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Duration: 2 weeks Time: 8.30 am – 4.00 pm This course is offered twice in 2013

At Global Platform Tanzania we host two kinds of events free of charge:

4th – 15th March 2nd – 13th September

Tuesdays4Change: At these events we discuss social change, touching upon relevant and important issues young people can relate to. External speakers share knowledge and experiences, followed by plenary discussions and networking sessions.

4th March – 10th May 2ndSeptember – 8th November

Thursdays4Socialentrepreneurship: At these events we learn about, share, and discuss social entrepreneurship. External speakers are invited to reflect on how to start up and succeed as a social entrepreneur, followed by plenary discussions and networking sessions.

Participants on the advanced Swahili course are expected to have a profound understanding of the language. The course provides Swahili skills to communicate with ease and confidence in a large number of informal as well as formal situations. This is achieved through complicated comprehensions, technical dialogues, narrations, reports, debates, and abstract situations.

Keep updated: Each month an event flyer announcing the topics, external speakers, and dates is uploaded on our facebook site:

Price : 720 US

Tailor-made Swahili courses Global Platform Tanzania supplies tailor-made courses designed to accommodate special needs regarding teaching days, hours, level of difficulty, or course content (e.g. focus on specific vocabulary). Swahili lessons can be designed and arranged around potential business trips, vacations, etc. depending on the participants’ convenience.



Duration: 10 weeks Time: 8 - 10am [Monday, Wednesday, Friday] This course is offered twice in 2013

The price on a tailor-made course depends on the number of participants for the course: The larger number of participants, the cheaper per person. Prices for tailor-made courses Duration: 30 hours •

1 participant: 770 USD

2 participants: 550 USD/per person

3 participants: 440 USD/per person

4 participants: 360/per person

5 or more participants: 340 USD/per person


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For further information or inquiries please email : Mobile: +255 222 117 945.

Global Platform Tanzania | Courses 2013


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Courses 2013  

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