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October 2013 What’s Cooking in the Newsletter STATE OF THE OVEN Letter from the President –Patti Corcoran Greetings All:

active and involved.

The LSDOS saw very warm and dry days across the US during the summer months. We are all looking forward to cooler days where we can continue our outside cooking without the fear of grass fires and the ever present humidity. Several of our chapters have continued gathering during the summer, but most of them gather around cool foods. A few continue to fire up the coals if they want, but mostly these gatherings are for the fellowship and fun so members can stay

We have just returned from the 2013 Nationals in Arkansas. Eric and Sharlyn McCallister assembled a great team of volunteers. They planned and coordinated with the DeGray State Park staff and made this a very successful event. As with all Nationals, they had obstacles encountered, but they met these head on and were ready to greet us all. We could not have asked more from the park staff. They were there every day, smiling, and ready to help in any way they could. There were 22 states and Canada represented which means a lot of folks were there to participate in the events, reunite with old friends, and meet many new friends. Ray and Alta Pruitt were in charge of the LSDOS booth. There were door prizes drawn every hour for LSDOS members only. These drawings kept the members coming by on Saturday to check their ticket numbers. We had 50 members to join or renew their memberships at the booth. The Texas Dutch Oven

was won by Calvin Taylor from the Toledo Bend Chapter. The Grand Prize of the Arkansas Dutch Oven and LSDOS

NEWSLETTER ITEMS: National DOG News … LSDOS Chapter News With Recipes and Pictures

Calendar of Chapter DOGs Membership Meeting Minutes (Enclosed – Pages 20 - 23) Send prayer requests to: Shervonne Davis: 979-776-1191 or President’s Letter (continued) merchandise was won by Patrick Ricks of the Central Arkansas Chapter. Pat donated the prize for the Saturday night auction. We appreciate all the hard work done by everyone to make this large project look so simple. There were countless hours of work and door knocking to accomplish this large task and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You completed a JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!

The 2014 Nationals will be held in Monticello, Iowa with Ron and Judy Groenendyk taking the lead. It will be September 12-14, 2014, but of course


STATE OF THE OVEN (continued) some will be arriving early as September 7th . To make reservations at WALNUT ACRES campgrounds, call (319)465-4665. Be sure to tell them you will be with the National Dutch Oven group. Hope to see you there!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JANUARY 16-19, 2014 LSDOS BOARD MEETING (SATURDAY, JANUARY 18) AT SALMON LAKE IN GRAPELAND, TEXAS. ALTHOUGH ONLY BOARD MEMBERS CAN VOTE ON ISSUES, ALL MEMBERS ARE URGED TO COME AND PARTICIPATE IN THE FUN, FOOD, AND FELLOWSHIP. THE LSDOS BELONGS TO YOU, YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT, SO PLEASE COME AND HELP THE LSDOS BE A BETTER ORGANIZATION. Keep the coffee hot, smiles warm, and life FUN!!!

Patti Corcoran --President LSDOS

NATIONAL DUTCH OVEN GATHERING 2013 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering Eric & Sharlyn McCallister – 2013 National Chairpersons

DeGrey State Park Arkansas

Final thoughts on the 10th Annual National Dutch Oven Gathering 2013 Hosted at DeGray Lake Resort State Park in Bismarck Arkansas As the sun sets on another NDOG it looks like we have had a wonderful experience once again. As the dust settles we have finally had a chance to come up with some final totals you may find interesting. The final head count looks to be 390 that registered and another 350 that visited on Saturday, for a grand total of 740. We might have got ahead of ourselves on the numbers at first but none the less this was the final count without taking our shoes off. Thanks to all the States and Canada that came to visit the Great State of Arkansas, 21 to be exact , AL,AR,CA,GA,IA,ID,IL,IN,KS,LA,MA,MO,MS,MT,NC,OH,OK,TN,TX,UT,&WI Thanks to our Sponsors: Camp Chef , Lodge , Sand Bar Manufacturing , Dutch Oven Gear by Sam’s Iron Works, Evapo-Rust , CMC Manufacturing “Fire Pits”, Pioneer Mills ,West Rock Coffee, Post Cereal ,Riceland Rice, Petit Jean Meats ,Chicken Express, Mountain Valley Water, LC Ratchford Farms ,Cedar wood Lodge, Wildwear Screen printing , Hunters Feeding the Hungry , Dan’s Wet Stones with Brian Phelps ,& Leigh Spargur Photograhic’s LCC. Thanks to all the Cooking groups that partnered with us: Lone Star DOS, Louisiana DOS, Arkansas DOS, IDOS, Bayou Pots, Magnolia Black Pots, SWLA LE Chief Cookers of Louisiana, Central Arkansas DOG and the 2012 National Dutch Oven Gathering. This year IDOS donated $500 for the 3 pot cook off and Lodge donated $300 for our cook offs as well. 3 3

NATIONAL DUTCH OVEN GATHERING 2013 (continued) We had many great cooking demos from biscuits to cheese cake and from cooking with wood to the always in demand bread and pie classes. This year for the first time a live auction was held. Those that participated thought it was a lot of fun and everyone got great deals to boot. Most of the items were donated by Camp Chef and a few individuals. We owe a special thanks to all of them. None of this could have happened without the help of Mike Wilson and the wonderful staff of DeGray Lake Resort State Park. Their many man hours, the tents, tables, chairs, electricity , water, nice clean restrooms etc. made our guests feel welcome and made Arkansas a great host for the NDOG. As we bring this to a final close, Eric and Sharilyn McCallister and the Central Arkansas Dutch Oven Group would like to say thank you for allowing us to host the 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering in the Great state of Arkansas.

