢤѫȄԴᘹᐼКඉӠߞѨᑨ‫ތ‬НЄѨ ‫ॻܫ‬Ȃ‫܍ێ‬ЄኒࢥኅຈϠٙ‫ܠ‬ѽȶᆨஜ᝹ᚬ஼ਛࣆᡋȷ ။ԩȂ‫ڭ‬Ԩߤྻ๴୓ȶг໦ᄥȷȂ‫ॱد‬ϷႷ‫ט‬ϯҔ‫ޱڴ‬ ୰Ȅ ഺ၏ᐾѨϠЀԴЂ൙ߢԩҽँᇨ૭નգН༏๴ࠑϘፔ ȮҔ‫ڴ‬ҾϠӔг໦ॱϷႷ۶‫ڙ‬ЄൗȯߞћൢȂ‫ݨ‬ᕝԴК Ԓ՘Ӳ 90 ༉ՐНቫȂȶᆔԾжЄȷॱϷႷ๴ࠑȮ‫د‬Ѩᑨ ‫ތ‬ᘘ১՘ϠȯϘћȞթћ࣏КԒࡔਵ‫ڙ‬Єൗ‫ݙ‬຾Ȯ॓щ ༧ߞფၢȯϘ੩ߞᡝࢢྏȟȂᅆ‫ة‬៨۶஼ਛታᐱϠ೫ࠕ ӀҝՐԴКҴ៨ҫЍ֯ྻ៉ϯߞᗾ႖ᇟૠȂЂ༓੒ൄ‫ڰ‬ ᅁȄ ႍћࢽᇍȂॱϷႷѽ࿂‫ێ‬෋ࣲߞሬ‫ؽڏ‬ᕝȃ໥࿑КԒ ۶༟஼ታഞѨᑨ‫ތ‬Ȃᒠ‫ؼ‬ȃ੒ൄȃᘟмКԒᑢҫȂԴߤ ྻϯᑬ୓௻ધߞ᠔യ۶ዙࢤȄഺ࣏ॱϷႷȃ‫ڙ‬ЄൗຈԴ ሊྍࣄ୓‫ڰ‬ᇑȂሦൄஜགྷȄ Ҕ‫ڴ‬Ђᐯ‫ޱ‬ᐯ୰ిఱ໲ᎎўӒবऻ࢞թ‫ڰ‬ȄҁሲȂ൅ Ⴥ‫ޱ‬ਲ෩‫ڻ‬г༟ߞӀҭȂȶЂਛᅆ‫ݺ‬Ղ֣ໞኊѨᑨ‫ތ‬ȃ Ղ֣ໞኊћмЂভ‫ۻ‬ȃՂ֣ᅆ࢞‫ا‬েߞ಩҃ߞᑢҫȂ գϘᇌ‫ࢠޱ‬ϯߞߋ᠜Ȃ‫ڤ‬ኃЂਛߞहᝯߞᝋᑂକ௉෩ҍ ‫ڽ‬ȂഺӏᄘЙ࣏ϘԆՀ‫ڰ‬Ȅȷ

഼ώ೎௰ശճώၥॎᆗᐠ শสൻЍ഍‫ݺ‬ᇨϯయҍȶ൵ֲЍႤ঍ᇖᑟȷȂ‫ׄ۝‬ᄌ ངᛕў঍ᇖᗟ჌࣏‫׎‬೑Ԫ‫ڼޱ‬ঋِȄ ҾӔ๳ϢൻЍ഍ᇨ঱ȂᓮϢѡᗟȃЍ੡Ȃѽфԃਿ џф༺ៗᓿ࣏‫׎‬঍ᗟຈႤਫ਼ࢢȂ঍ᇖᑟྻ֋ஜ঍ᇖҍ੡ ᗟȂॶӏф൵ֲЍႤѪӀȂබྻᢖӯਮᛝȄ


2012 ԑ 7 ТཱིࢇȂശࡣᐠོҧ፜ᙛཾԑ 2011 Ր 5 ѡ 10 џ EOI ೊӔྲ‫ڀ‬೚ߞ๴ֶȂᢰӎ‫ڽ‬ බ࣏࢝๏ࢧߞᐯӠϫԺϞϘԊዎዋȂ੾ငບ઻ᐯಎзᖢ ႋԧ֜Ԣᐯߞ๏ዋȂऎϞཪԧ֜ԢᐯߞೊӔᑫࣷᄱྐȂ ᒕ࿂ᗑᜭϞԧ‫ݙ‬Ђᐯణ୅Ȃߋۤᢰԧ֜ᐯӠԴ 2012 Ր 7 ѡྲ EOC ‫ڀ‬೚ᅁࣉࡈቍӹ PR Ӧ᎛Ȅ ಿ‫ݙ‬۹ߢᚚ྽ՐߞՀ഍ѹঋබ࣏ҞѽຜྐೊӔߞԢᐯ Ґ 5 жೊӔжዴȂҞѽԴӏ‫ڽ‬බ྽КኧҐឮߋϧȂԢ ੡ϵҞѽ՘?हᝯᑟᅹߞྻ৶ȂҞѽ‫ـ‬Ґਟ‫ݽ‬ᖔఀгҦ বႏᑟྻȄӤ‫ ݺ‬2011 Ր 7 ѡ 1 џ༟‫ܕ‬ᅁࣉྲߞೊӔӇ жȂᅆ‫ݺ‬Ϙৎᆕ 25 ࿐ߞᐯӠȂԢ੡ IELTS କւۖ 4 ৎ 7 ߞఐ޶ϭȂᘘ࣏ਮ 5 жߞೊӔжዴȂՂ‫ލ‬ഺৎ੡৏ҝ ᡝϭᚚ྽Ր (professional year)Ȃ‫ڤ‬ኃৎᐯӠබକᆕ‫ږ‬ 65 ߞྲೊӔ഼ჅжዴȄ

Ղ‫ލ‬ఋЫՐ 7 ѡಲ྽ȂЏ၃ᆕ 24 ࿐ȂԢ੡ఋះఀఋ କԴ൵ࠕ 1 Րаւҍ IELTS 4 ৎ 7ȇ Ղ‫ލ‬ఋЏ၃ಲ྽ȂЏ၃ቍӹ TR Ӧ᎛ȂԢ੡ఋះఀఋ କԴ൵ࠕ 1 Րаւҍ IELTS 4 ৎ 7ȇ Ղ‫ލ‬ఋྐঋԴ 2012 Ր 7 ѡ 1 џྲࣆࡈቍӹ PR Ӧ ᎛ȉ Ղ‫ލ‬ఋЙྐຜ 2012 Ր 7 ѡ 1 џ EOI ྲࣆ‫ݙ‬዆ᠩȉ Ղ‫ލ‬ఋ࣏ϯবԕҍߞԇ֣Ϙ᝷Ȃ᎛Йঋԓ઎໱੡༡ ϞȂ੡༡Џ၃ࠧ௱ᇦঝ஧Ȋቁ‫أ‬Ӧ᎛Ϙৎᚚ྽Ր᎝຀Ȃ ഺዹЖକፁ࠲ְেକԴ 2012 Ր 7 ѡ 1 џྲࣆࡈᆕ‫ږ‬ 65 жߞೊӔжዴԢ੡ቍӹְেߞ PR Ӧ᎛Ȅ

p.16!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

୫ᅆ 2012 Ր 7 ѡߞྲࣆȂNAVITAS ӫࡈ෩‫ ߞڻ‬6 ѡ 252ȁ 27.05.2011

஼ҭᓱ๴‫ڏ‬Ϡ॰ដࠦࠑӯȂऎ་Ϙَᅆҭ஥ᝯзߞய ᛟ་֖੶ನж‫ޘ‬ȂԒԢ‫۝‬஥ႋٙߞᓱ‫ޱ‬ȄЫࢢ௟ា᠈ሃ ҭ஥ҡ༟ਲ਼᎘ྻȂᡘۤҭ஥ߞྍ‫ڍ‬Ȅ ՁሲȂȶ‫د‬ഺৎஇ‫؛ޱ‬՘ۘ࢘Ȃ഼Ⴥҡ༟ഺዹߞਲ਼᎘ ྻ‫ׅڽ‬ϧऎҭ஥వዎႋ᝱ȷȄ 5 ѡ 19 џȂ஼ҭᓱգᝯ؊ྻԢहᝯൊࠝሃҭԋᗑȃҭ ᣉЍ྽ᗁྻ঑യϠԴ‫ڴ‬ᗝ֖Ϟਲ਼᎘ྻȂබҭ஥ᝯзߞϿ Գ‫ڹ‬ӡȃઔᝯȃກசȃᓉႤȃϠ‫ڗ‬Չԑȃߋᇑႋٙຈய ᛟ་֖Ϟሲ‫ށ‬Ȃ෩ҍϞႋٙயᛟߞࢥႮ۶ᓱ‫ޱ‬Ȅ ॰ដࠦࠑӯȂ஼ҭᓱ௟ྻ੩ব԰ᚬҭ஥ߞգᝯ࢙‫ڏ‬Ȃ Ыࢢ௟ា᠈‫د‬ഺৎஇ‫؛ޱ‬՘ۘ࢘Ȅ

ࢳ໽ਟॳኸᘗσߝ۸ҡ‫׬‬ȃ౾ॷ࣢༈‫ڧ‬৛ ҭᣉࣲ༼ਫ਼‫ڰ‬ԆলዷᙖЂȂޯфұϩԺਛዄ஥Ȃत ֌ാߢԩߞܷࠜӠ‫ث‬ȃಽশडϵཇҍᆷ֬ᘉ໴Ϟயᛟ১ ਫ਼ȂᅆթᎎӠ၌ঋِԳўඏ֜ቁ‫݀ࡈأ‬ϞႋȂҒࣁҾழ ༼ࡡȃാᛆ༼ਫ਼ܸൌૼϢፊࣤፑඛȂᎎӠ၌௻ᎠҪঋಯ ࡡ‫ڹ‬ӡ࣒֩гҦӠಯߞ୓༳ᐗȂϘࢠԐ֖԰՜ȂࠕงҐ ௻ᕭࣤȂӏ‫ڽ‬ഢᄑѽ௞੯ўՑ‫ܠ‬งᕭᢚȄ ࣲ༼ਫ਼‫ڰ‬Ԇ๘ՂᆋൠಧଠȂ֌ЫЏ၃԰՜бϩေԆ ༼ਫ਼ȃ‫ی‬ေԺгѝ‫ލ‬ᛂሃ‫ލ‬ӗ૰ȂӔಿ൙᠈ଡ଼റȂੲᑂ ঴ࡡ᜽ߏᇒನ؊෠෪൵ྲፊࣤୈਿȂҒ‫ྲף‬ҔҾܷࠜӠ ‫ث‬ȃҭКҾಽশडȃྲҔҾാᛆ༼ਫ਼ܸᘿମႽຈȂൌᆷ ֬ᘉ໴யᛟ১ਫ਼Ȅ யᛟ୓༳ᐗলዷᙖЂȂ‫ۦ‬዆ᠩዄ஥໸‫ڽ‬໸ԺȂ঴ࡡ᜽ ߏᇒನ؊ೡࠜ፽౿ঐ௻ᎠԳўᎎӠ؊ࢺ᠈ୠࣤ১ਫ਼ሃಯ ࡡࣹԨȂҪঋ‫ڹ‬ӡ࣒֩୓༳ᐗȂ‫ے׈‬ϭࣛȄȶፊࣤϘ‫ܠ‬ ࣏ԑবፊࣤȂഺ࣏Ϙৎ১ࡋ࢝‫ށ‬ፁȂҪঋ‫ڹ‬ӡ࣒ۖ֩ഺ ৎᝥߞ୓༳ᐗߞ‫ݙ‬գಯࡡȂබ࣏ϭࣛ԰՜Ȅȷ ЙҪ஼аȂயᛟ୓༳ᐗሃҞᆷಯࡡҞକᓮۖ‫ێ‬ҁ஼ ਛȂЏ၃ജᎎӠ၌ԕऎతϭ‫ڽ‬ୠࣤদᙇȄ

֔භဎȈ‫ؠ‬౩ҥՌϏࣼω ҭᣉ֖ࣆ୰ࠜ‫ד‬෶၍ 24 џࢽҍȂேࣆ 3 Ր‫ڽ‬ȂҭᣉԴ ԧৎታாൌգЙᓾࠑ಩ȂփѷȂ஼ҳԧᑟᅹᅆҭᣉߞԧ ༵ໞኊൌ࣏ࢺӒবȃԧ༵ዴᑂȃԩըϵ෩୼ϞȂҳ஼Ϡ ऻҭᣉ࣏࢝գ‫כ‬єϧȂȶٟգನӤ֋ЎऻЈȷȄ ‫ד‬෶၍ҍਯȶሃ஥धታഞਲ਼᎘ྻȷ७ໟ੡ȂஇϞϯগ ࠑӯȂᅆЍ஥ԋ྽धᝯзߞ௄ӎЍႤயᛟȂ‫ד‬෶၍ᘵ๒ ௻ᎠȂգᝯ௄ӎЍႤ࣏Ӥ௄ӎЍႤ኶៉܎৶ྻ୅ᎢȂҁ Й‫ܢ‬ໞᎢȂ࣏֭ȂҁϵሲȂൻ܎ྻѹ܎ѳՂӛሮऎᕕႍ ᎠȂփѷ֌ьঋᎠ 3%Ȃ‫ڏ‬ϭНྍȂ࣏ҁЙхᅆѳՂӛߞ ྐ‫ޱ‬Ȅ ‫ד‬෶၍ሲȂ114 ৎ஼ਛऎЦኃྻຜҭᣉֺᜪᝋȉನӤ գϬȂϘ࣏පྰȂϟ࣏ࠫԇȂϬ࣏ᡌࠓȄ֌‫ݺ‬џӎ‫ࢢ٭‬ ग़஼௟ग़ᄋዶᏏҭᣉȂȶഺࠑӯҭᣉ࣏ՉԑߞȄȷ‫ݙ‬ѽ ంԧўবব‫ऻڽ‬Ȃȶҳ஼Ϡऻҭᣉ࣏࢝գ‫כ‬єϧߞȂٟ գನӤ֋ЎऻЈȄȷ Sunnybank Head Office Tel: 61-7-3423 7577 Suite 111, Level 1, Times Square 250 McCullough St, Sunnybank Brisbane Q 4109 Australia

21 џȂ6 ѡ 27 џȂ7 ѡ 19 џ۶ 8 ѡ 2 џ༟᎝ߞᚚ ྽Ր᎝຀ൌକԴ 2012 Ր 7 ѡНࡈಲ྽ȂᐯӠҞѽԴ 2012 Ր 7 ѡྲࣆࡈቍӹ PR Ӧ᎛Ȅ ԧ֜Ԣᐯ᎛‫ع‬ᇦ൵ࢢߞϢᐯᑟྻȂߋۤԴ 2012 Ր 7 ѡࡈቍӹְেߞ PR Ӧ᎛ȊԢ੡ NAVITAS Դ‫ا‬ে੾ငບ ઻ᐯϵ༟നϞԺඞᐯӠব᎘ྻȂ಩ඞӦ᎛ҞֺӦ᎛໱Ȃ ֜၉գনȂ੡༡ᇦঝȂി࢘ᗑᜭ੾ငບ઻ᐯԧЂᓱг ࢈Ȋ

ਿ࿅๛ఀ‫ى‬ᐠᄺ஠Ѕਢ‫੼ཱི؁‬ᏰಋҕၥଉȂӨ՝ ҧ፜‫ཱޱ‬፜ᜰ‫ݧ‬ȄԃԤӈդϚ၌Ȃ፜ᓍਢᖒᛮਿ ࿅๛ఀ‫ى‬ᐠᄺӨσᒲϴࡉȄਿ࿅๛‫ޟ‬டড়஠оശ டཾ‫ޟ‬ᄘ࡙Ȃሴ૞ௌඡණӑᐠȂሴӑҐ‫پ‬Ȋ (ӎћൢߍᡋᙩ੾ငບి‫ڈ‬༰ᄥ‫ݙ‬գȂЙఀ‫֋ټ‬ᚼႶȃ‫ب‬ᔂ)

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


ʑߡ㉐లఱⅶㅽʶ㈀⫏⤻ Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Brisbane ᎹҀ㠰඼ੲᖂሴ‫ٱ‬৘σҳَོѕ‫ٵ‬౪фΡМϽ ៏۶Ҟࢺ᠈๴ਣȄ ༈ኬԤ३ϴѧᖂင౩Ҥ࡚๼ 2011 Ր 5 ѡ 20 џȂ ᏸҿ㡯෻઱ᗁታ‫ڰ‬ਗЂ Ӳྻ‫ڍ‬Ҕ‫ڴ‬಩҃Ϡћм ཇያգনгҦᗁ၃ನӣ ࢙ົȂኂ஖ᎎ໛Ⴄୈሂ ᏸᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬঵ਯୃ߰࿅ ઔᣀȃᑫົཇණၭ‫ࠜڰ‬ ኒ‫ົٽ‬ຈྻ‫ڍ‬੡Դਲ਼Ȅ ӣ࢙ົᗁ၃ನᚎঋЬ ೜ᓶᄾࠁᗡህᄥ “Ӑ҃ ऱ࢓” ነӫ 6 ѡ‫ڽ‬ҿ㡯 ෻઱་֖ԑᑫ঵ᆊߞࡈ งឯ൯ȃࢆཇȃೈசຈ ఐ޶Ȅӣᗁ၃ನሲȂ“Ӑ ҃ऱ࢓” ༵ӫԴᑫᆊҍ‫ظ‬ႤᗁᛝႿ 1,400 ေϠӔᅋȂᆊ ৶ୱਟऎ 60 ϠȄ֯ऎᑫЂ‫“ ڲ׀‬К஼ћмՐ” Դ‫ݿ‬Ѐ ᠋ߞ঵ᆊ༵ӫȂ“Ӑ҃ऱ࢓” Ӥ዇஼௞ਛం֘ўᣍಿ‫ڎ‬ ࢘་֖ᇟѕന঍۶፠వȂहࠫϘ‫ྻܠ‬ఀۖ‫ݿ‬ՍӔಿߞᡌ ࠓȄӣᗁ၃ನሲȂӫࡈȂ“Ӑ҃ऱ࢓” ነӫԴ‫ݿ‬Սߞࢆ ཇ۶ழೈఐ޶‫ډ‬ՀȂᡌࠓਗᗁфᗁታᔡ‫ܡ‬৶‫ܨ‬੡ۖ಩ඞ ᣍऻȄ ਗЂӲᗁታ‫ڰ‬ᡌࠓ “Ӑ҃ऱ࢓” Դ‫ݿ‬Սᗝ֖঵ᆊȂᣙ ᎫҔ‫ڴ‬಩҃ϠћмཇያգনгҦ֯ऎ‫ݚ‬ᓱඏ֜ऎᆊҍ༶ ‫׀‬ᗝ֖‫ݙ‬இদঋ‫ׅ‬ϧȄਗЂӲᗁታ‫ڰ‬ሲȂԴЫՐϯҗՐ Ⴅዉ‫ޒ‬ѹਯ՘ґണᑫȃᑫᗁನԠ‫ݛ‬዇՘ґണົȃКᑫᝯ ࠼ਣ಩ࡎࡎӠᑟѽфԴᑫᗝ֖ “К஼ћмՐ”ȃԑᑫົ Ϡ॔݇ “‫ڙ‬ӻভ‫ ”ۻ‬պՐߞЂ०฀ϭȂ“Ӑ҃ऱ࢓” ‫ڽ‬ ҿ㡯෻઱ᗝ֖঵ᆊ‫ۍ‬գᑢҫ۶಩ᅁߞদঋྍ၍ȄਗЂӲ ᗁታ‫ྏڰ‬ᘁӣᗁ၃ನᘛ᎛ᗁታᔡ‫ܡ‬৶ࡈ݀ᣍᎫȂ‫ڭ‬ჰૡ “Ӑ҃ऱ࢓” ᆊҍۤఀ՘ґȄ


