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The Official Publication of the Georgia Pharmacy Association

July 2009

Convention Coverage Volume 31, Number 7


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The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009



Coverage of GPhA 134th Annual Convention Preserving the Triad

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President’s Message Editorial

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The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Eddie M. Madden, R.Ph. GPhA President

The GPhA President’s Inaugural Address t is a great honor to be here tonight and to be inducted as this Georgia Pharmacy Association’s 135th President! Boy has my pharmacy career come a long way. I entered the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy in the fall of 1968. I had just completed my prepharmacy degree at Middle Georgia College.

conditions within his sphere. Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged.” I believe this to be true and have devoted much of my adult life toward this commitment. If Dean Waters were here tonight, I would give him another “thank you” for having given me a chance to succeed in becoming a pharmacist. Tonight is a continuation of giving back to my profession for the opportunities I have been afforded. I thank each of you for the trust you have placed in me.


Imagine, my first quarter at the University of Georgia: Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Math, and Dean Kenneth Water’s course on Pharmacy Orientation. Oh, by the way, that was also my first experience with Georgia Football and all of the exciting tailgating that began on Friday afternoons and lasted all weekend. You can guess where my priorities were. Those who knew Dean Waters can understand what he meant when he called me to his office at the end of the fall quarter, and said, with his heavy Virginian accent, “I think it is ‘about’ time you chose another career. It’s obvious that you don’t want to be a pharmacist with the grades you have made this quarter.” I said, “Well Dean, I made an ‘A’ in your class” to which he replied, “Oh no, I don’t give good grades to someone who did so poorly in their other courses.” I pleaded with him to give me another chance. Lucky for me, he yielded and I graduated showing a vast improvement in my grades by my senior year. If he could only see me now - would he be surprised!

This association has been at the forefront of making pharmacy in Georgia a leader throughout the United States. I am honored to serve as its president and look forward to continuing to keep our association in this premier position. Our profession is undergoing profound changes. The book, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, reflects on the fact that people are uncomfortable with changes within their spheres. Like it or not changes do occur and their cheese is moved. My fellow professionals, I say our cheese is being moved. Adaptation to the changes has to occur. Pharmacists today are becoming more and more aware that our healthcare system is no longer willing to adequately pay a pharmacist for his knowledge as it relates to the dispensing of a drug to a patient. Pharmacy benefit managers are becoming more and more adapted in providing the drug commodity to the patient. The proliferation of mail order and the mandating of ninety

Teddy Roosevelt said, “No man has a right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

days supplies are all ways that healthcare payers are avoiding or severely reducing pharmacists’ reimbursements for the dispensing function. Community pharmacies are “like horses with a carrot dangling in front of their heads.”

prevents potential adverse drug events. The Asheville Project demonstrated the value of a pharmacist on patient care. With the Ashville Project there is a realization that hospital costs are related to the effective utilization of medications and that improved patient health outcomes and reduced hospital costs occur. With better outcomes also comes a more productive employee, which provides an even greater overall cost savings. APhA’s Ten City Challenge is also demonstrating the value of the pharmacist in patient care in cities throughout the country.

They are trying to have their pharmacists dispense more and more prescriptions to justify the revenue needed to compensate the highly trained pharmacists’ salaries. The carrot will never be reached and the revenues will continue to dwindle! In 1981, Donald C. McLeod writes in a chapter of his book titled “Philosophy of Practice,” saying that, “Dispensing, while being controlled by the profession, must not control the profession. Pharmacy must seek to maximize its contribution to the patient’s welfare and it must do so by enhancing the contribution of the individual pharmacist.”

In order to preserve our Triad, we must continue to strengthen the pharmacist’s role as a member of the healthcare team. Let’s imagine what Pharmacy could look like in twenty-five years. The dispensing function will be mainly controlled by automation. Physician prescription orders will be directly entered into an automated dispensing device at the pharmacy. The patient’s entire health record will be accessible in this system. Drug interactions, drug allergies, drug utilization will all be identified electronically. The pharmacist will have the authority to intervene, choosing alternatives when conditions are reported by the automated system.

