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President’s Message Editorial

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July 2011

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE L. Jack Dunn, Jr., R.Ph. GPhA President

GPhA 2011-2012 President’s Inaugural Address

would like to begin my presidency with a wise Chinese Proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Immunization Bill. Robert Bowles taught me how much it meant to lead by example and never waver from the goals you have set. Eddie Madden, R.Ph. taught me the importance of the political process and the importance of reading the rules and statues the effect our profession. Dale Coker for the importance of staying focused on our 5 year commitment to advocacy and membership. Robert Hatton, Pharm.D., my wingman, for providing leadership for region presidents and academy chairs. He has helped both of these groups realize how important they are to our association. Lastly, Pam Marquess, Pharm.D. for providing this organization with a commitment to the Convention and continuing professional education. Pam's knowledge of key speakers was a great asset to the 2011 convention.


I feel very honored to lead the 137th year of GPhA. I appreciate the confidence that you have shown in me to lead this great Association. Four years ago in Canton, Georgia 4 pharmacists approached me about running for GPhA Second Vice President. I would like to thank Bill Prather, R.Ph., Tim Short, R.Ph., Dale Coker, R.Ph., FIACP and Robert Bowles, R.Ph., CDM, CDfs for the encouragement and support in this process. Each of these individuals has been a big influence on me while serving the association. Another individual who helped influence my role in pharmacy was Dean Ted Matthews. Some 32 years ago he challenged the students of my pharmacy class to be involved in the association. He told us in the future for pharmacy to grow we must all be involved in our local, state, and national associations to ensure that pharmacy will flourish. Thanks Dean Matthews for teaching me how important it is to get involved with all aspects of the profession.

I would also like to thank those people I have contacted about ideas for improving and inspiring our pharmacists to better our profession. The past presidents, members of the GPhA Board of Directors, pharmacy school students, committee members and retired pharmacists have given me valuable ideas to strength our association.

I would like to thank 4 very special friends of mine. Your friendship and dedication to my family will never be forgotten. Thank you for being at Amelia Island with me as I was inaugurated as president of GPhA.

Many thanks to the staff of Jasper Drug Store for allowing me to take the time to run for GPhA office. The GPhA presidency is a 5 year commitment, and my staff has been very dedicated to assuring the standard of care for our patients has not wavered. I appreciate all my staff everyday for all they done.

I have been fortunate to observe and learn the many processes required of the GPhA president from a number of great leaders. Each individual added there own expertise to this professional association. Sharon Sherrer, Pharm.D. showed me the persistence and dedication to the passage of the

I would like to thank my mother and father. Thank you for establishing my work ethic and giving me leadership qualities which were established early in my life. Dad, as you well remember, some 39 years ago I told you I would never be a pharmacist, so do not worry about me coming back to the

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

pharmacy. It is amazing that this has come full circle from employee, to owner and to the presidency of this prestigious office. Thank you both for all your love and support. I love you both and could not have done with out you.

4 years for internet to reach 5 million people 3 years for I-pad to reach 5 million people 2 years for Facebook to reach 5 million people Did you know...

Lastly, I would like to thank my family for allowing me the time and the commitment it takes to become a part of the executive committee of GPhA. My two son, Dereck and Brent, of whom I am very proud. I am proud that Brent has taken the big step into pharmacy by finishing his first year of the pharmacy degree program at Mercer University and his involvement in the leadership of the NCPA organization at pharmacy school. Dereckis also very involved in school.

ABC, NBC and CBS collectively have 10 million viewers every month. 5 million people use Facebook a average of 55 minutes everyday. By 2020 the primary device for internet connection will not be a computer, it will be a mobile device.

I met my wife Terry Dunn, R.Ph. at Mercer University pharmacy school. Many thanks to her for allowing me to make a run at the presidency of this association and for her encouragement and involvement in every aspect of the presidency run. I love Terry very much and could not have done all of this without her.

What does all of this mean for GPhA? We must look no further than nature to see how communication skills will help us for the future of our professional association. Look at the sky and picture geese flying south for the winter. Geese fly in a formation of a “V” for movement. At a early age geese learn to fly in this formation because they can fly faster with less drag and resistance to get to there destination. As a result the geese can fly longer distances as they will not get as tired. Also, notice in the middle of the formation is the leader of the geese flanked by geese on each side. This leader gives them a sense of direction and keeps an eye out for dangers. If the members of GPhA stand together for a common goal, we will be the beneficiary of improvement of growth and prosperity to our professional organization. This association must learn new methods of communication skills to further the growth to our association.

