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Grace Blouin:

Grace Blouin was dedicated and hard-working Clinical Administrative Coordinator with UnitedHealth Group. With nearly five years of experience with UnitedHealth Group, Grace Blouin accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments, including the reception of six Spot Awards. The awards Grace Blouin has received recognized her for continually demonstrating multiple talents and skills within the Optum Health Public Sector. Grace Blouin is a strong leader and valued team member.

Grace Blouin: Award Winner Grace Blouin has won multiple awards as a valued employee of UnitedHealth Group. As Clinical Administrative Coordinator, Grace Blouin has worked very hard, which earned her six Spot Awards during her tenure with the company.

Grace Blouin: Educational Credentials

Grace Blouin has extensive academic experience, and has earned multiple honors and awards during her academic career. Grace Blouin was Valedictorian of her high school, the recipient of an academic scholarship and the owner of a Portland Public Schools Certificate of Initial Mastery. Grace Blouin also proudly holds a Certificate of Recognition as a Viking Scholar from Portland State University, an honor she received in 2001.

Grace Blouin: Committed to Excellence

Grace Blouin is goal-oriented and dedicated to hard work. She continually demonstrates an unwavering loyalty to her company, her family and her community. Grace Blouin has an extensive and impressive academic resume, establishing herself as a devoted and driven scholar. Grace Blouin is recognized for her commitment to excellence, both in the classroom and in the workplace. Grace Blouin is also a caring and compassionate individual.

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