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grace The Voice of the Grace Cathedral Community

Taking Responsibility Responsibility for the Life of the Church Kristy and I are more than halfway through our time with you. The months have gone quickly. The diversity and vitality of Grace Cathedral are among its great strengths. We are also nearly halfway through the Church’s liturgical year. From the First Sunday of Advent until the Day of Pentecost, the Church each year recapitulates the story of Jesus, from the anticipation of his birth, through his death and resurrection, culminating in the gift of the Holy Spirit or Pentecost. Then the Church’s liturgical year becomes a time of teaching and of formation of believers. That New Testament pattern needs to be repeated frequently in the life of the Church. We experience the joy of

ARCHBISHOP TUTU 2 The Nobel Peace Prize winner visits

Spring/Pentecost 2010

the diocese is less than the national average of the Episcopal Church.

new life in the Risen Christ. We respond with generosity in building up the Body of Christ as a community that serves others. I have seen that pattern alive here. The generous outpouring of support for Haitian relief after the January earthquake signaled our awareness of God’s generosity that inspires our generosity to others. The cathedral community can express our generosity more effectively. The number of households that make an annual pledge is far fewer than the number of people who worship here. The average pledge is almost $400 less than the average pledge in the Diocese of California, (which like the cathedral has members from the most struggling sections of Oakland to the most affluent parts of Marin), and the average pledge in

DEAN SEARCH 3 Bishop Discerns Candidate Recommendations

Volume 3 • Number 4

An important way to prepare for the new dean is to demonstrate that this community is committed to its future. An increase in the pledging will do just that. If you have not pledged for 2010, submitting a pledge now will be an affirmation of our shared future. While serving as bishop of Virginia, we celebrated the 400th year of the Church’s continuing service in Virginia. I visited one pre-revolutionary parish to mark the 300th anniversary of what the parish called its “new” building. (There were earlier churches on the same site.) Grace Cathedral marked the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone in January. While we cherish our history, belonging to a church that spans centuries can give us a false impression that the Church will always be here.

STEWARDSHIP PROFILE 5 Trustee Patrick Thompson

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ST. CYPRIAN’S 6 Urban church looks forward


The Voice of the Grace Cathedral Community

Facing the Issue The Apostles were celebrating Shavuot, a spring grain harvest festival that marked the giving of the law to Moses at Mount Sinai, when the Holy Spirit descended upon them. In a great flurry of strong winds and tongues of fire, the Christian church was born. Today, we celebrate this milestone as Pentecost. This new liturgical season offers us the chance to reconnect at Grace Cathedral. In this edition of grace magazine, learn about adult formation classes that probe the Anglican Spirit and reveal the beauty of God’s creation in places the world overlooks. Be inspired by ministry work at St. Cyprian’s Church or Bayview Mission. Pentecost calls us like the Apostles to be missioners in our city, nation and the world. This new liturgical season also marks the passage of time and ushers in change. We remember Canon Lampen, Grace Cathedral’s first lay canon, who died in February. In early summer, our new dean – Grace Cathedral’s eighth – will be named. This individual will be installed on Michaelmas (Wed., Sept. 29) in the centennial year of the installation of our first dean, the Rev. J. Wilmer Gresham, in 1910. This Pentecost, be inspired and reconnect at Grace Cathedral. We’d love to hear from you. Write this magazine at


“I visited for the EpiscoDisco show last night and – besides being in awe of what a one-of-a-kind experience it was – I was amazed to browse some of the work you do and the approach you take to spirituality. Thank you so much for hosting and for welcoming me to your sanctuary. I will be back.” A comment submitted to our Web site by Alex, a San Francisco resident

A Special Visit from Archbishop Tutu The Most Rev. Desmond M. Tutu visited Grace Cathedral on March 16. The 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner was in San Francisco to promote his new book, Made for Goodness, which is co-written by his daughter, the Rev. Mpho Tutu. Tutu preached before a congregation of nearly 400 at the 12:10 p.m. Eucharist, a service also including Bishop Marc, Bishop Peter James Lee, the Rev. Michael Barlowe, the Ven. Anthony Turney, the Rev. Nina Pickerrell and Charles Shipley, lay assistant.