LSDOS CHAPTER NEWS Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Janis Westmoland – Advisor


Mathis, Texas

July, August, September the Black Potters got together and cooked at the Old San Pat Museum, we are a dedicated group, even though temperatures were way up there our group was out cooking some absolutely delicious recipes. Surprisingly, we had a lot of guests stop by and check us out, we even picked up 2 new members. October we held a demonstration for a local civic organization, turkey shoot and cook off. November we are planning our third in ground cooking (Luau) Thanksgiving, so far we are cooking a small pig, turkey and brisket, with lots of side dishes in the black pots. Planning to camp out around the fire, play LCR, enjoy each others company. Come out and join us. FOOD, FUN, FELLOWSHIP!!! Our November DOG will be an in ground cooking event, like a Luau, this is our third year of cooking in ground. We are cooking a small pig, turkey and brisket in the ground, side dishes will be cooked in the Dutch Ovens either in the fire pit or over coals. This is a terrifically fun event for us, each year we get better and better at it. The DOG will be held at my house in Old San Patricio, San Patricio River Estates. We hope ya’all come out and have some fun with us, I think the weather is going to be great, email me and I will get you the directions to my house. PS, we will be playing a dice game called LCR, it is a great fun game that has no limit as to how many players, you will need quarters to play. The date is Saturday, November 9th. Hope to see you - Janis Westmoland 361-547-5476 - Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

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Rio Grande Valley Chapter Mike Key – Advisor


McAllen Texas

Howdy all you Dutch oven Enthusiasts! I hope your summer is going well and you haven't burned too many Biscuits! I was hoping we could of had a few more get togethers than we have but time flew by faster than cheap charcoal burns away. One big event that I learned about today is the 1st Annual Kingsville Dutch Oven Cook Off on November 23rd in beautiful Kingsville, home to those Fightin' Texas A&I Javelinas! Sorry I just can't say that other school. In order to get ready to show our stuff I would like to call a D.O.G. for September 7 and October 5th. This will give us a chance to work on our favorite recipes and renew old and make new friendships. The Cook off is a three pot contest of main entrée, dessert and bread so find grand Ma's cookbook and dust off that secret recipe and let's see what we can do. I have asked for more details as far as rules and costs and will share that as soon as I can. Let us know if you have a good gathering spot for the monthly D.O.G.s so we can get as many people there as possible. Spread the word and let's get as many of our friends involved in the Cook off and the Chapter. Mark your calendars and get ready to fire up those pots and let's make time for Food, Fun and Fellowship Dutch oven style! Here is some rules and assorted information for the Kingsville Dutch Oven Cook off. Some of the high points are: Team limit is three people. $25.00/team. At least one member of each team must have a food handlers permit. Recipes must be sent in with registration. Serving times, may be subject to change: 4:00 Dessert -- 4:30 Bread -- 5:00 Entrée. Youth will compete in their own division. The adult supervisor will not be counted as a team member. The adult can assist with the fire management, heavy lifting, time management but cannot help with the food preparation or cooking. Let me know if you have any questions on the Cook off or on our scheduled DOGS. Keep an eye out for a good location for our September and October DOGS. We can move around to attract new members. If you haven't joined yet and would like to please go to and fill out your form and send it in. Thanks for your interest in our group and in advancing the art of Dutch oven cooking. To remind you all we will be holding our next DOG on September 7 at West Side Park off of Ware Road by the softball fields. Please come out and join in on the fun of experiencing great food and terrific fellowship while gathered around our black pots. I will be on site at 8:00 AM to catch a good spot. Come out at any time but keep in mind we would like all pots be ready to go at 12:00 noon. Please bring anything you need for your recipe and some extra water would be good as they don't always have the water turned on. Bring your chairs and coffee cup as I will have the coffee pot on early. Please keep in mind this is a great chance to work on your favorite recipe you might want to use when you enter the Kingsville Dutch Oven Cook off on November 23rd. Go ahead and mark you calendar for October 5 as we will have another DOG at a location to be announced. Our October DOG is coming up next Saturday the 5th and I would like to know if y'all have any suggestions on a location! We have been meeting at the West Side Park in McAllen but we can go about anywhere that is has some facilities like covered tables, water and restrooms would be nice. At our last get together Harsha Puttagunta and his team of his wife Sobha, Mark Freeland and Patti Garcia cooked up a great dish of chicken curry with some Indian flatbreads and carrot pudding for dessert. This was a great tasting combination of Indian cuisine and the two different flat breads were a first for me but I hope not the last. I did my best to keep up and baked a loaf of white bread to go with a bacon wrapped pork loin and a strawberry angel cake for dessert. The bread and pork loin did ok but my cake recipe still needs a bit of adjustment. Let me hear from y'all if you have a suggestion and I will get back to everyone next Wednesday or so to confirm our location. So keep on cookin' and don't burn your biscuits, Mike Key, Chapter Advisor

