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This is how the Dolphin got so calm.

Two hundred million years ago in the dream time out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There was a horrifically mean Buruwaluwu (Buruwaluwu means Dolphin) called Dolph.

Dolph had an extremely, painful rotten dara (dara means tooth) and because of that he was mean to everyone he saw.


Dolph was that mean that he fitted in perfectly with the very destructive Great White Yanggaay (Yanggaay means shark) family.

Eventually he lost the Great White Yanggaay family because he got into a fight with them and won.

Everyone was intimidated by Dolph for what he had done to them. Everyone wanted him killed but nobody was brave enough to try.

Dolph lived in a dark cave and chewed on rocks to try to get out his horrifically, painful rotten dara.

One day Dolph stormed into his dim cave and hit his face on a rock. Dolph was in a dreadfully, dangerous mood now, he said “I’m going to kill them all and they’ll see what pain fells like.’’

Dolph got so mad that he turned into a Dolphire Bat (Dolphire Bat means half Dolphin half Bat).

He groaned and growled and groaned again, until he realized his rotten tooth was out and his mouth was not in pain anymore.

At that second Dolph blitzed out to try to make some new friends and start over.

Instead of making friends everyone came at him with smooth, sharp, sticky, spears.

Everyone chased Dolph inland and they tried to hit him with there spears. Dolph dodged all the spears thrown at him.

When they were about 5 Kilometers away from shore everyone stopped chasing him and went back out to sea.

From then on Dolph stayed close to shore to avoid getting killed and was never mean or nasty to anyone ever again.

Dream Time Story Why The Dolphin Is So Calm  

Why The Dolphin Is So Calm is about a dolphin that has a rotten tooth and is mean to everyone he sees

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