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Sunday, August 13, 2023 @ 2:00PM at the clubhouse.

All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you want on the agenda, you must notify the office on or before the Monday prior to the board meeting.

Lake Viking News

VVA Board of Directors Monthly Meeting July 09, 2023

Call to Order

Board Pres. Doug Winter, lot 46, called the meeting to order, held in the upper level of the Clubhouse, at 2:00pm. Board members present were: Terry Nibarger, lot 657, Tom Rice, Lot 343, Tony Gronniger, Lot 2281, George Eshnaur, Lot 505, Allen Slavin, lot 181, Jeremy Lillig, Lot 3041. Jeremy Lillig led in prayer. Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Doug Winter read the mission statement of Lake Viking.

Approval of Minutes

Allan Slavin made a motion to approve the April 2023 Meeting Minutes. Second by Jeremy Lillig. The minutes were approved unanimously.


Handbook Committee

Tom Rice reported: A few discrepancies have been identified in the 2023 Handbook where the language needs to be modified concerning the change in the meeting date from the first Sunday in March to the first Sunday in October. The changes will be voted on in October.

Finance Committee

Terry Nibarger reported:

• The Finance Committee met June 26, 2023 for a special Finance meeting. At this meeting the committee unanimously approved a dock/ jetty project at Beach One contingent upon a “scope of project” agreement being signed by Jared Hill. Jeff will compose the agreement similar to the one to be written for the Rock Weir dredge work. At the July 6 regular meeting, the committee agreed the Rock Weir project at the south end is to be completed first for continuity with the existing dredge work. Jeff composed a “Scope of Project” agreement which was signed by Jared Hill and is on file at the VVA office along with a certificate of insurance coverage. The Rock Weir Project will consist of installing an 82’ long x 20’ wide rock weir across Big South Creek behind the Yacht club where dredging has recently been completed. This is being done to slow down silt washing into the lake. The cost of the project is estimated at $30,626. This is a huge savings as much of the material and use of machines is being donated by Jared Hill. The projected date for setting and building the Weir is the middle of July 2023.

• Also at the regular committee meeting on July 6, 2023:

June 2023 financials were reviewed. Paula reported the June 2023 Financial reports show better numbers than the previous months. Clarification of three amounts in the financials was supplied by Jeff Ferguson.

• Terry reported VVA has moved $500,000 (maximum allowed) from our uninsured money market account to another Morgan Stanley money market account. Rate of return is slightly less at 4.75% on the $500,687 in the new account. Total value of Morgan Stanley accounts went from $1,480,434 on May 31, 2023 to $1,509,800 on June 30, 2023. Our YTD gain is $76,918. This return is reflective of a modest level of risk we have taken on our portfolio.

• Paula Hepinstall presented information on audits the committee could have done by an outside firm. Consensus of the committee is to follow Paula’s recommendation of a full audit. RFPs will be sent out for bids for this audit. Target date for the audit will be September 2024. It was suggested that a policy be implemented defining the frequency of audits to be done in the future.

• Three VVA owned lots have been sold in June for $15,000. Total for sales this year is at $37,362. Prep work on Lot 717 has been completed and the bidding period for members only is now in process. If the lot is not sold to a VVA member it will be placed with a realtor for sale to the public.

• Terry reminded the attendees that the annual meeting date has been changed and will be in October 2023. Handbook modifications will be presented and voted on at the meeting in October 2023.

• Paula reported $20,000 remains in the dredge accrual account and more work this year by Dredge America will absorb this amount.

• Paula reported on the 2024 budget analysis stating that spending and expenses will be up significantly and asked for suggestions from the committee. Troy Lesan stated that for the last several years road expenses have exceeded funds taken in from road assessments. These have been covered by transferring funds from other budget line surpluses. In the future these surpluses may not be available and a more realistic road repair assessment should be considered for the 2024 budget. Lake Manager Jeff Ferguson stated he is looking into a road repair strategy that would be more than the standard chip and seal. Jeremy Lillig stated the need for this increase should be adequately explained to the membership. Meetings will start next week on the 2024 budget.

• Jeff Ferguson, Lake Manager, explained

the need for continued planning on projected lagoon levels and stated that plans for surface application and a drip system proposal were on the table. DNR contact will entertain a revised submission from VVA for flow calculations.

• Terry reported VVA is still waiting on documents on design for the Clubhouse septic update.

• Terry reported Lake Lot S131 price has been reduced. Money from this sale was to be used on beach renovations.

Strategic Planning Committee

George Eshnaur Lot 505 reported:

• Committee will meet again July 19, 2023 and will review the status of projects.

• During the June meeting the pros and cons of the Harbor/Jetty for the Beach 1 area were discussed. Doug Winter indicated a release about the Jetty/Harbor project will be forthcoming soon with additional information.

• Committee discussed the needed upgrade for the Clubhouse septic system.

Activities Committee

Jeremy Lillig reported:

• The Annual Poker Run was held June 10, 2023 with 350 participating.

• Planned for August 2023 is a Patio party and a Scavenger Hunt.

• Jeremy stated the committee is working on an end of the Season Gala which will include dinner, dancing and an auction. Jeremy asked for committee members to help with this event. More information to follow.

Building Committee

Allan Slavin reported: In the past month, the committee has met two times. They reviewed 11 Building Permits. None of the permits were for houses. Allan also stated that the committee will try to get away from being asked to do emergency building permits. Permits are to be submitted two weeks prior to the Building Committee meetings which are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. This will give the committee time to review and cover each permit details.

Fire Department

Tony Gronniger reported:

• The Fire Department continues to meet monthly.

• The ISO report has been received and we were able to increase our fire rating to a 6x-6x. This is one category up from our previous rating. This change will go into effect October 1, 2023. (continued on page 14)

©Viking Valley Association | July 2023 Volume 36, No. 3 144 East Main, Gallatin, Missouri 64640

June 2023 Finance Committee Special Meeting

Topic: To give Board of Directors recommendation on Jetty Dock proposal submitted by Lake Manager Jeff Ferguson.

Call to order Thursday June 26 @ 5:00 by Chair Paula Hepinstall via ZOOM

Attendance: Paula Hepinstall, Board Contact Terry Nibarger, Flint Hibler, Steve Danner, Michelle Sullivan, Lake Manager Jeff Ferguson, Board President Doug Winter, Kevin Euston, Donna Archibald and Troy Lesan recording minutes.

Projected costs submitted in proposal:

12 Boat Slips and 3 Walkways $64,000.00

Rock Hauling 235 Loads of Rock @ 175 per load to haul $41,125.00

Fuel 1500 Gallons – We have in stock $0.00

Dirt Work removal and hauled by Maintenance $0.00

Total Cost to VVA $105,125.00

Association Member Jared Hill has offered to provide machine & rock for project.

225 -250 Truckloads of Rock to be hauled in -- 225 truckloads of dirt to be hauled off.

VVA bears all fuel costs

Discussion: Jeff referenced attachments & explained that existing shoreline would be dug back 250 feet to accommodate jetty & docks which would be 30 feet out. He also noted that there would be room for expansion.

Question: Flint inquired about financing which will be from the sale of lot 717 owned by VVA, and currently advertised. Membership voted to designate proceeds of sale for amenities.

Michelle suggested a written agreement/contract between VVA and Mr. Hill considering the extensive amount of work involved. Steve Danner concurred and stated that a contractual document would be beneficial to both parties. Jeff stated he will ask VVA attorney.

VOTE: All agreed with proposal pending a written agreement acceptable to both parties.

Other Business Jeff is also exploring the possibility of Jared Hill supplying rock for a weir in the Yacht Club dredging area. This would involve 139 more truckloads of rock which Mr. Hill has stockpiled. Committee did not take a vote or make a recommendation. More details to come later as situation develops.