I would like to share with you a couple of quotes: Arostate France said, “To accomplish great things; we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan; but out also believe.” and Mother Theresa said, “To keep a lamp burningwe must keep oil in the lamp.” There is a quote, “Look into the sky and the sky is the limit.” My friends as the world has changed, today we must rethink this quote. The sky is no longer the limit because man has walked on the moon.

Harry Goodwin, the leader of APhA said stand together and we will a have a stronger tomorrow.

I believe the youth of today are the dreams of tomorrow. GPhA must encourage professional growth in our young pharmacists as they are the future of our profession. We must take extra steps to involve young people through advocacy and membership in this association. By listening to our young members we will be able to lead GPhA to unbelievable heights. I would like to start a mentor program between our pharmacists and our young members. This mentorship program will provide a pharmacist and young members with an opportunity to learn and develop new patient care opportunities never seen before. The students will be able to learn and be involve in developing and implementing GPhA programs that help patients with diabetic education, immunizations, cholesterol screening, blood pressure monitoring and providing drug counseling.

This gets me to my theme: “Many Practices, One Profession.” We must realize we are pharmacists and respect our profession. We have many professional organizations, but we are all pharmacists. We all must be involved in the growth of our profession association. “We shape our tomorrow with the actions of today.” AEP, ACP, APT, ASP, AHP and AIP represent many practice areas of pharmacy, but all of these professional practices have one thing in common. A pharmacist is leading the way in each professional practice. As a result each pharmacist must look in the mirror and sets goals for the future of pharmacy and their practice. Pharmacy is growing in many directions. If we do not come together, the government and its regulatory groups will take control of our profession. Safety issues and basic practicing guidelines should be shaping every aspect of our profession. We as pharmacist must get involved or we may

Did you know that it took? 38 years for radio to reach 5 million people. 13 years for TV to reach 5 million people

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

loose all control of our profession.

Wilma Randolph was a young girl born with polo. Doctors told her she would have to be in braces for the rest of her life. Her mother told her daughter to get rid of the braces and start walking. Mrs. Randolph won three gold medals in a single olympics. This feat did not happen over night. This young lady traveled over many dark and bumpy roads. The frustrations and difficulties were part of this process, but in the end she achieved her goal over years of dedication and hard work to reach one thing - her dream.

What does this mean? Strength of pharmacy are in numbers. The more people we have involved, the more we will be heard. From the pharmacy school student, to the current pharmacist we must provide a basis for the well being of pharmacists and our patients. In the last two years this association can see through advocacy we have established a stronger base of our association. You must get involved in your professional association through advocacy. We must inspire others throughout the profession to a journey of well being. Do not underestimate the power of talking to a representative or senator. We must not be complacent. Organize yourselves to speak to the right people and relay the message that you want them to hear about pharmacy. There comes a time when we must listen, but also remember we must be vocal.

“Decision is the spark that ignites actions, until a decision is made nothing happens,” Wilfered Peterson. “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of actions, which makes it the architect for accomplishment,” said Zig Ziglar. As I told my father pharmacy has been good to our family. Three generations have prospered as a result of this profession. It is time for me to give back something to pharmacy. That is the reason for running for the GPhA presidency.

You chose this profession because you are a compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated to your patients and community. You are delivering a professional service to the people in your communities because you are the most trusted and respected profession in the nation. For some reason as we think when we get our degree and our state license we are set free. Quite the contrary, this is the beginning of establishing yourself in your profession through your involvement with GPhA. Ask what you can do to make our profession better, and more valuable to the people we serve.

Remember, I opened with a quote, “A journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step.” I hope many of you will take that first step and get involved in GPhA. Thank you and I look forward to working with the GPhA Executive Committee , the Executive Vice President, the Board of Directors and the GPhA staff.

“Find your purpose, define it, and make it the core of what drives you.”

As I told Mr. Bracewell, I have been preparing mentally and physically for this upcoming year. I want you to know that I will lead GPhA to the best of my ability. Thanks again for believe in me as a leader for this great association.