ᏸҿ㡯෻઱ᗁታᔡ၃஥࢈࿅‫ڝ‬ჩታ‫ڰ‬ȃК஼༳ቚႤ࿚ գনгҦே֖ၭ‫ڰ‬࿅ᑨћфᗁ၃ನԠฑȆ‫܃ֹړ‬ȃၭ‫ڰ‬ 㡯ླྀȆᜲ෻Ӏ੾ҍਯϞྻ‫ڍ‬Ȅ

ᎹҀ㠰඼ੲᖂሴᓢᖞᒲྞЬᏢ‫ٺ‬Ңஉଋ 3 ѡ 24 џȂᏸҿ㡯෻઱ᗁታᔡೡᚐԑᢜᔡ৶۶ਛ៳ ணҐ࿝ѫᐡߢᝊ۶‫ڹ‬ӡў‫ޱ‬ை୊Ȃ‫ڭ‬ᢰЂਛᓐ֋ஜјᑆ ֯࿝ѫᐡȄ թࡈȂᗁታᔡЏᅆᓱг۶г඲ጁ་֖Ϟԑবӡცӡѫ ՉԑᕭࣤȂഺըை୊Й཈ኧ௻Ϟᔡ৶ߞઐ‫ڨ‬ՉԑྍᝊȂ ϵҐ௻Ϟѫఐ๴ӠࢢߞᕕᅆକϧȄ

ѴҺഋีِΡ࠺࿊൷! “छӵᇃ‫ࠉ ”ོڞ‬౩‫ٱ‬к ৰΫᆂ঱Ԥᜰਖ਼ᇃᒿᇲِ፣๎଄‫ޱ‬୰ யȈᐃൢၾȂРࠉȂ“छӵᇃ‫ࠉ ”ོڞ‬౩‫ٱ‬кৰΫᆂ঱ ӵ࢚ंଆོΰᆎȂϛ๼Ρҕӓ‫୽ڷ‬ಛ‫ݽ‬σചȂϚ ૖֏ۡ! “ϛ๼ҕ୽” Ռ! 1912 ԑо‫៉ࡻپ‬Ԇӵ‫ٱޟ‬ ᄂȇषѕ‫ٵ‬᜹ཎ௥‫ڧ‬ȂछኵΪԑࠉඪю‫ڍ“!ޟ‬এϛ ୽” ྅‫܈‬џоᎌҢܻ‫۬ڍ‬ᜰ߽Ȅ፜୰ձᄇԪԤդຟ ፣ȉ ຍȈѵधϯҪգϘৎК஼Ȃሂᣉ࣏К஼ታϿߞϘൊԊȄ ഺ࣏К஼ࣆܹԴሂᣉயᛟϯߞϘരȃ‫ށ‬ፁӲඞȂϵ ࣏Ғࣁग़஼Դаߞ஼ቫߤྻгሮߞ‫ڰ‬ᅁȄ‫ا‬েிٙ хᅆग़஼ࣙ‫ڱ‬Ϡ๑໛ࢉᣍ‫ڰ‬ᅁȃჁхϘৎК஼১ࡋ ߞ‫֖ڏ‬Ȅ

ѴҺഋีِΡ࠺࿊ᖞ՗‫ٽ‬՗଄‫ོޱ‬ யȈዉ࿗ߖР‫ؚۡ‬஠ఄց‫ٳ‬ᖂಛБؓᅭ้ࢇ‫ۺ‬ଽۢёΣ ‫ڙ‬ຘӪ൐ȄϛПᄇԪԤդຟ፣ȉ ຍȈృ‫࣏ڲ׀‬К‫ތ‬Գ஡ߞদঋ஼ਛȄКўሮऎȂிࢺ഼ Ⴥࣆ޼ᅆ႖мႋаൊж‫ޡ‬Ȃ࠲ࢺ஼ਛᜦ‫ܠ‬Ȃᇯ᠕К ‫ތ‬Գ஡ߞᗁᢜᜦ‫ܠ‬ሃՉԑȂ࣏‫؁‬ຠ഍ನညࡈృ‫ڲ׀‬ ؊ཕߞӒፁўԨ۶ѹঋ൉ਸ਼Ȅ ృ‫ߞڲ׀‬ӏ‫ڽ‬ҪକӤృ‫ڲ׀‬ϠӔ֋ѹٙ‫ܠ‬ȂЙᕕ ‫ۖۦ‬ҳൊ྅ઘȄ‫ا‬েౕؓ஼ቫߤྻា᠈ऎթ๴෭࢙ ന‫֯ݑ‬ӡȄȄ யȈᐃൢၾȂ෉ᘀሴᏲΡߜғРғӵϛ୽೤୰Ȅ፜ᜌ ᄂȄ ຍȈКจϘߡ࠲ࢺ຾୼ኸТണȂКўѹᇒൊࠝ௟Ꮛ੡๴ ֶգᝯઐਿȄ யȈߖРȂΙ‫୽ٲ‬ড়ϐ໠ۖ‫׽‬ᡐᄇցШ‫ٳ‬Іᄇࣂ‫ޟ‬ҳ ൟȂ߼ᛳ඼ȃπՆ‫୽้ڏ‬഍ᇄց! “୽ড়ႆ෮‫ۏ‬ষ ོ” ໌՗Ο௥ញȄϛП࢐֏ζԤԪ҈ᆗȉѪѴȂϛ Пԃդຟቋछᖂಛ༹Б଻ߖРีߒ‫ޟ‬ϛ‫๊ࢇݍ‬ᅋ ᖿȉ


ຍȈКўԴ‫׀‬ѧ‫ڲ‬யᛟϯߞӲඞ࣏‫ށ‬ፁߞȄ‫ا‬েපদ‫׀‬ ѧ‫ڲ‬ϠӔߞᓴᑄȂњ෯഼Ⴥᅆ႖ຈࣆ޼јࣱႋٙည ࡈԟᑟȄКўౕؓ‫׀‬؊ཕᆽ‫෇ࢭأ‬ᜦ‫ܠ‬ȂК‫׀‬уՀ ᝯ࠼ា᠈Ԩࡈ๴ਣȄ ᝯ‫ݺ‬೐ϟৎயᛟȂКўަྍۖգᝯᗾ႖Ȅ‫ا‬েሮ ऎȂညசНࢧ࣏ঋᆽ‫ڲ֘෇ࢭأ‬ҔࠧԳ஡؊ཕᜦ ‫ܠ‬Ȃ഼Ⴥ᎘ֿຈ۶ӀўՑႋٙж‫ޡ‬Ȅ‫ا‬েౕؓ஼ቫ ߤྻԺஇឍ۶࠳᎘Ѝ֯Ȃయஜѐѽ՝џ෇᎘Ȃ࠳་ К‫ތ‬۶Ӏ་຀Ԩࡈ๴ਣȂऎᅁ಩Գ஡۶Ӏᜦ‫ܠ‬๴෭ ᒕ࿂۶࢙ന‫֯ݑ‬ӡȄ

5 ѡ 13 џȂᏸҿ㡯෻઱ᗁታ‫ڰ‬ਗЂӲൾЀྻ‫ڍ‬Ϟ༳ ࡑቚ྽Ȟ༰ᄥȟգনгҦࢁ‫ົؠ‬஘ᗁ၃ನȄ ਗᗁԴᡘۤϞ༳ࡑቚ྽൵ྲ྽ச་ਣఐ޶བྷඡНࢢȂ ҇жߺ‫ܠ‬༳ࡑቚ྽ᒕ࿂ᠩᕕ஼ਛ “‫ڕ‬ҍҝ” ᐼರȃԴ‫ݿ‬ Ս༟ਣቚ྽‫ظ‬ႤԪ֯ȄਗᗁࢽҍȂК‫ݿ‬၃ᕻգႵ௻ߞТ ႃ‫ݑ‬ȂК‫ݿ‬ԋ྽බቚឩഺϘদঋႤ࿚༟ਣ‫ظ‬ႤԪ֯Ȃգ ‫࠲ݺ׀‬ቪ‫ا‬၃ᕻ๴ਣ‫ݙ‬ቮߞቚឩႤ࿚Ȃϵᅆ‫ݿ‬Սߞබ྽ ۶၃ᕻ๴ਣգ຾ᒕ࿂ߞњ෯֯ӡȄਗᗁ௻ᎠȂК‫ݿ‬ԋ྽ Դ༟ਣ‫ظ‬ႤԪ֯КȂЙ֭ঋদ໛ԋ྽၃ᕻੜૈȂ‫ـ‬ঋদ ໛ᖖᄩ࠲᠕۶ߤྻയԇߞኹ֖Ȃᅁ಩‫ظ‬ႤԪ֯ߞТ‫׀‬Ԓ

Ҁ㠰඼ੲϛ୽᛫ᜌҧ፜݈୛ϛЖ ҧ፜ϛ୽ල೽᛫ᜌȂҒࣁ ‫ݙ‬գ੠ႼȃణᓐᜪᝋȞLȟȃ஥சണயᜪᝋȞFȟȃ ᐯ೫ᜪᝋȞXȟȃЍ֯ᜪᝋȞZȟȃჅᄩᜪᝋȞGȟȃ ষசᜪᝋȞCȟȃୃ߰ᜪᝋȞJȟ۶!‫ܧܠ‬ᜪᝋȞDȟȄ

፜өϛЖሎҺҧ፜؅ਟ ϛЖ஠ࡸϴշ‫ޟ‬ቋਿөҧ፜Ρԝ‫݈ڥ‬୛າҢ ਢ ໢Ȉϯо 9 ᙇ֌ϭо 3 ᙇ ϛЖӴ֭ȈLevel 4, 140 Ann Street, BrisbaneȂQld 4000ȁȁ Ⴋ ၗȈ+61-7-30316300 ༈ ઍȈ+61-7-32219388 ໏சӴ֭Ȉȁȁ Ⴋυ߬጑Ȉbnecenter@visaforchina.orgȁȁ ໏சҧ፜߬጑ȈP.O. Box 12545, George Street, QLD 4003

யȈ‫ۺࢇ୽ݲ‬ᆎϛПЛධ‫ݲ‬଒ߝ‫ܜ‬ёኈᝯᒵ୽ሬೲᄌஅ ߜಢᙑᖂຘȄ፜ᜌᄂȄ ຍȈКўѹᇒൊࠝ঑യϠϯ۹බ஼ቫറᅋ௄ࠛೡᚐᗁ ໗Ϡᓴயᛟ֯ҍϞ԰ᕕȄ‫ۍ‬ᢜயᛟ᎛ԨѹᇒൊࠝႬ ་Ȅ யȈձতϗᇳϛП‫ה‬ఖ௰ଢ଼БоԞРඈፙȂϛПᇯ࣏ᔖ ӵդஅᙃΰᄂ౪ඈፙȉ ຍȈКўϘരѹ௺ѽ֒ԕᕕࢷ࿰ᗑԪ஼գᝯٙ៉ഢ‫ܠ‬Ȃ ᅣҍ! 1967 Ր೐ϬըК‫ތ‬ᐼߋК֫ታߞࠠ‫ֱݛ‬ታ ϿȂѐѽᛕў഼Ⴥ۶Ӏ᎘ֿ‫؁‬ຠႋٙ᝝धф‫ێ‬ҁய ᛟȂ൵ೣᅁ಩ѐங෻‫܃‬யᛟߞгӒႋٙ۶ѐѽ‫ی‬஼ ۶ӀԒ഍Ȅ யȈछᔞᔨҏȆ‫ࡣิܜ‬Ȃϛ୽ࢇ‫ۺ‬ෆߒҰ!“೻࢐୽ሬІ ৼା‫ޟތ‬१ौ‫ٱ‬Ӈ‫ڷ‬ᑖྃ໌৤”ȄՄӵȮϛБᖒӫ ᖐ݂ȯϛȂϛПк஻Бஅ඼‫ޟۄ‬ᐿҳȃк᠌‫ڷ‬ሴπ ‫ׇ‬ᐌᔖு‫ڗ‬൵१ȄϛП‫ޟ‬ҳൟ࢐֏ࣺϣҭࣽȉ ຍȈ‫ا‬েԴх਻யᛟϯߞӲඞ࣏Ϙരߞȃ‫ށ‬ፁߞȄѐ௄ ෻‫ڲࡑ࣏܃‬দঋ஼ਛȂऎ஼ቫх਻୽ߋ֯ҍϞদঋ ୒ឥȂ஼ቫߤྻᕕПѽѐ‫ـ‬Ժನႋ۶њ෯Ȅѐ௄෻ ‫ߞ܃‬ᜦ‫ܠ‬ȃ๴ਣሃࡑ‫ڲ‬Գ஡ߞ۶Ӏᜦ‫ܠ‬ਿਿहᝯȄ ‫ا‬েњ෯஼ቫߤྻԴх਻யᛟϯា᠈Ґ௻Ԫ֯ȂԢ ੡ԧ஼ߞᑾӲȃѹᡋ۶ታϿ؆ᑋᕕఀۖзᅁපদȄ யȈᐃൢၾȂϛПᄇѴᜌᄂ෉ᘀሴᏲΡғӵ೤๼Ȃ‫ٮ‬ᆎ ‫ڏ‬Ԫ೤Ҭ‫࢐ޟ‬Ο၌‫ٮ‬অᠧϛ୽‫ޟ‬ငᔼี৤Ȅձ૖֏

p.18!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

252ȁ 27.05.2011

ᜌᄂȉΰ໊ґȂБஅ඼‫୽ۄ‬٩ഋߝߒҰȂБஅ඼‫ۄ‬ ‫ה‬ఖϛПӵ‫ڏ‬Ҟႀᅭ෫࡚ҳ੕ॖஅӴȄϛПᄇԪԤ դӱᔖȉ ຍȈᝯ‫ا‬েੲᑂᅚ‫ڼ‬۶ᅆ‫ڽ‬ണ஼ߞපদȂՉవҳ஼ታᐱ Ϡണົहᝯ‫ܢڰ‬Ȅ Кจ࣏уՀᏐ‫ڣ‬Ȃា᠈Ꮾ‫۽‬۶๴ਣКจမᏐуՀ Ԫ֯ᝯ࠼࣏К஼៨۶ࣆܹி‫ܠ‬Йೊߞў୫Ȅ‫ا‬ে᝸ ሃจўԒԢ‫ׅ‬ϧȂయஜ‫ی‬஼ᝯ࠼ࢺ᠈ȃஉ௵ȃࠜง ๴ਣȂൄᇊ‫ی‬஼۶‫ی‬஼ϠӔȂᇯ᠕Գ஡ߞ۶Ӏሃᜦ ‫ܠ‬Ȅ Кѐ࣏ཇ೚уՀᏐ‫ڣ‬Ȃ‫ی‬஼Դԧታா༟ਣዃ޾Ԫ ֯Ȅ֌‫ְݺ‬෩ۖߞ‫ۍ‬ᢜԪ༵֯ӫȂ‫ا‬ٟգᡘሲჅȄ ࠜงѽ‫ڽ‬ȂКўԴϧ‫ݙ‬କфߞ॰ඛаԨѐ௄෻‫܃‬ ෩‫ڻ‬෯ׄȂӫߞ࣏ᕒׄѐ‫ؼ‬ຠӔӠ۶࠳་၃ᕻߤྻ ๴ਣȄКўЫࢢྻា᠈ഺዹஇȄ யȈϛП࢐֏Ճኌө෉ᘀඪ‫؁ټ‬ӻධօȉ ຍȈԺՐ‫ڽ‬ȂКўԴϧ‫ݙ‬କфߞፑඛаԨจᘿ෩‫ڻ‬ϞϘ ‫ڱ‬ᕒׄȂӫߞ࣏ᕒׄจᘿ‫ؼ‬ຠӔӠȃ๴ਣ၃ᕻȄ‫ا‬ েϵњ෯஼ቫߤྻԴจᘿ༟ਣ෯༵ׄӫȄ யȈनᓆᔿкৰϲТ஠॓߼ᛳ඼ထ‫܄‬ுൣ೤୰ȂϛП঺ ‫ۢٲ‬ষ஠ᓍ՗ȉ ຍȈᝯ‫ݺ‬ϯԪೡᚐਪྻѽф‫ێ‬ҁՉవȂ‫ا‬েྻࢷᅚ‫ڼ‬Ꮛ ੡๴ҿઐਿȄ֌‫ݺ‬Кў৹‫ܡڱ‬৶௟ᔌ֖Ȃ‫ا‬েྻԴ ᔌࢢߞ‫י‬লྻϯ෩‫ـڻ‬ԺႤୈȄ யȈБஅ඼‫ۄ‬Ιॖ‫ٱ‬அӴᎏ᠛ᔞȂϛПϐ൷Ԫߒᄘᆎฒ ϛ୽ϴҕೝքࡻȂծБПᜌᄂᙽಋΟ! 11 Ӫϛ୽ϴ ҕȄձ૖֏ϭಝࣺᜰ௑‫ݷ‬ȉ ຍȈࠕџȂѐ௄෻‫ࡑ܃‬ൊϘক‫ڰ‬௄ԳᏎۖᡚᕝȄᑂ‫ݙا‬ ߢȂٟգК஼гӔԴ‫ڰ‬ԆКജ‫ࢺ׃‬Ȅְ෩ۖߞКў Ϡ৶࣏գᝯԋ྽‫ث‬ങϠ৶ȂҁেЏജՉԑᚼೊȄ யȈᐃൢၾȂӀਭѴߝᙡց‫ה‬ᆎᗜ፜ϛПடড়॓Ӏ୤ᢎ Ӏਯ೩ࢊȄϛПᄇԪԤդຟ፣ȉ ຍȈӿ੬ҳࠜᚠ‫ؓ׀‬ӫࡈԴົണயȂ࿅ጒ⼥ҳࠜԢҁ ᗝ֖Ϟྻ᎘ȄᛕўබಎмКӿᝯ࠼ȃӿ੬੮யᛟѽ фԒԢᝯѕߞ஼ቫ۶Գ஡யᛟӹ෱Ϟྍ‫ڍ‬ȄЫчϭ оȂК஼஼ਛታᐱϠϵ௟ྻ‫ڍ‬ҁȄ ᝯ‫ݺ‬ӿ੬ᘛ᎛Кў௞ਛணᣍӿ੮നࣉ‫ڰ‬Ȃ‫ا‬ে௟ ྻሮૌु‫ٿ‬ȄКўሮऎȂᅆ႖ሃ᎘ֿ࣏ඵِӿ੬੮ யᛟԑবȃࠜงȃ‫؁‬ຠႋٙߞӒፁ൉ਸ਼Ȅ‫ا‬েౕؓ ӿ੬ሃб஼ᆽ‫أ‬ᗝ֖ྲϘᏇᅆ႖Ȃ‫ا‬েϵᄁᔽӿ੬ ሃ஼ቫ১Єକᑟᅹ་ϘَҐ௻Ԫ֯Ȅ