(L-R) Richard W. Felton, Interim Director of Development, Archbishop Tutu, the Rev. Mpho Tutu, and Bishop Marc.

You’ve Helped Us Go Green Hats off to the more than 170 readers who have signed up for electronic delivery of grace. Thanks to you, we have been able to reduce paper use and lower publication costs. Interested in going green? Just send an email to with “Go Green” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your complete mailing address so we can update the correct record in our database! When new editions are available for download, we will send you an email with the link. Thank you!

N e ws F ro m A round t he Close

Bishop Discerning Final Recommendations From Search Committee Recently, the process of vetting candidates for the role of dean of Grace Cathedral reached its intended conclusion – recommendations to Bishop Marc. The search, which began with the formation of the 17-member Dean Search Committee (DSC) in December 2008, will conclude as planned with the dean’s installation in Sept. 2010. After creating definitive profiles for the cathedral and the position, the DSC evaluated 43 initial applicants specifically

recruited from a wide variety of sources to assure diversity. This daunting work included two rounds of exhaustive applications, reviews of writings and sermons, reference checks and site visits to six semi-finalists. After thorough evaluation, the DSC narrowed the field to three finalists, which was shared with Bishop Marc and reviewed with executive committee of the cathedral’s Board of Trustees.

Over the last several weeks, Bishop Marc and the finalists have undertaken a discernment process as they contemplate the future of the cathedral together. At the end of this process, which is expected to last a few more weeks, Bishop Marc will make his nomination for the dean to the full Board of Trustees for their review and approval. For the most up-to-date information, visit deansearch.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Canon Lampen, Grace Cathedral’s First Lay Canon, Dies A memorial service was

Canon A.M.D. Lampen

Before moving to California, he served for 32

made a marked contri-

years in the Royal Navy,

Grace on March 6. Dona-

Couples married or part-

bution to Grace Cathe-

and earned the Distin-

tions, in the name of

nered for 50 years or

dral. He served as bursar (1957-1963), superinten-

guished Service Cross

Canon Lampen, may be

for his significant contri-

made to Grace Cathedral

dent of buildings and

bution to the Allied

or Hospice of Marin.

grounds (1963-1966),

Forces’ successful 1944

greeting card director/

Normandy D-Day inva-

canon publisher (19591973) before retiring in

sion. Canon Lampen

1976. He was installed as

(Betty) Grubb, a fourth-

the cathedral’s first Lay

generation San Francis-

Canon in 1966, probably

can, at Grace Cathedral

To receive an invitation

the first in the Episcopal

in 1945. He is survived

with full details, contact

Church. He later taught

by his wife, his sons

Carol James at carolj@

Michael, Grace Cathe- or

the cathedral’s senior Bible class (1987-2009).

call 415-749-6328

Grace Cathedral was

phen, a daughter-in-law

actually a second career

and grandson.

more will be honored on Sun., June 13 at Evensong, with reception to follow. This special service, which begins at 3 p.m., is hosted by Bishop Marc, the Diocese of California and Seniors with Grace.

For more than 50 years,

held in the Chapel of

married Elizabeth

dral’s archivist, and Ste-

for Canon Lampen.