Paula pointed out that with short year due to earlier Annual Meeting it would be possible to borrow from deferred capital maintenance fund for the extra work at the south end with the understanding that fund would be reimbursed with retained earnings from Dredge Fund.

It was also mentioned that a concern would be the wear & tear on VVA roads from all of the heavy loaded trucks.

With no further business, meeting Adjourned at 5:50

Minutes recorded by Troy Lesan Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 2 July 2023 June 2023 Nicholas & Stephanie Miller Lot #126 William & Christina Liesveld Lot #1255 Mark & Heidi Berg Lot #2179 Cade Hocraffer Lot #1852 Michael Giese Lot# MH095 Glenn & Kandice Hughes Lot #3198 Michael Rudder/Heather Brashears Lot # MH10 Scott & Katrene Bormann Lot 368 New Members Download the FBNM mobile app today! Your local bank, wherever you go. Mobile & Online Banking for 24/7 access to your accounts o n l i n e f a r m e r s b a n k c o m View account information Transfer funds Make mobile deposits Access Bill Pay & more Banking made easy, so you can get back to the good stuff 660-663-2161 121 W Jackson, Gallatin, MO Glenda Ide, Broker | Nadine Parmenter | 816-390-7938| 816-233-5200 3827 Beck Rd., St. Joseph, MO We Have Buyers, Need Listings!! TIER LOTS 805 Lake Viking Terrace, Lot 3116: Has Yacht Club amenities, including boat slip $32,000 Lot S-131: Airport Lot Price Improved! $27,900 Lot 1855 Lake Viking Terrace $10,000 Lot 2206 Lake Viking Terrace $10,000 Lot 2237 close to Beach 1, pool & Marina Great lot!! $10,000 Lot 2541 Cessna Rd 10,000 Lot 4004 Annapolis Court $4,000 Lot 1715 Lake Viking Terrace $5,000 Lot 1857 Lake Viking Terrace $10,000 Lot 1624 Lake Viking Terrace $20,000 Lot 2204 Lake Viking Terrace $10,000 Lot 1792 Lake Viking Terrace $25,000 LD PENDING PENDING Lot 31: Great flat lot with wonderful view! Shelter, 2 docks w/ lifts & 3 jet ski ports $375,000 Lot 1: $395,000 Lot 48: Ver y park-like with different areas of enter taining Sand with firepit near waters edge Two bay covered dock, with one boat lift. Great picnic area & 6x10 shed. $199,000 NEW LISTING 9 4 8 L a k e V i k i n g T e r r a c e : M O D E R N LODGE Stunning views, flat lot, totally remodeled $1,695,000 Starting with Call Nadine 816-390-7938 Lots 1770 & 1771: $49,900. NEW LISTING NEW LISTING 2017 Lake Viking Terrace: 3 BR 2 BA, 1282 sq ft with attached garage $399,900 MOTIVATED SELLER BACK ON MARKET MARKET

2023 Lake Viking Boat Parade

Thanks to those who participated and attended this year’s Boat Parade. All four participants were very creative so it was challenging to determine the winner. Here are the 2023 Boat Parade Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 3 July 2023 203 Br yan Road, Cameron, MO 6 4 429 CROSSROADS B e a u t i f u l , s e c l u d e d w a t e r f r o n t b u i l d i n g location! Lot 404 A PRIVATE COVE WITH TIMBER! SOLD! SOLD! Great WATERFRONT opportunity!! Affordable MOVE IN READY 2 bed, 1.5 bath, 3 car garage, ranch home! 1534 Lake Viking Terrace: $650,000 $599,000 SOLD! SOLD! C 21 L a ke Te a m - E s t a b l i s h e d 2 0 0 5 Levi McClure 816.724.3113 Jana Hanson 816.261.8924 soo soon! 512 Lake Viking Terrace you! SOLD! Lot 451 Lots 52 & 53 $500,000 Rare Pair!! SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! DEEP Water ~ Move In Ready! $799,000 elt I-3 orward to being your real esta 't thank you enou New, Rare Waterfront/Tier Combo for $200K We need WATERFRONT HOMES to sell that are NOT already on the market! Lots 416, 417 & 418 Newly Developed!! Call for details!! Just in time for prime lake time!!! 5 5 5 5 WA T ERF RONT LO T S F OR SALE!!! WE HAVE Starting at $215,000
#4 Lot 429
#3 Lot 376 Canino, #2 Lot 473 Anderbergs,
172 McGinley-Law-
1st 3rd 2nd 4th

July Finance Committee Meeting

Call to order 5:01PM Thursday, July 6, 2023 on Zoom. Chaired by Paula Hepinstall. Also attending were Board Contact Terry Nibarger, Donna Archibald, Flint Hibler, Kevin Euston, Jeremy Lillig, Tony Comforti, Michelle Sullivan , Steve Danner, Troy Lesan, and Lake Director Jeff Ferguson.


Financial Documents– Paula reported that June 2023 Financial Documents show better numbers than last month. YTD P&L reflects almost identical numbers as previous year in dues while assessments are in line with 9% cost of living increase voted by membership. Two expenditures were questioned. Jeff explained that a check for $1,309 to United Rental was for an asphalt roller and a much smaller check to Moxxie Mercantile was for T-shirts for staff. Tony Conforti also questioned a $66,000 line item expense for payroll expenditure. Paula replied that the amount was for expenses not yet coded and that the number would go away when expenditures were coded.

Morgan Stanley Update – Terry Nibarger reported that VVA has moved $500,000 (maximum allowed) from our uninsured money market to another MS money market account that is FDIC insured. Rate of return is only slightly lower @ 4.75% with the $500,687 in new account vs. 5.2% on the $613,849.60 remaining in original MM account. No additions or withdrawals other than fees charged in these accounts in June. Total value of MS accounts went from $1,480,434 on May 31 to $1,509,800 on June 30 for an increase of $29,366, after fee of $401.63 (1.25%). At the halfway point, our YTD gain is $76,918, after fees of $2,362 (5.37%). This return is representative of the modest level of risk we have taken with our portfolio.

AUDIT – Paula continues to make inquiries on audits and reports that there are 3 types of audits: 1) Compilation done on a monthly basis 2) Revue built on previous years audit and 3) Full Audit which is the most expensive audit with cost running in the neighborhood of $20,000. Note: in 2021, VVA transitioned to a new accounting process and from antiquated software to Quickbooks. With Westbrook CPA firm importing data and literally rebuilding system line by line, the VVA was not without accounting oversight. However, VVA has not had an audit by an outside firm since 2017 when our Financial Documents were less sophisticated. Consensus by Committee is to follow Paula’s recommendation of a Full Audit. UHY does our monthly Financial Statements and can do audit. Tony Conforti has volunteered to find 2 other companies so that RFP inquiries can be sent. Target date: Summer of 2024. Michelle Sullivan suggested the implementation of a policy for stating how often audits are to be done in future.

Sale of VVA owned lots – 3 lots sold in June ($15,000) – YTD total $37,362. Jeremy Lillig reported further interest among membership in additional lot purchases.

Sale of lot 717 – Member bidding process is underway and ends July 15. If no bids are received, lot will go on open market. Jeff reports Dredge Prep work on this lot is completed.

Jetty/Dock Project – At the special finance meeting held on June 26, the committee unanimously approved the project contingent upon a “scope of project” agreement being signed by Jared Hill. Jeff will write the agreement similar to the one written for the Rock Weir project. Committee agreed that Rock Weir project is to be done first for continuity with existing dredge work. Jeff wrote a “Scope of Project” agreement signed by Jared Hill with a Certificate of Insurance on file at the clubhouse. Funding will come from the Capital Projects reserve fund and be paid back no later than 3/31/24 from the 2024 Dredge Budget/ Dredge Accrual. Funding for Jetty Dock Project still to come from sale of lot 717.

