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24 May 2013

Edition / Uitgawe 3

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Golden outing for Wenakker – 3

Sarel van Sabie talks cooking – 5

Pay your tax! – 7

A beetle fell in love with a caterpillar and she returned his love, but she died and lay still, wrapped in a cocoon. The beetle grieved over his beloved's body. Suddenly the cocoon opened and a butterfly appeared. The beetle decided to kill the butterfly because it disturbed his meditations over the body. He rushed over to her and saw that the butterfly’s eyes were familiar – they were the caterpillar’s eyes. He had almost killed her, for, after all, everything was new except the eyes. And the butterfly and beetle lived happily ever after. But you need to look things in the eye for that, and not everyone can do it, and sometimes a lifetime isn’t long enough. – Dmitri Shostakovich

A scientific breakthrough – 1 4

GPS News

2 GPS News 22 Main Road PO Box 385, Sabie 1 260 Tel: 01 3 764 31 27 Fax: 086 57 43454 Editorial/Advertising: Valerie Kemp Tel: 083 565 9458 E-mail: Printed by Paarl Coldset

From the editor In my 50 years I have experienced many things, good and sad, that nearly broke my spirit, and exciting ones too, but I always had gratitude in my heart for God’s grace. Our visit to the two centenarian sisters in Pilgrims has made a deep imprint in my memories for life. We grumble so easily; I love the phrase: We complain with a ‘witbrood en polonie’ under the arm.

Briewe / Letters Winter maak son Die winter laat jou besef hoe baie jy die son mis en hoe min jy regtig die somer waardeer as hy daar is. Net so is swaar tye in ons lewe die winter van ons dae, maar die somer kan nie in al sy glorie kom as

die winter nie sy werk gedoen het nie. Winter is nodig om die oue weg te vat en in die lente kry plantjies kans om van nuuts uit te spruit of pragtig te bot. Die winter in ons lewe gee ons ’n nuwe uitkyk op ons foute en maak ons beter om nog mooier te blom. – Kat

When I stand back and look objectively at my life, I am humbled and grateful. I have health, a warm bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, food to eat, a wonderful husband and son, family and friends that love me and a best friend of 23 years. We live in a country where you can practice your religion without fearing for your life. There are so many in our

From Sabie Retirement Village We would like to thank the following companies and organizations for all their assistance and help in making our retirement village a place of peace and comfort in our golden years. It is with a humble heart that we want to give some recognition to these people and instances: Greenview Spar Guardian Angels

towns that do not even have the most basic necessities, yet they have love, hurt, joy and feelings and live their lives continuing with the struggle. I think it all depends who lives inside of you! In this issue of GPS, please think about this when reading about the Chamber of Commerce Winter Warmth campaign, as well as Tekkie Tax and the raffle of the Guardian Angels. It is not always money that is needed, but a bit of time and effort from us could change this nation. Change starts with one person; let you be that one! (Including me…)

VLU Abuti Maintenance Charmaine & Board The person bringing our fruit and vegetables. Thank you! – Veronica and Bets

I earnestly believe that where there is no compassion there can be no lasting change.

GPS News


Golden outing for Wenakker


total of 65 residents from Wenakker, Lydenburg, were entertained and treated for their annual outing to Pilgrims Rest. Wenakker is a facility for the care of intellectually disabled adults. Forever Resort in Blyde Canyon donated 5 wheelchairs to Wenakker. An American company donates 200 wheelchairs annually and it is then distributed amongst the relevant institutions. Johnny Reinders (69), owner of The Vine Restaurant has been involved with this outing of Wenakker for a number of years. He is passionate about assisting the institution. His sister is a resident there. The guests were treated to a day of fun and laughter. They partook in gold panning, received a certificate and some gold nuggets. They played croquette and were even treated to a donkey car ride by Piet Langoor. They all dressed up in old fashioned attire of yesteryear and were photographed at Kuzzulos Em-

Piet Langoor with some of the Wenakker residents. porium. The Vine provided them with a meal and refreshments. To end the day they stopped at the stables and were allowed to touch, feed and brush the horses. A tired but happy group returned back to their home.

In an interview with Johnny, he mentioned that he was not previously aware that such institutions exist. When his sister was admitted he started getting involved, and it made him realise that we have so much to live for. Being in-

volved with Wenakker made him humble and he appeals to the public to assist institutions like this. “After all, you can’t receive with closed hands,� he concluded. Wenakker is affiliated to the South African Federation for Mental Health. The profoundly, old and severely disabled are cared for and stimulated in a safe and secure environment. Adult intellectually disabled persons need to be in an environment where their optimum physiological, social and emotional well-being can be maintained. The relatives and the larger community cannot always provide in the above needs and when disabled persons are admitted to Wenakker, they are in a safe and well-managed facility, able to maintain social contact and assisted and guided to improve their life skills. Their physical well-being is also taken care of. The main objective is to improve their quality of life and to create a sense of belonging. For more information:


GPS News

Exercise and the golden years


common sight in our small towns is residents exercising, cycling, running and even walking the dogs. GPS News interviewed some of the more “senior” participants to gain insight into their regime of exercise and asked the question why they do it, in their “golden years”. Like most people, you've probably heard that physical activity and exercise are good for you. In fact, being physically active on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Studies have shown that exercise provides many health benefits and that older adults can gain a lot by ”keeping moving”. Even moderate exercise can improve the health of people who are frail or who have diseases that accompany aging. Being physically active can also help you, and studies show that "taking it easy" is risky. For the most part, older people lose their ability to do things on their own. It doesn't happen just because they've aged - it's usually because they're not active. GPS News interviewed three Sabie residents that, despite their years, are still active through cycling and running. They participate in national races like The Argus and Comrades Marathon. Chrissie van der Merwe (66) moved to Sabie with her husband and worked at a local school as a teacher. Chrissie used the bicycle as a means of transport to school and college in her youth and the sport came naturally to her. She worked at Long Tom Pharmacy (now Van Heerden’s) for 20 years. Although retired, she still does

