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Health & Kinesiology In the News

Volume 2, Issue 5 November, 2011

H&K Crew and Faculty Play Paintball! It is not too often when a group of students get to shoot at their professors. Well, last month a group of 10 students got to take aim at 3 of their Faculty during a mad paintball game at WHATZ-UP Paintball Park in Seven Points Texas. As part of the H & K Crew’s activities, it was decided that they wanted to play paintball and man, it was fun. I must tell you that I was a bit nervous at first, but after I got shot the first time I was feeling much better. Nothing was more fun than listening to Ms. Eaton say, “I’m Shot, I’m Shot, I’m Shot, So STOP shooting at me!!!” That was awesome. Everyone was divided into

two teams, the Blue team and the Red team. After 4 games the score was even at 2-2. The final game left Dr. Dong fighting for the pride of the Blue team, but he was eventually defeated. This was a really great opportunity to let some steam out and just have a really great time. This adventure was also a great chance to get to know each other better, whether it was the students getting to know the faculty better or the faculty getting to know the students better, it was awesome! There will be many more activities like this in the future so come and join us next time. Dr. Marzilli

Dr. Dong after Battle

Members of “The Crew” & Faculty after Paintball Madness!!!

What’s New in H&K Redesigned BA in Health and Kinesiology Now earn a minor in Business Entrepreneurism The Department of Health and Kinesiology is very excited about its totally redesigned BA Degree in Health and Kinesiology. Starting Fall 2012, the BA in Health and Kinesiology with a Minor in Entrepreneurship’s mission will be to provide a breadth and depth of understanding of both health and kinesiology while simultaneously providing the business skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. This program will not only prepare students for entry-

level careers in health and exercise related professions, including positions in clinical, public and business settings, it will also provide them the skill set necessary to be uniquely positioned within the job market and possibly make their health and/or exercise related small business dream a reality. The entire degree is still only 120 semester hours and includes 45 hours of Health and Kinesiology courses including the Internship

Barrett’s First Blood!

Capstone Experience. In addition to the 45 hours of Health and Kinesiology core, it also includes 18 hours of business classes. We are excited about the possibilities of this degree and if you would like more information, please make an appointment with me!! Dr. Marzilli

November Events Food Drive Sponsored by the Health and Kinesiology Club and KON Honor Society Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society Induction Ceremony November 16 Department of Health and Kinesiology Thanksgiving Feast Monday November 21 at 1112:30 Fall 2011 Commencement Ticket Pick-up starts Nov 28

Volume 2, Issue 5

Department Spotlight: Patriot Academy for Physical Activity The Department of Health and Kinesiology is proud to sponsor the Patriot Academy for Physical Activity. This Academy was started Fall 2011 and was created to provide home-schooled children an opportunity to participate in structured physical activity. With over 14 children enrolled in the inaugural class, this Academy has already been a success and will only get better. If you are interested in working with the Patriot Academy during the Spring 2012 semester please let me know! Dr. Marzilli

The Patriot Academy for Physical Activity offers an exceptional physical activity and educational experience for home-schooled children. The program focuses on lessons that are both developmentally and instructionally appropriate. In addiMrs. Judy Stanley Master Teacher for the tion, the Academy provides an inPatriot Academy for valuable lab setting for The UniverPhysical Activity sity of Texas at Tyler Physical Education majors assisting with the teaching of the classes under the direction of supervising Master PE Instructor, Judy Stanley. The Academy’s approach to physical activity is more than just learning to play sports, it is learning the basic building blocks to promote a

love for physical activity that will last a lifetime. It is the Academy’s goal to increase physical activity within East Texas one child at a time!

The Patriot Academy will be registering children for the Spring Semester starting today and going through January. If any students would like to work with Mrs. Stanley during the Spring semester please come and see me. You can do your InIf the body be feeble, the ternship and/or get credit for an Independent mind will not be strong Study by participating in the Academy. Dr. Marzilli -Thomas Jefferson

Message From the Chair of Kinesiology

Dr. Scott Marzilli I can’t believe that it’s almost time for Thanksgiving! This semester has just flown by for me and I assume it’s flown by for you all too. I know as we get closer to the end of the semester the stress will continue to rise, so please find a healthy outlet to let the stress go and end the semester on an up note! Today I wanted to talk to you about RESPECT. You probably have all heard Aretha Franklin belt out R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but what does “respect” mean to you? As defined, respect denotes a positive feeling of esteem for a person or other entity, and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. My parents taught me the importance of respect early on. Whether it was to respect them, my grandparents, my friends, the teachers at school or myself, I was taught to never purposely disrespect anyone. As I observe classroom teaching this semester, I have been really impressed by the majority of student-teacher interactions; however, I have been troubled by the blatant disrespect some of our students show towards each other, and more troubling, show towards their Faculty. I recently watched students come to class 10-20 minutes late with no book, paper or pencil to

take notes with, I have witnessed students on their cell phones during class time, I have seen students bring complete meals into class to eat them during lectures, I have seen students text messaging during class, I have seen students on their computers “surfing the web” and I have even seen a student listening to their music during class. These behaviors do not only promote strategies related to earning “D’s” and “F’s” in class, they demonstrate a lack of respect towards their Faculty. While it is our job as Faculty to provide an excellent learning environment for which you can learn, it is your job to come to class each and every day prepared to take advantage of that environment. Therefore, I urge you to be more respectful of your Faculty and of your fellow students, but more importantly, let your actions demonstrate that you have respect for yourselves as well. Dr. Marzilli

Tip of the Month When you come to class, come to class ready to participate, be engaged in the learning process and most importantly, ready to learn. Get to class a few minutes early to talk to your fellow classmates and talk to the Faculty member and stay a couple minutes late if you have any questions! Take responsibility for your education! Dr. Marzilli

November H and K Newsletter  

November H and K Newsletter

November H and K Newsletter  

November H and K Newsletter