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158th Annual Meeting and Report

Building a Community of Faith

Sunday, January 22, 2017

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The Fourth Mark of Mission Outreach Ministries Trinity Hot Lunch SPROG ECM Birthday Party Mentor Program

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The Fifth Mark of Mission Creation Care Snapshots of 2016

Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 9 a.m.

Call to order and opening prayer

The Rev. Todd McDowell

Report of the Nominating Committee (Report p. 25) Reception of nominations from the floor Polls open

Becky Coulter

Junior Warden’s Report (Report page 27)

Mike Johnson

Senior Warden’s Report (Report page 28)

Lynette Ballard

Rector’s Comments

The Rev. Todd McDowell

Treasurer’s Report (Report page 31-33) 2016 Actuals 2017 Approved Budget

Tim Engelbrecht

Other Business Celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 10 a.m.

The Third Mark of Mission Community of Hope Prayer Chain Eucharistic Visitors Funeral Receptions Youth Mission Trip Outreach Ministries

158th Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

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Supporting Ministries Stewardship 23 Personnel Committee 24 Communications 24 Nominating Committee 25-26 Junior Warden’s Report 27 Senior Warden’s Report 28 Planned Giving & Gifts 29 Endowment & Legacy Fund 30 2017 Budget 31, 32, 33 Gifts Beyond the Budget 34 Rector’s Homily Address 35-36 157th Meeting Minutes 37-38

Rector’s Homily & Annual Report (Report page 35)

Blessing and Dismissal

Welcome to the 158th Annual Meeting of Grace Episcopal Church! Inside this booklet you will see a snapshot of a year in the life of our parish — the mission, the ministry and the people who make it all happen. A lot of our news from this past year centers on our church building itself. We have been faced with multiple repair and replacement issues. But this building is worth the effort! Our church building makes ministry happen. It is the center of our spiritual home. It stands as a symbol of our beliefs and our faith. It offers comfort and hope as we celebrate births, baptisms and weddings. It provides space for our Christian formation and fellowship. It is home to our ministries, outreach programs and youth ministries. Our columbarium is the old “church cemetery” where we remember and honor the saints of God. Our church building also serves our surrounding community. Each week more than 300 people come to Grace seeking comfort and direction from numerous support groups, spiritual direction programs and workshops. Approximately 55 children attend the Lab School, a preschool that makes its home at Grace Church. Parents and grandparents bring their babies and toddlers to Grace for music education with the MusikGarten program. About 80 local students attend the SPROG summer camp program at Grace each year. Boy Scouts hold their weekly meetings, Blue and Gold Banquets and Pinewood Derbies in our facilities. Visiting youth groups and community programs use our space. Ministry partners like KirkCare, the Shepherd’s Center and Episcopal City Mission hold meetings and celebrations here. We host a volunteer celebration for Hands on Kirkwood each year and we prepare a hot lunch for our neighbors in need every month. The Mission of the Church is the Mission of Christ… and our church building is making ministry happen! We use the Five Marks of Mission to organize our parish mission and ministries: •

To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom

To teach, baptize and nurture new believers

To respond to human need by loving service

To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation

To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

We’ve organized our annual report to follow these Marks of Mission. We hope you will enjoy looking through this snapshot of a year in the life of our parish — and then join us in our mission as we move into 2017!


The First Mark of Mission: To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom


Acolyte Guild

Ministry Leader: The Rev. Todd McDowell Worship at Grace Church is a joyous response to God’s love. All baptized Christians who seek a deeper relationship with God are invited to receive Holy Communion, regardless of age or church affiliation. Our average Sunday attendance in 2016 was 169.

An acolyte is a minister and a leader of the worshiping community; an active participant in the worship of God. We are one of the First Marks of Mission: To Proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.

• • • •

Sundays: Holy Eucharist at 8:00 & 10:00 a.m. Tuesdays: Holy Eucharist at 9:30 a.m. Wednesdays: Morning Prayer at 9:30 a.m. Selected Sunday evenings: Evensong at 5:00 p.m.

Ministry Leader: Mary Merriweather

The Acolyte Guild is one of Grace Church's strongest ministries. Our acolytes participate in Sunday services, along with special holidays, baptisms, weddings and funerals. Acolytes begin serving as Torch Bearers in the 5th grade and then take on more responsible positions as Book Bearer and Crucifer as they acquire confidence and experience. We have 18 acolytes for the 10 a.m. service and six adult acolytes at the 8 a.m. service. 2016 was my first year as being Grace’s Acolyte Director. I have to say that it has been a little challenging trying to juggle acolyte service with high schoolers’ and confirmation students’ schedules, however I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors Ministry Leader: The Rev. Todd McDowell Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve as chalice bearers during Holy Communion. The priest offers “the bread of heaven,” followed by the Eucharistic Minister with “the cup of salvation.” LEMs participate in a training session and are licensed by the Bishop for service at the altar. Lectors read the appointed Bible lessons each Sunday during our worship services. More than 30 adults and youth members serve as Lectors at Grace.


Thank you to the parents of our junior acolytes and adult acolytes for your service in this very important position. If you would like to play a valuable part in our worship services, please contact Mary Merriweather.

Altar Guild Ministry leaders: Rebecca Harrison & Barb Manuel The Altar Guild of Grace consists of four teams of dedicated people. A team works every Saturday morning for about an hour to perform monthly maintenance tasks, as well as to set up for the following Sunday morning. That team then splits into two parts, one for each service. We have three people who have “special” tasks - Barbara Manuel, who is our wedding coordinator as well as being head of Team 2; Rachel Major, who is the decorator for our church; and Ruth Moore, who washes and irons all of the small linen. All of the members of Altar Guild pull together as a large team, (all 34 of us) for large tasks, such as the Christmas Season and the Easter Season. We have several members of our congregation who are not actually on Altar Guild but serve as our “elves” if we need extra specific help, usually heavy lifting! Please let us know if you would like to be an elf, we are always looking for new ones! My task, in addition to coordinating our work with the clergy and staff, is to keep our church supplied with everything necessary to worship, and aligned with the various seasons of the church year. Altar Guild is also tasked with the care and keeping of the nave of the church, so we clean and polish wood, iron wax off of carpet and seat cushions, etc., in order to keep our church beautiful as we worship together.

Altar Flower Ministry

Ministry Leader: Rachel Major Altar flowers are provided by members of the parish who sign up in advance to dedicate the flowers on a particular Sunday in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a birthday or anniversary. Following the services, the flowers are re-purposed and shared with others not able to attend services. Volunteers also come together for special seasonal decorating to make our church beautiful for Christmas, Easter and other events in the life of our parish.

2016 Weddings at Grace Church:

Susan Monnig & Dan Vernon Sunday, July 3, 2016 Mike Heyer and Joan Sale Saturday, July 30, 2016 Wedding Coordinator: Barb Manuel

Usher Guild

Ministry Leader: Richard Russell Our purpose is to make the churchgoing experience at Grace better for our parishioners and guests by assisting them with anything they may need while at church, making them feel at home, and helping the service run in an orderly and efficient fashion. Our highlight for this year was that we actually set a new record, by going 19 consecutive years (that is 988 weeks) without having the embarrassing event of dropping the offering plate, thus spilling loose change on the floor, and having it roll all around, under the pews. All kidding aside… the Usher Guild is an easy and fun way to get involved, and meet many people at Grace (both new and familiar faces). We welcome all church members to join us - all ages, women and men - and we can use your help. Our schedule is such that Usher teams serve once a month if they choose to serve at the 8 a.m. service, or every six weeks or so at the 10 a.m. service. Feel free to call Chard Russell if you would like to join, or if you have any special suggestions or requests.


Music Ministry

Ministry Leaders: Phillip Brunswick, Choir Master and Organist Ella Heigham, Handbell Choir Director The heritage of music in the Anglican tradition is one of our church’s greatest gifts to the missionary and spiritual life of the Christian faith. The liturgy and music of the Episcopal Church are among our strongest tools for evangelism, for spiritual enrichment, and for sustaining the faith. The music program at Grace Church offers participation in a communal life that educates, inspires and nurtures spiritual formation, giving the musicians a rich musical and spiritual foundation. Choirs Our choirs provide music for many services and events each year. The Parish Choir helps to lead the congregation in singing, and to inspire our worship with the beauty of music as ministry leaders in the parish. Though it helps to have some musical abilities (the ability to read music is recommended), training is provided to those who lack experience. There is no audition, and all are welcome. The Parish Choristers join in singing at the Choral Eucharist and Evensong with the Parish Choir as well as on their own. This choir provides children with an opportunity to play an important role in keeping music in the Anglican tradition alive. Choristers enjoy learning music and vocal skills, Christian aspects of music and liturgy, and general rehearsal techniques. Great emphasis is given to musicreading skills, faith and friendship and participating through their own worship and service to the parish. This past year the Choirs sang Evensong at Grace in March, along with Advent Lessons & Carols in December. It was once again a great pleasure to sing Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral in April. Handbells Our Handbell program continues to consist of three choirs which perform about once a month during the year. We have several new members this year and a new set of 4th octave add-on hand chimes to enhance the upper and lower registers. Ella Heigham appreciates all the support given from the staff and congregation for our music program. Musikgarten This past fall we introduced a new early childhood music program here at Grace Church. Our mission is to provide the parish and the community the opportunity to learn music in an encouraging, loving, and godly environment, and to cultivate the gift that God gave them. Our program at Grace begins with classes for newborns through three-year olds and their parents or caregivers. Children and their caregivers sing, dance and play simple instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, shakers and drums. Abbey Dougherty, our certified teacher, helps the children develop listening skills, focused attention, imagination, creativity and self-expression. For more information about Musikgarten, go to:


The Second Mark of Mission: To teach, baptize and nurture new believers Christian Formation Ministry Leader: Janis Greenbaum, Director of Christian Formation & Communications Grace’s Christian Formation Ministries have a vision to build a foundation of faith for the children, youth, families and adults of our parish. Our vision came to life in 2016 through many ministries that allow all ages to experience God’s love, be inspired by God’s word, and be transformed by God’s spirit. Christian Formation is a lifelong journey that requires individual and community dedication. Our Church School Committee meets once each semester to review our work and plan for the semester ahead. Our Christian Formation ministries continue to be challenged by the demands of the secular world – busy lives often keep us from engaging in spiritual or educational practices. But we continue to believe in the importance of scripture, tradition and reason in our faith journey and will continue working hard in 2017 to offer a variety of opportunities for all ages to build that all-important foundation of faith!