That was 28 years ago. When I began my pharmacy practice in 1972, I initiated blood pressure screenings at the shopping centers in my hometown as a service project for the Kiwanis Club. I soon heard from the local physicians that I was overstepping my bounds. At that time, we could not label the drug name on the prescription unless the physician ordered it. Our counseling was restricted to the point that when a patient asked what the medication was for, we had to ask him why had the physician given it to him, so as not to overstep the bounds into the physician/patient relationship. A Triad did not exist.

I also envision expanded collaborative practice settings with the pharmacist monitoring the patient’s drug therapy and having the authority to adjust medications for INR, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, asthma and other conditions. Patient laboratory results ordered by the pharmacist under this protocol will be part of the information available to and utilized by the pharmacist for making adjustments to the drug regimen. The physician will be electronically notified of the pharmacist’s changes for the patient’s record and his review. Patient consultation will become an even more important function for the pharmacist and the patient.

Slowly, we are enhancing the contribution of the individual pharmacist as part of a triad in patient care. My theme for this year is “Preserving the Triad.” Within this triad, the physician and the pharmacist provide a unique combination of medical expertise affording the utmost in care of the patient. Those who pay us continue to devalue the pharmacist-dispensing role, which serves to undermine our triad relationship. We must work harder to enhance the pharmacist’s value in other ways.

For pharmacists to be able to participate in these scenarios, our scope of practice must be expanded. Our profession has the knowledge and the skill to fulfill this role on the healthcare team. We need a plan so that our vision can become a reality. As president, I want the association to undertake the development of a strategic five-year plan.

Purchasers of healthcare will only value us if we can demonstrate that we are worth the cost by improving patient healthcare outcomes. Just in this decade have we seen the implementation of Medication Management where pharmacist-delivered MTM increases generic utilization rates, reduces duplicative drug therapies, and The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

While we may not complete our vision in five years, we can lay the foundation for change in our practice.

could commit five years to the association, she took a deep breath and said, “I’ll support you in whatever you choose to do.” She has been more than supportive, taking an active role in organizing the social events that go with my commitment and traveling with me. We have made many friends throughout the state and country.

Changing our state laws to expand our scope of practice will be necessary to reach our vision. This will require a commitment of grassroots efforts and political influence from our membership.

My children, Bryan, Hutton, and Ashley, have understood and been supportive on many occasions, such as this Father’s Day weekend, when I could not be home with them. I am fortunate tonight to have my son, Hutton, and his wife, Marian, here with me, along with my first grandchild, Kate, a 20-month-old, cutie who loves to say Papa!

I observed, while serving in the Senate, optometrists struggling for prescriptive authority. Their efforts took ten years to reach their goal. Each year they pushed further, first getting authority for drugs to dilate the pupils. In a few more sessions they passed a law giving them a limited list of ophthalmic preparations. Finally, after more sessions, they were able to pass a law giving them an expanded list of ophthalmic preparations and oral medications. As they began their efforts, the medical profession resisted, saying they were not qualified and were only fitters of eyeglasses. Their association and members worked diligently to achieve this scope of expansion. Their example is proof of what grassroots efforts, lobbying, and an effective PAC can accomplish in the legislative process. In the words of Henry Ford, “if everyone is moving forward together, then success will take care of itself.” We too, can move forward working together to achieve our goals as did the optometrists.

I would also like to thank our executive committee, Sharon Sherrer, Robert Bowles, Dale Coker and Jack Dunn who are leaders with each bringing talents that I truly admire. I am looking forward to working with them and the Board of Directors for the next year! Our association would not be where it is today without the hard work of a great staff. I thank each of you for all that you do. I would like to give a special recognition tonight to Past President, John Sherrer. John has been a part of the association for many years and made a tireless commitment to the association and our profession. I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to him being involved again soon.

From my experience as a member of the Georgia legislature, I know the importance of having influence in the political process. As your president, I am committed to having a strong lobbying effort by our association and to developing a stronger PAC. The Medical Association of Georgia PAC contributes nearly two dollars for every one dollar that we contribute through PharmPAC. They have increased their solid contacts in the Senate and the House significantly over the last three years by utilizing their PAC’s influence. We must strengthen our association’s PAC with financial contributions and communicate with our legislators to effectively lobby against those who would oppose expansion of our scope of practice.

