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June 2013 What’s Cooking in the Newsletter STATE OF THE OVEN Letter from the President –Patti Corcoran Greetings All: The Lone Star Dutch Oven Society has opened many adventures for Wayne and me. Since January, we have had the opportunity to visit several chapters from one end of Texas to the other. We have met many LSDOS members who are energetically helping the Society continually grow. There seems to be a renewed interest and planning in all chapters. Just check the Newsletter and see the activities. Please let us know what your chapter is doing. We would be interested whether its activities at your regular monthly DOGs, demonstrations at large events, or sharing for charitable causes. These articles in the Newsletter give other chapters ideas for their areas . It is my hope that each LSDOS member will have the rewarding opportunity to meet more members for FUN, FOOD, and FELLOWSHIP. Only through planned events can we make it possible. The Sam Houston Chapter has a fall Regional DOG, and the Prairie Dog Chapter has had spring Regional DOGs. Heartland of the Prairie Chapter (Oklahoma) and the Dutch Oven Wranglers (South Kansas) have a Bi-State DOG each spring. Each of these LSDOS events has grown as more attend and enjoy the fellowship. They have become reunions as friendships develop, and we look forward to seeing each other The LSDOS Board of Directors and the General Membership meetings are opened to all members. Although the Board

meeting has Board voting only, ALL members are encouraged to attend and voice their opinions before the voting. At both

NEWSLETTER ITEMS: National DOG News … LSDOS Chapter News With Recipes and Pictures

Calendar of Chapter DOGs Membership Meeting Minutes (Enclosed – Pages 20 - 23) Send prayer requests to: Shervonne Davis: 979-776-1191 or

President’s Letter (continued)

meetings, some arrive early to start camping and enjoying the fellowship. These planned meetings give each of us other opportunities to come together. If you have or plan to have an event, I urge you to place it on the LSDOS calendar, send a notice to the Board, contact other Chapters in your area, and get involved with others. (Please remember to keep these notices updated in case there are changes in your

plans.) It is well worth your time and effort to share your love for the Dutch oven and to help keep its history alive.

Keep the coffee hot, smiles warm, and life FUN!!! Patti Corcoran --President LSDOS

NATIONAL NEWS 2013 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering Eric & Sharlyn McCallister – 2013 National Chairpersons

DeGrey State Park Arkansas

Look for more information on the 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering on their website 2013 National DOG DeGrey State Park Make your plans to attend.

LSDOS CHAPTER NEWS Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Janis Westmoland – Advisor


Mathis, Texas

Just to let you know the “Black Potters” are still blowing and going, so sorry about not having the write up for the last newsletter I missed the deadline, I do apologize. We have been very busy holding our monthly DOG’s at the San Patricio Museum and doing Cooking Demonstrations at the 41st World Championship Rattlesnake Races and Pioneer Day in Orange Grove, both events benefiting the area museums. Robert Garcia had a great idea, he suggested we raffle off a Dutch oven, everyone agreed that would be too cool, then Marc Ashley (our Tri-Pod builder) says “why don’t we make it a packaged deal, a tripod and an oven”, so that’s what we did, an even greater idea. The raffle was very successful, a fellow up at Sweeny Switch, Texas has himself a brand new tripod and Dutch Oven to show off. Some other great news for our group is that Patti, Mary, husbands and family came to help us out at the Pioneer Day event. It was such a pleasure to meet them and learn from them, boy can they cook. We talked about inviting some of the other Chapters, possibly the Rio Grande Chapter to come up and cook with us; maybe even have an informal fun cook-off match. What do you think Rio Grande? Thank you Patti, Mary and family so much for taking the time to come cook with us, we look forward to seeing you again!!


Since I missed the last newsletter I wanted to mention that in December 2012 we did the Luau (in ground cooking) again, it was much more successful this time. We dug a smaller hole and inserted a piece of metal conduit pipe through the chicken wire so that we could manually place and pull the bundle out of the hole easily. We cooked hog quarters, pork roast, chicken and turkey, everything came out delicious, so much fun and not much work, we will probably do again. Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers [Continued] Wanted to pass on a recipe that David Urrea found for Jalapeno Cornbread. It is delicious; I think you will enjoy it. David usually doubles the recipe and cooks it in a 12” Dutch Oven. Janis Westmoland Come Join Us!!

Rio Grande Valley Chapter Mike Key – Advisor

Jalapeno Cornbread 10” oven –-- - 400° 1 pkg (6 oz) yellow cornbread mix 1/3 cup cream style corn 1 Tbls chopped onion

1 egg beaten 1/3 cup shredded Cheddar cheese 2 Tbls chopped fresh jalapeno

Grease 10” oven. Heat to 400° F. Combine ingredients in large mixing bowl. Mix well. Pour into hot Dutch oven. Bake 20 to 25 min or until golden brown.

McAllen Texas


We had a great time yesterday at the Sam Benito DOG and if you missed it you should of been there. Several brave souls traveled the long distance ad braved the elements to show Dutch oven cooking to a large group of folks at the Texas Independence Day Celebration. Our group fixed a great simple chili which we sold for $5 a cup along with a slice of pan de campo. I want to thank the Buttles family, Darien Garcia, Bill Hubbard, Dennis Burlesom, Melissa and Emilymm and Jacqiutti Lair for coming out and helping support the cause. Several folks wanted to know more about Dutch oven cooking and we received several invites to put om demos and classes. A highlight of the day was showing off our Rio Grande Chapter aprons with our Chapter logo. Pictures will follow. These aprons where hand made by Jacquitti to exact specifications and embroidered with a great looking logo and ca be purchased for $15.00. Please let me know if your interested. This is a short note to let everyone know what's happening and thank those that helped show off Dutch oven cooking to a whole mew group of people. The Rio Grande Chapter has been quite the last couple of months and the summer is full of opportunity for Dutch oven cooking. We plan on having a July Dog on the 13th or 30th and one every month thereafter We are building a great group of outdoor cooking enthusiasts and expect our Chapter to grow in the next few months. I will be teaching and demonstrating Dutch oven cooking at our local councils Boy Scout Summer Camp next week and will be promoting the LSDOS as well. Wishing you all the best this summer and Don't burn your biscuits! Mike Key, Chapter Advisor Travelers Chapter Patti Corcoran – Advisor



All Over Texas and Beyond

Valentines’ Day found Wayne and me traveling to Austin to visit the Wildflower Chapter. We met Dan and Karry at the McKinney Falls State Park where we had four campers for Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday, February 16, we met three more cooks at the Visitor Center. We enjoyed visiting the members and we look forward to cooking with them soon Travelers Chapter [Continued] The Saltgrass Chapter in Houston was our next stop on March 16. Gary and Mary An n met us and four Sam Houston Chapter families at Bear Creek Park. We shared a beautiful day of cooking, eating, and visiting. It was nice to meet their new members and see our old friends. On April 20, Janis and the Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Chapter participated in the Orange Grove Pioneer Days. Mary/Larry, Sharon/Jerry, Wayne and I joined the event and met the Chapter members. We were warmly greeted and had a full day of demonstrations and sharing. Although this is a young chapter, they are excited to learn and try new things. Hopefully this group can travel a little north and meet more of the LSDOS folks. Loy Lake Park in Denison had its Frontier Village celebration on April 27. Paul and Kay invited the LSDOS Board to join them in this demonstration. Ray/Alta, Dan R., Dave F., Rich B., Ralph/Kathy/Justin, Wayne and I traveled to Sherman and camped with them at Eisenhower State Park. The demonstration made the Chapter visible for local residents and opened new opportunities. Hopefully these events will bring new members for Paul and Kay May 3 and 4, 2013 were the days for the Salmon Lake Bluegrass Jam. For those of us that don’t like to endure large crowds, this was an opportunity to relax and enjoy the music. Joe/Janet, Paul/Glenda, Ralph/Kathy, Wayne/I gathered to camp and enjoy the fellowship. On Saturday we joined in the Pot Luck lunch for everyone and showed them how to cook in black pots. May 18 the Brazos Valley Chapter met at College Station Brazos Center Pavilion. Wayne and I enjoyed joining Shervonne and her members for the day. We met new members and visited old friends that gathered. And as ALWAYS, we ate too much!!! We will be traveling to Arkansas for the June 1, 2013 Cooking For Kids sponsored by Ray and Alta Pruitt. Then we will be attending the Membership Meeting in Tyler on June 21. We hope to see you all there. Keep the coffee hot, smiles warm, and life fun. Patti Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers Chapters Lesley Tennessen – Advisor



