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Dear Alumni, Happy 2014! This alumni newsletter is our way of keeping you informed as to the happenings of your fellow saints and SLCS! I have to say that Facebook has allowed me the opportunity to see many of you in action as volunteers, parents, business owners, and/or successful professionals, and you all are an impressive group! SLCS is proud to call you alumni of our school! It is wonderful to know that we are blessed to have Lindsey Guedry Vainstein, Sarah Glaser, Amy Dodson, Emily Kiolbassa, Sean Thompson, Chelsea Duncan, Julia Jonas, and Caitlyn O’Leary on our campus and giving back as employees, subs, or volunteers; Steven Cummings is working as a teacher at our sister school, Queen of Peace in Houston; I am excited to have Zack Eskue and Jessica Osten’s daughter, Sophie, here at St. Laurence every day in our Kindergarten class; I love that Luke and Megan Hotze’s daughter started PreK at St. Michael’s this year; I am thrilled that Cari McMenemy chaired our Annual Appeal for Alumni and is such an active volunteer with CASA; it is awesome to share that Rachel Sumang, Class of 2013, is doing well at the Emery School!; and did you know that many more of you are doctors, lawyers, and world travelers? Anna Mendiola, Class of 2011, won the Scholastic Gold Key for our region, and now her award winning artwork is advancing to the national level! The award ceremony is at the Harris County Department of Education. If she gets a Gold Key for the national level, she may get to go to New York with her artwork! We are happy to note that Devin Hotzel is married to Jacci and they have a new baby, Piper…. Ashley Stegall Rutherford is his daughter’s godmother! Did you know that Jamie Dickson started her own animal rescue in Richmond, TX? We are proud that Bradley Burgess was chosen to

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represent the freshman class at Strake Jesuit in a meeting with the Board of Directors; we are having fun seeing the successes of band students making regional and state bands; and have you seen the successes of our alumni athletes? Michelle Nwokedi was chosen as the Houston Chronicle’s student of the week! It is exciting to share that we have had numerous valedictorians and millions in scholarships for our alumni going to college. I could go on and on about how well our alumni have done and how proud we are of you! We want to hear from more of you and see pictures of your successes! Please send us the information that we can share and brag about for you! The most fun that I have in hearing about your successes is seeing your love of your families. It is wonderful to see you all spending time with your parents and siblings, getting married and becoming parents, and being good Catholic role models to your friends and families. It is also great to see you working in your communities as you serve God’s people and radiate His love to others. I pray that 2014 will bring you many blessings and that you will always know that SLCS is your family, whether you graduated from here just last year or even over 17 years ago! In Him we trust,

Debra Haney, Principal

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As a pastoral instrument of the Church, St. Laurence Catholic School sees as its mission the development of the whole Christian person. We will prepare our children to relate positively with the larger society by providing a program of Christian values, strong academics, social skills, and community service. Just as the Holy Trinity permeates

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Faith, Learning & Leadership ANNUAL FUND

We would like you, as alumni of St. Laurence Catholic School, to get involved with your time, talent, and/or treasures! We would love to see you on campus: coaching, substitute teaching and beginning your legacy of being a financial supporter of our beautiful school through the Faith, Learning & Leadership Annual Fund. The opportunities to assist our school vary, but by supporting the Faith, Learning & Leadership Annual Fund, you in turn support the many wonderful programs that have become traditions at St. Laurence Catholic School. All donations are 100% tax deductible and will benefit so many young children as they journey through our hallways, just as you did so many years ago.

PRAY FOR OUR SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN: PFC Trevor Bello, USMC Capt. Christopher Coffman, US Air Force Capt. Patrick Coffman, USMC 1st Lt Scott Coffman, USMC LC pl Sean D’Oliver, USMC Capt. Brandon Driscoll, USMC 1st Lt Matthew Fenelon, USMC LC pl Kevin McGinnis, USMC 2nd Lt Brendan McPartland, USMC LC pl Daniel Thesing, USMC Capt. Michael Thesing, USMC






FAMILY FUN NIGHT SLCS Booster Appreciation Family Fun Night in the gym will be held on Friday, April 4th 7pm to 9pm. Come join us for basketball, volleyball, and other fun gym games! Drinks and Desserts provided!

ANNUAL AUCTION GALA Havana Nights, SLCS Annual Auction Gala at the Marriot Town Center in Sugar Land. To inquire about a sponsorship or to purchase tickets, please contact the Development Office at 281-980-0500.


