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West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide

January 2012 1

West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Forward

Why has the e-prospectus been developed? To support the delivery of senior phase learners’ entitlement to a coherent curriculum which is based on personalisation and choice and which is relevant to their future pathways. Who can use the prospectus? Learners in the senior phase and staff advising those learners. How can I access the e-prospectus? Log onto Glow and you will find the e-prospectus on the West Lothian Glow groups page. In this guide you can learn how to create a button on your Glow page to make accessing the e-prospectus easier. What information will I find on the e-prospectus? The e-prospectus provides information on the varied learning opportunities available to senior phase school students across West Lothian. These include school based learning, West Lothian College School Partnership courses, vocational experience with training providers and volunteering. The courses listed at secondary schools and West Lothian College are all timetabled in the ‘travel column’ ie Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Can I get support in using the e-prospectus? Yes, contact if you would like further support for staff using the e-prospectus.


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Getting Started 1. Log onto Glow 2. Either search for ‘West Lothian campus e-prospectus’ 3. Or go to the West Lothian Council Glow home page, click on ‘West Lothian Glow Groups’ and scroll down until you see ‘West Lothian campus eprospectus’.

Useful tips • • •

Make sure you open Glow using Internet Explorer; the site is optimized for use on this. Create a button on your Glow light page Forward mail from your Glow mail account to your school mail account.

To create a button 1. Go to the e-prospectus home page and copy the web address at the top of the page 2. Go back to your Glow Light page and click on the Settings button 3. Follow the steps on the right hand side of the Settings page. 4. At the top of the page click ‘Done’ and your new button will be on your Glow light page.

To forward Glow mail to your school account 1. 2. 3. 4.

On your Glow light page click on the mail icon in the bottom left hand side. Click on ‘Options’ in the top right hand corner of the Glow page. In the Options tabs click on ‘Mail’ and scroll down to ‘Auto Forward’. Check the box ‘Forward incoming mail Destination’ and enter your ‘’ address 5. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button before exiting.


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide

Home page This is the first page you see when you open the e-prospectus and from here you can navigate to all parts of the e-prospectus. This user guide explains how each of these areas function.


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Content and functions of the e-prospectus

Learn @ school

Look for Advanced Higher, Higher or Intermediate courses in other schools’ travel columns

For staff Supporting Learners

• •

Find out if there is space in a class Check course details and entry qualifications Forward a pupil’s details to another school where they want to study a course

Learn @ College

• • •

Skills for Work

• •


• •

Look for a course at West Lothian College in the travel column Download an application form for College/Schools Partnership courses Follow a link to West Lothian College’s website

Find out about vocational training opportunities Download application forms

Learn about the benefits of volunteering for senior phase learners Find out about and award volunteering opportunities

16+ Learning Choices

Learn about Scottish Government’s policy and how it affects young people

Campus Glow Groups

Links to Glow groups supporting learners in the senior phase


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Learn @ school These pages allow you to look for courses at other secondary schools in West Lothian in the ‘travel column’ ie on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. There is also some useful information explaining the range of qualifications available to senior phase learners. 1) Click on the level of course you are looking for.

2) Click on the subject you are looking for.


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Learn @ school 3) Schools offering the course you searched for are shown


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide For Staff Supporting Learners These pages of the e-prospectus are for school staff only. Having found a course in the Learning @ school area these pages allow you to - Find out how many places are available on a course -

Add a student’s name to that list

- Check entry qualifications with the student 1) Select the school where the chosen course is offered.

2) Each school has its own ‘clearing’ page which allows you to • • • •


view emerging class sizes provisionally add a student to a class list remove a student from a class list view a school’s course choice booklet to check course details

West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide For Staff Supporting Learners 3) You will see two lists for each course; the left hand list indicates how many pupils from the base school are in the class. The right hand list displays pupils from other schools seeking a place in the class. To add a student to a list click ‘New Item’.


• • • • •


Enter the student’s name Select the school they attend Enter the name of the member of staff coursing the student. Click ‘Save and Close’ Go back to the class list

West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Learn @ College This page has information on the College Schools Partnership courses offered at West Lothian College on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

You can also • link to West Lothian College’s website • view the College Schools Partnership prospectus • download an application form


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Employability This page is useful for those wishing to find out more about qualifications and courses which improve employability skills.

This page links to further information on Skills for Work courses and National Progression Awards available across the campus, as well as programmes aimed at pupils requiring more support to develop employability skills and sustain a positive destination.


West Lothian Campus e-prospectus User Guide Volunteering This page displays information and links relating to volunteering opportunities through Voluntary Sector Gateway based in Bathgate. Links to websites with information on local volunteering opportunities and awards for volunteering Contact details at Voluntary Sector Gateway, Bathgate


e prospectus user guide  

information for staff using the e prospectus

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