Gerhard Nortje, competing in the Comrades Marathon. part time bookkeeping for various companies. In 1998 she completed her 1st Argus, and this year was

Barbara Ring and Chrissie van der Merwe at the Argus Tour.

the 16th! Both her sons, Brand and Gideon participated in 2013 in the 36th Pick n Pay Argus held in Cape Town. Chrissie says her cycling achievement she is proudest of is the “Vasbyt race”, when you cycle 175km in 24 hours. She loves the scenery of the Argus riding over Chapman’s Peak with the blue ocean below. To the question, what she wishes her legacy to be, Chrissie quoted calmly out of Joshua 21 v 15: “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Chrissie’s cycling partner and friend, Sabie physiotherapist Barbara Ring, cycles an average of 35km/day, 5 times a week. Barbara has been living in Sabie for the past 22 years. As a youngster she played squash, tennis and hockey. Her son started in grade 6 with cross country racing and she started exercising with him, despite

the fact that she was very unfit. Due to a foot operation, her medical advice was to stop running. She bought a second hand mountain bike, and the rest is history. Barbara has already completed 8 Argus races. Barbara believes that to be healthy and stay young, you have to exercise. She has lots of endurance and can go on forever! Her daughter has also started with cycling at the age of 43. “It is so tragic to be in this beautiful nature and to sit at home every night” says Barbara, “There is so much to do - go walking, cycling, get a sport that you enjoy and start with short distances”. She concluded by saying that you have to enjoy what you do, and know that it is for you. Gerhard Nortje (65), moved to Sabie in 1983. He started running at the age of 40 to assist his son with his practicing regime. Gerhard worked with an overweight man who ran the Comrades Marathon, and thought to himself: “If he can do it, so can I”, so he started training. In 1988 he competed in the Comrades for the 1st time and has been doing it ever since, except for 2007 due to illness. His best ever Comrades was in 1991 with a time of 7 hours 12 minutes. “Competing in the Comrades requires a lot of self discipline - you must be prepared to give up and to exercise relentlessly”, said Gerhard. In the two months prior to Comrades, an average of 360km per month is recommended to build up strength and stamina for the race. His biggest challenge was in 2010 when he was involved in an accident whilst running. With a seriously injured hand, arm and hip, he ran regardless and completed the race! Other triumphs include winning awards for 25 Loskop 50 km races, as well as 20 Long Tom Marathons. Gerhard says: “I would like to thank my wife firstly for her support, as well as my training partners”. GPS News would like to invite other sportsmen and women to tell us about your achievements to share with our community. We have such a variety of activities including bowls, squash, golf, cycling, gym, aqua aerobics, callanetics, tennis, cross bow, swimming and much more in our towns! We should start utilising the facilities, after all, you only have one body!

G PS N ew s


Home made bread recipe Ingredients: 1 kg white bread flour 1 packet instant yeast 2 teaspoons salt 1 l warm lukewarm water

All these products are available at Greenview Spar

Method: 1 . Mix the flour and yeast, add water little by little until the dough is nice and soft. Knead well for 5 min. (Remember to use oil so the dough does not stick to your hands). 2. Leave in a warm place and wrap in a blanket for 1 hour to rise. If the bread has not risen, your dough is too stiff or too cold. 3. Knead down again and form into sausage. 4. Place in greased loaf pan and let rise for 1 hour until doubled in size. (Wrapped in warm blanket. Our grandparents and their parents had a bread blanket just for this purpose). 5. Bake for 1 hour at 1 80 C째. Spread the bread's crust with sugar water while it is still hot. Now is the best time for a lekker thick slice of warm bread and butter.

GPS News


350 years under one roof A

centenarian is a person who has attained the age of 100 years and more. The term is associated with longevity because life expectancies across the world are far less than 100. Pilgrim’s Rest is richly blessed with a diversity of natural, cultural and historic gems. The uniqueness of this historic village is vividly evident in its museums and historic sites. GPS News recently visited two very special ladies in New Town, Pilgrim’s Rest: Ella Tshali Thebela is 101 years old, and her sister Eliah Mnisi turned 100 this year. Ella was born on 5th January 1913 and Eliah on 29th October 1913. Amazingly their very healthy 73 year old sister Martha Chima is their caretaker. Their other sister (the last born) Agnes Mnisi, also lives with them and assists in the community with the sick and elderly, especially the Aids patients. Patience Chima (48), daughter of Martha Chima, is a PR Councillor in Thaba Chweu. She invited GPS News to visit the special quartet of sisters. Both centenarian sisters (and the rest of the brothers and sisters) were born in Pilgrim’s Rest in the area called Tlou, where the golf course has been built. Although their eyesight is not

what is used to be, both are in amazingly good health. Ella entertained us by playing a musical instrument called Isitolotolo (commonly known in Afrikaans as trompie). Earlier this month, SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) paid a special visit to the family to assist them to re-register for their pension. Ella (the older sister) never went to school, because there were none in those years, but her father received a vast amount of “lobola” for her from her husband. When GPS asked Ella what the highlight of her life was, she replied that she will always remember Nelson Mandela because he brought freedom and humanity to them. To be treated as human beings and to be equal to all the other ethnic groups in South Africa is one thing she will never forget. Eliah married and relocated with her husband to KZN. She worked at Public Works (previously known as TPA) and moved back to Pilgrims later on in years. The four sisters live off their pension income. Martha’s day starts at 5h00 in the morning when she has to boil hot water to bath the sisters every morning due to the fact that there is no geyser. Great effort is taken daily to provide them with healthy

Ella playing the “trompie”. fruit and vegetables, depending on the finances. Gifts of blankets, creams, powder and chocolate were donated by a very special lady in Sabie who has a passion for the elderly and children. Both sisters love Martha very much and appreciate what she does for them. Patience pointed out that their culture is different from ours in the sense that very rarely is an elderly or disabled person placed in a care facility; they prefer to look after their own. Asked whether they would

want to go to a home for the elderly, both answered very quickly: no, they will visit the other elderly people, but do not want to live there. Some pleasant memories for them are the trip to Witbank where they stayed in the hotel, and when they were entertained at Castor Bridge in White River for dinner. Martha ended off the interview by praying and blessing us and thanking God that He spared her sisters and that she has the ability and health to be able to take care of them.