My husband, Jonathan and I were fortunate enough to travel to Italy over the Thanksgiving break. This was a very fulfilling trip for us because we were able to travel to Rome (where I have always dreamed of going) and to the town where Jonathan’s grandmother was born and raised! I am so

thankful for the solid religious foundation I gained by attending Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and St. Laurence Catholic School. Great teachers at both of these schools shared not only their knowledge of our Catholic faith but also information about places key to our faith like the Holy Land and Rome. For me, this created an interest and desire to see places like St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the catacombs, etc. Consequently, one of the highlights of our trip was being at St. Peter’s Basilica for the First Vespers of Advent with Pope Francis—what a moving experience! In addition, I must admit, sampling true Italian cuisine was also memorable.


The past couple years at St. Thomas High School have been very demanding; however, I feel like my education at St. Laurence has tremendously helped me with my studies at St. Thomas. I remember sometimes complaining at St. Laurence how the homework load was burdensome. However, the amount of homework assigned really helped me prepare for the even larger amount of homework assigned at St. Thomas High School. Even in the few years I’ve been at St. Thomas High School, all of the notes I took and techniques I used at SLCS have been beneficial in helping me with my schoolwork. My English assignments at SLCS with Ms. Corte and Mrs. Boyer required me to use MLA formatting which may have seemed unnecessary at a middle school level; however, it helped me to avoid all the trouble of learning it freshmen and sophomore year at St. Thomas. I also found an incredible advantage in my high school classes by using the stems of words I learned in my English classes at SLCS. I found myself using both my notes from 7th grade Biology with Ms. Glaser and 8th grade History notes with Mrs. Flynn for my schoolwork at St. Thomas. All my notes on cellular respiration and World War I have helped

supply extra facts that were not discussed in class or in the textbook. Additionally, my required typed outline notes from Mr. Lewallen’s Physical Science class have surprisingly helped me in my Biology, Chemistry, and Math classes. The great amount of written math in Mrs. Edwards’ classes helped me in all of my classes. In addition to the core subjects, Mr. Stone’s band classes and lessons have helped me make TPSMEA All-State Band two years in a row and have encouraged me to learn even more instruments. Also, my 8th grade Theology classes seemed to cover a superfluous amount of Church history and philosophy, but I’ve found them very helpful in my Theology classes at St. Thomas. My typing classes in elementary school gave me the ability to type my notes and projects in the blink of an eye at St. Thomas. I’m very grateful for all the amazing work from the teachers at SLCS and am very thankful for all the knowledge they’ve given me. St. Laurence Catholic School has provided me with a great support for my high school studies and spiritual life. If I ever had the opportunity to change anything at SLCS, there wouldn’t be much I would change. However, I didn’t like how if you chose an elective at SLCS that you would give up the opportunity to learn a foreign language. SLCS was an amazing experience and has changed my life forever. Thank you for giving me an educational experience that has helped me grow to become a responsible, spiritual, and intelligent young man. I would encourage more students to attend St. Thomas to gain even more knowledge and to become responsible young men.

A BRIEF NOTE FROM MS. SARAH GLASER CURRENT SLCS MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE TEACHER, CLASS OF 2001 St. Laurence has been a part of my life for many years (since I started back in 1992, a student in kindergarten).The school has not only shaped my education, but the education of my three siblings. Also, my mother has been teaching at SLCS since 1997. Even as a young student, I was aware of how fortunate we were to be at SLCS. I may not have been able to exactly verbalize this, but as I grew older and traveled to other educational institutions, it became too clear to me that at St.

Laurence we were provided wonderful opportunities through up-to-date technology, a plethora of supplies and an overall safe learning environment. As I returned to St. Laurence as a teacher, I have come to understand and appreciate even more the value of having these same amenities to provide my students. This gives each of my students an education that reaches far beyond the textbook or the confines of the four walls of the classroom. It is watching firsthand how our students grow throughout the year, while utilizing these great programs and becoming lifelong learners; that is why I give each year to the Annual Fund. And although today’s students may not be able to verbalize how appreciative they are (just like me at their age), I can attest that their appreciation is present every time they make a new connection, discovery, or realization that they are capable of much more than they thought.


MARIE BROWN Admissions Coordinator at St. Laurence Catholic School How long have you taught at SLCS? My family came to St. Laurence in 1992! We moved from Phoenix and my children, Elaine (1997) and Michael (1999), started school the week after Thanksgiving. I volunteered for four years and then started working in 1996. I taught Keyboarding for ten years while also working in the office. What is your favorite color? Purple Do you have a favorite Scripture? Psalm 23 What is your favorite memory of SLCS? One year it started snowing and everyone went outside to play in the snow. Staff members were throwing snowballs (we had to gather enough snow from the tops of cars!) What is your favorite book? The Art of Racing in the Rain is a great book I’ve read in the past year or so. Name one thing that we wouldn’t know about you. I love to read and I love words. When I was in third or fourth grade I used to type lists of “Antonyms”, “Homonyms” and “Books I have Read”! For “fun” I would rewrite a paragraph and take out all the adjectives!!! Do you have any special talents? I’m pretty good at editing and spelling.