Description of Rock Weir Project by Shawn Hepinstall of Dredge Committee reviewed.

1. Install an 82’ long x 20’ wide top rock weir across Big South Creek behind the yacht club where dredging has recently been completed.

2. Height will be established based on survey elevations at Lake Viking Terrace and weir location vs normal lake pool elevations. We want water to slow and pool but not



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July 2023

Lake Viking News Content by Troy Lesan & Composition by Cassie Martin

backup with the potential of flooding.

3. Weir will be wide enough to use as a land bridge to clean both sides of the creek.

Estimated Cost of Project

1. Survey Elevation $1,500

2. 1,793 CY of rock $00.00 (Donated by Jared Hill)

3. Haul Rock $21,545 (Jared Hill to provide trucks and drivers as donation to VVA ... Est 139 TL @ $155 per load - VVA to pay $155 per load)

4. Load Rock $2,120 (Hill to Provide Loader and operator at quarry. Loader donated, VVA will pay Jared’s Operator @ $38.50 x 8 hrs $308 +2hr @$58 $116 = $424 x 5 days)

5. Set Rock in Weir $00.00 (Jared Hill to provide machine & he will operate at no cost to VVA)

6. Set Rock in Weir $2,120 (Jared Hill to provide 2nd machine as a donation. VVA will pay Jared’s operator $38.50 x 8 hrs $308 +2hr @$58 $116 = $424 x 5 days)

7. Fuel $3,340 (3 machines- total 200 gal day x 3.34=$668 x 5 days)

8. Site Prep $00.00 Jared hill will provide a dozer and operate as a donation. To cut an access ledge & set rock. Billy will dig out silt where weir will be located.

Total Est Cost $30,626

Timing of Project

July 5 -9th Clean and Build Access - Lake Viking Maintenance and Jared Hill

July 10-15 Set and Build Weir

These details will be discussed further @ July 9 Monthly Board Meeting.

VVA Handbook BY-LAW changes: Moving the annual meeting to October

Recommendations for language Page 9, Section 1 re: Finance Committee responsibilities were sent to Donna Redden-Archibald and Tom Rice to be presented at 2023 Annual Meeting.

2023 Retained Earnings Discussion – Paula reported that $20,000 remains in dredge accrual and more work this year by Dredge America will absorb that amount.

2024 Budget Analysis Paula opined that spending and expenses will be up significantly and asked for suggestions. Troy Lesan pointed out that for the last several years road expenses have greatly exceeded funds taken in from road assessments. Compensation has always been made by transferring funds from other budget line-item surpluses, but in the future these surpluses cannot always be depended on. A more realistic assessment should be considered for the 2024 budget. Lake Director Jeff Ferguson stated that he was looking into a road repair strategy that would be more than the standard chip and seal. Jeremy Lillig stated that a need for an increase in Road Assessment should be adequately explained to membership. Paula and other members of Finance Committee will start meetings next week on the 2024 Budget.

Campground Septic Update – Lake Manger Jeff Ferguson explained the need for continued planning on projected lagoon levels and stated that plans for surface application and a drip system proposal were on the table. DNR contact will entertain a revised submission from VVA for flow calculations.

Clubhouse Septic Update – VVA still waiting on documents on design.

Lake Director Report – In summary, Jeff reported that Condo Control will go live in accepting online payments in August. Also increased participation due to “multiple users” may result in a slight cost increase in the service. An efficiency in staffing will occur when VVA begins code access to dump & burn-pile which will not require personnel. Cameras to monitor.

Beach Renovation - “S” Lot 131- Price was reduced, lot now being mowed Credit and Debit Card payments and update on working with the USDA on additional revenue streams – Steve/Jeff Ongoing

With no other business, meeting was adjourned @ 6:38

Minutes compiled by Troy Lesan Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 4 July 2023 Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 5 July 2023 Gallatin Lumber Company Come see us for all your construction needs! 116 South Market, Gallatin, Mo. Phone: 660-663-2522 Bird Backhoe Service & Dirt Hauling Bruce Maysville, MO 64469 • 816.449.2316 • Aeration Systems Drip Irrigation Systems System Design System R eplacement Water & Sewer Lines R ock & Top Soil Delivered SPECIALIZING IN ALTERNATIVE WASTE WATER SYSTEMS 30 Years Experience Mo Licensed Installer • 10 Year Labor Warranty • Limited Lifetime Shingles • CertainTeed ShingleMaster Contractor 660-605-0255 FULLY INSURED LICENSED FREE ESTIMATES Matt Adkison • ADKISON Electric COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Holiday lighting 660-663-7139 Grand River and Cooling LLC 660.663.3409 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL constr uction replacements, calls, whole and tune ups. REPHVACAIR Grand River Heating and Cooling LLC Jay Hart • 660.663.3409 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL We offer new construction installs, replacements, ser vice calls, whole house ductwork and tune ups. An author ized Ruud Dealer Follow us on Facebook REPHVACAIR JOHN A. WHITE Phone (816) 449-2334 Fax (816) 449-5692 JESSE A. WHITE - OWNER Phone (816) 449-2912 Phone (816) 649-5078 J.A. WHITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractors Commercial & Residential Building Licensed - Bonded - Insured 250A East Hwy. 6, Maysville, MO 64469 Building custom homes since 1947 P.O. Box 369, Cameron, MO 64429 Dane Blades, Technician/Owner Yetter Pest Control 816-807-8142 Craig Griffin, Consultant “Yetter Is Better” All Work Guaranteed GIMSON N GIMSO BILL GIMSON PEST CONTROL P.O. BOX 613 • CAMERON, MO. 64429 • PH:816-632-1090 • CELL: 816-649-8202 Technician: Rob Flinn INC. TOLL FREE: 877-283-6715 CK s Con struction •Metal Roofing •Houses, Shops, Barns •Complete Building Packages •Where Quality Counts• Carl Kramer 660-605-3233 • Jamesport, Missouri Free Estimates! Free Estimates! All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you want on the agenda, you must notify the office on or before the Monday prior to the board meeting. VVA MONTHLY MEETING: Sunday, August 13, 2023 @ 2:00 PM at the clubhouse. Call for free estimates! DC Quality customer ser vice guaranteed! Dumpsters Call Nathan at 816-306-6772

Almost everything... you need to know about Lake Viking

Lake Viking 2023 Boards and Committees

Activities Committee

Mary Hibler (Chair), Dustin Hibler, David Hibler, Gail Bush, Resa Wiltse, Leanne Lee, Dan and Connie Weidmaier, Dave & Tina Daniel, Cassie Martin, Jeremy Lillig (Board Contact).

Board of Directors

President, Doug Winter; 1st Vice President, Tony Gronniger; 2nd Vice President, Allan Slavin; Secretary, Tom Rice; Assistant Secretary, George Eshnaur; Treasurer, Terry Nibarger; Assistant Treasurer, Jeremy Lillig.

VVA Board of Directors Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month, at 2:00 p.m. at the clubhouse. All members in good standing are welcome to attend.

Building Committee

Flint Hibler (Chair), Marvin McNabb, Doug Wiltse, Matt Hibler, Al Christifano, Mary Aschbrenner, Bo Steed, Gregory Hall, Sue Morris, Allan Slavin (Board Contact).Building Committee Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the clubhouse. Building permits are required to be approved by the Building Committee prior to the start of any construction as stated in the Covenants, Restrictions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Viking Valley Association.