Northern Illinois & Wisconsin

We’ve had so much gathering over the past few months. I had the pleasure of flying to National Dutch Oven Gathering, Canton TX with Chuck Frost from Winchester, Illinois. We had so much fun cooking together in the Breakfast and Dessert Competitions. Chuck and his kitchen partner, took 6th place in 3pot competition. Lesley Tennessen and Omar Alvarex, took 3rd place. Quite the surprise for both teams! We met so many great friends and are looking forward to 2013 National DOG in Arkansas. Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers Chapter [Continued] The Blackhawk chapter gathered for a Holly DOG in December at the Tirk home in Woodstock, IL. We had several new cooks join us that day. That’s what we are talking about…bringing the work of the Black Pot to the masses. We had meatloaf, breads, peppermint angel food cake. Cheesy, potato chowder. Chicken with a balsamic honey gravy. Good chili! And enough cold weather to keep us moving. January 1st, New Year’s Day is a traditional gathering at Lesley’s home. We had 2 pots of collard greens/ham/beans, a duck chili, pheasant over wild and brown rice, sourdough biscuits, asparagus crescent rollups, beefy tortilla rolls. Our weather started at about 9 deg above zero, not too much wind chills and a little snow flurry. Hearts R Healthy is another one of our traditional gatherings. We celebrate Heart Month or February as making our dishes just a little bit healthier! We had some grilled turkey rollup made with honey oat tortilla, cheese, turkey, cranberry sauce. Jambalaya. Falafel in pita bread with a creamy yogurt dill sauce, spring greens, fresh cut tomatoes and cucumbers. Gumbo. Roasted potatoes and onions. Chicken piccata. Chocolate Red Wine cake served with strawberries. Okay..chocolate and red wine are good for you, right? Weather was 2 degrees at sunrise, but quickly rose to 20 for cooking. By the time the pots were ready, it was a balmy 30 with beautiful sunshine. Great cooking weather! Blackhawk DO Chapter, from the home of the Coldest DOG Challengers (and the winner too!) Our next gathering took place March 17 at Pioneer Tree Farm in Johnsburg IL. We were joined by the Chuck H’s Pioneer Skills and Heritage group. Go Green and Stay Irish was our theme! So, we had Corned Beef and Cabbage Spring Rolls, Lamb Sliders made with Guinness and Jameson, Knish (potato dish), Irish Soda Bread, Ragout on the Open fire, Potato Rosette, Chocolate Cake made with Mashed Potato. In addition, we made pizza in the clay oven, always a treat because Jean makes the best crust! Little additions of sushi and sangria helped our day along. Many thanks to Alice and Bill for hosting our groups! We had great timing for April Showers during the April 4th DOG! The rain held off until we’d all eaten and cleaned up. Great crowd of cooks for Beef Stroganoff, Maple and Cayenne Candied Bread Roll, Turkey Pot Pie with biscuit topping, Penne with chicken, spinach and tomatoes, meatballs, cornbread, pizza in the pie shell and a Tomato Ricotta tart. For dessert, apple pie made with a cinnamon ‘roll’ pie crust. Lesley T was busy on May 19 instructing in Pecatonica IL for Women in the Outdoors. The ladies participating in the class got Dutch Oven 101 and did two marvelous dishes. One was jalapeno poppers and the other was strawberry kiwi shortcakes made from refrigerator/whack biscuits. A great day in the outdoors. June brought the Spring into Summer cookoff in Fairfield, Iowa. What a great day, mid 70’s, 16 experiencd teams and 2 novice teams. Love seeing our youth making great dishes and winning too! Apple Pie with Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust 10 in Dutch oven -- 375 degree, 17 coals on lid, 10 below For Pie:

Combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl using the back of a fork. Set aside.

1 pkg of refrigerated pie crusts

Unroll one of the pie crusts onto a flexible cutting board or parchmentpeper . You can use a rolling pin to make the crust thinner if you wish. Sprinkle with at least 2 TBSP of cinnamon. Roll the crust up somewhat tight making a miniature cinnamon roll.

(the ones in the box, 2 rolls to a box)

2-4 TBSP cinnamon ( I like Saigon/Vietnamese style) 4-6 granny smith apples, peeled and sliced thin 1 teaspoon dried lemon peel, or ½ tsp of lemon zest Pinch of salt. Crumb Topping: 1 stick unsalted butter, softened 1 cup flour 1 cup rolled oats ( I use old fashioned) ½ cup brown sugar, packed


Make 3 straps by cutting 6 in x 18 inch parchment strips. Fold these in thirds to get 2 inch x 18 inch strips. Lay them into the oven in an star pattern. Cut a parchment disk the same size as the bottom of the oven. Lay that over the parchment strap star. Slice the piecrust roll into ¼ in thick slabs. Place each little roll onto the parchment snugly. One pie crust will almost fill a 10 in oven bottom. Repeat for the second roll of piecrust, using the slices to create the side walls of the pie. Press down on the crust to meld it together. Slice the apples into thin wedges. Place in a bowl. Sprinkle on the lemon peel and a pinch of salt. Toss together. Fill up the crust with the apples, taking care to fill in all the open spots. Top with the crumb topping.

Bake at 375 for 50-60 minutes until the apples are soft and the crumb topping is gently browned. Turn over a lid onto a lid stand or have a serving plate ready. With a couple of friends, and being really careful not to touch the cast iron (because the dutch oven is super hot), grasp the straps and pick straight up and over to the lid or serving plate. Let stand til the pie is cool. Serve up and enjoy!

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers Chapter [Continued] Our July DOG is a smoke it, Dutch oven or grill it event.. If you are in the area and want to cook, just look us up. We’ll break out the pots! Baked Chicken Egg Rolls -- (Presented at National Dutch Oven Gathering 2011) 3 C bagged coleslaw mix, divided 1/4 C sliced water chestnuts (about 10 slices) 1/4 C green onions 2 tea canola oil 1 T minced ginger 3 C bagged coleslaw mix, divided

1/4 C sliced water chestnuts (about 10 slices) 1/4 C green onions 2 tea canola oil 1 T minced ginger 4 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 C grated onion

1lb ground chicken (boneless, skinless chicken breast, ground)

1/4 t kosher salt 2 tea low sodium soy sauce 1 package egg roll wrappers Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Preheat oven to 425 Degrees. Spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Set aside. Dutch Oven…put the oven on a bed of coals (to fry meat). In a food processor or chopper, combine 1 C of the bagged coleslaw, water chestnuts, and green onions. Pulse about 12 times or until ground into small pieces. Set aside. Mince garlic cloves and ginger. Grate onion until you have 1/4 C. In an extra large skillet on the stove top heat canola oil. Leave temperature at medium-high. Dutch oven: place on that bed of coals add the minced ginger, minced garlic, and grated onion. Saute for 2-3 minutes or until tender. Add the ground chicken and kosher salt. Cook until chicken is no longer pink. Add cabbage mixture to skillet along with the 2 C additional coleslaw mix. Saute for 2 minutes and then add soy sauce. Cook one minute longer and then remove from heat. Place 3-4 T filling in each egg roll wrapper and roll to seal. Place on baking sheet and spray the tops lightly with cooking spray. Dutch oven: place about 12 in the oven. Use 10-12 coals in a ring (between the legs) under the oven. Place 1 1/2 rings of coals on the lid (about 22 or so) to make a hot oven. Bake in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes or until browned on the edges. (If under-baked, egg rolls will be chewy!) Let cool for 510 minutes before serving. Makes 14-16 egg rolls. Number of Servings: 8 Our next several DOGs and demo include: July 6, Castle DOG, Pell Lake, WI ------ July 13, DOG with Peter Swatek, near West Bend WI Aug 16-18, Camping with Saginaw Valley Chapter, Frankenmuth MI --- Aug 23-25, Camping Kohler-Andrae SP, Sheboygan WI Keeping the coals hot! Lesley Tennessen Pioneers of the Gulf Coast Chapter Karen Howden – Advisor A Pioneers of the Gulf Coast June DOG was held June 1st at the Welder Wildlife Foundation in Sinton, Texas. Pictured left to right: Sharon Cullen, Karen Howden, Roberto Villarreal, Homer Serna, CP Pena, Larry Thieme, Joyce Moore and Darian Henson. Not pictured (because they were taking photos), Glenda Miles and Rosa Flores. We decided to have another DOG when it cools off in September.