Holy Baptism

Ministry Leaders: The Rev. Todd McDowell & Janis Greenbaum Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble. This Sacrament is offered four times each year at Grace: • • • •

The First Sunday after Epiphany/ The Baptism of Our Lord The Great Vigil of Easter Pentecost All Saints’ Sunday

Everyone baptized at Grace (and/or their family and sponsors) is asked to engage in an online educational program and attend a discussion session with our rector. Anyone interested in baptism for themselves or a family member should contact Fr. Todd or Christian Formation Director Janis Greenbaum. The following were baptized at Grace in 2016: • • • • •

Brody Alan Lauber – March 26 Violet Elizabeth Fecko – May 15 Avery Rose Amen – October 30 Lucas Dean Augustine – October 30 Alexander Vladimir Van Rees – October 30


Ministry Leaders: Becki Huels & Janis Greenbaum The goal of our nursery ministry is to provide a safe and loving environment for our youngest members and guests to be cared for while their grown-ups have time to enjoy adult formation classes, fellowship events and worship services. Infants through 4-year old toddlers are welcome in the nursery. We are open 9 – 11:30 a.m. on Sundays during the school year; 9:45 - 11:30 a.m. during the summer months; and also for special occasions. Our caregivers include Nursery Supervisor Becki Huels and youth assistants Sarah Capriglione, Sophie Mars, Madeline Shands, Samantha Shands and Brigid Van Rees. Ali Burklow is joining our assistant staff in 2017. Our caregivers are paid for their services. We are also grateful to volunteers who lend a hand on special occasions.


Church School

Youth Confirmation

Ministry Leader: Janis Greenbaum

Ministry Leaders: The Rev. Todd McDowell & Janis Greenbaum

Sunday School is a Christian tradition that continues to play a major role in the faith formation of our members. Grace’s Sunday School classes meet every week at 9:45 a.m. during the school year. Our classes overlap with our 10 a.m. service, with students joining their families in church to share Holy Communion. We have cut back on the number of classes we offer because of declining attendance. We have an average weekly attendance of only 12 students in our 3 classes each week (average = 4 per class).

Grace offers an engaging program for our youth to explore confirmation in the Episcopal Church. Confirm Not Conform gives students the tools they need to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to make a mature, public commitment of their faith. Classes meet twice each month throughout the school year, with additional service and social events also included. We participate in the Diocesan Confirmation Service each spring at Christ Church Cathedral. We invite anyone in 8th grade or beyond to be a part of this program. The classes are led by Christian Formation Director Janis Greenbaum and Fr. Todd McDowell. Each student is also assigned an adult mentor to help guide them on their year-long faith journey.

Each class has a volunteer teaching team of two to four adults that shares responsibilities in their class. Each class uses an age-appropriate curriculum with lessons that build from week to week and year to year. We engage the children with hands-on Bible stories, crafts/activities and snacks each week. All lesson plans are designed to build that foundation of faith. Spring 2016 Volunteers: Dana Callaway, Peggy Capriglione, Dianne Casey, Ann Curtis, Kathy Davis, Kerri Dryden, Tracy Hart, Lesley Hoffarth, Mary Merriweather, Sue Nixon, Kristi Peck, Alice Pierce, Tina Roche, Paula Russell, Amy Shands, Jennifer Sisul, Jennifer Taussig, Joanie Van Rees

Spring 2016 Confirmands: AJ Wallach, Drew Dryden, Charlie Russell, Jason Hoffarth, Hadley Weyerich, Melanie Eickmeyer, Eric Eickmeyer, Brigid Van Rees, and John Woodruff (with Bishop Smith & Fr. Todd)

Fall 2016 Volunteers: Peggy Capriglione, Dianne Casey, Ann Curtis, Kathy Davis, Ben Fecko, Kristin Fecko, Susanne Haring, Lesley Hoffarth, Chris Ludbrook, Mary Merriweather, Tina Roche, Jennifer Sisul, Joanie Van Rees

Special Intergenerational Events: Our Church School Committee also hosted several special events throughout 2016. Our goal is to bring all ages together to enrich our parish life. 2016 events included the Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday School Showcase (end of school year event during coffee hour), Back to School Pancake Breakfast, Pizza, Pumpkins & Prayers, and the Advent Event. We are planning more events for 2017, including a service event to benefit local school outreach efforts and a special evening Lenten event geared especially to families.


Spring 2016 Confirmation students at World Food Day: Anna Mars, Courtney Shands, Lilly Van Rees, Megan Roche, and Gracie Curtis

Youth Group Events

Ministry Leader: Lesley Hoffarth Over the past year, we have explored a few different options for engaging our high school students in programs through Grace Church. Our group was led by Kristi Peck and Alice Pierce in the 2015-16 school year. They met one Sunday per month, immediately following our 10 a.m. worship service. The group enjoyed lunch and engaged in topical discussions. Attendance was low, but the gatherings were meaningful for those who attended. Lesley Hoffarth volunteered to lead the group in the Fall of 2016. She decided to offer two gatherings each month, on the first and third Sundays, 10-10:30 a.m. The group enjoys breakfast (provided by leaders and/ or parents) and a spirited discussion. Attendance is a little better this year, with more of our newly confirmed youth looking to engage in a community of their peers. Lesley is also working with other parents to organize service and social events for the group to enjoy throughout the year.

Nov. 20: Grace’s High School Youth Group took a Sunday morning field trip to Forest Park.

Diocesan Youth Group Ministry Leaders: The Rev. Loren Lasch & Janis Greenbaum We are fortunate to have a Diocesan Youth Missioner who works out of the Bishop’s office and coordinates programs for our youth throughout the Diocese of Missouri. Elle Dowd served in that position through the spring of 2016. She left to pursue ordination. The Bishop hired the Rev. Loren Lasch, who is now serving as our Diocesan Youth Missioner.

Jan. 8: Diocesan Youth toured Christ Church Cathedral at the Annual Lock-In.

Loren leads the Diocesan Youth Advisory Council, which is made up of youth from around the Diocese who have a particular interest in leadership and fellowship in the church. Grace member Christian Davis served on DYAC during the 2015-16 school year; Sophie Mars serves as a member of this committee for the 2016-17 year. A group of parish youth leaders (including myself) also works with Loren and DYAC to plan other service and social events throughout the year for our youth. Diocesan Youth Events are open to all students in 6th - 12th grade. Here are some of the events that took place in 2016: • • • • • • • •

January: Lock-in at Christ Church Cathedral February: Absalom Jones Commemoration Event June: Carnival games at the Episcopal City Mission Summer Celebration, held at Grace Church July: Anytown Youth Leadership Institute at UMSL July-August: Counselors at Camp Phoenix August: Service and overnight at Deaconess Anne House in North St. Louis October: World Food Day November: Diocesan Convention Lock-in

Fall 2016: Grace member and high school graduate Christian Davis became an intern at the Deaconess Anne House in Old North St. Louis


Sunday Adult Forums

Grace Online Academy

Ministry Leader: The Rev. Virginia Bennett

Ministry Leader: Janis Greenbaum

The Rev. Virginia Bennett leads discussions each Sunday morning between our worship services. The classes meet in LaVielle Conference Room and focus on topics to feed your mind and spirit. An average of 10 people attended our classes each week of 2016. Subjects for the year included:

Busy work and family lives often keep us from engaging in meaningful Christian Formation study. That’s why we subscribe to an online service called “ChurchNext TV.” ChurchNext is run by The Rev. Chris Yaw, an Episcopal Priest with a flair for digital communications. ChurchNext records lessons from experts in practically every faith-related field you can imagine and offers those lessons in an easy-to-use online series. Because we subscribe to this service, we can offer the series FREE to our members. The classes are usually broken down into four segments, each running about 5 minutes. They include optional online discussion and quizzes.

• • • • •

The Season of Epiphany The Faith We Confess: The Nicene Creed Sunday Bible Readings Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Pacifist, Nazi Resister The Gospel According to Matthew

Mo. Ginny will continue to lead our Sunday classes in 2017. Everyone is invited to grab a cup of coffee and join the discussion!

Holy Ground Ministry Leader: Barb Manuel Holy Ground is a monthly women’s spirituality gathering. We come together on the second Monday of the month (not June, July, August) at 6:30 p.m. in Albright Parish Hall for a potluck dinner, program, and informal Eucharist led by the Rev. Helen Ludbrook. In the spring, some of our activities included sending Valentine cards and candy to our college students, Valentine cards to our shut-ins, and "thinking of you" cards with microwave popcorn to our college students for their finals. This fall some of our activities included a program on Essential Oils of the Bible, the Rev. Melanie Slane joined us in September to substitute for Rev. Helen Ludbrook, we did the online Spiritual Gifts Survey, with Shari Bonham joining us for the evening to talk about the survey, and we sent Christmas cards to our shut-ins. Women of all ages are invited to be a part of this ministry!

Wednesday Evening Lenten Series: Ministry Leaders: Janis Greenbaum & Phillip Brunswick Fr. Todd, Mo. Ginny, and special guest speaker Clint McCann from Eden Seminary lead a series of programs based on the Psalms during Lent of 2016. We began each Wednesday evening in Lent with a soup and salad dinner and then engaged in a study of the Psalms. Each evening ended with a short contemplative prayer service based on the Psalms. We’ll host another Wednesday evening Lenten series in 2017 (topic TBA). All are welcome to attend.


I select topics to feature at Grace each month -- subjects may relate to Episcopal history and traditions, church seasons, topics making news around the world, or just something I think will enrich your faith journey. I publicize the classes in our weekly communications, but we only had a handful of people take advantage of this great service in 2016. It is my hope to get more people involved in this program -- I encourage anyone who would like to learn more or help facilitate this program to contact me in the church office!