Do not let others tell us what we can or can not do; to many times we limit our potential to being successful by letting others tell us what we can or can not do.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT’S EDITORIAL Jim Bracewell Executive Vice President / CEO

A Salute to the Georgia Pharmacy Association Board of Directors When does the Board Meet?

feel the GPhA Board of Directors may often be the unsung backstage heroes of GPhA.


June Organization Meeting August Planning Workshop and Board Meeting

Here are some interesting facts about the 2011-12 Board that represents the pharmacists in our state via the Georgia Pharmacy Association.

January Board Meeting June Board Meeting

There are 42 voting members and one non-voting member, the Executive Vice President.

What are the expectations of each Board member in addition to attending the Board meetings?

There are 5 elected members of the Board, which is the GPhA Executive Committee.

Membership Recruitment and Retention (3 members each)

There are 6 GPhA President appointed as at-large members of the Board.

Pharm PAC Financial Support

There are 31 ex-officio (by virtue of their office) members. They include Region Presidents, Academy Chairs and GPhA affiliated organizations like the Board of Pharmacy, and GSHP.

Fall Region Meeting Attendance

There are 17 female and 26 male members.

VIP Day Attendance

There are:

Spring Region Meeting Attendance


community independent pharmacists


community chain pharmacists


hospital pharmacists


consultant pharmacists


student and academic pharmacists


federal pharmacist

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

Advocacy District Outreach to Elected Representatives

Now that you have a better idea of what these volunteer leaders do for you and for GPhA, go to, click “Board of Directors” at the bottom of the page and pick one Board member, click their name and send them a message telling them you support their work and appreciate what they give back to your profession through the GPhA Board. The Board member will be shocked. They will redouble their efforts and you too will feel good about yourself and your profession. Saying “Thank You” is a form of paying it forward. Do it right now while it is on your mind.


July 2011

Pharm PAC Enrollment Pledge Year 2010-2011

Titanium Level ($2400 minimum pledge) Michael E. Farmer, R.Ph. David B. Graves, R.Ph. Robert A. Ledbetter, R.Ph. Jeffrey L. Lurey, R.Ph. Marvin O. McCord, R.Ph. Judson L. Mullican, R.Ph. William A Murray, R.Ph. Mark L. Parris, Pharm.D. Fred F. Sharpe, R.Ph Jeff Sikes, R.Ph. Dean Stone, R.Ph., CDM Platinum Level ($1200 minimum pledge) Robert Bowles, Jr., R.Ph., CDM, Cfts Jim R. Bracewell Larry L. Braden, R.Ph. T.M. Bridges, R.Ph. Thomas E. Bryan, Jr., R.Ph. James W. Bartling, Pharm.D., ADC, CACII Barry M. Bilbro, R.Ph. William G. Cagle, R.Ph. Hugh M. Chancy, R.Ph. Keith E. Chapman, R.Ph. Dale M. Coker, R.Ph., FIACP John Ashley Dukes, R.Ph. Patrick Dunham Michael E. Farmer, R.Ph. Stewart Flanagin, R.Ph. Neal Florence, R.Ph. Martin T. Grizzard, R.Ph. John T. Hansford, R.Ph. Robert M. Hatton, Pharm.D. Alan M. Jones, R.Ph. Ira Katz, R.Ph. Hal M. Kemp, Pharm.D. J. Thomas Lindsey, R.Ph. Brandall S. Lovvorn, Pharm.D.

Eddie M. Madden, R.Ph. Jonathan Marquess, Pharm.D., CDE, CPT Pam Marquess, Pharm.D. Kenneth A. McCarthey, R.Ph. Scott Meeks, R.Ph. Drew Miller, R.Ph., CDM Laird Miller, R.Ph. Jay Mosley, R.Ph. Allen Partridge, R.Ph. Houston Lee Rogers, Pharm.D., CDM Time Short, R.Ph. Michael T. Tarrant Christoher R. Thurmond, Pharm.D. Floyd Moon Gold Level ($600 minimum pledge) Larry Batten, R.Ph. Liza G. Chapman, Pharm.D. Patrick M. Cook, Pharm.D. Mahlon Davidson, R.Ph., CDM James Gordon Elrod, R.Ph. Kevin M. Florence, Pharm.D. Ted M. Hunt, R.Ph. Robert B. Moody, R.Ph. Sherri S. Moody, Pharm.D. Jeffrey Grady Richardson, R.Ph. Andy Rogers, R.Ph. Sharon Mills Sherrer, Pharm.D., CDM Silver Level ($300 minimum pledge) Renee D. Adamson, Pharm.D. John L. Colvard, R.Ph. Terry Dunn, R.Ph. Marshall L. Frost, Pharm.D. James E. Jordan, Pharm.D. John D. Kalvelage Willie O. Latch, R.Ph. W. Lon Lewis, R.Ph.