Corpus Christi, Texas

Karen Howden

Toledo Bend Chapter Carolyn Chandler – Advisor


Center, Texas

April 20th DOG There were 7 cookers and a total of 16 present today..putting 10 pots on the table. Several members are still away or have other commitments for this month. Food prepared this month included: Ruby made chicken with red potatoes and blueberry dump cake. Lenora & Billy -sausage & potatoes & chocolate cake. Brenda & Ed - macaroni & cheese. Nora - stuffed peppers. Jo- mexican manicotti, Melba & Larrysquash casserole & peach cake. Michael & D.D.- potatoes with bacon. Winnie brought fried chicken & rolls,. Carolyn and Charlie went to Lake DeGray for the meeting and planning of the upcoming National's to be held there in October. May 18th DOG Nice weather and a bit warm already for our gathering today. There were 8 cookers and a total of 15 pots. There was some wonderful foods spread on the table that included: Carolyn & Charlie- Truck Stop Potatoes & beef and sausage goulash. Brenda & Ed- Meat balls with gravy & biscuits. Danny Paul & Sally- Yeast rolls, Clayton Paul & Jackie- blackberry cobbler. NoraPork & Rice stir fry & Apple crumble. Ruby- Calico chicken. Jackie & Paul- purple hull peas & spaghetti. Winnie- Chicken casserole & fresh squash. Lenora & Billy- Fresh English peas with new potatoes & Blackberry Cobbler. Again we were missing several of our members. Toledo Bend Chapter [Continued] We have no DOG's in June, July or August. See you in September.... Toledo Bend Chapter of LSDOS has a facebook page...Please check us out.!... Carolyn Chandler, Chapter Advisor Wildflower Chapter Dan & Kerry Poggemiller – Advisor


Austin, Texas

Words from Wildflower This year has been moving fast. We are already in the hot summer days. How did we get here? Well, we've been having DOG's to keep us busy and well fed. In February our group had the pleasure of sharing camping and good food with our new president, Patti and her husband Wayne at McKinley Falls State Park. Thanks Patti and Wayne for joining us. It was appreciated and lots of fun. The March and May DOG's were held at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, Texas. It's a beautiful park with a lot of people enjoying the outdoors. It gives us some good exposure. The group tries to alternate locations so that we are north one month and south the next so that we catch more folks in the Austin area and some don't have to travel as far every month. It seems to work for We could not have ask for a more beautiful day for our April gathering at McKinney Falls State Park. The park rangers love to see us coming because they know they will get some great lunch. We always have enough to share.


so us.

Delcie Miller is always adventurous when it comes to trying new dishes at our gatherings. We love the veggie dishes she creates. Here's her latest creation from one of our recent gatherings: Wildflower Chapter [Continued] Bean Corn Casserole Delcie Miller – Bake 350 degrees – 30 mins 1st Layer 2 cans green beans 2 cans corn (I used frozen) 1/3 cup onion (chopped)

2nd Layer 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 8oz container sour cream 1 cup grated American cheese (I used grated cheddar)

3rd Layer 1 roll Ritz crackers (crumbled) 1 cup butter (I used 1/2 cup, couldn't bring myself to use a whole cup)

1/3 cup almonds (chopped or slivered)

We look forward to seeing many of you folks at Tyler State Park for the June Membership Meeting. Some of our bunch will see you there. For those who won't be able to make it to Tyler, we'll see you at a nice air conditioned restaurant for our July and August get togethers. Locations to be determined. See our Wildflower Group page on Facebook for updates. Dan & Kerry Poggemiller, Chapter Advisors Sam Houston Chapter Mary Merriwether – Advisor


Conroe / Huntsville Area, Texas

The first Willis DOG for 2013 was a fish fry held on February 23. We had Ronnie/Cyndie, Greg/Sara and five regular campers. For the Saturday DOG, we had 36 members and 7 visitors. Of course, there was food everywhere—we grazed all day!!! Was a great way to start the New Year. March 23 was the Shriner’s Chili Cook-off for their Children’s Hospital. It was decided to hold our monthly DOG in conjunction with the event. We had a total of 4 campers and 6 teams (21 members) that supported the event. Ray/Rachel and family won 3rd Place for their chili; Mary/Larry took 6th Place for their beans; Wayne/Patti took 6th Place for their chili. These place do not represent half the fun we all had in this great cause. Hope you can join us next year. We had a great turn out of our members who came out to share the Fun, Food and Fellowship that was enjoyed by all. The April 27 DOG at Willis was a big event with 4 campers, a visiting family and many that joined for the Saturday event. If you have never had the opportunity to visit with our Chapter, we invite you to come and join the group as we camp, cook, visit, and play games. We had a new family that came out and share in the fellowship. There were 31 that join us for our 1:00 gathering. We had another great get together on May 25th. There were six campers and 25 fellow Dutch oven lovers that joined us in fellowship Saturday. We always have so much fun when we get together. Hope you can join us soon. German Pancakes Frank Kluwen – 450 degrees 3 eggs, room temperature ½ C milk, room temperature ½ C sifted bread or all-purpose flour 1/8 t pure vanilla extract 1/8 t ground cinnamon 7 t butter Freshly squeeze lemon juice Powdered (confectioner’s) sugar

1 2 3

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. NOTE: It is very important that you preheat your oven. Place deep dish in DO until hot. While pan is heating, prepare your batter. In a large bowl, beat the eggs until light and frothy, add milk, flour, vanilla extract, and cinnamon; beat 5 minutes more. The batter will be thin, but very smooth and creamy. Pour the prepared batter into the deep dish, all at once, and immediately return dish back into DO.

4. Bake approximately 20 to 25 minutes at 359 degrees or until puffed and golden brown (bake until the pancake putts up around the edges – it may puff irregularly in the center. The timing will also depend on the size of you pan.


5. Carefully remove the pancake from the oven and serve immediately. Either bring the pancake to the table in its pan or slide it onto a serving plate. Once out of the oven, the pancake will begin to deflate. 6. To serve, cut into serving-size wedges and transfer to individual serving plates. Top with your favorite topping and serve Immediately. Sam Houston Chapter [Continued] Stew in Dutch Oven Kluwen Family 2 pounds ground beef 6 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 ½ pounds carrots, sliced 4 cups water 1 can (15 ¼ oz) whole kernel corn, drained 1 can (15 oz) peas, drained 1 can (14 ½ oz) cut green beans, drained Saltgrass Chapter Gary Lemley – Advisor

2 medium onions, chopped 1 cup ketchup ¾ cups medium pearl barley 1 T Worcestershire sauce Dash vinegar Salt and pepper to taste


In a Dutch oven over (camp) fire, cook beef until no longer pink, drain. Add the potatoes, carrots, and water. Bring to boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add remaining ingredients. Cover and simmer for 1 hour. Yields 20 servings.

Houston, Texas

Our chapter continued to enjoy good weather with great fellowship and good food; Gary and Mary made the Annual state meeting in January which was a great time with good food and opportunity to meet new state wide friends. In March we were blessed to have visitors from the Sam Houston chapter with Patti Corcoran, Mary Merriwether, and several others meeting with our group; this was a special time with great food. April and May we also had some great food with Carol providing us with a special lemon pound cake that was really special… see below. For any that come by on the third Saturday each month, we WELCOME visitors and there is always plenty of food. Our meeting is at Bear Creek Park Shelter #8 with pots on table at 4pm (see LSDOS calendar). We currently do not meet in July or August but reconvene in September. LEMON POUND CAKE

1 C. Butter ½ C shortening 3 C sugar 6 large eggs 3 C all purpose flour ½ tsp baking powder 1/8 tsp salt 1 C milk 1 tbs. lemon zest 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp lemon extract.


1) Preheat oven to 325; beat first 2 ingredients at med speed; gradually add sugar until light and fluffy; add eggs (1 at a time) and beat until yellow of eggs disappear; 2) 3) Sift flour and with next two ingredients; add softened butter alternately with the milk; beginning and ending with flour mixture; beat lightly at low speed; stir in next 2 ingredients and lemon zest; (use no alternative to the noted zest.. this brings out flavor). 4) 5) Pour into a bunt pan and bake at 325 for about 1.5 hr. Cool completely.. 6) 7) Cake is also great with a lemon glaze.. 8)

Ida’s special pizza roll.. Brazos Valley Chapter Shervonne Smithey – Advisor

Our March meeting was a great time with special visitors


Bryan / College Stateion, Texas

The Brazos Valley Chapter held a demonstration at the Wheelock Volunteer Fire Department in Wheelock, Texas on April 20. The WVFD was having a barbeque cook-off and would hold a raffle of desserts that evening. Chapter members cooked desserts and donated them to the fire department for the auction. Ronnie Allen arrived extra early and made breakfast before the rest showed up. He made a gorgeous lattice-top peach cobbler to compete in the dessert cook off. Then he made another one to donate. Bud Nichols also made a cobbler to share. Bill Chance made a Pineapple Upside Down Cake that had people taking pictures. Member, Mervin Peters, made an offer to the WVFD to “buy now” and purchased the cake to share with the chapter members and take a little home to his wife. Shervonne Smithey made a Chipotle Apple Cake and two peach cobblers. David Smithey was also in attendance at the demo. On, May 18, the group gathered at the Brazos Valley Museum’s pavilion for their regular DOG. Bud Nichols shared the bounty of his home garden by preparing green beans with a mustard sauce and a chicken casserole with fresh squash on top. Kathy Maurer made a Raisin-Cranberry Carrot Cake. Half the icing included nuts and half didn’t, because she knew that some people do not eat nuts. Ronnie Allen prepared a dish of tender beef simmered for hours with onions, green chilies and cumin. His wife, Vanette, made rice to serve under the beef. Ronnie also made a homemade pie lattice crust for his dewberry cobbler. Patty and Wayne Corcoran were visiting and made their “go to” of corn-on-the-cob with sausage, topped with bacon. While everyone was cooking and visiting, they slaved to make fresh hot bread, which disappeared in minutes. Shervonne Smithey made 40 Clove Chicken with New Potatoes. She also made Roasted Red Radishes. Most of the diners had not had cooked radishes before. Visitors included Bill and Sherry Chance, Pam Vestal and Ronnie Vestal. Roasted Red Radishes Shervonne & David Smithey 2 small bags of red radishes (approximately 40 radishes) Olive Oil Zesty Herb Seasoning Mix (McCormick) or other seasoning 3-5 Garlic Cloves, peeled

Rinse radishes and remove any roots or stems. Toss radishes and garlic cloves in 3-3 tablespoons olive oil until well covered. Sprinkle seasoning mix over vegetables and stir until well coated. Place in single layer in 12” Dutch oven. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until tender.

