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PRESIDENT Dear Student with a Purpose:

God has called you to do something great with your life. You may already know what it is, or you may need some help finding it, but there is a calling. As you look at the things that are wrong in the world, you vividly see that you could make a difference in the lives of those filled with emptiness and pain. That is the calling of every true follower of Christ—not standing idly by, but as in the case of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), taking action to affect change—letting God’s power and life shine through us. At Grace Bible College, we want to help you to fully pursue and live out your calling. We have strong Biblecentered academics because we know thinking and acting like Christ only happens when Biblical truth pervades our minds and hearts. It is the only worldview which has the solution to ease the pain we see around us. We have smaller class sizes so you have access to professors to mentor you. Our focus on Servant Leadership is more than talk, because when we

serve, we show the heart of God. An education at Grace is purposefully different, and it shows in our students and alumni.

Our students and alumni achieve purposefulness in Every Day life. To them, it’s a matter of choice. To walk as Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1) is to choose to deny self and live a life of purpose, Every Day. Today, choose to be open to what God has for your life and commit to His plan, or just get an education to improve your position or find a job….it’s your choice. But if you hear God calling…..I believe you’ll find Grace is the place! If you want God’s power and purpose to flow through you Every Day, Grace Bible College is certainly important to investigate. I look forward to seeing what God will do with your life as you pursue the call God has for you! Expecting Great Things Every Day!

Ken B. Kemper President


GREATNESS Many times we think greatness comes all at once: either we are born great, or fall into it; or, we are doomed to fail. History shows us the opposite. It shows us pictures of very ordinary people who made the most of very ordinary circumstances. They woke up every day and asked, “What is the best that I can be today?”

At Grace Bible College we understand life is not about the pinnacle experiences, it is about allowing your greatness in Christ to shine in Every Day circumstances. This is how to change your world: one small step at a time. Grace’s focus on Servant Leadership and real world experience will help you to make the most of every opportunity for greatness. Every Day.



SERVING EVERY DAY At Grace Bible College, we know serving is not insignificant—it is not just great deeds which are remembered. That is why our emphasis at Grace is not just on book instruction, but on Servant Leadership and real-world experience. We believe that each student is capable of an extraordinary life, like Billy Graham. He was the son of a dairy farmer from North Carolina, who went on to share the message of Christ with millions of people. He was also a spiritual advisor to several US Presidents. This is what we strive to instill in all our students, Servant Leadership. Opportunities to lead by serving abound—from playing on a worship team, to missionary trips in foreign countries, to serving the local community. At Grace, you will receive more than just “head knowledge” for your vocation, you will graduate with a heart to change the world.





In every calling, the solid foundation is knowledge. We offer two, and four year degrees in many different areas. Your training will give you the tools needed to fulfill your calling. Your professors are dedicated to see you become thoroughly equipped They will prepare you with a combination of theory and real-world experiences. Grace Bible College’s strong Biblical core gives you the understanding needed to develop your Biblical worldview. As one student said: “The past few semesters here at Grace have been probably the most influential time in my spiritual growth.” Take Gary Spykerman, for example. Gary served as pastor at several churches prior to joining the GBC faculty. As a result, he not only has the understanding of what it takes to be a minister of the gospel, he has the passion to see the lives of people changed through the ministry of his students.



Or look at Mark Carroll, who as a youth pastor of over 700 kids felt God calling him to prepare the next generation. After over 900 youth events, he can detail not only what to do, but what not to do. Because of professors and staff like these men, the Every Day education at Grace is anything but everyday.





A cooperative arrangement with Davenport University allows students earn dual degrees in four years of coursework. The objective of this program is to prepare students for higher level career work in a variety of Business and Technology related fields.

A cooperative arrangement with Cornerstone University gives students the opportunity to pursue a degree in Pre-Professional Studies. Students will be provided with the knowledge, experience, and analytical ability to pursue further education in medical professions. Since entry into these career fields is very selective and challenging, emphasis is placed on utmost preparation and balance within a solid Biblical studies degree.

Q: Why choose Business at Grace Bible College? A: Not only will you receive a solid academic preparation for your professional education, but you will also be taught from a Biblically solid Christian worldview. You will learn to think creatively and recognize opportunity in a dynamic economy.

