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Who hasn’t felt a lump in their throat or tears in their eyes while hearing the classic Disney song blasting from the speakers in Magic Kingdom, right in front of Cinderella’s Castle? “Where dreams come true”: this is Walt Disney World Resort’s motto. A trip to Orlando’s theme parks involve being dazzled by Disney’s four main parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios – and also Universal’s theme parks, such as Island of Adventures and Sea World. Going into this wonderland sans guidance is a guaranteed way of losing many precious moments, like Mickey’s appearance, which only happens once a day. To make dreams come true, you need a “fairy godmother”, or perhaps a “genie”. In this particular universe, 22 year old Caio Giardini has made a name for himself as a “VIP tour guide”. Born in Belo Horizonte, Giardini has been living in the United States since he was 14. With a degree in accounting and finances from Valencia College, Giardini started working at 17 in a tourism agency in Orlando, trailing his way up the professional ladder to become a concierge, his current job. Giardini runs his own company, which is named after himself. Today, he offers his services to both private companies and famous people. He coordinates an team of remote tour guides, who offer everything from tickets and hotel reservations to private jets. Among the benefits of having a private tour guide are the FastPass, a service that reduces the time spent in line, great off-park suggestions or even tickets to a Orlando City game. “I have good connections, which allows me to offer these little extras to my clients”, explains the young man. To check Caio’s reputation between the famous and the wealthy, one needs only to check his Instagram. “Adriane Galisteu impulsioned my career. She loves Disney, even coming so far as visiting the park three times a year. She always gets emotional during the fireworks show, and is always excited to visit Cinderella’s Castle. In 2015, we met and she started endorsing me”, he says.

Os serviços prestados custam USD 50, a hora, e o mínimo são seis horas por grupo com o máximo de seis pessoas para garantir a exclusividade. Giardini também atua na realização de festas dentro dos parques. Comemorações que os brasileiros começaram a descobrir após a dos filhos de Angélica e Luciano Huck. “São festas de, no mínimo, USD 50 mil”, conta. Fazer uma big party  em um parque norte-americano como o da Disney requer uma série de exigências eknow-how. Há regras rigorosas que envolvem logística e intermediação junto aos diretores. “Existem protocolos a serem seguidos. A comida tem que ser selecionada pela Disney, a decoração deve ser aprovada pelos arquitetos. Há o rito de entrada do Mickey, que é a terceira maior celebridade do mundo. Ele sempre surge em uma entrada triunfal. No Epcot, por exemplo, ele vem nadando”, explica Giardini. Certamente, o luxo não reside no óbvio e, sim, nos detalhes. Caio Giardini «,, Instagram: @caiogiardini

The premium quality of this service comes through in the little details. “When I worked with actress Nívea Stelmann, I managed to sneak her into the backstage of Beauty and the Beast, her daughter’s favorite movie, at Disney Holywood Studios. That’s something other kids don’t have access to”, he says. Another feat is getting into Cinderella’s Castle. TV host Rodrigo Faro and Lethicia Bronstein’s family didn’t face the same challenges when they hired Caio. Caio charges US 50 per hour, his minimum workload being six hours of guided tour, with groups of no more than six people — all this to guarantee an exclusive experience. Giardini also organizes parties inside the parks. Brazilian interest in these parties was sparked when Angélica and Luciano Huck’s children had one. “These parties cost at least USD 50 thousand”, he says. Throwing a big party in an American theme park like Disney requires a series of conditions and a lot of know-how. There are a lot of strict rules involving logistics and many meetings with the park’s directors. “We need to follow a lot of protocols. All food needs to be picked by Disney, and the decoration has to be approved by the local architects. There’s also Mickey’s arrival — after all, he’s the third biggest celebrity in the world. He always makes a big entrance. In Epcot, for example, he swims towards the spectators”, says Giardini. Surely, luxury lies not in obviousness, but rather in the details.

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