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Study from the artist Irina Sidorowicz using watercolour Sewn into using free hand embroidery on the sewing machines Studies from sketch book at the beginning of my tree project. Studies using acrylic paint and spatula

Moving on from studies but taking different parts and putting them together to develop my ideas ready for a final piece. Started looking at artist Reed Danziger, study to the left and above a mixture of painting and free hand embroidery

To the left, experimenting different way to make a tree effect. Below, final piece, acrylic paint and free hand embroidery

New project involving flowers, studies from artists I liked including Danielle o Connor. All studies using acrylic

Took my own photos of flowers, produced paintings of them (top). Right, final piece, painting of photo above.

Experimenting in sketch book using different media and techniques

Most recent project- started looking at fashion illustration and drawings

More Danielle o Connor studies, really enjoy using her technique of painting

Really like Nikki Farquharson, did some studies of my own but also included some Danielle o Connor on the girls dresses

Took my own photos then did some more Nikki Farquaharson using my photos

Designing own black and white patterns, currently working on a full sized mannequin that will be covered in black and white pattern. Also adding cardboard butterflies that will covered in pattern from all around the world

In product design I was given the task of finding a problem then designing and making the solution. I myself am I blackberry user and found the range of accessories to go with them very limited. I designed a range of different ideas for a blackberry docking station and came up with the final product which is shown on this page. The design has an LED light inside that comes on with a sensor when the room becomes dark. The phone stands nicely on top in a rotating piece of ABS that is connected to the base.


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