Q: What can I do with this Major? A: Most who complete this major will pursue graduate education in one of the medical professions. In addition, some pursue degrees in Nursing, Podiatry, Optometry or other health care professions. Because of the rigor of the academic program, students are also well prepared for work in research or industrial laboratory settings as technicians or researchers.

ELEMENTARY & SECONDARY EDUCATION A cooperative program with Cornerstone University gives you the opportunity to develop the skills and disciplines necessary for a career in teaching at the Elementary and Middle School level or Senior High School Level. This program offers you two Bachelor degrees, one from Grace Bible College and one from Cornerstone University. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION A degree in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare you for many roles in Pre-Kindergarten educational settings. Opportunities are available for you to study and observe children of various ages, to assist in teaching in early childhood settings, and to gain understanding of the dynamic process of the physical, psychological, social, and intellectual development of children. Q: Why choose an Education degree at Grace Bible College? A: A solid academic preparation for your professional education, you will also be taught from a biblically solid Christian worldview. This will guide you in your living, learning and teaching. You will gain familiarity with technological applications to assist you in preparing and presenting effective classroom teaching and management.



A cooperative arrangement with Cornerstone University gives students in the Exercise Science program the opportunity to complete a rich curriculum in the studies of Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Exercise. Along with Grace’s Biblical Studies course work, students will gain a greater appreciation of how God designed the human body for movement.

Students in the Human Services program receive a well-rounded Bachelor degree of Science and Human Services by studying Psychology, Sociology, and Counseling. With Grace Bible College’s unique small class size, those in the Human Services program receive one-on-one instruction. As part of the program, students do a handson practicum for two semesters during their senior year. Each week during the practicum they work in a local Social Service agency for eight hours. One great thing about the agencies Grace works with is that each one continues to ask for more students from Grace. They want the type of students we are equipping for the extraordinary.

Q: What can I do with this Major? A: Students wishing to enter the job market with a degree in Exercise Science are prepared for entry level positions with Corporate and Community Fitness programs, Health Clubs, YMCA’s, and similar fitness related organizations. Related positions include careers in the Sales and Marketing of Medical, Fitness, and Sport-related equipment. Many students go on to acquire a graduate degree in this field.

Q: What interesting classes may I take? A: A full range of Psychology courses (Introductory, Social, Developmental, Abnormal, Group, & Adult), Sociology courses (Introductory, Marriage & Family, & Cultural Diversity); Counseling courses (Introductory & Advanced), and a Cultural Anthropology course make up the Human Services degree core.



WORSHIP ARTS If you feel a passion to worship the everlasting God, Grace Bible College invites you to join our distinctive four-year worship arts program as we prepare the next generation of authentic worshippers. Whether your calling is to hit the road with a band or to invest your musical gifts in a home church, GBC desires to help you achieve your goals. We offer professional media and music classes in a friendly, hands-on learning environment. Our program exists not only to train excellent musicians and worship leaders, but also seeks to raise up men and women of God with passionate hearts to pursue Him Every Day as well as lead others in their journey. Q: What internships or partnerships are available? A: Each student in the Worship Arts program will have a faculty-supervised practicum in a local church for one semester. The practicum is designed to aid in developing ministry attitudes, roles and responsibilities, and leadership skills vital to Worship Arts needs within the local church.



Grace’s Worship Arts department receives dozens of request for paid and non-paid Worship Leader positions each semester. Many students take advantage of these great opportunities and turn them into full-time paid positions upon graduation.



Grace Bible College offers a unique hands-on experience not found at many other Bible colleges. Students have the opportunity to take the knowledge they gain in the classroom and put it into practice. Pastoral students at Grace participate in preaching team opportunities where they preach in local community churches. Students also attend various churches to experience and evaluate different forms of preaching as part of their curriculum. The Pastoral Ministry Degree also includes a mentoring program where pastoral students meet monthly with on campus mentors and local pastors.