Campground Committee

James Funk, (Chair) Mary Hibler , Jeff Spragues, Kathy Price, Charles Sudduth, Randall Davidson, Mike Booth, Flint Hibler, Bob Gates, Michelle Sullivan, Denise Ferguson, George Eshnaur (Board Contact)

Dredge & Erosion Committee

Shawn Hepinstall (Chair), Paula Hepinstall, Robert Hayes, Brett Bush, Dave Daniel, Jim Miller, Doug Winter (Board Contact)

Employee Board Contact

Doug Winter

Exploratory Restaurant Committee

Don Leeper, Terry Nibarger, Erica Bruggerma, Sue Wolfe, Robert Walton, Doug Winter (Board Contact)

Finance Committee

Paula Hepinstall (Chair), Steve Danner, Michelle Sullivan, Donna (Archibald) Redden, Flint Hibler, George Eshnaur, Kevin Euston, Jeremy Lillig, Troy Lesan, Tony Conforti, Terry Nibarger (Board Contact).

Fishing Committee

Brett Bush (Chair) Shawn Hepinstall, Gary Buck, Troy Knight, Jim Powers, Tom Rice (Board Contact)

Handbook Committee

Donna (Archibald) Redden (Chair), Mary Miller, Kim Spidle, Terri Schlaiss, Tom Rice (Board Contact)


James Funk (Chair), Marvin McNabb, Marianne Huges, Carl Butcher, Ed White, Bob Shinogle, Safety Coordinator: Jason McTheeney, Anthony Castillo, Jeremy Lillig (Board Contact)

Lake Committee

Troy Lesan (Chair), Shirley Leakey, Don Leeper, Carolyn Leeper, Bo Steed, Mike Krehbiel, Sherry Krehbiel, Eric Odette, Robert Walton,Tony Gronniger (Board Contact)

Email: Meetings held the 2nd Wed. of the month at 2:00 p.m.

Special Road District

Ron Spidle, Troy Knight, Tony Gronniger

Strategic Planning Committee

Matt Nielsen (Chair), Tony Gronniger, Terry Nibarger, Tom Rice, Haley Wright, Anthony Dirks, Sue Wolfe, Nikki Prewitt, George Eshnaur (Board Contact), Joe Steer, David Thomas Technology Committee

Scott Fatheree (Chair), Kelly Mathenia, Mike Lammers, Jeff Ferguson, (Board Contact TBD)

Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief-Tony Gronniger, Volunteers: Rusty Hendricks, Gary King, Dennis Schlaiss, DJ Schlaiss, Tanner Hunter, Luke Threlkeld, Mark Closterman, Anthony Dirks, Billy Hunter, Dakota Hiley, Nick Walker, Stephanie Closterman, Jessica Conard, Tony Gronniger, (Board Contact).

The Fire Department meets on the second Friday of the month at 2:00 PM. If you have the interest and the time to serve your community, be sure to attend the next meeting. The monthly siren test will also be done at that time.

Public Water Supply District #3

Kyle W. Parkhurst, President, term expires 4/2026 - Sub-District #3; Jeffrey Speaker, Vice President, term expires 4/2025 - Sub-District #4; Harlan Horst, Secretary, term expires 4/2026 - Sub-District #5; Mark Closterman, Director, term expires 4/2024 - Sub-District #2; Heather Lund, Director, term expires 4/2024 - Sub-District #1; Gary King, Superintendent; Travis Toney, Water Operator; Diane Hulett, Clerk. Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4 pm at PWSD #3 office.

Office Hours: 8am-4pm • Monday thru Friday.

All payments for metered water bills are to be made payable to Public Water Supply District No. 3 of Daviess County, Missouri. You may abbreviate as PWSD #3. If you have any questions, contact the PWSD No. 3 office, 116 Waterworks Dr., Gallatin, Mo. 64640 (located at the water plant). Phone 660-663-2771.

Online payments can be made at:

For the convenience of customers of Public Water Supply District No. 3, a drop box is available at the front door of the office located at the water plant for the payment of water bills. Payments received after 4 p.m. in the drop box will post the following day.

For the convenience of Association members, a drop box is available in the front door of the association office for the payment of association bills.

Property Owners

Viking Valley Association

Office Address:

144 E. Main, Gallatin, MO 64640 660-322-9001 |

Office Hours:

May 1 - Labor Day

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Day after Labor Day - April 30

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

You are responsible for your guests and their actions. It is your responsibility to educate them on the rules and regulations of Lake Viking. Lake Viking is private property, but all lots are owned by some other individual. Please do not drive or ride ATVs or bicycles on neighboring lots, or walk across lots to fish or use others’ property without first getting the property owner’s permission.

Fishery Guidelines

Bass: Release all bass 12” to 19”. Fishermen can keep one bass per day of 19” or longer. Crappie: Keep all crappie caught, within the state limit, which is 30 per day.

Walleye: Fisherman can keep Walleye at least 21” in length, release all catches under 21”.

Mowing Regulations

You are required to have your lot mowed by May 1st, June 1st and September 1st of each year. If you do not keep your lot mowed, or hire a contract mower, the Association will mow it, and bill you $90.00 for each mowing.

The Association does not want to be in the mowing business. Please self-mow your lot or hire a contract mower to do it for you. All contract mowers are required to submit a customer list to the Association office. If you are not on their initial list, you may be accidentally billed by the Association, so please contact your mower early. The below listed mowers have registered with the Association office and can usually be reached in the evening. There may be other mowers who advertise in the Lake Viking News.

Contract Mowers Can Save You Money

Eric Critten

Randy Gatton

Mark Hoig

Gary Salmon

Jeff Hoppenthaler

Rick Roberts

Mow Betta Lawn Care

Patriot Lawn & Landscaping

Pain In The Grass, Steven Carlton

Jake Cameron











Please Keep Control of Your Dogs

Dogs are not allowed off the member’s property and shall be contained by a fenced enclosure or controlled by a leash. Guests’ dogs are included. Violation of this rule may be subject to an Infraction Ticket issued to the property owner.

Building Permit Notice

Emergency Phone Numbers

* DAVIESS COUNTY EMERGENCY 911 Ambulance - Fire - Rescue

* Fire - Lake Viking Fire Dept 911 To Report Fire Only

* Lake Viking Safety Patrol 660-322-9001 ext.1

Building Permits are required, but not limited to the following projects: fences, storage shed, shelters, decks, boat docks, boat houses, room additions, porches and any alteration of the roof line; and any other construction that requires large earth moving equipment, concrete trucks and other equipment that requires multiple axle trailers. Failure to comply with building regulations could result in a minimum fine of $500 and loss of lake privileges. Any construction not in compliance with these regulations could result in forced relocation of the structure.

Watch When and Where You Burn!

Anytime you are burning brush, etc., on your lot, make certain you are burning on your lot and not someone else’s property. Unattended burning is prohibited and burning is not allowed when winds are in excess of 15 mph and shall be subject to an Infraction Ticket and fine.

Member Reminders

• Helmets are required to be worn when operating a motorcycle within the Lake Viking Subdivision.

• Goose population control is hard to manage... The first step in this process is DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!

* Sheriff, Daviess Co. 660-663-2031

Sheriff Larry Adams or 660-663-2149

* Highway Patrol (Emergencies) 1-800-525-5555 *

Important Phone Numbers

* Association Office 660-322-9001 ext. 4

* Public Water Supply District #3 of Daviess County (Water Plant) 660-663-2771

Gary King (Emergency after hours) 660-334-0243

* Farmers Electric Co-op., Inc.

During business hours 1-800-279-0496

After Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-927-5334

Affordable Disposal LLC 816-238-8933

* Windstream Telephone Company Customer Service (Residential) 1-800-347-1991 Repair Service 1-800-782-6206 Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 6 July 2023
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* * * * * * * * * *

Free Ice Cream!

