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artist profile : Ian Duffy

by: gabe puerto

artist profile: ian duffy


ulti-disciplinary artists and designers are arguably some of the most intriguing people to know. To be multi-disciplinary in the area

of art and design means to be well rounded and multifaceted, as well as have a different mindset, one of endless curiosity and experimentation, as well as drive for perfection and growth. This endless curiosity and search for balance and perfection as well as passion push creative thinkers to create the work they do. As artists and designers often times classify themselves as either one or the other, this is the underlying structure that brings together all creative fields. Ian Duffy, a young creative thinker from the warm lands of Miami, Florida, has been working in as many mediums as he can get his hands on since his high school days. Growing up surrounded by a group of creative individuals and a unique multicultural and colorful city, Ian started his journey in the small, tight-knit design magnet school known as Design and Architecture Senior High. Here, not only were his technical abilities fine-tuned, but is creative thinking and problem solving abilities were born and raised. His father, one of the first sail-riggers in Miami, passed on to Ian a key sense of thriftiness and refined sense of craftsmanship, which is apparent in every piece of work he executes. While at DASH, Ian learned the techniques of observational drawing, fine art painting, materials, and product design, his current area of study at California College of Art, in San Francisco.

Oron Koppar, 2008. Rethink of the traditional alarm clock for Ikea. B & W Revolution, 2010. pair of headphones and media remote which allow you to broadcast your music and tune-in to your friends playlists anywhere in the world.


macadam paris, 2010 Taken from his visual journal.

by: gabe puerto

Ian’s works have since incorporated beauty, concept and craft, continuously climbing to a perfect harmonious balance. His most recent work, derived from his semester study at ENSCI, a college for art and design in Paris, France, explores the realm of media art and its ability to communicate potential in problems. One of the most unique characteristics of Ian’s work is the fusion of story and product. He uses his newfound passion for media arts and his interest in interaction design to bring a new, deeper element into his work. In all of his completed projects, there is an emphasis on the users interaction with an object or artifact. The object, although merely an artifact, is a work of art in itself. The materials and construction well thought out. What is the true source of intrigue in his work is what happens when the audience, or what designers refer to as “consumers”, interacts with the product. Because of Ian’s background knowledge in design, he brings that other level to his works of art, creating a symbiotic relationship between his fine art and his design work. Ian’s “fine art” can be understood as an outlet for his own personal growth, experiments of texture, lighting, composition, material, and craft that help support his design work. Ian Duffy’s body of work is an example of what art and design is all about, endless curiosity and passion. Ian’s work can be seen at

The time machine, 2008. Audience is meant to walk around the hanging piece and observe the piece through the smallest ring looking out.


Ian Duffy  

Artist profile of ian duffy

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