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Der Maisbauer Winter 2010

Club Elections - Missouri Valley Chapter Board of Directors Your chapter is soliciting members to serve on the board of directors beginning in the 2011 calendar year. The 5 elected board of director positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director-At-Large with brief descriptions provided below. Additional officer positions (also listed below) are filled by volunteer and board of director appointments. The five elected board of director positions, President, Vice President, Secretary, At-Large and Treasurer, have a two-year term. If you would like to be involved in the administration of the Club, we always welcome volunteers. Be aware this isn’t simply a matter of coming to a board meeting once a month and voicing your opinion. The Club has no paid staff which means everything that happens in this Club happens through the efforts of volunteers. In other words board/officer positions mean a commitment to work to keep the club running and improving! That’s not to say that involvement in Club administration isn’t fun, it is. Most board members find their work on the Board and with the other board members to be enjoyable and rewarding with a minimal effective time commitment. Board of director nominations can be accepted for those who have been BMW CCA members in good standing for at least one year. For those interested in a 2011 officer position (elected or volunteer) or to submit a nomination, please contact our Election Chairperson, Tom Shea, by e-mail (, phone (402-420-2404) or send a letter to the Club mailing address. The deadline for nomination submissions is the 15th of December, 2010 so please get nominations in ASAP! Voting instructions/ballot will follow separately and the election will conclude at the annual dinner on the 22nd of January, 2011.

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General Duties of the Elected Board Positions: President: Responsible for the overall operation of the Club. Leads board meetings and makes sure all the other board members are doing their jobs.

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Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010

Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour 2010 What a beautiful day for a drive! Thanks to Dave “The Road Chaser” Gannon and Chris Olsen for getting the Chapter organized for “The First Annual Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour”. See page 6 for Dave’s wrap up of this wonderful event.

The Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA Newsletter


President’s Corner By D. Jeff Gomon

Welcome to all the new members, and thanks to all of you who chose to renew their membership. With this newsletter being the last of 2010, there will be a lot of time sensitive and important information, so take minute to read through it all. Nominations, followed by elections, will be occurring in the next couple of months. We are always looking for new leaders and fresh event ideas. Take a look at what positions are open and if you are interested, please let us know. As a long time board member, I can tell you volunteering to serve this group is very rewarding. You will have the opportunity to work with some really great people and have a greater voice in steering the chapter activities. Come attend a meeting and see what it’s all about, or give any of the current board members a call with your questions. Wanted to thank our VP, Dave Gannon and his “Road Chaser” sidekick Chris Olsen for all the work they put into the recently held Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour. Thanks also to all of you who attended the drive. It was one of the best-attended events of this season and went off without a hitch. This was a full day event that started in Council Bluffs, Iowa with the first leg ending in Sioux City with lunch at a very cool WWII aviation-themed restaurant. Lots of great pictures, bomber jackets and other memorabilia were on display, as well as great food. The trip up and back featured great fall leaf coloring and challenging roads with some farm implements randomly popping up as well. I think this will come to be called the “1st Annual LHFDT” as my vote is to hold this drive every year.

At our last board meeting we identified the chapter communications (website, e-mail, Yahoo-group, Facebook, etc) as being fragmented and makes for finding information and event dates harder than it needs to be. For this reason, we have put together a Committee to identify our needs and find a solution that will best benefit the membership and be easier for those posting this information to utilize. Our goal is to provide a single location where members can visit for an event calendar, past issues of this newsletter, select how you want to electronically receive your club information, find tech articles, contact other members etc. Finding a solution that will do it all is not as easy as it might seem. That said, we have already made some headway, but have a few more details to iron out before it is released for use. We will be notifying everyone when our new solution goes live. With winter fast approaching, I want to ensure everyone has his or her car ready for the season. If you have them, put on your winter set of snow tires, check your tire pressures, top off all your fluids and replace worn wiper blades. I always put in my trunk a few blankets, plastic bottles of water, some snack bars, window scrapers, extra gloves and whatever I think I would need if I had to spend the night stuck in a ditch.