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Travelers Chapter Patti Corcoran – Advisor


All Over Texas and Beyond

The Traveling Chapter of the LSDOS has had several members represented at different events. In June, there was the Arkansas Cookin’ for Kids, in July the LSDOS Membership Meeting, and in October there was the 2013 National DOG at DeGray State Park in Arkansas. We had a total of 15 members that traveled to participate in the well planned evens at Nationals in the beautiful DeGray State Park. We had several members that gave demos during the Friday and Saturday events of the public. There was cooking over fire by Wes Stigen and Marsha Weber from Wisconsin, trash can turkey by Bear Hood from Texas, Outdoor Fire Pit cooking by Dean Patterson from Texas, and making biscuits by Ken Munn from Mississippi. We also had Bobby Barron from Texas showing his fantastic handmade wooden cooking implements. It was so good to see this many members from our Chapter together again. We are represented by members from Canada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Wisconsin, and Utah. As you can imagine, it is difficult to hold regular DOGs for this Chapter. Each member has their own cooking groups in their areas which they share black pot cooking. It is our honor that these individuals have chosen to be members of the Traveling LSDOS Chapter. Since we do not gather often, I used the Chapter incentives to purchase patches for the members. They will receive these chuck wagon patches for each year they have been members. We had 12 members that renewed for 2014 at the LSDOS Booth. For the members that were not present at the 2013 Nationals, I will be mailing theirs. As soon as I receive confirmation from Greg that a member has renewed, I will be mailing the appropriate number of patches to that member. The picture attached (sorry I could not get it downloaded, maybe next newsletter) is from our April 27 Frontier Village cooking with Paul Martin and Kay Burk. Keep the coffee hot, smiles warm, and life FUN. Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers Chapters Lesley Tennessen – Advisor


Northern Illinois & Wisconsin

Blackhawk DO Chapter, 2Qtr 2013, by Lesley Tennessen, Dutch Oven Diva We’ve finished a great summer of activites. Now onto fall! Blackhawk Cooks are always busy. We cook 12 months a year, outside! Snow, rain, wind, cold. Hot, humid, camping. But that doesn’t mean we eat outside 12 months a year! Come join us if you are in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin. We’ll make a DOG just for you! Our events for this quarter included our annual Pell Mtn DOG, camping trips, working at State Fair, working with homeless shelter and having a lot of fun. We camped up in Wisconsin along the lakeshore at Kohler Andrae State Park in August. We enjoyed several nights of tasty meals from our black pots. On Saturday, when everyone was there,we put a dozen tasty pots onto the table. Included was pulled pork, Cuban black beans, muffletta sandwish, bread, cornbread berry cake, green bean casserole. There was beach walking, hiking, and more cooking. And an August Demo for Camping Fall Favorites at Cabela’s in Hoffman Estates, IL. Thank you Cabela’s for being a great sponsor. A first ever State Fair Dutch Oven Demo time. Lesley Tennessen went down to join LincolnLand’s, Chuck Frost to make a beef pinwheel, corn fritters and a pineapple upside cake. Well received and we’ll be back! September brought a service project, coordinated by Bob Tirk, where Blackhawk cooked for a local homeless shelter in Woodstock, IL. This is a day facility and they crew served over 30 folks that day with jambalaya, bread, apple crisp and ice cream. Thank you, Bob, Tina, Randy M for doing this. According to Bob Tirk, Couldn't take pictures of the full pots as our guests lined up and emptied them before we could take a shot. Warm day, warm hearts full bellies. We will also be cooking at our monthly DOG with Randy M..he just hopped in as our newest member and agreed to host. Thank you! Randy did a smoked turkey breast. Tina created a fall root veggie medley with a honey glaze. Gwen did cauliflower patties. Bob E did his fabulous pizza. Bob Tirk made a squash casserole (thanks to Colleen Sloan) and veggie lasagna. Lesley made a key

