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March 2014 What’s Cooking in the Newsletter STATE OF THE OVEN Letter from the President –Patti Corcoran Greetings All: 2014 was started with a very successful LSDOS Board Meeting at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, Texas on January 18. We had members attending from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Texas. There were sixteen RV campers, two cabins, and two brave souls that tent camped. The weather was beautiful but chilly at night and in the early morning. We all gathered in the Sunshine Inn to warm our bones, play games, visit, and of course, EAT!!! The fellowship grew each day as more came to join us. By Saturday, we had 55 for lunch and way too much food. If you were unable to join us, we hope you will make plans for the 2014 LSDOS Membership Meeting. It was unanimously voted on to hold the Meeting at Salmon Lake. The camping will begin on July 17 at the Sunshine Inn. On July 19, there will be a light breakfast at 8:00am, lunch will be on the table at 1:00pm, the Meeting will be held at 3:00pm, and a snacking dinner at 6:00pm. If you can’t come for the weekend, come for the day. We will look forward to seeing you. You will find a LSDOS Calendar of Events in this Newsletter. It was prepared by Leslie Lovett. I appreciate all the advisors that sent their info to her. If you were unable to forward this information to Leslie, I hope you will keep your Chapter information up-dated on the LSDOS website. Thank you Leslie for your time and talents for organizing this so quickly.

I would also like to remind you and your chapter members that our memberships run from January to January. If you have

NEWSLETTER ITEMS: LSDOS Chapter News With Recipes and Pictures

Board of Directors Minutes A Chapter Near You Membership Renewal Form Dutch Oven Gatherings Send prayer requests to: Shervonne Smithey 979-219-1340 or

President’s Letter (continued) not yet renewed, it is that time. In order for your chapter to receive Chapter Incentives, these renewals need to be active by May 31. These incentives are needed for the chapter activities, so remember to join and support your local chapters. Keep the coffee hot, smiles warm, and life FUN!!!

Patti Corcoran --President LSDOS


NATIONAL DUTCH OVEN GATHERING 2014 2014 National Dutch Oven Gathering Ron and Judy Groendyke – 2014 National Chairpersons

Walnut Acres Campground Monticello, Iowa

2014 National DOG is September 12 -14 in Monticello, Iowa Check their website for information

LSDOS CHAPTER NEWS Rio Grande Valley Chapter Mike Key – Advisor


McAllen Texas

Dear all Black Pot fans, In spite of a cool foggy morning this past Saturday an intrepid group of Dutch oven pros got together at West Side Park in McAllen and enjoyed Food, Fun and Fellowship. Thirteen people gathered and fixed several different recipes but oddly enough everyone chose chicken entrees. Melissa Golnick, Jacquitta Lair and Dianna Buttles cooked a King Ranch Chicken casserole along with Ranch Potatoes. Jacquitta did a terrific breakfast dish of Blueberry crescent cake that could be a dessert on anyone's table. She took crescent rolls and rolled them flat, filled them with cream cheese and blueberries and then covered with another layer of crescent rolls and baked them.They were absolutely the best. Mike Buttles his son Corey, Darian Garcia and Lauren Hudspeth did a Chicken and Dumpling dish along with West Prong Potatoes. Their dish was great but it was even better watching the two young guns and working along with Mike. This was Lauren's first time working with Dutch ovens and she had a great time and I hope learned a lot. We had a I was surprised by a special guest Ron Dunagan who helped cook my recipes of Focaccia bread, deep dish brownies and Chicken Cacciatore. We had a great time and actually did a pretty good job. My wife Debbie helped a bit but had to go shopping for our grand daughters birthday, it was a tough decision but I couldn't get her to quit smiling when she left. Oh well go figure? We were joined by Abel Alvarez our Minister for lunch and I must say I was glad we weren't trying to pick a winning dish as all the dishes were absolutely fantastic and done to perfection. Our next DOG is March 1 and we will have a competition at that time for the 1st Annual Texas Independence Day Dutch Oven Cook Off. I looked around for a site and we will hold it at the West Side Park in McAllen as it has the best facilities I could find for cover, space and water. There will be plenty of room for cooking and eating and we want everyone to come out and do their best to celebrate Texas Independence Dutch Oven Style. The Chapter will provide the charcoal and water will be available so no need to bring that. All teams must have at least one member be part of the LSDOS and one member have a food handlers certificate. A donation of $10 per team would be appreciated to help defray some cost but if you can't give what you can and come on out and join in the fun. Please let me know by February 26 so I can make the final arrangements. Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with. Take care and keep your coals hot and pots oiled, Mike Key Chapter Advisor

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Travelers Chapter Patti Corcoran – Advisor


All Over Texas and Beyond

In November, 2013, several Travelers joined the Sam Houston Chapter for their Thanksgiving DOG at Willis, Texas. We had a great time being with friends, cooking, and having time to give thanks for our many blessings. December is a very busy time for family activities, so there were no Chapter events scheduled, but it was nice to share Christmas greetings with those near and far through cards, calls, and emails. January 18, 2014 was the first DOG of the year where we met at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, Texas for the LSDOS Board Meeting. We were very pleased and surprised to have Wes S. and Marsha W. from Wisconsin join us. These brave souls tent camped in 30 degree weather and laughed at us Texans for shivering and complaining about the COLD!!! We had two other camping families that joined the activities for the weekend. It is always a wonderful time when we have the opportunity to be together for the love of black pot cooking and making more friends. Travelers Members are located from Canada to Texas, so it is difficult to gather for events. We know these folks are participating in cooking activities in their areas. I hope they will share with us as they enjoy being together with fellow cooks. Keep the coffee hot, smiles warm, and life FUN. Little House Cookers Chapter John Frerich – Advisor


After two weeks of battling below zero temperatures, the weather finally broke just before the day of our DOG. On January 11th and temperatures in the low 20's the Little House Cookers Chapter gathered at the Gamehaven Council's Boy Scout Camp near Rochester Minnesota for our annual Mid Winter DOG. We started setting up about 9:30 and the cooking began shortly after. We started cooking the appetizers first and snacked on Pastry wrapped Brie, Brown Sugar Sausage Bites, Bacon wrapped Smokies, bread with dill dip, pretzels with honey mustard, Brown Sugar Sausage Bites, and smoked fish while the main meal was cooking. Pots were on the table at about 2:00 and we enjoyed Cajun Pork Paella, Patriotic Potatoes, Orange Rosemary Pork, Cornbread, Spare Ribs, Turkey Cordon Bleu, and Cream of Salsa Chicken. Somehow after all that we made room to satisfy our sweet tooth with Cookie Dough Cheesecake, Funfetti Cinnamon Casserole, and Apple Pie. We all had a great time. We won't be getting together again as a group until June, but I'm sure the pots will be hot until then.