F i sca l Year 2010

Grace Cathedral Financial Update As we are now in the final quarter of Grace Cathedral’s 2010 fiscal year, many wonder about its financial health during this time of transition in cathedral leadership. Like many other churches and non-profit organizations, Grace Cathedral has been experiencing a downturn in member and donor support. In spite of the current economic climate and the transition in cathedral leadership, the mission and ministries of Grace Cathedral continue to bring positive change to our community. We offer transformative worship 365 days a year. Our family ministries program helps children and youth discover important Christian values. Congregants and members of the wider community receive life-

affirming pastoral care whenever they are in need. Youngsters, ages three to five, secure a superb education and preparation for life at The Community Preschool. Dinner with Grace ministry volunteers build community while fighting hunger by cooking and sharing meals with residents of two Tenderloin singleroom occupancy hotels. The financial situation is a serious challenge, however. This is not a new phenomenon caused solely by the economic downturn or the leadership transition. In fact, as the graph shows, donor support to the cathedral has been on a steady decline since fiscal year 2007. Giving from the congregation and the community has seen a reduction of more than

$750,000 over the past four years, beginning in 2006. As a result, the cathedral has responded by reducing staff and programs while increasing the draw from the endowment. Excess endowment draws to fund operations are poor stewardship of the gifts that have been given to us and are unsustainable. The leadership and the staff are working hard to close an estimated $215,000 operations shortfall in the fiscal year

2010 budget. Trustees and volunteers will be calling members and friends asking them to make a special gift this year to help bridge the gap. We’d like to thank the many trustees, members, and friends who have already done so. To support the cathedral’s mission and ministries, mail your gift today to Grace Cathedral, Development Dept., 1100 California St., San Francisco, CA 94108, or call Richard W. Felton at 415-749-6313. Please be as generous as you can.

N e w B egi nni ngs

The Fund to Empower the Next Dean The Board of Trustees announced the launch of a special campaign to ensure that Grace Cathedral is on a firm financial foundation as we welcome our eighth dean. The purpose of the “New Beginnings” campaign is to raise sufficient funds to enable the new dean to begin her/his ministry with innovation and energy, and without having to immedi

ately raise money for Grace Cathedral’s wide ranging programs. Leading the effort are trustees Eliza Brown, Mark Grace, Jane Cook, Valerie Crane Dorfman, Nicholas Elsishans, Charlotte Gaylord, Bob Hill, Suzanne Irwin-Wells, and Themis Michos.

As of late April, the lead pledge to this very special effort is $50,000 toward a goal of $500,000. Trustees, members, friends and staff have already responded with gifts and pledge increases totaling over $75,000! To learn how you might participate in this effort, please contact Richard W. Felton, Interim Director of Development, at 415-749-6313 or

St e wards hip profil e

Patrick Thompson Patrick Thompson comes from a family where stewardship was a priority. His parents and grandparents were active in churches, and his father was involved in non-profit organizations.

Theater. He is the former chairman of the board of directors of California Pacific Medical Center and is presently an officer of the Foundation Board of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

“The emphasis was on giving one’s self in service to others,” he said.

As a member of Grace Cathedral’s Board of Trustees, Patrick currently serves as the chair of the Dean Transition Committee, a group that will help the new dean move into leading the cathedral and becoming a voice in the Bay Area.

Following his family’s lead, Patrick raised money for local health organizations in Norton Shores, Mich., during high school. Later, realizing he had been supported by the community in college, he returned that support upon entering the work world. “Having received academic scholarships, it was obvious to me that I needed to continue that cycle because it is a regenerative cycle,” he said. Today, Patrick, a partner in the litigation department of the San Francisco office of Goodwin Procter LLP, carries on his family’s tradition of stewardship at Grace Cathedral and in the community. He serves as the vice chair of the cathedral’s Board of Trustees and on the board of trustees of the American Conservatory

It has been observed that Patrick brings a quiet passion and keen intellect to all of his work done on behalf of Grace Cathedral. At the same time, he is known as a dedicated member of the congregation who finds that Sunday worship and special services such as Christmas Eve at the cathedral are a key element of his life. “The convergence of the spiritual and the intellectual is what is so great here,” Patrick said. “It’s good to be in the company of people who recognize that there is something greater than themselves and who are committed to doing something for others.”

