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Desde que foi eleito, no dia 11 de novembro, Trump suavizou, e muito, algumas de suas promessas enquanto candidato. Outras ele já anunciou que nem serão cumpridas. Discursos em relação a temas polêmicos foram atenuados depois da eleição, como a saída dos Estados Unidos do acordo de Paris sobre mudanças climáticas, a construção do muro no México, a deportação de imigrantes, a volta da aplicação de torturas a prisioneiros e o fim do Obamacare. Aparentemente, o personagem durão, cheio de extremos, começa a dar lugar a um homem razoável, capaz de perceber os efeitos negativos que algumas medidas populares, porém drásticas, podem trazer para o país e para o mundo.

“You are fired!”, one of the most famous jargons from the reality show, now belongs to the world’s most powerful president. Businessman Donald Trump has impersonated, over his life, the big boss with a sharp tongue. This scenic character captured the American voters, who acclaimed for changes. But will the controversial tycoon be able to become the main piece in the international political game?

According to Antônio Jorge Ramalho, International Relations professor at University of Brasília (UnB), it is unlikely. “The future government indicatives are negative in the sense of weakening the liberal order that the United States, more than any other country, has helped to fund since the end of World War II. He believes the United States is more likely to serve its own long term interests, sticking to that monetary policy. “However, everything suggests that they will make this extra foreign policy mistake”, he says. Another adversity may be the way the future president will deliver his opinions, which had great acceptance during his campaign, and how fast he will change his mind about contentious issues. According to Ramalho, “this causes image dividends and media presence, but tends to generate negative long-term results, insofar as this makes it harder for any economic agent to take risks inherent to necessary investments for the recovery of economic activity.” Since he was elected, on November 11, Trump has attenuated to a great extent some of the promises he made during his campaign. Others will not even be kept, as he announced. Speeches regarding controversial topics have been minimized after the election, such as the United States exit from the Paris agreement on climate change, the building of a wall in Mexico, deportation of illegal immigrants, the return of torture methods in prisoners and the end of Obamacare. Apparently, the tough guy character full of extremisms starts to make way for a reasonable man, capable of understanding the negative effects that some popular measures, although drastic, can bring to his country and to the world.

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