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Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers Chapters Lesley Tennessen – Advisor


Northern Illinois & Wisconsin

We’ve finished a great fall season of activities!! With that, we welcomed cold and colder! Blackhawk Cooks are always busy. We cook 12 months a year, outside! Snow, rain, wind, cold. Hot, humid, camping. But that doesn’t mean we eat outside 12 months a year! Come join us if you are in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin. We’ll make a DOG just for you! This past quarter we cooked a few times, each time with new food and new friends. Blackhawk activities included attending National Dutch Oven Gathering, another Pell Mountain DOG and our annual Holly Day DOG in December. The Pell Mountain DOG was hosted by Gwen and Bob. It’s always fun to go up to southern Wisconsin. There’s a different sort of style there! And best of all, we welcomed guests from Switzerland. It was a wonderful experience showing our black pot style to kids and parents. Fascinated by the tools we used, the method and then, of course, THE FOOD! Thanks to Bob and Gwen for hosting. October was National Dutch Oven Gathering. So, Lesley packed her bags and off she went. First to join up with Chuck Frost, Lincoln Land chapter, and then to drive to Arkansas. It was a fun time, with lots of cooking, friends, food and fun! Our annual Holly DOG was held in Woodstock, IL in early December. Snow flurries were forecast, off and on snow. It started around 10am, kept snowing, and turned out to be a regular snowfall. By dinner time, it was about 5-6 inches of ‘flurries’. Glad that Bob and Ann Tirk have a lovely, warm, inviting home. We had lots of guests too. Chuck Frost and his daughter, Allyson, joined us for the event. We had new cooks too. Welcome to the Tinkler family. Enjoying great food is always a delight. Served that day were crab rangoons, bread, roast stuffed pork loin, roasted chestnuts, mushroom stroganoff, hearty soup, pumpkin dump cake, cherry pie. I’m sure that I’ve left off something! We always welcome the New Year with a DOG. This year, Chicago was given a ‘snow shovel opportunity’ and really cold weather. Again, snow, snow, wind and blistering cold on New Year’s Day. We moved the DOG to the Jan 4 and enjoyed cooking in a little snow, moderate 20’s. We served Carne Guisada con Poblano, Hot Tamale Corn Bread, Rutabaga soufflé, Tortellini with red sauce, Mushroom Gratin, Spicy Spinach with Sunflower Seeds and Chocolate Brownies. Our Hearts R Healthy DOG is in February and then in March, we’ll be celebrating with GREEN! Keeping the coals hot! Lesley Tennessen Red Lasagna (traditional) from Wonton Wrappers 10 in Dutch oven 20 coals Ingredients: 1 cup ricotta cheese 1 whole egg ½ lb Italian sausage ½ jar marinara sauce 4-6 ounces fresh baby spinach 21 wonton wrappers 1 ½ cups shredded Italian cheese

Method: 1. Mix the ricotta cheese and whole egg together, set aside 2. Fry up the sausage, drain well on paper towel. 3. Clean the baby spinach leaves by removing the short stems. 4. Spread 2-3 tablespoons of the marinara sauce into the bottom of Dutch oven. 5. Cover with 7 wonton wrapper, 6 in a circle and 1 in center, overlapping slightly. 6. Spread one third of sauce on the noodles 7. Put a third of sausage, third of spinach leaves, third of ricotta mix. Top with one third shredded cheese. 8. Repeat two more time so that you have 3 layers. 9. Finish with a generous topping of shredded cheese. 10. Put 13 coals on the lid and 7 coals in a ring under. Bake lasagna, until cheese is melted and bubbly (about 20 minutes). Let stand 10 minutes. Cut into 6 equal-size pieces.

Toledo Bend Chapter Carolyn Chandler – Advisor


Center, Texas

Toledo Bend Chapter met November 16th at Boles Field. There were 8 Cookers and 15 pots on the table. There were about 20 present for the meal. Since Thanksgiving was so close, many of us followed a Thanksgiving theme meal...dishes prepared were: Chicken and Dumplings, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Ham/Cheese Bread, Venison Burgandy Stew, Hash Browns, Chicken &

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Toledo Bend Chapter [Continued] Dressing, Cheesy Potatoes, Squash Dressing, Fresh Cranberry Sauce, Chili beans, Pound Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, Applesauce Cake. Toledo Bend Chapter doesn't meet in December. Toledo Bend Chapter met on January 18th. at Boles Field Pavilion. The temperature started out in the 30's and a bit windy...The sun came out and we also had a fire in the fireplace under the pavilion, so it wasn't too bad. We had several cookers out today for various reasons. We had 10 cookers and 16 pots on the table and there were over 30 present. We want to welcome new members, Bob and Stacey Vandrovec. Some of the good food prepared today: Sausage and Black Eyed Pea Stew, Hash Browns, Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup, Texas Hash, Apple Cobbler, Chicken and Dumplings, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, White Bean Chicken Chili, Rotel Chicken, Blackeye Pea Cornbread, Cowboy Stew, Peach-Blueberry Cobbler, Tortilla Soup,Chili Mac, Dump Cake , cornbread and Southwest Chicken Chili. An interesting presentation from Ryan Helms on Texas Waterfowl Brigades which is a program to get the youth involved in the Duck Conservation and its importance in overall outdoors. The Toledo Bend Chapter met Saturday February 15, 2014, at Boles Field under beautiful blue breezy skies. We had nine cookers with a total of 30 people present. Thanks to Ed, we had a fire in the fireplace which felt good. We had a total of 18 pots prepared including Calvin and Barbara's early appetizers of biscuits and sausage. Other dishes included venison chili, cabbage, "Charlie bread", hamburger cheese helper, enchilada casserole, TexMex chicken and rice, hot wings, sausage, rice, beans, corn, jambalaya, purple hull peas, enchilada lasagna, charro beans, and loaded baked potato casserole. Desserts included Dr. Pepper cake, strawberry cake, cherry pie, and peach cobbler. We had some first time visitors today and they seemed to enjoy watching the preparation and cooking in our Dutch ovens. We had 7 cookers that were not able to come today because of illness, family illness or other obligations. Hopefully next month more will be able to attend. Prairie Dog Chapter Steve & Leslie Lovett – Advisor


Hello Dutch Oven Friends! Here is a report from the Prairie Dog Chapter Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth January 11, 2014 – This was our fifth consecutive year at Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth, sharing our joy of Dutch oven cooking with hundreds of visitors. 28 Dutch ovens kept the public amazed all afternoon long! We enjoyed absolutely ideal weather - no wind, clear sky, sunshine, and temperature in the mid 60s. And the food - YUMMY! Ribs, goulash, cornbread, biscuits, apple Dutch cake, lemon drop cake, mango Bundt cake, chicken tacos, brownies, cobblers, and SO much more! We really appreciated having our friends from the Lewisville Lake Armadillo chapter join in the fun.

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Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Prairie Dog Chapter [Continued] Thank you also to Larry Swinea for teaching the visitors about tools and equipment and Steve Lovett for sharing information about temperature control. Everyone loved Robin Clute’s Lemon Drop Cake and had to have the recipe so we know you will enjoy it too. Robin’s Lemon Drop Cake

In large bowl, place buttermilk, eggs, oil, water, and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly. Add cake mix and dry pudding and beat well.

1 box Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme Cake Mix 1 3 oz box instant lemon pudding 1 c buttermilk 3 eggs 1/3 c oil 1 c water 1/3 c lemon juice

Bake in a greased 12” camp Dutch oven at 350 degrees for 50 minutes. At this point begin testing for doneness with a toothpick in the center of the cake. It may take additional time, since this is a very moist cake. For glaze: Combine water, oil, powered sugar, and lemon juice. Whisk or mix until smooth. Glaze cake when slightly cooled. Use only thin layer of glaze. Use remainder of the glaze for another cake or cupcakes (store in fridge).

Glaze: This makes enough for two cakes 4 c. powdered sugar, sifted 1/3 c lemon juice 3 T oil 3 T water


Store cake in refrigerator and serve cold or at room temperature. Cake will have almost a pudding-like center.