Michael L. McGee, R.Ph. William J. McLeer, R.Ph. Albert B. Noell, R.Ph. Sara W. Reece, Pharm.D., BC-ADM, CDE Edward Franklin Reynolds, R.Ph. David J. Simpson, R.Ph. Richard Brian Smith, R.Ph. James N. Thomas, R.Ph. Alex S, Tucker, Pharm.D. Allan Mitchell Voges, R.Ph. Flynn W. Warren, M.S., R.Ph. Oliver C. Whipple, R.Ph. Walter Alan White, R.Ph. Bronze Level ($150 minimum pledge) Monica M. Ali-Warren, R.Ph. Fred W. Barber, R.Ph. John R. Bowen, R.Ph. James R. Brown, R.Ph. Michael A. Crooks, Pharm.D. Charles Alan Earnest, R.Ph. Randall W. Ellison, R.Ph. Mary Ashley Faulk, Pharm.D. Amanda R. Gaddy, R.Ph. Amy S. Galloway, R.Ph. Johnathan Wyndell Hamrick, Pharm.D. Raymond G. Hickman, R.Ph. Ed Kalvelage Steve D. Kalvelage Marsha C. Kapiloff, R.Ph. Joshua D. Kinsey, Pharm.D. Brenton Lake, R.Ph. William E. Lee, R.Ph. Ashley Sherwood London Charles Robert Lott, R.Ph. Earl W. Marbut, R.Ph. Randall T. Maret, R.Ph. Max A. Mason, R.Ph. Amanda McCall, Pharm.D.

If you made a gift or pledge to Pharm PAC in the last 12 months and your name does not appear above please, contact Andy Freeman at or 404-419-8118. Donations made Pharm PAC are not considered charitable donations and are not tax deductible. The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

Pharm PAC Contributors’ List Continued Susan W. McLeer, R.Ph. Mary P. Meredith, R.Ph. Leslie Ernest Ponder, R.Ph. Kalen Beauchamp Porter, Pharm.D. William Lee Prather, R.Ph. Kristy Lanford Pucylowski, Pharm.D. Leonard Franklin Reynolds, R.Ph. Archie R. Thomason, R.Ph. Marion J. Wainright, R.Ph. Jackie White Steve Wilson, Pharm.D. Sharon B. Zerillo, R.Ph.

Danny Toth, R.Ph. Erica Lynn Veasley, R.Ph. William D. Whitaker, R.Ph. Johnathan A. Williams, Pharm.D. William T. Wolfe, R.Ph.

Members (no minimum pledge) Jill Augustine Mark T. Barnes, R.Ph. Walter A. Clark, R.Ph. Henry H. Cobb, R.Ph., CDM Carleton C. Crabill, R.Ph. Wendy A. Dorminey, Pharm.D., CDM Terry Dunn, R.Ph. David M. Eldridge, Pharm.D. Charles C. Gass, R.Ph. Christina Gonzalez Ann R. Hansford, R.Ph. Joel Andrew Hill, R.Ph. Gina Ryan Johnson, Pharm.D., BCPS, CDE

Carey B. Jones, R.Ph. Susan M Kane, R.Ph. Carroll Mack Lowrey, R.Ph. Ralph K. Marett, M.S. Roy W. McClendon, R.Ph. Tom E. Menighan, R.Ph., MBA, ScD, FAPhA

Richard P. Noell, R.Ph. Darby R. Norman, R.Ph. Christoher Brown Painter, R.Ph. Steve Gordon Perry, R.Ph. Whitney B. Pickett, R.Ph. Donald Joseph Piela, Pharm.D. Rose Ann Pinkstaff, R.Ph. Michael Roland Reagan, R.Ph. James L. Riggs, R.Ph. Victor Serafy, R.Ph. Harry A. Shurley, R.Ph. James E. Stowe, R.Ph. James R. Stirckland, R.Ph. Celia M. Taylor, Pharm.D. Leonard E. Templeton, R.Ph. Heatwole C. Thomas, R.Ph.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011


GPhA Celebrates Another Year of Great Achievements

by Kelly McLendon Director of Public Affairs

f you were unable to attend this year’s convention you missed a treat. While the air outside was smokey the events inside were red hot. GPhA celebrated its 136th Annual Convention this year in high style at the Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Florida. We offered over 30 hours of CPE as well as many social and business events over the five days we were there.