Grace Bible College offers a Youth Ministry Degree unlike any other. Students take over ten Youth Ministry classes. Other programs typically offer only two or three classes in youth ministry. Students gain an understanding of youth characteristics and culture, learn effective means of relating to and ministering to young people, and experience teaching and counseling Junior and Senior High youth. Upon completion, students will receive a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Youth Ministry.

Q: Why choose Pastoral Ministry at Grace Bible College? A: Our program is designed to help you work out the mysterious and exciting call to the pastorate in an environment conducive to learning and investigation. We come alongside of you on your journey to help you understand what it means to shepherd God’s church. Using scripture, we flesh out the key elements of pastoral ministry. We desire individuals to know the Scriptures, not only with their heads, but also with their hearts, as they learn what it looks like to live out their faith in everyday life. Learning is more than concepts from a book, it is experiential and alive!

Q: Why choose Youth Ministry at Grace Bible College? A: Our program offers a wide range of youth ministry course options with six core classes and four elective classes. Most classes are taught by Mark Carroll, who has over thirty years of experience in the field and twelve years of teaching in the classroom. Graduates of the Youth Ministry program go on to be Youth Pastors in the local church, or serve in a Parachurch ministry (Young Life/YFC, etc.); camping ministry (i.e. Program Director, etc.) or Urban Youth ministry.


ACADEMICS INTERCULTURAL STUDIES The Intercultural Studies Degree at Grace Bible College allows students to develop skills necessary for crosscultural ministry. It is a broad degree which challenges students for the task of world evangelism and prepares them to work in urban or overseas ministries. During your studies you will develop a clear understanding of the U.S. culture as well as how our culture is viewed by others. Students examine how to share the gospel with various cultures, bridging the cultural gaps. Q: What Internships or Partnerships are available? A: Students have the opportunity to participate in the HEART Institute – an interdenominational training center in Florida. This program is designed to prepare students to serve effectively in Third World countries. Students also have the opportunity for various overseas internships and work closely with Grace Ministries International conveniently located on campus.


ATHLETICS At Grace, our student athletes work very hard on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. They do all of this while exemplifying great character and sportsmanship. Recent men’s and women’s soccer seasons have been among the most memorable in our history.

MEN’S SPORTS Basketball Cross Country


WOMEN’S SPORTS Basketball Cross Country

Volleyball Soccer

Our women’s volleyball team has a new coaching staff, bringing with them recent college playing experience and a new exciting style of play. The GBC men’s basketball team is considered to be one of the top collegiate programs in Michigan and has dominated the NCCAA over the last seven years, winning six regional titles and five national championships. The women’s basketball program has put together what many believe is the finest recruiting class in many years. Our coaching staff has worked very hard to recruit not only the best student athletes for their squads, but to put together schedules which will challenge each player at the collegiate level. Athletics at Grace continues to grow in our number of student athletes and sports programs. We invite you to come out and become a part of the great tradition of Grace athletics.









The admissions process at Grace Bible College is designed so each student can show their ability and desire to be successful at the college level. The forms needed for admission to GBC are:

Consider this a personal invitation to visit.

• Completed application for admission. • Official transcripts. • ACT scores for current high school students. • Completed references.

Choose from the following options: • Visit campus during one of our scheduled “Fridays @ Grace” which are planned throughout the year. • Schedule your own personal time to visit. • Experience GBC to the fullest during our “Expedition” weekend in April. Come and see for yourself the strong commitment Grace Bible College has for each student’s personal development and spiritual growth.

For more admissions information, to schedule a campus visit or for an application, visit our website at or call our Enrollment Office at 1-800-968-1887.





FINANCIAL AID GBC provides scholarships, grants, loans and employment opportunities to help with your financial needs. We also offer per-credit tuition to give greater flexibility for managing your educational budget. To receive full consideration, all interested applicants must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Institutional and federal aid is determined by academic performance as well as on a need basis. Grace Bible College Scholarships: • Academic • Early Application • Music • Christian Workers • Church Member Match • AWANA Citation Achievers

DID YOU KNOW? Over 85% of GBC’s full-time students receive an average financial aid award package of $9,100.

For more Financial Aid information visit our website at OR call our Financial Aid Department at 1-800-968-1887.

A full list of scholarships, grants and loans is available in our Financial Aid Brochure; be sure to ask for one.





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