NOTE: Roasted beets lose all of their bitterness and become sweet and mild. You can also add carrots, beets, parsnips or other root vegetables that are cut to about the size of the radishes for a colorful, delicious side dish. Shervonne Smithey, Heartland of the Prairie Chapter Rhonda Cobb – Advisor


Ponco City, Oklahoma

The Heartland of the Prairie Chapter besides our monthly DOG's has been involved in several fundraiser activities. The second weekend in April we made cobbler for the Oklahoma Cowboy Shooters and served to 400 "Cowboys". This is our chapters fundraiser to make us money to put on the Mid State DOG. The last weekend in April was our charity DOG called the RED DOG. We cook a full meal of finger licking good chicken, green beans and bacon, yeast dinner rolls, potato casserole and apple and peach cobbler to serve 225 people. This dinner is a fundraiser for the Red Cross of Ponca City and although we had wet rainy weather earlier in the day and did not serve as many as we cooked for we still helped make over $12,000 for the Red Cross. The first weekend in May we co-hosted the Mid state DOG with the Dutch Oven Wranglers from southern Kansas. We had a nice turn out


for a nasty weekend. Friday night there was a three team throw down for the title of Best Carrot Cake. Terry Cobb and Bill Ryan went home with a basket of carrots for winning people's choice for the best cake. Heartland of the Prairie Chapter [Continued] It was a cold Saturday morning but 8 teams went into battle for the title of being BEST cook at the Mid State DOG. Matthew and Sandi Brandes came out the winners and donated the winning money to the Cookin for Kids in Kansas Christmas Fund. Thanks guys, you are awesome AND good cooks, too..

We love people to join us for our monthly DOG or any of the fundraisers we are involved in, so COME ON TO OKLAHOMA AND COOK WITH US. Rhonda Cobb Little House Cookers Chapter John Frerich – Advisor



We finally had a break in the weather here in Minnesota and the Little Hose Cookers met for our 1st DOG of the summer on June 8th at Oxbow Park near Byron, MN. We started gathering at about 9:00 AM and visited and cooked some appetizers to get our taste buds going for when we started the main meal. For munching on in the morning-early afternoon we enjoyed Grandma’s Brownies, Cajun Rolls, Pizza Rolls, Jalapeno Poppers, and a Giant 13 inch Chocolate Chip Cookie. Cooking started in earnest at about 1:30 so that we could be ready for our main meal at 4:00. Dishes that were cooked for that afternoon were Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, Oriental Beef Stir Fry, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Tequila Lime Chicken, Baked Beans, Carol’s Perfect Rolls, Roasted Bacon Ranch Potatoes, Rhubarb Cobbler, and Multi Grain Bread. Before the meal we had a special presentation for the Chapter. The Mayor of Rochester, Ardell Brede, presented the Chapter with a Proclamation proclaiming June 8th, 2013 (or any other day that we cooked in Rochester) as Little House Cookers Dutch Oven Day in Rochester. Bob Nowiki, a Rochester City Council member, who is also a wood carver, presented us with a hand carved Santa that is holding a Dutch oven for us to have as a Chapter mascot. Both presentations were very much appreciated and really added to the day! We also had many visitors to the park stop by to see what we were doing and asked lots of questions about dutch oven cooking and taste a few samples of what we were cooking.


Little House Cookers Chapter [Continued] Members cooking were Mary Jane and Ron Michels, Greg and Roxanne Collins, JoAnn Brede and Mike Collins, Fant and Lorraine Steele, John, MaryAnn, and Jackie Frerichs. Visitors for the day were Ardell and Judy Brede, Bob Nowiki, Thomas Steele, Alex Gouff, James and Brenda White. We all had a great time and are looking forward to our next DOG on August 10th in Rochester at the Days of Yesteryear event at the Historical Center. Prairie Rose Chapters Ron Groenendyk – Advisor


Cedar, Iowa

Hello fellow Dutch Oven Chefs. Our season kickoff was March 9, in Carlisle, Iowa. Once again Les and Kim Ferguson hosted a Cabin Fever DOG. How nice to dig our equipment out of the snow banks and do some serious cooking. Kim started the morning off with some home made donuts and from then on the day got better and better!! Thank you Ferguson’s for opening your shop up to us and “kick starting” our cooking for the year. Over the winter months we seem to go into a dormant state and really not think too much about outdoor cooking. This DOG is just what the Dutch Oven Doctor ordered. It certainly got my wheels turning and got me thinking about new things I want to try this year. April 27, was the Cookin in the Caves DOG that Doug Gonner put together in Maquoketa, Iowa. This was our first time cooking in Maquoketa. Although it was a small group, we still managed to come away with a tummy full of good food. Thank you Doug for arranging the shelter and taking time to organize this DOG for our cooking friends. May 18, was our 1st Annual Going Dutch Cookoff in Pella, Iowa. Formerly held in Fremont, Iowa, Marlyn Hoksbergen decided to try her hand at putting together a cookoff. Hats off to you Marlyn…….you did a great job. June 8, was the Spring Into Summer Cookoff that is organized by Therese Cummiskey of the Jefferson County Conservation Board. The Prairie Rose Cookers have been big supporters of this cookoff since it’s beginning 6 years ago. Results from the Pella Cookoff are:

Results from the Spring Into Summer Cookoff are:

DESSERT 1st – Kickin’ Kast-Iron Kween, Marlyn Hoksbergen 2nd – Rednecks, Ron Rupprecht & Cody Rupprecht 3rd – Scoutmasters, Matt Edwards & Dave Yeager MAIN DISH 1ST – You People, Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin 2nd – Kickin’ Kast-Iron Kween, Marlyn Hoksbergen 3rd – Scoutmasters, Matt Edwards & Dave Yeager BREADS 1st – You People, Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin 2nd – We’ve Got A Clue, Matt Groenendyk, Rick Jacobson & Judy Groenendyk 3rd – Southern Iowa Boys, Harold Auten & Gordon Crawford

DESSERT – NOVICE 1ST – Upside-down Strawberry Shortcake (Kaitlyn Post, Richard Heald & Dillan PostPackwood IA) 2nd – Peachy-Keen Cobbler (Lois DeVore Shreves-Batavia IA) MAIN DISH – NOVICE 1st – Baker’s Best Ribs (Josh Baker & Jeremiah Baker-Douds IA) 2nd – Sante Fe chicken (Kaitlyn Post, Richard Heald & Dillan Post-Packwood IA) DESSERT – WELL SEASONED 1ST – Streusel Topped Caramel Apple Cheesecake w/Dutch Oven Ice Cream (Jennifer & Dennis Hammel-Fairfield IA) 2nd – 1950’s Style Retro Red Velvet Cake (Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin-Waterloo IA) 3rd – Blackberry Apple Pudding Cake (Rosie Witherspoon – Fairfield IA) SIDE DISH – WELL SEASONED 1st – Scoutmasters Beans (Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin-Waterloo IA) 2nd – Baked Potato Casserole (Steve & Ruth Baker-Birmingham IA) 3rd – Zucchini Gratin (Jennifer & Dennis Hammel-Fairfield IA) MAIN DISH – WELL SEASONED 1ST – Bacon Herb Wrapped Pork Loin (Jennifer 7 Dennis Hammel-Fairfield IA) 2nd – Chicken Cordon-Bleu (Harold Auten & Gordon Crawford-Southern IA) 3rd – Dr. Ribbs (Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin-Waterloo IA) BREAD – WELL SEASONED 1ST – Pineapple Cream Cheese Twist (Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin-Waterloo IA) 2nd – Raspberry Crème Cheese Twist (Jennifer & Dennis Hammel-Fairfield IA) 3rd – Strawberry Bread (Mark Harrington & Del LaGow-Batavia IL)

This was an IDOS sanctioned WCCO qualifying event. The WCCO qualifiers from this event are You People, Michelle Shock & Dennis Laughlin.

