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pelo menos um ano contínuo nos três anos antes de vir para os EUA. O trabalho desenvolvido na estrutura da empresa matriz, obrigatoriamente, deve ter sido na função gerencial. O visto tem validade inicial de um ano, prorrogáveis por mais dois anos, até o limite de sete anos. O cônjuge pode solicitar visto para trabalhar. Os dependentes menores podem estudar nos EUA. Visto de Investidor (E-2) – Oferece a oportunidade de se trabalhar, gerenciar e controlar um novo negócio estabelecido nos Estados Unidos, com um investimento médio de USD 150mil. Quem tem apenas cidadania brasileira não se qualifica, é preciso consultar a lista dos países que fazem parte do Tratado de Comércio com os Estados Unidos. É um visto temporário ou de não imigrante, que pode ser renovado por um longo período enquanto a empresa estiver em opera-

ções. O cônjuge pode obter autorização de trabalho. Green Card (EB-5) – É para quem quer investir por lá. A categoria foi criada para estimular a criação de empregos através de capital de investimento estrangeiro. Cônjuge e filhos menores de 21 anos irão obter um cartão de residência temporário pelo período de 2 anos. Passados os primeiros 2 anos, aplicamos para remover o status temporário do cartão de residência. É importante frisar que qualquer processo a ser iniciado junto a Imigração Americana deve ser assessorado por um profissional competente especializado e licenciado para a prática do Direito nos Estados Unidos. O país receberá de braços abertos aqueles que atendam as exigências legais e cumpram com as regras definidas em cada visto especifico.

In the last few months, we have seen a substantial increase in demand for information regarding legal immigration to the United States. This comes mainly from Brazilian businessmen and executives seeking to provide this experience for their families, work or invest in the US market and also give their children of school age access to American educational institutions. The formula is not always the same, as each strategy depends on careful analysis of the needs and expectations of each client. There are dozens of visa categories available, each one with a specific set of prerequisites: there are categories fit for executives, entrepreneurs, investors, students, athletes, artists, spouses, family, professionals with extraordinary abilities and so on. We selected some of the most frequent scenarios and tried to answer some of the questions they raise.

Executive Visa (L1-A) – This intra-company visa is available to executives and/or managers who work in international companies and that are qualified to immigrate, at first temporarily, with the intent to oversee the company’s American branch (or subsidiary). The employee must have worked for the company for at least one continuous year within the previous three prior to admission in the USA. The function exerced in the main branch of the company must be, with no exception, a managerial one. The visa is valid for an initial timespan of one year, a period that can be extended for two more years at a tome, up to seven years total. The spouse may apply for a work visa. Underage dependents may study in the USA.

Student Visa (F-1) — For those who want to go to an American college or academic institution. You will need to offer documents from the intended academic institution and fill in some specific forms. Usually, the consulate or the department of state asks for your bank account information to prove that you can support yourself without working during the period of the course. Spouses and underage children can also receive a visa, but neither you nor your wife can work in the USA. Underage children are allowed to study in the USA. Work Visa (H1-B) – This is a temporary work permit that can last up to six years and be extended when the candidate submits his Green Card application. This visa is for those who are coming to the United States not to pursue a hobby, provide free advice or to volunteer, but to make money. You must have an employer able to ensure that you will be hired and paid a minimum wage. Your spouse and children can come with you, but your wife won’t be able to work. Children under 18 may study in the USA.

Investor Visa (E-2) – This visa offers the opportunity to work, oversee and control a new business established in the United States with an average investment of USD 150 grand. Those who have only a Brazilian citizenship do not qualify; you’ll need to consult the list of countries that have a Treaty of Commerce with the United States. This a temporary visa which can be renewed for an extended period of time while the company is in operation. The spouse may also obtain a work permit. Green Card (EB-5) – This visa is perfect for those who want to invest in the US market. This category was created to stimulate the creation of jobs through foreign investment capital. Spouse and children under 21 will get a temporary residence permit for a period of 2 years. After the first two years, we may apply to remove this temporary status. It’s important to note that every immigration proccess must be evaluated by a competent and specialized professional with permission to practice law in the US. The country will welcome with open arms all of those who meet the legal requirements and comply with the rules defined in each specific visa.

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