Invite - Welcome - Connect Ministry Leader: Shari Bonham The Invite - Welcome - Connect Ministry serves to make Grace Church into a place of renewed energy, spirit and transformational growth. Our Welcome Team has been in place since November of 2015. In May of 2016 the Invite - Welcome Connect process was introduced to the team. The first focus of the team was on the Welcome – the ministry of hospitality. This part of the process has been very successful. We welcomed over 40 families. Some were one-time visitors, some were friends or family and others returned to or joined Grace. A process (a critical part of the program) was established and is now in place. The welcome team, along with the greeters are dedicated to this ministry. Effective newcomer ministry includes three essentials and each part holds the other parts up. We can do two of the parts with excellence, but if we miss the third part this ministry will not succeed. Each part of the Invite - Welcome - Connect process is critical. It is now time to develop and fine-tune the Invite (the ministry of evangelism) and Connect (the ministry of giving meaning to membership) programs as we expand and fine-tune the Welcome (the ministry of hospitality).

Greeters Ministry Leaders: Chris Kurth & Marty O’Leary Many people come to Grace Church to visit -newcomers searching for a new church home, member guests, church neighbors. The Greeters offer hospitality to help demonstrate to all visitors and newcomers that a caring, Christian community is present at Grace Church.

In 2017 we will bring the full program to the Vestry at their annual retreat in February. We will focus on new ways to invite and connect. We will find new ways to bring the program to the congregation.

Greeters help newcomers feel comfortable during worship services, invite them to coffee hours, introduce them to our clergy, help connect them with other members in our parish and answer any We encourage everyone to participate in this program! questions they may have about our church. Invite someone to church. Connect with someone you We would love to have more members join this don’t know. Welcome the stranger. Every committee group. We hope to have more regular meetings in and every person can participate. You don’t need to be the year ahead. on a committee or come to a meeting to be a part of the program. The Welcome leadership team is: Mary Merriweather, Bill Cadwallader, Dick Corbet, Dick Entenmann, Denise Miller, Sue Nixon.

Not Just Donuts Coffee Hour Ministry Leaders: Harriet Foiles & Marty O’Leary Grace’s Not Just Donuts Coffee Hours help people of the church and newcomers socialize and get to know each other better. For 2016 we had 20 enthusiastic hosts at 8 a.m. and 22 at 10 a.m. who provided food and fellowship for the parish after our worship services in Albright Parish Hall. There has to be special recognition for Bill Cadwallader doing most of the work for 8:00, for Berkley Shands for filling in for Bill, and for Carol Rush for those yummy sticky buns on the second Sunday. We encourage more people to take part in this welcoming ministry! Some goodies are supplied by the church -- just add some fruit and cheese or whatever you’d like to share. Sign up on the sheet in the kitchen to host a coffee hour in 2017. Please contact Harriet Foiles or Marty O'Leary for more information.


Women of Grace Ministry Leader: Debby Pidgeon Women of Grace provides a platform for learning and a place of friendship for us all. You can participate by attending our monthly meetings and speaker series along with our Annual Holiday Sale and KirkCare Mother’s Day Food Drive. Our ministry hopes to connect all women of our parish to the whole Church through a program of worship, study, service, outreach and fellowship. Women of Grace (WOG) is the official Episcopal Church Women’s (ECW) group at Grace Episcopal Church. All women of the Episcopal Church USA are automatically members of the ECW. Through monthly meetings we explore the many aspects of our faith, as well as form new friendships and strengthen the bond of long-standing fellowship we share. The Women of Grace program year runs from September through May, with meetings on the third Tuesday of the month. Most months we enjoy a brown bag lunch and our speaker follows with a presentation. Programs and presenters in 2016 were: •January: Aaron Frei from Emil Frei Stained Glass Studio •February: The Rev. Virginia Bennett led a Quiet Day -Personal Discernment: Hearing God’s Voice in Our Personal Decisions •March: Tom Poekler presented Heraldry •April: Mary Drastal presented an art workshop, creating water color prayers •May: Jean Heimos led Banish Clutter - House and Spirit •September: Storyteller Chris Sutton presented The Civil War Riots in Missouri •October: Jill Aul, President of St. Charles PFLAG discussed LGBTQ issues for Parents, Family and Friends •November: Joyce Schneider, Mentoring Specialist in the St. Louis County Family Court, and John Dotson presented Transforming Youth Through Mentoring. Special events also provide meaningful opportunities for fellowship as we work together to provide financial support and resources for our church family, members of our community and the Diocese of Lui in South Sudan. •Our annual Mother’s Day Food Drive for KirkCare brought in a wealth of food supplies and gift cards to help feed our hungry neighbors. •On December 3 Women of Grace held its 11th annual Holiday Sale. Church members provided hundreds of homemade cookies and other treats and donated books, DVDs, vintage jewelry and holiday decorations to sell at the event, which brought in a net profit of $4,121. Traditionally half of the earnings are go to outreach and the other half used for a capital purchase at Grace Church. In 2016 WOG donated $1,500 to Grace for the purchase of new tables for the LaVielle Conference Room. $1,500 was donated to the people of the Diocese of Lui, South Sudan for relief support for the refugee camp many are now living. Additional donations totaling $150 were made to the Diocese of Missouri ECW, L’Arch, Magdalene House and Church Women United. WOG plans to create a stronger affiliation with ECW groups within the Diocese and nationally. This could include, but is not limited to: •Extending invitations to other ECW members in the St. Louis area to our monthly speaker meetings. •Holding joint meetings at other churches. •Aligning our objectives and goals to the broader ECW strategy of the Diocese. •Participating in ECW events and conferences.


Grace on the Go Ministry Leader: Christie Boyle Our mission is to plan and coordinate visits to local sites and events of religious, historical and/or cultural interest. Monthly activities are open to all members of the parish and friends. Grace on the Go trips fulfill several of our Marks of Mission: - To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom: When we visit historic churches and worship places of different faiths and traditions (St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church). - To teach, baptize and nurture new believers: When we plan our outings and invite our friends we are offering opportunities for fellowship and fun. - To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth: When we visit and learn about the work of nonprofits engaged in preserving and protecting endangered animals and plants (Endangered Wolf Center; World Bird Center). Ministry highlights from 2016: • • • • • • • • • •

January: A Walk in 1875 St. Louis, Missouri History Museum February: Glass blowing demonstration, Third Degree Glass March: Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, Saint Louis University April: Powder Magazine Museum, Jefferson Barracks May: Gateway Arch/National Park Service riverboat cruise June: Endangered Wolf Center September: World Bird Sanctuary October: National Churchill Museum, Fulton November: St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church; The Women of 1916 Exhibition, Hawken House December: Holiday Brass Concert; Christmas lunch

Plans for 2017 include: • •

• • • • • •

January 20: Route 66: Main Street Through St. Louis, Missouri History Museum February 18: National Blues Museum (scheduled on a Saturday so parishioners who work full time can attend) March 22: Telephone Museum, Jefferson Barracks April 21: Magic Chef Mansion May 11: Hermann and New Haven tour June 7: Lewis & Clark Boat House, St. Charles September through November: TBD December: Holiday Brass Concert and Christmas lunch


Christian Twist Yoga

The Women’s Book Group

Ministry Leader: Janis Greenbaum

Ministry Leader: Michele Nicosia

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. (Mark 12:20)

Tuesdays find Ladies of Grace gathering at 10 a.m. in Kean Library nearly year-round, and we invite women to join us at any time, whether or not they have read the current book. We don’t study, we discuss! It is not necessary to read a book to attend, enjoy yourself and contribute your opinions to the free-flowing conversations.

Yoga is a wonderful spiritual practice that brings us closer to God by incorporating bodily prayer into our faith journey. It also offers us a way to slow down in the middle of our busy, stressed-out lives.

Our group enjoys in-depth discussions over four to six weeks, and we use the book selections as springboards to explore world events, cultural differences, history, family relationships and comparisons to our own life experiences. Books provide us with a great opportunity to get to know each other better, and also allow us an opportunity to pray for other families of Grace Church.

We began offering yoga classes in the fall of 2016 under the direction of certified yoga instructor Risha Hoffman. Her program incorporates Bible verses and prayer into the dynamic yoga practice.

Fiction and non-fiction book suggestions are made by attendees, with the group then voting on which one to read and discuss next. This year we read an interesting assortment of books about men and women facing the challenges of life in their own ways:

Ministry Leader: Joe Heggie

With elections in the offing, we selected Healing the Heart of Democracy to learn how to encourage and appreciate other viewpoints, and then watched the movie Iron Jawed Angels, about women suffragettes of 1917.

We began the year with a fascinating non-fiction account of When Books went to War, learning of the amazing history of Armed Services Editions and impact of these books on military troops. After learning that Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was one of the most popular volumes produced, we read it next to understand its attraction for many lonely young servicemen away from The classes are geared toward beginners home for the first time. and are open to all. We have an average Taking a religious turn, Sensible Shoes taught us about spiritual of 8 people attend this program each practices as it explored the relationship between four women of week -- some are Grace members, some varying ages and backgrounds who meet at a retreat. Books two are neighbors who have seen our lawn and three in this series are definitely on our list for 2017. sign, and some are friends of others Jumping over to Sweden, we enjoyed getting to know the attending. Each participant pays Risha curmudgeonly Man Called Ove, appreciating the hidden depths for her service ($10 for one class; of people and ways they can affect many others. $40 for five classes; $75 for ten classes). I hope this class will continue to grow in Switching back to religious themes, we explored The Gifts of the 2017 and provide an alternative method Jews through Thomas Cahill’s extensive research and insights. of feeding your body, mind and spirit! Coming back to Missouri, we enjoyed the local color of the contemporary memoir Bettyville, as a native son returned home from New York City to help care for his aging widowed mother. Men’s Breakfast The Men’s Breakfast Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. for companionship, food, and to solve and discuss current events. We gather at the Steak ‘n Shake at 1525 Kirkwood Road (between Highway 44 and Watson Road). Our group usually has six to 12 in attendance. All are welcome -- reservations not needed, just show up!