Once again, it is an honor to be your president. I will do my best to uphold the trust that you have bestowed upon me in the up coming year.

These are aggressive goals and visions and I believe they are the course of action we need to take in order to “Preserve the Triad.” In closing tonight, I would like to thank those who have supported my being here. First and foremost, my wife Linda. When I asked her if we

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

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EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT’S EDITORIAL Jim Bracewell Executive Vice President / CEO

Improving Medication Use Will Lower Healthcare Costs You are not reforming health care if you are not addressing appropriate use of medications” has been the central message the Georgia Pharmacy Association has been taking to the Georgia Congressional Delegation with personal visits and letters at the end of June and first of July (see the August JOURNAL for a full report).

d. e.

inclusion of pharmacists, services in the Medical "home" model inclusion of pharmacists services in medication therapy management pilot/grant programs

Such inclusion we believe should incorporate the appropriate payment model based on pay-forperformance programs connected to specific evidence-based measures and guarantee electronic access to critical patient health care information, including diagnosis and laboratory values.

We know pharmacists can ensure the appropriate use of medications leading to higher quality outcomes and medication therapy that is safe, effective, equitable and patient-centered. The Georgia Pharmacy Association asked for your congressman to support the inclusion of PHARMACIST-provided patient care services in public and private health care programs which include: a.

b. c.

For example, we know a primary cause of costly hospital readmissions is the lack of patient adherence to medications used to treat chronic medical conditions, such as hypertension and high cholesterol. Pharmacists can play an important role in post acute care settings in helping patients manage medication therapy reviews for those their medications through education, training, and patients entering Medicare and for all other monitoring. patients with documented medical needs requiring continued evaluation, analysis, We also know that pharmacists’ face-to-face and counseling interventions are the most cost-effective interventions medication therapy management services in improving health outcomes. Mirixa, a health care (MTMS) company that focuses on providing MTM services, pharmacist-delivered immunizations recently did a study of over 10 million Medicare Part

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

D prescription claims and found that face-to-face interventions with pharmacists about their medications help to reduce drug spending by $34 per patient per month, or over $400 per year. Telephone interventions and letters sent to patients were far less effective in improving medication use and reducing costs.

Congress is about to make the most significant reform to health care that has ever been undertaken by our government. Have you taken time to voice your concern to your member of Congress and each of your US Senators? If you do not, you are then allowing the special corporate interests of health care to be the only voice Congress hears from on this

We know pharmacists can ensure the appropriate use of medications which leads to higher quality outcomes and medication therapy that is safe, effective, equitable and patient-centered. important legislation. Your message can be as simple as, “I am a member of the Georgia Pharmacy Association and I want you to support our association’s message they have sent to you.” An email, a phone call, a handwritten note has a huge impact. Your silence is a loud message that you are satisfied with what is taking place. Speak up! Now is the time to be heard.

Finally, we urged our representatives to build transparency and accountability into any public plan option that might be developed, and that, to maximize savings, a pharmacy benefits administrator be used rather than a pharmacy benefits manager.


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The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

Welcome to GPhA! The following is a list of new members who have joined Georgia’s premier professional pharmacy association! Dot Roseann Blair, Alpharetta Christine Burroughs, Marietta Katie Jo Cash, Athens Evelyn Cowan, Athens Ashley DeLay, Millen Humphrey Ehigiator, Chamblee Alicia Beatrix Elam, Pharm.D., Augusta Kellie Baker Garrett, B.S., Rome Amanda Putkowski Hardy, Pharm.D., Dublin Christine Brooke Hawes, Ringgold Thomas J. Heard, R.Ph., CGP, Grayson Ehigiator Humphrey, Chamblee Cecilia Inhulsen, Augusta Olivia Johnson, Douglasville Ashley Jones, Athens Jennifer Jones, Augusta Michelle Jones, Athens Heather Kerstner Christina Kim, Athens Paul King, Savannah Christee G. Laster, Pharm.D., J.D., Atlanta