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Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers Chapter [Continued] lime pie. There was bread, and a whole lot of other dishes. Homegrown, homemade cornbread thanks to Chuck Howenstine. Strawberry bread from Tina and a great lasagna from Dorie. We always invite friends and neighbors to make sure that we have empty pots! In October, we had a fabulous Fall DOG at Bob and Gwen’s in southern Wisconsin. Fall Colors means we don’t have to have misting fans! Yahoo for that. Our special guests came all the way from Switzerland! What a treat to have 3 kids and parents, all inquisitive on how we make food with a pot and a little charcoal! Pork, veggies, bread pudding, pineapple upside down cake, taco casserole. Thanks to Bob, Gwen, Laura, Lesley, Randy H, Cathy and Tim. We have the greatest time cooking together. Lesley attended the National Dutch Oven Gathering in Arkansas. She traveled with Chuck Frost from central Illinois. We got to meet, greet, shake hands, trade hugs with lots of friends that we know thru the LSDOS newsletter and Facebook. It sure makes the world a lot smaller and cozier when you are with your friends! We had one more gathering in West Bend, WI this year. The cooks up in West Bend will cook up a lot of great, healthy food. It’s always enjoyable getting together, cooking up and hosting a few more new cooks. This time, we enjoyed the company of 5 new cooks! It must have been a rice day! Almost every dish contained rice! That section of the Blackhawk Chapter is growing nicely, with the addition of scouting and young families. Our annual Holly DOG will be in Woodstock, IL in early December. Come join us if you passing thru ChicagoLand! Keeping the coals hot! Lesley Tennessen Berry Upside Down Cornmeal Cake from BasilMomma, Heather Tallman and adapted to the dutchoven 10 in dutch oven -- 20 coals, 13 on lid, 7 below in a ring to make a 350 deg oven 2 to 2 1/2 C fresh blueberries, raspberries, and/or blackberries 1 1/3 C all-purpose flour 1/2 C yellow cornmeal 1 TB finely snipped basil 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs lightly beaten 1/2 C sugar 2/3 C milk 1/3 C canola oil *basil and mint for garnish with additional berries leftover Glaze: juice of 1 lemon, zest (optional) and enough powdered sugar to give the right consistency.

Lightly spray or oil the bottom and sides of the dutch oven, line bottom of pan with parchment paper; butter or spray with non-stick spray. Arrange 1 1/2 cups berries in bottom of pan; set side. In bowl stir together flour, cornmeal, basil, baking powder, and salt. Set aside. In another bowl whisk together eggs, sugar, milk, and oil. Add egg mixture all at once to flour mixture. Stir until combined; Spread evenly over berries. Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. Cool cake in pan 5 minutes. Run knife around edge of the pan to loosen sides . Invert. Remove parchment. Top with remaining berries, basil and mint. Let cool (if you want to) before drizzling glaze.

Toledo Bend Chapter Carolyn Chandler – Advisor


Center, Texas

Our chapter does not meet in June, July or August.... September 21st DOG was held when there was a burn ban in our county. Since we had not met during the summer, we decided to have a "pot-luck" fellowship and bring food from home. We had a good turn out of 18 members. We did not advertise to the public this month. Lots of good food and fellowship was enjoyed by all. This was on a Saturday and the next day, we had a good soaking rain for a few days and the burn ban was lifted. The October DOG also fell on the same weekend of the 2013 National's in Arkansas. Several members were planning to attend and some of the others in the group had planned on attending another festival, so we did not have the monthly DOG. What a fun time we had at the National's at Lake DeGray in Arkansas. Three couple's camped and two others stayed in the Lodge or motel. We are very proud of two of our members, Calvin Taylor and Bill Phillip who participated in the 3 pot cook off. They were among the 20 teams of fabulous cooks.. We are looking forward to being able to "cook on coals" our next DOG which will be November 16th. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Carolyn Chandler, Chapter Advisor

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Wildflower Chapter Dan & Kerry Poggemiller – Advisor


Austin, Texas

Words from Wildflower We are finally experiencing cooler weather which makes those DOG's so much more appealing. Our August get together was held at a local restaurant where the air conditioning and drinks were cool and quenching. Some of us also cooked at a fund raising event at the Tangeman's. There were a lot of folks who had never eaten black pot cuisine which makes for a lot of fun and interesting conversation. The day was really hot but still enjoyable. September brought our annual demo/camaraderie get together at The Fall Festival at the Dr. Pound House in Dripping Springs, Texas. Our Diva of the Dutch, Delcie amazed us again with some delicious Corn Meal Pancakes. Part of the Festival was the art of grinding corn into meal. We were able to make a refreshing cornbread from the fresh meal that somehow tasted so much better than a boxed meal. It was a lot of fun. Some much needed rain has changed a few of our plans but we plan to end the year with more festivities around the holidays. Sam Houston Chapter Mary Merriwether – Advisor


Conroe / Huntsville Area, Texas

The Sam Houston Regional DOG was held September 21, 2013 at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, TX. Several excited members arrived on Thursday to start the fun with camping, games, and visiting. Unfortunately, on Friday we had four inches of rain that flood the sandy roads and ran under the canopies. The rain was much needed, but not all at one time. The sandy watermelon growing ground quickly took care of the running water, and everyone could gather for much anticipated fun. On Saturday, we had 15 campers with 13 RVs and 2 cabins. We planned on using the big pavilion, but we decided to use only the Town Hall since all the chairs were dry! As we gathered, we had more food than would fit on 5 tables, and had much more than we could eat. If you were unable to join us, mark your calendars to come next year for our 6th Annual Regional DOG. It will be held September 25-28, 2014 at Salmon Lake in the Sunshine Inn. This building is much larger than the ones we usually reserve. The camping sites are close to the building, flat, and full hook-ups. You don’t need to make reservations for RV or tent sites, but call the park for cabin rental (936)687-2594. Since several of our members were going to Nationals in Arkansas in October, the decision was made to cancel our local DOG for October. It was really exciting for Sam Houston Chapter to have ten members represent us at Nationals. By making reservations early, we were able to get our camp sites so we were grouped close. We spent valuable time together then also shared in the events planned by the Nationals committee. Green Chile Stew Kluwen Family 2 pounds cubed pork 1 pt canned tomatoes or 2 large fresh tomatoes 2 cups cubed potatoes, red or white 1 ½ cups diced onions 1 TBL minced garlic 2 cups roasted, peeled, chopped green chile or to taste