For the fifth year in a row, the Trozzolo Family spent all of their fireworks money on ice cream. If you noticed a crowd around Lot 112 after 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 1, it was folks taking advantage of the impressive display of generosity. As these pictures show, the place was marked with flags and the banner, and the free ice cream was on the swim dock, on the west side of the lot. Another great Independence Day tradition at Lake Viking!

VVA Infractions for 2023

Assoc Buoy violation........1

Airstrip Violation........2

Boaters Safety.....1

C&I watercraft........3

C&I motor vehicle........4

Community Dock Violation....1

Dog at Large...........5



Firearm Violation....1

Failed to stop for Safety.....1

Failed to Mow (Campground).....8

Fail to Mow lot....1

Failed to Maintain Trash......3

Hunting w/o permit.....2

Improper Towing...4

Improper trailer storage....1

Interfering with an Officer......3

Life Preserver Violation....1

Movement Conflicting....17

Membership/Guest Violation.....1

Interfering with an Officer......3

Noxious Offensive behavior......1

No roll off on building site violation....1

Obstruction of traffic...1

Property Maintenance...9

Property Damage...2

Prohibited Dumping...1

Personal Ramp violation...1

911address/lot # violation...2

Regulatory Sign Violation.....2

Silt Fence violation.....7

Storing Watercraft no sticker....5

Underage operating watercraft...1

Unauthorized watercraft.......1

Unlawful riding.......1

Unattended burning...1

Unapproved const..........6

Unlicensed driver....1

Vicious Dog.....1

One Lot owner suspended due to four infractions Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 7 July 2023

PWSD #3 OPEN MEETING: May 16, 2023


Kyle Parkhurst, President (2026), called the meeting to order at 4:00pm which was held at the water plant. Members in attendance were Jeffrey Speaker (2025), Harlan Horst (2026), and Mark Closterman (2024). Heather Lund (2024) was unable to attend. Also in attendance were Gary King, Water Superintendent, and Diane Hulett, Clerk.


Mark Closterman made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2023 Board Meeting. Jeffrey Speaker seconded All members were in favor; motion carried.



There was no public comment.



Gary provided the following updates on the water plant upgrade: the electrician has completed all wiring for the Variable Frequency Drives and Ross Construction is scheduled to be on site 5/22-5/24 to install the first raw water pump; curbs at the front of the building have been installed, additional gravel has been spread, and downspouts at back of building have been buried; the installation of the security equipment should begin in another couple of weeks; as of today, all office equipment and files have been moved to the new building - an announcement will be posted on Facebook informing customers of the new location.

Gary reported that the cost for construction of a 12’ x 4’ conference table was $1735. He also reported that Diane was able to purchase used office chairs at a cost of $10/chair which saved the district a substantial amount. Harlan Horst made a motion to accept the bid for the table construction and approve the expense for chairs. Mark Closterman seconded. All members were in favor; motion carried.


Financial Report:

The financial reports and bills were reviewed and discussed. Harlan Horst moved to approve the April financial reports as submitted and approve the bills and transfers. Jeffrey Speaker seconded. All members voted to approve; motion carried.

Budget amendments were submitted for review. Harlan Horst made a motion to accept the amended budget as presented. Mark Closterman seconded. All members voted in favor; motion carried.

A letter of resignation was received from Heather Lund on 5/11/23 to be effective immediately. Harlan Horst moved to accept the resignation and Jeffrey Speaker seconded; all voted in favor.


Superintendent Report:

Gary reported that Decker Construction had to repair the line previously installed in the Goose Ct area due to using the wrong part which created a leak. He also noted that Brian Hollein, lead engineer with Bartlett & West, stopped by to view the plant last week.

Kyle Parkhurst, President, announced the next meeting would be June 27, 2023 at the water plant. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 8 July 2023 Available for bulk purchase: • Black Dirt • Gravel • River Rock • Erosion Matting • Mulch • Straw Waddles 660-605-0665 LANDSCAPING • Mowing • Lawn Applications • Shrubs • Irrigation • Seeding- New and Renovation PATIOS & RETAINING WALLS Septic System Installations Driveway Installations Dirt Work Rock Walls ,whichmeansmowing&landscaping seasonareaswell.VikingDirtworksandLandscapingisheretohelpyou Now is th treatment u •Landscaping •New Septic System Installations •Patios Springishere...andwearelookingtoaddmoremowing, sprayingandmaintenanceclientsforthe2020mowingseason.
Respectfully Submitted, Harlan Horst The swimming Pool has new lounge chairs. Stop by for a dip in the water and check them out.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this outstanding newer lake home! It features a new Great room filled with light from the many windows and the beautiful stone gas fireplace makes it the perfect room for entertaining. You can walk out from this room to the inviting patio area w/ lake view and enjoy the 2nd lot which gives you more privacy and spacious outdoor area. The kitchen area has plenty of workspace, floor to ceiling white cabinetry, quartz countertops, coffee bar, pantry, SS appl, and an eating bar w/ gathering area. Master bdrm has large walk-in closet, private bath w/ tub-shower comb. 2 guest bdrms all w/ lg closets. Guest bath w/ shower tub comb. Custom shades w/ remote, 10’ ceilings. The attached 2 car garage is oversized, has an enclosed area for water heater & furnace, storm cellar area for inclement weather, attic stairs to area that could be finished for more living space. A large, detached garage for boats, other toys, or “Man Cave”, concrete driveway and iron fenced area for your furry friends or little ones to play in. Beautiful mature professional landscaping already in place. Located within walking distance of Beach 3.

$449,000 #2428 & 2429

Condo Control Authorization Clarifications

We are so EXCITED to bring you this lake lover’s dream home! 5 bdrm, 3.5 bath, 3 levels inside, 2 entertaining levels outside, plus boat dock which has been designed for lake fun living! Living area has tall ceiling, plenty of lake view through the wall of lakeside windows. Beautiful stone fireplace. Open living area continues on into the dining and kitchen areas. Dining area opens to full lakeside deck. Kitchen has beautiful island w/ granite countertops, painted cabinets, appliances included, corner sink, pantry shelf unit, coffee bar. Master Suite has his and her closets, leading into Master Bath w/ separate tub and shower and his and her sinks. Concrete patio area on entire lake side. Stone steps and landscaping stones to and on water, boat dock has 1 boat slip w/ lift, 2 jet ski ports under roof. Entertaining area under roof and open swim, swimming deck. Home has wood and stone siding and has that lake style look that everyone loves. Concrete driveway. Come look, we can’t wait to show you!

Amazing 4,468 sq. ft. lodge style log home. Tiled entry, open staircase to the lower level and loft. Large open kitchen with skylights, tiled flooring, stainless appliances and granite counter tops. Dining area opens to the lakeview deck. Wood ceilings & double-sided gas fireplace. Master Suite w/ walk out to deck, sitting area w/ f.p., and lg. walk in closet. Loft area gives you flexible extra space. Lower level has new wood flooring, walkout to patio, 3 bedrooms and a bath.

Any person not on the deed will need to be added to Condo Control under authorizations. Included but not limited to Company/ Corporate Members, LLC’s/Trusts/Spouse or Partner. i.e.; there is one Point of Contact member, all others will need to be added in authorizations.

Members that have children aged 14 and older should be entered under authorizations.

Per the handbook guests cannot bring guests. i.e.; a son/ daughter older than 14 years of age will need to be entered under authorizations. They want to bring a guest; the lot owner will need to add that person in Condo under authorizations.

Fun Fact: When adding member/ guests you can add a photo or driver license. This allows the member/guest to not have ID on them while enjoying our lake.