Michelle Li, Athens Mariam Majidi, Marietta Ryan Markham, Bogart Ann McConnell, Athens Jason McNeely Anita Murray, R.Ph., Cartersville Yennam Nguyen Summer O'Quinn, Athens Taylor Owens, Macon Catherine Pennington, Athens Mary Charles Pfister, Tifton Ryne Roseberry, Grayson Garrick Schenck, Savannah Kayce McLeod Shealy, Pharm.D., Leesville, SC Dale Sims, Duluth Lindsay Snow James A. Stewart, OD, Duluth Thomas J. Tyer, Winder Melissa Underwood, Alpharetta Brandy Walker, Locust Grove Kristina Walker, Marietta

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The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009



          !" #!$ % &' '


The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists has recently inducted Dale Coker, R.Ph., as a fellow in recognition of his contribution as a specialist in the art and skill of pharmacy compounding. Christy Cecil was recently interviewed for an article entitled “UGA pharmacy school, MGC longtime partner” for the MORRIS NEWS SERVICE and the ATHENS BANNER HERALD. Daniel K. Forrister, Pharm.D., Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, received the 2009-2010 Scholarship of Engagement grant for $8,000 from the UGA Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach for a project entitled, “Pharmacy Student Engagement in delivering Health Care Services to Residents of Archway Partnership Counties.” Charles McDuffie, Public Service Associate; Jeff Sanford, Senior Associate; Trina von Walder, Public Service Associate all of the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy presented “Optimizing Medication Therapy Management through Entrepreneurship,” a 40hour practice based continuing pharmacy education activity in partnership with the Small Business Development Center (SBCDC). The program included 32 hours of live instruction and eight hours of home study utilizing The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

WebCT. The program ran March 28 through May 17, 2009, with an enrollment of 15 pharmacists and business partners. Brian Buck, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Residency Program at the University of Georgia, chaired the recent 40th Southeastern States Residency Conference (SERC), in which pharmacy residents from 9 southeastern states and Puerto Rico presented their residency research project results. Armon B. Neel, Jr., received the 2009 Armon Neel Senior Care Pharmacist Award from the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists in Orlando, Florida. President Judith Beizer presented the award at the Opening General Session, Wednesday, May 7, during the 2009 ASCP Midyear Conference and Exhibition taking place May 7-9. If you have an item that you would like included in the GPhA Members in the News section of The Georgia Pharmacy Journal please email the item of news to Kelly McLendon at or fax it to her attention at 404.237.8435.

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July 2009

SOUTH UNIVERSITY NEWS n June 20, 2009, South University School of Pharmacy graduated the Doctor of Pharmacy Students. They are as follows:


Asad Amin Haley Herrmann Anderson Hannah Kristin Athan Cody Allan Babcock Heather Ann Barnes Linda Leigh Berger Camron Reid Boyd Brooke Tootle Call Charles Newell Cannon Carrie Allison Chestnutt William Andrew Claybaugh Kidest-Mimi Agonafer Demesse Nguyen Huu Do Nicholas Michael Doggendorf Ashley Christina Dolman Jonathan Veazey Doss Xanthea Nicole Dowell Heather Marie Drazdowski Adam Bryce Englett Susan Fallahi Sonya Lee Flakes Chasity Lynn George Daniel Tyler Goldman Glenn Michael Hanson Malissa Gillian Harbin Kinsley Baye Harrell Cynthia Joye Hendrix Jacob James Herrington Jennifer Mildred Hicks Adrianne LeShay Horton Rachel Kathleen June Anne H. Keaton Kelly Amanda Kennedy Kimberly Nicole Kirby David Alexander Kragel Mary Amanda Kragel Marilyn Elizabeth Luk Andrew Travis Luke Paul Martin MacDowell Maria Alvarado Manning The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

