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The bistro will follow the standard of the chain and the reason it is coming to the city is because of its well known 24/7 opening operating system. The seven restaurants of the chain in Brazil are very well attended and sum more than 70.000 costumers every month.

To ensure the new branch was going to follow the formula of success, Azar admits the location choice was rigorous and started more than a year ago, more specifically in April 2015. Among many streets and avenues, the bistro has fit in like a piece of puzzle on Collins Avenue across from the fabulous W Hotel, one block from Setai and One hotels.

“Considering the places I have seen in Miami, this one was the best option for our 24/7 system. The place is the central spot of tourists, including Brazilians”, he explains. Moreover, the contemporary architecture of the corner has added more charm to the vintage concept of the restaurant, so it was the perfect match.

As we have already said on GPS|Miami first edition, the menu internationalization has not brought radical changes. After all, since Americans love the restaurant when they go visit Brazil, why change it, right? “The menu will be reduced only during the first opening weeks. Besides that, we have not changed anything. The dishes and the concept of the food continue to be the same”, Isaac says.

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