Awards What GPhA Event would be complete without honoring our best and brightest?

This year we were excited to have Bob Greenwood, President of the National Community Pharmacists Association, to present L. Jack Dunn, Jr., R.Ph. with the National Community Pharmacists Association Leadership Award. The 2011 Winner of the Brown Bag Competition was the University of Georgia’s ASP Chapter. South University came in second and Mercer University came in third. The schools earned scholarship money for their students for participation in the competition.

This year honored the only recipient of the 50 Years of Service Award, Armon B. Neel, Jr., Pharm.D. He is the only one that we know of. If you know of any other GPhA pharmacists who have served since 1961 please contact Kelly McLendon at 404-419-8116 or email her at and we will make sure that their service is acknowledged.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

The Pharmacist’s Mate Award which was presented to Susan Coker, Dale Coker’s wife, by Linda Madden, Eddie Madden’s wife was also presented on Tuesday evening. This award is given to the spouse of the outgoing GPhA president for the spouses enormous sacrifices made during the completion of the president’s duties.

The Georgia Medical Care Foundation Awards were presented by Dr. Adienne Mims to Moye Pharmacy South; Cindy Goolsay, Pharm.D. and Angie Stadler, R.Ph. of Thomson, GA, and Wynn’s Pharmacy; Drew Miller, R.Ph. of Griffin, GA. Marshall Frost, Pharm.D. received the awards for those pharmacists from Moye Pharmacy who were unable to attend.These pharmacy reported data throughout the duration of the pilot and played a significant role in the outcomes in the GMCF 3month ACE/ARB Pilot program. The purpose of this pilot was to increase the use of ACE inhibitors or ARB agents in patients who have type 2 diabetes and hypertension to slow the progression of CKD. Community Pharmacists were chosen as partners because they are an integral member of the care team of people with diabetes and have the unique opportunity to interact with both the patient and physician.

The Larry L. Braden Meritorious Service Award was presented this year to John T. Sherrer, R.Ph. for his legacy of service to GPhA and pharmacy. Pictured with John is Larry Braden for whoom the award was named and NCPA president Bob Greenwood for his continuous service to the profession of pharmacy through adversity. He accepted the award with this family at this side.

The Academy of Employee Pharmacist’s Academy Tennis Tournament was won by the Academy of Independent Pharmacy in its Annual Round Robin Competition that have over 20 participants this year.

The Distinguished Young Pharmacists Award was presented to Sukhmani K. Sarao, Pharm.D. for her innovation and leadership in pharmacy and within the Association. this award was presented by Hutton Madden of Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Companies.

This year Dale Coker, R.Ph., FIACP honored Larry Wilson, his former business partner posthumously, as the GPhA President’s Award winner for his commitment and dedication. Dale presented the award to Larry’s wife and daughter at the GPhA Tuesday evening awards banquet.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

This year the Academy of Independent Pharmacy awarded their pharmacist of the year to Tim Short, R.Ph. at their luncheon. The award was presented by Ira Katz, R.Ph., Chairman of AIP.

The Mal T. Anderson Outstanding Region President’s Award was presented to Michael A. Crooks, Pharm.D. for his service to Region 7 and efforts in increased membership and member participation. The Academy of Employee Pharmacists presented its pharmacist of the year award to Tracie D. Lunde, Pharm.D. for her profession integrity and commitment to the Association. The award was presented by Joshua D. Kinsey, Pharm.D., Chairman of AEP.

GPhA Officer Installation With the changes that have happened with the GPhA election process in the last year made it possible of us to install officers at the Convention this year. Election results were announced to the membership at the Tuesday evening banquet. The Second Vice President for 20112012 is Robert B. Moody, III, R.Ph. and the First Vice President is Pamala S. Marquess, Pharm.D.

The Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award was presented to Drew Miller, R.Ph., CDM for his work to increase the health and well-being of his patients through innovation. This award is sponsored by the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations and was presented by former NASPA President Jim Bracewell.

