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Roots of McCall | McCall, ID


Planting Design Studio | Fall 20172018 Central States ASLA Merit Award

Located in McCall, Idaho, the project sought to rethink a key area near the tourist town’s bustling downtown. First Street provided the perfect opportunity to create an environment that encourages residents and visitors to notice and appreciate the natural environment alongside Payette Lake. Emphasizing stormwater management and native vegetation, the project helps to bring McCall back to its roots, immersing people within a series of spaces that use design to explain why well functioning natural systems matter.

The four week studio project included regional inventory and analysis, concept development, diagramming, master planning, planting design, and stormwater calculations. The project was submitted to Central States ASLA in 2018 and won a merit award in the Design Unbuilt category.

A winding, accessible path leads visitors through the newly restored ecological processes of Payette Park

The design was broken up into three core zones where visitors can learn about their surroundings while seeing tangible ways to respect ecosystems and water quality. These zones include Payette Park, First Street, and the First Street Parking Lot.

The new Payette Park provides a soft transition from E. Lake Street down to Payette Lake. The park includes a winding path down the slope, densely planted native vegetation, and a series of signs illustrating the importance of protected ecosystems. First Street includes slowed vehicular traffic, wide sidewalks and an ecology focused corridor. The First Street Parking Lot becomes an opportunity for stormwater retention alongside parking with a formerly blank wall hosting a beautiful community mural, showcasing the town’s best self.

Roots of McCall - Illustrative Site Plan