Put 6 cups of water in a 12” DO and put in the meat. Boil until done. Add potatoes and simmer for about 30 minutes, or until they are soft when pierced with a fork. Add the other ingredients and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes more. Add salt to taste. To make the stew vegetarian, omit the pork. Start with 6 cups of vegetable broth and add the potatoes. Boil until soft, add the other ingredients. Add 2 TBL chopped cilantro to your stew as you serve. Nothing better than a fresh flour tortilla with your stew. Serve them warm.

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Sam Houston Chapter [Continued] Plum Crumble Frank Kluwen – (source Plum Filling: 2 TBL brown sugar 1½ TBL flour 1/3 tsp cinnamon 1/3 tsp ground giner 2 heaping TBL finely chopped candied ginger 6-8 large or 12 small plums, cut in half and pitted

Topping: ¾ cup granulated sugar 1 cup flour 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt ½ tsp cinnamon 1 egg, well beaten ½ cup (1stick) butter melted Lightly oil or spray 10” DO. In large bowl, thoroughly mix filling ingredients. Arrange plums in single layer in prepared Dutch Oven. To make topping, in medium bowl combine granulated sugar, baking powder, salt and ½ tsp cinnamon, mix well. Stir in egg, Using hands, mix thoroughly until mixture resembles small crumbs. Sprinkle over plums. Drizzle butter evenly over crumb topping. Bake at 375 (1 ½ rings or charcoal on top, 1 ring on bottom) for 30 -35 minutes or until filling is bubbling and topping is lightly browned. We used 10 coals in ring on bottom – 15 coals around top edge with an additional 5 coals in center. If desired, serve with ice cream. Makes 6 servings. We will have our November gathering at the American Legion in Willis on November 16, 2013. Several will begin camping on Thursday. Our theme will be Thanksgiving, so come join us for FUN, FOOD and FELLOWSHIP. Saltgrass Chapter Gary Lemley – Advisor


Houston, Texas

Our chapter continued to enjoy occasional good weather with a continuation of great fellowship and good food; We did not meet in the hot months of summer but our activities are now up and running.. Our meetings are held at Bear Creek Park (west Houston area) and we are open to any new members who want to join us. In September we were rained out due to high water at the park shelter and the same rains came again in October. However, thanks to the generosity of the McGuire’s we were able to meet at their home for a GREAT October DOG Time. We were also able to share our good food with neighbors who were able to stop by. In December we have our special Holiday DOG which we provide each year for the Harris County park staff at Bear Creek. This is a fun event and is set for December 6th at 9am to 1pm. Some of the food that we prepared at our OCTOBER DOG included: chicken & Dumplings; Sausage pasta Bake; Eggplant dressing; Chicken Macaroni; and a special desert of Caramel apple Blonde pie.. For any that come by on the third Saturday each month, we WELCOME visitors and there is always plenty of food. Our meeting is at Bear Creek Park Shelter #8 with pots on table at 4pm (see LSDOS calendar). Canadian River Chapter Skip Kendrick – Advisor


Vega, Texas

Sorry about no reports but the report did not get written in a timely manner. We had a meeting June 29. There were 14 cooking and we ended up with 29 eating. We meet in Vega at the County Barn, most counties are in a fire ban. However,at this time we are starting to get some rain. Our next cook will be Oct 5, also at the Oldham County Barn, in case fire bans are till in effect. We are inviting local law enforcement to join us for a supper. We will meet about 3PM and have the meal about 6PM. Join us if you are in the area. Skip Kendrick

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Little House Cookers Chapter John Frerich – Advisor



The Little House Cookers have had a few opportunities to get together and cook since our last chapter report. On August 10th we met for our annual trip to cook at the Days of Yesteryear Festival at the Olmstead County Historical Site. During the day we cooked various things to give out as samples and visited with a number of people interested in learning about Dutch oven cooking. We even got a treat and was able to watch an 1860's baseball game that was held right across from where we were set up. Towards late afternoon we began cooking our DOG meal for the evening. We had struck up a conversation with a gentleman who was selling Kettle Corn at the festival and he joined us for the meal and brought along some of his Kettle corn for us all to enjoy. Also in August on the 24th, a couple members of our Chapter traveled to Cedar Falls, Iowa to cook with our good friends from the Iowa Prairie Rose Chapter for their annual Wood Duck DOG. Had a great time getting together with them all and cooking with them again. On September 14th we held our annual River DOG at St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park near Hastings, Minnesota along the St. Croix River. This was a special DOG in that we also celebrated the retirement of one of our members, Greg Collins. Some of Greg's family and friends were also there to help celebrate and it was a real pleasure to meet all of them. Along with the food that was brought in, we all cooked various dishes to help make the celebration a great time. October 5th found us at Whitewater State Park, East of Rochester, MN. We thought about some kind of theme to have for this DOG and we came up with calling it a "Guinea" DOG, as in "Guinea Pigs". Each of us was to cook a new recipe that we had never done before and we would all be guinea pigs for trying out the new recipes we made. Needless to say all the dishes turned out great and we found some new keeper recipes. We also debuted our new Chapter Aprons. Thanks to Mary Jane Michels for making them for all of us. Most of us have also done demos at other events or have done cooking at home so the pots are always hot for us! Our next planned DOG will be our annual Winter DOG held in January. San Antonio Chuck Wagon Chapter Yvonne Newton – Advisor