After this announcement the 2011-2012 officers of the Georgia Pharmacy Association were installed by Eddie M. Madden, R.Ph., 2010-2011 Chairman of the GPhA Board of Directors in a newly formed process. After the installation Jack Dunn was installed as president by Dale Coker and Eddie presented Dale with his past president’s pin. Jack was presented with the McKesson Leadership Award and the Smith Drug Company Visionary Award. Other Business This year the Bowl of Hygeia which is sponsored by NASPA was presented to R. Andy Rogers, R.Ph. for his service to the profession and his community. He was presented this award by GPhA 2010-2011President Dale Coker and former NASPA President Jim Bracewell.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

There were a number of other decisions and presentations made while at the Convention including Bylaws Changes, Deans Pharmacy School Reports, Pharmacist Memorial, Georgia State Board of Pharmacy Nominations and Resolutions. 12

July 2011


Welcome to GPhA! The following is a list of new members who have joined Georgia’s premier professional pharmacy association! Pharmacy School Student Members Individual Pharmacist Members Paun Polly Rimtepathip, Savannah Benjamin H. Sherrill, Canton Steven Daniel Phillips, Canton Katherine Rebecca Howell, Duluth

Commille Moss, R.Ph., Forsyth Kalki Patel, Pharm.D., Atlanta Gay Campbell-Welsh, R.Ph., Atlanta Kauana Daniels Stills, Pharm.D., Atlanta Carl I. Robertson, R.Ph., Flowery Branch Jennifer Lee Powers, Pharm.D., Dacula Vance T. Wall, R.Ph., Duluth Michael H. Atkins, R.Ph., Fairmont William Johnny Yaughn, R.Ph., Rome Thoms E. Lovett, R.Ph., Newnan Darrin Delano Anderson, Pharm.D., Dallas Steve Freeman, Pharm.D., Atlanta

Pharmacist Technician Members Dana L. Welch, Cartersville Christina B. Abernathy, Dallas Casey R. Lofton, Villa Rica Samantha Joy Fuchs, Dunwoody Randa Danielle Brown, CPhT, Tallapoosa

Associate Members Charles Murphy Sciple, Pharm.D., Norcross Patrick Nolan, Johns Creek

New Graduate Pharmacist Members Bobby Jermine Price, Pharm.D., Atlanta Christopher E. Coleman, Pharm.D., Athens Patrick Lewis Holt, Pharm.D., Kathleen

Joint Pharmacist Members Allison Locke Pierce, Pharm.D., Macon Steven James Pierce, R.Ph., Macon Bryan K. Bonner, R.Ph., Columbus

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


GPhA Needs You and Your Pharmacy Knowledge We are looking for a few good writers to write CPE Articles for the GPhA Journal. If you are interested in building your resume and helping GPhA create the premier CPE program in the state of Georgia please contact us at 404-231-5074. July 2011

On the

It is the practice of GPhA to remember those who have passed away during the year. The following were remembered: Haase Arnold, R.Ph.; Richard Bellairs, R.Ph.; James Farmer, R.Ph;, Sheldon Graiser, R.Ph.; George Hampel, R.Ph.; Richard Hobbs, R.Ph.; Don Keenum, R.Ph.; June Bell Keenum, R.Ph.; Sam McDaniel, R.Ph.; George McFarland, R.Ph.; Jerry Messer, R.Ph.; David Paine, R.Ph.; Truitt Smith, R.Ph., CDM,; Leroy Toliver, J.D., Pharm.D.; Charles Wainright, R.Ph.; Donald Wender, R.Ph.

final day of Convention we held the Annual Business meeting at which we approved Bylaws updates. If you are interested in seeing the changes to the bylaws or any other changes that resulted from the business meeting please visit the GPhA website at

If there are other who have passed away that we do not mention here please let Kelly McLendon know by calling 404-419-8116 or We will make certain these names are appropriately honored. During our General Session at the Convention we typically ask each pharmacy school dean to present a state of the school address. While in the past this has been three addresses, this year we added the Dean’s report from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Georgia’s newest pharmacy school. The University of Georgia, Mercer University and South University deans also made presentations to GPhA.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

Eddie Madden considering what he will do with his time now that he does not have as much GPhA work to do.

