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Welcome to Global Platform Tanzania - ActionAid Denmark’s training development centre in Dar es Salaam.

Global Platform Tanzania is located in cosy surroundings near the city centre in Dar es Salaam from where our trainers facilitate and inspire through debates, conferences, presentations, and workshops. Our goal is to empower youth activists in their activities to create social change.

Global Platform Tanzania promotes capacity building, empowering youth activists through innovative courses, and serves as an inspiring social activist hub for young people.

Background MS Tanzania was established in 1976 and has functioned at TCDC (Training Centre for Development Cooperation), in Arusha. However, in 2010, MS became an affiliated member of ActionAid, which resulted in the establishment of seven Global Platforms in Nepal, Myanmar, Jordan, El Salvador, Denmark, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The main target group for our courses are ActionAid partners and their youth members. Global Platform Tanzania offers a number of scholarships to our ActionAid partners. Are you therefore working for an ActionAid organisation, kindly be advised always to apply for your desired course through ActionAid. Your application form will not be assessed, when sending it directly to us. Additionally, Global Platform Tanzania offers Swahili courses, events free of charge, and rentable facilities.

The Global Platforms are part of ActionAid Denmark, which is a Danish NGO, promoting intercultural understanding and solidarity at a global level. The focal point in the Global Platform concept is to motivate, empower, and support global citizens to work for a world, where everybody can participate equitably in shaping their own future and participate in local to global decision-making. This is achieved through non-formal education courses where skilled trainers facilitate the courses, providing participants with innovative training sessions, knowledge sharing, research, incubation, and networking services. The training approach is action based, which means that our facilitators use interactive and interdisciplinary teaching approaches, including participatory methods, group work, games, and role-play. At least one field trip is included in each course within the Global Change Framework. In accordance with the action centred approach our training is based on peer-to-peer oriented learning, where young people are to be drivers of learning themselves. Each student is seen as a capacity instead of only a receiver of information.


Global Platform Tanzania | Courses 2013

Global Platform Tanzania | Courses 2013


Courses 2013  
Courses 2013  

Global Platform Tanzania's Course Catalogue 2013