ѴҺഋีِΡ࠺࿊൷ឃϝߡҀडӀӴୢፐए๎ ଄‫ޱ‬୰ யȈᐃൢၾȂឃϝࢇ‫ۺ‬ॖ‫ڷ‬ឃϝΡҕ၌ܹॖРࠉӵߡҀ डӀӴୢࡻ៉ҺЬȂҬࠉឃࢇ‫ۺ‬ॖϐ‫׾‬լߡӴୢ‫ٮ‬ ࡇշ၌ඹ࿋Ӵႆ෮ᆓ౩ᐠᄺȄϛПᄇԪԤդຟ፣ȉ ຍȈКўᅆࠕџԴែМࠠҿॠӿԳ஡๴Ӡߞᎏॎࠑӯᝯ ަȂౕؓែМҔࡑᛕўிࢺ۶ӀᓴᑄȂ࠲ࢺֹۘȂ ា᠈ԴТ᎗Тᢰ௄ᚂϯȂ഼Ⴥ᎘ֿ‫۝‬஥ႋٙ݃թж ‫ޡ‬ȂзᅁၢᅁȮԑব۶Ӏ‫៉۝‬ȯȄഺЙ཈գ‫ݺ׀‬ែ Мߞࢺϳ۶ӀȂϵգ‫׀‬Ϸᇯ᠕Գ஡ߞ۶Ӏሃᜦ‫ܠ‬Ȅ

ᎹҀ㠰඼ੲᖂሴ‫ٱ‬ᓢᖒᛮПԒ Ⴋ!ၗ! 3210 6509ɯ 206 ᒲᜌΡώᒚၚ 1 ᒲᜌᇭॱϛМᒚၚ 2 ᒲᜌᇭॱ़Мᒚၚ 200 ሴ‫߳ٱ‬៖ 200 ሴ‫ٱ‬ȃ჌୛ 227 ՗ࢇȃᙄᇽ 229 ࢇ‫ݽ‬ȃཱིᆸ 231 ఀ‫ى‬ 230 ऋ‫׬‬ȃМϽ 211 ୦୛ !൐!!!!!՝

ᒲϴӴ֭ ໏சӴ֭ ᖂሴᓢႫυ໏጑ ᖂሴᓢᆩ֭


61 7 3012 8096

61 7 3210 6517 61 7 3003 0668

Level 9, 79 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia PO Box 12126, George Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4003, Australia

ᜌӇཾ୛Ȟ᠕࿰ȃ ᜪᝋȃгᝋȃሮᝋ ຈȟᒲϴਢ໢

༉Ϙ֌༉У!9:00am-12:00 noon Ȟ཈নϯоȟ

ჃԟфϠ‫ڗ‬Չԑᇦࢧఐ޶ȂҞӇȈ0406 318 178

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


Ɇࣆܹ‫ظ‬Ⴄࣺ໭঍ᄑɇ௲‫ߞڽ‬ᑟჃ Ӥ‫ݺ‬ᑫЂ‫ߞݗ֝ڲ׀‬๺૿ȂᑫЂ‫ܹࣆڲ׀‬ҍሂġ “ࣆܹ‫ظ‬Ⴄ ࣺ໭঍ᄑ” ߞࣆຉȂऎ‫ظ‬Ⴄᑫࣷ‫ݗ‬ԳಯኧҐϞһЂߞፁ‫ݑܠ‬Ȅ գᝯ‫ظ‬ႤᑫЂ‫ݗڲ׀‬ԳಯգԺЂߞੜૈȉӎћ௟ᚎঋణ୅թ யᛟȂԨ‫ݗ‬Գಯ‫ظ‬Ⴄ߰Ь೜ҹપգߞᔹᙇȄ ԳಯϘߡ࣏ᑫЂ‫ߞڲ׀‬ѹঋ‫ظ‬ႤўՑȄᑂညԳ൵ᡋࢃߞ஥ ྽ᛔራġBRW Rich ҝՐߞᎠࣤᢖӯȈԴ‫އ‬சȃ਎ጄȃწழȃණ ᢜȃࠛᓉ‫ظ‬Ⴄѽф‫ݗ‬ԳಯຈಿԺ‫ظ‬ႤಯࡡКȂ‫ݗ‬Գಯߞ‫ظ‬Ⴄ ԰ඡ࣏൵୼ߞȂȮщ༧ԐᠭඡȯȞHerald Sunȟϵฅ௞ࠝዤ ћȮᑢҫᝋ‫ށ‬Գಯգࡈ฀ȯȂࢽҍᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬պԺՐԳಯُՐ Ӏ‫׮‬ϯᆚġ 9%Ȅэ‫࣏ێ‬Ϙ‫ڱ‬দᙇࡱҾȂ‫ݗ‬ኊኧിᢘϠȄԳಯ‫ظ‬ Ⴄԯփຜ‫ظ‬Ⴄ߰௲‫ڽ‬Ϟᚳࡓߞ԰ඡȄබ‫ظ‬ႤඏৎԳಯऻȂ‫ظ‬ Ⴄُ߰ՐҞᖔఀߞಐႤಯኧৃҞႿዴေȄ

ҍӠȄ࣏ϠϾኧࠜ൵‫ߞأ‬੡งȂႿۖġ 2.94%ȄҩҳȂਛਲߞ ഢጀЙᙝᖺЈȂঋ‫ـ‬Ժߞ‫࢏ݗ‬ᆕ‫ږ‬ਛਲЈ࡭мѽфᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬ ϠϾց៬мຈԯ૵ᐱ७ϞᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬ӏ‫ڻߞ࢏ݗڽ‬ЙᕕِȄੲ ᑂ೚঍֤঍Ȃۖġ 2013 Րᑫࣷ௟ҍ಩ġ 213,000 ਇ‫࢏ݗ‬๺૿Ȅ 2008 Րġ 7 ѡġ 24 џȂᑫࣷ୑ࣆൊࠜ۶‫࢏ݗ‬ൊࠜᗑԪయҍ஼ਛ Ҟ঑ᑉ૧‫ݗ‬঍ᄑȂ2008 Րġ 11 ѡ഼Ⴥ‫؛ڭ‬՘‫ࢠޱ‬Ȅթ঍ᄑ഼ ჅࣆُܹՐຜ‫ݗ‬ಯ‫ظ‬ႤϠႃ໭ࠛ‫ڽ‬ᄁᔽ‫ظ‬ႤȂႃ໭ࣆຉ࣏Ӥ ᗑ‫ڣ‬۶Սࣆܹ‫ݚ‬ᑉߞȂࠕՐᗑ‫ݚܹࣆڣ‬ᑉġ $6,855Ȃ‫ݿ‬Ѐ᠋Ս ࣆܹ‫ݚ‬ᑉġ$2,285ȂԪ঍ऎġ$9,140Ȃ‫ێ‬ႃ໭ᔌઐ໱ኊ੾ࢽዴُ ՐஇҍहᕕߞᎠᑋȄࣆܹߞႃ໭࣏෩‫ڻ‬ຜ‫ظ‬Ⴄ߰ӎϠȂփѷ ࣏؆ԑֺກߞ՜ϢȄփѷȂ‫ظ‬ႤϠ഼Ⴥ‫ظ‬Ⴄ഼Ⴥࣆܹ኶੮ߞ ‫ݗ‬ಯ௞੯ȂЙ཈Ҟѽ‫ۦڳ‬Ϙଠ‫ݗ‬ಯ‫ظ‬Ⴄᕕఀߞ԰ඡȂᘘҞ‫ڳ‬ ‫ظܹࣆ“ ۦ‬Ⴄࣺ໭঍ᄑ” ௲‫ߞڽ‬ᔹ෎Ȅ

ԯթȂຕԪᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬Ⴥҝ‫ݗ‬ಯኧࠜߞᑢҫȂࣆܹЏ၃యҍ ᑫࣷԴġ 2008 Ր၃ᑢϞϘըġ 235,800 ϠߞೊӔᑬኧ੡งфġ 27 Ր‫ڽ‬൵ЂߞϘըྲӠ‫ۊ‬ኧࠜȂգġ 295,000 ৎᕈ‫ۊ‬ġ 2008 Ր ߞ “ࣆܹ‫ظ‬Ⴄࣺ໭঍ᄑ” ѽфᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬ԳಯҾඞӏ‫ߞڽ‬ቮِȂ

ŊųŰůŧŪŴũ ŃųŪŴţŢůŦ ŐŧŧŪŤŦġዤፇ

๑ᆷࠑ‫ށ‬ӫࡈӒ࣏‫ظ‬Ⴄ߰ᅆᑫࣷ‫ݗ‬ಯ‫ظ‬Ⴄߞທ‫ڸ‬ᑟྻġ —— ႏ ྐሃࣆܹߞԪ֯Ȃ‫ڹ‬ӡ໹ֲߞ‫ظ‬Ⴄ՘ӎ‫ڽ‬൹ൄოᛝȃՉԑߞ ‫ظ‬Ⴄ՜ૈȄഺӒ࣏੡ϭ൵ຜϧȃ൵գ࠲ቪߞ७නўՑȄ

ԃ‫ݎ‬ௌᄇ೻এၗᚠཐᑹ፸‫ޟ‬ၗȂ᠍ߔௌள๿୰ᚠ ‫پ‬୤ё‫ר‬ঈ 6 Т 7 ဴȞ໊Πȟӵ Michael’s Oriental Function Centre ᖞᒲ‫ޟ‬ϛМᖿ৴ȂкᖿΡ࢐ Brisbane Ϸϴѧᖂင౩ Nicole Tam τρȂ ջາൢӪடጣȈ(07) 3166 0806 ‫ޱܖ‬ EmailȈ ፜ᜰ‫ݧ‬ᖿ৴ࣺᜰ၏௑ ԃ‫ݎ‬ௌԤӈդ‫ޟ‬ᅸ୰Ȃཎَ‫࡚ڷ‬ដȂζӣኺ᠍ߔௌ ᖒᛮ‫ר‬ঈȂཐᗂௌ‫ޟ‬ᜰЖ‫ڷ‬ЛධȂ‫ר‬ঈή෈ӔَȊ



5 ѡġ 18 џȂग़ដߞġ Southbank Rydges Hotel ϬৎЂ࡭Ժ ґକྻ៉ᣇаਲ਼๑ໍਯȂዴպԩКȃҳᡘಿኅᇸϘ௅ȂԒԢ ೮ᡘϞϘඞӤᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬ġ IRONFISH ‫ڲ‬щ‫ظ‬Ⴄ༰ᄥၭ‫ڰ‬ġ Grant Ryan ԐӠ۶‫ڲ‬щ༰ᄥҾඞᎠࣤु‫ٿ‬၃ನ Brendan Smith Ԑ Ӡ௲‫ߞڽ‬Գಯ‫ظ‬Ⴄᗾਲ਼ȄҞᓜ௞྽ж‫ޘ‬ȃ௻௻ᗑјȂᇟ௾૾ ‫ה‬ȂԴ᎜֜ᡘಿ༡є୓Ϟ࿂ЂߞхᠩȄ ഺըᗾਲ਼୵ϞᅆညЫҾඞ་֖ᡋࢃж‫ޘ‬ȃჰเȂЬ೜‫ڲ‬ щ༰ᄥપգߞ‫ݗ‬೒ೡԪ‫ظ‬ႤನᎢҳȂᘘપ‫־‬ᅆӫࡈࣆܹ་ ֖ߞ௄ᚂ࢙ന‫ؼ‬ൄ঍ᄑ෩‫ڻ‬Ϟ᎜ԺႤਫ਼Ȃж‫ޘ‬Ϟႍ஡ாంჅ ҝۖ಩ԴߞϠϾኧࠜ۶‫࢏ݗ‬ቮِߞᢏмఐ޶ȂంႤਫ਼ж‫ޘ‬ᄦ КჰเϞӏ‫ߞڽ‬ᘌཕȂэ‫࣏ێ‬ġ Bowen HillsȂࣆܹ ᅆ‫ێ‬ఀчᑾࡓߞԳನӹ഼Н࠮ȂంփӋႤϬϼေ ӡ‫ݺ‬ġ RNA ਣ᠓ྻਣ᚞‫࢙ؼ׬‬Ѝ຀Ȃᛁ୰ߞᙖ࢙Ȃ Clem7, Airport Link,ġ Northern bus way, Crossriver Railway ߞҍϢϾȂԯӫࡈġ CBD ϿԳߞຂ ૿Ȃ‫ݗ‬ኊȃ‫ݗ‬૧ߞᜆпȂࣆܹുَᚼೊ஥྽஡۶֝ Ո஡ȂంփิቅҾКѕӹ഼ߞᕅϧ۶૧‫ݗ‬Ҿඞߞᕅ ϧȄႍ஡Դӏ‫ڽ‬ġ10 Րߞ๴ਣྻ՘ऎ൵ࠕġCBD ߞ஥

྽КѕȂ௟ྻգϘ๫ᚙчஜԳߞᢏмȂ՘ऎُϘ֜ҿ㡯෻઱ ϠߞᡭཆȄ ጢఉ‫ڲ‬щ༰ᄥ७නನ݇ߞϠൌߢႽȂ੡༡බ࣏ࠛᓿȂႤୈ බ࣏୑න‫ڽ‬࿚ȂԴ೐Ϙ੡༡а෠෪೐ϘјߞୈਿᅆُϘ֜Ю ‫ݗ‬ಯ‫ظ‬Ⴄ߰ൌᢖఀэऎদঋȄᗾਲ਼КȂُϘ֜ᡘಿൌᖔఀϞ ‫ڲ‬щ༰ᄥҾඞᎠࣤु‫ٿ‬ൊஇҍߞ൵ྲҾඞж‫ޘ‬ඡ‫ט‬ȂЂਛൌ ѿ೟Ꮶᡝ຾Ⴄਫ਼ж‫ޘ‬ඡ‫ט‬Ȃգҍ֋‫ߞܹࣆݺ‬ඡ‫ט‬Ȃϵգҍ֋ ‫ݺ‬௞྽Ⴄਫ਼ж‫ޘ‬ᎠࣤгҦߞඡ‫ט‬Ȃऻ຾ഺ‫ڱ‬Ⴄਫ਼ж‫ޘ‬ȂЙူ ऎ‫ڲ‬щ༰ᄥߞࢉϠྏۖ୼ᒸȂԯऎҁেఀۖߞൌ࣏೐Ϙјߞ ఐඡȂᗁ࣏૭ԴҾඞߞႤୈࡈ޻Ȃሃ੡ৌ་ȄգϞ௻գϧߞ

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ж‫ޘ‬ඡ‫ט‬ȂԪ֯༟‫ݸ‬஥ӎ‫ߞڗ‬༯ࡓᅁϧȂࣆܹࠜቈ۹௜ߞࡱ ҾഢᄑȂहࠫఋߞ‫ݗ‬ಯ‫ظ‬ႤԴ‫ڲ‬щ༰ᄥߞ௞྽ᕒׄϭྻََ ऎ៏Ȋ

ᇄԙђΡρ࣏ӂȂᇄසኋΡҡᄇၗȂԃ‫ݎ‬ௌ Ԥӈդᒚၚȃཎَȃ࡚ដȂ᠍ߔௌᜰ‫ٳݧ‬Њ໱ ღ ᆩ ֭ w w w. i r o n fi s h . c o m . a u ‫ ܖ‬म Ⴋ ‫ ٳ‬Њ ໱ ღҀ㠰඼ੲϷϴѧ(07) 3166 0806 or Email Ȉ b r i s b a n e @ i r o n fi s h . c o m . a u ȁ ஀ ߬ ‫ ٳ‬Њ ໱ ღ ȞIronfishȟོӵௌ‫ޟ‬ΡҡȂ‫׹‬ၥਡแϛᇄௌឹЙࣺ բȂӔԩཐᗂௌ‫ޟ‬Лධ‫ڷ‬୤ᇄȊ