Jack and Terry Dunn dance the first dance of the evening after Jack’s inauguration

Jack Dunn taking the President’s Oath of Office.

Jack Dunn presents his Inaugural Address to the GPhA membership at the Tuesday evening banquet.

Eddie Madden presents Dale Coker with the Past President’s Pin.

To thank Jim Bracewell for his hard work as EVP/CEO of GPhA the Executive Committee gave him a goat with which to start his farm.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

Many thanks to the GPhA Board of Directors for the contributions they have made to GPhA during 2010-2011.

2010 - 2011 GPhA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Name


Eddie Madden Dale Coker Jack Dunn Robert Hatton Pamala Marquess Jim Bracewell Hugh Chancy Robert Bowles Keith Herist Jonathan Marquess Sharon Sherrer Liza Chapman Mary Meredith Heather DeBellis Fred Sharpe John Drew Amanda Gaddy Shobhna Butler Ashley Faulk Mike Crooks Larry Batten David Gamadanis Chris Thurmond Marshall Frost Ken Eiland Renee Adamson Josh Kinsey Don Davis Ira Katz DeAnna Flores Lance Faglie John T. Sherrer Michael Farmer Steve Wilson

Chairman of the Board President President-Elect First Vice President Second Vice President Executive Vice President/CEO State-at-Large State-at-Large State-at-Large State-at-Large State-at-Large State-at-Large State-at-Large Region One President Region Two President Region Three President Region Four President Region Five President Region Six President Region Seven President Region Eight President Region Nine President Region Ten President Region Eleven President Region Twelve President ACP Chairman AEP Chairman AHP Chairman AIP Chairman APT Chairman ASA Chairman Foundation Chairman Insurance Trust Chairman Ex Officio - President, GA Board of Pharmacy Ex Officio - Chairman, GSHP Ex Officio Mercer Ex Officio Mercer ASP Ex Officio South Ex Officio South ASP Ex Officio UGA Ex Officio UGA ASP

Sonny Rader Gina Ryan Johnson Jill Augustine Rusty Fetterman Olivia Santoso Sukh Sarao David Bray

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal

We could not have made it all happen without you.


July 2011

Caribbean Continuing Pharmacy Education at Sea


2011-2012 GPhA President L. Jack Dunn, Jr. R.Ph.: Legacy of Leadership by Tei Muhammad

t Amelia Island on June 12st, L. Jack Dunn, Jr., R.Ph. took the helm as GPhA President. This is a brief introduction to Jack.


As a resident of Jasper for some 56 years, Jack Dunn has enjoyed looking at mountains of Pickens County. In his small hometown of Jasper, GA, Jack’s father, Lee Jack Dunn, Sr., R.Ph. opened Jasper Drug Store in July of 1952. As a son of community pharmacists, Jack was fortunate to understand the importance of pharmacy as a profession at a young age. As an adolescent, Jack’s parents instilled in him leadership and the value of quality patient care. These attributes contributed to his quality of growth into adulthood where he excelled in many roles of leadership. At Pickens County High School Jack became the president of his senior class, was the leader of the student council, the Tip Off Club, and the Quarterback Club. He became Captain of the Pickens County Dragons football team and received the Heritage Award for outstanding service from his high school.

The Georgia Pharmacy Journal


July 2011

son, Brent who attends Mercer University Pharmacy school to one day follow his father’s footsteps. Jack is not only an outstanding member of the pharmacy profession, but serves as Financial Chairman of the Jasper Methodist Church and is leader of the Deacons, and Board of Trustees. Jack is on the Board of Directors of Piedmont Mountain Hospital. He is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Local Merchant Association of Jasper.

Jack’s leadership continued through college as president of a fraternity at Reinhardt College in Waleska, GA and was awarded the outstanding male athlete of his class. After graduating from Reinhardt, Jack decided to continue the legacy of pharmacy and attended Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy, becoming the Vice President of his senior class and his fraternity. Shortly after graduating from Mercer, Jack returned to his home community and began to lay the foundation of his leadership. He was appointed to the Pickens County Board of Health and took over ownership from his parents at Jasper Drug Store in June of 1979, where good health and well being continued to make its mark. Two months later, Jack married his college love Terry Dunn who gave birth to their two sons Brent and Dereck in the years that followed. Jack joined the mission of promoting and enhancing the profession of Pharmacy by becoming the Region 9 President of the Georgia Pharmacy Association. Because of his committed service and due diligence to his region’s pharmacists, he received the Mal T. Anderson award in 1986 as outstanding region president. After receiving this award, Jack continued on in the region as Treasurer for at least ten years and also served as president of the local association in Cherokee and Pickens for several years. In 2008 Jack was elected to the office of second vice president of the Georgia Pharmacy Association, and began his accension to President where he will be supporting his plat form of “Many Practices, One Profession. Offering over 40 years of pharmacy experience, and 24 hour pharmacists on duty, Jasper Drug Store continues to pride itself in unparallel service and patient care. He continues to build on his legacy, currently mentoring his