Our final selection of 2016, Orphan Train, is a fictional story based on the 75-year history of taking orphans from large east coast cities to new lives in the Midwest. It wove together stories of 1929 Minnesota, 2011 Maine and second chances. Its storyline of teenage Molly, a Penobscot Indian, sparked our interest in a resource book -- The Women of the Dawn, which the group selected as our first book of 2017.

The Third Mark of Mission: To respond to human need by loving service Community of Hope Ministry Leader: Deborah Caby The Community of Hope International Mission Statement best describes the work of this ministry: “To create and sustain Christian Communities of lay pastoral caregivers united in prayer, shaped by Benedictine spirituality, and equipped for and serving in pastoral care ministries.” Pastoral care is not limited to visiting the sick and shut-in members of our churches offering prayers and communion to the above, but our members have a wide variety of missions and responsibilities, such as organizing feeding programs for the poor, visiting group homes, transporting members to medical appointments, hospital visits and hospice care and various other ministries.

individual, but to solidify our bonds to the church body in lay pastoral care. This has been met with much rejoicing and has created deeper friendships within our circle. Some of the challenges we have faced in 2016 and in 2017 are much the same as in many ministries at Grace. As our population ages, there are more challenges in health and everyday living. Those who have provided much care for our community are now in need of our care; also, the needs of the outside community have grown. It is at this time we find it more difficult to recruit additional caregivers in lay pastoral ministry. We are well supported by the priests and staff at Grace, as well as our own circle of Community and a larger regional and international circle Community of Hope.

We meet every third Monday at Grace to share in a brief meal, prayer and worship, debriefing and offering support to one another in our various lay pastoral ministries. We also meet quarterly at either Grace or St. Michael & St. George to support a wider circle of Community of Hope members.

Is God calling you to deepen your faith by offering spiritual care to others? This is a rich and rewarding ministry where you are spiritually fed as you feed others. Collectively, as a circle, we have served God for approximately 435 hours serving 485 people in 2016.

Our ministry fits the first three of the Five Marks of Mission by proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom through visits and sharing in Communion with those who are unable to attend regular church services. We are grateful for the times when we are able to nurture new believers or provide for those we visit opportunities to deepen their faith. The gift of our presence allows us to respond to the needs of others.

Community of Hope Board Members:

In 2016, we were able to merge the two circles of Community of Hope at Grace into one circle where we are able to offer more support not only to each

Special thanks to Susan Lauber, while not an official member of COH, keeps us organized by assigning visits and flowers… our “shero!”

Rebecca Entenmann, Elizabeth Harding, Sara Losse Additional members: Jerre Birdsong, Christie Boyle, Allyce Bullock, Phyllis Jacobson, Mike Johnson, Chris Kurth, Ginger Simmons, Frank Sprayberry, Shelia Stanton, Cheryl Ward Gaynor


The Grace Church Prayer Chain Ministry Leader: Ruth Moore We began the Prayer Chain on March 17, 1996. We now have 20 members who pray daily for each request. We will cover the needs of our parish, plus parish members, their family and friends as requested. All requests are held in strict confidence. No concern is too small if it is a problem in your life. This year we have had 194 requests for parishioners and non-parishioners. If you wish to submit a name, contact the clergy or church office at 314-821-1806, or Ruth Moore. *Please note: The prayer chain is a private prayer list. If you have a prayer request you would like published in our weekly announcements, please contact Janis in the church office, 314-821-1806, ext. 19.

Eucharistic Visitors & St. Paul Guild Ministry Leader: Susan Lauber Eucharistic Visitors provide pastoral care to parishioners through home visits. In 2016 our volunteers spent approximately 450 hours bringing flowers, engaging in conversation and celebrating home Eucharists with members unable to come to our church building. With the help of our clergy and fellow church members, we keep a list of members who would benefit from pastoral visits and then schedule our volunteers to call on them. Visitors then report back to the administrator (Susan Lauber) to keep our files up to date. Those serving in this ministry include: Becky Entenmann, Christie Boyle, Deborah Caby, Elizabeth Harding, John Dotson, Sara Losse, Becky Engelbrecht, Betty Shepherd, Gretchen & Ken Logue, Joan & Ed Bland We would love to have more members serve with us; especially members who would be interested in writing notes to parishioners on behalf of the Grace family (St. Paul Guild).

Funeral Reception Committee Ministry Leader: Alice Jones The committee is made up of 20 people who, when called upon, swing into action to prepare the best reception possible within the time frame given. It is a ministry that is taken seriously by each member. During 2016 there were four receptions held for Forest Tralles, Florence Hoey, Ed Fliss and the parents of Bruce Soteropoulos. Since space does not allow the listing of each committee member, I want to express, on behalf of the parish, our thanks for their unstinting efforts in this ministry.


Annual Youth Mission Trip

Ministry Leaders: Mike Heyer & Janis Greenbaum Grace’s Youth Mission Trip is the crown jewel of our youth program. This outreach ministry began 22 years ago under the direction of Grace member Mary Etta Heggie and continues to thrive today. The mission trip engages youth in community service and provides them with an experience that is both fun and meaningful. Our high school students, chaperones and parents came together in January to host the Elegant Italian Dinner. More than 100 people attended the social event to help raise nearly $5,000 for our missioners. A group of 12 students and six adults traveled to Wisconsin to spend the first week of June working with the Washington and Dodge County Habitat for Humanity Organization.

2016 High School Missioners: Sarah Boyle, Ben Bradshaw, Matt Capriglione, Sarah Capriglione, Caroline Davis, Christian Davis, Sophie Mars, Will McDowell, MK Peck, Tyler Peck, Sam Russell, Katie Streicher 2016 Adult Chaperones: Kathy Davis, Skip Giessing, Mike Heyer, Sabine McDowell, Jim Moore, Richard Russell 2017 Mission Trip: W e h ave even m or e students and adults interested in being a part of our 2017 trip. Kathy Davis, Skip Giessing, Mike Heyer and Chard Russell will again be leading our efforts. Diana Streicher and Cindy Voller are also considering joining the 2017 mission team. We greatly appreciate the support of so many Grace members who make this trip a reality each year!

Habitat organizers sent us this picture to celebrate the completion of the home our group helped build in 2016!


Outreach Ministries Ministry Leaders: Vince & Michele Nicosia Grace Church Outreach seeks to facilitate through all parishioners our Lord’s caring and sharing ministries to the greater community, and to fulfill our baptismal vow to seek and serve Christ in all persons. Through Grace’s Outreach Ministries, our parishioners gave assistance to people in need ─ providing time, talent, funds, goods and the Outreach monetary grants shown. AFEDJ Princess Basma Children’s Center (Fr Todd McDow ell) $3,400 / 1 hr Easter donations + a grant supported this medical center through the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. Food Pantries: KirkCare (Denise Miller ) $6,035 / 300 hrs Trinity (Vince & Michele Nicocia) $4,379 / 18 hrs Grace parishioners generously filled the Hunger Barrel 20 times (@$150 ea= value $3000 ), supported food drives and gave monetary donations. Volunteers helped KirkCare Food Pantry stock shelves, bag & deliver food to Kirkwood neighbors in need. The WOG Mother’s Day collection provided $1185 cash/cards & 75 bags (est value $1500 ) of groceries to KirkCare. In August $653.68 was donated by parishioners to Trinity Food Pantry in celebration of David & Adrienne Fly. $2,000 in grants were given to each food pantry during 2016 by the Grace Outreach Committee. Grace Hill (Su e Nixo n & Paula Russell) $1,225 / 25 hrs In 1903, Grace Hill was established by Grace Church and Holy Cross Church to provide comprehensive and coordinated services and resources to immigrant populations, helping them settle into the St. Louis area. Every year Grace middleschoolers make and sell Turkey Cookies to raise funds for toys & games. The Giving Tree collected 145 gifts ($725) to make Christmas brighter for children and families who utilize Grace Hill resources. Grace Outreach gave a $500 financial gift to support 2016 GH programs. Hands on Kirkwood / Celebration Event (Vince & M ichele Nicosia) $152 / 300 hrs Parishioners donated baby blankets and diapers to Nurses for Newborns as well as clothing, books & kiddie items for free HOK distribution to the community. Many parishioners volunteered for Kirkwood outreach on October 1, and after community work was completed Grace parishioners hospitably provided a welcoming venue for volunteers to lunch and share work stories. Grace Church provided chili, hot dogs, snacks, sodas, hot drinks and homemade desserts to reward the efforts of the HOK workers. Refugee Shoe Project (Grace Church Admin) $1,250 / 1 hr Parishioners generously donated funds to purchase youth & adult shoes, soap and salve for our companion Diocese of Lui in South Sudan, supplemented by $250 from Outreach to bring Grace’s donation to the above amount. Seamen’s Institute (Shirley Browne) $300 / 600 hrs Parishioners knitted 21 scarves/hats, and donated an assortment of Giving Tree wish items for Christmas on the River. Members of Grace and St. Peter’s, Ladue gathered December 10 at Grace to fill 58 Christmas Cheer Boxes for seamen. The Shepherd’s Center (Dick Enten m ann ) $600 / 338 hrs The Shepherd’s Center enables older adults to remain vital and independent through programs and services that promote positive aging. Grace’s volunteers and contributions helped the center provide programs to the Kirkwood senior community, including: Handy Hands, Shepherd's Travelers, Adventures in Learning, Chores Galore, Transportation Ministry and the Resource Center. St. Martha’s Hall SnackPack Ministry (Doris Schaefer) $425 / 30 hrs Doris funded, purchased items and delivered much-appreciated monthly snack boxes for the families residing in St. Martha’s Hall. When the Schaefers transferred to St. Francis, Eureka as of June, this ministry was closed at Grace. Trinity Hot Lunch (Chris Kurth) $2,380 / 320 hrs Each month 7-10 Grace parishioners buy, prepare and serve a hot meal for 80-100 people at Trinity Episcopal Church, CWE. John and Judy Meixner (the Schaefer’s daughter & son-in-law) generously donated needed canned veggies for 2016 meals. In February and December, Grace Church School students made cards and assembled gift bags for distribution to meal recipients. United Thank Offering (Alice Jones) $635 / 8 hrs UTO is entrusted to promote, receive and distribute Thank Offerings to support mission and ministry throughout the Episcopal Church and provinces of the Anglican Communion in the developing world. Grace UTO collections this year totaled above amount. Young Adult Service Corps Ministry (Vince & Michele Nicosia) $ 250 / 1 hr The Outreach Ministry voted to allocate $250 for Brooklyn Payne, lifelong member of Holy Communion Church, toward her $10,000 requirement for a year’s work as a YASC volunteer at Bella Vista Children’s Home in Panama.