Viva ᨃ‫܃‬ኔ෼ኄუ Viva College Brisbane


2011 ᚌ༡

IELTS Superstar ᖂ‫س‬

Viva ංտᓰ࿓


˜˘˟˧˦ ‫ە‬ᇢᄷໂᓰ࿓ʳ ʻֲၴࡉ࡙ၴʼʳ˖˥˜˖ˢ˦ʳ˖̂˷˸ʳ˃ˉ˄˃ˇˌˠ

ࠡ‫ה‬ᚌ༡: x

x 11 +1 ֲၴ૎֮ᓰ࿓ᚌ༡ - A$ 240/ၜ* x ඡၴ૎֮ᓰ࿓ᚌ༡ – A$ 165/ၜ* *යٙૻࠫ

Viva College Australia Level 2, Queen Adelaide Building 90-112 Queen Street Mall Brisbane, QLD 4000

x x x x x

‫ڼ‬ᓰ࿓࠰‫ܗ‬ᄷໂ‫ڇ‬ᖾ੊༉ᦰՕᖂऱᖂ‫س‬ᛧ൓ԵᖂࢬᏁऱ ˜˘˟˧˦ ‫ګ‬ᜎΠʳ ‫֗א‬უ૞ሒࠩฤ‫ٽ‬ᖾ੊ฝ‫ࢬا‬Ꮑऱ૎֮࿓ ৫‫ع‬ᓮृˎ ‫ீء‬ኙ࠰‫ܗ‬ᖂ‫س‬ሒࠩ‫ה‬ଚ෻უऱ ˜˘˟˧˦ ‫ګ‬ᜎৰ‫ڶ‬ᆖ᧭ʿʳ ࢬ‫א‬ᖂ‫ەس‬ᇢ‫פګ‬෷ઌᅝ೏ˎ ᓰ࿓փ୲‫ץ‬ਔ‫ە‬ᠲ։࣫ʿʳ ‫ە‬ᇢᏁ‫ޣ‬ʿʳ ˜˘˟˧˦ ᑓᚵ‫ࡉە‬ᚨ‫ە‬ ‫ˎ؏ݾ‬ ᓰ࿓‫׌‬ଥઝ‫ە ˦˧˟˘˜ ސ׌ؾ‬ᇢᇙऱᦫʿʳᎅʿʳᦰʿʳࡉᐊຝٝˎ ၲᓰֲཚ: ‫ޢ‬ၜԫˎ Եᖂྒྷ᧭ˍʳ‫ޢ‬ၜԿʿʳՀ֑ ˆ រᄷழၲࡨʳʻᓮ༼‫ڰ‬ቃપʼΖ ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News

Tel: +61 7 3012 8269 Fax: +61 7 3012 8268 E-mail: Website:!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


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佳 最 ≠

仔 + 女

合 組 庭 家 早前,有育兒網站對逾 2,000對 育 有 兩 名 至 四 名 子 女的父母進行調查。網站要 求他們根據養育難度、相處 情況和整體行為等範疇為子 女評分。綜合結果後,調查員 發現最快樂的家庭通常擁有一對

唱的 告歌大 廣 會 家計 理。 ,香港 原來確有道 時 代 四 年 , 的一家 七八十 就夠晒數」 子 孩 有兩名 庭極力 「兩個 現,育 過,中國家 乎意 發 查 上調 。不 卻出 一項網 生活最愉快 「好」字, 來 的 。 口,原 仔一女湊成 佳組合 一 最 、 是 崇 推 料不

女兒。 數據顯示,育有兩女的父母在調查每 個環節都擁有較高分數,他們普遍認為孩子聽 話易教,鮮有爭吵,而且女兒踏入青青期後



Ȯҡࣀ௑ൢȯӒཱིᆩમϐငิൟȊ ᠍ߔᘲ។

ѐิኄ֙፜मႫ (07) 3252 8183 ‫!ܖ‬Йᐠ 0411 151 838 Angela Ԋพ‫ܜ‬

仍會跟父母傾訴心事,令家長不用擔憂。至 於湊得一個「好」字的家庭亦不錯,86%「 好父 母 」均 表 示 子女相處融洽, 容易理解,唯一 缺點是欠缺共同 興趣。而兩兄弟 則是好朋友好玩 伴,生活和諧, 美中不足是他們踏入青春期後很少與父母談 心。 不過,人人以為文靜優雅的「四千金」, 卻被父母視為最糟糕的災難。家長們表示,四 女共處一室,不單爭吵不休、難以管教,噪音 更是非比尋常,而且日常開支甚大。有三分一 「四千金」家長坦言,現時生活極之難熬。 雖然家家有本難唸的經,但62%父母始終 表示若有機會重新開始,他們仍會選擇同樣 的子女組合。可見每個孩子在父母心目中, 都是上天的恩賜。

理想子女組合排行榜 1) 2個女兒 2) 1子1女 3) 2個兒子 4) 3個女兒 5) 3個兒子 6) 4個兒子 7) 2女1子 8) 2子1女 9) 3子1女 10) 3女1子 11)2子2女 12)4個女兒

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ҐဖFbtzXbzȂ ᢰְቅ᛫൹྽Ȋ

ኵᷠᠠ㭈ચ᰽䰕ళᐨ㹱໭ᯋ୍䰕 ᒿ䂋㤓㣺䰕䊬ᷠⵀ६䰕⸺͏䁢സ ⲷ⚝䰕ཱྀ㤂㣺ଈ䰕᠍㞔΍ᢂఅᑂ ྱᤏᔂТ

̨ ࡷ Ẵ 䰊

ᷠ ᮶ ᬛ

〈⃻ᯂͳ♯⚀Ⴍ㌦㸮䄐䳔䳰䴂䴈䳦䳰䴈 ਤᯇೞ┪১୔䰕ͦᒡ⹖䚥䲻#⏺ଠ ⣯്ᤴ࢛䰣

ࠫᓥ ๕ ఀ ৃ ቫࡡ ߞ஼

NSW, ACT, SA- Michael 0425 838 227

ਘ໇ଠ⣯㦫㤼Ⓒ⺓䰣(02) 8339 1031 VIC, QLD, WA- Eddie 0430 858 518 㥉ᚖ⢠䂞䳉

⊊ൔʑᄽણዮ ૾ᓌ

ᭀ䇋䯕ϟѢᴀᑫ㔥义‫ݙ‬ᶹ䯙᳔ᮄSpecial Offers (Portside Hamilton). See online for our current special offers.

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ឌଉ Mansfield ཎყࡻడ՗ք 22 џ౎ϯ 8:00 ധȂϘԩࢺϥ‫ٷ‬Єᛐ་ Aminya Street Ϙ༡ᔠᣇȂࢃᕂϘԩЃᚚ৶ȂঋՁӹҍ಩ࠛȄЃ ᚚ৶Ђᗏ۲ඓȂϘԩ 57 ࿐‫ٷ‬ᚚ৶‫ڕ‬ҍ‫ڽ‬ȂႣϠᔌ‫ߩ׈‬ јୟᛓᔠᣇȄႣϠ‫୼ڗ‬ॗ 140 ᶔռȂ‫لڗ‬ጴࡇȂᑆᑫ ࣷϾরȂᕛϯག֒ᔝਇȂ्຾ག֒ാලਇ֗۶ག֒ԃ༢ ᓌȄ

Indooroopilly ᖃЬਰ 21 џ౎ϯॗ 11:00Ȃᇦࢧ‫އ‬ச഍తඡࢽ Moggill Road Ϙৎ‫ݗ‬Єጁϭ୓ѫȂઐ‫ڨ‬৶ቁۖ಩ඞ௟ѫዡᆪȂ֭ѫ់ Џᐱ७ጁՆទদྫ࿑Ȅ࢏ѹԴѫ់๴Ӡ੡ЙԴਛȂѫ់ К๑Ϡ‫ۦ‬ཋȄᎠࣤᢖӯȂգϠంϘৎ‫ݗ‬Єႆ๸‫ڕ‬Ϙ౧‫ژ‬ டȂԓ๸ҝࠢࠕϘᏃ٠‫ژ‬Ȅႍ‫ژ‬ᏃԴЙቈ഍ዠ‫ࢢژ‬ȂҦ ᑟғՓୟҝȂ់ў‫ۖر׈ڝ‬ႍ‫ژ‬ȂԓୠᅟҦᑟȂ൵ࢢ‫ݲ‬ ੏Ϙԩ 19 ࿐ඡ֝Indooroopilly ߞ‫ٷ‬ЄȂఠѽᗂѫȃ᜕ ᢄȃࠧ‫ڹޱ‬ӡ‫ژ‬Ꮓຈ။ԩȄ

༁ߜ੕۬Southportࡻడ՗ք 21 џ౎ϯॗ 8:00Ȃ‫ی‬ԩ‫ٷ‬Єᛐ་ Alicia Street Ϙ

ϸ଄ႄΰᆧࡨ‫ٱ‬௑ ፜҈ “000” ༡࠮‫ܸ׀‬Ȃ‫ێ‬КϘϠјࢺ᝷֬Ј‫ݹ‬ᔝߞߏᢜȂҩϘϠ ϵ֬ѼјࢺϘԆߏᢜȂ2ϠԨЃܸ৶૶ۤࠛᓿȄ‫ی‬ԩ‫ٷ‬ ЄۤఀϘຊ಩ࠛ۶Ϙ‫ڱ‬শ࿬ࢢȂਵَᛓ༟ȄЃܸ৶‫ۦ‬ ۖࢃᕂȂ֭‫ڭ‬๑‫ۦ‬ཋȄ೐ 1 ԩႣϠ‫୼ڗ‬ॗ 5 ‫ ׏‬6 ԦȂ ጴ‫لڗ‬Ȅ೐ 2 ԩႣϠ‫୼ڗ‬Й‫ ږ‬5 ‫׏‬Ȃ‫࡭ڗ‬೟ЈȄ‫ی‬Ϡ ‫्׮‬຾ག֒ਇ֗Ȃᔝᕛག֒ࢴලȂѽག֒ᔝਇላবȄ ‫ی‬Ϡ൵ࢢജऻ‫ڍ‬ంܸ⳴а໿ҍ‫ڽ‬Ȃहࠫ‫ڕࢢێ‬ϯࠢࠕ Ϙൊ٠‫ژ‬Ȃԓ༟‫ژ‬ୟҝȄ់ў၃ᎠࣤࢢȂ23 џϯо Դ Cleveland ‫ݲ‬੏Ϙԩ 20 ࿐‫ٷ‬ЄȂఠѽࢺౠ֖‫ߞ׃‬။ ԩȄ

New Farm ០ৢӎឣᘙ‫݇ޢ‬ᐠ 20 џ౎ϯॗ 7:15ȂϘൊߡ‫ކ‬ᑟԴ New Farm Ϙ௲ϯ ߩ঳֖੡ȂᑟਰऻۖϘႽᇥ֒ԍࢽԨߡ‫ކ‬ᑟȂ‫ࢢێ‬Ԩ់ ўඡ‫ט‬Ȅ់ў‫ݺ‬೩џ‫ݲ‬੏Ϙԩ 35 ࿐ඡ֝ New Farm ߞ ‫ٷ‬ЄȂఠѽӡ᠟ਡԍԟਚӹ഼Ѝ‫ۍ‬ՉԑႻ֯ߞ။ԩȄ

‫ࢸٳ‬டਰωಢȞAsian Specialist Unitȟ Ⴋၗ 3364 6200 ༈ઍ 3364 4254 Ⴋ໏ Springwood ߞ‫ٷ‬ЄജϠӡϥ൷ཋҽ຦Ȃ୙݀ Princess Alexander ᛁ୰ా޼Ȅ់ўۖඞ‫ݲ‬੏Ϙԩ 28 ࿐ඡ֝ Algester ߞ‫ٷ‬ЄȂఠѽࠧ‫ޱ‬ཋϠ۶ᇒգϥ‫ߞۍ‬။ԩȄ

༁ߜ੕۬ Helensvale ኸΨ཭ք 20 џϯоॗ 11:10ȂϘԩ 38 ࿐ЃЄ‫ژد‬Єஃ޿Դ Millaroo Drive ϘৎᘉߏКѕߞஃ‫ژ‬ඞȄညՁϭ‫ژ‬੡Ȃ Ϙԩ‫ٷ‬Є‫ࠕڕ‬Ȃ෭੉ᡚᕝՁߞᗚൊȂᐱ७Ձༀ৆ԴԳ ϯȄႣϠ๸ҝϘ‫ڱ‬಩ࠛࢢ‫ږݥ‬ୟҝȄЃ‫ڰ‬ѹ‫ۦ‬ϞቅཋȄ ႣϠሻ֬щӀࣶਫӔȂ‫୼ڗ‬ॗ175ᶔռȂಎ۩ப֒ᔝ ᐀Ȃ‫࡭ڗ‬ຕᅁȄ

Upper Mount Gravatt Һ೽ཎѴ

Calamvale ߨ‫ݲ‬༌Ρ

19 џ౎ϯ௟ࠕ 10:30ȂϘᏃ់‫ ޻ژ‬Newham Road ֖ ᏺ֌ Mount Gravatt Capalaba Road ߞӹध഍੡Ȃሃҩ ϘᏃ٠‫ژ‬हዠȄႍᏃ٠‫ژ‬ᑂ࣏ࠫϘൊജ๸٠‫ژ‬ȂҦᑟԴ ዠ‫ږݥࢢژ‬ୟᛓ಩ඞȄ់‫ژ‬ϯ‫ی‬ԩ់৶‫ۦ‬ϞቅཋȂԴ಩ ඞత‫޼ۦ‬ᖚȄ

21 џঢ়౐ॗ 1:00Ȃዴԩ‫ٷ‬ЄԴ Compton Road Ϙ ༡୧ܸаߞࣾј༡ҳব๴ӠߋேȂϘԩ 26 ࿐ඡ֝

Ⴑ٩қဌ࢐‫ޥ‬ୢ‫ޟ‬೰ӈ ፜‫ڞ‬օ‫ר‬ঈ҈അΙএσড়഍૖ӓ‫ٴ‬ԊӒ‫ޥޟ‬ୢ

պ࿐ᄯዉġġġᡌጄᆕ௅ ЋКϵգϼՐᑘȂѵϯ᝱െպ࿐ ϠȄ2011 Ր 5 ѡ 17 џȂ஼ઍྻᅷܶ ఀۖ۹ოшϠߞਛϠᘛ᎛Ȃҍਯ‫ޗݺ‬ ջጁ୧ਛᗝ֖Нȶ۹ოшϠ 100 ࿐ᄯ ‫౎ښ‬ਜȷȂ‫ۊ‬ਗᆕ௅ȂጤᐂЙЏȄ঒ ྻᓐуࠕպԺϠȂԨ‫ێ‬୙ϯૡᇊ۶໲ ᄯȄ ‫ ݺܕ‬2002 ՐȂ۹шϠ࣏஼ઍྻࠜ ߰᠕ನ‫އ‬சઐ໱߰ȄԴթԺᘁ۹шϠ ۶‫ێ‬ਛϠᅆ‫ا‬ে‫އ‬சߞњࢺȄ‫ا‬েା ѕૡᇊ۹шϠȈӀՉܶᇊȃஉ௵ԠೇȃԺᇊԺᄯȄ

஼ઍྻࠜ߰᠕ನ‫އ‬ச‫ݺ‬ҿ‫ڧ‬෻઱஡჈ 20 ՐȂ࣏Ϙ༵ ԺЮмߞਛ‫ܧ‬ф᠕ನ‫އ‬சȄ‫ܟێ‬՞࣏‫ׄ۝‬Րࠜᢜ਴ϠҀ କ௉ា᠈઻ԴਛКӠࣿȂᘖֺჅ՝֝་᠕ನ୰Ȅթ‫އ‬ச

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࣏પ‫־‬ऎົႁϠҀ෩‫ڻ‬Ꮛညߞ‫ׄ۝‬ȂంփӇ૔Դሬ‫ڏ‬ф ћмϯߞუ፯Ȅ

ԃሯҧ፜݈୛Ȃ፜मႫ 3252 9066 ࢥၚȄ

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FINANCE Serviced apartments A residential asset wrapped up in a commercial lease Over one trillion dollars is now locked-up in Australian super and 14% or $159 billion of it is currently being held in either cash or bank deposits. Seecharts 1and 2overleaf. In short, there is a wall of money waiting to find a home. Put off by the current state of the residential property market and its somewhat lacklustre outlook -well for the short-to-medium term at least -one asset type worth investigating is serviced apartments. There are currently 972 separate serviced apartment projects across Australia, with most being in Queensland. See charts 3and 4. Four out of five serviced apartment guests are domestic and two-thirds of the existing operators target the holiday market. There has been very limited new supply in recent years, yet demand is on the increase. Chart 5shows that 2.3 million people stayed in an Australian serviced apartment last year, up from just one million users a decade ago. Yet over the same time period, fewer than 2,000 new serviced apartment rooms have been added to the supply each year. Furthermore, the industry is controlled by only a handful of players (chart 6), with very few catering for the more lucrative corporate market. A serviced apartment product must have on-site management and consist of at least a studio apartment that contains both sleeping and living areas. A food preparation area, catering facilities and bathrooms are required in each apartment, with selfservice laundry facilities provided either in-apartment or within the premises. Daily room servicing must be available. Maximum tenure is usually oneyear.


ၥਟҥ Matusik ඪ‫ټ‬

Now, we are not financial advisors and individuals need to undertake their own due diligence, but serviced apartment products have several advantages over traditional residential investments. This is especially the case for serviced apartment operators who target the corporate market. Apart from offering pretax returns between 1% and 2% higher than standard residential properties, serviced apartments also offer a commercial lease arrangement. Some of the most common complaints from residential landlords concern vacancies, tenant turnover, and resultant repairs and maintenance, serviced apartments owners, however, do not have these issues. Serviced apartments, and in particular that segment targeting the corporate market, are likely to attract a lot more attention from traditional residential investors and self-managed super funds in coming years. Serviced apartments offer a physical product very close to residential but with the added bonus of a commercial lease.