Joshua Timothy Mizelle Brianna Elise Moody Betty Ann Morris Michelle Renee Motl Nhan Quang Ngo Thao Xuan Hoa Nguyen Esther Sue Park Kamini Khushal Patel Keyurkumar R. Patel Komal Deepak Patel Stephanie Renee Peanasky Johnny Robert Rivers Kristina Jean Sanford Kyle Rodney Saunders Nathin LeRoy Seals Shelly Thompson Sheffield Hollie Nichole Shelton Dara Shin

Christopher Gerald Smith Jennifer Scarboro Smith Pamela Paige Smith Teresa Lynn Smith Waylon Steve Spires Lauren Nicole Stansky Kristin Denise Talbott Bill Nam Quang Trinh Kristen Renee Ussery Erin Lancaster Vickers Nicole Elizabeth Wardenski Lauren Rachel Werts Margarette Beth Westwood Heather Nikita Whitley Sheena Renee Williams Rebecca Alicia Wise Lindsay Marie Wolfe Herbert Michael Wood GPhA members are noted in bold.

Important Notice Regarding Journal Published Home Study Continuing Education The Ohio Pharmacists Association for years has coordinated a program to provide home study continuing education programs, for many states associations including Georgia. The Ohio Association, due to rising costs associated with that program, discontinued providing them for publication this spring. May was the last edition of these studies. GPhA is actively determining our best resource to continue this service to our members. We expect to resume publication of the home study courses as early as July or August 2009. Thank you for your patience as we explore the most economical method to continue this service to our members. Jim Bracewell Executive Vice President Georgia Pharmacy Association 13

July 2009

Convention News Kelly J. McLendon GPhA’s Director of Public Affairs

10th Annual Carlton Henderson Memorial Georgia Pharmacy Foundation Golf Tournament ith the support of the participating sponsors and golfers, the 10th Annual Carlton Henderson Memorial Georgia Pharmacy Foundation Golf Tournament was a huge success. Through their generosity and participation they allowed the Foundation to raise around $24,000 to be used for scholarships for deserving pharmacy school students in the state of Georgia.


GPhF extends its sincerest thanks to the following sponsors for their support: Friends of the Foundation In Memory of Neil L. Pruitt, Sr. (United Pharmacy Services) AmerisourceBergen Core Management Resource Group Data Rx Management Fred’s Pharmacy Lon & Michael Lewis Hutton Madden/ Pharmacists Mutual Companies McKesson Drug Company ( Birmingham DC) Pembroke Pharmacy/Southern Sportsman Rite Aid Pharmacy Smith Drug Company United Pharmacy Services VPI Diabetes Management Hole Sponsors Academy of Independent Pharmacy (AIP) Robert C. Bowles, Jr. , GPhA President Bruce Broadrick, GPhA Past President Dale Coker, 1st Vice President Jack Dunn, Candidate for First Vice President

ECR Software Eddie Madden, President-Elect Medical Excess Mary Meredith, Candidate for Second Vice President PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) Rexam Prescription Products John T. Sherrer, Chairman of the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation H.D. Smith Tommy & Susan Whitworth (In honor of John T. Sherrer and in memory of Gini Braden) Award Sponsor Mason Vitamins Ball Sponsor Hutton Madden/Pharmacists Mutual Companies Beverage Cart Sponsor Rite Aid Pharmacy Program Sponsor Laird Miller, Past Chairman of the AIP Board Tee Gift Sponsors Anda Atlantic Capital Bank Mahlon Davidson, Candidate for Second Vice President Fred’s Pharmacies GPhS Insurance Services Robert Hatton, Candidate for Second Vice President Outdoor Hands Intense Healing Cream (Provided by Austin Gore, R.Ph.)

First place team for the 10th Annual Carlton Henderson Memorial Georgia Pharmacy Foundation Golf Tournament (from left to right) Claude Bates, Bobby Moody and Todd Yates.

Some of the GPhA fearless leadership (from left to right) Robert Bowles, GPhA President; Dale Coker, GPhA 1st Vice President; Eddie Madden, GPhA President Elect.

The Georgia Pharmacy Foundation congratulates the winners of the tournament and the contestants. The first place team was Bobby Moody, Todd Yates and Claude Bates. The closest to the pin for hole 3 was Shawn Gahagan and the closest to the pin for hole 11 was Laird Miller. The longest putt was taken by Alex Tucker and the longest drive was taken by Mike Lewis.