This home is being sold turn key. You will be able to move in and start enjoying the lake immediately! 4,000 sq ft waterfront home on a great cove. 2-bay covered dock w/ lift & swim deck. Covered shelter by the water and fire pit, perfect for entertaining. Gorgeous living area w/ fireplace & open stairway.

In addition, the boater’s safety card can be added to authorizations. Anyone born after January 1, 1984 is required the card. A second authorization for the boater’s safety card will need to be added. i.e.; Johnny was born January 2, 1984 he passed his boater’s safety course, the member will add a second authorization and take a picture of his boater’s safety card along with his photo id in the same picture.

So, Johnny will have two authorizations under your account, one for a guest authorization and one for boater’s safety card/id. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 9 July 2023 #S-142 ......................... $49,900 #1191 & 1192.............. $48,000 #2905 $42,000 #1700 $32,500 #2405 & 2406 ............ $16,900 #2438 $14,900 #2440 $14,900 #2238 .......................... $14,000 #1841 $14,000 #1063 $13,000 #2342 .......................... $12,500 #1858 $12,500 #2691 $12,000 #1196 ........................... $11,000 #1706 $9,500 #1864 $8,500 #2018 ............................ $8,250 #1706 .............................$7,500 $575,000 #1743 & S-126 $899,950 #476 NEWLISTING $300,000 #729 One of the Prettiest Views on the Lake! Located in the Yacht Club area with wonderful amenities! It has a single well covered boat dock with a swim platform, firepit, electricity, water meter and approximately 139’ shoreline. A new survey has also been done and ready for your future dream home. You also have access to the Marina, Clubhouse w/ pool, and 3 different beaches w/ facilities.
Lake Viking!
Enjoy the beautiful views
stunning sunsets from this lot at
#235 & 1200
The second of four patio parties by the Activities Committee was held on July 8 and featured the band Freelance. Next up Now & Then Band on August 5.

The Fireworks

The fireworks displays from Beach One have always been the crown jewel of Lake Viking Independence Day celebrations as long as anyone can remember. But as the extended holiday celebration played out, it was only the beginning. The equally impressive Conforti Fireworks from Beach Two, which immediately followed, began four days of impressive displays all around the lake in what was yet another memorable Fourth of July weekend. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News 10 July 2023
This innovative display on an Association Members lot was of the American flag held aloft by a construction crane.


Scot Alan Philips 1969-2023

Scot Alan Phillips 53, of Gallatin, Missouri passed away June 25, 2023, at his home at Lake Viking. Scot was born in Kansas City, Kansas on November 3, 1969. He was born three minutes after his identical twin brother Michael. He felt fortunate to spend most of his adolescent life in Republic, Missouri. He loved every aspect of living and growing up in the Ozarks. He enjoyed growing up hunting, fishing, numerous school sports and mostly developing life-long friendships with his schoolmates and other friends he met once he entered his adult work life. After high school, Scot was very active in stock car racing at Bolivar and Lebanon Speedways. He enjoyed motor sports immensely and traveled throughout his life to attend racing events of NASCAR and IRL. Scot moved to Olathe Kansas and bought his first home there in 1999. In 2000 he, along with his brother Michael built and operated an automotive service center in Olathe. After selling their business to a national auto service provider in 2005, Scot returned to the supermarket industry. Later Scot met Kierra Shelby who became his girlfriend and companion in life. Scot moved to Lake Viking in 2017 and began to fall in love again with lake life filled with fishing, boating,

jet skis and always friends. He became a member of Lake Viking Church and was saved and baptized in the lake in June of 2022. Scot was preceded in death by his brother Michael. He then became very close to his niece Sydney Phillips as the two shared precious memories of Michael and enjoyed numerous vacations and trips together. Scot was friendly and outgoing. He was never at a loss for words and could light up a room with his huge smile. He believed passionately in family and friends. He is survived by his niece Sydney Phillips of Austin, Texas, his parents Gary and Marsha Phillips of Lenexa, Kansas, numerous cousins, aunts and uncles. Scot will be missed tremendously by his family and friends. His favorite scripture was Philippians 1:7 “We have shared together the blessings of God.” His family and friends convey this message; Through the years many things change but what matters most stays same, like how much you are loved, what a blessing you are, and all thanks to God for the time you spent here! Fond memories and condolences for the family may be left at www.

Marilou Joyner

April 29, 1949 - June 3, 2023

Dr. Marilou Joyner unexpectedly passed away at the age of 74 on June, 3, 2023, surrounded by her loved ones. She was the complete package, beautiful, talented, compassionate and inspiring. She had an incredible 40-plus-year career as an educator and businessperson, and was a true leader in her community, region, and the state of Missouri. However, family always came first. She loved them, inspired them, and always, always had their backs.

She was the wife of Randell Moore and devoted mother to three outstanding sons; Scott Rogers and his wife Angelina Kovalenko and their two children, Leo and Marina; Erik Rogers and his wife Natalie and their children, Charlotte, Thomas and Reece; and Brent Rogers and his wife Maria Julia Uchoa Rogers and their children Vincent and Eve. Also surviving Marilou is her sister Bobette Joyner and her three daughters, Amanda, Leandra and Cherise; her niece Kim Graves and her husband Robby and daughter Kobe; her cousin Deborah Sherman, her husband Alan, and their daughter Brittany. She also leaves the daughters of her deceased brother Ross Joyner Jr., Jeanelle, Jayme and Jessica. Proceeding Marilou in death were her parents Ross Joyner Sr. and Dorothy (Byrd) Joyner.

Marilou graduated from Abraham Lincoln high school in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1967 and was selected as Miss Council Bluffs the same year, a fact that family and friends would tease her about. She went on to attend college at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, earning a degree in education in 1975. She subsequently earned a master’s and education specialist degrees from Northwest Missouri State University, a doctorate in education administration from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Belleview University.

She worked as a speech therapist, school counselor, elementary and middle school principal, and superintendent at various school districts in northwest Missouri, then joined the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. There, she served eight years as an assistant commissioner.

She spent four subsequent years as executive director of the Kansas City Higher Education Partnership, advising school districts on accreditation, and three years as president of the Blackwell Education Support Team, a Kansas City consulting firm. For more than 23 years, Marilou owned Cameron Group Care, Inc., which operated an intermediate care facility for developmentally disabled adults and offers other residential and vocational resources and services.

She was the past president of the board of Literacy Kansas City and served on the Northwest Missouri State University Foundation board and the university’s Board of Regents, chairing the latter in 2019-20. She also served on the Kansas City Public Library’s board of trustees.

Last year, the Marilou Joyner Women in Leadership Scholarship was endowed in her honor at Northwest Missouri State “as a tribute to the leadership she exhibited as a woman in education, business and service roles traditionally held by males.” It was first awarded in fall 2022.

In lieu of flowers the family wishes that donations be made to the Marilou Joyner Women in Leadership Scholarship at Northwest Missouri State University. Donations can be made at www. Look under designation for Marilou Joyner Women in Leadership Scholarship. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News July 2023 11 at Lake Viking 2023 Activities *Dates & times are subject to change August 26 Scavenger Hunt 1-4pm (12:30 check-in) Sept. (TBD) Fishing Tournament TBD August 5 Patio Par ty w/ Now & Then Band 8-11pm August 26 Patio Par ty w/ Mixology Band 8-11pm September 9 Fall Garage Sale 8am-3pm September 30 Wine Fest & Beer ‘n Brats w/ Levi Garrison 5-9pm October 28 Halloween Trunk-or-Treat 2pm November 4 Firef ighters’ Chili Cook-Of f 5pm & One Way Out Band 409 S Main St , Gallatin, 660-663-2146 S. Main St., 660-663-2146 NEW Website: Join us for Mass at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church. Welcome back for a summer of fun!
Saturdays 4:30 pm & Sundays 10:30 am IRT-4395H-A > | Member SIPC
Kim Spidle Financial Advisor 117 East Third Street Cameron, MO 64429 816-632-2165
You're retired. Your money isn't. Let's work together to find the right strategy to help keep you on track. Call or email me today to get started.

