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The purpose of this document is to provide Orange Restaurant Chicago a media plan recommendation for the calendar year 2012.

COMPETITION • Orange’s strongest competitor is Yolk, which has three locations; the South Loop, River North, and Streeterville. o Similar prices and atmosphere with a larger menu. • Other competitors: The Bongo Room, The Breakfast Club, and many, many more. Similar prices but different, slightly more traditional, styles about them. • Restaurants not dedicated entirely to brunch that are serving it (i.e. Bar Louie and Villains Pub).


• Maintain awareness levels within the core consumer group


• Orange Restaurant must have a presence with out-of-home media. This will most efficiently reach the restaurant's consumers, who are local to very specific areas. • Orange will have to differentiate itself from other "brunch places". This will be done via radio advertising because of the overlap of commuting times and breakfast/lunch times.


•Create and promote awareness of Orange’s ability to host private parties and their image as the go-to place for such things. • This will increase Monday-Friday sales.

MARKETING STRATEGY • I will use some business-to-business magazines to attract potential deals with companies and also business professionals. • I will incorporate the private party option into advertisements (out-of-home and radio) featured to create brand awareness.

GEOGRAPHY • Target consumers live and/or work in these Chicago neighborhoods: West Town, Glenview, Lincoln Park, River North, or Roscoe Village. • Due to the amount of brunch restaurants in Chicago, and the nature of the event of getting brunch, consumers will not travel more than 15 minutes to get to a restaurant.


• Orange Restaurant's sales increase by 30% on average during May-August. • Spending will be higher during these months in order for the restaurant to differentiate itself more strongly during the industry's peak months.


Reminders do not need to be more frequent than every 3 months o customers are walking by the place every day - they need gentle reminders, nothing too invasive

• I am trying to gain private party popularity through business people reading Crain's Chicago Business Magazine o It is a very new idea, so I need their credibility

MEDIA MIX - OUT-OF-HOME MEDIA • proven to be an excellent way to reinforce product I.D. • The consumer is living/working in very specific areas. • The most efficient way to be sure we are reaching the right customers, at the right place, at the right time.

MEDIA MIX- OUT-OF-HOME MEDIA • 2 8-sheet posters near River West, River North, and Lincoln Park due to the amount of pedestrian traffic. • 2 30-sheet posters near Glenview restaurants to create awareness. • 1 8-sheet poster and 1 30-sheet poster in Roscoe Village to account for the mixed transportation habits in the neighborhood

OUT OF HOME MEDIA COST • 8 X 8-Sheet posters at $13,029 each o = $104,232 • 2 X 30-sheet posters in Glenview (suburb) at $31,465 o = $62,930 TOTAL COST = $167,162 *Will run year-round*

MEDIA MIX - RADIO ADS • lower production costs • high target selectivity • local nature (Chicago only) • Will run 1 week/month - the first week of every month

MEDIA MIX- RADIO ADS • On-and-Off pattern

• Radio is not intrusive, so listeners will not consider the message is it is not heard often. They will tune it out if it is heard too often. • 50 points per week - alternating one week on (50 points/week) and three weeks off (0 points/week)

• Morning Drive

• WXRT - contemporary music listeners are likely to enjoy contemporary food. Audience for this station is ages 25-44. • Lite FM- listeners are women ages 25-54. The most common purposes for private parties are baby and bridal showers.

RADIO ADS COST • 25 points/week on WXRT at CPP of $850 o = $21,250 o X 13 weeks = 276,250

• 26 points/week on Lite FM at CPP of $850 o =$21,250 o X 13 weeks = $287,300 TOTAL COST = $563,550

MEDIA MIX - B2B MAGAZINES • Where business professionals go for credible recommendations. • Geography- Illinois Circulation (96.6%) • Encourage employers to offer incentive to employees to start their days well with a healthy breakfast at Orange Restaurant • Ads once per month, twice a month in December and January, when Orange Restaurant has the most time to work on building this service (sales are lower)


• Crain's Chicago Business Magazine - well respected published 48 times/year • Reaches decision-makers • I will purchase 1 full page 2-color advertisement in 14 of those issues at $19,144 each (srds) o Total Cost = $268,016

MEDIA MIX- SUPPLEMENTAL PR • To reinforce the plan, Orange Restaurant must have a presence online. • Create a Facebook page and a blog

• Both will be very simple formats that can be maintained by Orange Restaurant internally

• Contact several blogs (Metromix, Chicago Reader, Serious Eats) relating to the market asking for stories, features, and connections.

MEDIA MIX - SUPPLEMENTAL Orange Restaurant has a large mural permanently painted on the side of the West Town location. The Restaurant should consider utilizing their space in the same way in other locations as cost-effective advertising.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT • 56% of the budget was spent on Radio Ads o Morning Drive = very popular time for radio o This is perfect for the brunch product o Low production costs o Local o Slightly more invasive than the other media • 26.8% of the budget was spent on Magazine Ads o Credibility/pull needed to build up private meetings and company breakfast discounts • 16.7% of the budget was spent on Out-of-Home Media o location, location, location o reminders to established customers o TOTAL COST = $998,728

Media Plan for Orange Restaurant  

2012 suggested media plan for Orange Restaurant Chicago

Media Plan for Orange Restaurant  

2012 suggested media plan for Orange Restaurant Chicago