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, Runaway Bay, January 1-4, 2014 – Several Prairie Dog cookers volunteered to help hundreds of scouts learn how to bake in camp Dutch ovens at the Salty Forks Outpost for the Mountain Man Rendezvous. They dressed in period attire (mid to late 1800’s) and cooked in bone-chilling temps that went down to 14 degrees, but kept warm by keeping the charcoal hot. Twenty groups of scouts (about 10 per group) learned how to prepare and bake golden cornbread in a 12" camp Dutch oven. Seeing the scouts’ amazement when the cornbread popped out of the DO and sent out its mouth-watering aroma was priceless! Thank you to Dennis Welpe, Kent Anderson, Steve Lovett, Leslie Lovett, Dale Lovett, Debi McBain, Scott McBain, Brenda Wolfe, and Dave Fox for sharing so much of your time, talent, and joy to with the scouts!! Salty Forks Outpost Golden Cornbread Recipe 1. Ingredients: 2 cups cornmeal 2 cups all purpose flour ¼ cup sugar 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 4 large eggs 1 1/3 cup whole milk 1 1/3 cup buttermilk 4 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled Canola Oil

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Pour about 4 tablespoons oil to cover the bottom of a 12” camp Dutch oven with a thin, even coating of oil. Preheat the Dutch oven 425 degrees Fahrenheit by placing 21 hot charcoals on top and 10 underneath. In a large bowl, mix cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a separate bowl, beat eggs, milk, and buttermilk together. Create a well in the middle of the dry ingredients. Pour egg mixture into the middle, then gently fold until almost combined and add butter. The less the mixture is stirred, the better. Pour batter into preheated Dutch oven. Bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit until top is golden brown and lightly cracked and edges have pulled away from the side of the Dutch oven, about 20 to 25 minutes. Transfer to wire rack to let cool slightly for 5 to 10 minutes, and serve. ALTERNATIVES: Golden Cornbread with Cheddar Omit sugar. After adding butter, quickly fold in 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese. Golden Cornbread with Green Chile OR Rotel Reduce milk to 3/4 cup and add 1 cup roasted, diced green chile OR on can drained Rotel. Golden Cornbread with Bacon Reduce sugar to 2 tablespoons. Add 1 cup diced, cooked bacon.

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Prairie Dog Chapter [Continued] Cedar Hill State Park December 14, 2014 We celebrated our holiday DOG with food and gift exchange. Seventeen friends gathered and braved the ultra chilly temps to cook 12 pots of delicious recipes and welcomed two guests. Greg Sheehan led a brief business meeting before the gift exchange. The members voted to donate $200 for prizes to the scout youth cookoff at the upcoming Mountain Man Rendezvous in January. We also had the Christmas gift exchange. I think everyone went home happy, and no blood was drawn in the process. There were lots of wonderful gifts that any cook would love!

Greg Sheehan’s Unstuffed Cabbage. In a 14" cast iron skillet, saute two chopped onions, a few tablespoons olive oil, a pound of lean ground beef and a pound of lean pork sausage. Over high heat, sauté until meat is done and onions are translucent. Add 6 chopped cloves of garlic and stir for another minute. Chop a small head of cabbage and add to meat. Stir in 1 can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes, 1 can (14.5 oz) Rotel tomatoes and chiles, 2 tablespoons cider vinegar or white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, dash of ground nutmeg, ground black pepper to taste, and teaspoon salt. Stir so that all ingredients are well incorporated. Bring to boil. Cover and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes or until cabbage is tender. Serve with rice.

The Prairie Dogs invite you to join us on the second Saturday of the month at Cedar Hill State Park. We gather at Pavilion #2 and have lunch at 12:30pm. Check out all of our photos and recipes and keep up with what everyone is doing on our Facebook group:

Sam Houston Chapter Mary Merriwether – Advisor


Conroe / Huntsville Area, Texas

The November 16, 2013 Sam Houston DOG was held at Willis, Texas. After being away for our September and October DOGs, it was nice to be back “home” at our regular site. We had seven campers that arrived on Friday, and by lunch Saturday, we had 38 for the Thanksgiving Dinner. We had nine visitors, and one family joined the Chapter. It was a time to give thanks for all our blessings, families, and friends.

recognition for all her hard work. Sam Houston Chapter [Continued]

TO MARY FROM OUR MEMBERS: Our chapter is so blessed to have Mary as our founding advisor who we will not let retire!! We keep recruiting her every year to lead us forward. She has been our strength and has not missed an event since starting our Chapter in 2007. We surprised her (WHICH IS HARD TO DO) with an appreciation and Thank You Mary, we are so thankful for you!!!!

8 8

December 14, 2013 Christmas DOG was cold and wet, but we had two faithful campers on Friday. By Saturday, the weather had cleared but was still very windy. On Saturday, as everyone started arriving, we had eighteen for lunch. The wind made it very uncomfortable for fellowship in the enclosed canopies, but as always, we enjoyed being together for our last DOG of 2013. In order to encourage LSDOS participation, the Sam Houston Chapter scheduled its January DOG for the LSDOS Board Meeting. We had nine campers and one cabin by Friday. After the pop-luck dinner on Friday night, the games were brought out for a fun night in the Sunshine Inn. We had two wild tables of Chicken Foot (very high-functioning game!!) going at once. There was a LOT of Fun and Fellowship with everyone brave enough to participate! On Saturday, we had four more families to arrive and cook for lunch. After the LSDOS Board Meeting, we all enjoyed setting around the campfire with old and new friends and shared “Little Johnny” stories (and we have some good story tellers!!). If you have a chance, come visit the Sam Houston Chapter. Our events are posted on the new LSDOS Calendar. We will be holding our 5th Annual Regional on September 26-28 at Salmon Lake. We welcome you to join us any time. Parmesan Butternut Squash Gratin Betty Crocker. Com 12” Dutch oven or 13 x 9” pan 1 hr 15 min 1 butternut squash (2 ½ lbs) ¼ cut butter or margarine 1 large cloves garlic, finely chopped ¼ cup Progresso panko bread crumbs

375 degrees

1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese ¼ teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley

Heat oven to 375°. Spray Dutch oven or 13/9” (3 quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray. Peel, halve lengthwise and seed squash. Cut into ½ inch thick slices. Arrange with slices overlapping slightly in bottom of baking dish. Melt butter, reduce heat to low. Add garlic, cook 2 to 3 minutes, stirring frequently, until garlic is soft and butter is infused with garlic flavor. Do not let butter brown. In small bowl, mix bread crumbs, cheese and 1 tablespoon of the butter garlic mixture. Brush squash slices with remaining butter-garlic mixture. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and bread crumb mixture. Bake 30 to 40 minutes or until squash is tender when pierced with fork. Increase oven temperature to 425°, bake 5 to 10 minutes longer or until lightly browned. Before serving, sprinkle parsley over top..

Festive Bread Pudding Carolyn & James Youngmeyer 12” Dutch Oven Bake 50 -60 Minutes 1 lb loaf pre-made cranberry bread, crust removed - cubed 1 cup dried cranberries 1 cup chopped pecans ¼ cup melted butter 6 eggs, beaten

350 degrees

4 cups half & half ½ cup maple syrup ½ cup brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla ½ tsp cinnamon

Spray 12 “ Dutch oven with cooking spray. Combine bread cubes, cranberries and pecans. Place in over, drizzle with butter. Combine rest of ingredients and pour over bread. Let stand for 20 minutes. Bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes, (17 coals on top and 8 coals on bottom) add more as needed. Pour whiskey sauce over before serving. Whiskey Sauce: 1 cup sugar ½ cup butter

1 egg, beaten 2 oz bourbon whiskey, or to taste

Combine sugar and butter in top of double boiler and cook over boiling water until sugar is dissolved. Stir small amount of sugar mixture into beaten egg, then stir egg/sugar mixture into remaining sugar mixture in pan. Cook and stir until thick. Let cool slightly, then add whiskey. Sam Houston Chapter [Continued]

9 9

COME OUT AND JOIN IN THE FUN, FOOD AND FELLOWSHIP THAT WE ALWAYS HAVE WHEN WE GET TOGETHER. We usually meet on the fourth weekend of the month and generally we camp. Call or email, (281-292-3960 or Wildflower Chapter Dan & Kerry Poggemiller – Advisor


Austin, Texas

Words fromWildflower Well, we made it through the holidays. You know how we always complain about how hot it is at some of these gatherings? Not true of our Christmas get together. I believe it was in the 40’s and the wind was very strong. It was great to have some nice hot pots to huddle around for warmth. The guys made a creative wind break with a tarp which helped immensely. As soon as the food was done, we ate quickly and packed up in record speed. It was still a lot of fun being together for the holiday and ending the year with some great food even though we were shivering. The new year began with much nicer weather. We met at the home of Jeff and Delcie Miller. It was sunny and warm. We spent a lot of time enthusiastically discussing plans for the upcoming year. We’ve got some great ideas to cook in places that expose us more to the public and maybe entice some folks into becoming members. One of my favorite dishes there was created by Diane Lapierre. Here it is:

16 oz. polenta (1 pre-cooked roll, or make your own) 1 1/2 cups pasta sauce 1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese 2 Tbsp. parmesan cheese * optional 1 lb. ground Italian sausage (open/remove from link casings and brown)

Polenta Pie Cover bottom of pan with 1/4" slices polenta, overlapping slightly. Pour 3/4 cup sauce over polenta, Then if using, add 1/2 lb browned Italian sausage. Next add 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers one more time. Bake at 350 for 20 mins. Then sprinkle rest of mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese on top. Bake 5 minutes more or until browned.

