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34 AIRPORT MUSEUM (Prehistoric-Classical periods) Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos" Αdmission Free Access Metro: line 3, Airport station Bus: Χ95, Syntagma-Athens Airport (express)


In the main terminal building, the Ministry of Culture (Β' Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities; 1st Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities) has created in collaboration with the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” the “Exhibition of Archaeological Finds” from the Airport area in a specially-designed space (184 sq. m.). Inaugurated in 2003, the exhibition was funded by the Athens International Airport, and includes 177 ancient objects, all coming from the excavations carried out in the airport region. In this gallery, the archaeological sites in the region are presented on a map so that visitors can form a fuller picture of the area, while the historical evolution of the region from Early Helladic to Post-Byzantine times is presented through a host of visual material (texts, photos). Among the most important exhibits in the gallery are the finds from the fortified Early Helladic settlement on Zagani hill, which was investigated at the northern end of the airport. Stone tools, coarse ware pottery, part of a wall with the typical herringbone masonry and a model of the settlement provide the visitor with a succinct and accurate overview of this period. Exhibits include two Geometric period graves from the cemetery at the northern end of the airport on Spata - Loutsa Road. Objects from a pottery workshop (4th-2nd c. BC) found in 1980 in the area of Vathi Pigadi in the center of the airport are also on display. The exhibition includes a copy of the Sphinx of Spata, the original being on display in the National Archaeological Museum.

Navigating the Roots of Art and Culture - Part 3  
Navigating the Roots of Art and Culture - Part 3