San Antonio, Texas

One of the original LSDOS members, Bill Ball passed away in May. He lived a long and fulfilling life and will be missed. He was 93. I loved listening to him tell stories and adventures he had in his life. Village Creek Cookers Chapter William “Dee” Sims – New Chapter Advisor


Lumberton, Texas

Well, time marches on. Glen Cook asked me to take over as Advisor l0 years ago. I thought I would do it for 5 years and then pass it on. By the time you read this Newsletter I will be 75. I have been Advisor l0 years. It is time to pass it on. Dee Sims will be the new Advisor for Village Creek Cookers beginning in 2014. I think V.C.C. will flourish under his leadership. He has everyone's support. Mott's Knife Show was scheduled for Oct. 19 and so was rain. We were not able to cook. Our Public Syrup Making will be Nov. 9. This is always a good time. Lots of people. In August we did breakfast for our cookout. There were 37 present and lots of good food. We have some new cookers and are averaging 25 each time.

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Village Creek Cookers Chapter [Continued] In closing I would like to say that in the 10 years I have been Advisor, I never asked anyone for help that they didn't willingly help. It's been fun but time marches on. Bo Clark, Chapter Advisor -- Village Creek Cookers Prairie Dog Chapter Steve & Leslie Lovett – Advisor


Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Hello from the Prairie Dogs in North Texas! After our summer break, we have been busy with several Dutch Oven Gatherings, helping the new Armadillo chapter get started, giving some Dutch Oven Demonstrations, and of course attending the National Dutch Oven Gathering at DeGray Lake in Arkansas. After our summer break we enjoyed a delightful gathering at Cedar Hill State Park pavilion #2 in September and October. At the September DOG, we had over 20 members cooking and sharing their love for Dutch Oven cooking with 12 visitors. We held a hands-on baking class, learning how to bake from scratch flaky, butter biscuits and beautiful blueberry scones. When lunch was served we enjoyed sheppards pie, cinnamon rolls, corn bread, burritos, beef stew, Mexican chicken, lasagna, 39 clove garlic chicken, rosemary potatoes, German chocolate brownies, and watermelon. At the October DOG, our group was much smaller than normal, with six members cooking and sharing food, fun, and fellowship as most of the group was attending the National DOG. One visitor was welcomed and given lots of information and answers to questions. At the October DOG members enjoyed blueberry cobbler, potatoes au gratin with ham and onions, black forrest Dr. Pepper cake, and Bar B Que chicken. Over the summer, many Prairie Dog friends ventured north to Lewisville to help Armadillios form their new chapter of LSDOS. The Prairie Dog chapter donated Lodge Dutch ovens and other items for their raffle prizes. Thank you to Dale Hiatt, Greg and Sara Petrey, Jay Clark, Dennis and Robin Clute, Mark, Hannah, and Brenna Scheffler, and everyone who helped support the Armadillos! In addition to the Dutch oven demonstrations given at our monthly DOGs, Steve Lovett gave a Dutch Oven 101 to a group of about 50 family campers at the Trophy Club Park Family Campout on Saturday, October 26th. He gave out handouts with information about equipment, basic care of cast iron, temperature control, and links to the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society web page. We have made reservations to meet at Pavalion #2 at Cedar Hill State Park on the second Saturday of the month until May 2014, with the exception of January when we will give a Dutch oven demonstration at Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth. Come join us! Save the Date! Plans for a regional DOG are underway with Collin County Cooks, Armadilos, Dogwood Cooks, and Sherman County Cooks to be held the last weekend in March 2014 (3/28 to 3/39/14). The original plans to meet at a Corps of Engineer Park on Lake Lewisville have been cancelled as the parks are closed and have not given any anticipated date of reopening. So stay tuned for more information! Want to keep up with the Prairie Dogs on Facebook? Join us to see photographs, share information, and help eachother out! Go to and join us! Finally, everyone loves Robin Clute's "Crack Potatoes" so here is her recipe: Cracker Potatoes Robin Clute 2 (16 oz) containers sour cream 2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded 2 (3 oz) bags real bacon bits 2 pkgs Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix 2 large bag frozen hash brown potatoes, partially thawed

Combine first four ingredients. Mix in hash browns. Spread in 12" Dutch oven Bake at 400 for 45-60 minutes. Enjoy!


