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UNIT FOUR LESSON 17 = Short Story with a Hero

John, The Poor Rich Rich Great Boy by Maria Frota The situation was not easy. The father a long time ago left them; The older brothers are living on the streets, living every one for theirself. His mother, with a disease that seemed endless. John, aged 12, who is realized everything. Doing odd jobs and errands could take care of ailing mother and two younger siblings with food and worrying about their studies. Since himself could no longer go to school. Who knew he could not believe that this boy, so fragile, so thin because of malnutrition in childhood, had so much strength and courage to endure all things. Johnny did not complain of anything: neither of childhood lost, or abandoned the school, nor the irresponsible father, resigned, faced the situation in the best way, trying to be always cheerful and good cheer. From the point of view of common men, God seemed unfair to put so much burden of responsibility on his shoulders so fragile and unprotected. However, the spiritual point of view, the view is quite different. So many have a wealthy and noble family. But instead of using the facilities and resources at their disposal to do good and help people become better, they use their resource as an instrument of oppression and unbridled pleasures satisfaction. With power and money in hand, families destroyed, damaged people, and if they lose their fourtun or no longer to be famous or powerful, showing who they really are unhappy and regretful that provoked evil. And there goes Johnny, the boy who was supposed to be sad, angry, happy life as a small

unsung hero, supported by invisible friends in search of another service to support their families. He knows unconsciously that requested and received from God the opportunity to develop the best possible way: planting and distributing smiles and love where to go.



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