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ou need to pay your tax! A national annual fundraising event will take place on 31 May 2013. This national fundraising campaign will benefit a number of carefully selected national welfare organisations in South Africa. The idea behind the project is for the whole nation to wear tekkies on that day and of course to be able to do that, you have to pay tax, R10.00 per sticker. This will show

your support towards the good work charities are doing in South Africa. The 5 categories to benefit are: Animals, basic community welfare, children, disability and education. For more information on the various organisations please visit the website, to see who will benefit by your R10-00. A few of the beneficiaries of the income will be: CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation,

SOS Children’s Villages, Hospice and Endangered Wildlife Trust. Readers of GPS News are hereby requested to participate in this campaign by obtaining their TEKKIE TAX stickers from GPS offices in Main Road Sabie, next to The Window, or call Ada Spottiswood on 072 777 4688. Child Welfare SA White River plan to have a Child Protection march on 31 May 2013 to coincide with TEKKIE TAX day. The business sector is encouraged to make this a fun day and involve their employees in the campaign. Church groups, schools and oth-


er community groups are invited and welcome to participate. Platorand Diere Kliniek, Sabie’s local vet Natli Rouvoet, bought 100 tickets and Sabie doctor Wynne Lieberthal bought 200 tickets. They plan to donate the tickets to children that cannot afford to partake in this venture. All other companies are hereby officially challenged to better this kind donation. Natli and Wynne, we are proud of you! Come on residents of Graskop, Pilgrims and Sabie, let’s show the rest of Mpumalanga how it is done! Come and buy your tickets!

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Second chance

“It all started with pins and needles in my 3 middle fingertips of my right hand”, said Jannie Potgieter (50), an artisan at AWH Thom Services in Sabie. Jannie has been diagnosed with Buerger’s disease at Sabie hospital after being admitted for 3 days. This disease affects blood vessels in the arms and legs. Blood vessels swell, which can prevent blood flow, causing clots to form. This leads to pain, tissue damage, and even gangrene (the death or decay of body tissues). In some cases, amputation may be required. What causes this disease? Sorry guys and girls, it is a fact smoking. Nicotine and caffeine are the main culprits. Researchers are working to understand how tobacco increases the risk for Buerger's disease, and have proved it to be hereditary. One theory is that

the chemicals in tobacco irritate the lining of the blood vessels and cause them to swell. There is no cure for Buerger’s disease and the only way to keep Buerger’s disease from getting worse is to stop using all tobacco products. Medicines are not very effective in treating the disease. The best they can do is to control the symptoms. Jannie has been smoking since he was 13 years old. When he was diagnosed, he realized it was the same disease that caused his sister’s death. Jannie has stopped smoking, and admits it is not easy. His wife Elize is amazed to see him eating sweets, and supports him by supplying him with healthy snacks to curb the craving. He is on medication to assist with the process of getting the nicotine out of his system. In an interview with GPS News, Jannie appealed to

A photo to illustrate the effects of Buerger’s disease.

other smokers to realize that you must value your health and that you could lose it tomorrow. Jannie said: “I am grateful to God for giving me another chance. I would like to officially thank the

staff and doctors at Sabie hospital for their quick diagnosis and treatment in the hospital. My fingers are much better and it is only the middle finger that still needs to heal.”

Unoccupied Thaba Chweu building caught fire Shirly Mathebula

Municipal workers who responded to help extinguish the fire.

Billowing smoke was noticed coming out of the top floor of the unoccupied Thaba Chweu Municipality building in Sabie on Friday 17 May. According to Pridop Security Company personnel, early in the morning there was no sign of fire in the building. At around 7h30 the security officer on-duty alerted municipality workers that here was smoke coming out from the building. They used fire extinguishers to douse the fire. The building is in the process of being renovated,

and the municipality plans to reoccupy the building soon when the work has been completed. Thaba Chweu Municipality has opened an arson case, ‘the act of deliberately setting fire to property’ at Sabie police and is under investigation. The quick response prevented serious damages to the building. TCM Unit manager Solly Selakane said: “There was no serious damage done to the building structure and the municipality will proceed with the renovation while the case is being investigated.”

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Blankets to warm the hearts Shirly Mathebula


he Vroue Landbou Unie (VLU) Arende branch in Sabie launched a project to make homemade knitted blankets and socks. It was a worthy project for the 18 members of the Arende branch to continue to touch even more lives. On 6th May, they donated 35 blankets and socks at a function held for this purpose. The recipients thereof were the residents of the Sabie Retirement Village. According to the Chairperson Elize Potgieter, the VLU is a women’s organisation sometimes jokingly referred to as the housewife’s university. They aim is to create opportunities for development, offering women the method of developing skills and donating homemade items to needy people in the community. The women are voluntarily working together on multiple projects to benefit the need of peo-ple in the community. Speaking at the Retirement Village ‘handing over’ session, Elize said: “It’s very important to do something to help other people, no matter how great or small as it makes a huge difference in the lives of others, after all, if you don’t make a difference, who will? You must be the difference?” The recipients at the Retirement Village were delightful when they received the blankets and socks. Some of the blankets are manufactured by square knitted or crocheted blocks from America. The donation was made possible by an organisation called ‘Knit a Square’. The VLU organisation engaged in doing the final assembly project of knitting or crocheting the squares together to produce beautiful knit-

Some of the VLU ladies that assisted in creating the blankets. ted blankets. Each blanket is made of 35 crochet squares, a great item to have this winter. On Tuesday 14th May, the VLU conducted a workshop at the Simile community centre and provided the participants with hands-on experience on how to do crochet work. The elders at the centre received knitted socks and scarves. The organisation aims to continue to do more great work in the community.