There was also one Youth team that cooked. Double Dutch Duo, Emily Van Norden and Grace Cottington both cooked with us. They made a No Fuss Cheesecake and Sweet & Sour Meatloaf. We hope to see this “duo” cooking with us in the future. Our youth are the ones who will continue promoting this wonderful way of cooking.


Prairie Rose Chapter [Continued] UPCOMING ACTIVITIES: July 13, Oelwein IA, City Park. We will have a DOG in the campground at the shelter. Several of us will camp from Friday to Sunday. August 24, Cedar Falls IA, Black Hawk Park. We will have a DOG at the Wood Duck shelter. I have the Snag Creek Group Campsite reserved for this one and there is plenty of room for everyone to camp. There is 1 water spigot and several electrical boxes. Several of us will camp from Friday to Sunday. September 21, Monticello IA, Walnut Acres Campground. More information to be announced on our website as it becomes available. This is also the location for the 2014 National DOG. Want an early look at the amenities Walnut Acres and the surrounding areas have to offer? Come join us for a great weekend of camping. This campground is HUGE, so if any would like to coordinate and camp as a group please contact us and we’ll make sure we are all together. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable summer and we hope to cross paths. Michelle Shock - Co-Advisor Prairie Dog Chapter Steve & Leslie Lovett – Advisor


Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

June 2013 DOG Thanks to Jay Clark for opening up his back yard to the Prairie Dogs today! We had 16 folks join around a table of 7 black pots filled with all kinds of wonderful food. Bob Chastain made a shrimp pallia and bubble gum cobbler, Dennis and Robin Clute baked yeast rolls, made a mexican lasagna, and baked a yummy orange cake. Hannah and Mark Scheffler made a delicious jambalya (sp?). Jay and Anthony baked a cheesecake with luscious strawberries on top. The Lovett's wimped out and brought a fruit salad. Dennis Clute won the door prize - a 2011 Great Smokey Mountain NP commemorative Lodge 12" skillet. The morning temps were cool but the sun quickly warmed us up. We enjoyed spending time together after lunch and helped eachother pack up. Thanks again to Jay for hosting this DOG! Our next DOG will be at Cedar Hill State Park at pavaillion #2 on September 14th. Here is a link to some photos of our June DOG. In May, the Prairie Dogs were proud to make a donation to the Tarrant Area Food Bank in honor of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. Here is a photo of the thank you note we received. May 2013 DOG We had a great DOG today at Pavalion J or #2 at Cedar Hill State Park. We had 15 Dutch ovens on the serving table and 28 folks circled up at TST. The park staff enjoyed sharing lunch with us and said they ate well and look forward for our return. Here is a link to some photos from our May DOG. We received two new members of LSDOS, Robin Clute and her better half Dennis Clute. Thank you for sending in your membership! We had several visitors including family and friends with several who are looking forward to joining in future DOGs. Here's a list of the cooks and their dishes: Dale Hiatt made honey cornbread and southwestern chicken casserole Scott and Debbi McBain made seasoned chicken wings Mike Elliott made king ranch chicken and apple cobbler Robin and Dennis Clute prepared three dishes! Burbon chicken, party cheese bread, and apple pan dowdy Dennis Welpe made meatballs and chocolate chip cake Jay Clark prepared a white chocolate cheesecake with heart Anthony Barrett made Italian layer bake Rick and Carol Kull made brownies and chicken pot pie Mike Elliott won the raffle and took home a brand new 10" Deep Lodge IDOS 25 Year Anniversary Dutch oven (and had to hold on tightly as several folks wanted to take it home).


Prairie Dogs Chapter [Continued] Here's a quick summary of our business meeting: • The group decided to have an informal DOG in June. Mike and Jay agreed to organize this and will let the group know location and date. • We discussed the Trophy Club Park event and agreed it was a good experience. Thank you to Greg Sheehan, Jay Clark, Janet Peterman, Craig Sick, Steve Sick, Steve Lovett, and Mike Elliott for giving your time and sharing your joy of Dutch oven cooking with over 200 folks at Trophy Club Park. We received a donation of $300 from the Park and have been invited back in November (date to be determined) with the promise of a $500 donation. The group agreed to put this decision to an online vote once the date is confirmed. The purpose of the vote is to decide if we want to participate in the Trophy Club Park Family Campout again in November. • We agreed that we like the Pavalion #2 (or J) so we will make reservations for our September and October DOG. • We talked about the National DOG at DeGrey Lake Resort October 18-20 and considered if we wanted to cancel the October DOG like we did last year. Since there may be some members who do not go to the NDOG, we decided to have the October DOG as planned. April 2013 Saturday 4/13/13 We met at Cedar Hill State Park by the swimming area. We had 19 Dutch ovens on the table and 31 hungry folks gathered around for lunch. Jay Clark brought his new camp kitchen. All kinds of great food! Check out more fun photos! Saturday 4/27/13 at Trophy Club Park Family Days: We gathered an impressive number of camp Dutch ovens to serve 200 folks beginning at 5:30pm and wrapped up around 7:30pm. Steve and Craig Sick led the Cobbler Team with big help from Mike Elliot, baking 16 cobblers in eight 12" Dutch ovens. Greg Sheehan led the baking team with Janet Peterman and her granddaughter and Jay Clark. Together, they baked a bazillion scratch yeast rolls that were quickly snapped up. Delicious! Steve and Leslie Lovett made pinto beans from scratch in two of Dave Fox's 20" Dutch ovens. A girl scout troop brought their camp Dutch oven and make a cobbler thanks to help from Steve, Craig, and Mike. Several campers loved watching and learning about baking bread from scratch and said that they were excited about baking bread in their Dutch ovens. At the end of the event, the Trophy Club Park staff made a donation of $300 to LSDOS! Here is a photo of the cooks and their pots! The Prairie Dogs will take a break during the summer heat but are ready to fire up our hot coals at Cedar Hill State Park on September 14th at pavilion #2. Target serving time is 12:30pm. As our Dutch Oven Doctor say, “Keep ‘em HOT!” Leslie and Steve Lovett River Valley Black Pot Cookers Ray Pruitt – Advisor


Hattisville, Arkansas

The River Valley Blackpot Cookers traveled to Texas in April to cook with the Sherman Dutch Oven Cooks. We had a wonderful time. The first weekend in May we were at Prairie Rose in Benton Kansas for the Mid State DOG hosted by Lyla Bybee and Rhonda Cobb. June 1 at ER hosted the Arkansas State Dutch oven Coolidge eye had 7 states represented including AR. We had very bad weather on Saturday but the teams decided to cook anyway. Jim and Dawn Mills from Newkirk, OK were our winners. On Saturday we we're honored by Senator David Sanders who presented us with a legislative citation for our work with "Cooking for Kids"


Collin County Chapter Dave Fox – Advisor


Fairview, Texas

Hi Dutch oven friends and neighbors. February 2nd we had our monthly gathering at Brockdale on Lake Lavon. In March we helped out in Sherman at the Pioneer village doing cooking demos and showing off the Sherman group. We also had our usual gathering at Brockdale. In April we demo’d Dutch oven cooking again in the Conemara meadow for the Allen Tx earth-fest. There were five of us and once again we were a popular stop. April 7th we had our usual DOG at Brockdale. We have also been busy designing and printing t-shirts and patches for the National DOG in Arkansas this Fall. May we had our usual DOG again at Brockdale park. We changed this DOG from the11th to the 18th at the last minute because everyone got busy on the original date. IT was well attended. This month, June, we had our “hot DOG” and I made some old fashioned coconut ice cream. We also had a new couple join us to cook, as well as some of the certified “diehards”. A horse event got in the way of our usual full group making it, but the food that was prepared was fantastic. We do not have a gathering scheduled in July, but I will be at the National Boy-scout Jamboree at the summit in West Virginia, teaching Dutch oven cooking to hundreds of scouts. For two weeks. THAT will be interesting. August 31st we will kick off our cooking season with a DOG at our usual place at Brockdale . I will probably try to perfect the ice cream making again, but with a different recipe and flavor. Amber Waves Chapter Ronda Barnow – Advisor


Chanute, KS

The Amber Waves Chapter held a gathering on May 4th in Derby Kansas. The menu included 3 different pork loins, one with a Cajun garlic rub, another baked with garlic, worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke and pepper, and one with taco seasoning, cilantro, lime and salsa, potatoes & onions, southwest hominy, Brent's baked beans and sausage, and Mountain Dew Bread. We also had smoked ribs, courtesy of one of our visitors. Four cooks put 7 pots on the table, and we served about 20 people. Ronda Barnow Village Creek Cookers Chapter Bo Clark – Advisor