11 11

Collin County Dutch Ovens Chapter Mike Churchill – New Chapter Advisor


Lucas, Texas

Please note that the Collin County Dutch Ovens have a new Chapter Advisor: Mike Churchill 214-263-6903 Hello Dutch Oven Friends, We have a new Chapter Advisor named Mike Churchill. He has been with our group since we started. Dave Fox has stepped down. Dave has worked very hard being our Chapter Advisor and we thank him very much for his years of service!! Our Chapter has a lot of horse people in it. We like to camp and trail ride with our horses. I started this group with Dave Fox a few years ago hoping to help other trail riders learn how to cook while they are camping. If there are other horse people out there, please share our information with them. A few of us were at the Arkansas NDOG and loved it! Great fun was had by all. We are looking forward to the Iowa NDOG next year. There seems to be an electric current running through our new and old Chapters that simply inspires me! I am looking forward to cooking with old and new friends at our monthly DOGs. We are standing by for more details on our upcoming Regional DOG with the Armadillos, Sherman Cookers, and the Prairie Dogs. Hope to see you there! Collin County Dutch Ovens Chapter Donna Carmickle, Secretary 214-882-0833 -- Rio Grande Valley Chapter Mike Key – Advisor


McAllen TX

The Rio. Grande Chapter got together on October 5 and had a good turn out with Harsha Puttagunta and his team of Mark Freeland and Patti Garcia. I had the pleasure of having my wife Debbie come out for the first time at a real DOG. Harsha's group cooked up a dish of chicken curry with Indian avocado flatbreads which are truly fantastic. Their dessert was carrot pudding. Debbie and I prepared a marinated pork loin steaks with acorn squash stuffed with brown rice. Our bread was Brown Sugar Bread from a recipe I found from a cookbook printed in 1946. It's more like a cake but is super good. Debbie outdid herself with a terrific chocolate bundt cake with chocolate chips and fresh strawberries as garnish. All went well and the weather was terrific. Debbie and I along with Mike Buttles will attend and participate in the Kingsville Dutch Oven Cookoff on November 23. This is sanctioned by the IDOSand the winner will be invited to the World Champioships in Utah in March! As I have said to others we may not win but I know we will eat good! That's it from the Rio Grande Chapter so keep your coals hot and your pots cooking but Don't Burn your Biscuits! Mike Key, Rio Grande Chapter Advisor

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST CHAPTER Lewisville Lake Armadillos Chapter Steven Sick – Advisor


Lewisville TX

Date: 7/27/2013 -- Location: Westlake Day Park on Lewisville Lake -- Hickory Creek, TX On July 27, 2013 the Lewisville Lake Armadillo Chapter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society held their first unofficial Dutch Oven Gathering. This DOG was the first of the three preliminary gatherings required to become an official chapter of the LSDOS. Westlake Day Park in Hickory Creek, Texas was chosen for the location because of its low entry costs, scenic views, flat terrain, covered picnic tables and abundance of shade. It is also centrally located between the Lewisville and Denton areas which are our targeted areas for this chapter.

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Lewisville Lake Armadillos Chapter [Continued] We had an attendance of 28 people of which 7 were visiting Prairie Dog members, 4 were transfers from the Prairie Dog chapter and 17 were attending their first DOG. The LSDOS gained a new member as well. A total of 7 cooking stations were set up housing 17 cooks and their families and friends. There were cooks as young as sixteen who joined in with the veterans to turn out some very tasty food. Everyone was close enough to mingle and fellowship with each other but also far enough apart to have plenty of room to cook. Everyone made it to the table by the targeted serving time of 12:30pm. Our cooks did a great job and provided 17 pots of some very tasty food. The menu consisted of King Ranch Chicken Casserole, Chicken and Biscuit Bake, Chicken and Rice, Beer Bread, Meatballs, Peanut Butter Cake, 7Up Cake, Parmesan Baked Potatoes, Corn Casserole, Baked Beans with Beef, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Crunch, Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese, Happy Bread, Baked Spaghetti, Mexican Meatloaf and Steamed Veggies. Overall I feel like the first DOG for the upcoming Armadillo chapter was a huge success. We were able to reach out to younger cooks and Boy Scout leaders to help encourage the next generation of Dutch Oven cooks. Thanks to the Prairie Dog chapter we were able to give away some raffle prizes too. There were several in attendance, that had never cooked in a group setting before and we gained a new LSDOS member. I will be mailing in his registration this week. I think everyone enjoyed the Food, Fellowship and Fun that was emphasized at this year’s members meeting in Tyler. It is my goal to carry that on and to help bring more new cooks to the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. The next DOG for us will be on August 17th at the same location. Starting in September we will be gathering on the first Saturday of every month. Thank you for your time and for allowing me to work with the LSDOS. I look forward to growing the chapter and reaching out to new Dutch oven cooks everywhere. Steven Sick - Lewisville Lake Armadillo Chapter

Second DOG August 17, 2013 We had another successful DOG on August 17th. There was 22 people in attendance and we put 18 pots on the table. I'm not sure that the first email sent properly. Just in case it doesn't have all the text included with the pictures I am sending this text only email as a follow up. We had 9 Prairie Dogs join us again this month giving us a total of 22 people in attendance. We put 18 pots on the table which included chicken fajitas, chicken enchiladas, buffalo chicken pasta, pizza, bread, blueberry pound cake, cobbler and much more. We had a first time DOG cooker and a father & son team who wanted to check us out. They had a great time and said they would be coming back. We also invited the Park Host to come eat with us and he was happy to do so. Our next DOG will be on September 7th and it will start our regular schedule of meeting on the 1st Saturday of each month. Everyone who has attended so far is very excited for the future of this chapter. We are planning on teaming up with Boy Scout Troop 9168 to help with the cooking merit badge for the scouts. Several of the dads in the troop have expressed interest in joining the Armadillo chapter.

