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“Transforming professionals from invisible to impeccable.”

Meet Walethia

Certified Image and Etiquette Coach • Corporate Trainer • Speaker • Author

Walethia Aquil is Founder and Director of Grace and Charm and the creator of the Grace and Charm Success System. She is one of the country's most knowledgeable and recognized experts in the fields of etiquette and image coaching. Proving that it is possible for anyone to dramatically change their circumstances, Walethia's own life reflects the ultimate personal transformation story, evolving from a terribly shy and insecure child, embarrassed and self-conscious about her social skills into a successful CEO, model, award-winning image consultant, etiquette advisor, media expert, and radio host. “I remember my first date, it was awful, the Junior Couple Dance. A tradition is to have dinner after the dance. I walked into this restaurant, sat down to a table with silverware, a tablecloth, napkins and china, and know I was out of my element. I made a decision then that I would never feel embarrassed in any given situation.” For over 25 years, she has coached business leaders and teams, politicians, entertainers, beauty pageant winners, and society's elite. She has helped thousands to boost their confidence, improve their bottom lines, business and personal relationships via television, radio, seminars, and personal coaching. Fast Forward to Today Walethia hosts the Success With Grace and Charm radio show and has been a guest on over 100 other television and radio programs. She has received numerous awards including the "Total Image Award" for her outstanding work in the image consulting profession.

Walethia has authored the highly anticipated book, Women Who Win: Business Etiquette Tactics that Lead to Success in Life and Business. She has been featured in Women in Business magazine and publications from the American Business Women's Association and Professional Business Women's Network and numerous other publications. Walethia's Grace and Charm Success System includes over 30 unique training programs for improving organizational and personal behavior, business and social graces, and effective team building. Her clients include the Small Business Administration, Michigan Department of Transportation, YWCA, and numerous other leading business, government, and faith-based organizations. In addition to being a certified Image and Etiquette/Protocol Coach, she is a former instructor for the John Robert Powers International Finishing School, coach for the Ms. Michigan Beauty Pageant, image consultant for the Urban League, and an Ambassador for Dudley Beauty Corp, LLC. Walethia is actively involved in her community, her most recent endeavors includes the creation of My Dreams do Come True, which she serves as CEO. My Dreams do Come True is an emerging non-profit which donates formal gowns to high school seniors wishing to attend their prom. As a facilitator for Teenquest, a preemployment training program, she helps prepare teens 9-12 grades with the necessary skills to successfully enter the workforce. Walethia speaks at colleges and universities across the country teaching etiquette, dress, teambuilding, public speaking, and career development skills. She developed the Ideal Girl youth personal development curriculum taught in Michigan schools and helped establish the Dress for Success program in Flint, Michigan. For more information, visit or call (866) 610-3746

A Note from Walethia Something new just for you. To better serve you better, twice a month I will publish a ‘Grace and Charm’ Insight. These insights are designed to provide you with pertinent information you can use to make a difference in your life immediately. The ‘Grace and Charm’ Insights are being provided to you as an added value for being a subscriber to the ‘Grace and Charm’ newsletter. In my own experience and that of hundreds of people who use my approach each day-it is absolutely realistic for you to make a massive and immediate improvement in your quality of life when you get your hands on accurate advice and techniques that work for real people like you and I. Watch for ‘Grace and Charm’ Insights in your mailbox. If you have not requested your copy of my newsletter “Achieving Success with Grace and Charm,” do so now and receive a “FREE” Business Etiquette e-course. Go to

What people are Saying‌ "Owning your own business also means having more

social functions to attend. Everything from formal dinners to charity auctions to ballroom dances, I'm invited. Ms. Aquil was able to build my confidence with her thorough etiquette and protocol coaching." Leisa Bain Good Gemstone Business Solutions Front Royal, VA

Have you reached a certain level of success in your business, but don’t feel confident in certain social situations? I can help.

Schedule your complimentary get acquainted session today. Click here to meet with me.

Another Great Idea… Design Your Life: Clearing the Chaos

by Deana Murphy About Me I’m an author, lifestyle designer, speaker, adjunct instructor and talk show host. Great people are single-minded and focused. They concentrate on their priorities and don’t deviate from them. Why? Because they have a systematic plan to extract chaos from their daily routine in general and from their lives as a whole. Charles Dickens said this, “I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time…” Most people try to put their hands in too many baskets for the sake of multi-tasking. But I’ve learned that great people concentrate on one task and do it well. They recognize chaos as the enemy. Why do so many people even those with a clear sense of purpose oftentimes lose their focus and their capacity to concentrate on one subject at a time? During my research for my book, Designing for the King, I discovered that people have too much inner chaos. I’ve found also that the ole cliché, “Jack of all trades and master of none” proved to be correct.

I’ve identified six forms of chaos that I am diligently working towards removing from my life. The goal is to be “Jack or Jill of just one trade.” The benefit is being focused, and concentrating on mastering it well.

Emotional Chaos This type of chaos is typical when unforgiveness is clouding your focus. Holding grudges or carrying a chip on your shoulder is toxic. Forgive and move on.