The VLU welcomes women to join in the organisation regardless of nationality, religion or home circumstances, to engage in making a difference in the lives of other people. One of the members Lorinda Jordaan said: “This is a women empowerment organization where we teach one another special skills and we utilize those skills and try to make a difference to the lives of so many people who are not as for-

tunate.” There are many more projects that the organisation aims to do, e.g. to teach the younger generation in the community to get involved in projects by doing recycling and creating hand-made items that can be useful. For membership or contributions to the Vroue Landbou Unie contact Elize Potgieter on 079 5736 038 / Lorinda Jordaan on 083 765 7900,


GPS News

Guardian Angels treat elderly on Mother’s Day Guardian Angels is a group of eager volunteers that get together to help the elderly in their communities. Allocated persons assist with transportation to appointments, whether it be to the hairdresser or local clinic/doctor. They do not offer a frail care service, but focus more on companionship and visitation. The Sabie group has been in existence for 3 years. “Outings are usually planned for special occasions like Valentines, Mothers day, Fathers Day and especially Christmas”, said Marina Good, one of the Angels of Sabie. A special Mothers Day function was held at Lone Creek River Lodge in Sabie for the elderly ladies of Sabie and Harmony Hill. A couple of the men from the Sabie Retirement Village were also guests of honor. The venue was beautifully decorated with flowers and each attendee received a gift parcel containing

The Guardian Angels guests.

biscuits, a chocolate and some rusks. Each person also received a long stemmed red rose with a card that read “Happy Mothers Day”. The treats provided were world class cuisine and a

lot of care and effort went into the preparation to make it a special day for all. Ben Mulder, one of the volunteers, was the master of ceremonies and had the audience in stitches with his jokes. The Sabie volunteers are: Ben and Babs Mulder, Laetitia Williams, Maurice Johnson, Deidre du Plessis and Marina Good. Guardian Angels is an organization that operates solely on fundraising to assist the elderly. Sabie Conway and Stihl donated a Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner to the value of R5 700 that is going to be raffled for R10 a ticket. The draw will take place on 13th June 2013. GPS would like to challenge our readers and all other companies and individuals to assist in this worthy cause by buying a ticket. You might just win this awesome prize. To purchase tickets, contact Marina Good on 082 496 2561, or GPS News.

Caption competition

GPS News’ first winner of our photo caption competition is Sonnette Bezuidenhout of Sabie. Sonette (28) is a mother of two, Ettienne (3) and Donnette (9). Her husband, David, and herself were debating what the caption should be and she came up with the winning phrase: “Hey, I told you we don’t have ID books, we have barcodes”. When GPS News called, an elated Sonnette said she has never won anything before, and great were her surprise when the prize money was doubled to R200. Chris Colverd judged the entries, chose Sonnette’s funny caption, and here handed her her prize.

You can win R200!

Our photo for this week should really let the creative juices flow. Sms your caption thoughts and your name to : 079 529 0256. Competition closes on 31st May 2013, the winner will be announced in the issue of 7 June 2013. Chris Colverd will be the judge.

Van Heerden’s Pharmacy's Mother’s Day competition has a winner! The prize was a voucher of 3 sessions with Body Stress Release by Janine Knox. It has been won by Werner Strydom of Sabie who received it here from Renette Minnaar. He gave the voucher to his mother, Elize, who was very happy with the double gift she received.

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What is Callanetics? Many people dream of leaving the corporate world and following something that they are really passionate about! Anne Coetzee had the opportunity in 2010 to do just that and moved from a stressful occupation as business analyst in Cape Town, to Sabie, and opened a Callanetics studio! In 2002 Anne enrolled in a Callanetics Teachers Training Course. After passing the theoretical exam - a study of anatomy, spiral dynamics and the in depth technicalities of the Callanetics exercises – “I practiced as a student teacher on my colleagues at work, qualified on 13 April 2004 and became a Senior Teacher in 2009”. But what is Callanetics? Designed and developed by Callan Pinckney and Lotte Berk, who both suffered from back problems, Callanetics consists of small movements that won’t stress or strain your joints. The aim of Callanetics is to use your body correctly, so all exercises are three-dimensional, in other words, in the way your body wants to move. The exercises are precisely co-ordinated with each other to train all muscle groups; efficiently, gently and powerfully. Exact positions, tiny movements and many repetitions

build strength, while stretching the muscles helps to make them flexible. You are literally exercising from head-to-toe! “In the introductory class, I find out about your individual strengths, weaknesses and posture before you take a class, so that I can adapt the exercises according to your needs” Anne explains. This ensures everybody will benefit, while each person experiences accomplishment when faced with their fitness challenges. There is no sudden jerking or any hard impact movements, which can cause harm to your body. The general flow of each class consists of a warm-up, followed by a work-out with precise movements and ends with cool-down stretches. The exercises are hard work at first, but 1 hour of Callanetics is equal to 24 hours of aerobic dancing in terms of tightening and seeing results. With Callanetics training, the results that can be experienced are: • Supple, flexible and lean muscles • Loss of centimeters even with no change in weight • Improved posture (Don’t be surprised if you grow a few centimetres. Seriously!) • More body awareness • Less pain in problematic areas such as