We will be cooking at Callahan’s General Store, Austin in February. There are usually a lot of people coming in and out of the store and much interest is generated. The owner sells Lodge cast iron and offers us a store discount on the day of our demos. Can’t wait to see what cookware the group adds with their purchases. Always an adventure! River Valley Black Pot Cookers Ray Pruitt – Chapter Advisor



Not much going on in the River Valley. We participated in our Local "Stuff the Truck" food drive in October with over 5,000 food items and over $2,000 in cash. We cooked cobblers and served them for donations of $5 or 5 food items. In November we cooked in Morrilton for potluck Thanksgiving with 35 people in attendance and 15 pots on the table. Our December DOG had to be canceled due to icy conditions. In January we were at the Arkansas Big Buck Classic demonstrating Dutch Oven Cooking and promoting our contest in Morrilton in June. Hope everyone has stayed warm and safe in all this bad weather

Collin County Dutch Ovens Chapter

Lucas, Texas

10 10

Mike Churchill – New Chapter Advisor


The Collin County Dutch Ovens started the year with a January meeting at IHOP for pancakes. No Dutch ovens in evidence, but we did have a good turnout, including four new faces from the local Cowboy Church looking for advice and guidance on starting their chuckwagon cooking group at the church. Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls Adapted from Kent Rollins recipe 3 cups sourdough starter 1 package yeast 1 tsp salt 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup + 3 Tablespoons sugar (divided)

2-1/2 to 3 cups flour 1 stick butter, melted 1 Tablespoon cinnamon 2-3 feet unscented dental floss

In large mixing bowl, combine 1st four ingredients and 1/2 cup sugar. Let rest a little while and then slowly stir in the flour until a soft dough forms, using as much flour as is needed. On a floured board, turn out dough and then roll out into a 1/4" thick rectangle. Brush melted butter over the dough, leaving about 1/2" of one long edge dry of butter. Combine cinnamon with 3 Tbl sugar, mix, then sprinkle evenly over the butter. Roll up the dough starting with the long triangle side, ending with the dry edge. Pinch edge closed. Cut out rolls 2" thick. To avoid crushing the roll when cutting, use dental floss by sliding the floss under the end of the roll, crossing then ends over the top, then pulling the floss ends so that the floss cuts through the end of the roll. Repeat with remaining dough. Gently place cut rolls in greased 9 inch cake pan. Cover and let rise in a warm place for 40 minutes. Start new batch of coals once rolls are in the pan and have been rising for about 5 minutes. Place a trivet, rolled balls of aluminum foil, or a couple of clean, new horseshoes in the bottom of a 12" Dutch oven to act as spacers. Preheat oven to 350 starting when rolls have about 10 minutes left to rise. Place pan of rolls in preheated Dutch oven and then bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven let cool for five minutes and top with Caramel icing. Caramel Icing 1/3 Cup heavy cream 3/4 cups brown sugar 2 Tbl butter, melted1 Tsp vanilla In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and whisk until well combined and smooth.

Dutch Oven Chicken Provencal Stew adapted from Big Girls, Small Kitchen -- For one 12-inch Dutch oven, to feed 6-8



3 lbs. bone-in chicken thighs, skin removed (can use boneless) 1 large onion, thinly sliced 1 cup white wine 1 small can tomato paste 3 Tablespoons brown sugar 3 Tablespoons olive oil 3 Tablespoons minced fresh garlic 1/4-1/2 cup chopped, pitted kalamata olives 5 large pitted dates, chopped 2 Tablespoons fresh oregano (or 1-2 teaspoons dried) Salt and pepper, to taste 6 roma tomatoes, quartered 2 zucchini cut into 1/2″ rounds Fresh parsley, for garnish

Combine all ingredients except zucchini and roma tomatoes in a gallon sized resealable plastic bag or large bowl covered with plastic wrap. Chill until ready to cook. (Can be done one day in advance.) Rub the inside of the Dutch oven with oil. Place the entire contents of the bag or bowl into the oven. Arrange the chicken with a spoon or spatula so it is in an even layer. Place the Roma tomatoes evenly around. Place the lid on top. Place 8 coals under the oven and 14 coals on top. Cook for about two hours or until the sauce has thickened quite a bit and the chicken is falling away from the bone. Add the zucchini during the last 30 minutes of cooking time. Garnish with fresh parsley and serve with crusty bread, potatoes, rice or couscous.

On February 1st, we met at Brockdale Park for out February outing. We had a good turnout, with nine folks cooking/helping and an additional five visitors who dropped in for something to eat either before or after horseback riding (Brockdale Park is a popular trail head for the Trinity Trail 25 mile hiking and horseback riding trail around the west side of Lake Lavon). Collin County Dutch Oven Chapter [Continued]

11 11

Dishes prepared include: Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls*, hashbrown breakfast casserole, baked beans, green bean casserole, beer bread, cornbread, rustic "slow" bread, Chicken Provencal Stew*, Coca Cola Chicken, Beef chili, and Blueberry Apple Chile Crisp. (*recipes above). Upcoming DOGs are March 1st, April 5th, and May 3rd at Brockdale Park in Lucas, TX. Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Janis Westmoland – Advisor


Mathis, Texas

OLD SAN PATRICIO BLACK POT COOKERS are doing GREAT!!!! We have some great plans for 2014!! As you know we had our third Thanksgiving in ground cook which by the way was fantastically fun and successful. The party began on Friday evening; we began by digging the hole, lining it with bricks, the word soon went out that we needed a bunch of wood, pretty soon we had all of the wood we could use, I still have plenty for a blazing camp fire. Two of our new members were raised on ranches; their parents gave them free run of the place and taught them the survival skills to stay alive on the open range. These two gals taught us a lot. The plan was to prep the food that evening and put it in the in ground oven the following morning. Melissa, our “Range Queen”, having used this method of cooking many times suggested it might be a good idea to cook everything over night to make sure everything was cook to perfection. A vote was taken so that’s what we did! We seasoned, stuffed, wrapped all of the bundles of meat, dressings and sides and placed them in a wet sheet, the wet bundle was then wrapped by a chicken wire cage and placed into our prepared in ground oven. The next morning with most of the work done we gathered, cooked more side dishes and enjoyed a wonderful “Thanksgiving Blessing” of great food and great people. FOOD, FUN AND FELLOWSHIP!! Everyone had so much going on at Christmas it was decided to take the month off from cooking. We started off 2014 with a blaze, we once again gathered at the Old San Patricio Museum on the third Saturday of January with a great turn out of cookers and guests, the weather was wonderful. We will be cooking again at the Museum for our February DOG. The “WORLD CHAMPION RATTLESNAKE RACES” are here again we will have teams demonstrating on Saturday and Sunday the third weekend of March. Pioneer Day is the 4th Saturday of April this year, the Black Potters will demonstrate there as well. Looking forward to having many great times together cooking in the little black gems called “Dutch Ovens”. Welcome new members “LET’S GET COOKIN” Isn’t that the prettiest PEACH COBBLER YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Lewisville Lake Armadillos Chapter Steven Sick – Advisor


Lewisville TX

The Lewisville Lake Armadillos meet on the first Saturday of the month. We welcome all cookers and their families to feel free and join us at any time. We are looking forward to the Regional DOG in March and in April we will be cooking for the families of The Trophy Club at their town's family camp out. Find us on Facebook at: Saltgrass Chapter

Houston, Texas

12 12

Gary Lemley – Advisor


Our chapter continued to great gatherings with great fellowship and good food; For any that come by on the third Saturday each month, we always WELCOME visitors and there is always plenty of food. Our meeting is at Bear Creek Park Shelter #8 with pots on table at 4pm (see LSDOS calendar). This location is easy to find at the west side to the Greater Houston area.