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The Road Chaser

Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010

By Dave Gannon

“Ka-click.” Chris Olsen hits the End Call button on my cell phone after talking to Jeff Gomon, who called me while I was driving. Chris and I are approaching the end of the morning route of the 2010 Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour in my car. “Whaddaya mean there’s a mistake in the Route Instructions? Jeff must have taken a wrong turn,” I insist, as we exit Route 75 in Sioux City. “We’ve driven this route a dozen times, and we drove the route twice this week alone…well, most of it, anyway. The Route Instructions clearly say to exit Route 75 here, at Gordon Drive, and then follow Route 20 West. What could be easier?” “Jeff said that he followed the Route Instructions and now he’s in Nebraska,” Chris counters. “Nebraska? What’s he doing in Nebraska? He’s supposed to be at the lunch stop here in Sioux City, Iowa” I say, stating the obvious as we merge onto Gordon Drive. “He says the Route Instructions told him to exit Route 75 North here, and then get back on Route 75 going South. He did, and now he’s in Nebraska,” Chris calmly explains. “No way,” I assert confidently, “Jeff must have…” We both see it at the same time. Two shiny, new, green signs hanging over the road, the one on the left directing traffic to continue straight on “Rt 20 Business” into Sioux City, and the one on the right directing traffic down the entrance ramp on the right for “Rt 75 South” and “Rt 20 West”. Silence briefly, as the shock wears off and the significance sinks in, then “When did they put those up?”

We pull over to the side of the road, and spend the next 30 minutes wildly gesturing to every BMW getting off Route 75 and onto Gordon Drive that they should stay in the left lanes and go straight on Gordon Drive into Sioux City. How did Chris and I get here, parked in the breakdown lane of a main road in Iowa trying to direct traffic from the side of the road? The answer is that we offered to share some of the cool roads we had found in the Loess Hills by organizing and running a Fall Driving Tour for our Chapter. What we did not know at the time was that the Iowa Department of Transportation was out to get us. They became our invisible archenemy, diabolically trying to thwart us at every turn. We were the Sherlock Holmes of Road Chasing, and the Iowa DOT had become Professor Moriarty. Unaware of the dark side of the Iowa DOT, Chris and I spent some time over the past year innocently assembling the good roads we found in the Loess Hills into a coherent roundtrip route. We thought we had nailed down a pretty good route that people would enjoy… until one day we found that a good portion of one of the route had been blocked off for bridge repair and reconstruction. Although it was only one bridge, the paucity of paved roads in that area meant that a large segment of the southbound route was suddenly unavailable.

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The Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA Newsletter Rats! There was a lot of flailing around as we searched for an alternate route, but we finally put something together. We hoped that the construction would be completed before our scheduled Fall Driving Tour, but after many months the time grew near and we finalized the route that we had. Then one month before our event, I heard from Chris. “You know that part of our route that we had to take out because it was closed for construction? Well, it’s open,” Chris informed me. “It’s about time,” I said, checking my calendar. “We’d better check it out, and then redo our Route Instructions. Hopefully it is in good condition.” It was, it drove great, and we put it back into our Route Instructions. But the Iowa DOT wasn’t done with us yet. They had more sinister tricks up their sleeves. One day last year, as we drove by a road that we thought was a gravel road, I slowed down because something caught my eye. Although there were a lot of small pebbles covering the beginning of the road, I could see hard surface beyond the area in the vicinity of the intersection. We explored the road, and sure enough it was paved…and it was a great road. We immediately included it as a key part of our route. Then one week before our Fall Driving Tour event, I heard from Chris. “You know that road that we thought was gravel but turned out to be paved? Well, it’s gravel,” Chris told me. “What? We’ve driven on that road a bunch of times, and it’s paved,” I objected. “They’ve thrown down small pebbles on the entire length,” Chris calmly explained, “It’s gravel.” “Show me,” I challenged. We went there, and sure enough the entire road was covered with small pebbles. Apparently in the bizarre world that is the Iowa DOT, one way of maintaining a road is to periodically spread tar and then throw down