Mark your calendar and look forward to joining the fun for next year’s 11th Annual Carlton Henderson Memorial Georgia Pharmacy Foundation Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at the Kingston Plantation on June 28, 2009.

Trevor Miller, Director of Insurance Services presenting the award for longest putt to Alex Tucker.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

Convention News Kelly J. McLendon GPhA’s Director of Public Affairs

GPhA Holds 134th Annual Business Meeting very year, the GPhA membership has an opportunity to come together to make decisions that will affect the policies and management of the association during the coming years, and to make nominations to the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy. Here is a summary of the resolutions made and the other business decisions made on June 24, 2009.

The final item of Old Business that required attention was the changes to the Constitution that had been tabled at the 2008 convention and required a final vote. The vote was held to make the changes recommended by the Bylaws Committee and passed without opposition.


Upon completion of the business of GPhA, Eddie M. Madden, R.Ph., GPhA President, gaveled the meeting and the convention adjourned.

Resolutions were passed to thank the following: Fred Barber, President of the State Board of Pharmacy and the members of the Board of Pharmacy for their support and assistance to the Association and the profession of pharmacy.

For details of any of these items of business please contact the GPhA office at 404-231-5074.


The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, Mercer University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and South University School of Pharmacy for their support of the Association.

" 5 5 0 3 / &@@@ :   "5   - "8 3PTXFMM4USFFU .BSJFUUB (FPSHJB

The Convention Exhibitors for their participation in the 134th annual convention. (See page X for a list of these exhibitors).


The sponsors and other contributors to the Convention.


There was also a resolution passed that requested the state fund the attendance of Georgia Drugs and Narcotics agents at the GPhA Convention as a benefit to the agents as well as the pharmacists of the state of Georgia.


This meeting is also the time when pharmacists in the state of Georgia have the opportunity to make nominations to the Governor for the open position on the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy. This year the three nominations are Larry L. Batten, R.Ph., Alan M. Jones, R.Ph., and R. Andy Rogers, R.Ph.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

GPhA Thanks Exhibitors and Sponsors Morris & Dickson Co. LLC MOXATAG Novo Nordisk PCCA Pace Alliance Parata Systems Pharmacists Mutual Companies Pharmacy Development Services Pharmacy-Lite Packaging PRS Pharmacy Services/NASI Publicom, Inc./Computerized Health Services Publix Pharmacy QS/1 Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Retail Designs, Inc. Retail Management Solutions Rexam Prescription Products Rite Aid Pharmacy Roche Labs Rx30 Pharmacy System Samuels Products sanofi-aventis, U.S. ScriptPro Skye Comfort Smith Drug Company South University School of Pharmacy Spectrum Pharmacy Products Stiefel Laboratories StoneRiver Pharmacy Solutions SXC Health Solutions, Inc. Take Charge Pharmacist/Weight Management System The Perfect Mat TransDermal Technologies, Inc. Tri State Distribution, Inc. UCB University of Georgia College of Pharmacy Upsher Smith Laboratories VPI Diabetes Management Walgreens Wyeth Your DME Supplier, Inc.

Convention Exhibitors Abbott Diabetes Care Accu-Chek Acorda Therapeutics AIMSCO - DELTA HI TECH AmerisourceBergen Analytical Research Laboratories Anda, Inc. APCI Associated Pharmacies, Inc. Astellas Pharma US, Inc. BD Boehringer-Ingelheim, Inc. CAM Commerce Solutions Cameron and Company, Inc. Cardinal Health Core Management Resources Group, Inc. Cost Effective Computer Systems, Inc. CVS Pharmacy Data Rx Management, Inc. Dermik Labs Dr. Comfort ECR Software (ECRS) Emporos Systems Fanatic Cards Fred's Pharmacy H.D. Smith HealthCare Consultants Hire Dynamics Rx Home Diagnostics, Inc. Ideal Gifts & Photos Ideation, Inc. Innovation Integral Solutions Group Kelestan Packaging, Inc. Mason Vitamins, Inc. McKesson Medicare Diabetes Screening Project MEDISCA Inc. MemberHealth, LLC/A Universal American Company Mercer University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Michael T. Tarrant/Financial Network Associates The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