February DOG presentations Carol doing the mixing .. the old fashion way

Always a friendly group

Look forward to having you join us -- Saltgrass Chapter Amber Waves Chapter Ronda L Barnow – Advisor


The weekend of October 4th-6th, we cooked and camped at Elks Lake, Chanute with several couples who had expressed an interested in Dutch oven cooking. Some of them had a little experience with Dutch ovens, some had used th but only in the kitchen, and others had not used them at all but wanted to learn. We got together a couple times prior to the planned weekend to share recipes and give tips and encouragement to the beginning cooks. We had quite a spread on Saturday! Floyd & Brenda made cabbage rolls, ribs, and a cobbler. Steve made $500 beans, along with some stuffed jalapenos and bacon wrapped asparagus. Doug and I fixed cilantro lime pork loin, a brisket, and cowboy potatoes. Pam & Bill made country style ribs & vegetables and apple dew dumplings, Floyd and Brenda made wings, cabbage rolls and a cobbler. Bill & Shirley made cornbread. Dianna made a big pot of Jingle, and Gary & Rhonda made ribs and an apple pie. Throughout the weekend we shared recipes and cookbooks, and seasoned a few skillets over the campfire. All in all, the weekend was a great success!! Everyone enjoyed the food, the fun and the fellowship, and I believe we have the beginnings of a great group of cooks!! We're hoping to get together on a regular basis when the weather warms up this spring. Everyone's ready for some more camping and cooking weekends! Ronda Barnow Amber Waves Chapter, LSDOS

Amber Waves Chapter [Continued]

13 13

Chute, Kansas

Jingle Dianna Litzel This makes about an 8-quart Dutch oven 2 lbs. lean pork cubed 10 oz can crush tomatoes 2 cans Rotel 1 can pineapple tidbits. 4 cups sliced assorted peppers, if

Country Style Ribs & Vegetables 12� Dutch oven Ronda Barnow 4 lbs. country style ribs 2 medium onions, rings or chunks 1 clove garlic 3 large potatoes, cut in chunks 1 or 2 red or yellow peppers, strips or chunks

1 cup cooking wine (can substitute red wine vinegar, grape, apple or cranberry Juice)

1 bottle barbecue sauce 1/3 cup oil

not in season, I use a bag of frozen stir-fry peppers

1 medium onion diced Combine all, and all of the liquid. Add to taste. Tbsp. garlic powder 1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes

Season pork as desired. Brown in oil in the Dutch oven. When brown, cover with sauce and wine. Layer vegetables on top. Put lid on oven and bake at about 350 degrees the first hour, dropping to 325 degrees thereafter. We cooked a total of 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Cook on medium heat at least 3 hrs. Serve over White Rice

Brazos Valley Chapter Shervonne Smithey – Advisor


Cilantro Lime Pork From Joe Vossen on Camp Cooking with the Capn 4/30/13

This recipe was originally written for for chicken, but I have used the same recipe for a pork roast and it comes out great. It was also made for a crockpot, but I have adapted to Dutch oven . Ronda. Cilantro Lime Pork (or Chicken) 1 24oz jar of salsa 1/2 cup of fresh chopped cilantro 1 package of taco seasoning 1 lime, juiced 4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I used a 3 Lb pork loin - RB)

2 jalapeno peppers, chopped (optional) Mix together the salsa, cilantro, taco seasoning, lime juice and jalapeno peppers, pour into Dutch oven. Add meat. We cooked for an hour at 350 in the Dutch oven, then dropped it to 300 for an hour, then around 275 for the next hour or 2, just till it was done enough to shred easily. After we shredded the pork and added it back to the sauce, it simmered until everything else was ready. Bryan/College Station, Texas

Some members of the Brazos Valley Chapter made it to the Winter Meeting in Grapeland January 17-19. Bob and Judy Hall, and David and Shervonne Smithey camped that weekend. Mike, Cindy and Chris Mullen from the Bryan/College Station area stopped by on Saturday to visit and see what the group was like. Bob prepared a trash can turkey that nearly fell apart for the Saturday lunch. Shervonne made bacon-wrapped chicken with brown sugar and cayenne pepper glaze. She also made 7-up biscuits. The Chapter met on a gloriously beautiful Texas day on February 15 for their first DOG of the season. It was so good to get outside again after weeks of very unusual, extremely cold weather. Under the pavilion was slightly cool so we kept migrating to sunny spots to visit. Ronnie Allen made a beef stew that was so good that he got Shervonne to eat stew for the first time in about thirty years. He also made jalapeno corn bread. Bob Hall made classic comfort food: mashed potatoes and bacon-topped meatloaf. He remembered to bring ketchup, too! His wife Judy brought coleslaw. Bud Nichols made bacon-wrapped green bean bundles and a tender pork tenderloin. Charlotte was the gopher who made more than one trip to the store for people who forgot key tools or ingredients! Shervonne Smithey made roasted veggies with radish, potato, carrot and garlic. Bill Chance was spending the day in town to help

14 14

Brazos Valley Chapter [Continued] his grandson break down an in-ground pool but cooked while he worked and brought a rum-coconut bread pudding and chili pie topped with corn meal. Other attendees were Sherry Chance, David Smithey and Bob’s assistant, Misty and her daughter Bentley who photographed the group. It was a wonderful, casual day with lots of visiting and as always, too much food. Our next meeting will be March 15 at the Brazos Center Pavilion behind the Bryan Target. We’ll arrive around 9 and aim for pots on the table at 12:30. Hope to see some of you there! Shervonne

Lone Star Dutch Oven Society Annual Winter Board of Directors Meeting Salmon Lake Resort February 18, 2014 Prior to the meeting beginning, Greg Petrey and Shervonne Smithey certified the following proxies: From Paul Martin Patti Corcoran Shervonne Smithey Mary Merriwether Rhonda Cobb

Chapter Sherman Travelers Brazos Valley Sam Houston Heart of the Prairie

To Shervonne Smithey Wayne Corcoran David Smithey Larry Kendall Leslie Lovett

Having 36 Chapter Advisors, means a quorum of 9 is required. Eleven were present. President Patti Corcoran opened the meeting with a welcome to all and asked that cell phones be turned off. She then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and asked David Smithey to offer an invocation. Minutes: Shervonne Smithey presented the minutes from the 2013 Winter Meeting and shared highlights. Dee Sims seconded Shervonne’s motion to accept the minutes. Minutes were accepted as presented. Trustee Report: Greg Petrey brought the Report of Expenses Incurred for the 2013 National DOG. There were only two transactions directly associated with the National DOG, both of which had been approved and budgeted at a previous meeting. A $500 cash sponsorship and $500 in merchandise were donated. The merchandise was a golf towel designed and order by Rhonda Cobb. Shipping costs brought the expense over by $28.39. Financial Report: Greg presented the year end reconciliation which was reconciled to the December 31 bank statement. We reached 90% of projected revenue and 78% of projected expenses for 2013, for a profit of $450.11. Chapter Sales are items that chapters can buy through the club. The invoice they receive shows retail price with tax, but Greg charges the wholesale price to the chapter. As Trustee, Greg pays the sales tax for the club in an agreement with the State Comptroller. Chapters keep the profit by selling the items at retail. The negative amount shown in the expenses is the discount back to the chapters. He currently has the Christmas Ornaments, Texas shaped cutting boards, etc., that need to be sold. Our sales taxes have been paid so we have no liabilities at this time. Our net worth is $25,053.72 at this time. Membership: Mary Merriwether says the only new chapter to report is the Armadillos with Steven Sick as their first advisor. Greg noted that their group had the most cooks at a first DOG that he has ever seen! They meet in Lewisville, north of the DFW area. As far as Mary knows, there are currently no pending new chapters. In addition to