Supporting Grace Cathedral is an extension of what Patrick learned from his parents and grandparents: invest your resources in the individuals, organizations and institutions in which you believe. For Patrick, Grace Cathedral’s brand of Christian religious practice, supporting intellectual questioning and disagreement by inspiring people to think, and its mission and ministries to the greater Bay Area exemplify a church that he believes in. Looking to the future of Grace Cathedral, Patrick envisions a church that continues to grow while making a broader contribution to the community, and serving as a place that advances civil discourse in the community and country.

N e w C anon s

Parkin and Bachmann Installed as Canons Jan Parkin and Benjamin Bachmann are the Diocese of California’s and Grace Cathedral’s newest canons respectively. Jan was installed on Feb. 4 at Evensong as Diocesan Canon for Social Ministry by Bishop Marc for the leadership and vision she has brought to Episcopal Charities’ newly launched Action Networks.

On May 6, Ben Grace Cathedral’s Director of Music, was installed by Bishop Marc as the Canon Director of Music, also at Evensong. In 2005, Ben joined Grace Cathedral as Assistant Director of Music and served in that role until last August when he was named Interim Director of Music. In February, he was appointed Director of Music. 

St. Cyprian’s Church: Excavators of Hope In & For the Common Era St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, located in San Francisco’s North of the Panhandle (NOPA) neighborhood, is a bustling hub of activity where new urbanites find community, comfort and inspiration. At the same time, it’s also a center for music, poetry and art reflecting the pressing concerns of the day, a place where the young discover the wisdom of elders, and a locale where the dreams of youth are nurtured for a better tomorrow. These all reflect the St. Cyprian’s of yesteryear and our hope for the future.

serving as cathedral missioner at St. Cyprian’s. Drawn to urban ministry, church planting and revitalization since seminary, Will has been working with clergy and laity from other local churches, connecting with St. Cyprian’s current members and reaching out to neighborhood residents. Despite obstacles, St. Cyprian’s is approaching the future with hope as it hosts youth on mission and college students exploring spirituality

St. Cyprian’s, now nearly 90 years old, stands at a crossroads both literally (on the corner of Turk and Lyon Streets) and figuratively (with fewer than 30 active members). Once a community of more than 400 with roots in African-American and Afro-Caribbean experiences, St. Cyprian’s today is a small, diverse group discerning a path forward that honors the past and embraces the church’s contemporary context – the eclectic and vibrant NOPA neighborhood.

A new group, Common Era, which is made up of current St. Cyprian’s members, neighborhood residents, and cathedral congregants, has formed. Common Era members are eager to share dreams, talents and expertise as new projects such as concerts, youth programs and art exhibits emerge.

In mid-2009, the Rev. Will Scott, associate pastor at Grace Cathedral, began

In addition, Will and the congregation are becoming “excavators of hope”, mining the history of St. Cyprian’s while asking: “Who lives here now?” “What are the needs and longings of our neighbors?”

The Rev. Will Scott

“What other institutions and churches might we want to partner with us?” Throughout St. Cyprian’s inspiring journey, Grace Cathedral has been there as an advocate and friend. The first formal service of St. Cyprian’s was held in Grace Chapel on April 8, 1923. St. Cyprian’s beloved pastor, the Rev. Elmer A. McLaughlin, was a Canon at Grace Cathedral following retirement. St. Cyprian’s and Grace Cathedral, in similar, though distinct ways, are discerning paths forward that enable the momentum of the past to stir us to meaningful action. Your prayers and support are needed and appreciated. To learn more contact the Rev. Will Scott at 415-749-6356 or wills@

Ta ki ng R espon sib ilit y for the Li fe of the Chu rch continued from page 1

Each new generation must take responsibility for its life. In Mark’s gospel, Jesus’ disciples advised Jesus late one day to send the crowd away so they could go into nearby villages and buy something to eat. Jesus’ rebuke to them was immediate; “You give them something to eat.” (Mark 6: 35-37)

Jesus says that to us today. “You (meaning disciples of today) have what is needed to feed God’s people. Don’t expect someone else to do it.”

gladly responsibility for the life of the Church of today and of tomorrow so that same good news of new life may be proclaimed and lived anew.