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Lewisville Lake Armadillos Chapter [Continued] Thank you for your time and I apologize for any confusion with the emails. I'm having to do it all from my phone right now and it's not the best way to do it. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you -- Steven Sick

Third DOG September 7, 2013 Hello everyone, First off I would like to thank y'all for the opportunity to be working with the LSDOS. My family has enjoyed every part of it. We held our 3rd DOG as the Lewisville Lake Armadillo Chapter on September 7th. Due to the recent burn ban we were unable to cook in our black pots at the park. However, we were able to gather for some good food, fun and fellowship. Using my gas grill I cooked BBQ chicken and two different types of sausage for everyone. Others brought side dishes from home. Paul Osteen (our newest member to the LSDOS) even cooked in his Dutch ovens at home and brought 3 pots to the table. He was a little late however so they didn't make it into the photos. We had a total of 20 people show up this time and they were all from our area. We even had a new family come for their first time. None of the Prairie Dogs were able to make it this time. This is both good and bad. I love our time spent with the Prairie Dogs and I look forward to continuing our relationship between the two chapters, but at the same time I am proud to say that the Armadillos were able to support themselves with a attendance of 20. Now I just need to start working on turning more of them into official members of the LSDOS. Again, thank you for your support and I am looking forward to growing the Armadillo Chapter.

Newsletter Write-up – Congratulation on becoming a chapter in LSDOS The Lewisville Lake Armadillos meet on the first Saturday of the month. We last met on November 2nd at LL Woods Park in Lewisville, TX. In attendance were six cooks that brought six pots to the table. Additional family and friends were contacted to help share the meals. The entrees brought to the table were green beans and potatoes, a pizza roll, a meatloaf, biscuits filled with ham and cheese, a Chipotle bacon chicken pasta and a pumpkin bread. A good time was had by everyone in attendance. Aside from the delicious food there was great conversation, ideas for future recipes, and talk about how to grow our local chapter. We will meet on the first Saturday of December at LL Woods Park and wish to invite everyone from other local chapters. In other news our small group, was excited to spend the previous Saturday along side The Prairie Dogs cooking dinner for 100+ residences of The Trophy Club. Thankful that Leslie Lovett took the lead to plan the meal and do the shopping, the Armadillos enjoyed making the cobblers. Some even got in on the assembly line of making the enchilada casseroles. We were lucky enough to cook, clean up and get on the road before the rain storm came in. We are a new chapter with lots of opportunities to grow and serve our community and we are looking forward to doing so. To keep up with our group, please visit our Facebook Page, Lewisville Lake Armadillos. Steven Sick

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LSDOS 2013 Calendar of Dutch Oven Gatherings Date


Nov 15th

Sam Houston

Nov 3rd Nov 9th

River Valley Black Pots, AR Prairie Dog Chapter

Nov 9th

Bayou Pots

Nov 16th

Sam Houston

Nov 16th

Toledo Bend

Nov 16th

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Nov 16th

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Nov 16th

Heart of Texas

Nov 17th

Heartland of the Prairie

Nov 30th Dec 1st Dec 1st

Collin County Dutch Ovens River Valley Black Pots Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

Dec 6th

Saltgrass Chapter

Dec 7th

Heart of Texas

Dec 14th

Sam Houston

Dec 14th

Bayou Pots

Dec 14th

Collin County Dutch Ovens

Dec 15th

Heartland of the Prairie

Dec 21st

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Dec 21st

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Information American Legion Post #618, Willis TX Meal at 1:00 pm Contact Mary Merriwether for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Monthly DOG – TST 12:30 pm Cedar Hill State Park Contact Leslie and Steve Lovett for more details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30 Contact Bill Ryan for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX – annual Thanksgiving DOG. Meal at 1:00 pm. Contact Mary Merriwether for details Boles Field, 9:00am – Pots on the table at 12:00noon Contact Carolyn Chandler for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 9:00 am Riverside Park, Brownwood, TX Contact Mansel Clay for details 8th Anniversary DOG Contact Rhonda Cobb for details Contact Dave Fox for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Holiday DOG, Tirk home, Woodstock IL Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Bear Creek Pioneer Park (west Houston area); Admin Bldg 9am to Noon (volunteer meal for park staff) Contact Gary Lemley for details Business Meeting Contact Mansel Clay for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX. Meal at 1:00 pm Contact Mary Merriwether for details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30. Contact Bill Ryan for details Gift Exchange Contact Dave Fox for details Christmas DOG Contact Rhonda Cobb for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details Gift Exchange 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m.. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details

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