Organizational Chaos As important as organizing is to progression, it amazes me how so many people overlook this. You can accomplish so much more when you are organized. Figure out a system that works for you and stick with it.

Timeline Chaos When you begin to master your time well, timelines or lifelines (I don’t like the word deadlines) won’t seem like a nightmare in the making. Prioritize your day and use your time and energy on what will yield the most return.

Information Chaos This happens as your attention is divided among so much to do. Every social media expert has a mailing. Where’s the value in allowing insignificant things to detract you from your focus?

Unhealthful Chaos Many years ago I heard the Lord say, “My people wait until they are sick before they change their diet instead of changing their diets before they get sick.” You cannot concentrate well if your body is chaotic and dysfunctional.

Visual Chaos Sustainable success is founded on being focused. I find it totally impossible to concentrate in the midst of visual chaos. You will find it easier to make the right decisions when your eyes have places to rest. Because you are reachable 24/7 with your smart phones and lap tops, you tend to fall into chaos over-load and oftentimes cannot differentiate the significant from the immediate. Adapt to a chaos-free lifestyle and you will find your focus clear and sharp. Concentrating on the life design of your dreams won’t be far-reaching.

I enjoy sharing my passion with you. If you know someone who would like to read this, share it with them. And always I welcome your comments and will personally respond to them. Sharing my passion,

Deana Visit Deana at her web-site Sharing My Passion and receive a free chapter from her award winning book “Designing for The King.�

Put Your Best Foot Forward:

The 10 Commandments of Style by Walethia Aquil Many people underestimate the power image has in career and business success and wonder why they keep getting passed over for a promotion or why their business isn’t doing as well as it could. Image is powerful. Within six seconds of meeting someone the other person has already determined a persons social status, their educational level and their income level! Did you know 55% of what people think of you is based on your appearance. Having a polished image creates instant expert status and trust as well as credibility. Image power is the key ingredient to building confidence, making a great first impression and getting what you want every time. Following these simple rules will help you create an image of power and influence. 1. Be true to thyself!

Selecting clothing based on your color season, fashion personality and body type. For example , if you are a Cool Dramatic Hourglass, look for the latest styles in colors that accentuate your curves. 2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

My Private Stylist Personal Image Profile teaches you how to simplify your wardrobe, closet and shopping. Less is more. Before you head out, look in a full-length mirror. If some feature (your hair, jewelry or shoes for example) screams “look at me first,” people will see “it” before they see you! The goal is to achieve a balanced, harmonious look from head to toe. Grace and Charm Insight: If you think it’s too tight, too short too loose or too

revealing, it probably is! 3. Think Quality, Not Quantity

It is better to invest in one quality piece than to buy three pieces for the price of one. Unless of course the quality pieces are on sale. A word of caution here: It is not a sale if it does not fit into your lifestyle, the color does not compliment your skin tone or it does not fit. Invest in: • A quality core wardrobe. Instead of a closet full of bargains, you will have a small selection of well-made pieces in lasting fabrics that you can mix and match for a variety of great looks. • A quality handbag. Purchase a handbag in proportion to your hight, weight, and body type. A quality handbag can last for years with proper care.

• Quality footwear. Anything made of good leather is a good choice. Make sure you

have the proper fit, and the shoes fit into your lifestyle. • Good fabric. Good fabrics drape better than inexpensive ones, and they last longer

too. Choose natural fibers: wool and rayon crepes, cotton , silks. 4. Update your look.

Invest in your personal image profile for the latest makeup, fashion and accessory trends. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe every time a new season starts-just update it with a new handbag, pair of shoes, belt, scarf, jacket or piece of jewelry. Eye frames should be updated every two to three years. Consult an expert hairdresser about updating your color and cut. 5. Jump Feet First

Nothing spoils a beautiful look like worn, scuffed shoes. You can wear the most expensive outfit in the world, but if your shoes look like seething the dog dragged in, it’s all for naught. Find a good shoe repair shop. Repair scuffs, frayed or broken heels. Purchase leather shoe polish and use regularly to keep your shoes looking new. If you wear sandals, be sure to get a pedicure. Grace and Charm Insight: When wearing open toed shoes; wear nude toe

hosiery. If the shoes are sling back styled; wear hosiery that had both nude toe and heel. Generally hosiery is not worn with sandals. However, with evening sandals it is best to wear nude toe and heel hosiery. 6. Avoid the ‘Nurse’ shoe style.

We call it the ‘nursing shoe syndrome.’ Don’t wear shoes that are lighter than the predominant color in your outfit. It will break a harmonious head-to-toe look. 7. Never Break The Rules.

Wearing color hosiery that doesn’t match your hem or your shoe will ‘break’ the line and bring it to a crashing halt. Color hosiery should match either your shoes or the hem of your dress or skirt for the most slenderizing effect. 8. Adorn Yourself Well.