Fascinated with snakes Alexsander Rost, Pets Of Eden

Many ask who I am, and where I got the idea of breeding snakes and various different animals. I have a great passion for all types of animals, big and small and have spent years of dedication and devotion, constantly studying new species as they come onto the market. I specialize in reptiles, specifically snakes and lizards, but my first love is colubrids (constrictors). My core belief is that we are wholly responsible for our pets and must make sure they are well taken care of in all aspects. My interest in reptiles started 9 years ago when I first saw the movie “Snakes on the Plane”. After watching the special features, the snake keeper explained all the different species and why they had been chosen for their big screen adventure. I purchased my first snake - he was so small and curled up in a ball when I saw him. Not long after that I purchased 2 much older and larger females with the intention of breeding, because I was amazed by the whole science of the process. It was only after 3 years of

caring and raising them that I first started to attempt to breed, however I must emphasise this fact: do your research on any species that you wish to buy or keep as pets. In 3 years I've learned more and more about them by purchasing books, searching the endless internet for more information and speaking to already advanced breeders. This did not stop at snakes and I expanded into the world of lizards such as leopard geckos (Emublephasris macularis) and bearded dragons (Pogona Vitticept). Just recently I ventured into the world of tarantulas and various other insects that are kept as pets today as well as species of rodents. I have been breeding an assortment of animals for some of SA's top pet shops for years and moved to Graskop with the idea of opening my own exotic pet shop called Pets Of Eden to supply the Lowveld areas with top quality and healthy animals. I later relocated the shop to Sabie. More and more customers, locally and from surrounding areas, are visiting my shop due to my reputation for offering excellent quality.

the back and joints “If a person follows a diet simultaneously and loses 5kg, it will look as though they have lost 10kg after taking regular classes!” says Anne. Is It For You? If you don’t enjoy going to a busy gym, try Callanetics. Anyone can use this method; from athletes who need to strengthen and/or prevent injury to anybody wishing to prevent osteoporosis, tackle obesity and depression, as well as relieve back pain and joint stress. The class in Sabie is limited to no more than 8 people so the atmosphere is intimate, filled with groans and laughter, because intelligent training must also be fun! “After experiencing firsthand what Callanetics does for me, I want to share this wonderful form of exercise with others. I look forward to seeing you in my classes!” says Anne.

GPS News

12 Attitudes affect the way we live our lives. A good attitude can bring success. A poor attitude can bring destruction.

Smalls For sale

Mirror 1 200 x 1 800mm – R200 Cast iron bath – R200 Tel: Chris 01 3 764 1 500

Aqua Aerobic classes

Heated indoor pool No weight gain this winter Morning and afternoon classes Valerie: 083 565 9458


STEVANDA Self Catering Guesthouse Sleep 2 – 7, Fully equipped, DStv Ideal for cyclists : 082 820 1 077

TCN holds provincial conference On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May Living Waters Christian Church played host to the annual Mpumalanga Provincial Conference of The Christian Network (TCN). 190 Delegates from 25 churches attended. Pastor Francois van Niekerk, the Senior Pastor of the Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria and the National Leader of TCN, was the guest speaker. The Christian Network is an umbrella covering for over 200 churches across South Africa. Pastor Francois is the senior Leader supported by a Core leadership group of 9 other Provincial Leaders, one of whom is Pastor Phil Robson who represents Mpumalanga. The Christian Network also relates very closely with “Ground Level Network” in the UK and the “Grace Network” in USA as well as other networks in Africa. TCN’s motto is “Your Success is Our Honour”. To this end TCN’s Core Leadership group works tirelessly to encourage, resource, equip and partner with all the churches within the Network. This year’s conference was aimed at equipping Pastors and Leaders of the relating churches to think and act strategically. The theme was “Geared for Growth” and Pastor Francois rolled out a TCN training strategy called GHK which aims at developing Great leaders who build Healthy churches which ultimately results in Kingdom advance. He encouraged and challenged church leaders to build accurately, according

Pastor Francois van Niekerk of Hatfield Christian Church at the TCN conference in Sabie. to the time frame and pattern given by God for each church. Only this would lead to churches taking territory and inheriting the land God had prepared for them. This would ensure the ultimate goal of bringing Kingdom Advance to the glory of God.

Is dit nie so nie? Nikita van Heerden Is dit nie so dat wanneer die Here ‘n beginsel by mens wil tuisbring, dat Hy so geduldig met ons is nie? Hy gebruik elke moontlike kanaal om hierdie boodskap in die hart waar dit nodig is, te graveer. Tot ons hóór! Dit is soos wanneer ‘n mens ‘n kind leer fietsry… Geduldig, elke keer, leer jy hom dieselfde beginsel. As jy sou terugdink oor jou lesse sal jy agterkom dat jy elke keer dieselfde stappe gevolg het, wynig van jou metodiek afgewyk het tussen die een les en die ander. Maar tog het peanut dit nie gesnap nie… Het jy keer op keer saam die fiets gehol en vasgehou en aangemoedig. En dan op ‘n dag, gaan die spreekwoordelike liggie in daardie koppie aan en hy het dit! Hy kan trap en balans hou en daar gaan hy op sy fiets - all smiles. Eers kom hy nie agter hy is gelos nie en trap rustig voort; maar wanneer hy dan vir die eerste keer besef hy is op sy eie, twyfel hy soos Petrus wat die eerste paar tree op die water geloop het en toe begin sink het… Wankel bietjie, sit die voete uit vir bal-