15 15

Annual Winter Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (continued) Steven being introduced, Dee and Mel Sims, advisors for Village Creek Cookers and Bob and Mickey Shave the new advisors for Tejas were introduced. There are three chapters that do not have the necessary three members to continue as official chapters. The only members they have are past LSDOS presidents who received lifetime memberships which were granted in the past. They will still receive newsletters but the problem is that when non-active chapters are listed on the website, visitors see the information and attempt to visit. Patti has received a few angry contacts after people visited events that didn’t happen but were on the website. To help chapters find members, Mary sent a list of “at-large” members to Chapter Advisors so they could reach out to those in their area and encourage them to join a local chapter. Rick Caldwell suggested a certified letter asking them to ‘relinquish’ the chapter. Ron Groendyke asked if the chapters could just be kept but available to restart. Chapters that fall below but gain new members can already become active again. Tejas is an example of one who has done that. Discussion included putting “Inactive” on the website. The consensus from the group was to do this and for Greg to remove their group from the zip code finder so it will not come up in a search. There are 118 paid memberships as of today (Feb. 19). Leslie’s calendar is useful but advisors need to do better at turning in information. Greg will help her put it on the website after it is updated. Leslie could remind them through the board listserv or by email. Mary will also put a reminder in the newsletter. Patti asked how many active voting chapters we have. Eleven chapters as of today do not have the minimum 3 members. Leslie’s chapter has raffles, etc., at every meeting, for example $35 for a 6” pot. She was asking about setting aside a budget item to “help” struggling chapters know we care and help them with expenses. Paul Martin and Kay Burke cook regularly and do raffles but their groups are not growing. Tejas State Park put announcements about the gatherings in their calendar and newsletter. Steven Sick noted that he was fortunate to have supporting chapters to help cook which is a real help. Steve Lovett asked if it would help to put something on the Texas Parks and Wildlife site as a “see LSDOS website” type ad. Half of the 11 weak chapters are out of state. Greg is concerned that that option may be cost prohibitive. Greg and Leslie will research with a goal to promote the society and help at-risk chapters. Website: Greg presented the Website Report which noted that 36,960 computers visited the website for the first time. The fact that a lot of hits are from the Ukraine and Czech Republic concern him d ue to website security. There were more than 68,000 “404” errors. He has checked and all of the links are good so it is probably caused by spam attacks. He intends to move to a content management system, probably Word Press. He encourages Chapter Advisors to submit information to the webmaster so it can be on the website. He would like to link social media to the website and we need to link all social media. Dynamic information is what people want and the best at that are the social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Greg will need help to do this. Leslie noted that the issue is time because you have to watch it all the time to prevent hijacking, etc. Several “bot” tools like HootSuite will post to multiple media forms at one time. Some prefer Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. We can use an engine to post to all and all of those followers would immediately know. Greg said that we can also post the feeds on the website for more dynamic content. Visitors to the website can see what is being talked about. It is very important to have multiple administrators to be able to immediately remove offensive material. Leslie says she has gotten several new members through Facebook. You can also “friend” other public sites like Chambers of Commerce so more people see the posts. Greg said that the website was not hacked this year after changing to a very complicated password. We are going to an electronic newsletter. He’s been looking at the options, looking for a more “glossy” feel. It may incur a cost to get a good one by buying a paid account. Newsletter: Mary said the newsletter will probably come out around the middle of March. She has to wait for the minutes from this meeting and chapter advisors to send in their write-ups. She usually gives about 2 weeks for them to send them in. She asked that all information is sent by February 15.

16 16

Annual Winter Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (continued) Absentee Voting: Bob Shave has been researching whether there were any legal restraints to doing electronic absentee voting. A lot of businesses and non-profits are voting electronically or by proxy. One idea is to put the information out, then vote so the meeting can share the results. The tools will usually send an email with a link. The user clicks on the link and votes anonymously. We can validate whether that email’s “token” voted or not, which would prevent double votes. There was also discussion of discussing issues at the meeting, then voting afterwards. Sending the information before and voting before allows people who cannot travel to vote. Several tools are available. There is no legal issue. There is really no issue technology-wise, it is easy to generate email with tokens. If people want to vote in person, we would have to validate that they had not voted yet. If someone did not have a computer, we could set up one on site to help people vote. Leslie said we would have to be careful about sending out the items and losing the discussion that may sway or change your mind. Rick noted that it could eliminate compromise. Marsha Weber asked how far in advance we would notify people so they can talk to their chapters and see how they feel. Steve Lovett reminded us that the General Membership votes on the Board of Directors and on by-laws. We could set it up so some meetings are before the vote and some are after. Patti said that absentee and electronic voting is really to give every member a chance to vote without giving away their vote to someone else. Steven Sick asked where the agenda topics come from and how people would find out about the topics. The by-laws can only be changed every other year, in non-election years. Electronic discussion can be on the social media sites, as well. Patti said that LSDOS is more open now with no secret committee to screen things. It is all open for members to attend and see or hear what we are doing. Although you may not be a voting board member, you can make your opinion known. Regarding elections, there may not be a need for an election on years when positions are uncontested. 2014 National DOG: Ron and Judy Groendyke will be hosting the NDOG in Iowa this year. Ron said that 57 people are already registered to camp. He is having a blast planning and is trying to make it exciting. There is a niche of people outside of Texas. There are people who have already signed up to help. It will be held at the Walnut Acres Campground in Monticello, Iowa on the September 13th weekend. There is a 2014 website. To make reservations, contact the campground directly. Every DOG is different and ours will be different. It is a level campground the size of a football field with a pavilion. They would like to do an “ethnic” meal night on Wednesday night so everyone can bring food from their heritage. Some in the room wondered how much LSDOS will be supporting by attendance with the NDOG being far away from Texas for the next seven years. When we started supporting financially, we have contributed $500 cash and $500 in merchandise and are possibly the largest “group” that attends but we have no ownership in NDOG. Ron noted that we put on DOGS to show the talent and grow. Patti said there will be LSDOS folks there to work the booth but the organizers arrange for the booth to be there. Summer Meeting Site: Rick and June Caldwell discussed the potential sites for the Summer Meeting. Lake Somerville was considered but it only has 14 sites near the small building. Everyone would have to camp elsewhere in the campground and drive to the building. The committee considered Highland Lakes Tow campground, Choke Canyon and Salmon Lake. In the past, Patti and Wayne drove 500 miles to look for the requested requirements of tent and rv camping, air conditioned meeting location, etc. Here at Salmon Lake we get this large building free with only ten campers. Bob Shave seconded the motion from the committee to have the summer meeting at Salmon Lake. The centermost point of membership was Airport Park in Waco, but it did not have a pavilion, was hot and the showers didn’t work. Wayne recommended that we go ahead and vote on the winter meeting location now. Patty, Rick, June and Greg had looked at the building we are in today and made a decision to have today’s meeting here. This area is level, has more