The Independence Day events at Lake Viking started promptly at 8 AM with a Craft Fair at the Clubhouse Parking Lot & also included four food trucks at various locations around the lake.



Cole Slaw

Whole Baby Carrots

Mixed Fruit Cherry Cobbler

BINGO 10:00

Ham Steak Chicken Tenders

Sweet Potatoes French Fries

Peas & Carrots Green Beans


Board Meeting 10 a.m.

Strawberries & Bananas

BINGO 10:00

= total meal has over 1 gram of sodium

Green Beans


Cheeseburger on Bun


Mashed Potatoes

Vegetable Salad Broccoli

Fruit Cocktail Fresh Fruit

Game Day 4-7

Sweet & Sour Chicken Taco Salad with Ground Beef

Broccoli & Cauliflower over Rice

Mixed Vegetables

Peach Crisp

Buttered Carrots

Tortilla Chips

Mexican Corn

Sugar Snap Peas, Melon Mandarin Oranges

Game Day 4-7

Bread, 2% milk, and one whole grain serving available with all meals. Menus subject to change. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News July 2023 12 Active Aging Resource Center Menu Active Aging Resource Center - serving times 11:00-12:15 Monday-Friday 109 S Main, P O Box 272, Gallatin, MO 660-663-2828
2023 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 31 1 2 3 4 Pork Steak Chili & Hot Dog Chicken Parmesan over Deli Roast Beef Sandwich Bourbon Chicken Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Tater Tots Spaghetti Noodles w/ pickle,onion,lettuce&cheese Baked Potato Green Beans Lettuce Salad Peas, Broccoli Cole Slaw, Fruit Juice Mixed Vegetables Pineapple Salad Applesauce Peaches Mixed Fruit Strawberry Shortcake CCH - Blood pressures11-12 BINGO 10:00 Game Day 4-7 7 8 9 10 11 Hamburger on Bun Chicken Salad & Crackers Beef & Noodles Chicken Divan with Turkey & Dressing Scalloped Potatoes Sliced Tomatoes Buttered Peas Broccoli, Tomatoes Mashed Potatoes Vegetable Salad Copper Penny Salad California Blend Seasoned Potatoes Green Beans Apple Slices Peaches with Ice Cream Grapes, Fruit Muffin Fresh Fruit Mixed Fruit BINGO 10:00 Game Day 4-7 14 15 16 17 18 Smoked Sausage & Kraut Oven Fried Chicken BBQ Pork Ribs Goulash Meatloaf
Corn Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Baked Beans
Salad Hash Brown Casserole
Broccoli Cole Slaw, Fruit Juice
Carrots Green Beans
Apples Pears Peaches with Gelatin Mandarin Oranges Fruit Crisp Board meeting 10 a.m. BINGO 10:00 Game Day 4-7 DCHD Blood pressures 11-12 21 22 23 24 25 Chicken Filet on Bun Ham & Beans Pepper Casserole Tuna & Noodles Salisbury Steak
Potato Cornbread, Tomatoes Cooked Cabbage
28 29
30 31 1
Sophia made all of this jewelry . . . and the bandana tablecloth too Henry had this stand (featuring a drawing for free prizes) to help fund his baseball team’s trip to state. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News July 2023 13 660-367-4407 888-669-5765 Rob’s Cycle PARTS • SALES • SERVICE Rob & Tricia Bozarth, Sales The Way Out #1 Polaris Drive Pattonsburg, MO 64670 CUSTOM MADE TARPS Boats, Trucks, Grills, Air Conditioners, Wagons, Trampolines, Semi Rollovers, Travel Trailer Skirting. Sand Box Covers, Upholstery, Disc Mowers & More! 24968 St. Hwy 190 Jamesport, MO 4 miles south of Jamesport on Hwy 190 For All Your Tarp Needs 660•973•4872 Roberson Funeral Homes Jamesport (660)684-6999 Pattonsburg (660)367-2117 Bethany (660)425-3315 Princeton (660)748-3325 Eagleville (660)867-3112 King City (660)535-4321 Stanberry (660)783-2869 Owners: Johnnie & Sally Black frostauto@hotmail com AUTO PARTS Open: 7:30 - 5:30 Mon - Fri 7:30 - 12:30 Sat 660-663-2152 or 660-663-2455 110 West Grand Gallatin MO 64640 FROST AUTOMOTIVE, INC . 660-605-1460 STORAGE LLC At Exit 61 on I-35 - Winston, MO Keep your Rv and out of the weather! Boats • BOAT • RV • • MINI STORAGE • 69 Midwest Mini Barns Midwest Mini Barns S Office (660) 749-5310 • ADDITIONAL DISPLAY LOCATION: St. Joseph, Beacon RV Park, 822 S. Belt Hwy MIDWEST MINI BARNS Quality Storage Buildings 3008 US Highway 69, Winston, MO 64689 Office (660) 749-5310 • ADDITIONAL DISPLAY LOCATION: St. Joseph, Beacon RV Park, 822 S. Belt Hwy We now offer Log Cabins! • Chicken Coops • Dog Kennels • Por table Buildings • Garden Sheds • Horse Sheds • Custom Builds Humphrey Dental Group Stanley E. Humphrey, DDS Jacob E. Humphrey, DDS 307 S. Main • Gallatin, MO 64640 Ph: (660) 663-2814 General Dentistry GLO Whitening and BOTOX Cosmetic offering serving the Lake Viking area Shannon Korthanke Sales Agent AAA Insurance 3823 Frederick Ave St. Joseph, MO 64506 (816)273-1694 Office (816)233-7025 Fax (816)209-2816 Cell (800)222-7623 Claims YOUR AD HERE! Contact us at: 660-322-9001 or lakevikingnews@

VVA Meeting (continued

from page 1)

• Fire Department provided a water spout on July 1, 2023.

Safety Department

• During the prior month, the Safety Department issued 69 infractions & 73 warnings.

• Safety investigated porta-potty vandalism.

• To date, Safety has stickered 925 watercraft.

• Safety is working on entering members into Palgate for the maintenance gate. Hours will be 7:00am until dark.

• Safety worked an underage drinking party at Beach 2.

Campground Committee

George Eshnaur reported:

• Campground Committee met July 5, 2023.

• Campground 1 There are 0 empty spaces in the campground.

• Campground 2 There are 28 empty spaces available in Campground 2. Three spots are expected to be opened up in the near future for nightly camping.

• Committee is working on the budget for the campgrounds for next year. Budget for the Campgrounds will be submitted to the Finance Committee next week for their review.

• Campground Committee is holding a get to know your Campground committee members and fellow campers and the work that is being done at the Campground 1 Pavilion. This will be held July 22, 2023.

Lake Committee

Tony Gronniger Lot 2281 reported: No report. Committee members will be back on the Lake next week.

Infraction Committee

• Infraction committee met July 8, 2023

• They reviewed 45 Lake Infractions and 11 Campground infractions. The fines for these were $5,580.

Dredge Committee

Doug Winter reported for Shawn Hepinstall:

• Dredge America is now working on the North Cove. Work on the South Cove has been completed and it is reported the water level is 7 feet.

• Doug reported prep work for the Weir Construction starts Monday. This will slow the silt flow into the south end of the lake. Height of the wall was surveyed at 866 feet.