The Fourth Mark of Mission: To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation Outreach Ministries (continued) Ministry Leaders: Vince & Michele Nicosia Episcopal City Mission Chaplaincy $ 3,000 / 0 hrs ECM Giving Tree & Birthday Party (Deborah Caby & Becky Coulter ) $757 / 25 hrs Grace provided $3,000 in ECM chaplaincy funds for programs of support, hope and healing to youth in detention. Our $172 in funds and 7 volunteers created a fun June birthday celebration. The Summer Celebration Event was held at Grace again. A Moment in Time was supported by several Grace parishioners. 68 Christmas gifts ($350) and $235 in gift cards were donated for ECM youth needs, and several Grace Outreach volunteers helped gift wrap the ECM gifts. Episcopal Relief and Development Fund (Marty O’Leary) $941 / 10 hrs ERD funds child survival programs, health initiatives, US and global crises responses. Parishioners donated $441 as Lenten Almsgivings to purchase chickens for needy communities and Grace Outreach gave two $250 donations, the first for Midwest Flood Response and another for Hurricane Recovery. SPROG (Joe H eggie & V ince & M ich ele Nicosia) >$ 2,450 / 25 hrs Grace Church provides valuable year-round office space to SPROG. Our $2,000 funding provided tuition assistance for Kirkwood youth to attend the SPROG summer programs and parishioners donated $450 in student school supplies. TaskForce for the Hungry $500 / 1 hr The Diocesan Task Force for the Hungry raises awareness about hunger and poverty issues, and serves as a resource to food ministries within the Diocese of Missouri. Grace’s donation to this Diocesan TaskForce assisted their food program effort. Percentages of Outreach resources for various ministry categories in 2016 are broken down below: Within our Community: 32.2 % Hands on Kirkwood Event KirkCare Food Pantry Shepherd’s Center, SPROG

Within our Diocese: 44.2%

Beyond our Diocese: 23.6%

Episcopal City Mission, Grace Hill St. Martha’s Hall, Task Force for the Hungry Trinity Food Pantry & Hot Lunch

Housing / Community: .5%

AFEDJ Princess Basma Children’s Center ERD, Refugee Shoe Project Seamen’s Institute, UTO, Young Adult Service

Hunger: 45.9%

Hands on Kirkwood Event

KirkCare Food Pantry, Task Force for the Hungry Trinity Food Pantry, Trinity Hot Lunch

Quality of Life for Children: 39.3%

Quality of Life for Adults / Families: 14.3%

AFEDJ Princess Basma Children’s Center ECM Birthday Party / Chaplaincy, Giving Tree: ECM & Grace Hill Grace Hill & SPROG, Young Adult Service Corp.

ERD, Seamen’s Institute Shepherd’s Center, St. Martha’s Hall Snack Pack Ministry Refugee Shoe Project & UTO

Parishioner Participation Many Participants: Giving Tree, Seamen’s Knitters, Hands on Kirkwood Food Pantry donations, Refugee Shoe Project, UTO SPROG donations, Trinity Hot Lunch

Some Participants:

Coordinator / Oversight:

ECM Birthday Party Shepherd’s Center St. Martha’s Hall Snack Pack

Outreach Committee Chairs, ECM Chaplaincy AFEDJ Princess BAsma Children’s Ctr., ERD Task Force for the Hungry, Young Adult Service Corp.


Trinity Hot Lunch


Ministry Leader: Chris Kurth

Grace Board Members: Andy Miller & Chris Kurth

Trinity Hot Lunch is an outreach ministry sponsored by Trinity Episcopal Church. The ministry provides a hot mean every Sunday afternoon to the hungry and underfed of the Central West End. Grace Church participates by cooking and serving lunch on the second Sunday of every month.

SPROG provides an affordable summer camp experience to 7- through 16-year olds of the Kirkwood School District area in the facilities of Grace Episcopal Church. The activities are both academic and recreational. SPROG hopes to decrease the achievement gap that is often described for underserved youth within the school systems of this state and country.

Vince and Michele Nicosia shop for the groceries for our meals each month, with Chris Kurth doing the cooking. Volunteer members from various Grace ministries join Chris to serve the meals each month. In 2016 those members came from the Vestry, Women of Grace, Confirmation Class, Church School, Ushers and Church Choirs, along with other “at-large” members.

We would like to have a second cook join this ministry on a regular basis. And we would love for more people in the parish to lend a hand serving on Sunday afternoons. There are many hungry people in St. Louis. Trinity Hot Lunch attempts to provide a good, hot, tasty and balanced meal to those in need. Grace helped reach that goal by serving 12 lunches to 806 people in 2016.


77 students participated in SPROG’s 2016 summer camp. The camp also provides an outlet for high school youth to develop leadership skills and job training by working as counselors and teaching assistants.

Adequate funding is an ongoing challenge for SPROG. $245 provides tuition for one child to attend the summer program. We encourage all our members to support this valuable program by responding positively to requests and appeals made to them from SPROG’s board members. The City of Kirkwood issued an official proclamation on June 16, 2016 that designated the third Monday in October as “SPROG Week.” This proclamation encourages business, academic, community and civic leaders to mark the third week of October every year through programs, projects and outreach that raises funds for, or awareness of, SPROG, Inc.

Episcopal City Mission Birthday Party Ministry Leaders: Deborah Caby & Becky Coulter The gift of presence is powerful when witnessing for Christ. It transforms a simple birthday party into a holy act by responding to the human need for acceptance and love through the gift of friendship to children in detention. This celebration supports the children and the chaplaincy program of Episcopal City Mission and is evangelism at its most basic tenet. With no meetings and a mere 25 hours total per year, this is a fun ministry. But make no mistake, this is not a fluff job, but a serious endeavor. In 2016, John Dotson, Jean Heimos, Gretchen Logue (Ken was unable to participate due to a flight delay), Mary Merriweather, Debby Pigeon and myself went to the City Detention Center to host a birthday party. We decorated a room with balloons and streamers, furnished pizzas, passed out cake and ice cream and played games with the children for an hour or so. We also gave small gifts to those children who have birthdays in June. In 2016, there seemed to be a large shift in attitude within the Detention Center. In previous years, youth attempted to hide any emotion to appear unaffected by outreach. This year, the youth seemed more engaged and acted more like children at a birthday party – excited, interacting with the adults, and asking to stay and play more games. They thanked several of the volunteers without any prompting from correctional officers. After observing familiar faces within the staff and correctional officers over the past several years, I wondered if the stability of those relationships transferred to the youth. Their dedication to these children may be transformative by offering their mentorship and modeling of positive “parental authority.” Unfortunately, often we are abruptly made aware of the difficulty of the world some of these children inhabit. For example: We were cleaning up as the youth stood in line to return to their living quarters. As I popped the first of the balloons, a child fell to the floor with a terrified look on his face. Where we might flinch at a loud noise, he was attempting to protect himself from the sound of gunfire. Aghast, all I could do was to apologize to the young man for frightening him. This ministry is very fortunate to be supported fully in funding and support by the Outreach Committee and the people of Grace. Our volunteers are under no pressure to serve over and over again, and we mostly have little trouble recruiting for this event. We do feel a larger presence of male volunteers would provide a positive experience for the children in detention, as it would reflect the demographics within that prison population.

Family Court of St. Louis County Mentor Program Ministry Leaders: John Dotson & Kurt Feigley I see mentoring a youth as proclaiming the Good News and as a teaching and nurturing service. This program is run through the St. Louis County Court system. The purpose is to provide a positive role model for youth age 12-16. A mentor listens, gives support, and spends quality time with the youth. Through demonstration, instruction and encouragement a mentor works with the youth to develop their self-esteem, positive attitudes, and socially appropriate behaviors. Mentors have monthly meetings at the St. Louis County Courthouse and are assigned a youth to work with one-on-one. Spending time with youth is a joy. A highlight was when the youth’s mother told me he would be willing to do anything with me because he had so much respect for me. Our parish can support youth by raising awareness of this ministry and the need for mentors. I would like to see a woman from Grace Church become a youth mentor. A great need for mentors for girls exists in St Louis County, particularly in West County. I can tell you from experience that a mentor receives more than they give in this ministry!


The Fifth Mark of Mission: To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

Creation Care Ministry Leader: Sabine McDowell We live in times of great consequences and also great opportunities. At Grace we want to become more aware of what we as a congregation and individuals can do to reduce our impact on God’s creation. Our ministry meets on the first Sunday, every other odd month. Meetings usually take place in Kean library at 11:20 a.m. Everyone is invited to join us for discussion. The Creation Care Ministry oversees our Gardens of Grace, three raised beds on the south side of our church property. The gardens were intentionally left fallow for 2016. We would love to have gardeners join our group and help carry out this important ministry!

Renewing life after a storm: Severe weather brought down two huge trees on Grace’s property in July — one in the front and one in the back of the property. Volunteers from Service International in West St. Louis County cleared the mess left by the storm. One of their members, who lives just a few blocks from our church, arranged to have the wood taken away to be recycled into floor and cabinet pieces. Later in the year, the 50 Trees street tree planting program placed three new baby trees in our front lawn. Our gratitude goes to all our neighbors who helped out!


Snapshots of Grace


May 15 - The Fecko Family celebrates the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

January 30 - Social hour at the Elegant Italian Dinner with Stan, , John and Bill.

September 18 - The Russell dudes pose for a picture at the St. Matthew’s Day picnic.

June 6 - Katie, Christian and Will dig in to work with Habitat for Humanity.

October 2 - The Pierce Family brings their dog for a pet blessing on St. Francis Day.

February 9 - Karen and Lucy enjoy the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.

July 15 - Workers from Service International help clean up storm damage at Grace.

March 27 - The Taussig Family smiles after organizing Grace’s Easter Egg Hunt.