17 17

Annual Winter Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (continued) camping space and this building is much bigger for our group. The board voted to hold the winter meeting here, the weekend after Father’s Day if the building is available. (After the meeting it was learned that the building was not available on the chosen weekend. Board members discussed in the parking lot and voted unanimously to reserve the building and have the meeting on the weekend of July 18-20, 2014. New Business Insurance: Greg was able to negotiate a discount to the liability insurance. Last year had a considerable increase but we have gotten it back to the 2012 rate. Greg recommends accepting this rate. David Smithey made the motion to accept. Dee Sims seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Letter from Mike Key: Mike Key of the Rio Grande Chapter made a motion by letter, recommending that a LSDOS statewide DOG be held somewhere somewhat central in Texas. He said it could include an annual cook off for a “Best in Texas” award and might draw attention from sponsors, equipment companies, etc. His group is willing to drive up to 300 miles to attend such a function. Joe Huber also recommends a Texas-wide meeting. He would rather avoid competitions and hard feelings that can come from them. Someone noted that LSDOS was founded by people who wanted and alternative to the highly competitive nature of IDOS. Some of our members are also IDOS members and compete with them. Greg said that if we do it statewide and use LSDOS money, we need to vote. Marsha suggested that when we choose a location, it should be a small town that our coming would bring money to that community – that it be a place that our money would help. Leslie seconded the motion to have a statewide DOG. Twelve board members voted yes and the measure passed. LSDOS is more than a state so it would be association (LSDOS) wide and not exclude our members in other states who may want to attend. Budget: Greg provided two versions of the budge for consideration. When we pay out chapter incentives, only about 80% actually gets paid because of those who do not want to receive it back or those who never cash the checks. Royalties are down. Lodge has more competing cookbooks now. We only earned $1.47 in interest income. Overall, I’m anticipating about $600 less in revenue. We will be doing less printing due to the electronic newsletter beginning and the insurance cost is back down. We will have some newsletter postage and printing only for this transitional year. I left a little to print just a few copies. We will have 501c3 filing fees when we receive the approvals. Our policy has been to have about a year’s expenses in savings and we currently have almost 200%. The two versions of the budget are based on two options that Greg is proposing. He is proposing that we either pay 50% of dues or 100% of dues back to the chapters this year as chapter incentives. Six members voted for 50% and 8 voted for 100% so 100% of dues received as of May 31 will be returned to chapters to assist them with expenses. Other: Joe Huber said that Canton is begging us to come back. With a 30 camper commitment, we would get full hook-ups for $15, get the building and can cook outside the building. We could get it from Sunday to Sunday but are restricted by 1st Monday Trade Days. Steven Sick said that we might should float the associational DOG around the state and perhaps merge it with the membership meeting. Leslie suggested that we set aside $500-1000 for deposits, etc., to organize. She asked if the budget could be amended. Greg said yes. David Smithey asked if it was wise to further go over budget for this because he is concerned that once we do it, we always will. Bob Shave made a motion to amend the budget to set aside $1000 in case the membership votes to have an association-wide DOG. Dee Sims said it should be presented to the membership for them to possibly volunteer to organize it. Steven Sick seconded the motion. 12 voted for and none voted against. Dee Sims made a motion to adjourn. Bob Shave seconded. An unanimous vote ended the meeting. Minutes respectfully submitted by Shervonne Smithey

18 18

Travel ---- Visit a LSDOS Chapter Near You TEXAS

Abilene – Key City Kookers Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Amarillo/Vega – Canadian River Dutch Oven Group – Skip Kendrick -- 806-267-2567 – Austin - Wildflower Chapter – Dan & Kerry Poggemiller -- 512-344-9539 – Bastrop – Independence/Lost Pines Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Bryan/College Station - Brazos Valley Chapter – Shervonne Smithey - 979-219-1340– Center – Toledo Bend Chapter – Carolyn Chandler - 936-598-5349 – Collin County – Collin County Dutch Oven Cookers-Mike Churchill – 214-263-6903 – Conroe/Huntsville – Sam Houston Chapter – Mary Merriwether - 281-292-3960 – Corpus Christi - Pioneers of the Gulf Coast Chapter- Karen Howden - 361-986-1268 - Crockett/Grapeland - Tejas Chapter – Robert & Mickey Shave – 936-499-3321 – Crosby/Highlands - San Jacinto Sons Chapter – Jerry Harrison – 281-328-4420 – Dallas/Fort Worth – Prairie Dog Chapter – Steve & Leslie Lovett – 817-228-2980 – Dickinson – Cracked Pots Cast Iron Cookers Chapter – Becky Snyder – 281-534-2167- – Heart of Texas Chapter – Mansel Clay - 325-646-9210 – Houston – Saltgrass Chapter – Gary & Mary Lemley -281-347-3585 – Kerrville - Hill Country Chapter – Butch Mize - 830-866-3396 – Lumberton - Village Creek Cookers Chapter – Dee Sims – 409-782-6364 – Mathis – Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Chapter- Janis Westmoland – 361-547-5476 – McAllen – Rio Grande Valley Chapter- Mike Key – 956-631-1435 – Nacogdoches – Piney Woods Chapter- – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? San Angelo – Concho Valley Chapter- Gary Rogers – 325-655-2010 – San Antonio - Bare Pots Chapter- Bill Brummel – 210-675-3468- San Antonio – San Antonio Chuck Wagon Gang Chapter- Yvonne Newton – 210-509-9437- Sherman – Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers- Paul Martin – 903-546-9062 – Texarkana – Caddo Area Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Traveling Dutch Oven Cookers – Patti Corcoran – 936-295-4695 – OUT OF STATE CHAPTER

Arkansas – Central Arkansas Group-– Patrick (Pat) Ricks – 319-930-9402 – maparicks@yahoo,com Arkansas – River Valley Black Pot Cookers -- Ray Pruitt – 501-242-2763 – cookingforkids2112@yahoo,com California – Bay Area Dutch Oven Gypsies – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Illinois – Northern Illinois Dutch Oven Cooks – Greg Jacobs – 847-970-7852 – Indiana – Kokomo Kookers Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Iowa – Prairie Rose Cookers Chapter – Ron Groenendyk – 641-660-3235 – rjgr2973@iowatelecom,.net Kansas - Amber Waves Chapter - Ronda L. Barnow – 620-431-0947 - Kansas – Southern Kansas Dutch Oven Wranglers – Lyla Bybee – 316-208-6869 – Louisiana – Bayou Pots Chapter (Shreveport) – Bill Ryan – 318-741-1180 –

19 19

Travel ---- Visit a LSDOS Chapter Near You (continued) Minnesota – Little House Cookers Chapter – John Frerichs – 507-728-8492 – Mississippi - Magnolia Black Pots Chapter – Biscuit T. Sims – 601-924-4264 - Illinois – Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers – Lesley Tennessen – 847-909-9274 – Oklahoma – Heartland of the Prairie Chapter – Rhonda Cobb – 580-762-9847 – Tennessee – Overmountain Cast Iron Chapter – Ray Partain – 865-604-3240 – ===========================TIME OF RENEW 2014 LSDOS MEMBERSHIP============================== =======================LAST NEWSLETTER UNLESS 2014 DUES ARE PAID==========================

Lone Star Dutch Oven Society Membership Application* NEW MEMBERS ONLY: 1/1 thru 3/31 - $20, 4/1 thru 6/30 - $15, 7/1 thru 9/30 - $10, 10/1 thru 12/31 - $5 per household per calendar year. Dues are RENEWED at the January 1 rate even if they are renewed later in the year. Name(s) __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________ City______________________________________________________ State ______________________________Zip____________________ Phone (_____) _____________________________________________ Email Address _____________________________________________ Referred by _______________________________________________ Chapter Preference _________________________________________ Do you wish to have your contact information published in a Membership Directory? _____NO


Make check or M.O. payable to: Lone Star Dutch Oven Society Mail with this application to: Greg Petrey P. O. Box 822472 North Richland Hills, TX 76182-2472 Welcome to the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. As a new member, you will receive your membership card by return mail. Your membership includes a subscription to "The Dutch Oven", our more or less quarterly newsletter. *Please allow 4-6 weeks to process your application. 02/17/14

LSDOS 2014 Calendar of Dutch Oven Gatherings to Follow 20 20

March 2014 Date



For More Information


Lewisville Lake Armadillos

Contact Steven Sick for Location


Brockdale Park, Lucas TX


Collin County Dutch Ovens Prairie Dog


Iowa Prairie Rose

Location To Be Announced


Toledo Bend

Boles Field Pavilion, Shelbyville TX

3/15 3/15 3/15 3/15

Salt Grass Blackhawk Brazos Valley Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers Wildflower

Bear Creek Park, Houston TX Pioneer Tree Farm, Johnsburg IL Brazos Center Pavilion, Bryan TX 6011 Luella Rd. Sherman TX 75090

Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Heartland of the Prairie Travelers’ Sam Houston Rio Grande North Texas Regional DOG Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Word Champion Rattlesnake Races

Dan Poggemiller, Wildflower Chapter is on Facebook!