Choose one great-looking piece of jewelry as a focal point. Don’t wear two pieces of large jewelry near one another or you’ll risk looking like a Christmas tree. For example, if you wear eye-catching earrings, skip the necklace. Beware of clanking bracelets-they can distract others. Grace and Charm Insight: Rule on rings, never wear nor more than one per

hand. 9. Be Scentsational

But don’t overdo it! If your fragrance lingers on long after you’ve left a room, you’re wearing too much. 10. Smile

It’s the greatest style-builder of all! A smile invites the world in.

If you are ready to go from “Invisible to Impeccable” be sure to check out the “Grace and Charm Success System.” ©2010 WA 10 commandments of style

Let me Introduce You To: Amanda Coulon Graybill,

Founder, Little Black Dress Society I had no idea why that dress was so important to me until my adult years when I was working through some things with a counselor. Given to me by a friend’s mother, it became like a security blanket in many ways at a very tumultuous time in my life.

My home life had changed when my father became disabled and lost his job, our home, and our social status. That is when the drinking started and my father’s personality changed. I found myself hiding to stay out of the way and covered my ears so I didn’t hear the outburst of anger toward my mother. The thing is, my father was a good man. He just reacted to a bad situation the wrong way which led him to become something he was not. I believe that many men who are abusive, whether physically or verbally, are angry men. Seeking help early on can save a marriage or relationship and save the children who are the recipients of the abuse as well. An important lesson I have learned is this,”It is not my fault”. If you are reading this and you are in an abusive relationship, remember, it is not your fault! Seek help and encourage your spouse, partner, friend to seek help as well. Being healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically allows you to LOVE, BELIEVE, AND DREAM again! Go out and wear your LBD and live out your DREAM! Listen to a live interview with Amanda on Blog talk Radio: Click here.

December was a month of Decisions: Have you given up on dating because the relationships never amount to anything long-term? Listen in as Christine Pembleton, of Are You

Ready To Be a Wife shares why your relationship does not progress to marriage. Listen here Moving from Chaos to Peace: Deana Murphy of Sharing My Passion say “Design can be felt and your home environment has a loud voice. Is it time for you to discover your home brand? Listen

Never be Hit Again Are you or someone you know living in an abusive relationship. You can Love, Believe, and Dream Again. Amanda Graybill of the Little Black Dress Society says “You can have the life you deserve.” Join Amanda in her fight for abused women world wide. Listen here And finally it’s a new year are you ready to move from “Clutter to Clarity”? Angle Richards of HOT Empowerment coaching will take you through a 12 day transformation that will help you discover your unique gift or talent that will give you clarity of purpose. Listen here. January is the month of Jubilation! I have exciting guest to help make this year YOUR best year ever. See the January line up here, you don’t want to miss a single broadcast. Missed an episode of “Achieving Success with Grace and Charm.” You can download F*REE podcasts here from Itunes

Ask the Expert? Q. What is a finger bowl used for? Bridget A. Well, here is a quick tip for when you are dining:

A finger bowl comes with an under plate and doily. Once the finger bowl is used it is placed to the left. The server will remove the finger bowl, and then serve dessert. When coffee and chocolates are served after dessert, this is considered a separate course. At a formal dinner, coffee is often served after dessert, not with it. Need an answer to a business question or challenge? Walethia would love to answer your question. Simply e-mail me at: and submit your question. Walethia will answer it in a video or article so that you and many other business owners with the same question or challenge can benefit from hearing her solution to the problem you face.

Walethia’s Market Place As much as I recommend these resources, I do not accept responsibility for any purchases you make, business you conduct, or relationships you may initiate with anyone listed in this directory. Yes, some are affiliate links for which I’m paid a commission on, these are products and services that I’ve used at one time or are presently using.

The Grace and Charm Success System

Would you like to know how to connect with people you wouldn't have been able to reach before? Up level your "Circle of Influence", increasing your Network and your Net Worth? Click here to learn how you can benefit from the “Grace and Charm Success System.”

As a graduate of The Protocol School of Washington® and an Authorized Licensed

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“Women Who Win” Business Etiquette Tactics that lead

to game

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My Private Stylist With we'll create your very own personalized style guide, with hundreds of ideas and outfits tailored specifically to suit your body and tastes. We'll teach you how to combine the styles and clothes you already have in your wardrobe to find the look you've always dreamed of. It's like having your own on call personal stylist in the comfort of your own home, at a price you can afford. Don't feel embarrassed trying on clothes that don't suit you anymore. Everybody deserves the chance to look and feel amazing. You are unique, and once you learn how to match your style choices with your body type and tastes, you'll have the ability and confidence to look and feel fabulous every day with just the click of a button. It's time to stop wasting your money and time on clothes that just aren't working. Looking good and feeling fantastic has never been so easy using Receive a ‘Free’ E-book, Mark Your Mark - 101 image essentials for professionals. $30.00 Value Contact information: Walethia Aquil

Find out how you can personally benefit from the Grace and Charm Success System workshops/seminars or personal coaching program. Simply complete the form below or call (866) 610-3746, Fax (810) 787-8447 (Your information is safe with us.)

January is the month of Jubilation!  

January is the month of Jubilation! I have exciting guest to help make this year YOUR best year ever.Jubilations as defined by Merriam-Webs...

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