November 20 - Sarah and Sophie enjoy a day at Forest Park with the Youth Group.

August 21 - The Rev. David Fly celebrates 50 years as a priest.

April 24 - Godly Play students show off their lamb-making skills.

August 28 - Luke enjoys our back-to-school breakfast.

December 20 - Mary and Rowan celebrate Christmas Eve at Grace.


Supporting Mission: Ministries of Governance, Stewardship, Administration and Facilities that support the Mission of Grace Church Stewardship Ministry Leader: Debby Pidgeon “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Over the centuries Christians have said these words. Stewardship is about fulfilling that promise and bringing God’s Kingdom to life here on earth by using the time, talent, and treasure that was given to us for that purpose. We ask for an individual’s time to devote to our many ministries. We ask for each member’s talent to create and inspire those ministries. And we ask for treasure to provide the material resources needed to function in a material world. Stewardship provides the platform that all ministries must have to fulfill God’s Mission here at Grace Church. Members’ time and talent bring ministry to life by doing the work of the Kingdom. Their treasure provides the infrastructure of place, environment, tools, communication, staff, and interface with the community around us. Stewardship makes all ministry work possible. Our preeminent event is the Ministry Fair which highlights the many hours of time and the considerable talent of our Grace family in working for God’s mission. This event is the initiation of our Pledge campaign in which we ask our members for the financial resources, (treasure) to continue our work to fulfill God’s Mission at Grace Church. Challenges we faced in 2016 include: •The loss of some supportive and active members. •The need to keep a focus on Stewardship throughout the year. Our committee hopes to use the following ideas to grow this ministry in 2017: •A strategy of introducing and re-enforcing the concept of Stewardship through our Church School to our youngest members. •Partnering with the Invite-Welcome-Connect Ministry to assist in growing the congregation. •Highlighting Ministry work throughout the year through special presentations, Ministry Minute productions, and communications. We invite more members to consider being a member of the Stewardship Committee. Our 2016 members include: Marty O’Leary Associate Members: Tim Cenova Betty Bowersox Ken Logue Dick Entenmann Gretchen Logue Janis Greenbaum Shari Bonham


Personnel Committee Ministry Leader: Richard Entenmann This ministry acts as an advisor to the Clergy and Vestry on church personnel matters. We assure that all Grace personnel needs are met within budgetary constraints. We also develop a Personnel Policy Handbook and provide updates to the Vestry as needed. This committee’s biggest challenge is to balance the needs of the parish with the budgetary constraints. We continually work to develop goals and objectives to strike that balance. In 2016 we recommended staffing scenarios for the departure of our financial administrator. In 2017 we hope to develop a process for staff feedback and continue to provide counsel to the Rector in staffing decisions. We look to our parish community to provide a sense of stewardship and growth for our success.


Print Communications Tools:

Ministry Leader: Janis Greenbaum, Director of Christian Formation & Communications

⇒ Messenger - weekly announcements inserted into our Sunday bulletins ⇒ Bread for the Journey - quarterly newsletter featuring stories about the life of our parish ⇒ Brochures, flyers, post cards and inserts created for special events or ministries ⇒ Bulletin Boards - available in Albright Parish Hall for members to post information

Jesus often had to stand on top of mountains to allow people to hear his message. Thanks to technology, we have much easier ways to spread the Good News today! Our communications ministry is dedicated to helping people build relationships and hear God’s word through Grace Church. We use print and digital sources to share stories, invite newcomers, educate inquiring faith-seekers and keep our parish members informed of upcoming events at our church and in the community. Despite the boom of social media, blogging and 24-hour news cycles, perhaps the greatest source of spreading the Good News is still interpersonal communications. Jesus depended on his disciples to help him spread his message. Everything we do at Grace is also dependent on personal connections. We depend on you to engage in our church communications to make them meaningful -whether you follow us on Facebook, write an article for our newsletter, read our weekly emails, or share pictures from our photo gallery, YOU are the most important communicator at Grace Church!

Digital Communications Tools: ⇒ Website: w w w .gr acekir kw ood.or g offers information and news about our parish for newcomers, current church members and the community at large (updated regularly) ⇒ iMessenger - weekly email announcements for subscribers (distributed each Thursday at 1 p.m.) ⇒ Family News - monthly email announcements featuring news for families, youth and children ⇒ Social Media - designed to engage the public in the life of our parish - Facebook: w w w .faceb m / GraceChurchKirkwood - Twitter: tw itter .co m /Gr aceInK ir kw oo d (@GraceInKirkwood) - Flickr (o nlin e pho to galler y): ⇒ Narthex Monitor: slid e show , anno un cem ents, worship times


2017 Vestry & Convention Delegate Candidates Grace’s Vestry is made up of nine members who serve as the lay leadership of our parish. Three members are elected each year to serve 3-year terms. This year we will also be electing two members to fill Vestry spots vacated last year before terms were completed. We will also be electing one member to represent Grace Church as a Diocesan Convention Delegate, and one to serve as an Alternate Delegate.

Rebecca Harrison (3-year Vestry term) I have been a member of Grace Church since 1959 when my family returned to St. Louis. My parents (Russ and Chloe Poe) found Grace a wonderful spiritual home for all of us. I went to KHS and Mizzou, own a balloon company, co-own a lumber company, and have been the head of the Altar Guild of Grace for many years. I have three children, one of which (Rachel Major) is also a member of our church. I heavily support law enforcement as two of our three children work in that field, as does our son-in-law. I have, per Pond Magazine, the Best Watergarden in the Midwest in my backyard, all 30,000 gallons of it. I have served on our Vestry twice before.

Chris Ludbrook (3-year Vestry term) I have been a proud member of Grace Episcopal Church for nearly 20 years; spread over a 40-year period. Many of my formative years were spent in the same halls that my children, nephew, and niece wander today and little pleases me more than seeing them fill many of the same roles I did in the past. After following my mom (the Rev. Helen Ludbrook) to St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in 8th grade, I found my way back to Grace six years ago and have spent time with both the senior high and 4th/5th grade Christian formation classes; a natural extension of my professional life as a teacher. I have also spent the past year as an alternate delegate to the Diocesan Convention. My wife, Wendy, and I have five children: Katrina Wolfe, Katron Wolfe, Addie, Henry, and Turner. We enjoy anything active. Whether it be through athletics, backpacking, spending time at the Lake of the Ozarks, or with church activities, the time we spend together is something we value deeply. That is my wish for our Church. To focus energy on building upon the good work that many have already done to ensure there are opportunities to encourage families, specifically younger families, to be actively engaged in parish life together. This will ensure the future of our Church.

Tom Voller (3-year Vestry term) I love the community experience that you get at Grace Church and I look forward to being more involved by serving on the Vestry. I am a Nuclear Chemist at Washington University Medical School and have been a member of Grace Church for two years. I am married to the Voller CEO, Cindy, and we have three boys: Benjamin is a freshman at KHS, Sam is a 6th grader at NKMS, and Ryan is a 4th grader at Westchester where Cindy works. We all enjoy traveling with our three dogs and Voller game night.


Pat O’Brien (filling a 2-year Vestry term) I'm Pat O'Brien, married to Doug (everybody knows him). I am retired from Pfizer where I was a senior information scientist and records manager. Previous to coming to Grace, Doug and I were members of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Town and Country. While there, among other activities, I was Junior and Senior Warden. We came to Grace during Lent of 2001. Thanks to an invitation from Bryan Miller I've been singing in the choir since then. About a year ago I began playing in the bell choir. I'm a lay reader, acolyte and lay Eucharistic minister, primarily at the 8:00 service. I know parishioners from both services. I've also served as a convention delegate. Doug and I have lived in Chesterfield for 36 years. We have 2 children, Kathleen (35) and Ken (32), and a grandson on the way. I was a city Planning Commissioner for 6 years and am a trustee for my neighborhood. I'm an Advanced Master Gardener with the Missouri Botanical Garden where I've been a Plant Doctor for 25 years. I think what I will bring to the Grace Vestry is stability, experience, and a broader vision.

Marty O’Leary (filling a 1-year Vestry term) It's going on 12 years that I have been a member of Grace Church. While at Grace I have been on the Vestry, on the board of Women of Grace (ECW), a member of the Book Club, run the 10 o'clock coffee hour, headed our local collections for Episcopal Relief & Development, helped put on the Holiday Sale, am on the Diocesan Board of Episcopal Church Women, and got my start with Grace on the Go. It has been a happy and spiritual time in "my-home-away-from-home." I love this church and my church "family.” Along with my church family, I also have six children and 16 grandchildren.

Jim Willis (Convention Delegate) I have been a member of Grace for 42 years, serving as Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Chairman of the Church School Board, Vestry member (three times), Stewardship Chairman, Convention Delegate (three times), and Youth Group sponsor. I serve as a lay director of Paseo Con Cristo, a non-denominational group based on piety, study and action which originated in the Roman Catholic Church. I am widowed - married to Dianne for 47 years. I have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Vince Nicosia (Alternate Convention Delegate) Vince just completed a term serving as the Vice-President of the Metro III Convention Delegation and has attended several Diocesan Conventions as a Grace delegate. He and his wife Michele have been members of Grace since 2007. They also serve as the chairs of Grace’s Outreach Ministry. Vince has twice retired, as a pilot in the USAF and from KHS as a Technology Specialist. Vince and Michele have two married children and two granddaughters.


