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Courses for SUMMER 2012!! Arizona State University (ASU) NUR 671 Teaching in Academic and Practice Settings Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) CPH 626 Epidemiology of Aging and Chronic Illness CPH 627 Epidemiology of Disease NURS 539 Developing Learning Activities Regarding Health Systems in Care of the Older Adult NURS 546 Health Systems in the Care of the Older Adult NURS 661 Best Practice in Teaching Nursing NURS 662 Assessment of Learning in Nursing NURS 663 Simulation in Nursing Education NURS 715 Methods of Clinical Inquiry NURS 740 Urgent and Emergent Rural Primary Care Management for Nurse Practitioners Loma Linda University (LLU) NRSG 636 Disciplined Inquiry NRSG 660 Qualitative Research Methods NRSG 665 Philosophical Foundations of Nursing Science University of Colorado (CU) NUDO 6059 Cultural Competence for Advanced Practice Design* NURS 7867 Evidence-Based Teaching and Curriculum University of Kansas (KU) NRSG 722 Scholarly Writing for the Health Professional NRSG 807 Genetics In Primary Care NRSG 854 Knowledge Management in Healthcare University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) NURS 776 Statistical Methods for Nursing Research II: Multivariate NURS 779 Writing a Research Grant Application NURS 784 Health and Public Policy for Urban Sustainability University of New Mexico (UNM) NURS 602 Theory II: Contemporary Substantive Nursing Knowledge NURS 607 Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research NURS 620 Advanced Health Care Statistics I NURS 640 Evidence, Health Policy & Politics University of Northern Colorado (UNC) ET 604 Computer Graphics and Visual Literacy NURS 612 Advanced Pharmacology NURS 707 Leadership in Health Policy* NURS 740 The Intensive Teaching Practicum University of Utah (Utah) GERON 6001 Introduction to Gerontology GERON 6002 Service Agencies and Programs for the Elderly GERON 6320 Death, Dying and Bereavement GERON 6370 Health & Optimal Aging GERON 6960 Successful Cognit/Emotion Aging NURS 6001 Professional Role and Collaboration NURS 6002 Health Care Delivery NURS 6004 Introduction to Information & Information Technology NURS 6006 Principles of Pharmacotherapy NURS 6520 Issues in Women's Health NURS 7450 Factor Analysis in Instrument Development in Health* University of Texas at Tyler (UTT) NURS 6333 Qualitative Research Design NURS 6350 Research in Transcultural Health UNIV 5368 Interdisciplinary Travel Study/China Immersion 2012

*Identified courses are open to either PhD or DNP students only. Priority enrollment for PhD students in PhD courses. Priority enrollment for DNP students in DNP courses. Visit for detailed course descriptions.

TO REGISTER Visit the student section at

IMPORTANT DATES ASU Registration 2/15/12 – 5/15/12 Application Due: 5/13/12 Classes begin: 5/21/12 LLU Registration 5/21/12 – 6/10/12 Application Due: 3/1/12 Classes begin: 6/18/12 OHSU Registration 5/14/12 – 5/25/12 Application Due: 5/25/12 Classes begin: 6/25/12 CU Registration 5/7/12 – 6/11/12 Application Due: 5/28/12 Classes begin: 6/4/12 KU Registration 4/25/12 – 5/31/12 Application Due: 5/13/12 Classes begin: 6/5/12 UNLV Registration Open – 4/15/12 Application Due: 4/15/12 Classes begin: 5/14/12 UNM Registration 4/18/12 – 5/9/12 Application Due: 4/30/12 Classes begin: 5/10/12 UNC Registration 4/2/12 – 5/14/12 Application Due: 5/12/12 Classes begin: 5/14/12 Utah Registration Open – 4/30/12 Application Due: 4/30/12 Classes begin: 5/14/12 UTT Registration 2/1/12 – 5/1412 Application Due: 5/2/12 Classes begin: 6/4/12 ***********************************

Spots are limited, so contact your NEXus Campus Staff Coordinator today! (Students should speak to their advisors to ensure the desired course is at the appropriate level.)

Nexus Summer 2012  

Nexus courses for Summer 2012

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