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Fashion Styling-

S/S 2016


A fashion Stylist is a person who selects the clothing for things such as television or print advertising campaigns , published editorial features, concert performances, music videos and any and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. Typically , styling is a method of getting accessories and clothing, to express them in their most alluring or attractive way in order to sell them. Fashion clothing can be done alone or as a group of products without or with a model.

STYLING ROLES Personal Styling

A Personal Stylist teach the client to make effective image decisions, make thorough evaluation about the client's physical attributes, preferred style, and personality to easily provide the most suitable fashion choices and give good fashion recommendations about the client's overall look which include the wardrobe, footwear and accessories. They also help clients pick applicable outfits and pair them with matching accessories ,assist clients' to change or maintain their desired fashion image and choose wardrobes, accessories, apparels, and footwear that will accentuate the striking physical features of the client .

Commercial Styling A Commercial Stylist involves styling models or actors/actresses for advertising/commercials , This could involve anything from selecting the wardrobe items to coordinating the shoot or selecting the location, models, makeup artists and even the photographer.

Editorial Styling A Editorial Stylist is a person who can set a theme/ tell a story through images with a mood or concept. They show this through the colours and tones they use in their work and how the model looks.

KATE YOUNG Stylist Kate Young has one of the most varied and respected resumes in fashion today. She is sought after by Hollywood celebrities, top publications, and mega brands. What makes Kate unique is her ability to seamlessly cross the worlds of celebrity and fashion, and keep the highest levels of creativity and intact. Kateintegrity began her career at Vogue magazine, assisting Anna Wintour and Tonne Goodman. She was quickly promoted in the fashion department where she became the sittings editor for the “People Are Talking About…” section. As her career at Vogue began to flourish, she was given the opportunity to style the first-ever cover of Teen Vogue. On the commercial side, she has consulted for Armani Exchange, Tod’s, Halston, and Ann Taylor and styled campaigns for Dior, Joie, Guerlain, Carolina Herrera, Theory, CoverGirl, Victoria’s Secret, Pantene, and Olay.Kate is also one of the most sought

after red carpet stylists, having twice been named “The Most Powerful Stylist” by Hollywood Reporter and “Stylist of the Year” by InStyle. She is also the recipient of the prestigious ACE Award for her contributions to the accessories industry. Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller, Felicity Jones, and Selena Gomez call upon her to style them

y d o B s e p a h S How to measure your Body Shape…….. Shoulders: Have someone help you measure from the tip of one shoulder all the way around you. The measuring tape should be high up around your shoulders so it almost slips off. Bust: Pull the measuring tape taut across the fullest part of your bust and around your back. Don’t pull the tape so taut that your breasts start to get squashed. Waist: Measure the smallest part of your natural waist, just above the belly button. Hips: Start at one hip (below the hip bone) and wrap the tape measure around the largest part of your butt.

Strawberry : Style Advice A Strawberry body shape is like an inverted triangle, so the aim is to make the illusion of an hourglass figure by adding volume around your hips to balance your broader top half, while flattering your shoulders. Strong shoulders are an asset, so you have to keep everything else in proportion.


• Wear tulip skirts and harem pants they will create volume on your lower half of the body. Make sure you make them go in at the waistline with a belt. • A strawberry figure is really suited to classic looks, so you should go for sexy tailored jackets, slim-line trousers and sweeping dresses. As you don’t want to draw attention to your shoulders avoid block colours as it makes you look bulkier. • Wrap tops are the best for your inverted triangle body, especially if you have a big bust. • Accessories should be large and bold. Longer necklaces will create a focus in the centre of the body.

Pear : Style Advice A pear body shape is when your smaller at the top but larger in the lower body ,the main aim is to minimize the hip and thigh area. Wear stuff which draws attention to the top half your body with accessories, but some people like showing there big hips off.


• Wear patterned clothing as it makes certain parts of the body look bigger. • Some pear shaped people try to wear chunky necklaces to make their bust look bigger as it distracts you from the bottom half of the body. • However some people like focusing on the bottom half of the body so you can wear fitted/bodycon skirts and dresses so they stand out more to show off your bottom curves. • As the bust on a pear is usually smaller you can wear tops with thrills or embroidery on them so it makes them look fuller.