2016 Junior Warden’s Report Ministry Leader: Mike Johnson, Junior Warden Using the Five Marks of Mission as a reference, the Junior Warden’s responsibilities and the property budget support the ministries of “Governance, Stewardship, Administration and Facilities.” Our building and grounds are not just used for Sunday worship, but are used almost daily by the Parish as well as a number of outside community organizations. Our property is not new and although as a parish, we have been diligent in our stewardship, things wear out and require ongoing maintenance. This year was no exception and we were able to make several major improvements. Parish members’ generosity in responding to our kitchen improvement campaign allowed us to replace our stove and oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. We have installed a new convection oven, bought new tables, folding chairs and a new ice machine. In addition to the kitchen improvements this year we undertook two major updates to our building. We have installed two “new and improved” energy-efficient boilers and replaced a major portion of our leaking roof with a new roof. This last project included the removal of several layers of old roof and required we move and then put back in place our rooftop air handlers. With the roof leaks taken care of, we are now moving forward with the repair of The Narthex ceiling. On an ongoing basis we have tried to be good stewards of the environment by replacing our lighting with new more energy efficient lighting, replacing leaking windows and adding weather stripping. We continue to work on improving security with key pads and cameras and to maintain the grounds and the Columbarium. Of course none of this could have been done without the hard work and support of our many volunteers at Grace who took on a variety of tasks including: ⇒ Maintaining the grounds, which includes the flower and plant gardens, the Columbarium, raking leaves,

shoveling snow, applying salt on the sidewalks and many other tasks. ⇒ Keeping up the building including painting, replacing lights, kitchen cleaning, put up and take down for

our many events and much more. ⇒ Maintaining the baptismal font, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen hood, cleaning the new stove and

ovens, washing linens, taking care of the altar, repairing kneelers and pews, and doing other tasks such as programming, printing, sewing, mopping, dusting, etc. The list goes on and on and there are too many volunteers and groups to name them all -- I hesitate to try, knowing I will leave someone out. I would like, however, to thank Becky Entenmann who shepherded us through the roof repair and much more and Bill Cadwallader, who is here almost daily doing some cleaning or repair task. They are part of a large group of wonderful and dedicated volunteers who keep this church fit to fulfill our mission.


2016 Senior Warden’s Report Ministry Leader: Lyn Ballard, Senior Warden The Vestry has continued to organize meetings and reports around the Five Marks of Mission. Everything we do can be related to “mission” in some way; however, we had numerous discussion about what is Mission for Christians, the Mission of the Episcopal Church, the overall Mission of Grace Church, and the particular ministries of our congregation through which we live out our mission. The vestry approved a balanced budget for 2016 and maintained careful stewardship of the operating budget over both income and expenses. This included meeting the Diocesan assessment for 2016. The Vestry held its annual retreat at Kingdom House, Belleville, Illinois, on February 6 and 7. In addition to the regular February meeting, time was given to considering demographic and generational issues that are causing changes in church attendance and affiliation across the United States. Throughout the year, the Vestry continued to discuss this question: What actions will attract and retain leaders and members and where can we improve? One area that received a great deal of ongoing attention was in how we invite, welcome and connect with newcomers to better understand and respond to their needs and expectations. The fund drive to update the kitchen reached a total of $29,109 pledged. With those funds we purchased and installed a new dishwasher, a refrigerator, 100 lightweight folding chairs and long tables, a new stove and a convection oven, and a new ice maker. Two boilers were replaced, as they were beyond practical repair. A new roof was installed on the flat roofed areas of the church building, a project which included removing four layers of disintegrating old roof repairs. A loan in the amount of $135,000 was obtained from the Diocese of Missouri’s White Fund. The terms are 2.8% interest, amortized over 30 years, with a balloon payment at the end of ten years. Over $21,000 in donations have been received in the amount of toward payment of that loan. As a final step in the business of the sale of the St. Matthew’s property, Grace reimbursed the Diocese for legal fees of $11,800, with the monies coming from the St. Matthew’s Legacy Fund. Narthex ceiling and other water damage had to wait for repair until the new roof was completed. Grace was privileged to host 84 SPROG students for the summer program. Grace provided a processional cross and fair linens to St. Francis Episcopal Church, Eureka. MusikGarten music ministry began and was successful in recruiting young children to learn the joys of music and movement. Lockup Procedures were updated to assure building security. The Rev. David Fly’s 50th anniversary of ordination was celebrated at Grace on August 21, and former parishoners were invited to attend that event. He was given the honorary title of Rector Emeritus. Old, beautiful trees on the grounds were damaged by a wind storm in July. Service International helped to clear away the damage. The rental agreement for the Lab School was reviewed and an increase was agreed upon. Many thanks to all who served on the Vestry during the past year. Carlos Nunez, Becky Entenmann, Doris Schaefer resigned from the Vestry. Sue Nixon, Rebecca Harrison, and Tim Englebrecht were appointed to fill the vacancies until the 2017 elections. Mike Johnson was elected by the Vestry to serve as Junior Warden. It has been a busy and eventful year at Grace.


Planned Giving & Gifts Committee Committee members: Ron Ryan, Julie Sward, Bill Cadwallader, Fr. Todd Our Committee's purpose is to communicate ways to leave a lasting legacy to Grace, and simplify the process for you. You should consult with your financial advisor, but we are here to help! We annually host a Sunday morning coffee hour to highlight popular tax-advantage gift suggestions, and we allow lots of time for your questions. Everyone's situation is unique. Each fall we host a Perpetual Grace Appreciation Evening (wine & cheese) in the columbarium to say thanks to those who acknowledge including Grace Church in their estate plan (i.e. will or trust). You can support Grace Church for many years by naming one of these funds in your estate plan: •The Grace Church Endowment Fund. Annual income from your gift to this fund will perpetually support church needs and programs. •The Grace Legacy Fund. Annual income from this fund supports the church, but has increased flexibility, including your ability to designate the ministries you want to benefit from your gift. Let us or the church office know if you have named the church in your estate plan (we don't need to know details), and we will include you on the Perpetual Grace donor tree (located in the corridor just outside the library & Albright Hall). This is our way to publicly recognize those who indicate including Grace in their estate plan. Many thanks to these current and former parishioners who have already done so: Sandra & John Adams

Tom & Liz Allen

Lynette & Frank Ballard

Ed & Joan Bland

Marion A. Bock Trust

Wayne & Shari Bonham

Betty L. Bowersox

Stan & Christie Boyle

Bill & Mary Cadwallader

Paul & Katie Compton

Becky & Tom Coulter

Clark S. & Jean C. Davis

Tim & Becky Engelbrecht

Richard & Rebecca Entenmann

Michael & Pamela Fitzgerald

Sonja Gentsch Freeman

Joe & Mary Etta Heggie

John C. Herweg, M.D.

Michael W. & Janet M. Heyer

Dave & Ruth Jayne

Kendall & Elizabeth Kaul

Christopher & Carla Kurth

Diana P. Kurth

Carl W. Luyties Irrevocable Trust

The Rev. Todd & Sabine McDowell

Vince & Michele Nicosia

Donald William Radeackar

Norma Lee Ethel Radeackar

Joseph Charles Wallach, Jr.

Larry & Katherine Reimelt

Ron & Lucy Ryan

Ted & Julie Sward

John Dotson

Page 445 of the Book of Common Prayer reminds us of our duty to provide for the well-being of our families, church, and favorite charities in wills. Please support Grace Church for generations to come by becoming a Perpetual Grace supporter. Let us know how we can help!

Grocery Coupons Ministry Leader: Julie Grossman You can help financially support Grace Church without spending any extra money out of your budget through our Grocery Coupon Ministry. Each Sunday, volunteers are available in Albright Parish Hall with cards from Dierberg’s, Schnucks and Shop ‘N Save. You purchase a card for the amount of money you will spend at your favorite grocery store. Use your card to pay for the groceries and up to 5% of your purchase will be returned to Grace Church (each store differs slightly in its rebate program). It’s that simple — you shop, Grace receives money! We encourage everyone to take advantage of this great fundraising tool. We raised $2,578 for Grace Church in 2016… let’s top that figure in 2017!


Grace Endowment Fund / Grace Legacy Fund Ministry Leader: Bill Cadwallader The Grace Legacy Fund, which was introduced during the 2011 Annual meeting, has continued to see good growth. We continue to receive donations into this fund which allows donors the flexibility to direct their gifts to one or more of the following funds (with current balance): • • • • • • • • •

Organ and Music: $40,420 Columbarium and Memorial Garden: $39,625 Building: $269 Mission, Ministry and Outreach: $7,273 Altar Guild/Flowers: $836 Children and Youth Christian Formation : $4,946 Women’s Ministries: $8,709 St. Matthew Mission: $809,286 Undesignated Fund: $35,787 In addition to planned gifts, any unspecified gifts from memorials, etc. are being placed into this fund.

Year 2016 Overview—Grace Endowment Fund Beginning Market Value (12/31/2015) Asset Increase / (Decrease, net Distributions to Grace Church Fees & Expenses Contribution/Additions Ending Market Value (12/31/2016) Year 2016 Overview—Grace Legacy Fund Beginning Market Value (12/31/2015) Asset Increase / (Decrease), net Distributions to Grace Church Fees & Expenses Contribution / Additions Ending Market Value

$1,575,924 $122,923 ($80,681) ($13,443) $2,134 $1,606,857

$882,905 $59,486 ($22,683) ($5,283) $36,623 $951,048

Current Investment Allocation Strategy Large Cap Equities Mid Cap Equities Small Cap Equities International Equities Non-Traditional Assets Fixed Income Cash & Equivalents

Target 38% 8% 8% 9% 0% 31% 5%

Policy Range (35-65%) (0-15%) (0-15%) (0-20%) (0-10%) (25-50%) (0-10%)

Endowment Fund Trustees: Bill Cadwallader (Chair) Janet Mika Don Neubacher The Rev. Todd McDowell