Kountz TX

Hi, my name is Dee Sims. I am the co-advisor of the Village Creek Cookers and will be the advisor next year. Bo Clark is having surgery and asked me to write a column for the newsletter. My email is thanks for all of your hard work. It has be hot as we all know. We had 17 pots 16 or18 members and 2 visitors at last DOG. We will be having a morning DOG in August on the second Saturday. Pots on the table at 9:00. I am looking forward to something different and maybe a little cooler. We still have our regular DOGs on the second Saturday of the month. Pots on the table at 5:30. Would like to thank all of members and visitors for being at our DOs. Come and join us. Dee Sims – Co-Advisor


Travel ---- Visit a LSDOS Chapter Near You TEXAS

Abilene – Key City Kookers Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Amarillo/Vega – Canadian River Dutch Oven Group – Skip Kendrick -- 806-267-2567 – Austin - Wildflower Chapter – Dan & Kerry Poggemiller -- 512-344-9539 – Bastrop – Independence/Lost Pines Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Bryan/College Station - Brazos Valley Chapter – Shervonne Smithey - 979-776-1191– Center – Toledo Bend Chapter – Carolyn Chandler - 936-598-5349 – Collin County – Collin County Dutch Oven Cookers-Dave Fox – 972-569-9647 – Conroe/Huntsville – Sam Houston Chapter – Mary Merriwether - 281-292-3960 – Corpus Christi - Pioneers of the Gulf Coast Chapter- Karen Howden - 361-986-1268 - Crockett - Tejas Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Crosby/Highlands - San Jacinto Sons Chapter – Jerry Harrison – 281-328-4420 – Dallas/Fort Worth – Prairie Dog Chapter – Steve & Leslie Lovett – 817-228-2980 – Dickinson – Cracked Pots Cast Iron Cookers Chapter – Becky Snyder – 281-534-2167- – Heart of Texas Chapter – Mansel Clay - 325-646-9210 – Houston – Saltgrass Chapter – Gary & Mary Lemley -281-347-3585 – Kerrville - Hill Country Chapter – Butch Mize - 830-866-3396 – Lumberton - Village Creek Cookers Chapter – Bo Clark – 409-246-3748 – Mathis – Old San Patricio Black Pot Cookers Chapter- Janis Westmoland – 361-547-5476 – McAllen – Rio Grande Valley Chapter- Mike Key – 956-631-1435 – Nacogdoches – Piney Woods Chapter- – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? San Angelo – Concho Valley Chapter- Gary Rogers – 325-655-2010 – San Antonio - Bare Pots Chapter- Bill Brummel – 210-675-3468- San Antonio – San Antonio Chuck Wagon Gang Chapter- Yvonne Newton – 210-509-9437- Sherman – Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers- Paul Martin – 903-546-9062 – Texarkana – Caddo Area Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Traveling Dutch Oven Cookers – Patti Corcoran – 936-295-4695 – OUT OF STATE CHAPTER

Arkansas – Central Arkansas Group-– Patrick (Pat) Ricks – 319-930-9402 – maparicks@yahoo,com Arkansas – River Valley Black Pot Cookers -- Ray Pruitt – 501-242-2763 – cookingforkids2112@yahoo,com California – Bay Area Dutch Oven Gypsies – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Illinois – Northern Illinois Dutch Oven Cooks – Greg Jacobs – 847-970-7852 – Indiana – Kokomo Kookers Chapter – NEEDS A CHAPTER ADVISOR –Anyone Interested? Iowa – Prairie Rose Cookers Chapter – Ron Groenendyk – 641-660-3235 – rjgr2973@iowatelecom,.net Kansas - Amber Waves Chapter - Ronda L. Barnow – 620-431-0947 - Kansas – Southern Kansas Dutch Oven Wranglers – Lyla Bybee – 316-208-6869 – Louisiana – Bayou Pots Chapter (Shreveport) – Bill Ryan – 318-741-1180 – Minnesota – Little House Cookers Chapter – John Frerichs – 507-728-8492 – 16

Travel ---- Visit a LSDOS Chapter Near You (continued) Mississippi - Magnolia Black Pots Chapter – Biscuit T. Sims – 601-924-4264 - Illinois – Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers – Lesley Tennessen – 847-909-9274 – Oklahoma – Heartland of the Prairie Chapter – Rhonda Cobb – 580-762-9847 – Tennessee – Overmountain Cast Iron Chapter – Ray Partain – 865-604-3240 –

LSDOS 2013 Calendar of Dutch Oven Gatherings Date


June 1st

River Valley Black Pots

June 1st

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

June 1st

Collin County Dutch Ovens

June 8th June 8th

Village Creek Cookers Bayou Pots

June 8th

Prairie Rose Cookers

June 8th

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

June 16th

Heartland of the Prairie

Jun 15th

Saltgrass Chapter

Jun 15th

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Jun 15th

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

June 15th

Heart of Texas

June 22nd

Sam Houston

July 6th

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

July 7th July 13th July 13th

River Valley Black Pots Village Creek Cookers Bayou Pots

July 20th

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

July 20th

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

July 20th

Heart of Texas

July 27th

Sam Houston

Aug 4th Aug 10th

River Valley Black Pots Village Creek Cookers


Information Arkansas State Championship 3-Pot Cook Off and Cooking for Kids Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details SW Michigan DOG (near Kalamazoo), Richland, MI Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Hot DOG Contact Dave Fox for details Contact William Simms for details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30 Contact Bill Ryan for details Cook Off, Fairfield Iowa Contact Ron Groenendyk for details DOG, Tinley Park, IL Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Father's Day DOG Contact Rhonda Cobb for details Bear Creek Pioneer Park (west Houston area); Shelter #7 9:00am to 1:00pm with pots on table 12:00 noon Contact Gary Lemley for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 8:00 am Riverside Park, Brownwood, TX Contact Mansel Clay for details

LSDOS Membership Meeting – Tyler State Park Contact Mary Merriwether for details Castle DOG, Pell Lake, WI Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Contact William Simms for details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30 Contact Bill Ryan for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 8:00 am Riverside Park, Brownwood, TX Contact Mansel Clay for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX Meal at 1:00 pm Contact Mary Merriwether for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Contact William Simms for details

Aug 10th

Bayou Pots

Aug 17th

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Aug 17th

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Aug 17th

Heart of Texas

Aug 16-18th

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

Aug 18th

Heartland of the Prairie

Aug 24th

Sam Houston

Aug 23-25th

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

Aug 31st

Collin County Dutch Ovens

Sept ?th

Heart of Texas

Sept 1st Sept 14th

River Valley Black Pots Heartland of the Prairie

Sept 14th Sept 21st

Village Creek Cookers Saltgrass Chapter

Sept 21st

Toledo Bend

Sept 21st

Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

Sept 21st

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Sept 21st

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Sept 21st

Heart of Texas

Sept 20-22nd

Sam Houston

Sept 28th Oct 5th

Collin County Dutch Ovens Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

Oct 6th Oct 12th

River Valley Black Pots Bayou Pots

Oct 12th

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Oct 13-20th

LSDOS Travelers

Oct 16-20

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Oct 19th

Saltgrass Chapter

Oct 19th

Toledo Bend


Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30 Contact Bill Ryan for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 8:00 am Riverside Park, Brownwood, TX Contact Mansel Clay for details Camping with Saginaw Group, Frankenmuth MI Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Back to School DOG Contact Rhonda Cobb for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX Meal at 1:00 pm Contact Mary Merriwether for details Camping Kohler-Andrae SP, Sheboygan WI Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Ice Cream Social Contact Dave Fox for details PENDING - Early Heritage Day Contact Mansel Clay for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for more details McFadden Cove Outdoor Expo McFadden Cove Kaw Lake Ponca City, OK Contact Gaye Ann Grace for details Contact William Simms for details Bear Creek Pioneer Park (west Houston area); Shelter #7 1pm to 5pm ; pots on table 4pm Contact Gary Lemley for details Boles Field, 9:00am – Pots on the table at 12:00noon Contact Carolyn Chandler for details DOG, Meyer home, Woodstock IL Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 8:00 am Riverside Park, Brownwood, TX Contact Mansel Clay for details 5th BIG FALL DOG at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, TX Contact Mary Merriwether for details Contact Dave Fox for details DOG, Woodstock IL Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30 Contact Bill Ryan for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering DeGray Lake, AR Contact Patti Corcoran for details 2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering, DeGray Lake AR Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details Bear Creek Pioneer Park (west Houston area); Shelter #7 1pm to 5pm ; pots on table 4pm Contact Gary Lemley for details Boles Field, 9:00am – Pots on the table at 12:00noon Contact Carolyn Chandler for details