Easter was glorious. We experienced again the new life of Christ. Now, our Pentecost experience invites us to take

The Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee Interim Dean

H E A DLI N E E VEN TS Summer at Grace Cathedral includes special events, film, and more. Pick up a brochure or visit for the complete list of upcoming events.

S p ec i al E vents EpiscoDisco FridayS, June 25, July 16 and August 20, 7-10 p.m.

The Nave is transformed into a vibrant social setting with live music, DJs, and installation art. Free. Grace After Hours Fridays, June 11, July 9 and

peace in the world. Introduction to the labyrinth is offered every month. Free.

At t he Mov ies Raves & Faves: I’ve Loved You So Long

witness has shaped, and has been shaped by, a core ethos. For more information, contact or call 415-749-6235.

Sunday, June 20, 7 p.m.

Eyes to See Beauty

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas. Discussion follows led by Jason LeRoy, Congregation Council member, blogger and film fan. Free.

SuNDAYS, in June, 4:30 p.m.,

For mation The Anglican Spirit Sundays, through June 6, 12:30 –

Chapter Room

In this class, we’ll consider various places we encounter beauty, and discuss ways in which our use of the arts and of beautiful things in worship helps (or hinders!) our ability to recognize the beauty of Christ in the world. Taught by Elaine Belz, Assistant Verger and doctoral student in Aesthetic Theology. Contact: elaineb@

August 13, 6-8:45 p.m.

2 p.m., Chapter House Dining Room

Walk the indoor labyrinth by candlelight and music and pray for peace in our hearts and

Join an ongoing conversation and exploration of the Anglican Spirit. Discover how Anglican history, practice, and

Weddings at Grace Cathedral

Cathedral Crafters Create Warm-wear for Those in Need

The commitment to a life-long union is a very special one. A Grace Cathedral wedding offers both the sacred foundation of

Grace Cathedral’s Knitting and Crochet Ministry lovingly handcrafts items for those in need of warmth and care. Its members work to clothe and comfort the most vulnerable, from San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood to Afghanistan.

our Episcopal Church tradition for your ceremony and the incomparable splendor of the cathedral’s art and architecture for your setting. Contact Mary Wood, Wedding Administrator, 415-749-6327 or

The ministry meets on the first, third and fifth Sundays of each month for two hours, immediately following 11 a.m. Choral Eucharist. Crafters meet in the Wilsey C conference room during the late fall/winter months, and in the Chapter Room spring through mid-fall.

Credits Design by Kathleen Cunningham Design. Page 2 Chapel of St. Francis/Niall Battson. Bishop Tutu/Bertie Pearson. Page 3 Canon Lampen/Cathedral archives. Page 5 Patrick Thompson/Courtesy of Goodwin Procter LLP. Jan Parkin/Bertie Pearson. Benjamin Bachmann/Courtesy of Grace Cathedral. Page 6 Will Scott/Rick Johnson. Page 7 Movie poster/Cour­tesy of the artist. Page 8 Miriam’s Well/Shalom Ormsby.

No pre-registration or fees involved, and participants may drop-in as they are able. Bring a sack lunch or buy at sandwich at Peet’s. New members are welcome at any time. Been a while since you picked up that knitting? Never touched a crochet hook in your life? Never fear! In addition to supplies and tools, our members will offer you instruction, advice and encouragement. For more information, contact the Rev. Nina Pickerrell,

1100 California Street San Francisco, California 94108

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID San Francisco, CA Permit No. 6009


The Voice of the Grace Cathedral Community

Miriam’s Well Friday, June 18, 8 p.m. Interweaving dance, live music, poetry, and sacred text, Miriam’s Well tells the stories of three visionary women, Mary, Maryam, and Miriam, gathering communal waters from the universal well. Their stories, from the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions, illumine the commonality and interconnectedness of these three traditions through a shared story and archetype. Tickets: or 800-838-3006

Grace May 2010  

The voice of the Grace Cathedral community

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