ans, val selfs dalk een of twee keer maar hou aan probeer; en kort voor lank het hy die taak be-meester - gaan hy voluit! Opdraande, afdraande, gelykpad en soms oor rowwe terein! Die “leermeester” staan trots terug, al die harde werk was die moeite werd! Die eindproduk is ‘n selfstandige mensie wat ‘n nuwe vaardigheid bemeester het. Die Here is ook so met ons… Ons snap nie altyd wat Hy vir ons wil leer nie… Maar die Here is geduldig. Hy is altyd by ons, hou die “fiets” vas, hol spreekwoordelik saam met ons, totdat ons reg is om self te kan trap én terselfde tyd te kan regop bly! Die Here is met ons, al die pad – opdraende, afdraende, gelykpad en die rowwe terein van die lewe. Hy hou altyd sy beskermde Vaderhand op ons fiets. Stuur ons, ondersteun ons, bemoedig ons, lei ons… Die Here het egter Sy Eie tegnieke, Sy Eie tyd en genadiglik, bowenal, hope geduld! Die Here wéét watter rol moderne tegnologie in ons lewe speel… Hy ken ook van Facebook boodskappies… Hy weet van BBM en Whats App profile pictures en statusses …Hy weet van e-pos-

se… Alles met net presies die regte woorde op presies die regte tye! Dit lei ons gedagtes en lewe in die regte rigting – bring ‘n boodskap tuis by ons. ‘n Boodskap wat ons so op ons eie dalk mis gelees of misverstaan het in die Woord van God. So sal iemand iets aanstuur, of pos wat die die boodskap hier diep in ons hart graveer. Dan gaan die liggie vir ons ook aan! Kan ons ook all smiles wegtrap en sê: “Dan-kie Here, vir U leiding, U geduld en U genade. Aan U liefde is daar waarlik geen einde nie.” Dit is dan vir my lekker om my in te dink dat hierdie nuwe “vaardighede” (hoe klein of groot hulle ook al mag wees) wat ons bemeester kry, ook ‘n glimlag op die Here se gesig laat. Dat die Leermeester ook met trots na ons kan kyk vir elke nuwe klein dingetjie wat ons uiteindelik click én bemeester kry. Die belangrikste van alles is dat ons sal onthou dat die Here ons nooit alleen laat nie. Dat ons moet aanhou oefen om die werke waarin die Here ons lei, te bemeester EN dat ons nie sal vergeet dat die Here ons ook as instrumente gebruik om Sy boodskap op die harte van ander te graveer nie. Gaan skryf iets van die Liefde van God op iemand se hart!

GPS News Simon Weber, Marietha Kruger en Yvette Kruger (inlas) by hul gradeplegtigheid.

Oud Sybranders vang graad

Drie oudleerders van Sybrand van Niekerk Hoërskool het verlede maand aan die Tukkie-kampus gegradueer. Hulle is: Yvette Kruger (BSC Geologie), Marietha Kruger (BCom Ekonometrie) en Simon Weber (BCom Regte). Yvette en Marietha was van ons dorp se topskaakspelers en het albei tydens hul skooldae provinsiale kleure daarvoor verwerf (skaakmat vir die studies, nê). Simon het sy BCom met lof geslaag en het alreeds begin werk aan sy LLB. Hy mik om daarna sy meestersgraad in regte te behaal. Hier kom ons eie “Regter van Sabie” of dalk - die politieke kombers met ’n ministerspos in die parlement eendag?

Die gemeenskap en julle ouers is baie trots op hierdie besonderse prestasie in julle jong lewens. Behou net die fokus op julle doelwitte en met geloof in God en liefde kan julle verseker wees van sukses. Op hierdie punt wil GPS net die gemeenskap se dank aan ons plaaslike onderwysers oordra, laer- en hoërskool. Julle doen, onder moeilike en veranderlike omstandighede, uitstekende werk met die leerders en ook besonderse moeite om nie die standaarde te laat verslap nie. Die drie suksesvolle jongmense hierbo is maar net ’n klein voorbeeld van die menigvuldiges wat julle al voorberei het vir die groot wêreld daar buite. DANKIE.


Sabie Cares Winter Drive James Sheard, SCC&T chairman The time has come to launch the Sabie Chamber of Commerce & Tourism’s Winter Drive. Following on from the successful Summer Drive where we collected in excess of 250 towels for Msiba Mbane and food for the Christmas party for over 200 kids, food parcels and goodies for the Home of Hope it is time to consider the needy as the cold of Winter approaches. Phil Robson and Lawrence Burton in their work with the charity organisations have identified “warmth” as the most pressing need for this winter. Thus, the Sabie Cares Winter Drive has set the very ambitious goal of collecting 1 000 blankets by the end of May as our effort to keep our less privileged communities warm. The collection point is the Child Welfare office opposite the Caltex Garage. Alternat-

ively we have sourced good blankets at R100 per blanket. You can pay this amount into the Sabie Chamber’s account – First National Bank, Sabie Branch, Account Number 6206 2364 733, Branch Code 270 752. Please use your name and Winter Drive as your reference. The Sabie Chamber will ensure that blankets are bought with your donated money. Sabie Cares, with our local charity organisation partners are identifying those people who need our assistance to keep warm this winter. The Sabie chamber will ensure that blankets will get to the people who need them most. On behalf of the Sabie chamber I appeal to all residents of Sabie to get behind the Winter Drive. I encourage you to challenge friends, other businesses to reach our target of 1000 blankets. Thank you being a part of the Sabie community that makes a difference.