Convention Sponsors Academy of Consultant Pharmacists Abbott Diabetes Care Academy of Employee Pharmacists Academy of Independent Pharmacies American Pharmacy Cooperative AmerisourceBergen Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CVS/Caremark Donation from Friend of the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation Forest Pharmaceuticals Home Diagnostics Hospice Pharmacia McKesson Mercer University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Merck & Co., Inc. Morris & Dickson Novo Nordisk, Inc. Pricara/Ortho-McNeil Janssen PCCA Pfizer, Inc. Pharmacists Mutual Roche Diagnostics Smith Drug Company South University School of Pharmacy University of Georgia College of Pharmacy Voice-Tech, Inc. Work Accessories, Inc.

We appreciate your support and look forward to your attendance next year!!!

Pharm PAC would like to encourage you to make a contribution today and help pharmacy look forward to a bright future in the state of Georgia. Name: __________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________ Pledge: $___________________________________ (Circle the Pledge Level to which you wish to belong.) $1 - $250 - Patriot $251 - $500 - Representative $501 - $1000 - Senator $1001+ - Governor’s Circle


Sustainers Circle: When you check this box and provide valid credit card information you are making a 5 year commitment to make the same contribution for the next 5 years. Your credit card will automatically be charged annually on the date of your initial contribution. Contributions or gifts to Pharm PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Name on the Credit Card: __________________________________________ Credit Card Number: __________________________________________ CSV#: ________ Expiration Date: _________________ Signature: __________________________________ Detach this form and complete it and return it to:

Pharm PAC, 50 Lenox Pointe, NE Atlanta, GA 30324 You may also donate online. The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

Convention News Kelly J. McLendon GPhA’s Director of Public Affairs

GPhA Honors Pharmacy Professionals very year at the Georgia Pharmacy Association recognizes the contributions of individual memberpharmacists. Most of these recognitions occur at the Annual Convention during the President’s Inaugural Banquet or during the general sessions that occur daily during the convention, and acknowledges the efforts of individual pharmacists in professional service, public service, and innovative pharmacy practice.


Mrs. Judy Bowles of Thomaston, was presented with the Pharmacist’s Mate Award and the 2009 President’s Award. Judy was unable to attend the convention, but Robert C. Bowles, Jr., R.Ph., CDM, CFts, GPhA 20082009 President, accepted these awards in her absence. The President’s Award was presented by Robert who promised to pass the award on to Judy.

Presented by Hutton Madden of Pharmacists Mutual Companies, the Distinguished Young Pharmacist honoree this year was Kalen B. Porter, Pharm.D., of Augusta. She is known by her colleagues and leaders in the profession and has reached many milestones in her career at a very young age. Pamala S. Marquess, Pharm.D., of Marietta, was awarded the Mal T. Anderson Outstanding Region President Award. The award symbolizes strong leadership skills and dedication to the profession of pharmacy. As president of GPhA’s Seventh Region, Dr. Marquess set a goal of increasing attendance at her region meetings. She was innovative in reaching out to members, non-members, students and pharmacies with a goal of including all practice settings.

The Pharmacist’s Mate award was presented by Tina W. Chancy, R.Ph., 2006 recipient of the Pharmacists Mate Award, who filled in for John T. Sherrer, R.Ph., the 2008 recipient of the Pharmacists Mate Award, who was also unable to attend the convention. James W. Bartling, Pharm.D., of Snellville, was awarded the Bowl of Hygeia, one of the most highly coveted recognitions in pharmacy. As a former GPhA President, an Insurance Trust Trustee and Foundation Director, Jim has not only been a dedicated leader to his profession, but also a devoted leader in his faith and a leader in his community. His is know to his colleagues as “the number one fan of The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

pharmacy and pharmacy school students.”