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July 2011

GPhA Exhibit Hall This year the Exhibit Hall had 69 Exhibits many of whom were first time exhibitors with GPhA. There were contests for iPads and Nanos and free years of membership. Below are images from the time in the Exhibit Hall.

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July 2011

GPhA Continuing Pharmacy Education GPhA members like the ones below had the opportunity to attend over 30 hours of Continuing Pharmacy Education on topics ranging from HIV/AIDS treatments to Immunization Update.

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July 2011

Tuesday Evening Banquet Tuesday evening was a time to honor those who have contributed to the profession of pharmacy and celebrate another year of GPhA successes.

President of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy Steve Wilson, R.Ph. and his wife Karen from Smyrna.

2010-2011- GPhA Chairman of the GPhA Government Affairs Committee and Mayor of LaFayette, Neal Florence, R.Ph. and Board of AIP Member Carolyn Florence, R.Ph.

Member of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy Fred Barber, R.Ph. and his wife Julie from Blackshear.

Member of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy Bill Prather, R.Ph. and his wife Layne from Blue Ridge.

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July 2011

GPhA AEP Academy Tennis Tournament This year’s winner of the Academy Tennis Tournament is the Academy of Independent Pharmacy, but a good time was had by all of the participants.

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July 2011

GPhA General Sessions This year the General Session speakers included Steve Gilligland, Thomas E. Menighan, Bob Greenwood and Rick Allen. The General Sessions also included a panel discussions by Georgia State Legislators and Board of Pharmacy. There was also a new CPE entitled Pharmacists Pheud.

American Pharmacists Association Executive Vice President Tom Menighan, R.Ph. poses with GPhA 2010-2011 President Dale Coker.

Rick Allen, R.Ph., Executive Director of the Georgia Drugs anad Narcotics Agency answered many attendee questions on the regulation of pharmacy at Monday’s General Session.

Keynote speaker Steve Gillilandbrought tears and laughter to a packed house at Sunday’s General Sesssion as he entained and educated attendees on how to “Make a Difference” in today’s practice of pharmacy.

President of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy Steve Wilson, R.Ph. delivered an update on the issues addressed by the Board in the past year.

Jack Dunn and Josh Kinsey preparing for Pharmacy Pheud by giving instructions to the crowd at the Sunday General Session.

Traveling all the way from Iowa, the National Community Pharmacy Association President Bob Greenwood, R.Ph. updated attendees on national health care issues facing the community pharmacist of America.

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July 2011

More General Sessions pictures from the Convention and Exhibit Hall for your enjoyment!

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July 2011

GPhF 12th Annual Carlton Henderson Memorial Golf TournamentWinners 1st Place Team Tommy Bryan Michael Lewis Tommy Willis Adam Lewis

Longest Drive Michael Lewis Closest to Pin Laird Miller

Longest Putt Bob Cecil

Closest to Pin Tommy Bryan

Last Place Team a/k/a Most Honest Andy Rogers Bill McLeer Eric Ridings

Bob Greenwood, Hugh Chancy and Eddie Madden enjoy a round to the Oak Marsh Golf Course at Amelia Island Plantation.

Ira Katz considers his shot while watching for cars.

Mike Crooks explains gto his wife Lindsey why playing golf at the Tournament is so important. Thank you Lindsey for letting him play.

Gentlemen start your engines. Golf carts lined up and ready for tee times.

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July 2011

GPhF Carlton Henderson Memorial Golf Tournament These golfers powered through heat and smoke to enjoy the links. The money raised from the GPhF Golf Tournament goes to fund scholarships for Pharmacy School Students in the state of Georgia.

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July 2011


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July 2011

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July 2011

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