small pebbles that will get mashed down into the tar to make a pseudo-paved surface…and when the surface wears out, they do it again! “They’ll lynch us if we put this road in the Route Instructions,” I said, acknowledging the obvious. “We have to re-write the Route Instructions again!” And so we did, as we did every time the Iowa DOT interfered with our plans and tried to defeat us. For those who have never run a Rally, or Driving Tour, making a change in the Route Instructions is not trivial. Each and every time we undertook this process (which became a full-time job during the week prior to the Fall Driving Tour), we had to re-do the mileages. (Speaking of that, can anyone explain to me why Chris looks askance at me every time I insist that he reads the mileage to me in hundredths instead of tenths?) Despite the cunning of the Iowa DOT, Chris and I are responding to popular demand and scouting out more good roads for future Driving Tours. We are well aware that the people at the Iowa DOT are gleefully rubbing their hands and cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West at our attempts to do good for car enthusiasts of the Missouri Valley. Stay tuned to see if good or evil prevails. See you on the road…and keep those emails and letters coming.

Oktoberfest 2011: Birmingham and Barber Motorsports Park! Amazingly enough, in 2011 we’re celebrating Oktoberfest in October! Mark your calendars, because the time passes quickly: O’Fest 2011 will kick off Monday, October 10. The final banquet is slated for Friday, October 14. In addition, we will have bonus track days on Saturday and Sunday, October 15–16.


Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010

I Can See Clearly Now By Clay Woodka Fundamental driving safety is built on the driver’s ability to see the road clearly. It is difficult to see impending hazards in time to react when vision is impaired. The first windshield wipers were an inside, hand-operated crank connected to an outside arm holding a rubber wiper blade, and operated back and forth by the driver. Later, for the convenience of the passenger, a blade and arm was installed on the passenger's side of the windshield and connected to the arm on the driver's side by linkage and operated in tandem with the driver's wiper. This was unsatisfactory and was replaced by the vacuum wiper motor that operated the wiper arms using the vacuum from the car engine. This type of motor was used as late as the early '20s, mounted along the roof line and later moved to the cowl panel, directly below the windshield. The major difficulty plaguing the vacuum motor was its inability to maintain a constant wiper blade speed. As the engine vacuum was lowered (when the car went uphill for instance), the wipers would stop and cause visibility problems. Vacuum holding tanks with one-way check valves and mechanical vacuum pumps were used to maintain a constant vacuum supply, but as the car designs changed, the windshield became larger and the wiper motor's work load increased. The added workload could not be handled by vacuum wipers. Vacuum wipers gave way to electric wiper motors, first installed on cars as an option as early as 1940. The electric motor was dependable and could operate the wipers independent of the fluctuation in engine

vacuum, and by 1972; all original equipment vacuum wiper motor installations had ceased. Electric wiper motors are generally multiple speed units, with delayed or intermittent units used as options. A delayed or intermittent wiper control is used in a mist or light drizzle when the wipers are not continually needed. An adjustable time interval of three to twenty seconds is usually provided for the delayed wiper operation. Depending upon the manufacturer, the car may be equipped with multiple or adjustable intermittent settings that allow the driver to better control the wiper delay interval as necessary for the weather conditions. Maintaining your wiper blades is quite simple. First, don't forget that many cars have rear wipers as well as front wipers. Normally, the wiper blade rubber refills should be changed at least once a year, depending upon the type of weather and the amount of use. If the wipers receive greater than average use or if the car is left outdoors much of the time, both the blades and the refills should be replaced more often. The blade base should be inspected for kinks along the frame, bent or broken lever or yoke jaws and broken or rusted blade saddles at each refill replacement. Always replace refills or blades in pairs. If one side has worn out, the other side is likely to follow suit in the near future. Chattering is the noise and the jerking motion resulting from the wiper blade rubber getting hard and not gliding smoothly over the windshield. Worn linkage and connections can also cause chattering of the wiper blades. Make sure the wiper blade and rubber is properly installed and in good condition. If the rubber is soft and pliable, chattering should not occur. Do not wait to replace worn and damaged wipers until the bad weather hits or visibility is so deteriorated that safety is compromised. Eyestrain from poor visibility can lead to driver fatigue and anxiety. A

The Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA Newsletter regular inspection schedule will help avoid potentially dangerous situations. Give your wiper blade rubber elements a quick cleaning when filling up with gas. After the windshield has been cleaned using the service center’s washer solvent and squeegee, wipe down the rubber with a paper towel. Doing so removes any loose dirt and most road grime that can lead to streaking, smearing and hazing. Summers in the midwest is when the insects come out to play, I keep window cleaner and towels in the car. If it starts to rain and the window is covered in bugs it will take several minutes for the wipers to clean them off, get them off before it rains. Keep your windows clean and your wipers maintained and drive safe.


Annual Dinner Announcement We have a date and NEW LOCATION for the BMW Club Annual Dinner. Mark you calendar for Jan 22nd, 2011 at the Upstream Brewery Legacy. Cocktails will start at 6:00pm with dinner at 7:00pm. It will be a buffet style dinner with salads and dessert served at the table. Several choices of meats, pasta and vegetables will be available as well as a fully stocked cash bar. Entrees include beef, chicken and pasta and shrimp entrĂŠe (Let us know if you special dietary substitutions ahead of time) Dress for this event will be business casual (No Tuxes Required). As always, there will be door prizes provided by various vendors, local dealerships, your chapter and the National Office of the BMW Car Club of America. The dinner event, our largest event of the year, will be offered at $37.50 per person and includes all taxes and tips. We will be in the Legacy Banquet Room at the Upstream Legacy location at 171st & West Center Omaha (not in the Old Market Upstream). Look for a postcard invitation in the near future with additional RSVP information, or check out the website for a link to register and RSVP with online payment. We look forward to seeing you!!!


Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010

2010 Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour By Dave Gannon The 2010 Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour was held on Sunday, October 17. Organized by Dave Gannon and Chris Olsen, this was the first time an event in this format had been hosted by our Chapter. By all accounts, it was a resounding success. A total of 29 cars and 1 motorcycle including 46 drivers and co-drivers, several children in car seats - assembled at the starting point before heading out on the morning route. Although the location used was easily reachable from Omaha and Lincoln, the roads that were part of the Tour were new to most people. Best of all, the weather was perfect throughout the day, and the fall foliage was in full color. Striking pictures of cool cars, great roads, wonderful scenery, and fall foliage at it’s best were preserved in the memory cards of many cameras that day. Participants brought a wide variety of interesting cars to participate in this event. Marques represented included BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and even a Corvair! There were new cars, old cars, big cars, small cars, cars that were completely stock, and cars that were highly modified. This Fall Driving Tour was a rolling Car Show! In addition to the drive, there was plenty of time during the day to socialize, catch up with friends, and meet new people. It was great to meet everyone and see all the different cars as we gathered at the starting point. Lunch was also a lively event, and the group occupied a good portion of the restaurant for over two hours. No event is without it’s glitches, and the 2010 Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour was no exception. The first glitch was a pair of new

signs at a highway interchange in Sioux City that led to an incorrect Route Instruction. Those who followed the Route Instructions to the letter got back on the highway they had just exited. This led to some temporary confusion for some participants, but everyone got to the lunch stop. The second glitch was that the public parking lot that participants were directed to use at the lunch stop was unexpectedly closed. Fortunately there was plenty of street parking so we all parked closer to the restaurant than anticipated. Here are some noteworthy aspects of the event that deserve recognition. Most Unexpected Car: Armen Badeer’s beautifully restored Corvair…at a BMW CCA Chapter event! Armen, his wife Tracy, and their two small daughters in car seats proved that the Corvair is a wonderful touring car and is not “unsafe at any speed”. Take that, Ralph Nader! Most Impressive Fleet: The three E28s (1980s 5 Series cars). This group of enthusiasts, with their extremely well maintained and when necessary extraordinarily well restored cars that had subtle-on-the-outside but extreme-onthe-inside modifications, commanded a striking presence. Roadside Mechanic in Action: Former MVC President Bill Cox. Bill, who is apparently unfazed by anything, arrived at the starting point of the Tour with a beautiful and nearly original BMW 2002 that was copiously leaking gasoline. Bill repaired the fuel line in the parking lot, and managed to start on time. His wife Val, who is also apparently unfazed by anything, remained in the passenger seat and calmly read the paper while all of this was going on. Bill also experienced temporary brake failure on arrival at the lunch stop, but was later able to manage a successful drive home while remaining ever-vigilant for a possible recurrence. When you drive a 40year-old car, you have to be prepared for the unexpected…and you have to have a sense of humor.