Rectangle : Style Advice In dressing your rectangular shaped body, the aim here is to look for clothes that make your boyish figure look more feminine. You can pull off mostly every style, using patterns or detailing to add definition to the body.

• Look for clothes that can create volume with things such as frills, fluted edges and ruffles etc. • The best thing for you is boot cut jeans because the slight flare and slim fit expresses a petite waist and an amazing bum. • When wearing dresses/tops that make you look really rectangle add a belt to make the waist look thinner creating more of a shape to the body. • You should accessorise allot with your clothing as it is very feminine and distracts you from the body.

When dressing your hourglass figure, there isn’t that much to be done but you should try to really accentuate you figure. It is common knowledge that the hourglass is considered the perfect feminine shape as it shows your curves.

Hourglass : Style Advice

• When wearing tops/jackets try and get puffed sleeves to emphasise the shoulders . • A pencil skirt is the most flattering on you as it really shows your curves and A-line skirts look nice too. • You should wear dresses/tops/skirts with Peplum detail on them because it creates a line down from the waistline to the hip, which will exaggerate your curves. • When wearing jeans try and find dark ones with big pockets on the bum as it extenuates the curves. • If you feel you’re a little on the small side wear ¾ length or skirts just below the knee with a slit to make you look taller.

Apple : Style Advice When dressing your apple shape, the main aim is balancing the proportions out , to make your upper body look longer and make your shoulders and waist appear slimmer.

• To make your waist look slimmer you could wear body control underwear to define your middle area. • As apple-shaped ladies normally have larger busts you should go a for V-neckline to show them off. • Choose simple tailored jackets that go in at your waist or jackets that have belts on to give the illusion of a smaller waist and this will trim in your middle area. • Wrap dresses are always the best choice for an apple body shape as they fit amazingly over a fuller bust. A side tie on the dress will draw attention away from the stomach.

Skin Tones------

Make-up: Skin tones Lipstick


Depending on what your skin tone is you should try to use the right colours when doing your make-up as certain shades can look better with certain colours.

Rihanna Rihanna has a pear shaped body so she has a bigger bottom half and a smaller top half. As she is more curvy on the bottom so she should wear clothes like fitted skirts/pants to really show off her curves and patterned tops or ones with thrills to give off the illusion of a bigger top .

Student: The student consumer group is young adults , the clothing is very basic and casual as it isn’t dead expensive and is affordable for students as they don’t have allot of money.

Innovators: Some Fashion Leaders create new fashion as they are confident of their taste and are least concern about approval form others. They constantly hunt for new styles, fabrics and way to accessorize their clothes. They may impetus to a certain styles by discovering and wearing it. They may be referred as fashion forward or avant- gard.

--Consumer-----Groups---Laggards :These are the type of people that do not take fashion risks and are the last people to catch on to a trend, usually when it is too late.

Majority: The people that represent the main group of people who adopt a trend as it penetrates to mass market. These people are most likely to take up a trend after they have seen it worn by others or in a fashion magazine, blog or website.

She is: A young fashion enthusiast who doesn’t follow the latest fashion trends and will wear the most quirky outrageous outfits. She is very adventurous with her style. Loves bold colours and prints. Unique accessories are a must. Loves travelling and wants explore the world.

On Trend Working Mum She is: A working mother with a family and work life. Trying to keep up with fashion trends. Working 9-4 then going home to look after family. Comfort is key. Haven't gave up all together, still want to look fashionable and on trend. Bag is a necessary, bigger the better.

Cool Hunt -SequinsPlain black Sequin patterned jacket long sleeved

Long gold sequin skirt from worn with a white blouse and black blazer.

Gold high-neck long sleeved sequin top worn with a chequered over jacket and white pants.

Navy low cut V-neck sequin dress with split down the side worn with a under dress and heels.

This page is A/W 17 – Sequins street styled inspired clothing found on


Leather black skirt worn with a baggy beige jumper

emerald under leather, layered jacket from skinny-dipLondon

Dark green leather jacket from justthedesign .com

Yellow Leather long split skirt worn with a jumper

This page is A/W 17 – Leather street styled inspired clothing found on

-FurBrown/White/Bla ck throw found on pop sugar UK.

Coral oversized fur coat from richesforrags. com Turquoise Fur belted Jacket with black sequin sleeves.

This page is A/W 17 -fur street style inspired clothing found on

Long Sleeved fur jacket in green ,black and turquoise geometric pattern.

