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In the city where everything converges, fashion wouldn’t be an exception. In addition to being known as the land of consumerism and home to luxury stores, those who prance through Miami have an eclectic style. And I’m not talking only about Americans – the county is like a microcosms of international fashion, influenced by Latin America and enriched by American jet setters. The city emits a cheerful, vibrant and urban vibe, joining the utilitarianism of a metroplis with the freshness of the seaside. Miami is known for its low prices, stimulated by American capitalism and its penchant for the ready-to-wear. Still, the city leaves nothing to desire when it comes to high-fashion. The best brands are there. In the Design District, for example, you can find brands like Dior, Fendi, Hermes, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Emilio Pucci. There is also the charming street shops in Miami Beach, where Osklen, a Brazilian brand, sells its authoral pieces, in addition to a huge number of jewelries concentrated in one place, the Mall Barl Harbour.

Dentro desse universo, a re vista GPS|M brasileira qu iami convidou e vive na ci dade para es uma modelo edição. A ca trelar a capa tarinense An e o editorial ne Schoenber quatro anos. dessa ger trocou o Além de ser Brasil por M uma mulher atmosfera qu ia m i há in te rnacional e li e esta edição nda, transmit carrega: a co solidando M ea nexão entre iami como re os dois paíse duto dos bra cidade que ac s, co nsileiros. Ela olheu com su é arquétipo cesso brasile num local cu d e u m a ir os q ja qualidade ue souberam de vida é o m se posicionar Anne é o retr ai or diferencial. ato desse mom Passeiam en ento. Ela tem tre os tons de olhos de cor verde-oliva, enigmática. gas madeixa musgo e cast s de cor dou anho claro. T rada e maxil beleza que ag em lonar quadrado. rada. Brasile Anne é dona ira, descend parar o trânsi d e uma ente de russ to. E a frase os e alemães, não é mero dada nas ruas é de cl ichê. Constan pela semelhan temente é ab ça com a atri “Também m orz israelense e acho parec Natalie Portm ida e fico m comparação. an. uito honrada Acho ela lind quando faze íssima”. m essa Within that universe, GPS|Miami  invited a Miami-dwelling Brazilian model to grace the cover of our latest issue and take part in this photoshoot. Anne Schoenberger, born in Santa Catarina, left Brazil for Miami four years ago. Besides being a beautiful and well-travelled woman, she emits the atmosphere that we’re going for in this issue: the connection between the two countries, consolidating Miami as a Brazilian stronghold. She’s the archetype of a city that successfully greeted Brazilians who carved their place in a city that offers a high standard of living.

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Anne is the face of this new trend. Her eyes are enigmatic. They go back and forth between olive-green, moss-green and light brown. She has long, golden hair, and is square-jawed. Her beauty is appealing. The Brazilian is part Russian, part German – a mix that’s particulary jawdropping. And this is not a cliché: she’s always approached on the street due to her resemblance to Israeli actress Natalie Portman. “I, too, think we look alike, and I’m always flattered when people compare us. I think she’s gorgeous”, she says.

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