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The Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA Newsletter By the time it was over, the 2010 Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour had been dubbed by all who attended as “The First Annual Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour”. Apparently Dave Gannon and Chris Olsen have work to do!

President’s Corner (Continued) I keep my emergency supplies in a small gym bag so it isn’t just floating around and can be easily found. One last thing, get familiar with your vehicle when it comes to getting extracted from a ditch or just being generally stuck. Most all BMW’s come with a screw-in tow hook that is attached to prevent damage to any other parts of your car a tow truck driver might hook up to. These locations are usually behind little access panels in the front and rear bumper covers. I have personally seen lots of front and rear suspension damage from just such cases. Look in your owner’s manual for the front and rear locations and also ensure your threaded tow hook eye in your tool kit. If you have lost yours, or it is missing, you can order another one for very little money at a local dealer. I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Annual Dinner. Information for this event is in this issue of the chapter newsletter. - Jeff Gomon


Board Elections (Continued) Vice President: Fills in when the president is unavailable. Also responsible for the social events not assigned to other board members. Secretary: Records the minutes of the board meetings, keeper of Club records. Treasurer: Responsible for the financial affairs of the Club including preparing financial statements, reports to nationals and the annual tax return. Membership Coordinator: handles mailings to new members and the recruitment of new members. Director-At-Large: answers to the Club President for duties assigned. Newsletter Editor: Responsible for creation of the Der Maisbauer club newsletter. Information Technology Coordinator: Handles everything on the Club’s website and electronic communication with Club members. Advertising/Sponsorship Coordinator: sells advertising for Club newsletter and website Driving Events Coordinator: Manages all aspects of the Club’s high-speed track driving program. Social Events/Meeting Coordinator: Responsible for organizing and publicizing club social events and meetings.


Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010

Board and Officers Meeting Minutes September 26, 2010: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Upstream Brewing Company, West Omaha – Legacy Attendees: Clay Woodka, David Gannon, Conrad Privateer, Chet Dawes, Jeff Gomon, Lynn KostVirant, Greg Virant, Didier Billiouxe 1. Introduction Jeff Gomon 2. Treasurer’s Report Lynn Virant Current available balance = $5253.67 Outstanding Invoice Newsletter, etc ($750) Approximate Financial Status 09/2010 $4500 Membership total as-of 09/2010 = 324 members (includes all types) Prior year membership at this time was 439 members. The drop is associated primarily with the expiration of memberships provided by Husker BMW and since their membership program has been discontinued the total membership has fallen. 3. Publications Editor’s Report Conrad Privateer Chapter has settled into a usable format and reduced the page count of the newsletter as a result. Presently meeting National standards for content and schedule. Desire a more ‘timely’ notification of events. Conrad’s suggestion was to list events annually on a rolling 12 month schedule if possible so people can see/plan well in advance. Timeline for next issue to be provided by Conrad to the Officers group. Conrad to provide a one month reminder for material prior to due date for submission. Next newsletter to provide officer election announcement, responsibilities, call for volunteers, etc. 4. Annual Chapter Dinner Jeff Gomon Event chair – Lynn Virant Registration to be handled with (MSR) – Registrar still un-determined, suggestion raised to solicit help from Tarun Kundhi. Date set for 1/22/2011 – Lynn to book the venue Location – Upstream Brewery – Legacy location West Omaha - downstairs ballroom Meal selection per “Package B” on the Buffet menu. Main course selections to include Beef Tips, Rock Shrimp, Baked Chicken, Sides, Roasted potato Some kind of fancy broccoli Salad Desert Brownie or Bread Pudding – debate ensued, consensus never quite reached. The bread pudding is a signature item from Upstream. Cost - $37.50 each (or $75 for two). Covers chapter cost for room, meal, tax(es) and gratuity. Does not cover alcohol or complimentary seats (4) below. Chapter to offer 2 complimentary seats each to Markel and Husker BMW for the General Manager + 1 Guest. Costs of which are not included in the above per person cost. 5. Election of Chapter Officers Jeff Gomon *WILL* occur at the annual dinner. Newsletter needs to announce the election date/location, officer positional duties, open offices, call for nominations in the next issue. Event reminders need to include a candidate announcement and proxy ballot or provision for electronic submission. Bylaws need to be revisited to include provision for proxy/electronic ballot submission as well as reduce the quorum requirement so that we can hold elections with potentially fewer than 10% present in

