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32 THE LION OF KANTZA Church of Agios Nikolaos, Kantza Access Bus: line 308 (St. Nomismatokopeio-PaianiaKoropi), Radar stop, and then on foot


The marble lion of Kantza is situated in front of the church of Agios Nikolaos on a low hillock 250 m east of Lavriou Avenue. Preserved to a height of 1.50 m and length of 1.40 m, it dates to the 4th c. BC. The lion formed part of a funerary monument, a section of whose enclosure wall was probably formed by the stone blocks on the west side of the hill. The presence of an ancient cemetery in the region is also suggested by other finds coming from graves: a 4th c. BC marble sarcophagus found near the entrance to a Public Power Company (DEH) substation, and members from funerary monuments found in the excavation of a Byzantine monastery complex. Various local legends connected with the lion as well as descriptions by foreign travelers who passed by this point in the 19th century indicate that the lion must have been visible for many years, and that it lay on ground northwest of its modern-day location.

Navigating the Roots of Art and Culture - Part 3  
Navigating the Roots of Art and Culture - Part 3