Oct 19th

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Oct 19th

Heart of Texas

Oct 18-20th

2013 National Dutch Oven Gathering

Oct 18-20th

Sam Houston Chapter

Oct 26th Nov 2nd

Collin County Dutch Ovens Sam Houston

Nov 3rd Nov 9th

River Valley Black Pots, AR Prairie Dog Chapter

Nov 9th

Bayou Pots

Nov 16th

Sam Houston

Nov 16th

Toledo Bend

Nov 16th

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Nov 16th

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers

Nov 16th

Heart of Texas

Nov 17th

Heartland of the Prairie

Nov 30th Dec 1st Dec 1st

Collin County Dutch Ovens River Valley Black Pots Blackhawk Dutch Oven Cookers

Dec 6th

Saltgrass Chapter

Dec 7th

Heart of Texas

Dec 14th

Sam Houston

Dec 14th

Bayou Pots

Dec 14th

Collin County Dutch Ovens

Dec 15th

Heartland of the Prairie

Dec 21st

San Patricio Black Pot Cookers

Dec 21st

Sherman Dutch Oven Cookers


Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 8:30 am Goldwaite Contact Mansel Clay for details For Reservations DeGray Lake Resort State Park at 501-665-5610 October DOG will be held in conjunction with National DOG at DeGray Lake Resort State Park at 501-665-5610. Contact Mary Merriwether for details Contact Dave Fox for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX Meal at 1:00 pm Contact Mary Merriwether for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Monthly DOG – TST 12:30 pm Cedar Hill State Park Contact Leslie and Steve Lovett for more details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30 Contact Bill Ryan for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX – annual Thanksgiving DOG. Meal at 1:00 pm. Contact Mary Merriwether for details Boles Field, 9:00am – Pots on the table at 12:00noon Contact Carolyn Chandler for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details 9:00 am Riverside Park, Brownwood, TX Contact Mansel Clay for details 8th Anniversary DOG Contact Rhonda Cobb for details Contact Dave Fox for details Contact Ray and Alta Pruitt for details Holiday DOG, Tirk home, Woodstock IL Contact Lesley Tennessen for details Bear Creek Pioneer Park (west Houston area); Admin Bldg 9am to Noon (volunteer meal for park staff) Contact Gary Lemley for details Business Meeting Contact Mansel Clay for details American Legion Post #618, Willis TX. Meal at 1:00 pm Contact Mary Merriwether for details Lake Bistineau State Park - Dutch Oven 101 Class at 10 and pots on the table at 12:30. Contact Bill Ryan for details Gift Exchange Contact Dave Fox for details Christmas DOG Contact Rhonda Cobb for details Old San Patricio Museum in San Patricio, Texas (Mathis) Contact Janice Westmoland for details Gift Exchange 6011 Luella Rd, Sherman TX 75090 11:00 a.m.. Contact Paul or Katy Martin for details

LSDOS 2013 General Membership Meeting June 22, 2013 Tyler State Park The meeting started with a welcome by President Patti Corcoran. She noted that a Skype session was on and someone is videoing the meeting. She asked if anyone was against being on either. No one dissented. She stated for the record that she prefers not to be on either but since they don’t have a problem with it, it will continue. She led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by an invocation by Greg Petrey. Patti then reminded the group that each membership family has one vote but that some families have a spouse in another chapter resulting in a second vote. A membership list was being passed around and she urged everyone to sign in on the list. Patti noted that she had been a special education teacher for 25 years and didn’t know any other way but to be honest. She said that she does not know Roberts Rules in and out but she would try to do things as honestly and up front as she can. She reminded us of the motto: “Fun, Food, and Fellowship” and said that when it stops being fun it needs to quit. She reminded everyone to be a blessing to one another and spoke of being recruited to join by Gale Merriwether and “good ole” Mr. Jim (Lewis). Rhonda Cobb asked for clarification on whether board members voted as both board members and general members. This is the General Membership Meeting and the only votes are as “members”, not board members. Minutes: Shervonne presented the minutes from last summer’s General Membership Meeting held in Burns Run West, Oklahoma that Greg had passed out. Steve Lovett made a motion that the minutes be accepted as presented; Joe Huber seconded. Passed unanimously. Financial Reports: Greg Petrey presented the financial reports and noted that the most revenue intensive portion of the year is the first quarter so there would not be much added for the rest of the year. The club’s net worth is $25,690.54 at the time of this report. Bill Ryan asked if the royalty’s income is still from the cookbook sales. Greg said that we earn fifty cents per LSDOS cookbook sold by Lodge. Sales are down this year, but he sees them in lots of stores so he knows the current representative is really doing his part to get them into stores. Membership: Mary Merriwether shared that we have 259 paid members. One hundred sixty-three of these are currently getting their newsletter by mail. At the last Board of Directors meeting in January, the board voted to begin sending the newsletter by email to each membership that has given an email address beginning in 2014. Leslie Lovett asked why we couldn’t do it sooner. The answer was that it was because the vote in January was to hold off till 2014. Mary noted that fourteen chapters currently have less than 3 members. Two members spoke up and said that their names were misspelled on the sign-in sheet. They were asked to correct it on the sheet for Greg to correct in the database. Website: Greg referred the group to pages 7 and 8 in the handouts. Traffic to our website is down slightly, about 6% from last year. Part of the change in numbers is because technology has improved resulting in less duplicate hits being recorded. Bandwidth is the best analogy of usage. Our site averaged just under one gigabyte of usage each month. A byte is a character of text. Monday at 1:00 p.m. is the busiest time of the week on the site. We had 36,475 first time visitors to the site this year. For the first time ever, the word “chicken” is not the top search term on the site, with the top five terms being: Dutch oven recipes, Lone Star Dutch Oven Society, LSDOS, Dutch oven and Dutch oven society. Greg has been working on a complete redesign of the website and it will be ready in about ninety days. He will start in phases with the first phase being the Home page with child pages in future phases. He has identified a content management tool called Word Press. This tool will allow chapter advisors to update their own page. He is still looking for the best way to publish the newsletter on the site. Previously we used Flash, but Iphones and some other smartphones do not use flash and he wants it to be more available to users. The Membership Application will change to get updated email addresses and make sure the newsletter arrives. It is important for us to keep a good email address. Patti asked advisors to keep updated information on the website. She was contacted about two travelers who showed up for a DOG that was not held and they were very frustrated. Newsletter: Mary Merriwether said the newsletter is ready to go out with the exception of today’s minutes. The minutes will be included. She thanked everyone for sending in their write-ups when she sent the first and second “ticklers” asking for information. Someone within the membership called out a “Thank you!” for Mary’s work on the newsletter. Patti praised Mary and Larry for all of the work they do on printing and folding the newsletter. She noted that only 29 members do not have an email address on record so that will greatly reduce the effort that Mary has to do once we go to electronic newsletters. 501.c3: Greg said that he does not know why it is taking so long for our 501.c3. One hold up was that there were four Employee Identification Numbers associated with past presidents that had to be eliminated so we would have only one. Three amendments had to be done to the paperwork. We are waiting for the state approval before we send it for the federal approval.


