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Rect angl eAd Banner ( 300x 250)

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WEBSITE AD PACKAGE ORDER FORM BUSINESS INFORMATION _____________________________________________________________________________________ Business/Organization Name _____________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name _____________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Phone _____________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Email PACKAGE SELECTION

Homepage Pop-Up Ad ($7000 value – yearly) Studio Ad Package – homescreen slider ad ($4000 value – yearly) Producer Ad Package ($2500 value – yearly) Enhanced Ad Package ($1500 value – yearly) Basic Ad Package ($750 value – yearly) PAYMENT INFORMATION Check Enclosed

Credit Card:





Make check payable to “Greater Philadelphia Film Office” and mail to: Greater Philadelphia Film Office, 1515 Arch Street, 11th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102 Card Number:_________________________________________ Exp: __________ CVV: _______ Name as it Appears on Card: ________________________________________________________ Billing Street Address: ________________________________________________________________ Billing City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________ Advertising Packages is a go-to site for filmmakers and media producers for vital resources and information. Advertise on to reach your next be...

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