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The Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA Newsletter


the same place/time. Any vote required to make above changes to occur via board conference call. Website needs to also reflect the election call-out. 6. Chapter Realignment Jeff Gomon National has contacted Jeff about probable/possible chapter & region realignment. The MVC has been voted by National to become part of the South Central region of the BMW CCA. National has requested our formal position on this matter. The officers present had no formal objection to a specific region with one caveat – that the MVC remain aligned with IA and KC chapter within the same region. Jeff Gomon to coordinate with IA and KC leadership to determine which region is preferred. 7. Web Site Format and Chapter Communication Redesign Jeff Gomon Tarun Kundhi input provided through Jeff Gomon, Tarun was not present at this meeting. Didier Billiouxe Officers agreed that there was a need to change our communication plan to be more cohesive and incorporate the website and communication into one common place. Several opinions exist on the method to do that but the theme of “push” communication is a necessity. Calendar, Website and chapter communication format needs to be in the same place so that information seekers are pointed in the correct location to see all information they desire. Need to ‘kill’ the current Facebook page(s) and set-up pages that are club owned/managed rather than individual people. The same basic individual people may be responsible we just need club ownership to ensure compliance. Security of new website/communication package needs to be addressed – Consult with Tarun Kundhi. Forum vs. e-mail debate ensued, we discussed the pros/cons of each type and agreed that if the forum concept can also include e-mail push for communication that the fears/concerns can be mitigated. Requirements need to be well defined for chapter communication and since the devil resides in the details of implementation we will need a more focused investigation on the capabilities. In general the officers agree that the concepts discussed have merit and we need to incorporate all methods of communication within one pathway. Website updates/material issue still exists. Per Tarun’s e-mail in advance of the meeting website material updates are still the responsibility of an event organizer, etc. and changing the format will not automatically keep the site updated. It still requires input. Chet Dawes suggested (post meeting and reluctantly since committees tend to be painful) a committee be formed to define requirements and execute a change. 8. Event Planning – 2010 and 2011 Jeff Gomon Officers Members Loess Hills Fall Driving Tour ‐ Oct 17 Mass e-mail to be provided to Jeff/Tarun (by Dave) as an event reminder. Annual Chapter Dinner ‐ When? Where? See above, item #4. HPDE, Hastings Motorsport Park April or May, 2011? Chapter discussed financial risk as well as reward. This conversation was tabled in the interest of time. More discussion to occur via e-mail and phone meeting. Kearney Cruise Nite 2011 – When? Date tentative July 16th, 2011 based on event schedule of KCN organization. Chet to coordinate. Discussed ways to promote this event more effectively Other Events Clay suggested that the club should hold more events we ‘own’ as well as promote more heavily those times where we join other events that are not our own.


