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GERMANY Why Germany? Germany sits at the center and crossroads of western Europe. Once the home of the Reformation, Germany is now a postChristian, post-modern, and post-secular landscape. Churches once full of people and scattered among ancient cities are now relics amongst the cultural and economic center of Europe. Home to 81.8 million people, Germany is now the most populous member of the European Union and the second most popular human migration destination in the world. Nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge on the other side of the world is BMW’s North American headquarters and production facility here in the Upstate. Because of this, the exchange of both people and culture between our countries and our cities is vast. The opportunities to support local churches as they are planted and grow in Germany continues to be an area in which we feel called to participate. As we work alongside the German church in their own context, it continues to teach us ways to interact with our changing world here at home. Our goal is to support or establish a healthy church with leadership development and discipleship DNA among the English speaking internationals of Munich. This church can also serve as a base for supporting and resourcing younger German church leaders.


• Translate Biblical Femininity into German as part of our initiative to equip the German church • Equip a female intern from Germany through monthly Skype calls and in-country hosting for six weeks • Travel in June 2019 to strengthen existing international and German churches

SEX TRAFFICKING Greenville County has the highest sex trafficking rate in the state, largely due to its location between Atlanta and Charlotte —two of the top 20 major cities for sex trafficking in the U.S. Sex trafficking is defined as a person who is made to provide sex by use of force, fraud, or coercion. Victims are typically the most vulnerable among us; children in foster care systems, teens from abusive homes, women who are desperate and in poverty, and men from unstable environments.

Jasmine Road is a local ministry that offers women who are trapped in a cycle of sexual exploitation and addiction a path to freedom, a haven for healing, and the opportunity to flourish, leading to generational change and the betterment of our community. A safe and secure 24 month, rent free, home environment based on a community living model is essential for these women’s success. We are working with other churches to make a major capital investment to provide a second residential house. For more information, visit WE C H OOSE


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