ŎŶŴũųŰŰŮġŤŰŮűŰŶůťġŴŶűűųŦŴŴŦŴġűųŰŴŵŢŵŦġŵŶŮŰŶųŴ A mushroom used in Asia for its medicinal benefi ts has been found to be 100 per cent effective in suppressing prostate tumour development in mice during early trials, new Queensland University of Technology (QUT) research shows. The compound, polysaccharopeptide (PSP), which is extracted from the ‘turkey tail’ mushroom, was found to target prostate cancer stem cells and suppress tumour formation in mice, an article written by senior research fellow Dr Patrick Ling in the international scientific journal PLoS ONE said. Dr Ling, from the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland and Institute for Biomedical Health & Innovation (IHBI) at QUT, said the results could be an important step towards fighting a disease that kills 3000 Australian men a year. “The findings are quite significant,” Dr Ling said. “What we wanted to demonstrate was whether that compound

could stop the development of prostate tumours in the first place. “In the past, other inhibitors tested in research trials have been shown to be up to 70 per cent effective, but we’re seeing 100 per cent of this tumour prevented from developing with PSP. “Importantly, we did not see any side effects from the treatment.” Dr Ling said conventional therapies were only effective in targeting certain cancer cells, not cancer stem cells, which initiated cancer and caused the disease to progress.

“Our findings support that PSP may be a potent preventative agent against prostate cancer, possibly through targeting of the prostate cancer stem cell population,” he said. He said PSP had previously shown to possess anti-cancer properties, and ‘turkey tail’ mushrooms (known as Coriolus versicolor or Yun-zhi) had been widely used in Asia for medicinal benefits. However, Dr Ling said it was the fi rst time it had been demonstrated that PSP had anti-cancer stem cell effects.

During the research trial, which was done in collaboration with The University of Hong Kong and Provital Pty Ltd, transgenic mice that developed prostate tumours were fed PSP for 20 weeks.

Although ‘turkey tail’ mushrooms had valuable health properties, Dr Ling said it would not be possible to get the same benefit his research showed from simply eating them.

Dr Ling said no tumours were found in any of the mice fed PSP, whereas mice not given the treatment developed prostate tumours. He said the research suggested that PSP treatment could completely inhibit prostate tumour formation.

A fundraiser has been organised in September to support further tests for the therapeutic potential of PSP against prostate tumours either alone or in combination with other anti-cancer compounds.

Accredited Practising Dietitian. “You can start with just a few swaps each day and build up from there.” “Children are likely to follow the lead of their parents at the dinner table. Demonstrate healthy eating behaviours by choosing appropriate portions and eating slowly.”

Swap It, Don’t Stop It The Australian Government’s Swap It, Don’t Stop It campaign encourages the Chinese speaking community to make small, healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of some chronic diseases. The Australian Government’s Swap It, Don’t Stop It campaign encourages the Chinese speaking community to make small, healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of some chronic diseases. Through press, radio, online advertising, and translated information materials, Eric, a likeable but overweight blue balloon

character, is encouraging the community to consider nutrition and physical activity swaps they can make in their everyday life that may benefit their health and wellbeing. These swaps include swap big for small (portion control); swap often for sometimes (occasional treats); swap sitting for moving (physical activity); and swap watching for playing (physical activity). Regardless of height or build, a waist measurement greater than 90cm for men and 80cm for women can increase the risk of some chronic diseases. “The Swap It Don’t Stop It campaign offers practical advice and makes sense for the community,” says Ms Sharen Ying Xia,

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“The health status of migrants varies according to a range of factors,” says Executive Manager of the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, Ms Michal Morris. “The Swap It, Don’t Stop It campaign is important for migrants adjusting to different lifestyles and food. They can often fall under the radar for healthier eating and physical activity information because of language barriers and health priorities specific to their communities; this means they can become susceptible to some chronic diseases.” Ms Ying says “Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. Health professionals and community organisations can play an important role in helping people make these small changes when they are in the supermarket, the kitchen or when playing with the kids, which can all make a real difference.”

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ө፲࣏உ௵ߞ໪ወȂԯऎᚬሏ‫ا‬েԑ‫ࠑڗ‬বߞө፲Ȃ ൵କ‫֕د‬౵ߞՀ᛼ߐ޶х࣍ҍ‫ڽ‬ȂߞፁȂ൵କ‫ڹ‬ϠϘӫ Ϟ๒ߞ‫د‬ᢜаߞஉ௵ߐᅗऻҍ‫࣏ߞڽ‬ө፲ߞᢏмȂՂག ෹ȃൟ෹ȃೖᖸȃ૰‫ە‬ȃᠻ౶፲֒ȂᘵሲሃᢜᎳգᝯȂ ֭‫ا‬ে࣏Ҟѽന‫ؼޱ‬ຠߞȄ ည๒ఋঋ‫ۖر‬Ѫ࿘‫ݑ‬Հߞ࠲ᏳࡡȂ‫ڼ‬Ղٟգмᐯ՘ Ԋȃ֒૵শᇟȃ‫ڨ‬ᇺᐗ… ຈȂ֭ఋϵࠧఀం‫ڗ‬ᢜႆব ‫ׅڽ‬ϧЙҞȂө፲ߞߐᅗሃ֕౵ߞߐ޶գ௜ЙҞжߞᝯ ࠼Ȃ֕౵ߞᎳЙՀȂԢዹө፲ߞᎳϵЙ‫ڸ‬ȂЙᇒంҳՂ ֣ߞ૰‫۔‬Ȃ൤Ժ࣏҇҇ࠝবփЏȄ

Ҫጳಗᕹ‫ޟ‬নӰϞΙ࢐Ԯဝ‫ޟ‬հҢีҡ౴லȄ խၜߞ֯ӡ࣏Ϡᢜদঋߞྲ൘҃ᘁНϘȂఋߢႽ ཛྷȉȊжީҍ‫ߞڽ‬խၜॗ֫պжНϟߞ‫۽‬ᢜߏᎳȂഺ‫ڱ‬ ‫ݙ‬ᓜߞ‫۽‬ᢜߏᎳҒࣁ‫گ‬ቕȃ،૵ѽфᣃԊȂᘵ๒ևೀऻ ЙҍȂ࣏֭ఋЙះఀ៦៦ߞཛྷȉ‫ݙ‬ѽխ౵ঋࣾ஀ಐȂҹ

ϵ࣏ൄ՘ጸ૳ߞ১ԯඊȊ ஄ॶև᝷ԫఀщԺȂࡋ֕౵ྻቕ‫ݑ‬Ⴥ୼ȂϘᔌխ‫ۖڽ‬ ө፲ྻࠬሞө፲ࠑবߞ೟४Ȃԯփө፲Ⴕ‫ݽ‬ҵҝዅ‫ݑ‬Ȃ ϘჃ௻ֽল‫ݕ‬џԍᜉᢁȂө፲୺ϯҍ಩໘༟‫ݕ‬๴߆ߞ॓ ၚ಩໪ȂՂ‫ލ‬କ௉ࠜง঴ӡ‫ף‬ᣂ‫ݑ‬ឩߏᎳߞ঴ߏȂ‫ڼ‬Ղ ᚡូ (ᗲొូ) ‫֕ڹ‬౵࠮՘ྋᣂ‫ݑ‬Ȃࡋ֕౵ߞ‫گ‬ቕබЂ ऎิьȂϵЙ७գਚߏᎳᔌխ౵వ֌ө፲‫ྫڽ‬ཋ։፲Ȃ ྋᣂ‫ߞݑ‬ᢜᎳႵЙ‫ݽ‬ఈઽȂ‫ڹ‬ԑ‫҇ڗ‬ᆕӠઈȂգ੡৏இ இ SPA ‫ڽ‬వ‫૵ࣲڱ‬Ȃϵକ‫ڹ‬ԑ‫ڗ‬ԧৎᐡ‫ܡ‬ґକࣿጐȂө ፲֋๒ࣘᄷԍ࿣Ȃᛞ֒॓ጛȂ௎Ѓ‫ـ‬ҐኲᣨஜϠȂᗁփ ‫ڏ‬НȂ‫ۦڳ‬ප໳ᑾપߞѪᖚ SPA ֋๒ᖚ‫ޱ‬Ȃᅆఋ‫ڗ‬ᢜߞ உ௵࢝գᕒׄඊȊ (௤ଆ߳୊ॵࠢϞМണϱৠϚ૖‫ڥ‬фᚂৱ‫ޟ‬ຨᘞζϚ૖հ࣏੽੾‫ݽޟ‬ ᕛϞ‫ٷ‬ᐃȂषԤӈդ੽੾ϚᎌȂᔖᅾഀؑᚂȄ)

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Рҏжक઻σӴᎪ!)Π* ា᠈ϯϘըຊ߰ᅆџӎѵ॔ૺЂԳᏩᅆ୑சҾඞ዆ᠩ ߞ୅ᎢҞѽжऎУৎѹঋߞ୑சࢢ‫ލ‬Ȃ೐Ϙৎ෇๩࣏Ӆ ๒ߞȇ೐ϟৎ޵ኊ༟‫ྻ࣏ܕ‬ϭༀȂ֭ᕕႍҪ࣏ᇯࢺഺᇌ ༀཕϘࣱࠧ௱๺ߞ੡งȄϭবា᠈࣏ຊ߰୅Ꭲ‫ێ‬ҁϬৎ ߞѹঋ୑சࢢ‫ލ‬Ȅ

ĴįġӴᎪࡣ‫ݎ‬ġĮĮĮġРϯ஠ོ֕஼༖Ȅ Ӥ‫ݺ‬џЮӎ‫࣏ڗ‬ԴԑಧգहညЂߞ഼ࣹ༓Ȃҩҳџӎ ԋ྽ԴԑѵधգहညЂߞ‫ظ‬ႤȄഺըԳᏩྻஇ՘џӎԴ ࠕ҃ҫϯ൵௻փգϧߞদ࢙঍ᄑȂԴઔҳࣹஜߞ࢝Ժџ ӎ‫ظ‬Ⴄ௟ྻ઱ਰ԰จȂ԰ۖ஼а་֖দ࢙Ѝ֯ѽфႤࠛ ߞႤಯϧȄ‫ݙ‬ѽညഺըԳᏩઐਿϘཇ༟‫ڽ‬੡ȂџЮԴ࢝ ๺ߞ੡༡ᅆग़ࠛϯпϞġ 1.5%Ȅ փഺৎᘌཕ۶޵ኊྻ؆ ԑЙԢȂ޵ኊߞϭༀᘌཕ௟ྻ࣏๺ዶߞȂ࣏֭џЮߞϯ п௟ྻ࣏ѧႵϘৎࠜงߞϯпখႽȄգϘᙇঋ઻ྍߞȂ ഺᇌϯпߞখႽ௟Йྻ࣏Ϙ౧؆ԑٟգޯஜߞϯпখȂ ഺ௟ྻ࣏ϘৎहညޯஜߞϯпখȄ

ĵįġᄇӒ౨޶ѿ‫ޟ‬ኇ៪஠ོሆཌ‫ޟ‬Ȅ ညџӎԳᏩߞઐਿཇ༟੡ȂԑಧߵҾൌ෼჆‫ۖۦ‬঑ব ߞ዆ᠩփ‫ࣷڲ‬Գ஡෼჆ϭༀȄգ‫ߵߞࣷڲڱ‬ೈҾඞᕕᗏ ϭༀġ 5%Ȅ֭ԴԢϘ౎੡Ȃညग़஼༟Ҿ੡ߞ਴ཕԴ၃Ⴥ ᅆઐਿ؆ԑઐмࢢȂЂൊԊߞ‫ظ‬Ⴄߞަྍϧൌᚼೊۖ‫ێ‬ ҁԳўȄփ၃Ⴥж‫ࢢޘ‬ȂџӎԳᏩᅆԑಧߵҾߞ዆ᠩᘵ ๒࣏঑বȂ࣏֭ᕕႍ࣏๺ዶ۶ቅྋߞȄ঵ԐᅆߵҾ঑ব ߞ዆ᠩබ࣏࢝Ժ࠲ᔍгҦᅆјϯࢺգߞ‫ظ‬Ⴄ‫ڼ‬Ղߵೈຈ ௟ྻԴҾඞϯ‫ݦ‬ழ‫ڽ‬ᕕѾഺᜀЂߞ࠲ᔍᎪᔺȂ࣏֭Ӥ‫ݺ‬ ЂൊԊ࠲ᔍгҦ‫ࢺݙ‬գߞ൵ѹঋߞൊԊ࣏ཅ‫ۓ‬փЙ࣏ߵ ೈȂ‫ݙ‬ѽ‫ڹ׈‬գ‫ݦ‬ழߞ಩໪Ȃ࢝Ҟକൌ࣏Ϙৎहည๺ዶ ߞຕ‫ލ‬ȄᅆԑಧߵҾ൵ѹঋߞԯ૵хփ࣏ԋ྽ळ‫׀‬Ȃ഼ റᒶຫȂѽф൵ࢢ޵ኊߞኊ੾Ȃ‫ݙ‬ѽџӎߞԳᏩᅆԑಧ ߵҾߞ዆ᠩᕕႍ࣏हည๺ዶ۶ቅྋߞȄ

Ķįġछ୽༆‫ڔ‬ኇ៪խнϚσȄ Դग़஼‫ݕ‬ԑѵधԧ஼ߞᔼ൯փ‫ڏ‬Ȃग़஼ߞཅ‫ۓ‬ቮِሃ


(02) 9211 0228 ᆩમ

‫ڻ‬ᕕൌ࣏Ϙৎদᙇ၃ᕻᝯަߞԳўȄԴϘৎ෼഼ߞᖖ ᄩϭȂџӎഺϘըѵ॔ՑߞЂԳᏩȂഺᇌч‫٭‬Ϙଠ‫ڽ‬ሲ ྻ‫ڹ‬ԑѵधߞ‫ظ‬Ⴄ߰ൌ਻‫ݏ‬Գಯփฯҝᘉ໴ग़஼ࣆܹཅ ‫ۓ‬ȄփϘଠ‫ڽ‬ሲȂညቮِЂኧ੡Ȃग़஼ߞཅ‫ۓ‬ਿϾ௟ྻ ϭༀȄ֭ညџӎߞԳᏩઐਿཇ༟‫ڽ‬੡Ȃग़஼ߞཅ‫ۓ‬ਿϾ ЙඏѤٟգϭༀȂхփϯпȄᘵ๒ഺᇌఐ޶գҞକգ‫ێ‬ ҁЙԢߞ၃ᕻႋ៖Ȃ֭֬Ѽԑѵधߞ‫ظ‬Ⴄٟ߰գԯऎ਻ ྖփҝᘉ໴ग़஼ཅ‫ۓ‬ȂԓҐϯК஼၃ᕻ‫ݸ‬፤ȂҞକྻᅆ ग़஼ཅ‫ߞۓ‬ᘉ໴ി࢘ิֲȄᘘգϘᙇЂਛঋ‫ށ‬Өߞ࣏џ ӎӫࡈ࣏Դġ 2010 ՐՐܺ੡ᘘࢺգЂॗϣϼϣպԺኆग़ ࠛߞग़஼ཅ‫ۓ‬Ȃ཈ը‫ݺ‬К஼Ȅ֭К஼‫ڶ‬๒࣏ग़஼ߞ൵Ђ ཅѹȂࢺգϘေϘϼбպኆग़ࠛߞཅ‫ۓ‬Ȅ ԪМണ឴ܻΙૡ‫ޟܒ‬ၥਟȂ‫ٮ‬Ϛ૖фߒӈդ‫׹ޟ‬ၥ‫ܖ‬౩଒‫ࡾޟ‬ᏲȄԃ Ԥཎୈӈդ‫׹‬ၥ‫ܖ‬౩଒П७‫ؚۡޟ‬Ȃ፜ӑөௌ‫ݧޟ‬ы౩଒டড়‫ོܖ‬ॎৱ ࢥၚȂ‫ܖ‬џоᖒ๜नოᓸོॎ౩଒‫ٱ‬୛‫ܚ‬Ȅ नოᓸ౩଒‫ٱ‬୛‫ ࢐ܚ‬Premium Wealth Management ‫ޟ‬ԙষϞΙ! Premium Wealth Management ࡻԤᐬࢸ‫׹‬ၥ౩଒ถྱ (AFSL No: 237498)

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ఀጨ߰Ȃُԩఀጨ߰௟ᖔ஼ઍଝߩгҦ୙ҍߞᑟೈϘ ௺Ȅُԩఀጨ߰ᖔ‫ڽ‬԰শสᑟೈϘ௺Ȅఀጨ഼ߢᓱ‫ޱ‬ȓ ᖔጨ߰௟՜ۖც༎഼ߢȄҩҳ‫ݩ‬ጨຕ‫ލ‬ӺྻԴশส၃ᕻ ໶‫ݽ‬ᓱ‫ڰ‬഍ᇨ঱ гֶȄ

ऎ‫ࢆׄ۝‬ཇȂ஼ઍଝߩгҦપ‫ڽׄᝒ־‬԰শสᑟೈ֯ ऎܶႻ‫ݩ‬ጨጨࡡȄணҐ‫ݩ‬ጨߞႤ੾Ղϭ——ԇ֣Դᑫࣷ ‫֝ܧ᠋֘ྲݕ‬ȃՐ៬ϩϣ࿐‫ݕ‬ѽϯ߰‫׮‬ҞணҐȄணҐў ‫ޱ‬ᚎඏȂҪቮ๳ᗜ ᇨ ঱Ȃ༟ు LUCKY DRAW (‫ݩ‬ጨ) ߍ঱Ȃੲᑂ঱ϯ෩ӯண Ґ‫ݩ‬ጨȄత‫ۦ‬ணҐ‫ݩ‬ጨ੡༡Ӥᑫࣷ‫ތ‬ൊዾ࿤੡༡ 2011 Ր 5 ѡ 20 џКоϩϟ੡Ӓ༟‫ܕ‬ȂԴᑫࣷ‫ތ‬ൊዾ࿤੡༡ 2011 Ր 6 ѡ 6 џКоϩϟ੡ᅟѤȄ࣏ը‫ݩ‬ጨ௟գ‫ی‬ԩ

