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allite. allite is a multipurpose lantern with a minimized part count and simple function.

it all started with...


An LED lantern was purchased and taken apart. From the beginning, it was apparent that innovations for minimizing waste in everything including the packaging were possible.

After dissecting the lantern, we discovered that the lantern was constructed of over


separate pieces and parts. 8 | gabe puerto | 9

After analysis of an existing lantern, I began to brainstorm over possible simple solutions. I broke a portable light into its basic elements: a switch, battery, lamp (LED), and substrate. From there I did a couple of studies to come up with ways these basic elements could be configured.

10 | gabe puerto | 11


12 | gabe puerto

Many concepts were explored in the areas of fold lights, solar-powered, and adaptable lights. | 13

Solar-Powered -alternate source of energy(sun) -decorative -simple function -no hassle charging -complex components

Adaptable -multiple uses -multiple environments -wider user focus

Fold lights -alternate source of energy (bioluminecence) -portable -easy function -low part count -interactive

14 | gabe puerto | 15

Taking what concepts worked and did not work and exploring the options, in both 2-D and 3-D.

16 | gabe puerto | 17


18 | gabe puerto | 19


Alite is a lantern with fewer parts.

total partcount for alite is 8: PET plastic handle. injection molded PET battery tray. injection molded light connector. injection molded PET clear LED casing. injection molded LED strip. PET clear body. injection molded Aluminum / plastic power socket. injection molded Rechargeable battery.

20 | gabe puerto | 21


peacock blue. copper orange.

22 | gabe puerto


olive. fire coral. | 23


The Alite Project.

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