Fishing Committee

Tom Rice reported the committee will meet next Friday and work on planning for the Fall Bass Fishing Tournament and the new Fall Crappie Tournament.

Tech Committee

Jeff Ferguson reported for Scott Fatheree:

• Committee met July 9, 2023.

• The current web page name used by VVA does not belong to us and it is planned to change this to

• VVA has completed discussions with Midstates. The VVA Office, Safety Office, Clubhouse and beaches will be provided free internet service.

• Midstates is finishing the fiber install in the Gallatin, MO area and will then begin the install at Lake Viking.

Managing Directors Report

Jeff Ferguson ( Managing Director): Condo Control

• Condo continues to grow with 1200 email addresses.

• Payments via Condo will be available August 2023.

• For those wanting an extra user/users the charge will be $60.00 per user to be paid with the annual dues.

• By August 1, 2023 we are looking to launch the opening of the dump hours from 7 a.m. until dark. Lake Members will be issued a PIN number they will enter for access to the dump.

Lake Information

• Storms have hit the Lake causing power outages and debris to be spread around the lake. Maintenance has cleaned up 18-19 trees which were downed during the storm.

• The pool has been impacted by the storms also. Trees in front of the pool have lost leaves which caused a cleanup issue. We are considering removing these two trees to prevent this in the future.

• Lot 717 has been filled in and seeded. We are in the bidding period for members only on this lot.

Approval Of Financial Statements

Terry Nibarger made a motion that the Financial Statements for June 2023 be approved as presented. Seconded by Tom Rice; motion passed unanimously.

Guest Time

Four guests presented information at the meeting.

• Marvin McNabb discussed the problem his wife is encountering when walking their dogs on a leash. They have been approached by other large dogs. Marvin indicated he will supply his wife with pepper spray when she is walking the dogs to prevent any problems.

Discussion from the board on the leash changes seemed to indicate we are not enforcing the rules and should be more diligent at doing this.

Marvin also discussed the allowing of motorized surf boards on the lake citing the reference on page 31 of the handbook stating that a battery-operated toy cannot be operated on the lake. Marvin indicated he fears the liability of someone on one of these boards being injured or worse because of boat traffic.

• Jerry Goehring discussed the Lake Dues and asked why do we not change this

and charge more for the dues amount instead of having a special assessment amount. The Board indicated they asked our attorney if this could be changed before 2027 and were told no it could not. Doug Winter stated he feels this is a process issue.

• Felicia Roth gave a presentation of a Proposed Committee for Beautification and Retail Exploration for the Lake. She outlined her proposal and stated reasons she felt this would be successful. The Board suggested that a survey be sent out to members (as it was for the Restaurant Committee). George Eshnaur indicated he would help with this survey to determine the interest of the Lake Members.

• Corey Kramer Lot 212 came before the board to appeal an infraction he received Memorial Day Weekend. He indicated he was concerned about the Safety process of watching from the shoreline and issuing tickets. Mr. Kramer stated the ticket amount was lowered by the Infraction Committee to $80.00. The board did not choose to change the Infraction Committee recommendation.

Board Discussion

The Board discussed and a motion was made by Tom Rice to approve expenditures for both the Rock Weir and the additional Dredge America hours. Allan Slavin seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

The Board discussed the Harbor/Jetty project and a motion was made by Tom Rice to fund this project. The motion was seconded by Jeremy Lillig. Motion passed unanimously.


Motion was made to adjourn to Executive Session at 3:30 pm to discuss legal, personnel, and Board organizational matters. A second was received and the motion passed by all board members.


A sign-in Attendance Sheet is on record at the Office for reference. Let the record show that these minutes are a record of the business transacted at this meeting and are a sampling of the discussions. Comments and discussions are not reflected in whole or as actual quotations in the minutes, nor do they reflect all comments by members. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News July 2023 14

Pre- Holiday Storm Jitters

There were some unsettling moments a few days before the excitement from the fireworks began. All totaled, electrical power went out three times between June 29 and July 1 due to storms. Although the storms were relatively short outbursts, strong winds on the morning of June 29 caused a lot of down tree branches, large down trees, and a couple of power outages one of which lasted several hours. There was significant damage with several large down trees on the northwest side of lake as these pictures demonstrate. One of the down trees came crashing down just inches from a house but owner dodged a major bullet with relatively minor damage to eaves. The wind turbulence reaped havoc at Campground 2

and around the clubhouse area and posts from the Safety Department on the official page of Lake Viking Facebook thanked Everett Jonas for helping out there late at night and in the early hours of morning. John Cox also helped with damage cleanup around the clubhouse and at other parts of the lake. The length of the power outages varied depending at different locations. On July 1, early in the morning we lost power (again) for over 4 hours, while a person I talked to on the south side of the lake was only out for a short time. Luckily, other than a few light rains, everything was back to normal for the rest of the day and VVA members were able to enjoy a good day of events, boating on the lake, and fireworks.

Garages Shops Storage

Garage, shops, and storage buildings available in wood frame and all steel structures

lets try to crop these and change the headers to Garages and Shops and Storage

July 2016: Four New Pix located h/customers/king city lumber/ 3716, 0174, 3808, 4466

Delinquent Accounts

Per the March annual meeting, a 4% late fee will be assessed on all unpaid dues, assessments, or infractions effective 5/24/23 and will continue for the next three months on any unpaid balances.

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday thru Friday, and 8 a.m. to Noon on Saturday for payments to be processed. Card payments can be accepted over the phone with a 5% processing fee. Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News July 2023 15
208 E. Putnam, King City, MO 64463 (660) 535-4337 Viking Valley Association Ph: 660-322-9001 L ake Viking News July 2023 16 Waterfront! Lot #600- $175,000 Lot #2671 & 2672 - $18,000 Lot #4003 - $12,500 Lot #2408 - $12 000 MH Lot #116 - $8,000 Lot #116 - $7,950 Lot #2088 - $5,000 Waterfront! 3 Bed | 2 5 Bath $649,000 PENDING! PENDING! New Listing! Entertainer's Dream 2 Bed | 3 Bath Basement | Garage Walking distance to Lake Pool, and other Amenitie $379,900 Super Cute! 3 Bed | 2 Bath $450,000 PENDING! PENDING! New Listing! 2 Bed | 1 5 Bath $159,000 PENDING! PENDING! Coming Soon! Lot #680 & 1875 102 Shad Point Waterfront | 2 Bed | 2 Bath 3-Car Attached Garage 2 Bay Boat Dock $630,000 Anita Riley 660.663.5026 Tanya Burns 660.605.0059 Toni Cox 660.663.7918 David Cox 660 663 7289 Cole Rorebeck 660 654 9354 Bob Gaekwad 660.973.6286 8 0 1 S M a i n S t r e e t G a l l a t i n , M O 6 6 0 - 6 6 3 - 5 7 5 7 Jeff Riley, Broker P r o v i d i n g e x c e l l e n t s e r v i c e t o L a k e V i k i n g ! Lot #621 1754 LVT C o m i n g S o o n ! W W W . T O W N A N D C O U N T R Y S E L L S . C O M Waterfront! Lakefront Property 3 Bed | 2 Bath Covered Dock, Vaulted Ceilings, Formal Living Room w/Cozy Fireplace $599,000 Waterfront | 4 Bed | 3 5 Bath 81' Shoreline, 2 Kitchens 2 Bay Boat Dock $1,395,000 PENDING!
In addition to the spectacular fireworks, Mother Nature can always be counted on to provide magnificent Lake Viking sunsets. Photo by Rozanne Prather.
This beautiful sunset photo was taken 6/24/23 at Lot 56. Photo submitted by Alexander Schoofs. Photo taken 6/24/23 by Michael Kleffner
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