Contact Rhonda or Dawn for Location

Rhonda Cobb 580-304-3210 or Dawn Mills 580-362-5188

Shriner’s Chili Cook Off, Willis TX Shriner’s Chili Cook Off, Willis, TX West Side Park, McAllen TX Black Jack Loop, Tyler State Park

Patti Corcoran Mary Merriwether Mike Key, Leslie Lovett

North TX Regional DOG, Tyler State Park

Paul & Katy Martin 405-919-2724

3/15 3/1516 3/16 3/22 3/22 3/22 3/2830 3/2830

Cedar Hill State Park – Pavilion J

Contact Dan Poggemiller for location

21 21

Steven Sick, Armadillos are on Facebook Collin County Dutch Ovens are on Facebook Leslie Lovett Prairie Dogs are on Facebook Ron Groenendyk 641-660-3235 Michelle Shock 319-230-8427 Toledo Bend is on Facebook Carolyn Chandler, Gary Lemley, 281-705-8183 Lesley Tennessen Shervonne Smithey, Paul & Katy Martin 405-919-2724

April 2014 Date



For More Information


Lewisville Lake Armadillos

Contact Steven Sick for Location


Brockdale Park, Lucas TX


Collin County Dutch Ovens Prairie Dog

4/12 4/12

Blackhawk Iowa Prairie Rose

Laura Tobin’s home, Woodstock IL Marshaltown, IA

4/19 4/19

Rio Grande Toledo Bend

West Side Park, McAllen TX Boles Field Pavilion, Shelbyville TX

4/19 4/19

Brazos Valley Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Wildflower

Brazos Center Pavilion, Bryan TX 6011 Luella Rd. Sherman TX 75090

Steven Sick, Armadillos are on Facebook Collin County Dutch Ovens are on Facebook Leslie Lovett Prairie Dogs are on Facebook Lesley Tennessen Ron Groenendyk 641-660-3235 Michelle Shock 319-230-8427 Mike Key, Toledo Bend is on Facebook Carolyn Chandler, Shervonne Smithey, Paul & Katy Martin 405-919-2724

Pioneer Day, Orange Grove, TX

Contact Dan Poggemiller for location Bear Creek Park, Houston TX Contact Rhonda or Dawn for Location


Salt Grass Heartland of the Prairie Sam Houston

Dan Poggemiller, Wildflower Chapter is on Facebook! Gary Lemley, 281-705-8183 Rhonda Cobb 580-304-3210 or Dawn Mills 580-362-5188


Sam Houston

4/19 4/19 4/19 4/20

Cedar Hill State Park – Pavilion J

American Legion Post #618, FM 1097, Willis, TX American Legion Post #618, FM 1097, Willis, TX

Mary Merriwether Mary Merriwether

May 2014 Date



Lewisville Lake Armadillos


For More Information

Contact Steven Sick for Location

Steven Sick, Armadillos are on Facebook

22 22

May 2014 Date



Brockdale Park, Lucas TX


Collin County Dutch Ovens Prairie Dog


Toledo Bend

Boles Field Pavilion, Shelbyville TX


Old San Patricio Museum, Old San Patricio TX Brazos Center Pavilion, Bryan TX Bob and Ann Tirk’s home, Woodstock IL 6011 Luella Rd. Sherman TX 75090


Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Brazos Valley Blackhawk Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers Iowa Prairie Rose



Contact Dan Poggemiller for location

5/17 5/18

Salt Grass Heartland of the Prairie Sam Houston

Bear Creek Park, Houston TX Contact Rhonda or Dawn for Location

5/17 5/17 5/17



For More Information

Cedar Hill State Park – Pavilion J

Howell Station, Pella IA

American Legion Post #618, FM 1097, Willis, Texas

Collin County Dutch Ovens are on Leslie Lovett Prairie Dogs are on Facebook Toledo Bend is on Facebook Carolyn Chandler, Shervonne Smithey, Lesley Tennessen Paul & Katy Martin 405-919-2724 Ron Groenendyk 641-660-3235 Michelle Shock 319-230-8427 Dan Poggemiller, Wildflower Chapter is on Facebook! Gary Lemley, 281-705-8183 Rhonda Cobb 580-304-3210 or Dawn Mills 580-362-5188 Mary Merriwether

June 2014 Date




Lewisville Lake Armadillos

Contact Steven Sick for Location


Collin County Dutch Ovens Travelers’ River Valley Black Pot Cookers Little House Cookers

Brockdale Park, Lucas TX

6/7 6/7 6/14

For More Information

Cookin’ for Kids – Morrilton, AR Arkansas State Dutch Oven Cookoff

Steven Sick, Armadillos are on Facebook Collin County Dutch Ovens are on Facebook Patti Corcoran Ray Pruitt 501-242-2763 or

Oxbow Park, Byron, MN

John Frerichs,

23 23

June 2014 (continued) Date




Heartland of the Prairie Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers Iowa Prairie Rose



6/21 6/28

Salt Grass Sam Houston



6/21 6/21


For More Information

Contact Rhonda or Dawn for Location

Rhonda Cobb 580-304-3210 or Dawn Mills 580-362-5188

Old San Patricio Museum, Old San Patricio TX 6011 Luella Rd. Sherman TX 75090

Jefferson County Conservation Park, Fairfield IA Contact Dan Poggemiller for location

Ron Groenendyk 641-660-3235 Michelle Shock 319-230-8427 Dan Poggemiller, Wildflower Chapter is on Facebook! Gary Lemley, 281-705-8183 Mary Merriwether

Bear Creek Park, Houston TX American Legion Post #618, FM 1097, Willis, Texas Peter and Jeremy’s Home, Woodstock IL

Paul & Katy Martin 405-919-2724

Lesley Tennessen

July 2014 Date



For More Information


Lewisville Lake Armadillos

Contact Steven Sick for Location


Collin County Dutch Ovens Blackhawk Little House Cookers Iowa Prairie Rose

Brockdale Park, Lucas TX


Salmon Lake Park, Grapeland TX

Steven Sick, Armadillos are on Facebook Collin County Dutch Ovens are on Facebook Lesley Tennessen John Frerichs, Ron Groenendyk 641-660-3235 Michelle Shock 319-230-8427 Patti Corcoran, President

Ottawa Lake, WI

Lesley Tennessen

Travelers’ Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Sam Houston Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Salmon Lake, Grapeland TX Old San Patricio Museum, Old San Patricio TX Salmon Lake Park, Grapeland TX 6011 Luella Rd. Sherman TX 75090

Patti Corcoran

7/5 7/5 7/12 7/19 7/1720 7/19 7/19 7/19 7/19

Bob and Gwen’s home, Pell Lake WI Pihl’s Park, Wells,MN City Park, Oelwein, IA

24 24

Mary Merriwether Paul & Katy Martin 405-919-2724

Send prayer requests to Shervonne Smithey - 979-219-1340 -

Bring an Interested Friend and Come Out to a Dutch Oven Gathering to Join in the FUN, FOOD, and FELLOWSHIP

LSDOS membership meeting at Salmon Lake Park Grapeland, TX – Saturday July 20, 2014 Mark your calendar Remember Membership needs to be renewed in January to keep your membership current

25 25