Do you have any pets? We have a Chinese pug named Chairman Mao. He mainly belongs to my husband, Mike. Where did you attend college? St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. I also started graduate school there but did not finish. What is your favorite part about teaching? I’ve taught high school, middle school, and adult education. I love the personalities of the students. What would you be doing if you were not a teacher? Maybe traveling Who is playing on your iPod? Nothing. Where is your favorite vacation spot? Arizona (including Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Flagstaff) Is pretty amazing and we had many good friends there. I also love Madrid! What was the first concert you attended? Probably “Vanilla Fudge” when I was in high school. What do you do you in your free time? Play tennis, read, play “Words with Friends” What was your favorite thing to do when you were in PreK? I’m pretty sure I did not attend PK.

ALUMNI CLASS OF 1997 In May, Lori McMenemy graduated from MIT Sloan School of Business with an MBA and is working in Dallas for Bain Consulting. Clelie Hebert married to Joshua Hebert, Cajun and native Louisianan in December 2006. She had her first daughter Zoe (now 5) in July of 2008. Second daughter Agnes (now 4) was born in July of 2009. Clelie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December 2009 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and received her Registered Nurse license soon after. In December 2011, she was blessed with twin boys Roman and David (now 2). Eight weeks ago, she had her 5th child Jonah (October 2013). Clelie and her family currently live in Scott, Louisiana, and spend their free time (which isn’t a lot) enjoying their faith community and St. Peter and Paul Church and Catholic School. Her husband works in the oilfield and she works as a nurse consultant for Cadence of Acadiana, a non-profit case management company. Their life is loud, busy, and overwhelming at times, but they say they wouldn’t change a thing. Clelie and her husband strive to be living examples of the Gospel and live Humanae Vitae the best they can. Both Josh and Clelie were fortunate to experience Catholic education, which has given them a strong foundation of faith and hope to give the same gift to their children as well.

Class of 2000 Cari McMenemy graduated on December 14th from U of H with her MBA and is working as a Marketing Specialist for ION Geophysical. She recently bought a house in Katy and is neighbors with Devin Hotzel.

Class of 2002 Alyssa Ladd is a 2006 graduate of St. Agnes and a 2010 graduate of Georgetown University with a B.A. degree in Philosophy. Alyssa will also graduate in May 2014 from the University of Houston Law Center. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering with the Easter Seals, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and is a member of the Board of Directors for Ms. Wheelchair Texas.

Class of 2005 Lauren Anzaldua has now launched her online business “Indigenous Boutique”. If you have a moment look through the website, read her business philosophy, and see her products. She also has an opening special if you decide on a purchase. Just use the coupon code: “FESTIVAL” that you can type in at checkout to receive 10% off your first purchase.

Brittany Dodson will graduate this December from Stephen F. Austin State University with a major in sociology and a minor in psychology. Her field of interest is elderly care management…”I love these peoplethey brighten my day and have so much to say and to teach us. Elderly care is such a large and growing industry. I’m proud and blessed to be able to help, spend time with these wonderful members of our society, and make their later years happy and memorable.”

Class of 2006 Patrick Wall and his University of Notre Dame Soccer Team won the NCAA Div. 1 Men’s National Championship in Philadelphia on December 15, 2013. He is the goalkeeper, and played every minute of every game for the “Fighting Irish” this season. It was the first ever national title for the men’s ND team. Patrick was a 2010 graduate of Strake Jesiut and is a senior at Notre Dame. He will graduate with a degree in Aerospace Engineering this May. Jessica Dodson is interning in Walnut Creek California, outside of San Francisco, at Kinsley James Wedding Couture Boutique. As a fashion merchandising major, her heart has always been in the wedding industry. She has met and spent time with designers and will model in an up- and -coming “trunk show” for the latest wedding fashions. She will graduate in May, 2014 and hopes to have her own “Say Yes to the Dress” boutique someday. Tara Schurman is currently attending Texas Christian University and has remained on the Dean’s List each year. She is a member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and Alpha Lambda Delta. She will graduate in May of 2014 with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and in May of 2015 with a Master’s in Elementary Education.

Class of 2010 John Knowles was honored as a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist. Also, John served as a judge in the Quiz Bowl Competition at Strake this past January. Check out this picture of John with the SLCS team.

Santiago Breuer and John Knoebel were recognized as National Merit Commended Students.

Class of 2011 John Paul Hernandez received an Honorable Mention award for his UST Essay.

Class of 2013 Katie Lootens made the Freshman Volleyball Team at Clements this year! Matt Rea received an Honorable Mention award for his UST Essay.

Please visit our alumni page on our school website to give us an update and list your contact info. We’d love to send you the Saints’ Scoop, our alumni newsletter, and invite you to our school and alumni events!!

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Saints scoop (3) pub winter 2013  
Saints scoop (3) pub winter 2013