E30 Oil Leak Repair By John Campbell

I have been trying to eliminate all the small leaks on my E30 (second generation 3 series for the uninitiated) for some time. I thought that I had tracked them all down, but still had a persistent slow oil leak. With a little help from Markel BMW I finally tracked it down to the oil filter housing. BMW has a kit to repair the common problem, part number 11 42 9 059 338. The kit replaces the valve cover, the O ring and the retaining clip. There are a few DIY’s online that cover this and it turns out to be one of the more simple fixes. My total time, including photos, beer drinking, tool gathering, note taking and clean up was about 45 minutes. After putting the front up on ramps (easiest) or jack stands, clean the offending part and surrounding area with brake cleaner. The area you’ll be working in is tight and the parts are small so cleaning off the leaked oil really helps. Next you need to get a “C” clamp and apply just enough pressure to the cover to take the (internal) spring pressure off of the retaining ring (see photo) using a small screw driver or a sturdy pick remove the retaining ring that holds the valve cover on. In the next step you are going to slowly loosen the clamp so you can remove/ replace the valve cover. You are going to want to get something to catch the 6 to 8 ounces of oil that will be directed at your face. I was not prepared for this part; every DIY I read online described it as “a little bit of oil will come out”. While 6-8 ounces doesn’t sound like a lot, it is when you are expecting a few drops. As you are removing the old valve cover, be ready for a spring and a thermostat to come out behind it. Pay attention to what order they are

Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010 in, I could not find a diagram of the internal parts. Not in the Bentley manual or on This is a good time to grab another beer. Put a little new oil on the new O ring; place it on the new valve cover and get your “C” clamp ready. Put the “valve cover – spring – thermostat” assembly into the oil filter housing. Hold it there with the “C” clamp, just as you did before. Again, you are only pushing the valve cover in far enough to now install the new retaining clip. With the valve cover held in place by the “C” clamp, get your brake cleaner and clean the area off again. Compress the new retaining clip and gently convince it to get in the groove in the oil filter housing. I had the best luck with needlenosed ViceGrips. If the tips would’ve been slightly curved it would’ve been easier. This step took the most time because there isn’t too much room. After you have the retaining ring seated check it again to be sure it is seated completely! A quick search online will turn up at least two stories of valve covers that emancipated themselves after a few miles on the road. Remove the “C” clamp, clean up and you’re done. Unless you want to check the retaining ring a third time.

The Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA Newsletter


’11 Calendar

Feb 22, 2011...Annual Chapter Holiday Dinner, Upstream Brewing - Legacy, 171st & West Center ,West Omaha. See this newsletter for details Oct 10-16, 2011... Oktoberfest, Birmingham and Barber Motorsports Park. See this newsletter for details

Lincoln Lunch Bunch

Omaha Lunch Bunch

2nd Monday of Every Month at 12 noon. See chapter website for locations. **Please check the chapter Website for any changes**

The Omaha lunch bunch has been combined with the All Euro Group meetings which take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Details will be posted on our website calendars.

Chapter Name Change Starting in Jan 2011, BMW of North America is requiring all BMW Car Club chapters to change, or reconfigure, their logos to comply with their new marketing guidelines. We are not exempt from these changes and will be doing so in short order to comply. Your Chapter Board felt this would be a great time to address another change that has been discussed for several years....a chapter name change to more reflect our demographic. Since losing Iowa as part of our territory, there has been a lot of confusion in the name Missouri Valley Chapter, since our territory covers Nebraska, North and South Dakota. For a variety of reasons, and after some name tossing, we have come up with "Great Plains" Chapter. We feel this name better describes "us" and where we are located. No more, "are you guys from St. Louis, Kansas City or where in Missouri?" Our last insurance form came to us and the insured was "Missouri Chapter". We would like extend an opportunity to any creative chapter members that would be willing to help redesign our new chapter logo, following the new BMW Design Specs. We will be posting information concerning the logo design contest on the chapter website as soon as possible. In the meantime if you are interested, contact one of the board members and we can direct you to where the specs can be found on the National Website. Make a permanent mark on your BMW Car Club by submitting your entry.

BMW Trivia Here is the BMW Trivia question for this issue! Each newsletter will feature a trivia question. The correct answer will run in the following newsletter. The first person to email the editor with the correct answer will be mentioned in the following newsletter. This is sure to be a hit so get your answers in quickly. Email the editor at Here’s this newsletter’s trivia question: BMW’s first unibody automobile was the: A: 1500, B: 1800TI/SA, or C: 700 The correct answer was that the body for the 700 came from the design studios of Michelotti.


Der Maisbauer: Winter 2010

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