୵ϞணҐ‫ݩ‬ጨҳȂ၃໶഍ᡌࠓԧधϠЀ๳Ϣϯগߤӹ ᇨ঱ᙱ᠓գᝯশส൵ྲୈਿȂணሃ୅Ꭲфж‫ڳ‬ৎϠྍ‫ڍ‬ ۶ྏྐȄ ߤӹᇨ঱Ӥশส၃ᕻ ໶‫ݽ‬ᓱ‫ڰ‬഍ᗑԢশส໶‫ݽ‬๴ਣ؊ȃশส੠Ⴜ๴ਣ؊ȃ ‫ظ‬Ⴄయዃ၌ȃশสᑫࣷ஥ྻфশสྲ֘᠋஥ྻయҍфᇒ ನȄ

p.52!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

ᖐ݂ȈԪ‫ܪ‬ዩࣀଢ଼‫ߨٮ‬ҥ FACEBOOK ϴѧᖞᒲ‫ᜓܖ‬օȄ

252ȁ 27.05.2011

ॷ෫ືܾี৤‫׋‬ᙏϭ ॷ෫ືܾี৤‫( ׋‬ᙏᆎȶॷ෫ືี‫׋‬ȷ) Ռ 1966 ԑԙҳо‫پ‬ȂΙ‫ڞޢ‬օॷ෫‫ܾືޟ‬୦ȃᇧഅ୦‫ڷ‬ ݈୛ཾ‫ޱ‬ȂөӒ౨௰ኄтঈ‫ཾޟ‬୛Ȅॷ෫ືี‫׋‬ ӵжࣨӨӴ೩ҳΟ 40 ӻএᒲ‫ٱ‬೎Ȃ‫ڏ‬ϛ 11 এӵ ϛ୽ϱӴȂमΨߴ໌ॷ෫հ࣏ᖒᛮϱӴȂоՍ‫ٳ‬ ࢸ‫ޟ‬୦ືҁѮȄॷ෫ືี‫׋‬һᖞᒲືܾ৤។ོ‫ڷ‬ ୦ື೤୰ღȂᔓօӌཾ‫װ‬ණॷ෫‫ڷ‬ϱӴ‫ޟ‬୦ᐠȇ ‫ٮ‬ആႆ୦ືѐ‫ސ‬ȃं‫ـ‬ൢ֙‫ڷ‬ᆩΰෲၾȂඪ‫ټ‬୦ ືၥଉȄԤᜰॷ෫ືี‫ڏޟ׋‬тၥਟȂ፜ᘲ។ www.hktdc.comȄ

గරҡിρතҰȮထငȯґжႱِ ౖൾЀሲȂညॠᒘჰ‫ڍ‬ॠႮዩֽၐ࿒௟ജ࿑੡Ȃҁऎ ॠႮዩֽࡖ৵ȂहࠫૠЫчӺऎ‫ا‬েࡖ৵Ȅૠӡᴽߞ႖ ሬ෬ӯӐџߞџЄȂϘըϫϘը഼ჅઔኣȃԳᏩȃጲप ຈऎϠ᝷௲‫ڽ‬ჰӯȂ‫ڭ‬౻྾Գࢽҍॠᒘঋԓ԰‫ڽ‬Ȃ۲ᣰ ӏࠫ߰ቁ‫أ‬త‫ۦ‬ૠ๑౧ԆߞྑߞࣀాȄ ฅԴҐੋЂ஼‫ڨ‬ൊԇ୼ኸᚚ֜ȃ಩෩՝ଡ଼ԃۖԧԳֶ ႽߞົϠ௄ရਵౖ෺ӠൾЀѹᗾգᝯంȮၐ၃ȯ‫ऻ࢘ڎ‬ ӐѵߞֶႽᗾਲ਼Ȅ ౖൾЀฅԴҐੋЂ஼‫ڨ‬ൊѹࢺ஼‫ڨ‬щߩȃ഼ࠫᎎ࣐ሃ ੮Єᓬਡߞु‫ٿ‬ሃ๴ਣЍ֯Ȅҁ‫ݺ‬ġ 1991 ՐᖔҐੋЂ஼ ‫ڨ‬ൊપઅ୒ឥጨȂ96 ՐԓᖔҔЂࣶ֘гॗଝщᓙ႙܎ ৶ྻ୒ឥጨȄҁ‫ݺ‬ġ 2003 Ր෩՝ଡ଼ԃȂऎϞԨ‫ـ‬ԺົϠ ж‫ڳ‬ૠߞਾ‫ۏ‬ȂታϠᙩѹȄ

ᐸเȂ֭գग़஼ᐯ߰ु‫ٿ‬ంġ 1979 Րۖġ 1993 Ր༡ಿԺ ჰ‫ڏ‬ਛКȂҪգϘৎჰ‫ڏ‬ਛߞჰ‫ڏ‬ᅁ಩ϞႿϘҗȂփҁ ߞ‫ݙ‬ᓜȶჰ‫ڏ‬ȷࡋ࣏ȶॊࢃપ௟ྻգ࢝Ђߞল‫י‬ჅȂ๒ ࢢҍ಩ԳᏩȷН᝷ߞ१‫ڏ‬Ȅ ࣏֭Ȯၐ၃ȯߞჰ‫ڏ‬ൌ࣏գੲᑂߞȂփѷ‫ݙڏށ‬գჰ ‫ڏ‬Ӆྻᅁ಩Ȃ‫ڭ‬ЙՂჰ‫ڏ‬ਛߞჰ‫ڏ‬ጀ⒨‫ی‬Ҟȃᅁ಩ᑟತ Ҫգව՘ȄҁሲȈȶҟЫКҳ୵ϞȮၐ၃ȯٟգϘӎ੩ ‫ిܟݕ‬၃‫ۏ‬କሲ֋ЎҞѽం୓ࠐࢽ‫ށ‬Ӑࢢߞ‫ڰ‬Ȃంҟ੡ ‫ށڏ‬ӏ՘ߞ‫ڰ‬Ȅȷ ҁϫє֭ѽನ੩ġ12 ൢġ4 ြ኷ႽȈȶ֭ѽನ஬Ȃְঋ ᘳ᚟ഺ႖Ȃࢋൕഺ੩ȂߡۖӐ੡ȄӅգԺϠ‫܋݀ڽ‬໿Ȃ ߢᝊබӅኧࠜȄȷሮऎ಩ЫȮၐ၃ȯ࣏‫ށ‬Өփٟգᘳ ᚟ȂҞ‫ڍ‬Џ࣏Ӑ੡ȄփԴഺӐ੡ȂȮၐ၃ȯ‫ݙ‬ჰ‫ߞڏ‬ઔ ኣȃԳᏩຈч‫٭‬ൌϘϘ‫ה‬಩Ȃ۲ᣰϠ‫أأ‬ᙩѹȄ

ౖൾЀᅆȮၐ၃ȯКߞჰ‫ڏ‬գપ‫ߞ־‬ᒸᎷȂԺՐᣢु ‫ڭ‬຾੩ж‫ڳ‬գᝯᢜྻȄ


ҁࠑӯȂฅգୃ߰யфҁᅆԴԑಧє୓գᝯӐџ୅Ꭲ ߞც዆Ȯ2012ȯߞ԰ᕕ੡ȂҁߡӋ࣏ȶ१ሲȊȷᅆ‫ݺ‬ ԴӐџ੡ԑಧԧԳ๴Ӡߞх௱֋๒಩໪գЙьჰ‫ڏ‬ਛߞ

ౖ෺ӠൾЀᗾਲ਼দঋ႖ᛟӡԺ֜ৰᐯਛՂؓ᜷‫ڲ‬㡯෻ Ժ዇Ȃྑԯ෻‫ߞ܃‬हᅆᎢȂၬ່Ѱߞ൪ৰ৖๴಩Գಧ࣏ ཪߞࠑӯૠ൹ൄчԳຈ႖ᛟȂϵ᎘ۖ๑ૠᎢЂਰՉ՛

Һ(Antony Flew) ࢢ‫ڽ‬ሲ೎കЖहࠫ๑ૠᎢ߰Ȅ ౖൾЀᗝ‫ڼ‬Єᑢҫϯ 161 ৎᖔఀᓚ‫ړ‬ᆬጨߞϠգ 116 Ϡգ‫ࠫిܟ‬ԈȂգ‫ࠫిܟ‬ԈߞਛਲӠࣿգ࿤ࡋȂЙჁ ӚႽ዇Ȃਛਲ‫ـ‬ग़ᆕȂদঋߞϘҮ႖࣏ߏನߞᆽᔝ࣏ৰ ᐯȂৰᐯߞᆽᔝ࣏‫ిܟ‬Ȅ ҁϫѽॻ஼ஈЂߏನᐯਛѱჲߞ‫ڰ‬Ⴋऎ‫ڼ‬Ȃѱჲ୵Ϟ Դߏನᐯϯգ‫ݙ‬՘බȂӺጕѕु‫ٿ‬Ȯၐ၃ȯߞჰ‫ڏ‬Ȃપ ‫࣏־‬Ȯ֭ѽನ੩ȯȃȮుӯᔂȯຈ੩ۡȄҁԴϠ᝷ሐ٠ ᑟ๴‫ށ‬НࡈȂЏంȮၐ၃ȯКऻҍ௟‫ڽ‬Ϡ᝷࢝Ҟକྻҍ ಩ည੡҄Ϡ᝱ѽྐᄊߞ੠֖Ѝ‫ۍ‬Ȃി࢘ҞႿ੡ി 50 ॻ ‫ڧ‬Ȅҁߞჰ‫ڏ‬ജည੡຾ԩ๑ૠᎢ߰Ԅᆬઍ‫ݙ‬ᝎ૯ȂሲȈ ȶऻऻ௄ရిՂ֣௟Ϙৎᗐ‫ߞށ‬Ϡᢏ՘ཌӝȊȷ֭ᑢҫ ߞЫчᝋ‫ށ‬ϞϠ᝷‫ލ‬କѽѱჲ‫ݙ‬ჰ‫ߞڏ‬੡ി‫ߞأـ‬ി࢘ ֯੠֖Ȃཌӝߞ‫ڭ‬Й࣏ѱჲȂփ࣏ᝎ૯ჰ‫ߞڏ‬ϠȄԯթ ౖൾЀሲЙକᚢ໛ૠȂփපদૠߞϠૠӅদऻҁȄ

அ࿜৶ॱዅ‫ٺ‬ღкᒲ‫ޟ‬έএᖿ৴ ၏௑፜ࣼ p.56

ձ‫ޟ‬ᐬσց‫࢐ٳ‬ϧቄኺ‫ޟ‬ȉ ‫ݮ‬ϭକ௉ਣӯְೀКߞᑫЂ‫ߞڲ׀‬࿰ ѯȂබգᑟྻ៏ۤϘൊԑྲ࿰हᑟȄ ְ‫ߞݮݙ‬࿰ѯҞѽ࣏ዾራ‫ߞݑ‬ఉҺสᣉЂᑜȃUluru һ‫ܬ‬ȂϵҞѽְ࣏ਛࢢ୰Ȋ ᎛Դ 2011 Ր 6 ѡ 23 џНࡈ௟࿰ѯϯཇۖ SBS “‫ߞا‬ ਛ” Кћᇨ૭Ȅ ԴϢᓴٙᘈߞϩ‫ڸ‬࿰ѯКȂӤᡝ߰‫ظ‬ೈᓴҍߞ൵‫ۦ‬ᡌ ࠓߞ֯ࡡ௟՘ऎ൵ࢢ៏ਛȊ Դ 2011 Ր 6 ѡ 23 џ֌ 7 ѡ 8 џН༡ȂҪঋ‫ظ‬ೈᓴ ҍְ൵ඈᡌߞ࿰ѯϵգᑟྻКጨȊ ൵‫ڸ‬࿰ѯ֯߰ѽф‫ظ‬ೈܶႻКጨ߰ൌ௟ᖔఀϘൊ Nikon D3100 1,400 ေᄊ૵ዴፅඏхहᑟѽфᛕᝡᔝȂ ᗁኊৃႿ $987Ȋ

֯ऎϘৎంᑫࣷົϠߞ‫࢘ڎ‬ж‫ڳ‬ᑫࣷӠࣿࣇ‫ڰ‬۶ྍ ‫ߞڍ‬ᇨ૭Ȃ“‫ߞا‬ਛ” Кћᇨ૭ਣӯ SBS ѽфӡї൹࢙ ߞ໛ᔛȂরᔛ۶ћӎаਟȄ “‫ߞا‬ਛ” ᇨ૭гӒࢉᣍԳ෩‫֋ڽڻ‬ᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬۶ѵ धԧԳߞُџྲᇷ۶੡‫ڰ‬ȂҒࣁգᝯ஥྽ሃࠛᓉȃᢜ ‫ڈ‬ȃӠࣿўՑȃᑫࣷӠࣿ۶ћмȃೊӔႤୈѽфߤ஡ ࣿஜߞඡᐱȄ ӡї൹࢙ߞаਟ۶ໞᎢ࣏ᇨ૭ߞ੮ѕȄԢ੡Ȃӡї ᘘକ൹࢙Դ።ᚎᕫȂϯཇ࿰ѯȂ໛ୈ۶ࣿஜԕࠑȂዤ ኷ൾࢉȂ๴ࠑໞᎢѽфணሃӔᎠ‫ظ‬ೈȄӡїҞѽቅ᛫ ֋ՂԳ՜ᡘ෼഼႖۶ዃ‫ތ‬႖ዃያȂ‫ڭ‬ѷҞѽᓴᑄᚎᢜ Кћ۶ᗄᢜКћаਟѽфϘ‫ॻڱ‬ћаਟȄ


ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011




ࠒୢবᓡᓢၖဒԤ ငᡛዂ७݈୛ষȂ Ԥཎ‫ޱ‬፜ႫȈ 0418 199 629

‫ח‬წϴѧ‫ܣ‬ဒᖝਢ ଚೲষȂሯՌര UTE ‫ܖ‬њٙȂᖠᓺȂԤཎ ፜ႫȈ07 3846 1578 ‫ ܖ‬0433 210 155



ဒġ፜ ߖѿୢবᓡᓢၖဒင ᡛᘈЖৱЮЅငᡛᔓ 㚩Ȃᖠߜ७ដȂԤջ າୄٙ՝ȂԤཎ‫ޱ‬፜ ႫȈ0402 192 048









ຘ୘ώġİġġٙ՘ᐠώ - ҆໸૖‫ٷ‬ᐃાኺоശࣸҀਟຘ

୘Ȃԃᔗٙ՘‫׬‬೚‫ٹ؁‬ȂϚᔗһџȂϚ३ᖿ़М/ϛМ ᇭِ‫ޱ‬ҧ፜Ȅ 2. ٙ՘ᐠώ - ဒငᡛٙ՘ᐠώȂ҆໸ᔗᐇհ Plain Ѕ overlocking ᧯ٙȂϚ३ᖿ़М‫ܖ‬ϛМᇭِ‫ޱ‬ҧ፜Ȅ Ԥཎ‫ޱ‬፜ႫȈ3293 4472 / 0412 574 817

Lord Mayor of Brisbane

Graham Quirk River Plaza CityFerry terminal to reopen in July Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has announced the River Plaza CityFerry terminal at South Brisbane will be rebuilt and an interim terminal opened by the end of July. Cr Quirk said the news followed last month’s opening of temporary pontoons at seven CityCat and CityFerry terminals that were severely damaged during the January floods. “Council has been working tirelessly to restore the CityCat and CityFerry network and the reopening of the final ferry terminal reaffi rms Council’s commitment to getting Brisbane back in business,” he said.

ၼଢ଼࢐୊ஶ‫ي‬᛾ ਢ໢Ȉ࣐งϘ֌б ϯо 6:30 ֌ 7:30 ӴᘈȈM.D. Henderson Park, Granadilla Street, MacGregor Ђгཀྵа кᒲȈ஼ઍྻщ࿂౐Ⴛ઱ ᖒ๜Ȉౖକ࿱ԐӠ 3343 7959 ֺ໱ᐯ೫щ࿂ႻஜೡᚐȂӫߞ࣏ᢰЂಿ ௻‫ڗ‬உᢜȂႿۖ‫أ‬ጄᏳӠНႽȄ‫ا‬েُџ ౻౐༟‫ܕ‬ႻஜȂ঍գᝯြᑆȂщ࿂ઈґȂ ь‫ޒ‬ઈґȂϣࣱᔅȂፚґϩϣ‫ޱ‬Ȃщ࿂ ੉Ȃщ࿂ና۶щ࿂ੈຈȄ‫ا‬েߞᄥуȂЙ ж஼ឱȂЙжՐ៬ȂᡌࠓЂਛᔌ੡ҐϢ‫ا‬ েߞЂਛਲȄ

ӒཱིພࢌђЉੲ ਢ໢Ȉ࣐งϟ ౎ϯ 6:30 ֌ 7:30 ӴᘈȈSunnybank Primary School Glendower Street, Sunnybank ~~~~~~~~~~ ਢ໢Ȉ࣐งϬ ౎ϯ 7:00 ֌ 8:00 ӴᘈȈYMCA Gym 76 Andaman St, Jamboree Heights

“Once we got confi rmation that the Federal Government would fund flood damaged ferry terminals, we looked at when we could get River Plaza up and running.

“Our priority was getting the busy CityCat terminals up and running within three months after the network was wiped out by the devastating flood. “While River Plaza will fill a missing link, the reality is that it is only serviced by the smaller CityFerry service and attracts less than one customer per journey.” Latest figures show there was an average of 68 passengers per day from 1 November 2009 to 31 October 2010. It is not serviced by the larger CityCat ferries. Cr Quirk said off site repairs would commence on the interim terminal this month and it was expected to be operational on 31

July. The River Plaza reconstruction and reopening will follow the West End ferry terminal, which is expected to be operational in July. Council has fast-tracked a major upgrade of the terminal that would allow two CityCats to dock at once when completed in July. Construction of the new CityCat terminals at Northshore Hamilton and Teneriffe is underway. Brisbane’s CityCats and CityFerries resumed last month at University of Queensland (St Lucia), Regatta, North Quay, QUT Gardens Point, Holman Street and Sydney Street. River Plaza works will involve repairing the damaged infrastructure and reinstating the pontoon and gangway as an interim ferry terminal until the permanent terminal is constructed in approximately two years. Cr Quirk said every effort would be made to minimise disruption to the local community during the works.