GPS News

Go yellow to go green Recycling for your average household in South Africa is a schlep. We as South Africans have never been educated to recycle. The infrastructure for collecting recyclable material isn’t in place – yet. Households have to separate their rubbish and take the recyclables to a municipal drop-off Billy requires the help of centre or a buySabie residents, please back centre like support him and keep Thomsons Buildthe town clean. ing and General because there’s various materials are: not much in the way of kerbside • Cans: 69 percent collection. Many people just • Paper: 59 percent can’t be bothered. • Glass: About 25 percent Now there is a solution for • Plastic: About 17 percent Sabie. Billy Mthethwa (48) Informal recyclers recover plans to make a difference to much of this material from our waste. He is husband to dustbins and landfill sites. This Emily employed at Sabie hosis not ideal, firstly from the pital, and father of 4 children. point of view of the health and “When a man has a family safety of the recyclers. Another that needs to be taken care of, reason is the recyclable materiyou cannot just sit and wait al is contaminated with other after you have been rewaste. First prize would be if trenched”, said Billy. After behouseholds sorted their waste, ing retrenched due to company so that “uncontaminated” reclosure in 2010 while being in cyclable material could be colthe employ of TTC in Sabie, lected. Billy is a man on a Billy decided that he will start mission. He will supply bright his own business. He is appealyellow bags for the recycling ing to the public to assist him (please see ad in our paper), by starting to recycle, thus and collect it on the same day helping nature in this aspect. as the municipal collection, and How good is South Africa at rereplenish the yellow bags. cycling? The recovery rates for

A scientific b r e a k t h r Bu g h Sharon Mandy


was listening to the radio the other day when they started to talk about preservatives in fast foods. It was an in-depth discussion – or in as much as a discussion on a music based radio channel can be in depth. They stated amongst other things that hamburgers from a certain well-known hamburger outlet were so full of preservatives that when they were tested at a university, it was found that they were in the same condition as when they were bought 5 years previously. I was both amazed and somewhat jubilant. I think it is a brilliant idea to buy, say a hundred burgers, and store them in my cupboard – it won’t matter if I take five years to get through them; they will still be as fresh as the day I bought them. Think how much prices of burgers will have gone up in five years time and I will remain unaffected. Someone else phoned in and said that someone that had eaten a great quantity of these burgers in his life was so well preserved after his death that when he was exhumed several years later, he had not deteriorated at all. One wonders why this poor soul had to be exhumed as this is usually a rather grave matter (if one excuses the pun), but one assumes that

perhaps they wanted to investigate if he had actually been poisoned by these burgers. It then leads to one wondering which preservative is used – perhaps it is arsenic, in which case the least of our worries would be that we are being subjected to eating donkey meat nowadays. Freddie Mercury should have been told about these burgers. He would have been able to save millions and would not have had to have been frozen in order to preserve his body – he could just have eaten a couple of burgers, bet you he is turning in his grave, er no, his fridge, at the very thought. The other day I was cleaning out my fridge and found a couple of things at the back of the shelf that may have crawled out of the fridge all by themselves if I had merely been patient for an extra day or two. My husband surveyed the contents being tossed into the bin and sadly mentioned that I obviously had not put enough preservatives into my cooking, which brings me to the point that I do not want the recipes from these outlets, but I would very much like to find out about their secret preservatives! I think it is a scientific breakthrough of note, and I think it is sad that the world has not recognized it yet. The moral of the story is that we should never underestimate the power of science!

GPS News Rugby word net al hoe beter

Dit gaan goed met die rugby by Laerskool Sabie. Die o.9-span het sover net een wedstryd verloor – teen Primary. Dankie aan die twee afrigters, Henk le Roux en John Kinghorn, wat uitstekende werk met die spannetjie doen. Die eerste span is steeds onoorwonne en speel weekliks al hoe beter rugby. Hulle is gemotiveerd en oefen baie getrou. Daar in nog 4 wedstryde oor en dit beloof om kliphard te wees, want Komatipoort en Barberton is ook nog onoorwonne. Die spannetjie speel goed saam en het ’n wenpatroon en -kultuur

Donation brings joy to pupils Shirly Mathebula

Robbie Crawfort-Brunt ontwikkel. Die eerste span se afrigters is Johan Kruger en Jukie Hinds. Sterkte, manne, hou so aan!

Redenaars toon hul staal Op Vrydag 10 Mei het Engela van der Walt en Kees-Piet Barnhoorn aan die ATKVredenaarskompetiesie se halfeindstryd deelKees-Piet Barngeneem. In elke kate- Engela van der hoorn gorie is daar 20 semi- Walt finaliste, uit wie net 2 getoon. Engela het net-net uitsprekers vir die eindronde geval, maar Kees-Piet is na die gekies is. nasionale eindstryd op pad. Dit Die mededinging was kwaai, word op 15 Augustus in Harmaar Sabie se sprekers het tenbos gehou. Baie sterkte! koelkop gebly en hul staal

Koor verwerf silwer by ATKV Laerskool Sabie se koor het op Maandag 13 Mei aan die ATKV se Applous-koorkompetisie deelgeneem. Dis ’n gesogte kompetisie en net die beste kore in die land het die moed om daaraan kompetisie deel te neem. Net 4 skole het vanjaar aan die


kompetisie by Laerskool Nelspruit deelgeneem. Laerskool Sabie het saam met Laerskool Nelspruit ’n silwertoekenning verower, en Laerskool Laeveld brons. Marietjie Brits is die koorleier en -afrigter.