Eddie and Linda Madden enjoying a dance at the President’s Banquet on Tuesday evening of the GPhA Convention. 22

July 2009

This year we have five GPhA members whom we honored at the convention for their 50 years of service. They are as follows:

Steven A. Purvis, R.Ph., was the recipient of the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations’ Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award. Steve opened the first in-store clinic in an independent pharmacy in his Ellijay store in an effort to ensuring the quality and efficency of patient care. Steve was also named the Independent Pharmacist of the Year for 2009 by the Academy of Independent Pharmacy. He was unable to attend the convention and his awards were accepted by Tim Short, Chairman of AIP.

William G. Cagle, R.Ph., of Canton Robert D. Hall, R.Ph., of Blakely Maxwell G. Hancock, R.Ph., of Moutrie John T. Robinson, R.Ph., of Carrollton Kenneth S. Thompson, R.Ph., of Macon Eddie M. Madden, R.Ph., was honored with several awards during the convention including the NCPA Leadership Award, the Smith Drug Company Incoming President Award and the McKesson Leadership Award. And, on Tuesday evening he was installed as the 2009-2010 President of the Georgia Pharmacy Association, after which he gave a gracious Inaugural Address that is reprinted in this issue of the JOURNAL (see page 4).

Representative J. Ron Stephens, R.Ph., is the recipient of the 2009 Larry L. Braden Meritorious Service Award. The recipient of this award is a person who has gone above and beyond the call of duty on service to the profession of pharmacy and the patients of the state of Georgia. Representative Stephens has served six terms in the House of Representatives and been a dedicated advocate for the profession of pharmacy and patients alike.

As a final thank you to Robert Bowles, 20082009 GPhA President, Eddie Madden presented him with the Past President’s Pin, a gold and diamond pin that is given to every outgoing president as a token of appreciation for their time of service. Also, Thomas and Lindsey Sherrer presented Robert with an American Flag, which had flown over the Capitol in Washington, DC, as a thank you for the support of the Sherrer family.

During the General Session on Monday, R. Andy Rogers, R.Ph., was honored with the Academy of Employee Pharmacists’ Pharmacist of the Year Award.

“Jumpin’ Jack” Dunn, cuttin’ a rug at the Dance to the Sounds of the Renee Tangee and Club Visage. The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

Covention News Kelly J. McLendon GPhA’s Director of Public Affairs

Coverage of the GPhA 134th Annual Convention or 134 years the Georgia Pharmacy Association has been gathering to discuss challenges and develop solutions for problems facing Georgia pharmacists. This year, GPhA met at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, to be educated, fellowship together and recognize the accomplishments of the pharmacists who have inspired and changed the profession of pharmacy.

The following programs were offered: • OSHA Update 2009 • Managing & Monitoring Diabetes • COPD – Therapeutic Guidelines • Empowering Your Diabetes Patient • Marketing Your Compounding Practice • HIV/AIDS: Pharmacists Perspective • New Drug Update 2009 for Pharmacists • Execution – Turning Pharmacy Vision Into a Reality • Reducing Medication Errors • Immunization Update 2009 • Anticoagulation Management • OTC Bowl 2009 • Hospice and Palliative Care • MTM Update • Political Policy Update • Pharmacist Patient Assessment • Pharmacy Law


This year’s theme was “Preserving the Triad,” and reflected the outlook of the membership and their role in the health care community. The convention brings together pharmacists from all walks of life and every practice setting. During the week, pharmacists heard from excellent speakers on topics ranging from new drug information to business marketing. Everyone came together for social events that help members catch up with old friends and make new ones. The profession also took time to recognize the efforts, works and deeds of pharmacists who have made significant contributions.

Speakers included Danyce Ashton of PCCA, Dan Benamoz of Pharmacy Development Services, John Coster of NCPA, Stephan Foster of the University of Tennessee, and Linda Garrelts MacLean of Washington State University among many others.

Continuing Education As in the past, GPhA had another exceptional panel of speakers and continuing education programs. In total, there were nearly 30 hours of CE available at the Convention.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

We look forward to your joining us next year at the Kingston Plantation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


July 2009

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

New Practitioner Leadership Conference Participants Say “Thank You”

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2009


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