Ϟ‫ݛ‬Ϛህ௄ᚂَ‫ޱ‬ȂҒ‫ף‬Ϟࠦ࣋ࣿϧߞ ӴᘈȈ370, McCullough Street, Macgregor (Macgregor Јᐯᚃ௅) LatinȃPop RockȃHipHop ຈࣹ֖ Hits ᆇ వవႯህȂࠦ࣋੡‫ܥ‬ȂՀ௵உग़ȂጄᎷ๑ кᒲȈ஼ቫ௎ЃᗑԪྻ ፎȊЙቮህ֡ȂࠦьՐф՘Ϡ‫׮‬ҞணҐȄ ᖒ๜ȈBarbara 3216 6437 Del 3846 4480 ୽੎ོဃԢಢ ຾ԩᆇ஭ਛ௱ࠦ (Lily) ЃЀ௟ሃԢ ਢ໢Ȉ࣐งџ ϯо 11:00 ֌ϭо 4:00 ᄥ Eclectic Light Orchestra ߞѹঋরጃ ӴᘈȈ஼ઍྻྻ‫ݙ‬ȇ ਛ Stephen Phillips (Ј෩)ȃTim (‫୼ٷ‬ 161 Wickham st, Fortitude Valley র)ȃPeter Luff (‫ޱ‬஼ၳ)ȃElizabeth (Ѓ ᖒ๜Ȉ3252 9066 ୼র)ȃMitchell Leigh (ᔀ๣) ຈᆊҍ᎜ ԺКҳরጄਛԩաȄϢඞ໱ȈConcession ᡌࠓԧधϠҀፚ೫ᆊ஭ф੟ᡘȄ $18ȇAdult $22Ȅ ~~~~~ ooo ~~~~~ OOOOO ~~~~~ ooo ~~~~~

ဃԢωᆹ ਢ໢Ȉ5 ѡ 28 џȞбȟϭо 1:00 ֌ 4:30 ӴᘈȈLions Hall 95 Lister St. Sunnybank кᒲȈ‫ݿ‬Ѐ᠋၂ա‫ྻ۝‬ ᖒ๜Ȉ‫ق‬ցਰ 3219 7083 Helen 0403 368 668 աӫȈែЈЈᛓቿȃ๑ఐភናգఐчȃ бѡ঳ᘶȃቿᄱᚒЋޫȃ࢖ོȃై၃௅ȃ ᅆࠅᏭȄ໱ӡԑֺȂ‫ڭ‬գମᙇ‫࢞ݢ‬Ȅ

ϛ୽ᚖਉ୊٘ᐇ ਢ໢Ȉ5 ѡ 30 џ (Ϙ) ϯо 9:30 ֌ 12:00 ӴᘈȈ983 Rochedale Road, Rochedale South кᒲȈҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎົϠࢆႽྻ‫܏ܗ‬ᄥࡵ ᖒ๜Ȉ0422 340 529 ୵႐ᆇᣙग़ҳȂُუϘ༉Ґ෧ȶК஼ᛕ ੈஉ‫ڗ‬ᑆȷНᐯ೫ȂᡌࠓգᒸᎷߞЃЀண ҐȄҪቮᜳѾᛕੈН໱ӡȄ

ᆣ᛺ᇆѮ ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 5 џ (џ) ࿤ϭо 1:00 ༟ᣤ ӴᘈȈ121 Mains Rd, Sunnybank (Altandi ѫ‫ژ‬૭੟Ȃֺ໱޿‫)ژ‬ ᖒ๜ȈᏑщ 0412 028 881 ӎงաӫȈᠠ෠‫ࣘݡ‬ఐȃ֘ጁࢬȃࠥК ፡ȃᄱྻᣬਝȃџᢍണᢳȃၢᘷ‫ܝ‬㗐ȃ ੿ࠅጔષȃলࣹчЄȃែϬᝑ‫־‬Ȅᡌࠓண ஭ȊြӫՂգ‫ؼـ‬Ȃ਼Йҩ഼֖‫ט‬Ȅ

ȶέТ࣏кȷདྷྛ࢐㎲Ϊၷ௑ ᖿᚠȈў֐ሃւҟȃԳᏩȃઔኣሃӐѵჰ ‫( ڏ‬၂ሬ/ົሬ) ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 8 џ (Ϭ) ౎ϯ 7:30 ~ 9:30 ӴᘈȈ‫ق‬ь‫҈ؙ܈‬ਛК 174 Horizon Drive. Westlake ~~~~~~~~~~ ᖿᚠȈሮ‫ܠ‬К஼ϠপӠߞྑ (၂ሬ) ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 9 џ (ұ) ౎ϯ 7:30 ~ 9:30 ӴᘈȈҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎົϠࢆႽྻ 983 Rochedale Rd. Rochedale ~~~~~~~~~~ ᖿᚠȈК஼௦୓Ȃћ‫ށ‬ٞॎሃࢆి (ົሬ) ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 10 џ (У) ౎ϯ 7:30 ~ 9:30 ӴᘈȈҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎᢸᚏ௅ 2/37 Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge ‫ڞ‬ᒲȈ௄ရిѹਛ௅ȃᇊর‫ڰ‬ЍయዃК ѕȃ‫ڎݗ‬Ӯ௄ရిྻȃҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎົ ϠࢆႽྻҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎᢸᚏ௅ȃྲ‫׀‬઱ ઓࠫྻȃҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎ௄ရਵၐጄᄥ ᖒ๜ȈᝯЄᙃߎਰ 3343 3689 / 0413 393 176 ᗾ৶Ȯౖ෺ӠൾЀȯȂంȮၐ၃ȯ‫࢘ڎ‬ ऻӐѵȇॊᐯᆽᔝ࣏ࠫԈ༟‫ܕ‬ȄౖൾЀԕ ᗝᑢҫϯ 161 ৎᖔఀᓚ‫ړ‬ᆬጨߞϠգ 116 Ϡգ‫ࠫిܟ‬ԈȂգ‫ࠫిܟ‬ԈߞਛਲӠࣿգ ࿤ࡋȂЙჁӚႽ዇Ȃਛਲ‫ـ‬ग़ᆕȂদঋߞ ϘҮ႖࣏ߏನߞᆽᔝ࣏ৰᐯȂৰᐯߞᆽᔝ ࣏‫ిܟ‬Ȅ

‫ޥ‬ġღġੑġ਀ ~~~~~~~~~~

ਢ໢Ȉ࣐งұ ౎ϯ 6:30 ֌ 7:30 ӴᘈȈUpper Mt Gravatt State School 1 8 9 9 L o g a n Ro a d , U p p e r M t Gravatt ᖒ๜ȈSigung Tom Lo (ᒊЄ‫ݾ‬ਰг) 0418 783 783; ௻‫ڗ‬ȃ֋ᎎ᎝຀ȂᏋԪࠐᐯϠҀфԇ֣ Ր៬ȂӤᒊЄ‫ݾ‬ਰг (໹Ⴥ 35 Րᑫࣷిఱ ၃ᢚ) ᓐ֋ిఱȂ঵௅ֺ໱Ȃᡌࠓࣤ႙Ȅ ҩ‫ټ‬ϠిఱԴ Calamvale ஡Ȅ

ߝ‫ޱ‬ᆹོ ਢ໢Ȉُѡ೐Ϭৎ࣐งϬ ϯо 10:00 ӴᘈȈၐѕྻ௅ 80 Nemies Road, Runcorn кᒲȈҿ‫ڧ‬෻ӎົϠчѹిྻ ᖒ๜ȈVeronica 0412 884 108 ࠜ߰ମ႖हᇸാоᔠȂ႕ᘛбϩУ࿐ѽ ϯࠜ߰ணሃȂֺ໱Ȅ

Ӓ୊௶ᇆ -- ߑᏰੲ ਢ໢Ȉ࣐งџ ϯо 9:00 ֌ 10:30 (ُѡ೐ϟৎ࣐งџԃ᎝) ӴᘈȈPineland Lions Dancing Hall, 1 Nathan Road, Runcorn ѫ‫ژ‬૭੟ кᒲȈ਷ᔅࡱህ᜹ߤᅱᑫົԑஉవህᐯྻ ᖒ๜Ȉ3278 8434 ԑஉవህ઱Ӥ௞྽ህਰӒഢ୊ፚȂ࿘Ϣ



ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 2 џ֌ 7 ѡ 23 џ ਢ໢Ȉ5 ѡ 28 џ (б) ᘁᘁԑᆕ A ઱Ȉെ࣐งұϭо 1:00 ֌ 3:00 ౎ϯ 7:00 ֌ 10:30 B ઱Ȉെ࣐งбϭо 1:30 ֌ 3:30 ӴᘈȈၐѕྻ௅ ӴᘈȈКчՊ‫ب‬၃௅ȇ1034 UNDERWOOD 80 Nemies Road, Runcorn ROAD, PRIESTDALE кᒲȈ਷ᔅࡱህᘏᐯ੭ - ੭уྻ ᖒ๜ȈϚԐӠ 0417 716 576 кᒲȈКчՊ ᖒ๜Ȉ3841 3511 ҩҳჰ‫ט‬ϭϘඞᇢԪህᘏህྻ : ԑஉవ ᐱਰȈཀЂ՘ցਰȄA ઱Ȉࠅ൧ȇB ህȃ‫ݛ‬Ϛфዾ࿤ህȃؔԕߤӹህȃ Rock ઱ȈጐᐍЋѪࠐ༥Ȅُ઱Ԓϣ᎝Ȃُ᎝ϟ & DiscoȃNew VougeȂᔹग़ህաȃኵЂህ Ј੡Ȅᐯ໱ُ઱ $70Ȃ֯੕࢙Պ௄ࠛȄ հȃମᙇЈ঴ȄᡌࠓჰԐ઻ਲ਼ѽֺԨ༨Ȅ

Rumba (௶ᇆȃ‫ޥ‬Һᇆጛಬ) ਢ໢Ȉ5 ѡ 29 џ (џ) ϯо 10:30 ֌ 12:30 ӴᘈȈ19 Gager Street, Sunnybank RSL Hall кᒲȈТׄህᘏߤ ᖒ๜ȈJim 0411 859 873


ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 3 џ (五) кᒲȈᡌ‫ྻވډޟ‬ ᖒ๜ȈᝌЃЀ 3848 2986 ൘ᚳՐᛁӠѹᗾȄ

St John ࡨ௿ᜌਪ

ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 5 џ உ‫ڗ‬వህȃߤӹህፚ೫Ȅᡌࠓࠐ઱ȃК ӴᘈȈSt John House, 225 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley ઱۶ྑՀߤӹህϠЀணҐȄТहቃׄȃࢽ кᒲȈSt John єȃፚ೫Ȅ֋൯༼ਫ਼Ȅ ᖒ๜Ȉ0403 051 536 о!“‫ڷ‬ҁȃՌҥȃ߳៖ஏτ ༟ᓱࢧాᝋ੩᎝Ȅ8.30am - 4.30pmȈ ᠌ઉ” ࣏кᚠ‫ॱޟ‬ዅོ Ғࣁྲᐯ߰۶ϬՐࢢԓᐯ߰ȇ8.30am ਢ໢Ȉ5 ѡ 29 џȞџȟϭо 2:30 ֌ 5:00 10.30amȈCPRȄ

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ਪ‫ߑݲ‬Ᏸੲ ਢ໢Ȉ6 ѡ 9ȃ23 џȇ7 ѡ 7ȃ21 џȇ8 ѡ 4 џ (ұ) ϭо 2:30 ֌ 5:30 ӴᘈȈ125 Santa Cruz Bvd, Clear Island Waters, Gold CoastȄߤ஡Ђࠝࢷ 164# ‫ ݕ‬000# кᒲȈѵົྻ ᖒ๜ȈLi 0434 282 766 ࢽᐱցਰִћᎰԐӠȂаਟҒࣁ྿੩Մ ᢜຕᅹфຊᄑНႻຊȃ֖੩኷‫ޱ‬Нൢ‫ޱ‬ф ‫ޟ‬Ꭻȃፓᘴфନ੩НሮᝊȄᡌࠓඡԩȄ໱ ӡ $5/ըȄ


Ѡġᆚġఀġࡉ ৱጒσᏰѠᆚடཾఀৱȂӻӪᏰҡෆᕕᏢዅШᗉσዩ ωੲ፞แ (3-4 Ρ)Ȉ$10 ଔȁȁΙᄇΙ፞แȈ$20 ଔ ൢӪ‫ޱ‬ջາᜒଚȈҏΡശཱིю‫ޟގ‬Ѡᆚ CD Ι஻ ю୵டཾᅋ࠷ѠᆚȈ$500 ଔ ႫၗȈ3273

6663 / 0431 411 481

ၖ኉ջโ۹᎛୵டষ ‫ࣺڎ‬ᜰငᡛ‫ޱ‬ᓺӑᓃ‫ڥ‬Ȃ᠍ߔዅᢎ໌‫ޟڥ‬ჱբঈ ΙଔёΣ‫ר‬ঈȂ‫ظ‬τࣱџȂ፜Ռരቺᐣߒߣྱа சՍ ‫ܖ‬ᒑᖝ 2847 Gold Coast Hwy, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 ႫၗȈ07-5538 9666 ७ၐਢ໢ 14:00 ~ 15:00Ȃᖠᓺȃᆋց‫ٹ‬


ŠŠŠŠŠŠĩࠒୢĪŠŠŠŠŠŠ ୘૩ȁওᐙȁऄᐙ ᚕ૩೎౩ȁ఼౩‫ֱڿ‬ ЅȁӡӴ୘૩ David: 07 3423 7806 M. 0411 471709





ࠒୢσ࠮ᗊ‫ސ‬ϛЖϱ ᙄࠢ۹ҡཎю୵Ȃ Ԥཎ‫ޱ‬፜ႫȈ 0433 277 491 (Anne)

ড়ۨᆰও ఼౩Ѕও၄ GutterȂ ও౩٩૶ᆩȂ ‫؁‬඲ߞᚇ/Ы൙Ѕσω ড়ۨᆰওώแȄ ፜Ⴋ 0405 217 661 ߮ӑҡȞ୽ȃဃȟ


ᘈġЖġ‫׳‬ġี ᆠछ෫Ԓ໽૯ᘈЖ‫ี׳‬Ȃҥငᡛᙴ൲ ෆӈӨσନዂ‫ॷޟ‬෫Ӫኁк౩Ȃ ᖒ๜ႫၗȈ3208 7360 (9am~9pm) ‫ܖ‬ЙᐠȈ0434 008 983

Fotomax 206 Wickham St., Fortitude Valley Qld 4006 Ⴋသᆰও݈୛Ȉ ԧภცၝഹ๼пૺሃᇯ৒Ȃኊ੾ᔹ෎Ȃᡌࠓ෎ᠪȄ ᔂ዆௲ᚼ DVDȂԪ‫ ۀ‬VCD ᚼϢ DVDȂЙ዆ᠩᎳ༓ࣹҵȄ ც႖Ȉ(07)3252 8913ȁཇૌȈ(07)3257 4769 Computer Services: All model computer repairs and upgrades welcome, competive price for parts and services. Conver your anologue video into digital video finishing in DVD, as well as VCD file into DVD file without losing any quality, finishing in DVD. Tel: (07)3252 8913 Fax: (07)325 74769





݀ρ៌ॱዅ଱ᓁฤఀᏰ‫ݲ‬ ᆈρȂMTAQ ོষȂሄᏲ AMEB ՃၐᇄӨ઻ᓁฤఀ ᏰȂငᡛᙴ൲Ȃ၏௑፜ᖒ ๜ Yvonne (‫ݓ‬Ղৱ) 0411 369 232







ငᡛЫ‫ݫ‬ӞȂடཾ᎜ٙၯȃ ՗ΡၯȃళෞЅ‫ࡐܘ‬ӴѮȃ ອ‫ސ‬ෞӴѮȃ ዂఘЅ၆Ⴚ้Ы‫ݫ‬ώแȂ ‫ٮ‬ඪ‫ټ‬ଽᔆ఼ዓЅও၄݈୛Ȃ ЙᐠȈ0422353 860 Cameron ࣁȞABN 635 190 553 76ȟ Bob Cat ࡷπᐠюન

Ԋ߀ᎽᎻ ᐬࢸࢇ‫ۺ‬ᇯџȂӻԑင ᡛȂ๼ΡτఀጛȂՌ௶Ȃ ୽ȃဃȃ़ᇭȂӨՃୢၯ ၐȂ‫ٷ‬Ᏸষ໌৤Ȃ๡Жఀ ᏲȂօձԙђȄłůŨŦŭŢġ೨ ႫȈıĵıĴġĶĹķġĹıĴ

ྥਢҺೲȂЙώᆠಠȂ ᅾ೰ՂᄂȂӴᘈᎌϛȂ ϲЈᕊཾȂഇ࢑෈έӄ਀ ΰϿ 8:00 ՍήϿ 6:00 ႫၗȈ3344 7683 Ӵ֭Ȉ5 Werona St, Sunnybank

Graduate English Academy - Sunnybank ‫ڎ‬Ԥ 25 ԑငᡛ‫ޟ‬ωᏰఀৱџо࣏ 2 - 7 ԑ઻၄ಬ़ᇭ Ѕᆗ೚ȂѓࢂМ‫ݲ‬ȃ᠞ࡣհМȃຠཊȃቸհ‫׬‬ѽЅω Ᏸᆗ೚ȄѪԤࠉᆗ೚ഋߞкᆓȂଽ઻ᆗ೚ఀৱ၄ಬ 7 - 12 ԑ઻‫ ޟ‬Math B Ѕ CȄ‫ٮ‬ԤငᡛσᏰ၄ಬՂৱ џጡቸ፣МЅࡾᏲσᏰఀ‫فى‬Ѕ TESOL ‫ف‬፣МȄ ፜Ⴋ Jill 0410 381 832 ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News