A generous donation of school uniforms brought warm smiles to the pupils of Harmony Hill Primary School, Sabie on Tuesday 7 May 2013. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Lydenburg branch, donated 58 school jerseys to needy children as an initiative to give Metropolitan manager David Mohlala hands over a school jersey to a learner. back to the community. The donation was part of Metropolitan’s plan Life Insurance. She acknowto alleviate poverty and ensurledged the great role that ing that learner’s needs are stakeholders play in assisting met, especially as winter is apschools and ensuring that chilproaching. Metropolitan has dren are learning under favourpreviously donated school uniable conditions. “Stakeholders forms to various other schools are welcome to assist in imin Lydenburg and surrounding proving and creating a better towns including Marefane place to learn for the young puPrimary and Lesedi Primary pils” said Mokoena. School. Bohlabela District, Sabie CirSpeaking to the pupils and cuit Manager, John Sambo said teachers at the event, Metro“On behalf of the Department of politan branch manager, David Education, we really appreciate Mohlala, said the company is Metropolitan for taking part in ploughing back into the comsocial responsibilities in the munities - as the company sloschool. They came forward at gan says ‘Together we can!’ “As the right time to ensure that Metropolitan’s representatives, needy learners are accommodwe have identified the need to ated this winter.” assist and provide vulnerable The school encourages parchildren with warm school jerents, residents and stakeholdseys for the winter. He further ers who would like to assist in elaborated on the importance of developing the school, as this helping young children in order represents the main platform to create a better future for for young pupils to start buildthem, giving them a chance to ing their dreams. “Harmony go to school protected from the Hill Primary would also like to cold weather conditions. thank Sabie resident Stanley The Principal, Vinolia Gulston for his astonishing Mokoena, said they appreciate work in painting the Grade R the gesture from Metropolitan classroom,” said Mokoena.

GPS News


Lawn bowls – a sport for all ages Chris Colverd Come to the Sabie Country Club on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon, about 13h30, and find out more about one of the oldest sports on the planet! We know Sir Francis Drake was playing in 1588 whilst The Armada approached! Unlike the segregated game of yesteryear, men and women can now play with and against each other on the green; a good lady has every chance of beating a good male player; a youngster can outwit a veteran! The best time to learn the game is at a very young age but many people, particularly sportsmen who can no longer hold their own on the cricket field, for instance, turn to bowls and can become extremely adept at the sport. Kepler Wessels is a good example!

There are a number of different formats in which lawn bowls is played: singles or pairs (each using 4 bowls); trips (3 players per team each using 3 bowls) and rinks with teams of 4 players each using only 2 bowls. A typical game of bowls is played over 18 ends, with the average duration being 3 hours. Ends are played up and down the length of the green, in a demarcated area called a rink. The general purpose is to complete each end with at least one of your teams’ bowls closer to the jack (target) than the other team. Each player has his specific position in the side, which comes with certain duties to be performed, as well as delivering his own bowls. So one can already see that the game of lawn bowls contains a lot of variety in itself, and as each

end played always develops in a different manner to the previous one, it is impossible to ever find bowls boring! Halfway through, a tea break is enjoyed in the clubhouse. Tradition has it that the winner buys his opposite number a drink in the bar! Whilst the etiquette in bowls ranks along with golf as being the best respected in any sport, it

does not mean that bowls is in any way a quiet or dull game to play and players will be heard praising their opponents; or teasing their own team mates at the top of their voices; giving instructions to the player about to deliver and complimenting them once the bowls have come to rest! Bowls is a very exciting game to play, with a variety of different shots which can be played to suit the needs of the situation, and carries a high level of skill (and a little bit of luck). Finally, the therapeutic benefits of this exercise amidst the beautiful Sabie scenery cannot be underestimated! Bowls are available for beginners; the only pre requisite is that you must wear a flat pair of shoes. Come along and give it a try! Please contact Anne Coetzee on 082 5624 609 for more information.

Peace game participants awarded Shirly Mathebula

Children receive their Global Peace Games certificates.


@ SABIE COUNTRY CLUB (01 3 764 2282) • Meat competition every Friday • 25 May – Sanlam CANSA • 1 June – Golfer/Bowler Fun Day • 1 June – Monthly Mug • 8 June – IPS


LOWVELD AREA • 25 May – Skurweberg, MTB Marathon • 26 May – Uplands 50km Classic, 1 8 & 5km fun, W Riv, Neil, 083 41 4 0228 • 1 June – Big Induna (SA XCM Champs), Hazyview, Team Induna, 082 463 2334 • 8 June – Imvelo MTB, Swaziland • 8 June – MPU XC 4, Nelspruit-Mankele, Brett Coates, 083 774 5821


@ SABIE COUNTRY CLUB (01 3 764 2282) • Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1 3:30.

Ujama Resource Africa Project, a non-profit organisation based in Graskop, lasted year hosted the first and hugely successful Global Peace Games for children and youth in the province. The certificate handover event took place at the Moremela community hall on Tuesday 7 May. The office of the MEC for Culture, Sport and Recreation issues certificates of participation to children who performed well at the games. The event is held each year around the United Nations International Day of Peace on 21 September. It is supported by FIFA and the United Nations and open for participation by any organisation or community. The games are an opportunity for young people all over the world to demonstrate their commitment to making the world a better and healthier place to live in. The games were hosted in Graskop on 24 September last year. Events such as netball, soccer, volley ball and athletics featured. Representatives from the Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation and the Thaba Chweu council attended. The United Nations objectives of peace, non-violence and development were confirmed.

Ujama Resource Africa Project executive director Angeline Musakanda Gwaze said the event was a great achievement as it was the first global peace games to be held in Mpumalanga. “As the hosting organisation, we aim to make it a provincial event where children and youth from around the province will participate to promote peace. About 500 children participated.” Certificates were awarded to 32 pupils from Memezile High School in Sabie, 29 from Sekkwai Secondary and another 7 from various other schools, including Panorama Secondary School in Graskop and WEM. Children who were successful at the games are heading to the Regional Global Peace Games, which will be held in Swaziland on 23 September. Gwaze concluded that Ujama Resource Africa Project is planning to work with the Department of Education and the Department Culture, Sport and Recreation to prepare for 2013’s games. She called on all the schools and youth in the Thaba Chweu municipal area to participate and to promote peace, non-violence, unity, awareness and development in their communities.

GPS Edition 3  

GPS News Graskop Pilgrim's Rust Sabie community newspaper news Edition 3

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