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Nursing Education Track Degree Requirements Course


NURS 5312 NURS 5308 NURS 5320 NURS 5356 HECC 5317 NURS 5334

Nursing Theory Contemporary Healthcare Ethics Research Design Health Promotion in Individuals & Communities Biometric Methods or equivalent Professional Scholarship 0R Thesis Total Semester Credit Hours

NURS 5395

Semester Credit Hours 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 18-21

Courses Taken According to Role Chosen The following courses are taken according to the role the student selects within the MSN option. Clinical courses are followed by a ratio which indicates the number of didactic hours per week in the classroom followed by credit hours earned in an advanced practice setting. EDUCATION


NURS 5327 Nursing Education Curriculum NURS 5315 Assessment of Nursing Management (2:1) Development NURS 5328 Evaluation in Nursing Education NURS 5326 Implementation of Nursing Management (2:1) NURS 5329 Nurse Educator Role Strat & Practicum NURS 5330 Evaluation of Nursing Management (2:1) (0:3) Plus one of the following EDUC Courses:

Plus one of the following MANA Courses:

EDUC 5303 Applied Learn Theories EDUC 5309 Educational Technology EDUC 5320 Worldwide Web App EDUC 5352 Curriculum Foundations

MANA 5320 Human and Organizational Behavior MANA 5350 Human Resources Management

**Electives (3-6) Totals: 36 SCH

**Electives (3-6) Totals: 36 SCH

**The number of elective hours varies based on the student's choice of NURS 5395 Thesis (3 SCH) or NURS 5334 Professional Scholarship (6 SCH) from the required courses.

Nursing Education MSN Degree – Online  

Skilled nurse-educators are in demand to train not only student nurses but also practicing nurses, consumers, patients and others. When you...

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