The colours have a disco mood for an array of mid-tone brights and fiery metalliics, Gold, silver and copper brights are key to the theme, while magenta pinks, rich purples, sulphuric lime and lipstick red finish this eyecatching range.

The patterns and prints are really bold ,dramatic and vibrant. Animal prints and python continue, Only this season they come in varying applications, oversized, reworked and re-coloured. Also dramatic colour-blocking is created through the collage of jewel-toned sparkling materials.

S/S 17 – Midnight Glam

The target audience is for women and younger women


The materials and details is the excess of the 1980s which is exemplified through the use of innovative materials and exaggerated details. Overt sheen and shine is intensified with plastic coatings and shining pailettes. Lurex wraps and drapes in fluid folds around the feminine silhouette and seuqins to create tone and shape.

S/S 17 – Digital Wave

The target audience is for women and younger women.


Wet-look gel and highshine surfaces are a big part of this trend. Hair is scraped back with a drenched look while fabrics are patent, glossed and often have a technical, reflective feel.

Stripes are back in trend as new nautical sees the traditional Breton stripe prints deconstructed and pieced together in a modern, unexpected way, as the classic look steps up a notch and takes on a glossier feel. Accessories are big, bold and quirky with bright eye makeup.

The colour is infused with the look and feel of the digital age , classic 1980s tones will return, and black plum will emerge as a key tone. Electric magenta, jelly bean green, hot pink and machine red will get things off to a bright start. old shoreline blue and horizon yellow are introduced as accents.

Nightlife was the excess and glamour of the era inspire acid leopard prints that work perfectly in the 1980s , animal prints are clashing and hallucinogenic.

CUSTOMER PROFILE Name: Milly McKenna Age : 20 Gender: Female Occupation: Works in Retail Hobbies: Social , Shopping , reading Art and Fashion magazines, watching movies and doing Yoga. Life Style: Daily life includes parties/events , gallery openings Psychological Profile: Fashion conscious, Art and Jewellery lover, quirky taste in clothing, discriminating buyer Consumer Habits: Shops twice a month at shops such as New Look, River Island , Topshop and H & M

Concept boardMidnight Glam

Photo-shoot Planning

Unedited Images from Photo shoot

PERSONAL STYLIST ASSIGNMENT / CALL SHEET DATE: 16th December 2016 TIME: 2:45 pm SHOOT/JOB: Photoshoot LOCATION: Photoshoot room in City Of Liverpool College CREATIVE TEAM DETAILS: PHOTOGRAPHER: Grace Clegg MAKE UP: Dark eye smokes topped with glitter and bright pink lips done by Melissa McWha HAIR STYLIST: Hope De’Ath WARDROBE STYLIST: Grace Clegg MODEL(S): Hope De’Ath PRIMARY CONTACT: 07966412145 ANY SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Needs bright lighting

Evaluation For my final photo-shoot I chose the trend ‘ Midnight Glam’ from S/S2016. Midnight Glam is quite a young person based trend so I chose a young model , she wore a gold/silver sparkly sequined bodycon with black heels. The hair was curly and the makeup was over the top so bright lips and sparkly eye makeup with dark smokes as it was supposed to look Asif she was going on a night out with friends. My target consumer group was for a young girl who follows recent trends so would relate to the majority consumer group , to fit this consumer group I included fun props as its for young people and the model wore a recently bought dress from a shop with recent trends. For the magazine I chose vogue as the photo-shoot and layout because it looks similar to their magazine covers and what would be in that type of magazine. I also edited my front cover picture colours as it gave a certain look. When planning and preparing for my photo-shoot I looked at recent trends and created some concept boards which related the trend that I chose called ‘Midnight Glam’ so it included stuff like lights , make up , hair ideas etc. Overall, my photo-shoot was quite successful as everything went to plan with what I wanted it to look like. I would have liked to do a practice run as I have never done a photo-shoot before so I weren’t really sure if I was doing the right things for it . Finding a model for the shoot was easy because I only needed a young person so I used my friend as she wears allot of going out clothes as she's only young which is common nowadays and the clothes was also easy to find as I had lots to choose from as it is a popular trend . I worked well in a team as it was easy to get things done and it was fun to do as you could mess around with it quite a bit . However, If I could do anything different I would have looked for better props as I think they make a photo-shoot look better.

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