Chris Pierce (Secretary / Treasurer) Diane Warhover Ron Ryan






Rector’s Homily Annual Address Grace Episcopal Church —-158th Annual Meeting Third Sunday after the Epiphany AD 2017 Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. Today’s propers - the assigned collect and readings for the third Sunday after the Epiphany - could not have been more poignant for our Annual Meeting. Listen to our Collect of the Day and hear in it our Mission as God’s people. We have been talking about the Five Marks of Mission for several years now. They are printed at the top, on the back cover of our worship booklets every week, every time your vestry meets they are front and center on our agenda, and our work is broken down into these five marks. Our financial statements as presented each month and the 2107 budget as presented here today at our annual meeting are allocated to each of the Five Marks of Mission. It has been of great help to all of us to have before us these marks of mission as a constant reminder - for the Mission of the Church Is the Mission of Christ! As you will see and read elsewhere in our annual report, Grace has much to celebrate as our vibrant ministries continue to bring God’s mission to God’s people. In our prayer this morning we asked God to give us grace so that we can readily answer Jesus’ call to proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation. This is the first mark of mission and it is the umbrella over all the others; the summery; our calling as a people who proclaim Jesus our Lord and our Savior. We proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom through teaching, baptizing, and nurturing new believers. By responding to human need by loving service. By seeking to transform unjust structures of society. By safeguarding the integrity of creation and sustaining and renewing the life of the earth. You have heard it said before - we are the church and our primary purpose is not for our own benefit - but for the benefit of others, to bring the love of God to stranger and neighbor alike. I love the prayer attributed to St. Francis, for through it my prayer is directed away from my own needs and to the others: Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. Grant that we may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen. The whole of the Christian church is struggling throughout our country. All denominations are seeing declines in worshipers on Sunday and nationwide those who consider themselves practicing Christians continues to decline. It is no different for the Episcopal Church and Grace Church. Many who have faded away say they no longer have need for the church, but they fail to see that we - your community - have need for you. St. Paul tells us that we are all members of the body. We each have unique gifts and talents to share with one another, and together we make up Christ’s body the church, as we together proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. We have need for each and every one of you. When one leaves it grieves us; it is a loss to all of us. Through our lives our needs change — our needs as adolescents and youth are different than when we become young adults. Through our middle age and our senior years, we have different needs and expectations from our church community, but throughout our lives the church remains there - present, consistent, and providing God’s sacraments for you and our community. We all have known people in the church community who have


been mentors for us, pillars we have looked to as a stable force, helping us to develop and mature in our faith. The baton passes from one generation to the next, and then we find ourselves as the pillars for the new believers, the guiding light, for the next generation that comes along. Our place in the church community changes in time, but our need to be present does not. Wherever we find ourselves in life’s journey, God is with us as we serve God through the people of the Grace community. The catechism in our Book of Common Prayer reminds us that as faithful people it is our duty to follow Christ; to come together week by week for corporate worship; and to work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God. As we gather each week to praise God, hear his word and receive the sacrament, we seek solace and strength, pardon and renewal, so that we may we be one body, one spirit in Christ, that we may worthily serve the world in his name. Every single one of you is needed. In this coming year, we will place a focus on a program called Invite, Welcome, Connect. This will be the topic of our Vestry retreat next month. It comes to us from the Diocese of Texas, which is doing much for the renewal and growth of the church. As its title suggests it has three main objectives. How we Invite the guest, the newcomer, attract people to our community, and first receive them. The second is Welcome, which once people walk into our front doors, helps us emphasis how they are welcomed, not just the first time they visit, but the next and the next and the next. Welcomed to worship, welcomed to Sunday School, welcomed to Coffee Hour, welcomed to our many gatherings throughout the year. And the third is Connect. Perhaps the most difficult of all, and not just for the newcomer, but for all of us. Even if we have been faithful in worship for 20 years, how we connect with and into our parish can be a challenge for any of us. For this third point of Connect we have a spiritual gifts survey and other discernment tools which can help connect us and our ministry with the body of Christ, the Church. The days of being the local Episcopal Church and attracting people solely by that reason are long gone. We must continue to reach out and be the vibrant, active, community outreach parish that we have been these last 158 years! Kirkwood needs us, St. Louis and the world need us, and to do all that God has given us to do, we need you - each and every one of you! Give us grace, O Lord, to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation, that we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. In closing I would like to thank my family; Sabine, Andrew, Will and my mom for all their love and support as I begin my 17th year of ordained ministry and 9th year as your rector here at Grace. And I want to thank our incredible staff for all their hard work this last year; Ginny, Phillip, Janis, Shari, Chris, Ella, Becky, for their love for this parish and dedication to their calling. To all who served on our vestry this last year, and to those who served as wardens, Lyn, Becky and Mike. To the many committee chairs and their committees that put in so much time and talent in making this place we call Grace thrive! It is you the people of Grace that truly live out God’s mission for us “to answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation!” We are so blessed to have each other; may God continue to bless each one of us and our ministry here at Grace Church. Amen.


Grace Episcopal Church Minutes of the 157th Annual Meeting Sunday, January 31, 2016 The meeting was called to order at 9:08 and opened with a prayer given by Father Todd McDowell. Father Todd appointed Sue Nixon as secretary and Steve Jianakoplos as parliamentarian. Report of the Nominating Committee: Liz Allen pr esented the Repor t of th e Nom inating Committee (see page 20 of the 2016 Annual Meeting report packet), which included a slate of three candidates for Vestry terms of three years each: Lynette Ballard, Mike Johnson and Doris Schaefer; two candidates to serve as Delegate to Diocesan Convention: Betty Bowersox and John Dotson; and one candidate to serve as an alternate Convention Delegate: Christopher Ludbrook. It was moved and seconded that the report of the nominating committee be approved. Passed. The floor was opened to further nominations for Vestry members or Convention Delegates or Alternate. There being no further nominations for Vestry, Convention Delegates, or Alternate, the nominations were closed at 9:08 The polls will remain open for 30 minutes. Grace and the Five Marks of Mission: Lyn B allar d r epor ted to th e congr egation on how th e operating budget has been organized to be in alignment with the five marks of mission. Lyn’s report is not printed in the Annual Meeting report packet, but was provided to the secretary to be included with the minutes of the meeting. It was moved and seconded that the agenda for the 157th annual meeting be approved as presented. Passed. It was moved and seconded that the minutes from the 156th annual meeting be approved as written. Passed. Financial Updates: Treasurer Tim Engelbrecht presented the 2016 budget, found on page 29 of the Annual Meeting report packet, noting that the fourth column head from the left should read “2016 Total Budget.” Tim reported that 2015 was a good year. While pledge income came in below budget, excess pledge income and non-pledge offerings more than made up the deficit. The budget for pledge income in 2016 is less than the 2015 budget amount. Several pledges have been lost due to parishioners’ death, moving, financial challenges and transferring. There are ten new pledging units in 2016. Tim explained a new policy whereby all loose plate offerings (cash and loose change that cannot be attributed to a particular giver) go to outreach. Tim outlined the budget in its new format, broken out into the Five Marks of Mission. Tim highlighted the fact that Grace will, for the second year in a row, pledge to pay its full diocesan assessment. Tim pointed out that the Buildings and Grounds expenses were higher than anticipated in 2015 thanks in part to leaking roofs. 2015 ended with a $1,764.00 surplus. The 2016 budget shows a balanced budget. Tim explained the “Gifts Beyond the Budget” portion of the budget to the congregation. Tim extended thanks to Finance Committee members Dick Entenmann, Skip Giessing, Mike Heyer and Bob Schaefer; Chris Mars for her work as Financial Administrator; the staff for doing an excellent job of controlling expenses; and the parishioners for their financial support of Grace Church. Father Todd asked parishioners with questions about the financial report to come forward – Q: Please explain exactly what goes to Outreach from the collection plate. A: Cash or change from the collection plate will go to outreach. Any checks that are not given toward fulfillment of a parishioner’s pledge are considered either non-pledge income or excess pledge income, and go to the general fund. Q: Will more copies of the Annual Report be printed? A: Yes. There was an excess last year, so fewer were printed this year. More copies will be made available. Father Todd encouraged all parishioners to read the report, and to share it with friends and family. Q: How will the new policy for loose plate offerings going to outreach be communicated? A: Announcements have been made, and will continue to be printed in the Messenger. Q: Will the annual report be available online? A: Yes


Carlos Nunez mentioned that putting loose change in the collection place has two benefits. First, the outreach budget benefits from parishioners’ generosity. Second, newcomers and visitors can see Grace’s parishioners actively donating. Since many parishioners give their pledge annually, by mail, or by automatic debit, we are rarely seen giving to the church while we are in church. It was moved and seconded that the financial report as found in the Annual Meeting report packet be accepted as written. Passed. The polls were close at 9:40. It was moved and seconded that Lyn Ballard, Mike Johnson and Doris Schaefer be elected to serve a three year term on the Vestry. Motion carries. It was moved and seconded that Betty Bowersox and John Dotson be elected to serve a three year term as convention delegates, and that Chris Ludbrook be elected to serve a three year term as a convention delegate alternate. Motion carries. Rector’s Comments: Father Todd’s r epor t h as been/w ill be given as today’s h om ily at the 8:00 and 10:00 services. His report can be found in the 2016 Annual Meeting packet on page 23. Father Todd appointed Lyn Ballard to serve as Senior Warden for 2016. He extended thanks to for following people: To retiring Vestry member Liz Allen, who served as Senior Warden in 2015. To current Vestry member Mike Heyer, who served as Junior Warden in 2015. To retiring Vestry member Mary Merriweather for her three years of service on the Vestry. To Treasurer Tim Engelbrecht and Secretary Sue Nixon. Gifts in appreciation of their service to Grace Episcopal Church were presented to retiring Vestry members Liz Allen and Mary Merriweather. Father Todd opened the floor to other business. There was no other business brought to the meeting by parishioners. Father Todd pointed out the “Gifts Beyond the Budget” section of the annual report. He also pointed out trends in the budget, including endowment funds making up a larger percentage of the annual budget and the fact that improvements to the building (new HVAC and new windows) have kept utility costs as low as possible. All parishioners are encouraged to consider leaving a gift to Grace Church from their estate. It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting after the blessing and dismissal after the 10:00 celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Passed. Respectfully submitted, Sue Nixon Secretary of the Vestry


514 East Argonne Drive Kirkwood, MO 63122 314-821-1806

The Episcopal Church The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop

The Episcopal Diocese of Missouri The Rt. Rev. Dr. George Wayne Smith, Bishop

Grace Church Staff The Rev. Todd S. McDowell, Rector / ext. 14 The Rev. Virginia L. Bennett, Priest Associate / ext. 12 Phillip Brunswick, Organist & Choir Master / ext. 21 Shari Bonham, Director of Development & Ministries Coordinator / ext. 10 Janis Greenbaum, Director of Christian Formation & Communications / ext. 19 Ella Heigham, Director of Handbells / ext. 36 Becki Huels Nursery Supervisor

Rector Emeritus The Rev. David K. Fly

Grace Episcopal Church Annual Report, Jan. 22, 2017