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Since his childhood, it was notorious that he had a fine sense of taste. While his three brothers chose the simple dishes on the menu, like every other child, the little Isaac was captivated by the steak tartar, or duck meat. Being hyperactive, he always had a lot of friends, and it was frequent for him to take the friends to have lunch in his house after school.

Grand Gateau à Paloma Bernardi

do. “Eu sou um grande RP do Paris 6. Gosto de ir à mesa, perguntar como o cliente está, fazer amizades, independentemente de quem é, famoso ou não. É uma delícia essa proximidade”, conta o simpático restauranteur. Com celular sempre à mão, tem uma agenda de quase três mil nomes. E é ele o responsável por atualizar as redes sociais – são 640 mil seguidores no Instagram e mais de 660 mil curtidas na página no Facebook. O restaurante funciona 24 horas, quase como Isaac, que parece estar ligado na tomada. Aliás, o horário de funcionamento foi uma sugestão do amigo e psiquiatra Flávio Gikovate. “Você é hiperativo”, dizia. Todas as unidades têm fila na porta, parece até entrada de balada. Só de Grand Gateau são vendidas 70 mil unidades por mês entre todas as casas. O mais pedido é o Paloma Bernardi, bolo de chocolate com picolé Diletto, com calda de creme de avelã ao leite condensado e morangos picados com avelãs granuladas.

Being popular and liking good food made the 45-years old Brazilian Isaac Azar a great entrepreneur. He took his restaurant in São Paulo, the Paris 6, and made it a successful business. This happened not only due to the menu with more than 200 choices and 80 deserts – 40 of them are variations of the Grand Gateau, the famous cake with a popsicle stuck in it, created by Isaac. The success happened not only for either the decoration in the 1920s' Parisian style, nor by the constant presence of famous people. In fact, the success came when he put all this together. “As for me, a restaurant is more than the food, you need a story to tell,” is his definition. If you, by chance, meet him in one of his eight restaurants – seven in Brazil and one in Miami – it wouldn’t be hard to spot him. He does not dress like a chef anymore. Even so, sometimes you can see him cooking, or even changing a lamp. Very cool, he always have a nice watch and impeccable shoes. With his many tattoos, he goes around the room, greeting his clients. Polite, creative and intelligent, it is possible to see, even in a distance, that he is very articulated. “I am an efficient PR for the Paris 6. I like to go to the tables, ask the clients how they are, making new friends, despite whom that person is, being famous or not. This kind of closeness is a delight,” tells the nice restauranteur.

His cellphone is always in his hand, and the contacts are more than three thousand. And the updating in the social networks is made by himself – he has 640 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 660 thousand likes in his Facebook page.

The restaurant is open around the clock, and Isaac is almost the same. He is always full of energy. The opening hours were a suggestion of his friend, the psychiatrist Flavio Gikovate. “You are hyperactive,” said him. There are always lines in front of all his restaurants, they even look like they were dancing floors. If you take only the Grand Gateau, he sells, counting all the unities, more than 70 thousand a month. The biggest success is the Paloma Bernardi – chocolate cake with Diletto popsicle, hazelnut cream syrup with condensed milk and chopped strawberries and granulated hazelnuts.

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