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How to Use Windows Movie Maker?


Maybe you have just held a wonderful family party and taken plenty of funny photos and video clips during the party, right? Would you like to make your own movies from these unforgettable vivid materials, share them with your family and friends? Don't take it a complcated task or think it would take a barrel of money to purchase professional video editing software.


Actually, you have already gotten a free and easy-to-use movie making application as long as you install the Windows XP on your hard drive. You might never notice that smart video editing software, called Windows Movie Maker. Don't know how to use Windows Movie Maker? That's OK. It's really simple to operate. Here we will introduce this app to you in brief and tell you how to use it step by step.

• Tips: If the video files you need to edit are protected by DRM, you need to remove DRM from videos/movies firstly. You can free download the Media DRM Removal to do that.

How to Edit Video File with Windows Movie Maker?


Step 1: Click the Windows Movie Maker icon from "All Programs" on the Start menu to start running Windows Movie Maker.


Step 2: You need to hit "Tasks" button on the toolbar to open the "Movie Tasks" list in the left. Make sure the app is in timeline mode, then you will see the main interface as shown with area below for Video, Audio/Music, and Title Overlay.


Step 3: Now we can load video file into the program by clicking "Import video" under the "Capture Video" category. Then browse and select the files that you want put into your movie. Just drag the first video you want into the "Video" area of the timeline.


Step 4: To cut a video file into two pieces, play the video file and pause it at the place you want to cut it. Then, click the "Split" button below the video playing area, or press Ctrl+L. You can do this either in the timeline or in the "Collections" area.

Step 5: If you need to upload photos, click "Import pictures" and follow the same procedure. To reduce or increase the length of time a picture plays, drag the ends of the picture file in the timeline.

Tips: In this way, you can also add audio files by clicking "Import audio or music".

Step 6: To add an effect to a picture or video file, such as grayscale, film age, fade in, speed up, etc., right click the file in the timeline and click "Add Video Effect". There are some additional options, like adding transitions and credits in the left for you to choose.

Step 7: Don't forget to save your created movie file.

That's it! With the Windows Movie Maker, you can create a fantastic movie made of video clips, music, photos and so on as you need. Is that simple and easy? Why not open the Windows Movie Maker and try it by yourself right now!

How to Use Windows Movie Maker  

Want to edit a video files on your computer with the built-in Windows Movie Maker? Here this page will show you how to use Windows Movie Mak...

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