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GPS Insight Spotlight:

• GPS Insight Earns Prestigious Inc. 500 Award • New Reports and Alerts • New Powerful Fleet Utilization Report

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GPS Insight has sent out over two million alerts We will be exhibiting at RMFMA in Colorado Springs New Shapes and colored icons in Mobile Maps Odometer Reading Accuracy Improvements

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Distribution Company identifies and eliminates labor fraud saving thousands in overtime

In California, overtime costs employers 50% more per hour after the 8th hour worked per day. It gets really expensive. But we can help. Using our Begin and End of day report helped quantify the overtime costs for a customer, but didn’t help curb them. They used our new (beta) Driver Efficiency Summary and saw that they had drivers going completely out of the way and literally ”taking the long way there.” This was deliberately adding not only overtime costs, but additional fuel and wear and tear on the vehicles. Later this month the Driver Efficiency Summary will be made available, and we expect it to help all our customers identify very quickly which of their drivers are deliberately or unintentionally costing them wasted money in fuel, labor, and vehicle usage. Details of this upcoming report are on page 3.

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GPS Insight Earns Prestigious Inc. 500 Award We are very happy to make the prestigious 2010 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in America! GPS Insight made the list at #281 with 3 year growth of 1,075.7% and 2009 revenues of $7.7 million. Inc. 500, provides an annual and exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent-minded entrepreneurs. Companies such as Microsoft, Zappos, Intuit, GoDaddy, Zipcar, Clif Bar, American Apparel, Oracle, and many other well-known names gained early exposure as members of the Inc. 500.

GPS Insight ranks #3 Top Companies in the Phoenix metro area on the Inc. 5000

GPS Insight ranks #6 Top Logistics & Transportation Companies on the Inc. 5000

Sept 2010 Issue of Inc. 500 Magazine

Robert Donat, CEO and Founder of GPS Insight, commented that, “GPS Insight was founded at the right time, with the right people and the right technology to satisfy the increasing GPS Tracking needs of the fleet community. Our strong growth since inception, and through the economic downturn, continues to prove how vital our technology is to fleet companies to remain competitive and efficient. We continue to experience significant growth and look forward to being included on Inc.’s list in the future. We appreciate this prestigious honor.”

Robert Donat also received the #1 mention in the “Words of Wisdom” in the Inc. 500 list, stating “Get in over your head.”

The 2010 Inc. 500, unveiled in the September issue of Inc. magazine (available on newsstands August 24 to November 16 and on, is a group of companies that are smaller but much faster-growing than last year’s crop. Aggregate revenue is $11.3 billion—down from last year’s $18.4 billion—but median three-year growth is 1,231 percent, substantially up from last year’s 880.5 percent. The companies on this year’s list employ more than 45,000 people. Complete results of the Inc. 500, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at

Highlighted Quotes from Inc. 500 awardees

GPS Insight gives a huge ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who has helped us make this list, and more importantly, grow and thrive in this miserable economy, as we help other businesses to keep on track with our GPS Fleet Tracking products and services. Thanks again!


New Reports, Alerts, and Enhancements Driver Efficiency Summary Report This suite of reports will essentially pinpoint your inefficient drivers on an overall as well as a trip-by-trip basis. If you run this against your fleet, you will find drivers who: • • • •

Get Lost Make Wrong Turns Intentionally Take the Long Way (padding hours) Literally Drive In Circles (and should be probably be fired for fraudulent wasting of fuel/mileage and padding of hours)

It will save our customers a HUGE amount of money on drivers they didn’t know were this inefficient, or were specifically defrauding them of labor hours.

Idle Detail Report and Maps The Idle Detail Report can be run on an individual vehicle or a group of vehicles. It will display individual idle events for each selected vehicle, along with the driver, address, and greenhouse gas emissions information for that event. This new report and associated mapping functionality will really help you understand who is idling your vehicles and costing you fuel and wear and tear, and let you instantly drill down to see where and in what context the vehicles are being left on when they’re not moving.

Late Arrival Alert This new alert is great for companies that want to know their drivers aren’t taking their time between vendors and customers. The alert can be configured to notify you when a specified amount of time has passed and your driver did not make their destination in time. There are hundreds of applications for this alert, particularly if you group all your landmarks intelligently & generically apply this logic to them. For instance, you can be alerted any time it takes longer than 30 minutes from the time a driver leaves a vendor to the time they arrive at a customer.

Mapping and Dashlet Features for Mobile Devices Touchpad clients such as the iPad and iPhone do not allow the same “drag and drop” or “pan” capabilities as a mouse and a browser, so we had to make a few additions. We added new scroll arrows for easier navigation, a zoom to fit option, a arrow popup which allows you to move dashlets around, and a Add-Dashlet “+” symbol for a alternate option of adding dashlets opposed to dragging and dropping. The Reports and 2D mapping all work great on an iPhone/iPad as well! Remember we have SMS text capabilities as well to manage your fleet ‘on the go.’


Fleet Utilization Report (Activity -> Fleet Use) This new report is EXTREMELY useful for fleet managers who want to know how their overall fleet is being utilized (or under-utilized...). It’s called the Fleet Utilization Report and is available under the Reports->Activity->Fleet Use option shown here:

So in .23 seconds, you can see how many miles your entire sub-fleet of 14 vehicles (in this case) drove for the entire month of August. Choose the “Daily” option to see a weekly (or monthly) matrix of your vehicles’ miles, hours, trips, and days used in one convenient report. As always, you can export these reports to Excel/.CSV or have them sent to you automatically by scheduling them.

This report gives you a great deal of insight into your fleet operations, and takes less than a second to run. You are able to sort by whichever metric (column) is most convenient to answer the questions you have about your fleet.

What’s Coming Next...

This new report, as well as the other reports, alerts, and new capabilities detailed in this newsletter, are all available to GPS Insight customers. We hope you will utilize our “Utilization Report”!

Feel free to call us anytime at 866-477-4321 This and previous newsletters can be found on our website at GPS INSIGHT ADVANCED GPS FLEET TRACKING

Sept/Oct 2010 Fleet Tracking Newsletter  
Sept/Oct 2010 Fleet Tracking Newsletter  

This issue includes: * GPS Insight Earns Prestigious Inc. 500 Award * New Reports and Alerts * New Powerful Fleet Utilization R...