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㠩㔸䓇⌂⢓➡曰Ự忻㚫ġ 㠩㔸䓇⌂⢓䔊㤕㕤≈㊧⣏Ṇỗ忼䚩⣏⬠䌚⼿暣 㨇ⶍ䦳⌂⢓⣂⸜Ἦ㚦ả借㕤≈⚳⚳旚悐ᷣ㊩ ⚳旚⣒䨢忂妲堃㗇⍵梃⻰旚䥎⍲㟠⫸ⷭ⮬ 䞼䨞冯䘤⯽ⶍἄ ⸜㚦㥖䌚≈㊧⣏⚳旚悐 䈡㬲届䌣䋶 ⸜㥖䌚⊿⣏大㲳℔䲬 1$72

凒⣒媖娊⥼⒉㚫届䌣䋶㚦ẍ≈⚳椾ⷕẋ堐幓ấ ⍫≈⚳旚⣒䨢䥹㈨䘤⯽⥼⒉㚫大㕡⚳⭞檀䥹㈨ 䓊⑩䭉⇞ &2&20 ⥼⒉㚫ẍ⍲⊿⣏大㲳℔䲬⚳ 1$72 ⚃ᾳ䥹㈨䘤⯽⥼⒉㚫䘬ⶍἄ 㠩⌂⢓㕤Ḵ暞暞ᶱ⸜㍸㖑徨ẹ䎦ả≈㊧⣏ᷕ⚳ ᾉ⼺Ự忻㚫吋ḳ㚦ả伶⚳➢䜋⼺ἧ侭⋼㚫吋ḳ 㚫ᷣⷕ䴻ⷠ塓怨婳⇘ᶾ䓴⎬⛘ᷣ柀倂㚫⍲⮰柴 嫃⹏㠩⌂⢓⮵⚳晃㗪ḳ⍲俾䴻枸妨䓂㚱䞼䨞 叿㚱˪䛇慹ᶵ⾽㳒䆸䀓˫ˣ˪ⷠ⊅ℝ㱽˫ˣ˪⽆ 俾䴻㎕攳≽䚒ᶾẋ䘬⤏䦀˫ˣ䫱㚠䯵 㞍娊Į斄⫸泣䈏ⷓġ3343 3689 ; 0413 393 176ġ

㖍㛇ˣ㗪攻Ļġ6 㚰 8 㖍㗇㛇ᶱ 7:30-9:30pm 㕡凇冯侫⎌ˣ⛘暯ˣ㴟◗冯㛓ᶾ枸妨ĩ厗İ䱝Īġ ⹏ỵ㚱旸㔔婳⟙⎵䔁⹏ġ ⛘溆Ļ174 Horizon Dve. Westlake Q4074 㛶⮹⣯⻇⃬⭞ᷕġPh. 3376 6504ġ 㖍㛇ˣ㗪攻Ļġ6 㚰 9 㖍㗇㛇⚃ 7:30-9:30 pm. 嫃柴Ļġġ娵⭂ᷕ⚳Ṣ旴䓇䘬ッĩ䱝婆Īġ ⛘溆Ļⶫ慴㕗㛔厗Ṣ⭋忻㚫ġ 983 Rochedale Rd. Rochedale Qld 4123ġ 㖍㛇ˣ㗪攻Ļġ6 㚰 10 㖍㗇㛇Ḽ 7:30-9:30 pm. 嫃柴Ļᷕ⚳ⳃ崟ˣ㔯㖶㰾䨩冯⭋㔁ĩ厗婆Īġ



ⶫ慴㕗㛔㕘⇑䎕㴠ᾉ㚫ĭ➢䜋㔁ᷣ⭞➪ĭⶫ慴㕗㛔 厗Ṣ⭋忻㚫ĭⶫ慴㕗㛔曰䲏➪ĭġ㇧奺䞛➢䜋㔁㚫ġ

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⛘溆Ļⶫ慴㕗㛔曰䲏➪ġ 2/37 Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge Q4110ġ ⶫ慴㕗㛔➢䜋⼺俾㦪⛀ĭ䤷枛ḳⶍ㍐⺋ᷕ⽫ġ

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252ȁ 27.05.2011

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


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252ȁ 27.05.2011

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


݀ρ៌ ϛ୽Ρ‫ོڞ‬

ᙹकⓧːㆺ෼ ᇷ 2011 ᠑ʑᄽջ౺ჶഛञ⫶ ჶഛ࿯⤽ʠɺ -- ฻ჶഛ

ΙؓΙжࣨȂΙ߆ΙЈஆȂඡϛ᏿жࣨȂᕡ໢ ᄲҗ࡯Ȅྃछ‫ޟ‬ၑѯȂ൲֤঱౩Ȃᜲၾජक़‫ޟ‬Ϛ ζғ࢐ីኇ೻ߞདྷԁ༝ȉᆠּ๘গȊ ៷዆߰ߞ֋ሹྏȂҪգ֋Ў൵ߢႽȄहᑟԴјȂч ϭԇ‫ڕ‬ȄЙԓ཈཈࣏ġ ‘ୃᔂ’Ȃփ໸๴ߞ࣏аѕߞġ ‘ࠑ Ⴟ’Ȅ៷዆߰ᒕ࿂ԨϯȂ‫ۖڍ‬Ϙບ༧ԍබྻѕఐ࠷੬Ȅ ៷዆߰ӫԍూᏟȂᗙЂѕ೟ȂຠႋϠྍȂ዆у჆чϭȄ ៷዆߰ߞਛϠ‫ڳ‬ᇊȄҁেᐾգѧ‫־‬Ϡ‫ـ‬Ժग़Հ݀‫ڰ‬԰ ᐸߞ࿰ѯȇҁেգ‫ـ‬Ꮻᝉߞġ ‘ᚣϾ’ ϘਛϠҳҍ੠֖ȇ ҁেգ຾೭हᑟഺԑਛߞġ ‘ԒԢሬ‫’ڏ‬ȂጄթЙિȇҁ েѕઈ‫ۊ‬ՀȂϠଔዃȂබգ‫ـ‬ԺՀႻઈജ‫כ‬є་ӠࣿК ‫ڽ‬Ȃ‫ݑډ‬୞஻Ȃਛ۶ေ‫ڰ‬ᒸȄ

៷዆๑໳ᎭȄ๑ᎢቦϭјКߞ࣏јᑟȃཌӝȃ୫ыȃ ੟༄ȃඏхȂ࣏‫ڸ‬କȃҺ௵ȃ૶Һȃ຿ҙ‫ྲݕغ‬ᒸߞࡡ ๕ȇُৎϠԧ֋ϠӠ୑නᒕೢߞখႫሃ༥ࣱЙԢȂзം ԯְߞႅ൯໳փ֋ཆȂᎭփ֋۟ȇ៷዆ྑՀ߰ȂϠϠӀ ຈȇறգӡѕȃӡྑ‫ݮ‬ҍߞգྍ၍ߞहѯȂՀ֯ࡡȂЖ ࣏ૌᓒȄ գϞՀ֯ࡡȂᑾጄጄЙՂಿጄጄȂሃ‫ێ‬ҪԴਛϠȃ௜ уȃᗚ੩Кж๴ȂЙՂᑄ൵ఀྍߞ֯ࡡணҐ‫ݿ‬Ѐ᠋К஼ Ϡ‫ྻ۝‬ѹᓱߞ៷዆ЂᘈȂ۶൵ԺϠж‫ߞ៷ݮڳ‬ඈ੆Ȃ‫ـ‬ କգᑟྻ᎛ࡈᏅ୼јᙇໞࢽᐱȂ൵‫أ‬ിԳᢰ៷዆Ѫ࿤ॎ ঳ಠ་ȄϘЙ઻ૠ៏ৎጨवȃጨ๕‫ݕ‬ጨࠛȂЙ֭֋Ў ‘៷዆๴ᑵу’ ഺᇍၳྻജᒕ࿂ߺ‫ܠ‬ȂփѷѕႮᑢ຀գϞ ԍᅷߞ‫ڧ‬຀ါȄઔҳົϠȂ֋ࠫպ঺Ȅ

᝸‫ـ‬Ժ‫ވ‬уҐϢ៷዆߰ߞ֖ԕȄӡहᑟȃᄦѯ۶࿰ѯ ०ࢢߞࣇ‫ڰ‬ҝӹࣹȃཇያሃࠑႿȄѵधϘ‫ـྻܠ‬۶ᓘग़ ՀȂԯऎգְȃ‫ا‬۶‫ا‬েߞहᑟ‫ݚ‬ညȄᄰ֡েȂྑ៷዆ ‫א‬Ȋ ៷዆ѹᛟҒᜲေ໪Ȃ‫ٿ‬ൣ‫ݮ‬Цኃȉҝ৹ႆ‫ݮ‬ȉࢨኃ ‫ݮ‬ȉϭ༉ԢϘ੡༡ȂԢϘ௞៼Ȃ‫ا‬ে‫ڽ‬ణ୅ȮՀ࿰ѯ බԴְ‫ڗ‬᝝ȯȄϘ༉ՀѕఐඒȊ

݀ρ៌ϛ୽Ρ‫ី[ ོڞ‬ኇԻ‫ٱ‬೽] ջາ࣏‫ޥ‬ୢ݈ ୛Ȃ᠍ߔඪ୰‫ٮ‬ཐᗂௌ‫ޟ‬᝘ິ࡚ដ‫ڷ‬ཎَȄ Йᐠ/฻߬Ȉ0403 655 368 (Mr Gary Fang) 0403 256 680 (Ms Ping Ding) Ⴋġġġġġġġġġġ໏Ȉ

ŅłŏŏŚġፙড়ல Ыч‫ྐا‬ሃЂਛж‫ڳ‬ӎϠԴᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬ӠࣿђԺՐߞᙇ ᆍ၃ᢚȄϘ֜ϯઔԺՐߞՀуԴවՐࡈ୙‫ۊ‬Єҝᐍᆬӎ ᡝ੩ȂЂᐯಲ྽ࢢജϘਛቲգԩઈߞгҦၑԇȄ࢞Ⴣह ညЙᓾȂϬՐࡈᐍᆬӎ‫ݗ‬ಯ஥་Ϣϯઔయᚧ໴ጁ‫ݗ‬ȂՁ ወِ‫៉࢙ߞا‬Ȃ‫טا‬໦ՁȂՂ‫ލ‬Գᙇᛓѫ‫ژ‬ȃ٠‫ژ‬૭Ҟ ѽȂӹ഼ў࠮Ȃኊ੾ᏋКȂᕕႍҞѽ໴་Ȅփѷ҄ডЍ Ⴄ୼ȂӇກϵ୼ȂҞӡ‫ڽ‬ଡ଼ກȂည੡Ґϯᑫࣷࣆܹᄁ ᔽ೐Ϙը໴‫߰ݗ‬Ȃգġ 2 ေԺႃ໭Ȅຕ‫ލ‬ѭӓऎ‫ۊ‬Єҍ պжНђ঵งȂ‫ੋا‬຾ҁ‫ۊ‬Єߞġ case ऎҁԴ‫ݿ‬Ѐ᠋‫ر‬ Ϟ‫ی‬ਛ቙֖་֖ໞ֤Ȃԯऎ‫ݙ‬գߞ໷ภġ caseȂӎϠϘ ‫ྻܠ‬ᕒׄ‫یر‬ਛѧႵȂည๒ҁ֋ЎϵҞѽҝԓ‫ر‬Ժවਛ ቙֖‫ݕ‬၃॔ϠႏႏȄ൵ࢢҁ֋ЎᓴᑄϞ‫ݿ‬Ѐ᠋ߞϘਛ቙ ֖໷ภպжНϣϩȄ೐ϟՐྲ‫ݗ‬ӹ‫ݽ‬՘ӹȂྦྷᏏ؆ಲȄ Ҟ࣏ྲ‫ࠕࠢݗ‬ϫգྲ௞੯༟๴ҍ‫ڽ‬Ȃᄦ૽ന঍‫ـ‬؆ग़Ȃ ഺ੡ȂӓᓐϫѕஜϞȂϫ‫ڽ‬ወِ‫៉࢙ߞا‬Ȅ‫ێ‬ᅁᅆ‫ݺ‬ᐍ ᆬӎ‫ݗ‬ԳಯȂӎϠ‫ڭ‬ЙጢఉȂ࣏֭‫טا‬໦ՁȂ಩Դԑಧ ၃ᕻЙՀȂՂ‫ְލ‬գକϧԓᕒ‫ۊ‬ЄҍպжНђȂ໴‫ظ‬Ⴄ ‫ݗ‬ȂᘘକُՐᘘକգ‫׀‬ӡ‫ظ‬Ⴄ‫ضݗ‬᚞་֖ଡ଼ກߞՀ഍Ȃ DepreciationȂᢰྻ঍ᕒְଡ଼ۖ൵୼ກ՜Ȅ࣏֭ഺ֜‫ۊ‬

ЄࡒӇც႖ِ‫ا‬ሲ‫އ‬ӓᓐЙঋԓ໴‫ظ‬Ⴄ‫ݗ‬Ȅҁሲġ “МҺ ࠠࡽȂ‫ا‬Жġ 20 Ժ࿐Ȃබգ‫ی‬ਲ਼Ђ‫ݗ‬໷ภᕅԴ‫ڗ‬ϯȂ‫ا‬ ྻգ࢝ЂᇟૠѾᑉߞ”Ȅ‫ا‬԰ᚬҁȂѭӓऎைᏳְȂ୙ ҍ஼ऎְЏѾҍ‫ހ‬໳ᐯ໱Ȃ಩Դϫຜְᑟྻऎְҍ঵ งȂְබ࣏գᙇᕅϧȂᅆְ‫ـ‬ՀȄϘৎϠঋգᕅϧЖྻ ҝ‫ׅ‬ϧᘇᓿȂ֣޶ӡࠜงೀԍҝऻȂ‫ظ‬Ⴄ‫ݗ‬ಯȂ੡༡ࠜ Ϙ‫ڱ‬ȂϘ‫ྻܠ‬գ԰ඡȄ൵ࢢԴ‫ߞا‬ிࢺϭȂҁᗁᇖԢྍ ϞȂ‫ا‬ϫऎҁ໷Ϟ೐ϟኼ‫ظ‬Ⴄ‫ߞݗ‬պжНϣϩภȄЫՐ ‫ۉ‬ՐȂ‫ا‬েЂਛ୼୼ᒸᒸहྻԴϯઔȄ ჅࢢՁ‫ۊ‬Є԰ᐍᆬӎȂ‫ا‬԰ۖҿನ෻઱Ȅഺը෇ࣿြ ‫ݸ‬஄Ȃഺ֜‫ۊ‬Єሃ‫ވ‬уҝอ஄൑൦ՀවчȂٟྐۖϘ԰ ۖਛȂࠝജዮஜȂᖒᐨ૔᛼Ȃ࣏֭‫ࡒ֘ތ‬ٟգஏȄҁѕ ࢧِా࠲ᔍгҦȂ֋Ўᘘఀҍġ $500ȄҞ࣏೐ϟч৶់ ԐӠ๳ࠝȂѹஜ‫ݚ‬ሮȂ‫ݙ‬գġ “૔᛼” ࣏ҁেྣߞȄ࣏ҽ ҠᏐ‫ܧ‬ԯවчӏ‫ڍ‬ѹϠ་ҍȂҍ‫ݺ‬ᑉѕЖ७ც৶់ඡߞ ់ȂሲՀවчऻЙۖϠȂϫЙ‫װ۾ڍ‬౜యҍҝ৆ȂऎϞ ᑉѕգЦኃ‫ڰ‬ఐ๴ӠȂ৶់૔ࠝփϢȂ৶់ᘘய‫ވا‬у ߞ‫ۊ‬ЄȂ“ऎЦኃְϘߡЙయ‫װ۾‬౜ҝ৆Ȃ” ҁះఀ࢝ Հ૯Ȃ԰ᚬȂ“‫ُا‬ч՝ҍ౎ᙩȂЙԴਛஇ༺Ȃٟգ‫۾‬

p.62!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

252ȁ 27.05.2011

‫װ‬ȂऎЦኃϘ‫ܠ‬ঋయҍ ҝ஬Ȃ᝱ႽЙ৆‫װ۾‬Ȃ ϵգயᛟཛྷȉ” ൵ࢢ৶ ់ԢྍᎪᔺ‫ݙ‬գߞ৒ನ ໱Ȅϯઔߞ‫ވ‬у‫ڽ‬ც༎ ய‫ا‬ȂᑫЂ‫ڲ׀‬Ꮠ‫ܧ‬Ժ ኃጤѕȂᘵ๒Ӏ੡࢝ь Ӈ‫ݢ‬۲Ȃ࣏֭ࡒྻަྍ ۹ඛहᏐȄᔵᔵᝯѕҁ ϠߞՀࡡᎳȄంഺϘԆ ӠࣿКЈЈߞ෧աȂЙૌҞѽຜ‫ا‬েُϘ֜‫ވ‬уϘᙇ ЈЈߞుӯȄЙঋѽऎٟවчබ԰ਛȄᝯϯࠝබϯႮȄ ࠫፐዃ‫ࠫט‬ԆຈຈȂᕕႍ‫ט‬໦ҽҠᏐ‫ܧ‬ᕒՓੋ‫ڕ‬Ȅ‫ا‬ে ԑਛ၃௱ҍႼȂᗁ࣏܎୉ϘਛᏐ‫ܧ‬՜ՀࠫԆȂՂ‫ލ‬Йഺ ዹȂϘৎԺѡ԰ਛȂႮჅЙᜃՀྍߞϠȂϘऻഺࠫፐȂ බߢႽȂ‫࣏࢝࢏ݗ‬ϳߩߩߞȂϵգҞକૌߞҗ‫܆‬Ϭ‫ـ‬ҝ ዮࠝ۸Ȅ‫ݙ‬ѽġ Danny ‫ט‬໦ЂਛȂԴᑫࣷҍࠝ੠ႼӅ༷ இՀഺᙇЈЈߞґ᎝Ȃѽֺ‫ڽݢ‬ЙӅঋߞ൫࿭Ȅ

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


p.64!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

252ȁ 27.05.2011

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


p.66!!ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!!!

252ȁ 27.05.2011

ᮝᙙ෼ࢊ!Queensland Chinese News!!! 252ȁ 27.05.2011


Queensland Chinese News Issue 252  

Queensland Chinese News Issue 252

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