LSDOS 2013 General Membership Meeting June 22, 2013 - Tyler State Park Page 2 Minimum Chapter Membership: Dave Fox was not present to speak to this. Mary recalled that at last year’s meeting, discussed what to do about chapters with less than three members. A committee had presented findings and suggestions to the Board in January. The last suggestion was that if a chapter had less than three members, they would still be a part of LSDOS, but that they would not be a voting chapter until they were able to get the minimum number of members. This will be discussed more when we discuss bylaws. Some chapters have only one member with some of those being past presidents who were given lifetime memberships, which we no longer grant. We also need to check on our at-large members and try to affiliate them with a chapter. Chapter Incentives: Rhonda Cobb recommended giving ½ of membership dues received back to the chapters to be used for paper goods or any other needs the chapters may have. David Smithey made a motion to accept her suggestion. Leslie Lovett provided a second. Passed unanimously. Patti took a moment to congratulate Greg for receiving his Masters degree. Regional DOGS: Mary Merriwether and Leslie Lovett said that Regional DOGS are like big family reunions. The Old San Patricio and McAllen chapters are pretty far from here and are planning regionals. The Sam Houston Chapter has a Regional each year in September at Salmon Lake. They have lots of fun when they get together. They hope y’all can join them. The Prairie Dogs and Collin County Cookers are planning one for March or April. The biggest hardship is finding a location that has a good set up and plenty of RV spaces. Leslie said to talk to people, find a place and schedule it at least six months to a year in advance so you have plenty of time to let others know. Consider Corps of Engineers parks because they are less expensive than state parks for seniors. If you always host them at about the same time each year and coordinate with each other, there will be more places for people to visit and get involved. 2013 National DOG (NDOG): The three people expected to discuss this were not present. They are working very hard to plan the event. There will be two pavilions and it will be the third week in October. They are still working on details. The park is full but there are three Corps of Engineers parks very nearby with openings. One even has a gate between it and the NDOG park that can be opened for easier access. Leslie said the park is adding parking, sidewalks and water. Arkansas State Parks are hoping this will be the biggest event at the park this year. So far there are 42 families registered but a lot more have made reservations. Bill Ryan asked everyone to go ahead and register so they can plan for shirts and other items. There will be two 30 x 60 circus tents. A schedule of classes is already online. The deadline is soon for ordering t-shirts, doing gift bags, name tags, etc. There is a link on the website. 2013 NDOG LSDOS booth: Ray Pruitt and Dave Fox were not here to discuss this but the booth will be next to the Petit Jean booth that Ray will operate. Last year Camp Chef gave several items and Leslie and Steve Lovett gave a Texas Dutch oven. The door prizes were only available to members so a lot of people renewed their memberships or became members. This was very successful and we gained forty new members. Dave Fox is working to get more items donated. Please volunteer to serve time in the booth to help out and meet lots of people. Leslie mentioned that the 2014 NDOG would be hosted by Ron and Judy Groenendyk of the Prairie Rose chapter in Monticello, Iowa. It will be at the private Walnut Grove campground similar to Bill Ryan’s NDOG several years ago. They are really excited. It is in northwest Iowa with rolling hills in dairy country. The organizing committee is working with the board of tourism. It may be September 10 and 11, 2014. Rhonda Cobb made a motion to send $500 in cash and $500 in merchandise to support the 2014 NDOG. Joe Huber seconded. Motion passed with 26 votes for and 9 against. Proxy Discussion: Shervonne stated that over the years, she has seen a lot of friction some years due to proxy voting as well as difficulty counting votes when several board members are voting for multiple people for whom they hold proxies. She recommended that we eliminate proxies and begin using absentee voting instead. The board voted in January to move to electronic voting which will make absentee voting easier to do. She stated that we would need a committee to explore the idea and make sure we did it in a fair and concise way in order to make sure it was fair, accurate and that every membership got one vote. Some discussion regarding the lack of opportunity to discuss items before voting on them if absentee votes were cast in advance of a meeting. Leslie asked if an online discussion board could be used to allow discussion. Bill Ryan suggested that this might become a legal problem if we were not very careful, especially if allowing people to discuss matters online. If people became upset and said hurtful things online, it is in writing and there for everyone to see. Rick Caldwell asked if someone could send an absentee ballot, then change their mind in person. To do this would require a change in bylaws which can only happen in non-election years, which would be this year or 2015. Some people wanted to wait and let a committee research it, while others wanted to go ahead and vote to proceed, select a committee, then charge the committee with making it happen after figuring out the best way to do it. Rick Caldwell made a motion that we change the bylaws to eliminate the proxy and that those not available


LSDOS 2013 General Membership Meeting June 22, 2013 - Tyler State Park Page 3 to vote for all meetings would be able to absentee vote. Greg Petrey suggested an amendment that a committee be appointed by the president to work out the details. Rick agreed to the amendment to his motion. Dan Poggemiller seconded the motion. Kay Burke called the question to end discussion for the vote. Wayne Corcoran seconded. Twenty voted to close discussion and nine voted to continue. Discussion ended for the vote on the initial motion. Motion passed with 24 for and 9 against. Greg Petrey stood and said that he had been reviewing the bylaws during the discussion and that everything we had just done was moot. He had discovered that we had been violating the bylaws for years by allowing proxy voting at board meetings. According to the bylaws, proxy votes may only be used at special called meetings of the board. He proposed that we null what we just did if we want to. He made a motion to rescind the previous vote on absentee voting and to have the president create a nine member committee from around the country to heavily study this and bring it back to the 2015 membership meeting. Bear Hood seconded. Patty noted that the bylaws also say the only use of social media is for a special called board meeting. The measure passed unanimously. Bylaw changes: The Board of Directors voted in January to present three bylaw changes to the membership for their vote. It is proposed that ARTICLE IV, Board of Directors and Officers, be amended as follows: The Board of Directors will govern this Society. The Board of Directors is made up of elected officers and the Chapter Advisor from each Chapter consisting of at least three current members. All elected officers will be nominated at the Summer General Membership meeting. Only one nomination per chapter will be made for each of the five elected offices. All elected officers will begin their term at the January Board of Directors Meeting. The Secretary will forward the minutes to the President and newsletter editor no later than 14 calendar days after the meeting. This change has been discussed over the last two years at General Membership meetings in Waco and Burns Run West, OK, with a committee studying how we can better help chapters with less than three members as well as better equity in voting. Chapters with fewer than three members will still be chapters but will operate under the support of a larger chapter and represented by the larger chapter’s Advisor and voting privilege. When they grow to at least three memberships, they will regain their autonomy and voting. Being paired with a larger chapter should help with having more fun with more people and ability to recruit new members. Vote passed unanimously with 36 votes. It is proposed that ARTICLE V, Elections, be amended as follows: All elected officers, i.e. President, 1 st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Trustee, shall be nominated by the membership at large no later than by the Society’s Annual General Membership meeting. The election of officers will be held by mail-in or electronic ballot, as soon as reasonably possible, which will be enclosed in the LSDOS newsletter immediately following the Annual Summer General Membership meeting. All official ballots must be returned to the Society’s Secretary or to the individual so appointed, who will canvas, record and certify the votes to the President. Only one vote per LSDOS membership unit (family) will be allowed. Each mail-in vote must be returned by mail via an individual U.S. Postal Services First Class stamped envelope and postmarked by October 15. Electronic balloting will also cease on October 15. Only official LSDOS ballots, received as a part of the annual August LSDOS newsletter, shall be counted. All photocopies or otherwise reproduced ballots will not be accepted. If all officers are uncontested the election may be canceled and nominees will be elected by acclimation. This measure to allow electronic voting was passed unanimously with 27 votes for and none against. The change to allow election by acclamation in uncontested elections passed with 28 votes for and none against. It is proposed that ARTICLE VIII be amended by adding the following as the first paragraph: Quorum: The first order of business for any meeting of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society is for the secretary to record that a quorum has been met. A quorum shall be no less than 20% of the membership for the membership meeting and no less than 50% of the board for the board meeting. The agenda for all meetings will include a form for all members to send in a proxy. Leslie Lovett made this proposal. Joe Huber asked if we ever have 50% at a board meeting. The answer was “no”. Shervonne Smithey expressed concern that no business would ever get conducted at either meeting because we would never have a quorum at those levels. Leslie said that she thinks we should establish a quorum and the spirit of the proposal is to get more involvement. Rachel Villasenor asked, “If not enough come, then no business can be conducted?” This is correct. Leslie assured everyone that the motive is to get more participation. Dan Poggemiller said he would like to summarize: if we are looking at absentee voting, how will that fit in with a quorum requirement? What or why are including non-active members? Greg said the he liked the spirit of the amendment, but asked Leslie if she would be willing to strike the proxy portion because a committee is already exploring


LSDOS 2013 General Membership Meeting June 22, 2013 - Tyler State Park Page 4 doing away with proxies and using absentee voting. He took a look at the membership roster and how many typically participate and recommended that the quorum be set at 10% for the general membership meeting and 25% for the Board of Directors meetings and to strike the proxy statement. Leslie accepted the recommended change. Joe Huber made a motion to accept the motion. Wayne Corcoran seconded. The measure passed unanimously with 34 votes for and none against. Patti asked for volunteers to form a committee to research and recommend locations for the 2014 Board of Director’s meeting and the General Membership Meeting. Dan Poggemiller, Leslie Lovett, Adela Rojas, and June and Rick Caldwell all volunteered. Dan agreed to chair the committee. Janet Huber said thanks to Leslie for hosting the bread making demonstration and that she would like to see more of them. Kay Burke said thanks to those who helped her group in Sherman. Steve Lovett made a motion to adjourn. Wayne seconded. Meeting adjourned. Minutes submitted by Shervonne Smithey.

An open letter to LSDOS members: You will read in the minutes of the General Membership Meeting that I indicated that proxy voting was only permitted during special called Board meetings. That statement was NOT correct. LSDOS by-laws indicate that proxy voting is allowed under Section 4: Duties of the Board of Directors, for annual Board meetings. While I fully agree that the proxy voting process for all Board meetings needs to have better controls, my statement was incorrect. I stand behind my assertion that possibly replacing proxies with “absentee voting” needs further study before it is implemented. As I said during the meeting, “Food, Fun and Fellowship” has to remain our focus. Respectfully, Greg Petrey, Trustee


Send prayer requests to Shervonne Davis - 979-776-1191 -

Bring an Interested Friend and Come Out to a Dutch Oven Gathering to Join in the FUN, FOOD, and FELLOWSHIP LSDOS membership meeting at Tyler State Park Black Jack Area June 22nd Minutes from that meeting are enclosed in this newsletter. \

26719 Maplewood Drive Spring, TX 77386



The Dutch Oven - June 2013  

Quarterly Newsletter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society (c) 2013

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